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Plot FAQ by MTroupe-SDumas

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/20/99

Thu, 20 May 1999 10:12:23 -0400

Street Fighter Alpha 3
"PLOT FAQ"  Version 1.0

Created by Michael "Svenyip" Troupe [Svenyip@Javanet.Com]
and Shawn "Shred-Man" Dumas [Shredder@Bcn.Net].

This is one of the "less practical" FAQs out there.  It contains
the text from the Stage Five, Stage Nine, Balrog or Juni/Juli
appearances (when applicable) and the Final Stage for each
character.  For somebody who is curious about a character's
storyline but doesn't want to have to play through the entire
game with that character, this should help.

It doesn't have the endings listed for the characters (yet).
Of course, if you own the game you can just go to Final
Battle, beat your opponent and see the ending yourself.
But it's a LOT harder to get word-for-word translations
of the endings, as they don't stop to give us time to write
them down.  :)


He is Adon, the self proclaimed "God of Muay Thai".
After beating Sagat, his master, one thing has been on his mind.
Can Muay Thai stand against the power of the "Raging Demon"?

Ken:  You are the worthy first pupil of Sagat, aren't you?
Adon:  Shut up!  He is no longer my master!
Adon:  You studied with the one who has the "TEN" symbol upon his back?
Adon:  I see... In that case, show me that technique!!


Adon:  You're overrated!  You claim to be the "king of fighters"?!  Ha!
Adon:  That ultimate barrage attack... That's how I will identify him!
Adon:  Then, I'll teach him that Muay Thai is truly invincible!

Rose:  People are obsessed with power, which in turn, destroys people.
Rose:  Can't you see it?  Where your aspirations will lead you?
Adon:  Ruin and destruction, right?  I know full well what it is!
Adon:  But Muay Thai's power is far beyond your comprehension!

Bison:  You've changed.  It's no surprise that your strength beat Sagat!
Bison:  It seems... Well, it seems I underestimated you.
Adon:  I don't need you.  I'm just interested in "that power".
Bison:  You want the secrets of the "Raging Demon" ...Right?
Adon:  ..!!  How could you know about that?
Bison:  And what could you gain from such a pitifully weak move?
Bison:  I'll show you true strength!  The awesome might of Psycho Power!


Akuma... The supreme master of the fist.
This lone warrior is a wanderer, shrouded with "evil intent"...
He searches for challengers with enough potential to kill.

Adon:  "The master of fists..."  You must be Akuma!
Adon:  Fight with me now...  Show me your "evil intent"!
Adon:  Your moves are nothing to me!  Face the legend of Muay Thai!
Akuma:  Don't talk...  Just fight!!

Guy:  My name is Guy... I am the successor of the Bushin style.
Guy:  I am here for a good reason.  I cannot allow you to see "him."
Guy:  For the sake of Bushin...  Listen to reason...!
Akuma:  ...Your reason will fall before the might of my fist.

Bison:  So you are Akuma; the one shrouded with "evil intent..."
Bison:  You'll never defeat me, as long as my "Psycho Drive" exists!
Akuma:  To stand in my way, is to feed your soul to the jaws of death!
Akuma:  You are weak for not relying solely upon your fists...


Balrog is the former heavyweight boxing champion.
This Shadaloo executive worked his way up from the lower ranks.
Armed with the world's strongest punches, his ambition continues.

Balrog:  White hair... Traditional Chinese garb... You must be Gen!
Gen:  ...What do you want?
Balrog:  I heard you've beaten up many of our dealers.  Isn't that true?
Balrog:  Nothing personal, but my job requires me to end your life.
Gen:  You will repent your foolish ways in the other world...

Birdie:  No!  You're here already?!
Balrog:  I don't know what you did, but Bison ordered your execution.
Birdie:  Ha!  You only know how to punch!  It is you who will be executed!


Birdie:  Curses!  The Psycho Drive was almost in my hands...!
Balrog:  ...Psycho Drive?  What is that?  Tell me or I'll punch you again!
Birdie:  ...!  No, please don't!  I'll tell you now!
Birdie:  With its power, you can...

Bison:  Impressive job, Balrog.  You're well qualified as an executive.
Bison:  I expect a lot from you.  Work hard for my ambition...
Balrog:  I don't need a flashy title!  Just give me the Psycho Drive!
Bison:  So, you've learned something from that guy...
Bison:  You would have lived longer, had you been faithful to me.
Bison:  I will punish you for your greed!  Repent in the hereafter!


Birdie is a member of Shadaloo.
But as a mere henchman, his daily life became very dull.
And so he gathered information to overthrow M. Bison.
Soon, he found the keyword... "Psycho Drive......"

STAGE FIVE  [E. Honda]
Birdie:  Hey you!  I like your hairstyle!
Honda:  The Mage is the hairstyle of the Sumo.  You haven't heard of Sumo?
Birdie:  Sumo?!  What's that?  Some kind of raw fish dish...?
Honda:  Gwa ha ha ha ha!  You can't eat it, but it's quite exciting!
Birdie:  Then show me what Sumo is all about!


Birdie:  That was great!  I see your hairstyle isn't just for show.
Birdie:  You're strong enough to be in Shadaloo after I take it over!
Honda:  Do you mean M. Bison's organization, Shadaloo?
Honda:  That's a funny joke!  Gwa ha ha ha ha ha!

STAGE NINE  [Blanka]
Birdie:  Could he be a member of Shadaloo?
Blanka:  Uwo?  <Who??>
Blanka:  Uwooooooooo!!  <Let's fight!>
Birdie:  He doesn't know me...
Birdie:  It's no use trying to talk to this beast.  I'll defeat him.


Birdie:  If such strong fighters really exist.....
Birdie:  They must be in one of those buildings over there....
Birdie:  The "Psycho Drive" must be in there too!

Bison:  Ga ha ha ha ha!
Bison:  Birdie... What are you looking for?
Birdie:  None o' your business, mate!  Get outta here!
Bison:  No... It's time you departed, you treacherous vermin!
Bison:  Now, Balrog....  Dispose of this rodent!

Bison:  You defeated Balrog....  Impressive, but expected....
Birdie:  Ya like a little entertainment before the main event, eh?
Birdie:  Now ya better tells me...  Where is this "Psycho Drive?"
Bison:  You know...  You know too much...
Bison:  You are a fool!  One with no respect for his superiors....
Bison: Now I shall teach you what respect is!


Blanka lived as he pleased, deep within the jungle of the Amazon.
One day, he unwittingly hitched a ride on a poacher's car.
Curious and excited, Blanka now ventures into the outside world.

