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Naughty Mahjong Evolved

Warning! Taisen Hot Gimmick is not actually pornographic, but it does contain some scenes of nudity that are meant to be naughty and silly. Arcade games have no ESRB ratings, but this would definitely get a hard M if I were rating it. If you are too young to play games with adult situations or are offended by the fact that naughty pictures of cartoon women are used as a reward for playing good, then you may want to skip this game.

Psikyo is one of those companies that do not only embrace the concept of fanservice, but their games revel in it. Taisen Hot Gimmick is a game that is full of both sexual and nonsexual fanservice and it shows. As far as concepts go, it’s a naughty mahjong game where you play against various cartoon women (and one cartoon man). If you can beat them, you get to humiliate them in some way or another. Some humiliations are completely innocuous, like forcing them to say something stupid or admit that they are bad at mahjong. Others take on a much more sexual nature, like making a crossing guard strip down to nothing but a thong and paint traffic signs on her breasts. If you’re a huge nerd with no life like me, you could say that it is not a hentai game, but more of an ecchi game. Three nerd points to anyone else who understood that last line.

What sets Taisen Hot Gimmick apart from all of the other arcade mahjong games that are usually show much more skin is that it does some things that no mahjong game before it has done and does it very well too. It pushes forward a simple concept like mahjong and half naked cartoon women and evolves it in such a way that it makes other mahjong games that don’t feature anything beyond that simple concept look archaic and unfun. That’s partially because they are.

Also of note, this is a mahjong game that cheats far less than just about every other arcade mahjong game out there! Some opponents are clearly more skilled than others, but they don’t end up drawing exactly the tile they need to put them ahead of you by only a couple of points.

Story- According to Taisen Hot Gimmick, people’s problems in life can all be solved over games of mahjong. There are six troubled cartoon women and they desperately need their personality flaws fixed. One girl has a sassy attitude. Another girl won’t eat her carrots. The third opponent loves America too much and thinks the rest of the world is trash. After that, you play a computer scientist chick that hates men, a nurse that is bad with needles, and a crossing guard that thinks mahjong is a terrible game and gets shivers thinking about it. Additionally, you have a final boss that wears a leather corset and tutu, that looks like some kind of cross between Catwoman and a ballerina. There are also some guest characters that you can play against. They are Marion from Psikyo’s Gunbird series, Miko from Tengai, and Aine from Tengai. Of note, Aine is a man that is very muscular, wears only a skirt and underwear, and is into men. His rampant libido and lust for men is the main joke for him in many of his appearances.

There is also this dog with a zipper on his neck. He is the host of the game. The dog looks like something out of a cartoon you would see in children’s programming. He clashes with the rest of the game and is completely hilarious because of it. He will often make lewd comments when a girl gets humiliated or encourage you to put in some more credits if you lose and need to continue. He makes a great host and is pretty funny.

Presentation- Taisen Hot Gimmick is a good-looking game. You always have that cartoon dog onscreen. He has a lot of unique animations and does some funny stuff. He speaks in speech bubbles and adds a lot of character to a generally boring looking game like mahjong.

The animation in this game is very good too. Sometimes it resembles a very well-drawn cartoon with a nice high animation frame count. There really are not very many naughty mahjong games that look better than this. That may not seem like much, but it is something. Psikyo has always had some good artists with them and this is some of their best work. It is also a little sad at the same time. They’re also known for having games about dragons, steampunk, and a bunch of other cool stuff, but they’re wasting their best work on a cartoon woman’s boobs popping out of her top? At least the music and sound is pleasant.

Gameplay- The most notable feature of Taisen Hot Gimmick is that it can be played by two players and not suck. How? By using two different TV screens, of course! The cabinet is designed so that each player has their TV screen hidden from the other so that they cannot cheat and look at the other guy’s hand. Playing mahjong head to head with a total stranger is a surprisingly fun experience. Are you playing a seasoned mahjong veteran or a guy who just does not know what he is doing? Either way, it was a lot of fun before the internet came in and started online matches where children (or really childish and immature adults) shout rude and usually racist comments at you through a headset and make homophobic remarks. Playing strangers was fun at one point, you know.

Single player mode is actually more fun than multiplayer. You go through a town, playing mahjong with various cartoon women. This is the part of the game that’s pretty much identical to every other mahjong arcade game with boobs. One of the differences is that the computer does not cheat! You know about how in most pornographic mahjong games, if you get dealt a bad hand, your opponent will declare Reach within the first four turns? Of course you don’t know! Nobody plays porno mahjong games! If you do understand a word of this, then it must be said that such antics where the computer has such strokes of “luck” are completely absent in Taisen Hot Gimmick. As a result, the game is pretty easy if you are good at mahjong, and a great way to learn how to get better if you suck.

Even then, for winning, you can get special items that improve your chances of winning against the tougher and smarter opponents. Most of these items do stuff like raise your initial score, lower your opponent’s initial score, or get you a new opening hand if your first one sucked. You only have to win one round to defeat the girl, so the game moves pretty fast too, much faster than most mahjong games.

After you win a round, you get to choose how you want to humiliate your adversary. You always have four options, A, B, C, and D. The first three vary from opponent to opponent. Maybe for one, A is sitting around in a white shirt with no bra while you splash water on her. For another, it’s standing around in a bikini that is too small for her while she wiggles until her boobs pop out of her top. All of this is presented in a kind of cheeky and funny light. No one is hurt, no one is mentally scarred, it’s all fun. D is always the same, though. It’s not humiliating your fallen opponent at all. Why would you do this? Well, you’ll just have to find out!

As far as naughty mahjong games go, it really does not get much better than this. It’s a pretty easy game too, which makes it great for anyone wanting to get into the wild world of adult mahjong games. It’s not exactly a world that’s worthy of respect and praise, but it certainly has its good games and its bad games, just like any other genre.

Cool Fact- Taisen Hot Gimmick crossed over with Capcom characters in the excellent Taisen Net Gimmick. Nothing beats humiliating Ryu after defeating him in a game of Mahjong!

Also Try- Tengai. It is not a mahjong game, but it is a very good game that more people should try. Besides, don’t you want to know what game Miko is from?

Rating: 9

Product Release: Taisen Hot Gimmick (JP, 12/31/97)

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