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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sundar Subramaniam

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/29/05

Game Title: Vampire Night
Platform: Sony Playstation 2 Computer Entertainment System
Author: Sundar Subramaniam
Complete Walkthrough
Email: talk2sundar@hotmail.com
I've noticed that this game doesn't have the best number of guides around 
here so I have decided to write this guide to explain as far as possible 
about the game modes and strategies on beating the bosses.
A little info
This game is meant to be a two-player game. One-player gameplay is possible 
but two-player mode makes it a LOT easier and faster and more fun. 
If you're playing special mode, you can earn(Shoot) silver and buy supplies
from a Gun-shop. Here you can purchase Guns, Accessories and tools.
1.0 - Started the FAQ 
1.1 - Added more info on spectacles
      Fixed some spelling mistakes
1.2 - Added 'Table of Contents' section 
      Changed layout of FAQ so that it's easier to read
      Fixed more spelling mistakes 
Table of Contents
1. Storyline/Prophecy
2. Training Mode
3. Arcade Mode
4. Special Mode
5. Mission Files
6. Shop
7. Weapons
8. Accessories
9. Tools
10. Equip
11. Chapter 1
12. Chapter 2
13. Chapter 3
14. Chapter 4
15. Chapter 5
16. Chapter 6
17. The Story Ends
18. Missions
    18.1 Chapter 1
    18.2 Chapter 2
    18.3 Chapter 3
    18.4 Chapter 4
    18.5 Chapter 5
    18.6 Chapter 6
WARNING!! The next section may contain various spoilers, so read at your own
1. Storyline/Prophecy
Deep within the earth shall they slumber.
Silently, they will wait in the darkness.
After three long centuries of sleep, the awakening will come.
Then there shall be heard a great cry throughout the land.
When the undead walk, none shall rest, and none shall sleep, except in death.

Two shall come to vanquish the immortal one.
Only they can bring an end to the bloodshed, for only those who know their 
enemy have the power to destroy their enemy.

It is the fate of light and shadow...

It will be a VAMPIRE NIGHT.
2. Training Mode
Early on, you're basics like Speed and accuracy will be tested.
But as you play more, you will be given tasks like, rescuing villagers or
killing vampires in a given time. As you progress, you will get to face the 
bosses of certain chapters. If you play well, you should be able to 
unlock all. This is probably the best way to learn their movements,
powers and weaknesses because if you have no idea of whom you're going 
to face, and you've played through all of the previous chapters and have 
reached chapter 4, 5 or 6 and get killed easily by the boss, you'll have
to play all over again. Though the first 3 chapters may be easy, the REAL
headache starts with the 4th chapter. Take some time to play this mode to 
learn about the bosses and how to time your attacks.
Beating this mode completely unlocks freeplay.
3. Arcade Mode
This is where you get to play the actual game. BUT you can't buy upgrades or
collect silver yet. This mode isn't as interesting as the special mode as
you just have to shoot and try to win the game without any side quests or
better ammunition. This is the version of the game which you can play at 
arcades by paying money.
4. Special Mode
This is how and where the actual game must be played. When you start this
mode, you'll have 3 boxes which ask you what you want to do.
They are: 1) Mission Files
            2) Shop
            3) Equip
5. Mission Files
This is where you can view your missions. Missions are given to you by 
people you meet when you start the game who ask you to find something that
is theirs that they've lost or anything that they want you to do.
Everytime you complete a mission, you are rewarded. Either with better 
ammunition or Silver or any useful tool.
You can only meet people when you start playing from Chapter One and not
when you WARP.
Mission files are maintained to let you know about the missions which you
have completed and which you've not. Checking these files regularly is 
always advisable.
6. Shop
Now this is also a very useful feature which is only available in the
special mode. Here, everything is based on silver. Silver can be found all
over the place except Chapter One. If you die, and the autosave feature
is switched on, the game gets saved and so does the silver you've earned.
In fact, it's better to kill yourself deliberately as silver will again
respawn at all the places again. This way, you will get to collect a lot
of silver. If you have less than 5000 g, the shopkeeper will probably 
say, "If you bring me some silver, I can create useful items for you".
If you have more than 5000g,the shopkeeper will probably say,"That's a lot
of silver. Now I can create anything you want".
Basically, you can either buy items from him which cost you some silver
or you can melt(sell)any gun or accessory or tool you have. Note that if
melt something, 100% of your silver won't be refunded. So buy and sell 
There are 3 types of supplies that you can purchase:
7. Weapons
These include the improvements for your gun which improve its capacity,
speed and accuracy and above all, Power. 
The available weapons are: 