Dan:  Jimmy...?!  You're Jimmy!!
Blanka:  Uwon!!  Uwon!!  <Oh!  My dear old friend Dan!!>
Dan:  Long time no see...!  I owe you my life, you know!
Dan:  How about a match?  Let's see if you're as strong as you were!
Blanka: Uwho!!  <OK!  That's an excellent idea!>


Dan:  Ahh!  That's the Jimmy I know...  You're got some stylish moves!
Blanka:  Uwo uwo, uwo uwo?  <What have you been up to?>
Dan:  Huh?  What am I doing now?  I've started my own dojo!
Dan:  If you're in trouble, just come by!  I'll help you anytime!
Blanka:  Uwo uwo uwo uwooo!  <Thanks for the offer!  I will!>

STAGE NINE  [Zangief]
Blanka:  Uwo...?  <Who is that?>
Zangief:  Oh, just a beast...  I'm in the middle of a very important
Zangief:  I have no time to play with you!
Blanka:  Uwooo, uwo uwo uwo?  <Uwooo, uwo uwo uwo?>
Zangief:  No use talking to a beast.  Looks like we'll be playing after


Zangief:  How could I lose such a fight?!
Zangief:  Great Leader, I am very sorry...
Zangief:  I've failed my mission...  I could not destroy Shadaloo...
Blanka:  Uwo uwow?  <What is this Shadaloo?>

Bison:  Ha ha ha!  You saved me time by defeating that Russian dog...
Bison:  As your reward, you'll now have the honor of fighting Balrog!
Blanka:  Uwoooooo!  <Your toy soldier's going down!>

Bison:  I don't know who you are, but you have great fighting power!
Bison:  I am M. Bison, lord of Shadaloo!  You'll do well as my guinea pig!
Blanka:  Uwo uwouuu.....!!  <I'm not a pig!  I'm a beast!>
Bison:  You should be honored to help me conquer the world!  Wa ha ha ha!


Enhanced by biotechnology, Cammy is an assassin of Shadaloo.
She was made to be the perfect soldier and killer... However,
Shadaloo had not perfected their control over her mind...
She has no idea what destiny lies ahead of her...

STAGE FIVE  [Dhalsim]
Cammy:  Target in Range...  Master of Yoga; Dhalsim...
Cammy:  Standing by to measure his fighting data...  Commencing...
Dhalsim:  Is she an assassin of Shadaloo?  Her aura is disturbing...
Dhalsim:  Her eyes...  They are not human.  They are just like...a machine.
Cammy:  Your words...  Useless...!
Cammy:  And now I will extract your fighting data from you!


Cammy:  Uhh...  Ohhhh...  My head.......
Dhalsim:  I can see inside your mind...  Is that...confusion?  Or fear..?
Cammy:  I don't want to know!  Never look into my mind!!
Dhalsim:  I heard Shadaloo has technology that can control human minds...
Dhalsim:  Perhaps your suppressed mind is trying to come out...?
Cammy:  Shut up...!  Go away...!  Leave me alone...!

Cammy:  Designation...  VEGA.  You are disgusting...
Vega:  Heh heh...  Just like a doll, yet so beautiful when in agony.
Vega:  I was ordered to bring back the guinea pig...
Cammy:  Guinea pig?  I am an assassin of Shadaloo...!
Vega:  Heh heh heh...!  He doesn't need you anymore...
Cammy:  What do you mean?
Vega:  Resisting?  Okay, let's see what the doll's blood looks like!


Vega:  I underestimated you.  It's a shame you'll be destroyed...
Vega:  You'll be terminated by the hit squad of Shadaloo...
Cammy:  No!  That can't be!  You lie!
Vega:  Heh heh heh...  You will soon see the truth...
Cammy:  I am to be terminated...?  Why.....?!

Bison:  I didn't expect you to return, Cammy...!
Cammy:  Master Bison!!  Why me...?!
Bison:  Answer this question first...  Why didn't you finish Vega?
Cammy:  B...  Because....
Bison:  You have become conscious of yourself!  You are useless to me!
Bison:  I'll leave these two dolls to eliminate you!!

Bison:  Impressive!  Most impressive!!
Bison:  But it's just to annoying to see a mere copy of myself.
Cammy:  A copy?!  Am I....  A copy...of Master Bison...?!
Bison:  That's right.  We have the same DNA.  You're only a copy of me.
Cammy:  !!
Bison:  But, you are a worthless defect!  And now I will break you!


Charlie is a First Lieutenant of the American Air Force.
His inquiries of drug activity all pointed back to "Shadaloo."
He gathered his comrades to form a strike team.  His objective:
...end corruption in the army, and punish the man responsible!

Cammy:  Target in sight.  Ready to execute primary combat mode!
Cammy:  Commencing attack...
Charlie:  Wait!  Stop...!  Hold it!
Charlie:  That's a Shadaloo uniform!  That little girl couldn't be...!


Charlie:  Calm down now!  It's over...!  You've lost the battle!
Cammy:  Let me go!  Grrrr...  Master Bison!
Charlie:  Wha...what?!  I suspected something unusual...
Charlie:  Her body was artificially strengthened...
Charlie:  Shadaloo is inhumane!  I'll make them suffer for their cruelty!

STAGE NINE  [Rolento]
Rolento:  Is it you who are so eager to destroy Shadaloo?!
Rolento:  Well, too bad!  It is we who will triumph over their army!
Rolento:  Their armaments will help us to rebuild our new nation!  Leave!
Charlie:  You don't look like a member of Shadaloo...
Charlie:  If you don't get out of my way, I'll make sure you regret it!

Bison:  That you for meeting me here, First Lieutenant Charlie!
Bison:  Up until now, I thought you men of justice were spineless...
Bison:  But I've changed my mind...
Bison:  It will be a pleasure exterminating you!
Charlie:  Are you done with your speech?  Your words mean nothing to me...
Charlie:  Your sins and atrocities will now be judged... and punished!


Chun Li is the ICPO's special detective assigned to Shadaloo.
With management corruption, she was powerless as an official.
So, she works in cooperation with Charlie to defeat Shadaloo.
Now they take separate paths as they attempt to find M. Bison.

STAGE FIVE  [Birdie]
Chun-Li:  Excuse me...  May I have a moment of your time, Mr. Birdie?
Birdie:  You...?  What does an agent of Interpol want with me?
Chun-Li:  We have confirmed that you are involved with Shadaloo!
Chun-Li:  Now...  Tell me where the Shadaloo bases and M. Bison are!
Birdie:  Heh heh heh...  And what if I refuse?


Chun-Li:  This is what happens when you don't cooperate!  Now, talk!
Birdie:  Blast it!!
Birdie:  I'll never talk!  Now bug off!  I have business in Thailand...
Birdie:  ...oops!
Chun-Li:  I appreciate your cooperation, kind sir!

Chun-Li:  ....?!  Who are you?!
Cammy:  You... must not interfere...  We were born... to serve...
Cammy:  ...to serve...  Master Bison!
Chun-Li:  What's the matter...?!  Are you okay...?!
Cammy:  No...  I will... destroy you...!  Fear...  Death!  Murder!

Bison:  Hmm...  A problem has arisen...  She has become aware of herself.
Chun-Li:  How could you do such a thing to a little girl...!!
Bison:  Relax my dear, the show must go on...
Bison:  Now my pretty dolls...  Entertain my guest...!  Attack!

