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Reviewed: 10/31/01 | Updated: 10/31/01

A Game where you must line up blocks to make a line which then vanishes? What a genius idea! Wish I thought of it!

Argh! Stupid Tetris rip-off's. Just what is the point in company's making them? Why must the best puzzle idea in the world be copied by other game developers to make a small profit? Now, Most of you will have never heard of this game before, Which is a good sign, I was introduced to Blox whilst waiting for my Pizza down at my local takeaway, The huge box sat next to Mortal Kombat III and replaced the ''Love Tester''.

The Graphics of Blox is absolutley appauling. It is a bit of a old game, made decades ago I amagine, I can't see the exact date as the screen is so out dated it looks like I am stirring at a water reflection. It is very hard to see both numbers and leeters, so finding out your prize ammount is almost impossible.

As for the sound, what sound? I can't blame the owner of the shop who bought this, as I checked the box the game is in, no speakers on the box podium at all, not a hole for sound at all.

The rules of Blox is simple, Blocks come at a reasonable speed, ready to crash land on the bottom of the screen. With a rather stiff joystick, you must guide blocks, reshape them to position them just right with other blocks to form a line. Forming a line gives you about 100 points altogether, and you need around 2000 Points to get a pound coin. Rip off!

There are two modes pf play. Easy mode which costs 20 Pence, You get no prizes, but a rather strict time limit, It was game over for me when I was 3 lines from the bottom and had 900+ points. Game 2 is slightly harder, and costs 50 Pence, in this game you get a longer time limit, plus the chance to win money by getting points only Tetris Masters can get.

Overall, Blox is a below avarage game, The biggest Tetris rip-off ever, and should only be played if your local takeaway or Arcade has no more machines, or if you are waiting for your Kebab to be made.


- A Cheap game!
- Entertaining for a short time.


- Rare
- Horrible Graphics.
- No sound (Is that a bad thing?)
- A Tetris rip-off
- A Bit hard to play with strict points and time limits.


Graphics - 2/10
Gameplay - 3/10
Challenge - 7/10
Enjoyment - 4/10
Overall - 3/10

Alternatives : Erm... Have you heard of this game called Tetris?

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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