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FAQ/Strategy Guide by Wonderboy

Updated: 05/12/10

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 ___) | |_| | |_) |  __/ |    | |_) | (_| \__ \  __/ |_) | (_| | | |
|____/ \__,_| .__/ \___|_|    |____/ \__,_|___/\___|_.__/ \__,_|_|_|
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FAQ and strategy guide
Version 1.0

By Luke J. Martinez, a.k.a. 1stTobalMan

May not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal and private
use.  May not be placed on any Web site, other than GameFAQs.com and its
partner sites, or otherwise be distributed publicly.  Use of this document on
any other Web site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited and
violation of copyright law.  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this
document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. 
Copyright Luke J. Martinez 2010.

This FAQ/strategy guide is intended to show all the known features of Super
Baseball 2020 for the Neo-Geo and Neo-Geo CD, and provide a straightforward
strategy to complete the game.

Table of contents
1. Controls
2. Basic gameplay
  I. Object
 II. Game over
III. Two player mode
3. Strategy guide
4. Author's notes

1. Controls
Start:  Start/continue
A:  Swing bat/return to base (hitting), pitch/jump (fielding), select
B:  Stolen base/lead off (hitting), base touch/feint ball (fielding)
C:  Bunt (hitting), N/A (fielding)
D:  Time out/time in
Joystick:  move batter/pitcher/fielders/cursor

2. Basic gameplay
I. Object
Be in first place after 15 games within a chosen league, then play the best
team of the other league to win the world series.  The two leagues are the
Exciting League and the Fighting League.  There are six teams to choose from
within a league.  There are several big differences between this version of
baseball and the actual game of baseball.  The foul zone is much smaller here
in the Cyber Egg Stadium (the one and only stadium available).  This means a
ball must almost be hit backwards to be considered foul.  Fouls are considered
strikes.  New are stop zones and jump zones; stop zones are off near the first
and third bases.  A ball will freeze completely in its tracks if hit into one
of these zones, allowing a fielder to travel less to grab the ball.  Jump zones
will allow a fielder to jump higher to catch an outgoing ball.  They are lined
all along the fence.  Every few innings, crackers will cumulatively appear on
the field.  If stepped on, a cracker will blow up, leaving the victim
temporarily incapacitated.  At the start of the 7th inning, both teams will be
made more powerful, but only for that inning.  Lastly, the home run zone is
directly center field.  Only precise, powerful hits will send the ball into the
narrow home run zone (out of the stadium).  Otherwise, balls will ricochet off
the high barriers, and return to the field.

The 2020 rules of baseball allow males, females (both referred to as humans)
and machines to play together.  Humans can take care of themselves, and, thus
know when to rest.  Pitchers are the only known human players to tire over
time.  Machines break down when excessively pushed to perform.  Thus, pitching,
stealing bases and diving for balls will cause machines to break down.  A
machine's condition can be physically observed:  the more the machine is
looking haywire, the more wear it's incurring.  The condition of a pitcher can
also be noted by their performance (how fast the ball is thrown).  During each
change and inning, the condition, pool and game data of a team will be
displayed.  If a machine is unmaintained, it will eventually blow up and lose
all stats (it can be repaired by upgrading though).  One may replace the
particular player (by taking a time out, then selecting "Relief
Hitter/Runner/Pitcher") or upgrade the player to solve this.

A player can be upgraded by taking a time out, then using the cursor to select
"Team Power Up."  At this screen will be the roster of all players on the team.
 A player's stats will be displayed when the cursor is on the player's name. 
Select the player that needs upgrading.  Next will be a screen that gives us
the choice of upgrading one of three categories if human:  hitting, fielding
and pitching.  We can also convert a human into a machine in another category. 
A machine will have one category to upgrade.  Each category has three grades: 
A, B and C.  The higher the grade, the better the player will perform in the
specific category (e.g., a batter has the best chance of hitting a home run
with a C hitting upgrade).  The prices are as follows:
         A       B       C
Hitting  $2,000  $5,000  $10,000
Fielding $1,000  $3,000  $10,000
Pitching $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
Machine  $5,000  $10,000 $30,000
Press the B button to go back a screen.  Upgrading may only be done while one
is pitching or hitting.  One, of course, requires a pool (deposit of money) to
access the upgrade menu and begin upgrading.