Chun-Li:  These children...  They are innocent!  How could you?!
Chun-Li:  Your acts are unforgivable, Bison!!
Bison:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!  You amuse me child!
Bison:  Okay then...  I'll let you earn the right to be my guinea pig!


Cody used to be a hero, famous for saving Metro City.
Bored with the peaceful life, he kept fighting, day and night...
Until he was jailed.  One day, he managed to break out of prison.
Wandering outside, he now seeks something that will satisfy him.

STAGE FIVE  [Birdie]
Birdie:  Hey!  You used to be known for your strength around here, huh?
Birdie:  But now, ya miserable!  I guess life can be unpredictable!
Cody:  Yeah, seeing that I have a date with a crazy guy like you today!
Cody:  It looks like I'm out of luck.  But it's gonna be your loss!
Birdie:  I'll make today the worst day of your life!

Guy:  I don't like to interfere in the lives of others.
Guy:  Everything should be left as it is, but I want to ask you one thing.
Cody:  This way of life is simply who I am.  Can't you understand that?
Cody:  Or would you rather hear the sad, sad story of an EX-hero?
Guy:  That's enough...  Now, it's time to fight!
Cody:  Ha!  I expected you to say that!  I'm ready...  GO FOR IT!


Cody:  And now, this is the result...  Things never change...
Guy:  I don't see why you can't do positive things with such skill.
Cody:  Life was peaceful for awhile, but I kept fighting anyway.
Cody:  Saying "I can't live in peace" would have been an easy excuse.
Cody:  I had no excuse, and could not bear to live any other way.
Guy:  Where are you going?
Cody:  To the underworld or to heaven, I don't know.  Nobody knows...

Bison:  Hmm...  What does the former hero of Metro City want with me?
Bison:  If you want to join Shadaloo, show me your strength...
Cody:  I'm not interested in such petty things.
Cody:  The only thing I want to do is to kick your butt!
Cody:  Prepare yourself...  Defeat will soon have a new best friend!
Bison:  Hmm... I accept your challenge.  Let's see what you've got...
Bison:  I wonder if you'll still be confident in about 10 seconds...


Dan finally defeated the man who killed his father...
He made his own fighting style called Saikyo; "The strongest."
But his ambition will not rest until he achieves perfection...

Chun-Li:  This man who dwells here...  He's supposed to be a fighter...
Chun-Li:  There he is!  The tip was right!  Hey you!  You over there!
Dan:  Are you talkin' to me?  You want my autograph or something?
Chun-Li:  You're a member of Shadaloo, aren't you?  Where's Bison?!
Dan:  What?  Give me a break!  I don't know anything about Shadaloo!


Chun-Li:  ...Ugh...  How could I be beaten by such a pathetic style?! 
Dan:  I have nothing to do with Shadaloo!  What is that, anyway?
Chun-Li:  YOU!  You are under arrest for assaulting an officer!
Dan:  WHAT?!  It's not my fault!  YOU attacked ME!!
Dan:  Well, I guess there's just one thing left to do... RUN!  Bye!!!
Chun-Li:  Huh..?  Wait a second!  Hey!  Stop!  Come back here!!

Dan:  You're better than I thought...  Huh?!  (Ack!)  Sagat!
Sagat:  You're the kid who pestered me the other day.  What do you want?
Dan:  You are a true loser!  I've come a long way to demand something.
Dan:  Learn my Saikyo style so I can teach you to fight!
Sagat:  You don't know what you're talking about!  I won't lose!
Dan:  You want a lesson from me, and I'll give you one!  Let's go!


Dan:  Yahoo!  This is my Saikyo style!  I am the real world warrior!!
Dan:  If you want to learn my Saikyo style, just say "please!"
Dan:  'Cos I'm the kind of the world, I'll be nice and forgive you...
Dan:  If you can't decide now, you know where to find me.

Bison:  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...  Good...  You have defeated Sagat...
Dan:  Who the heck are you?!
Bison:  My name is M. Bison.  I am the leader of Shadaloo!
Dan:  Shadaloo...?  Bison...?!  That reminds me!
Dan:  The police were after me!  I've been on the run because of you!
Dan:  I'm ready to accept your apology...  Or else!!
Bison:  Did you come all this way for that?  Now prepare yourself!

Dan:  I just rung that guy's bell!  Now it's your turn!!
Bison:  You defeated Balrog...  Impressive...  Most impressive!
Bison:  But soon you will kneel before me and call me "master!!"


Dee Jay is a young kickboxer, known as the "Southern Comet."
This cheerful fighter quickly rose to become a world champion.
In high spirits, he now searches the world for a good fight.

Adon:  Who are you...?  Are you looking for a fight?
Dee Jay:  Yeeaahhhh!  This is gonna be the bomb boy!
Adon:  You are too happy for your own good.  Don't you know who I am?
Dee Jay:  Yessss!  You be Sagat's little boy!  Not a champ, just a chump!
Adon:  What?!  Sagat is no longer my master!  I will crush you!!
Adon:  Now, I'll show you...  I'll show you what a true warrior is!


Adon:  Why did I lose?  I thought that Muay Thai was invincible!
Dee Jay:  Don't worry, mon!  You're not bad...  I'm just that good!
Adon:  Remember...  I'll pay you back for this... soon!

Dee Jay:  The chest scar and eye patch...  Yes!  The Emperor!  Bingo!!
Sagat:  What do you want from me?  I have no time to play or dance!
Dee Jay:  Oh, I mean business, mon!  Let's get it on!
Sagat:  You are not afraid to die, are you...?  Well then, come on!

Bison:  You have an interesting personality...  What a surprise!
Bison:  I admire your courage, and am impressed that you beat Sagat...
Bison:  Join Shadaloo...  The world will be at your disposal!
Dee Jay:  No way!  I'm perfectly happy as I am!
Dee Jay:  Only with hard work do dreams ever come true!  Understand, mon?
Bison:  I'm sorry to hear that...
Bison:  You made the wrong choice.  Now, all of your dreams will perish!
Bison:  I will make sure that you perish most miserably!


The yoga master, Dhalsim, fights for his family and for the poor.
The increasingly evil energy forces him to decide....
That one day he will renounce the root of his power.

Dhalsim:  Wait, young lady.  You shouldn't live your life so carelessly.
Rose:  You assumed that I was thinking of dying?
Rose:  Is it because I looked sad?  Hm.. hm.. hm..
Dhalsim:  No, it's not your face.  In your mind, you're ready to die...
Rose:  !!  Who are you?!  How could you read my mind?!
Rose:  Don't try to stand in my way!  No one can stop this fight!


Dhalsim:  Hmm...  So he is called M. Bison...  I can feel an evil omen...
Rose:  You can read others' minds, so you must know how evil he is.
Rose:  I have to defeat him.  I must defeat him...
Dhalsim:  You cannot win if you give up the will to live....
Dhalsim:  Do not be impatient.  Wait for the right time.