Magazine- available as magazine +2,+4 and +8. Each one increases your gun's
            gun's capacity so you won't have to reload as frequently.

Bullets- available as bullet x 1.2,1.5 and 2.0. Each one increases the rate
           of damage inflicted on your targets by a certain percentage.

Shotgun Bullet- Not only does it increase the rate of damage inflicted on 
                  your targets but it covers a wider range and is equivalent
                  to 3-4 bullets fired at a time. This gives you a better
                  probability of damaging your target.

Machinegun Bullet- It doesn't do much damage but fires rapidly without you
                     having to press the fire button. Once you reload, you 
                     don't have to press the Fire button, you just need to
                     hold it down.
Magnum Bullet- This converts your ordinary bullets into magnum bullets
                 which do much more damage than ordinary bullets.

Comical Bullet- Transforms your bullets into comical bullets. I havent used
                  these so I don't know what it means or what it does.

Gatling Bullet- This is the best upgrade you can buy yet. It's very much
                  effective against big bosses like the one in the Third 
                  Chapter and the Fourth chapter and of course the sixth.

Rockets- If you want this, you'll have to give up all your silver.
           But once you have this, the game is yours to win!
           This is my favorite upgrade because it makes the game much faster
           and looks good too when you fire one of those rockets.

8. Accessories
These include upgrades like the Army Gloves, Hunter's Earring and rings
which improve your gameplay experience as well as your Backpack.

Army Gloves- Increases the thickness of your crosshair thereby increasing
               the probability of a successful hit.
Hunter's Gloves- Increases the thickness of your crosshair thereby doing 
                   what is done by army gloves, but up to a better extent.

Earrings- These cost you but they also earn silver. They spawn more grams 
            of silver in each chapter according to which earring you have.
            Having one of these should make your game easier.
            They are available as: The hunter's earring, silver earring and
                                   as the holy earring.

Brooch- A brooch spawns more rare items like life pickups in each chapter.
          A brooch is of two types: A spirit brooch and an angel's brooch.

Goggles and spectacles- They alert you when you're near an item/person 
                          you're supposed to find (listed in mission files).
9. Tools
These give you many advantages when they're used but using them itself is
a problem. Guess what...
They can only be used once. If you die, you'll have to buy another one of
these. So think and buy and plan and use them.

->Life- Available as Life+1,+2,+3 and +4.

Increases the plus signs, which in turn increases your endurance.

->Credit- Available as Credit+2,+4 and +6,+10 or even infinite.

Increases the no of attempts you can die before your game is over!

->Warp- available as warp2,warp3,warp4,warp5 and warp6.

Each version of the warp lets you start your game from that particular 
chapter according to the number.

Besides these, there are some items whcih are available in these lists
but are not very much necessary for winning the game, but just in case..

->Angel's wink, Angel's Miracle, Angel's Kiss and the Devil's whisper.

They help you by decreasing the difficulty level upto certain extents.
I've tried them twice but I never felt any difference.

Score purchases- Score ring, score x 2, score x 4 and score x 6.
Well the score ring lets you see your score during gameplay. The others 
multiply your score by the respective amounts.

Now that's it with the shop. On to equip now.
10. Equip
You can equip yourself with one weapon at a time, one accessory and 2 tools
though you can change your weapon anytime during gameplay if you have an
alternative to choose from.

If you have something equipped, you can melt it in the shop. So you must go
go back back, un-equip that particular item and then come back to melt it.

