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Colors FAQ (Short) by NCheung

Version: 2.53 |

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Outfit Colors Short Format FAQ Version 2.53

Primary Location of the FAQ: 

Mirror Location: 

Note: Street Fighter Alpha 3 is called Street Fighter Zero 3 in Japan.
Hence, A-ism is Z-ism in Japan, and I did make a few revisions to the 
character names here to make this page compatible for both the American and 
Japanese versions of this game.

------Copyright Notice------
Published work (c) Copyright 1998 Nicholas Cheung
This web page is for private and personal use only.  It can only be 
reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be 
altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in 
full. This web page is not to be used for any 
commercial/profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used by 
publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into 
magazines, etc. in ANY way. This web page was created and is owned by me, 
Nicholas Cheung <ncheung@lynx.dac.neu.edu>. Any and all copyrights and 
trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
Please give credit where it is due. The Street Fighter game series are (c) 
Capcom of Japan and (c) Capcom of America.
----End Copyright Notice----

This page lists the colors of the outfits of the Street Fighter Alpha 3 

I will say thanks to those regulars in alt.games.sf2 and the 
rec.games.video.arcade  Usenet newsgroups for making this page possible.

Note: This is the short format where only the primary outfit color(s) of the 
characters will be listed here.

For a more verbose form of this Colors FAQ, please go to the Regular Format 
Colors FAQ (Version 2.52) in text OR the Regular Format Colors FAQ Web Page 
(Version 2.5).

For a web version of this FAQ, please go to the Short Format Colors FAQ Web 
Page (Version 2.51). 

Contributors: (E-mail/Internet addresses below)
Gann0n for providing some of the characters outfit colors here.

Jon Halili for providing information about a guide which has all of the 
outfit colors for all the characters.

Kao Megura for the selection of Classical Mode (aka No-ism (N-ism)) from his 
on Street Fighter Alpha 3 at http://i.am/kao .

MIT Student Center Arcade, The Chinatown Arcade (Boston, MA), The Game Room 
(Boston, MA), the Portland (Oregon) Tilt Arcade , the Chinatown Fair (New 
York City) and the Boston University George Sherman Union Arcade for the 
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Machines.

Everybody in alt.games.sf2 and rec.games.video.arcade for their support AND
Fellow players in the MIT Student Center Arcade (you know who you are).

The character's outfit color is determined by 2 things:  Which mode you 
choose, that is X-ism, A-ism or V-ism AND what kind of button you select the 
mode with.

------Random Square selection:------
When you select a character randomly by going to the random square, 
your character and -ism of your character is randomly selected.  
The only thing that is guaranteed is the punch/kick color of the -ism and 
character that is randomly selected if you press a punch/kick button.

Exception: If you used one of the codes to select Balrog, Juli or Juni, 
you will be able to select your -ism as normal and the outfit color of that 
character. (just as if you have selected your character normally)

Note: Characters in Classical Mode (aka N-ism) have the same outfit colors as 
if they were in X-ism so therefore, X-ism and Classical Mode/N-ism outfit 
colors are exactly the same.
So N/P and N/K colors are equivalent to X/P and X/K, respectively.

To select Classical Mode/N-ism, make sure the title screen has a lime-green 
tint (or a purple or a blue tint).

(This trick is time-released) Put in your quarters or tokens, then Hold 
Fierce and Roundhouse, then press Start.

You can release the Fierce and Roundhouse buttons after pressing Start.

If you select your character using any punch button, you will get the 
character's X-ism Punch outfit color.

If you select your character using any kick button, you will get the 
character's X-ism Kick outfit color.

1 - Selection of X-ism with a punch button.
2 - Selection of A-ism with a punch button.
3 - Selection of V-ism with a punch button.
4 - Selection of X-ism with a kick button.
5 - Selection of A-ism with a kick button.
6 - Selection of V-ism with a kick button.

1: Purple 2: Light Purplish-Blue 3: Black
4: Red    5: Olive green         6: Light blue

AKUMA (GOUKI in Japan)
1: Teal Blue       2: Dark Blue 3: Light Gray 
4: Dark Orange-Red 5: Cream     6: Light Blue

BALROG (M. BISON in Japan)
1: Golden Brown 2: Light Blue  3: Charcoal Gray
4: Lilac        5: Light Green 6: Orange

1: Neon Purple 2: Green 3: Greenish-Blue
4: Silver Gray 5: Tan   6: Blue

1: Light Blue + Yellowish-Brown               2: Light Green skin + Brown   
3: Yellowish-Green + Dark Blue
4: Light Greenish-Blue skin + Yellowish-Brown 
5: Light Bluish-Green skin + Brown            6: Golden Yellow skin + Dark 

1: Light Green 2: Sky Blue   3: Neon Pink
4: Neon Green  5: Light Blue 6: Neon Purple

1: Red + Dark Green 2: Light Orange + Green 3: White + Blue
4: Red + Brown      5: Light Orange + Blue  6: White + Brownish-red

1: Sky Blue 2: Blue     3: White + Purplish-Blue
4: Pink     5: Red-Pink 6: White + Green