STAGE NINE  [Birdie]
Dhalsim:  Birdie, I would lik to ask you a question...
Dhalsim:  Where is Shadaloo's hideout?
Birdie:  Ha!  Are ya out of your mind?!  Why should I tell ya?
Birdie:  Ya know...  If you play with me, I might consider telling you...
Birdie:  But now I got this urge to make a pretzel!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!


Birdie:  Blast it!!  I lost!!
Birdie:  Ok...  I promised I'd tell you...
Dhalsim:  So, the hideout is in Thailand.  I read your mind...
Birdie:  ?!  What the heck?!  Why didn't you read it in the first place?!

Bison:  You have an excellent body...
Bison:  You'll make a fine guinea pig for the Psycho Power...
Dhalsim:  So you're M. Bison...  What malevolent energy!
Dhalsim:  So you're the one that is giving out evil energy!
Bison:  You've taken the bait!  I tricked you into increasing my powers!
Bison:  The other maggots of justice did not help me in the way you have!
Bison:  Seize him!

Bison:  You didn't kneel before me!  I'll make you sorry!
Bison:  My patience runs short.  I urge you to obey my will immediately.
Bison:  It's such a pity that your power shall not be seen again.


Edmond Honda is the strongest Sumo Grandmaster, or "Rikishi."
He is so powerful, that no other Rikishi can compete with him.
"I'll find worthy opponents and show them the strength of Sumo!"
In the hopes of finding stronger opponents, he begins a journey.

Honda:  Hey, you look strong!  I've never seen such a devoted fighter!
Ryu:  It's a rare honor to meet a Rikishi here.  How about a fight?
Honda:  Ga ha ha!  That's what I'd expect a fellow countryman to say!
Honda:  One cannot comprehend a Sumo's greatness, until he fights one!


Honda:  Ga ha ha!  That was a nice fight!  I feel refreshed!
Honda:  Your Hado energy... is most impressive...!
Ryu:  Your wrestling power is superb!  Fight me again someday!
Honda:  This feeling is new to me!  The world sure is vast, isn't it?

Sodom:  What the...!  Hey!!  Do you remember me?!!
Honda:  You're the one who volunteered to fight at that Senshuraku!
Honda:  Have you improved since then?  Want to try your Tsuppari on me?
Sodom:  DOSUKOI!!  Uh... I mean GO FOR IT!!


Sodom:  "Domo crocodile!"...  Umm... Aha!  "Domo alligator!"
Honda:  Ga ha ha ha!  I don't know what you are talking about...
Honda:  But your Tsuppari was great!  You may be a true Sekitori someday!

Bison:  Huh Ha Ha Ha!  So, you are a Sumo wrestler...  Interesting!
Honda:  What a strange guy!  Who... are you?
Bison:  I'm M. Bison, leader of Shadaloo.  Are you here to be a guinea pig?
Honda:  Don't say things like that.  It makes you sound like a bad guy!
Honda:  I should knock some sense into you, with my Nekodamashi...!
Bison:  Come then!!  I'll take over your body to further my ambitions!


There is an evil energy that causes absolute destruction...
Ryu agonizes, knowing that he cannot control his power.
Will he still become a master, or will his journey end in ruin?

Ryu:  Fight me, Sagat!
Sagat:  Ryu...?  Look at yourself!  You have lost control of your power!
Sagat:  You are not the same man that I wanted to challenge!
Ryu:  Shut up!  Get ready to fight!


Ryu:  Why...?  Why were you not fighting with all your strength?
Sagat:  Why should I?  You are not the Ryu who left a scar on my chest!
Sagat:  A warrior wouldn't allow himself to be tempted by a cheap trick!
Sagat:  I will wait for my true rival to return, and challenge me!

STAGE NINE  [M. Bison]
Bison:  Ha ha ha!  You've come a long way, kid...
Bison:  You are only human...  You cannot resist the evil energy within!
Bison:  You plunge deeper into the darkness as your power grows...
Bison:  Your darkness is powerful enough to be my source of energy!
Ryu:  Never!  You will not succeed!

FINAL STAGE  [Shin Akuma]
Ryu:  Do you know...?
Ryu:  Do you know what lies ahead, and what this energy will bring?
Akuma:  Words do not have any meaning to us...
Akuma:  Now, satisfy your rage and anger...  Attack me!
Akuma:  Only the winner will know the truth...


Fei Long is a youthful, talented action star from Hong Kong.
He is the master of his own unique style of Kung Fu.
On the street, he seeks a good fight to sharpen his skills.

STAGE FIVE  [Balrog]
Balrog:  Yo, hotshot!  You wanna join Shadaloo?
Balrog:  You can get rich dealing drugs, selling arms, and kidnapping!
Fei Long:  Hey!  I don't want to associate myself with criminals!  Get
Balrog:  You just don't get it, do you?  You don't have any choice!


Balrog:  You think you can get away after you dared to defy Shadaloo?!
Fei Long:  I won't yield to any threat!  I'm always ready to fight!

Fei Long:  Are you a gangster, too?  You were waiting?  I feel like a VIP!
Vega:  I'll only ask this once...  Join Shadaloo and swear your loyalty!
Fei Long:  No way!  I have no desire to join you villains!  Now, get lost!
Vega:  Hee hee hee...  I thought so!  I will enjoy slashing you!
Vega:  I'll turn you into a statue of agony, painted with your blood!

Fei Long:  From the looks of things, you must be the leader of Shadaloo.
Bison:  What do you fight for?  For money?  A girl?  For the status?
Bison:  You surely won't say that you fight for justice, or will you?
Fei Long:  What's with all these questions?  I shouldn't have to answer
Bison:  Well, then...  This is your last chance.  Join us, Fei Long!
Fei Long:  I'm sorry, but being a villain just isn't my style!  And...
Fei Long:  I'm not very fond of you, either!
Bison:  Ha!  Your destiny has been decided!  You will die here!


Gen is a wily assassin who uses legendary fighting techniques.
He continues to fight bloody battles, even though he is ill.
What he desires now more than anything is a "death match..."
And so he searches for a worthy foe...

Gen:  I didn't think anyone could withstand my honed skills...
Gen:  I see the world is yet an interesting place to live in!
Ryu:  Your fighting style...  It's used for killing people, isn't it?
Gen:  And what if it is?
Ryu:  You are strong!  I can sense your power just by looking at you...


Gen:  I don't understand...  Your style is pure...  It is not like mine.
Gen:  But why do I feel so empty when I look within...?
Gen:  Perhaps it is because I use the "assassin's fist..."
Gen:  Or... is it because of the power he has flowing through him...?

Gen:  ....................
Akuma:  ....................
Akuma:  It's time to meet eternity old man...


Gen:  ....................
Gen:  It would be a great honor to die in battle with a worthy foe.
Gen:  But now that I've defeated you, my wish can't be granted.