11. Chapter 1
Nothing much to do here because you're just getting started with the game.
There's no boss here so play easy and dont try to be bring any tools yet if
you're playing just for the sake of silver. Just shoot all the vampires
that spawn and try to rescue villagers(read the rescue villagers section)
as some serve certain missions. When you finish this chapter which is just
about 2-3 minutes, you will meet a girl who will come with you for the rest
of the game.

12. Chapter 2 
This is where things get a little more complex when you're here for the 
first time. Shoot any barrels or vases or anything that can be shot as this
is a chapter where you can get a lot of silver. Keep an eye open for threats
also. If you're two players, one can shoot vampires and one can hunt silver.

Boss Strategy:
Minimum required Weapon: Default weapon.
Here you will meet your first boss. You can take him out in one go but he 
runs away twice when he gets hurt.

The first time, he'll come chasing you from left to right. Try as much as 
possible and target his face and shoot rapidly. He'll cast spells at you.
Simply keep shooting them and in the process, you'll counter them all.
Then you'll head up a building which is much like a lighthouse, then he'll  
reappear and say, "let's have some fun". Just keep shooting him as fast as 
you can. You'll have to be careful here though as you can't counter all his
spells by just trying to shoot him. Take time to defend yourself too. Again,
if you're two players, you've always got that advantage.
Then you'll run into a building. So will he again.
This time, he says,"The fun's over". He will turn into a demon thereby 
exposing his weakness. Now it's always better to use your biggest weapon
possible. His weakpoint is his head. Try and shoot his face as rapidly as
you can. He mill make sounds indicating each successful hit of yours.
Be quick though, or he'll still cast spells and throw pillars. If you 
manage to shoot him right on his nose, his health decreases by a slightly
better margin. Anyway, keep hitting him as well as protecting yourself
and you should win.

13. Chapter 3
This is starting phase of some really hard chapters to come. Some threat 
known as 'The Genius' runs away with the girl you saved(flies). It also 
throws some hot balls of fire which you might find annoying at first but 
you'll get used to them the more you play. Acquire the maximum silver that
can be acquired and shoot enemies and as usual rescue villagers. Watch out 
those Ninjas who appear in a few tunnels rolling rapidly and then striking
you. Eventually, you'll take an elevator to battle that flying genius.

Boss Strategy:

Minimum Required Weapon: Bullet 1.2
Every boss takes three chances. I dont know why. First it flies as it will
do for the rest of the time. It's more a bat which makes sounds which hurt 
you. Simply keep shooting the bat as fast as you can to weaken it. When you 
see it stopping and see some kind of light on its face, thats whats will 
kill you. Shoot the creature as fast as you can to prevent it from making
those sound waves. As usual, the bat makes sounds also to indicate its loss
of health. Now you'll go through a room with many barrels in it. There's 
no use shooting them because they're all empty. Trust me, i've tried 'em
all. Now comes the hardest part of this chapter. There's a 50% that you will
get hurt here at least once. Just keep shooting it as fast as you can and 
you'll notice that this time it casts sound waves but while moving. You'll 
have to speed your attacks a little more. A 2 player advantage always exists
of course. You need to move your crosshair very fast and at the same time, 
keep firing. This will take a few tries. But then when the creature laughs,
it becomes easier. Now it literally comes for you. Keep shooting it as fast
as you can. When it stops suddenly, stop shooting it because in a few secs,
it will swoop down and try to collide onto you. Shoot it when it swoops down
so that it gets more hurt and so that it doesnt hurt you. Keep repeating it
till it goes down.

