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Reviewed: 01/16/14

Gross Out Comedy Mahjong

Mahjong Angels is a game that combines two great things. They are arcade mahjong and those stupid four panel comics that you can read at the end of various Japanese magazines. The game is full of crude humor and will actually quiz you in Japanese about what just happened in the comic. You need some knowledge of Japanese to properly enjoy this game because otherwise, the quiz portions will just have you guessing in the dark.

Story- There is a book shelf with multiple volumes worth of stupid four panel comics. You want to read them all. The keeper of these books is a woman with a fancy hat and she wants to play mahjong with you. Between rounds of mahjong, you get to read the stupid comics and she’ll quiz you on what they were about. It’s a pretty laid back game about laid back subject matter.

The actual four panel comics usually tell simple stories. They usually have crude humor, like one about a female ninja finding a phallic shingle on a roof or another about two men in the mountains freezing to death with runny noses. You’ll probably laugh at a couple of them. The jokes themselves are kind of hit or miss and rely a lot on shock/gross-out humor.

Presentation- Mahjong Angels has some good animation for its time. Whenever you win a game, you get to see your cartoon fist slamming down on the table. The actual four panel comics have limited animation to them too. Usually it’s just lips moving, but sometimes things get a little weird. One scene has stick figures bouncing back and forth to represent them having sex. Mahjong Angels also has fun and catchy music playing at all times. It adds a lot to the fun and laid back atmosphere the game has.

Gameplay- The main aspect of Mahjong Angels is the mahjong. The computer doesn’t cheat, so that right there makes it playable. You also get quiz portions. The quiz portions have the computer asking you multiple choice questions about the four panel comics. If you answer them correct, then you get tickets that you can spend on advantages that you can use in mahjong. The advantages are nice, like being able to see your opponent’s hand at all times.

The mahjong itself is fairly well done. It’s easy for a mahjong game too, so you can end up getting a lot of time out of your credits. Just be aware that the whole game is in Japanese, so you won’t be able to enjoy the comics or the quiz if you can’t read Japanese.

Cool Fact-The name some people use for these types of comics is Yonkoma or 4 Koma. Its influence is pretty heavy on the internet, inspiring dozens of stupid “reaction guy” comics.

Also Try- Pink Sox is a virtual magazine. It features games that have stupid four panel comics at the end. The series as a whole is pretty good, even if it can be considered shovelware.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Mahjong Angels (JP, 12/31/91)

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