Bison:  Are you the one who defeated the "Master of the Fist?"
Bison:  Ha ha ha...  I will grant your wish as a reward for your skill.
Gen:  You are a big fool...  You will be the next victim to fall.


Guile, an ace air force pilot, received an order one day...
In the hard rain, Guile rushes to the heliport.
He knows nothing of the hardships that await him...

Chun-Li:  Nice to meet you, Commander Guile...
Guile:  Who are you?  How did you know who I am?
Chun-Li:  You were ordered to stop Charlie and bring him back, right?
Chun-Li:  I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to do that.
Guile:  I'm sorry, too, sweetheart...  But, you can't stop me...


Guile:  Charlie is too determined.  I'm the only one who can stop him!
Chun-Li:  PLEASE!  Leave him alone!  There is too much at stake!
Guile:  Don't worry...  I'll take care of the enemy, too.
Guile:  As a soldier and a friend...  I also can't let the enemy go.

STAGE NINE  [Charlie]
Guile:  Charlie...  I found you, at last!
Charlie:  Guile...?!  I take it that you're not here to help me...
Guile:  They'll start the bombardment in an hour.  Get out of here, NOW!
Guile:  A chopper is ready to take you out of here.  Leave them to me!
Charlie:  Why should I?  If I leave now, he will surely escape again!!
Charlie:  You can't stop me this time!  I won't retreat!
Charlie:  If you insist...  I'll dispose of you so that I may proceed!


Charlie:  Gu...  Guile...
Guile:  Take it easy...  I know about them and what must be done.
Guile:  I'm not a hero like you, but I still cannot tolerate injustice!

Bison:  What a heartbreaker...  A hero dies in vain...
Bison:  Then, his friend sacrifices himself in the name of honor!
Bison:  Ha ha ha!  Enjoy this!  I, Master Bison, will finish you now!
Guile:  Nice speech.  You should have been a politician...
Guile:  It goes without saying...  Evil will perish...


He is the ninja who lives in the present.
He is heir to the Bushin Style, which has endured for centuries.
When a threat to the world rises so will the shadow of Bushin.
These are the words Master Zeku left.  What do they mean?

Karin:  Are you the ligitimate successor of Bushin Style; Guy?
Karin:  My father forbids me to fight, but I can't resist the call!
Karin:  The Kanzuki family detests any unearned victories.
Guy:  I'm aftaid I don't understand...  Do you intend to fight me?
Guy:  If this is true, then I will fight with all my strength!


Karin:  I underestimated you, Guy!  Your skills are amazing!
Guy:  And what do you know of Bushin Style?
Karin:  When a threat to the world rises so will the shadow of Bushin.
Karin:  This is a great opportunity to fight beside one such as you!
Guy:  This "threat to the world."  Do you know who this man is?
Karin:  Yes, if I remember correctly, his present name is BISON.

Gen:  Wait, lad!  Are you searching for the villain named Bison?
Guy:  Yes...  What do you know of him?
Gen:  Whether that man lives or dies is completely inconsequential.
Gen:  But you risk interfering in my quest for the man of "Ten."
Gen:  You will not interfere with the "death match" I have planned!
Gen:  I will kill you before I allow that to happen!


Guy:  I can't imagine how dreadful the man called Bison must be.
Guy:  Master Zeku predicted that I'd fight with Bison someday.
Guy:  But there is still much I have to learn about Bushin Style...

Bison:  Bushin Style...  Ah.  Now I recall what I've heard about that name.
Bison:  Bushin is a threat to my Psycho Power.  It must be exterminated.
Bison:  You are disrupting our work...  Leave here at once.
Guy:  I can't.  You are the "threat to the world" I was warned of.
Bison:  I have gone by many different names throughout history.
Bison:  But each has always been marked by fear and despair.
Bison:  Get ready... the legitimate successor of Bushin Style!


Enhanced soldiers are created by Shadaloo's demonic technology...
Juli, one of these soldiers, receives an order from Bison...
"Find and destroy the enhanced soldier named Cammy!"

Hawk:  You...  Could you be...?  Julia?!  Julia!!
Hawk:  I've been looking for you...  Come home with me, now!
Juli:  ..........
Hawk:  ...Julia?  What's wrong?!
Juli:  Commencing attack...

Juli:  Target confirmed.
Cammy:  You don't seem to realize it yet...
Cammy:  I'm not like you anymore...!  I've become my true self again!
Juli:  Exterminating subject...

Bison:  Well done...!  Your mission has been completed.
Bison:  Your enhanced metabolism has shortened your life span.
Bison:  Now, rest in peace...  You should be content, having served me!
Juli:  ...Changing mode.  Preparing to attack...
Bison:  Ha ha...!  Enhanced, indeed.  Your will to survive is strong!
Bison:  Interesting...  I will destroy you as payment for your service!


Enhanced soldiers are created by Shadaloo's demonic technology...
Juni, one of thse soldiers, receives an order from Bison...
"Pursue a warrior named Ryu and collect his data as a sample!"

STAGE FIVE  [E. Honda]
Honda:  You...  You seem to be new around here...
Honda:  Your eyes and behavior...  I can tell that you've been trained...
Juni:  Accessing subject data...  28 seconds to go...
Honda:  Sounds fun!  Let's fight!
Juni:  Judged as an obstacle...  Commencing object disposal...


Juni:  Target deactivated.  Subject data fixed.  Resuming pursuit of Ryu.
Honda:  Ugh...  I was careless...  You must be...
Honda:  eating Japanese Chanko Nabe...  Every day, right...?

Juli:  Target in view.  98% similarity between object and sample data.
Ryu:  ...Who are you?  Do you want to fight with me?
Juli:  Unique energy detected.  Unable to analyze...  Insufficient data.
Juli:  Initiating sampling.  Level 1 combat status activated.
Ryu:  I don't know what you want, but I will do my best in any fight!

Bison:  Ha ha...  Okay, then.  I knew this would happen.
Bison:  Ryu's "Evil Energy" only emerges under certain situations...
Bison:  I sent you, hoping for the best, but now your mission is over.
Bison:  I'll be dealing with Ryu myself.  You can die now, at my command.
Juli:  ...Class A emergency.  Class A combat status activated...!
Bison:  This is interesting...!  You dare to rise against me?  Ha ha ha!!


Karin Kanzuki is the only daughter of a corporate family.
She must honor her family motto, "Be the winner of everything."
To do such, she must battle the one girl who has defeated her...
To find Sakura, she will travel the world....

STAGE FIVE  [Blanka]
Karin:  Wha...What?!  A beast!
Blanka:  Woooooooooo!!  <Hey, cute girl, let's fight!>
Karin:  Ho, Ho, Ho...  All right!
Karin:  I'll fight you and beat you, if that is your wish...
Karin:  You'll fall prey to my fists!  For they are the King of Beasts!