14. Chapter 4
This chapter may be short but it's also the hardest one next to the final 
confrontation. You'll get a lot of silver here. But so does the boss spawn
here and there everywhere. Just keep shooting silver because you'll take hits
here for sure if you're playing solo. Shoot the annoying and speedy threats
quick enough to prevent them from hurting you. Then, you'll meet some 
characters who you'll meet in this chapter only. They disappear and cast
some weird sort of purple balls at you. But they're easy to defend yourself

Boss Strategy:

Minimum required weapon: Shotgun

His only weapon for the first two times is his sword(only). He runs at you
and splits into 3 guys who like him, one of them is HIM. You'll really have
to guess or predict or whatever to conclude which one of them is him, to
shoot at him so just shoot al. Two player advantage gives you an edge but 
I still found it tough. So when you come here, please ensure that you have 
the greatest weapon in your arsenal. At least a shotgun, because it has a 
wider target. Magnum would be advisable too.
If(You should) manage to hurt him a bit, he disappears and then you may 
have to finish some missions here. One of them here is very important,
you'll have to find the shopkeeper's brother. If you do, you'll get new 
supplies from him. Of course they cost more. But back to the matter at hand.
This time, the boss adopts a strategy too. There are broken bookcases,
tables, and ledges everywhere. The boss still adopts the 3 copy strategy.
This time, each of them jumps onto e ledge. The ledge which shakes shows
that the original guy is standing on it. Keep shooting him as fast as you
can. Then now comes the end. There are so many distractions here. 
The boss' body as a whole is the weak point. If you're two players, it will
help you a LOT. This is because you'll actually have to deal with two guys
now. Yes, there's a monster like guy who looks pretty much like the Chapter
Two boss, who will throw hot cakes(of fire)at you every now and then.
Anyway the actual guy you're dealing with won't pose much of a threat.
When the big guy throws cakes at you, always protect yourself first
by destroying them. Then when you see your targetted guy flying around here
and there, keep shooting him rapidly. At some points, the little guy will
fly around with that monster in his background which will charge to attack 
you. Now, at this point you must learn or realise that shooting the big guy
does no damage to any of them and it doesn't prevent you from getting hurt.
The trick here is to injure the actual small guy as much as you can, this 
hurts both of them so you won't get hurt but he will. Then, again that big
guy will throw cakes. Again, destroy them all. Some can be destroyed before 
he throws them at you. Repeat this strategy and when you see the small guy
flying from left to right or from right to left, just shoot him. It's just
shooting practice. Repeat the above steps and you'll beat him. Of course,
you'll take hits. Then he reverts back to human.

15. Chapter 5
I like this chapter. This is the most pleasant and beautiful chapter with
its lovely decorations and flooring and ceilings. It's a palace to be exact.
Just keep shooting any threats that appear and always collect silver. 
Every now and then you'll find a queen who tries to make you leave. She's
almost harmless though. She only throws some sort of bubbles in blue much
like the hot fire cakes thrown by the boss of chapter 4. Just shoot them,
continue silver hunting and vampire hunting too. This is a fairly easy part
of the game. Just survive the threats and you should be on an elevator
which will soon take you to the top floor, where you'll meet your second
last boss. 

Boss Strategy:

Minimum Required Weapon: Machinegun
She'll shoot some kind of weird stuff at you. Don't worry about stopping
them. Thats virtually impossible. Just target her head and chest areas 
which should bring down her health in seconds. This boss is unique in a 
way because she fights directly, face to face and doesn't waste time going
here and there and disappearing. She's easy to kill provided you keep
shooting her as fast as you can. She swims around and tries to attack you. 
As I said, this is a direct battle. Just shoot her. Try a machinegun for the
best results because you dont have to keep hitting the fire button again and
again. Just hold it. This makes things a LOT easier.
When you're done with her. The whole place explodes and she dies.
Now onto the Final Confrontation!