Simply put:  one's pool is earned by winning.  There is a monetary reward for
every successful play one makes.  The money is instantly added to one's pool. 
Likewise, an unsuccessful play may instantly take away from one's pool.  The
CPU also earns and loses money this way too.  Here is a list of known earnings
and losses:
                      Batter   Fielder
Grand slam           $10,000        $0
Three-run home run    $8,000        $0
Two-run home run      $6,000        $0
Home run              $4,000        $0
Home run              $3,000        $0
(ball still inside park)
Diving catch            -$50    $1,500
Jumping catch           -$50    $1,000
Tag out                -$100    $1,000
Beanball              $1,000   -$1,000 
Strike out             -$100    $1,000    
Catch                   -$50      $800    
Triple                  $800        $0
Double                  $500        $0
Single                  $300        $0
Stolen base             $300        $0   
Strike                  -$10      $100
Walk                      $0     -$300
Higher grades may be purchased while a player is at a lower grade.  Upgraded
players will maintain performance throughout the game, unless extensively
pushed to perform (diving, stealing, pitching, being hit by balls).  Human
players will then eventually return to normal, while machines will blow up and
lose all stats.  Players can then be re-upgraded or replaced.  One's pool
remains after the first game, but upgrades are reset at the start of each game.
 At the end of a game, the final score is shown and the MVP is named.

II. Game over
There are two ways to get a game over.  The game is timed.  Every three
minutes, one must press start to continue playing.  If one doesn't continue
after ten seconds, the game is over.  Even if one loses a game, he will go on
to the next game.  However, if one is not in first place at the end of the
fifteenth game, one loses the league, and thus, the game is over.

III. Two player mode
Two player mode may be accessed by pressing start on the second controller at
the title screen.  Players will compete head to head.  Once a league is chosen
(either player may choose), teams and starters will be chosen, as normal, then,
player one will bat first.  Either player may continue a 2P game (by pressing
start).  A two player game can't be started in the middle of a one player game.
 It is an exhibition match, and we will return to the title screen when it is

3. Strategy guide
Practice, practice, practice!  The general strategy goes as:  become familiar
enough with the batting scheme so get some grounders and runners on base.  As
soon as possible, upgrade the batters as best as possible to hit hard and
further.  The idea is to feel for the home run hits.  It is possible to find
the sweet spot on a regular basis, but this requires getting a feel of one's
own for the game!  Once some points are earned, we can start upgrading the
fielders, and eventually the pitcher.

Lesser batters can barely make the fair zone by hitting the ball early or late
in the pitch.  These balls usually hit the ground and get a runner on first.

After one's batter has hit a foul ball, continually press B and direction of
the next base (if there is a runner on) to easily steal a base.  The pitcher
will be oblivious to this play!

Remember the replacement options are there for a reason; replace players
(batters and hitters) with upgraded ones as often as possible.  Upgrade as
often as possible, and invest in what is needed at the moment.  The CPU will do
the same for itself.

The main difference between humans and machines is upgrades.  The upgrade
process for machines is streamlined.  A machine's stats will become exactly
that of the purchased grade.  The upgrading scheme is quite simple and
recommended for beginners.  On the other hand, human upgrades allow for more
in-depth customization.  One:  because there are more categories to choose
from, and two:  because upgrades are cumulative, meaning the stat raising is
added to the pre-existing stats.  Therefore, playing with humans requires a bit
of experience and is recommended for advanced players.

As mentioned, though, machines have the flaw of breaking down every so often. 
It's best to get one's money's worth from an upgraded machine.  After all, it
can always be replaced or re-upgraded.  Machines are definitely simpler to use,
but more expensive in the long run.  The two machine intensive teams are: 
Taiwanese Megapowers (Exciting L.) and Mechanical Brains (Fighting L.).

Besides being self efficient (won't break down), humans can be cheaper to
upgrade.  For example, if we want to make our batter more powerful, all we have
to do is invest in a hitting grade, which is cheaper than buying an overall
upgrade (the way machines do).  More practical upgrades can be made to humans. 
Another advantage to having a human team is if one is tied for first place in
the league, the human team always proceeds to the world series.

Each team specializes in something.  The Seagulls (Exciting L.) is good,
average team for beginners.  In general, it's recommended to choose a team that
specializes in a category one lacks skill in.  That way it is easier to play
through the game without having to gain the skill through trial and error. 
Furthermore, one may use upgrades to better the categories one is skilled in.

CPU batters will always try to hit straight into center field (for a home run).
 Thus, the CPU can become predictable, and we can put our best fielders in
center field to catch the balls.  This pattern can be thrown off by pitching
curve balls (use the stick to move the ball while it is passing the plate).

There is no infield fly rule, and the pitcher may take advantage of this to
make easy double and triple plays.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of Super Baseball 2020 is that basemen and
pitchers get in the way of fielders throwing balls.  If we are trying to throw
to first for an out, we may accidentally throw to second or the pitcher, just
because the game is designed so the closest player receives the ball.  This is
a big flaw we must learn to accept, and perhaps become better at maneuvering

Become familiar with each players stats so to anticipate their actions.  Slow
runners (usually machines) can be thrown out at first base, if we are fast and
respond fast.  Fast runners can round the bases with ease if they can hit into
the outfield.

If we remain consistent to the general strategy, we will win the world series,
and then be treated to a ceremony and the staff roll.

4. Author's notes
Special thanks to my family for their moral support.  Send questions, comments
or corrections to:  kevinrian@live.com.

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