Karin:  I never thought such a creature existed.  The world is so vast.
Karin:  ?!
Karin:  I think someone was watching my fight!....
Karin:  ... Or was it just my imagination...?

STAGE NINE  [Sakura]
Karin:  I've found you at last, Sakura Kasugano!!!
Sakura:  Karin Kanzuki?!  What the heck are you doing here?!
Karin:  I came here to fight you again!!
Karin:  Our last match helped me to train!
Sakura:  Yes....  I can feel your fighting spirit.  I'm so excited!


Karin:  My mind feels refreshed....
Karin:  I won by chance.  You are the better fighter.  I admire you!
Sakura:  You're great, too!  I hope we can fight again someday!
Karin:  Ho, Ho!  It's not the win or loss, but the moment of the fight...
Karin:  That is what is important to me now!

Bison:  Ha, Ha!  I watched your match.  You fought well for young girls.
Bison:  Are you the girl who defeated Blanka?
Karin:  How rude!!  Who are you?!
Bison:  If you beat my dolls, I'll tell you my name!
Bison:  Now, my pretty dolls...  Destroy her!!

Bison:  How entertaining...  You are stronger than I thought...
Bison:  I'm M. Bison, Leader of Shadaloo.  You are a qualified fighter.
Karin:  Shadaloo's M. Bison!!
Karin:  You are less than a man!!
Karin:  I'll use all my strength to defeat you!!


Ryu's eternal rival Ken Masters...
His title of "US martial arts champion" proves his strength.
Yet his mind has become unsound.  His friend's focus urges him.
Now he sets out to find the answer just beyond his fist...

Karin:  You seem troubled, Mr. Masters.
Ken:  Long time no see, girl.  Sorry, I have no time for autographs.
Karin:  You don't sound like the US martial arts champion...
Karin:  I'll show you who is the champion!  Get ready!!


Karin:  That was impressive...  I didn't think I would lose again...
Ken:  By the way, how is your rival doing, kid?
Karin:  I hope both she and I find our next fight to be worthwhile.
Karin:  That's why I'm training hard day after day...
Karin:  I'm certain Sakura feels the same way.
Ken:  You go, girl!  I hope your next fight is exciting.

STAGE NINE  [Sakura]
Sakura:  Ken!  Please fight with me!
Ken:  Sure... but I thought it was Ryu you were interested in...
Sakura:  I'd love to fight Ryu, of course, but...
Sakura:  ...I'd like to find out how much progress we've made...
Sakura:  Both of us... you and myself!


Sakura:  Thanks a lot, Ken!
Sakura:  Whenever I fight a strong foe, I can't help but think...
Sakura:  ...how happy I am to be able to fight like this!
Ken:  Yes... you're right...  What have I been thinking?
Ken:  I can fight with "him..."  That's what I need...
Ken:  You woke me up!  Thanks kid!

Bison:  Ken Masters... the US martial arts champion and Ryu's rival...
Ken:  Who the heck are you?!
Bison:  I'll see how much difference there is between the two of you!
Ken:  Don't get me wrong, I'm different from him...
Ken:  I'll defeat you in my own way!


Bison is the leader of the secret organization "Shadaloo."
His inner power is about to exceed what his body can hold.
Psycho Power needs a host that can trap its demonic strength.
A new body that only the strongest of warriors possess...

Bison:  So, you're the master of fists...
Akuma:  ...What do you want?
Bison:  To see if your "evil intent" can hurt me!
Akuma:  Do not mock me...  I will destroy you!!


Bison:  So this is your "evil intent..."  ...It is less than nothing!
Bison:  There is no one who can stop me...!
Bison:  Ryu... Just you wait!  Your body will soon be mine!

Sagat:  You!!!  What are you planning to do with Ryu?
Bison:  Just know that your rival will be used to further my purposes.
Sagat:  So, you can't fight without someone's help...?  Pathetic...!
Bison:  Fool!  The body I have now is more than enough to crush you!
Bison:  If you interfere, you will be the first to perish!

Bison:  Ryu, your existence has been critical to my ambitions...
Bison:  My ambition to rule this world forever...
Bison:  And to be honored as the mightiest of all time!
Ryu:  All I care about...  Is to battle and crush worthy opponents...
Ryu:  Now...  It begins!



Rainbow Mika is ready to make her debut as a pro wrestler.
She thought of the perfect promotion to make her a star...
She would travel the world and fight famous Street Fighters!
Mika takes her first step to becoming "Star of the Ring!"

Karin:  Well, well, well...  Training to be a pro wrestler?  Hm hm hm...
Mika:  Hey!  That was mean!  Why are you laughing at me?!
Karin:  Can't I laugh at something I find to be funny?  Ho ho ho ho!
Mika:  What's so funny about pro wrestling?!  Take that back!


Karin:  Oh...ugh...  I didn't think you were this strong...
Karin:  I guess I didn't study enough about pro wrestling...
Karin:  If you make it to the top, my zaibatsu will be your sponsor.
Mika:  My sponsor?!  Thank you so much!!  I can't believe you're so nice!

STAGE NINE  [Zangief]
Mika:  Are ... Are you THE Zangief?!
Zangief:  Yes.  I am Zangief, the "Red Cyclone!"
Mika:  This is so exciting!!  M...m...my name is Mika...
Mika:  I admired you so much that I too, became a pro wrestler!!
Zangief:  Hmm...  That's a very nice thing for you to say.
Zangief:  If you're a professional, how about having a match with me?
Mika:  Really?!  You mean it?!  No joke?!  Alright!  I'd be happy to!!


Zangief:  Gwa ha ha ha ha!  How surprising!  You've beaten me!
Mika:  Oh no!  I'm sorry!  It was an accident!
Mika:  I'll tell my children about this someday!  It was so exciting!
Zangief:  Gwa ha ha ha ha!  Your name's Mika, right?  Most impressive!

Bison:  Ha ha ha!!  Master and pupil...  A happy couple...  How pathetic!
Bison:  Zangief...  I thought you wanted to speak to me...?
Zangief:  Wha?!  M. Bison!
Bison:  Your fight was very entertaining.....
Bison:  But instead of paying you, this man will guide you to heaven!
Mika:  Zangief!  Please let me fight this man!
Zangief:  ?!  Alright...  To face a deviant style might be good practice.
Zangief:  Do your best!!

Bison:  You're a very strong girl...  But your luck has just run out!
Bison:  You will regret your inexperience in the next world!
Zangief:  What?!  No!  Mika!  Look out!!


Rolento's goal is to build the most powerful military nation.
He realizes he needs powerful allies to strengthen his cause.
He remembers a man named Cody, a fighter who was once his enemy.
Will Rolento fulfill his idealistic ambitions?

Rolento:  I'm ready to forgive you despite your rudeness in the past!
Rolento:  Join me!  Help me build the ideal military nation!  Well?
Sodom:  No!  What I seek is my true spirit!  I trust nothing else!
Sodom:  Mad Gear...  They have already lost their souls!
Rolento:  It's a serious crime to oppose my noble ideals!
Rolento:  I no longer consider you to be a blood brother!