16. Chapter 6
Boss Strategy:
Minimum Required weapon: Just do your best with the best weapon you have.
This whole chapter is dedicated to the boss of all the bosses you've met
so far. Yes he's "Sir Vampire". I strongly recommend you face him in the
training mode first. This lets you know what firepower you'll need. 
Anyway, get a gatling gun or a rocket launcher. He just lets bats at you. 
Hundreds of them. Don't just shoot all. You cant do that. If you carefully
observe the bats you'll see some with some kind of a blue or purple light
in their background. These cause you damage. Kill them first. Then, shoot 
at the vampire's body as his whole body(except the wings) is vulnerable
to your attacks. At one point, he starts protecting himself from your 
attacks by making all the bats circle him and then all strike you without 
you expecting a surprise attack. If you watch his hand left wing(from your 
view) closely, it shakes when they begin to swoop at you. Quickly, start
shooting his body as fast as you can. You will get hit though. The problem
is that he's not always vulnerable, but he is now. So you'll have to take 
chances of course. Towards the end is when comes a part which is different
from that in the training mode. But now he is always vulnerable. This is 
actually strange but easier too. In the training mode, he actually does the 
same usual attacks over again till you're killed. The key here is to protect
yourself because once you die, you may have to come a long way again, 
especially if you're playing solo. Always come here with maximum lives, 
credit and warps. Spend all of your silver. If you don't spend it now,
when will you. Use the gatling gun or the Rocket Launcher to eliminate 
those annoying bats. However, I recommend reverting to the magnum to end the
battle where he's the only threat.
Once you finish him, you've finished the game. 
17. The Story ends
A short cutscene in which the two heroes and the Vampire are destroyed. Six
months later, the girl visits your graves.
So much for the storyline.
18.1 Chapter 1
1) A man asks you to find his wife- She is one of the villagers you'll save
                                      just when you find the firl.
2) A girl asks you to find her doll- She mentions some name but it's down
                                       first slope you go after killing the 
                                       4 or 5 vampires.
3) A guy says there's a secret door- It's at the start somewhere where you
                                       will see the screen turning to a 
                                       different side this time.

4) A lady asks you to shoot nuts- Just the ditch where you found the doll. 
                                    Two vampires will spawn on the opposite
                                    side to where you found the doll. Shoot
                                    those trees. If it's confusing, shoot all
18.2 Chapter 2
1) Find the girl's parents- This is quite tough. This is very well hidden.
                              I've won the game thrice and only once have I 
                              got this one. I kept shooting everywhere and 
                              the trick is to shoot every monster with a 
                              high impact gun so you're quick enough to
                              see where you're going and try to shoot any
                              strange doors or windows.

2) The Lady's Brooch- It's in a house(cottage) in which you'll see a table,
                        shoot it to get it. When a vampire takes the girl,
                        sometimes if you dont shoot it before hand, you'll
                        see the house. This worked for me everytime.
3) The carpenter's tools- On a rooftop on one of the buildings. Shoot it
                            fast as you won't have much time.

4) A very important book- It's somewhere near the  brooch house, and might
                            take a few attempts. You'll have to play the level
                            a few times before you master this.

5) Weird file(s)-  You will attain the file from one of the villagers you'll

6) The scared guy's mushrooms- In the dark forest, where you shoot the boss
                                 before entering the last building where he 

7) Dog's bone- The only innocent being in the game. Anyway, it's just
                 before you run into the place where the cage sort of door
                 closes and the girl comes crawling.
18.3 Chapter 3
1) Silver Cup- In some kind of a dining room with very unfriendly guests.

2) Golden rat- Prove it exists. It's near the elevator where you have 
                 to handle two vamps at a time.

3) Dog- Another innocent being. Anyway, It's chained somewhere. Just shoot
          the dog or the chain.

4) Hidden treasure-Somewhere near or between walls or pillars. But concrete.
18.4 Chapter 4
1) The old lady- Save her, to confirm, she'll say,"You cant take'em on
                   with just a gun.".
2) The secret room- It's obvious if you're quick enough to save the girl 
                     from falling down after saving one villager(the old lady)
18.5 Chapter 5

1) Gold Fish- Easy one, start the level with a golden surprise.

2) The golden collar(not cooler)- The background being in silver makes 
                                    the gold look easy at least for me. 
                                    Before the encounter with the queen, shoot
                                    all the plant vases. It's somewhere here
                                    WITH a LOT of silver.
18.6 Chapter 6
1) Kill the Vampire- Just kill the FINAL boss!
Legal Info
To my knowledge, the only place where you can find this file on the Internet
is GameFAQs(www.gamefaqs.com). Any others who would like to use the info
contained in this guide may do so but must credit me and GameFAQs.
Copyright 2004-2005 Sundar Subramaniam.

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