1: Purple 2: Blue     3: Black
4: Orange 5: Dark Red 6: Sky Blue

1: Orange 2: Pink   3: Light Green
4: Yellow 5: Purple 6: Aqua

1: Light Green 2: Yellow 3: Light Brown
4: Light Blue  5: Lilac  6: Pink

1: Pink                2: Light Blue  3: Beige
4: Light Reddish-Brown 5: Light Green 6: Orange

1: Black-Purple 2: Purple   3: Tan
4: Brick Red    5: Sky Blue 6: Yellowish-Orange

1: Brown        2: Red  3: White
4: Light Purple 5: Blue 6: Olive Green

JULI (2)
1: Dark Green 2: Black 3: Aqua Blue
4: Purple     5: Brown 6: Red-Brown

JUNI (2)
1: Dark Green 2: Black 3: Aqua Blue
4: Purple     5: Brown 6: Red-Brown

1: Purple 2: Red       3: Light Blue
4: Gray   5: Dark Blue 6: Neon Green

1: White 2: Red    3: Dark Blue
4: Blue  5: Yellow 6: Purple

M. BISON (VEGA in Japan)
1: Dark Blue 2: Red                 3: Black
4: Green     5: Light Purplish-Blue 6: White

1: Yellow          2: Light Blue 3: Pink
4: Light Turquoise 5: Purple     6: Neon Green

1: Red    2: Mustard   3: Tan
4: Purple 5: Teal-Blue 6: Charcoal Gray

ROSE (1)
1: Charcoal Gray 2: Red  3: Pink
4: Snow White    5: Blue 6: Lilac

1: Charcoal Gray 2: White 3: Bright White
4: Lilac         5: Tan   6: Greyish-Blue

1: White     2: Purple      3: Orange
4: Navy Blue 5: Light Green 6: Yellow

1: Gray   2: Blue  3: Red
4: Orange 5: Green 6: Dark Blue

1: Orange      2: Orange-Red    3: Green
4: Light Green 5: Purplish-Blue 6: Blue

VEGA (BALROG in Japan)
1: Light Green + Orange 2: Light Blue + Yellow 3: Red + Yellowish-White
4: Blue + Orange        5: Black + Yellow      6: Blue + Yellowish-White

1: Light Gray 2: Red  3: Blue-Purple
4: Black      5: Blue 6: Orange


(1) Rose has her special dress pose from SFA 2/SFZ 2.
    She will do this pose automatically on a Perfect victory.
    She will also do this pose by pressing the Forward Kick (MK) button after 
    a victory.
    The primary color of her special dress is the same as her normal dress 
    color  corresponding to -ism, and whether a punch or kick was used to
    select the - ism.

(2) Juni and Juli both share the same outfit colors.  The only difference is 
    the hair color, which Juni has short orange hair and Juli has long brown 

Version History

Versions 2.5, 2.51, 2.52 and 2.53 on November 17, 1998
--The final finished product with all of the costume outfits accounted for 
  every character in every -ism.

--Version 2.5 is the verbose web format of the FAQ
--Version 2.51 is the short web format of the FAQ
--Version 2.52 is the verbose text format of the FAQ
--Version 2.53 is the short text format of the FAQ

(Versions 1.1 to 2.4 are internal non-released mid-stages of the FAQ)

Version 2.4 on November 10, 1998
--Corrected Random Square section, and changed the format of the 
  contributors/credits sections

--The outfit colors for 90% of the characters/-isms are accounted for at this 

Version 2.2 on October 15, 1998
--Added the Random Square section
--The outfit colors for 65% of the characters/-isms are accounted for at this 

Version 2.0 on September 30, 1998
--Added the N-ism (Classical Mode) information
--Added a number of contributors to the contributors section
--The outfit colors for 50% of the characters/-isms are accounted for at this 

Version 1.5 on August 31, 1998
--Added a new bunch of characters into the list, which is virually a few 
  outfit colors from a large number of characters, excluding a few.
--The outfit colors for 35% of the characters/-isms are accounted for at this 

Version 1.1 on August 11, 1998
--Created the table with all 28 characters and 6 columns, expanding it from 
  the 3/6 configuration.
--Added note that Z-ism is the Japanese equivalent of A-ism, as SFA 3 is SFZ3 
  in the Japanese version.
--Added Contributors section

Version 1.0 created on August 10, 1998
--The first three characters in the colors FAQ were Rose, Karin and Sakura 

----- Begin Acceptable Use of E-Mail Address Notice -----

These e-mail addresses printed below are for personal use only and are not to 
be used for commercial use, "spam", and the like. Any commercial use of any 
e-mail addresses without the e-mail owner's expressed and explicit e-mailed 
permission is strictly prohibited!

------ End Acceptable Use of E-Mail Address Notice ------

E-mail/Internet Addresses of the Contributors

Name				E-mail Address/Internet Address
Gann0n			  gann0n@earthlink.net
Jon Halili			  XxgrayxX@aol.com
Kao Megura			  kmegura@yahoo.com OR http://i.am/kao
Chinatown Fair		  http://www.chinatownfair.com

Author: Nicholas Cheung (ncheung@lynx.dac.neu.edu)

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