Rolento:  You imbecile...  Now you've learned!  Power is everything!!
Sodom:  Oh...  ...Rolento!  You've changed...
Sodom:  Money...  Power...  Before, you didn't care about such things...
Sodom:  All you cared for back then was the perfect peace!
Rolento:  ... My ideals do not contradict that goal!

Rolento:  What?!  Cody!!  WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!
Rolento:  Have I come all this way to scout someone this corrupted?
Cody:  Hey there!  Long time no see...  I'm not corrupt!!  I'm a loner!
Cody:  Hah!  So you're still playing your stupid military games?
Rolento:  How rude!  It is your dead spirit that reeks of stupidity!
Rolento:  Now I'll show you!  Prepare to be punished!


Rolento:  ...After all, you are not a warrior!
Rolento:  Control...  Discipline.  Achieving a goal, no matter what the
Rolento:  That's what first-class soldiers are all about!  Remember that!
Rolento:  Now, I must concentrate on enhancing our armaments...
Rolento:  ...and try to compensate for the lack of soldiers with weapons.

Rolento:  You must be Bison, the leader of Shadaloo!!
Rolento:  Give all of your armaments to me!!
Rolento:  That's the best possible way to put this world back into order!!
Bison:  You want the "Psycho Drive?"  Shadaloo's secret weapon...?!
Bison:  I doubt a dog like you possesses the intelligence to operate it!
Bison:  Balrog...  Sweep this garbage out the door!

Rolento:  I expected more.  Do you only hire amateurs around here?!
Rolento:  A boxer doesn't stand a chance against the ultimate strategist!
Bison:  ...Strategist?  You must be joking!
Bison:  You're edreaming if you think you will survive after defying me!


Rose is a mysterious woman who wields the mystic "Soul Power."
She feels that Doomsday is fast approaching...
She must seal Bison's power away even at the cost of her life...
What fate awaits her in the end...?

Guy:  You are Rose, are you not?
Guy:  It's not right to give up your life, even for your mission.
Guy:  Risking life and surrendering it are two different things.
Rose:  My mind is made up.  Is it your place to try and help me?
Rose:  Even if so, your help is not anything that I need nor want.


Guy:  "Soul Power..."  Most impressive!
Guy:  But never underestimate his power.
Guy:  He's a man of such evil energy, even my kindred fear him.
Rose:  Thanks for the advice, but I must continue on my path...

Rose:  Vega!  Warrior of Shadaloo!  I've finally found you!
Rose:  You know where Bison is, don't you?  Tell me!
Vega:  I have no reason to do such...  However...
Vega:  As your name implies you possess the beauty and thorns of a rose.
Vega:  So I shall adorn you in a pure red to suit your name better.


Vega:  Remember...  Bison looks forward to your challenge...
Vega:  I don't understand his thinking, and I probably never will...
Vega:  Why would you dare to go to him, only to be slain in the end...?
Rose:  By reading your mind, I now know where Bison is...
Rose:  Once divided, two separate fates unite.  This is our fate...
Rose:  I don't know what awaits us...  And neither does he...

Bison:  You arrived earlier than I had anticipated...
Bison:  Sorry, but I have another appointment...  Come back later.
Rose:  Bison!  You can't avoid this...  You know you can't...
Rose:  Since the day we met, fate knew it had to end in this way...
Bison:  Ha ha ha ha!  Don't be so melodramatic!
Bison:  Why don't you play with them if it's a challenge you desire?
Bison:  You have nothing to lose...  Except perhaps your life...

Rose:  Did you truly believe they could defeat me?
Rose:  There's no escape... for either of us...
Bison:  A rose without thorns means friendship...  Come now...
Bison:  I should never have allowed you to grow thorns...
Rose:  No!  That obedience is what caused all this tragedy...
Rose:  The game is over...  Let's finish this now!!


Ryu is a man following the path to become a true martial artist.
What is the meaning of the "evil energy" building within him?
He continues his journey to find the answers, and new challenges.

Rose:  Ryu...  You are not strong enough to win the battle with that man.
Rose:  Or should I say, you COULD win, but at the cost of your soul...
Ryu:  ...?!  Who are you?  And who is "that man?"
Rose:  Fight me now...  And defeat me, if you can!


Rose:  You must fight with your soul, not with your power!
Rose:  To become a true martial artist is to understand that.
Rose:  You try in vain to look for the answer.  But, it lies within you.
Rose:  Keep that in mind... even when you confront that man!

Ken:  Ryu... It's time!  Fight me!
Ken: Now you will finally see that I am the strongest!  Not you!
Ryu:  Ken?  What's wrong?  Your eyes...  What's happened to you?!
Ken:  Shut up!!  Don't assume that I'm what I once was!  We fight!!!

Ryu:  Ken!!
Ryu:  ?!  Who... are... You?!
Bison:  Huh ha ha ha ha ha!  You're as strong as I had hoped, Ryu!
Bison:  Ken was too afraid that you'll be a master, and that he won't.
Bison:  I gave him great power, but only at the cost of his mind.
Ryu:  What?!
Bison:  Now it's your turn!  Prepare to be seduced...
Bison:  ...by my Psycho Power!  I will reveal your dark nature!


Sagat is known as the "Emperor of Muay Thai."
The scar upon his chest serves as a reminder of his defeat....
...to Ryu and his Shoryuken!  He fights for vengeance alone...
But, he's begun to realize that the power of hatred is limited.

Dan:  Sagaaaaaaaaaaaat!!  You killed my FATHER!!
Dan:  Remember my name before you die!  I am Dan Hibiki!!
Dan:  I am the strongest martial artist!  Feel my wrath!!

Dan:  I don't believe it!  Why couldn't I beat him with my mighty power?
Dan:  One more chance...  I must fight!
Sagat:  I can't bear to watch...  He is just like the way I was!
Sagat:  I need something...  Something other than hatred...

Sagat:  ...!!  WHAT'S THIS?!  What have you done to Ryu, Bison?
Bison:  Hmm...  What are you waiting for?  Isn't this what you wanted?
Bison:  I charged Ryu with Psycho Power to make him stronger.
Bison:  This is everything you could have ever asked for!

Sagat:  Did you really think that I would appreciate this?
Sagat:  I wish to fight Ryu when he uses his true power from within...
Sagat:  I have no need for your tampering and cheap tricks!
Bison:  Hah!  Then perhaps you'll never be a great fighter after all...
Bison:  Your pitiful pride will lead you to your own destruction...
Bison:  I'll show you your weakness!


Sakura is a young girl who is fascinated by street fighting.
"What is a street fighter?" She asked herself one day.
I want to see him, and fight him again!  I want his answer!
She sets off on a journey of new meetings and old reunions.

STAGE FIVE  [E. Honda]
Honda:  Oh!  Are you a street fighter too, little girl?
Honda:  Then you must spar with me just this once!
Sakura:  Sure!  No sweat!  I want to fight you, too!
Sakura:  Hm hm (shy smile).  It will be great to fight a sumo wrestler!


Honda:  Ouch!  I need to train harder!  I once fought a man who wore...
Honda:  a headband like yours.  He was strong, but you seem stronger...
Sakura:  What?!  Whe... where did he say he was going?!
Honda:  He mentioned many places...  India...  Thailand...

Sakura:  ?!  RYU!!!
Bison:  Huh?  Annoying girl!  We are in the middle of a ceremony!
Sakura:  What have you done to Ryu?!
Bison:  Hmph!  I shall test your power...
Bison:  Ryu!  Kill that young girl!!

Bison:  Aha...!  Even after I charged Ryu with Psycho Power, you beat him.
Sakura:  You violated Ryu's mind forcibly!  I won't forgive you!!!
Sakura:  That wild man is not my Ryu!  He would never be like that!
Bison:  Hm, hm, hm...  Bring him back by knocking me down...  If you can!


The Kabuki Fighter, Sodom, seeks to achieve true "Japanism."
How will he reach a higher level of cultural worship?
He now wanders the world, in search of his "brothers."

STAGE FIVE  [Rolento]
Rolento:  I'm trying to accomplish a vital mission!
Rolento:  Join me right now, and you will be rewarded handsomely!
Rolento:  Otherwise...  I'll assume you are just an obstacle to my plan...
Rolento:  ...and I will eliminate you!


Rolento:  I never imagined my plan would end in such failure!
Sodom:  Your plan...?
Rolento:  Shadaloo is said to have constructed an underground base.
Rolento:  We planned to take it over and make it into our own!
Sodom:  Oh, that is a nice plan!  I'll take that base for myself!
Sodom:  I'll make it the headquarters of the new "Mad Gear!"

Chun-Li:  You there!  I'm in the middle of a very important mission!
Chun-Li:  Please do not interfere!
Sodom:  The Shadaloo base...  It's going to be perfect for Mad Gear!
Sodom:  Then, everything will be mine!!
Chun-Li:  There seems to be no point in talking to you.  Get ready...!

Bison:  On well...  Another day, another piece of trash...
Bison:  Look...  Garbage such as you has no place here!
Sodom:  I'm not trash!  I really have class I tell you!
Sodom:  And... now I'll show you my super special move, too!
Bison:  I see.  Worthless trash came here to spew more garbage.  Show me.


T. Hawk is the greatest warrior of the proud Thunderfoot tribe.
Recently, many villagers have disappeared mysteriously.
Sensing something ominous, Hawk leaves the village...

STAGE FIVE  [Charlie]
Hawk:  Tell me what you know about the people who vanished recently...
Charlie:  A novice's involvement will not improve the situation.
Charlie:  The Shadaloo are much tougher than you think they are.
Hawk:  "Shadaloo"?  What is that?!  Tell me!
Charlie:  It's better if you don't know a thing.  You'll have to force me!


Charlie:  Not bad, but it's too dangerous to stand against them.
Charlie:  The power of their boss, M. Bison, is literally demonic...
Hawk:  M. Bison...  I've heard that name from my father before...
Hawk:  The evil man was called "The man who wields the blue beam."

Juli:  Target confirmed.
Hawk:  ...!  You're...  Julia!  Why are you here?!
Juli:  Object verified as T. Hawk.
Hawk:  ...?  What are you talking about?  Let's go back to the village!
Juli:  Level 2 combat status activated.
Hawk:  I see...  This must also be the work of Bison!
Juli:  Commencing extermination of the object...

Bison:  Just as I thought...  You are the son of Arroio Hawk...
Hawk:  You drove my father away, and now you use Julia!  You will pay!
Hawk:  But, why...  Why do you do this?!
Bison:  ...For my Psycho Power, which rises from negative emotions...
Bison:  The more you hate me, the more power I will possess!
Hawk:  Is that it...?  You disgraced my sacred land, just for that...?
Hawk:  My land...  Grant m your power, your sacred power...  Please!


Vega is a masked noble with blood red eyes of insanity.
By order of M. Bison, the leader of the Shadaloo organization,
he must find a girl named Cammy, and report on her experiences.

STAGE FIVE  [Zangief]
Zangief:  I know you!  You're Vega!  You belong to Shadaloo, don't you?!
Zangief:  I won't let their drugs infest my mother country Russia!
Zangief:  I, the Red Cyclone, will crush you on behalf of our leader!
Vega:  ...What?  I've no affiliation with that organization!
Vega:  But...  I'm still interested in seeing the color of your blood!

Vega:  You're the experimental subject.  I've finally found you.
Vega:  He requested that you be brought to him alive... in one piece.
Cammy:  Experiment...?  What do you mean?  I'm under Bison's direct orders.
Vega:  Hm hm...  You're pathetic!  You have no idea what you are...
Vega:  And now... you will die without understanding why...


Vega:  ...Why, she is nothing more than an enhanced human!  A mere doll!
Vega:  Why...?  Why should I care?
Vega:  Why did Bison want her?  What is he going to do with her...?
Vega:  I thought I cared only for worthy foes, but...
Vega:  I suppose I should ask him about this girl...

Bison:  Excellent work Vega...
Bison:  I'll arrange a worthy foe for you as promised.
Vega:  Tell me...  That girl...  What are you going to do with her?
Bison:  She is my substitute body made during the Psycho Power study.
Bison:  But the substitute should never exceed the original.
Bison:  A doll should never have its own sense of self.
Vega:  ...Will you kill her because of that?
Vega:  Out of self preservation?!  You coward!  You can't do that!


Known as the "Red Cyclone," he is the Russian hero, Zangief.
He targets the secret organization "Shadaloo..."
A power that threatens the security of his country.

STAGE FIVE  [Rolento]
Zangief:  I understand you were in an organization known as Mad Gear.
Zangief:  Do you know anything about "Shadaloo"?
Rolento:  What do you want with them?
Rolento:  They are my target.  If you stand in my way, I'll eliminate


Zangief:  Hmm...  Shadaloo has made enemies of everyone...
Zangief:  My Great Leader's judgement was sound, after all...
Zangief:  I must destroy Shadaloo, for the glory of mother Russia!

Chun-Li:  Where are you heading?
Chun-Li:  Shadaloo isn't an organization you can defeat all by yourself.
Chun-Li:  You'd better leave it to the I.C.P.O.!
Zangief:  But...  I fight for the pride of my great country!
Zangief:  I won't be disgraced by backing out!  Allow me to prove myself!

Bison:  What does the "Red Cyclone" of Russia want with me?
Zangief:  You're the one who oppresses the people of my country with fear!
Zangief:  I will use all my might to put an end to your misdeeds!
Bison:  Hm hm hm...  These visits are beginning to amuse me!
Bison:  The very thought of you crushed, crippled and bereft of all hope!



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