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Sakura (A-Ism) by Badmash X

Version: 0.02 | Updated: 09/29/00

Badmash X's STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 Ace Guide featuring SAKURA!!!
A-ism ONLY version

[FAQ ver 0.02]


FAQ Author: Badmash X
FAQ History: February - September 1999
Buzz me any time of the day, any day of the week at omar_ken@yahoo.com

I'm really bad at this dedicating-thing. So I'll think about it..

This FAQ and all my other humble FAQs can be accessed from any darn 
page you find 'em on. That's okay, you don't need to ask my permission 
or anything if you wanna put my humble lil FAQs up on your web-pages, 
only as long as you're distributing my FAQ material FREE OF ANY KINDA 
ya understand!!! Please promote STREET FIGHTER like it should be 
promoted, coz we Street Fighters have a world to conquer, yeeaahh!!!! 
Just do me a favor and lemme know where you're putting my work up so 
that I can come over & drop a visit to your pages :)

Please refrain from plagiarising my hard work. This FAQ is self-
copyrighted by me, yers truly, Badmash X, BUT if you link this FAQ or 
wish to host it at your webpage or anything like that, feel free to do 
so, so long as you remember to give credit where credit is due. If you 
wish to exchange it for moolah (such as maybe after printing it, if u 
know what I mean, and I'm sure u do), kindly remember that YOU CANNOT 
and YOU MUST NOT do so, I beseech thee!! Whenever mentioning this FAQ, 
please mention that it is available at www.gamefaqs.com, coz no FAQ-
site can get any better than GameFaqs! Thank yeeeww!!!! Thank 
yeeewwww!! No autographs, please..

Get ready fighters..


1 --> ...And now!!!! (An Introduction)
2 --> Credits list
3 --> Who or what the heck is a 'Badmash X'?
4 --> Who or what the heck is a 'Shotokan'?
5 --> Who or what the..er, Who's SAKURA?
6 --> All the right moves
 - basic moves & comments
 - special moves & details
7 --> The bombastic combo machine
 - beginner combos
 - competition-level combos
 - illustrious combos
 - wacky combos
8 --> Technique or not technique?
 - basic strengths & weaknesses
  . know thyself
  . know thy fighter
 - super strategies
9 --> Get ready fighters...
 - the 10 rules of street fighting
10--> FAQ History (& other interesting stuff)


Welcome one & all to this grand blazing handy-dandy guide! The purpose 
of this guide/FAQ is.. well, actually I felt I should share my 
knowledge with the rest of the world, 'coz I'm in a really generous 
mood nowadays. But seriously, having finally gotten a break from 
studies I had this urge to do something inventive that'd help me pass 
the time, so here's this FAQ, & I hope it helps out all you SF-maniacs 
(or newbies) to win with SF's gal-of-the-moment, SAKURA!!! Well, maybe 
'win' is a harsh term...

I've always played games from the SF-series just to feel good, because 
they're some of the very few games out there that succeed in making one 
feel good, & I've learnt that winning isn't everything. Nosirree! 
HUMILIATING your opponent is what it's all about!!! But, woefully, 
that's NOT what this FAQ's about, either! If you plan to play to win & 
feel good about THAT, then I'm afraid this FAQ won't help you very 
much, but if you need to get to know SAKURA better & want to have a 
great time playing this great game, then you're reading the right FAQ! 
Now let's get moving & have some fun!!

NOTE: This guide/FAQ is supposed to be for those people who already 
have a fair background of the SF-series and SFA3. Beginners are advised 
to please refer to some other excellent FAQs available at 
www.gamefaqs.com & please note that this is NOT an overall SFA3 FAQ but 
a SAKURA-specific FAQ! So I won't be telling you the A-B-Cs of SFA3, 
but what I'll do is show you SAKURA's unorthodox methods & techniques 
as thunk & implemented by yers truly! Let's proceed, then!!


I've got to thank these guys because without their help... well, I am 
eternally grateful to them for their help, encouragement, impatience, 
impudence, pestilence, BO, etc, etc.

Uzair Z - AKA B.L.A. Saint Man. Thanks, good buddy. I've no idea where 
Or how the five you are these days, and I miss the good times a lot.

Razor & 5* - A duo that's been constantly trying to put up with me, for 
reasons they know better!
DON'T contact 'em at arq@yorku.ca or phavster@yorku.ca

Faisal & Suleman- Wow, aren't you glad I mentioned you?? Heh heh! These 
guys are great, even though all their help related to SF has always 
been absolutely 0!
khanoflse@hotmail.com & khan_air@yahoo.com

Umar F - Good friends are hard to find. It's a good thing I didn't have 
to look too hard!
Available at siddiqui78@hotmail.com.. IF you can find him..

Mansoor R – The self-proclaimed Mr.The-Best-Thing-Since-The-Fire is 
really much MUCH more than just that! ..yeah he's lazy and an utter 
retard.. hahhahaha anyway he's my best buddy, so attack him if you 
dare.. (you know the rest!)
mansoor2537@hotmail.com is da man!

The COREMINATOR – A fine chap whom I met the other nite on yahoo-chat, 
who's got absolutely nothing to do with this FAQ, but I thought I'd 
just mention him! So there ya go, Corey, now you're famous!!
Mess with him & you'll be COREMINATED via eaglewings23@yahoo.com

3 --> WHO OR WHAT THE HECK IS A 'Badmash X'?

Hi. My name isn't really secret or encrypted or anything, but the most 
commonly known pseudonym I go around with is your fiendish neighborhood 
good ol' reliable Badmash X. Other really interesting, exciting, 
thrilling (yawn!) stuff about me is that I am the big bad bruddah of 
that infamous FAQ-guy "NT", who's otherwise busy making mp3.com popular 
at www.mp3.com/jagga, and I'm admittedly an SF-freak, SF-maniac, SF-
addict, call me what you may. Sticks & stones may break my bones, but 
attack me if you dare, I will crush you.

I just turned 21 earlier this month & have hence been playing SF for as 
long as..umm, lemme see..a little near to 5 years. The fun part is that 
I haven't played anything else, so please don't expect praise of other 
fighting games or comparisons, etc, 'coz I dedicated my attention to SF 
in order to become the best at the best. Of course, I am still a 
beginner 'coz I am tragically a very slow-&-stubborn learner.

Among the lesser interesting things, I am a Spidey-maniac, a Punisher-
freak, a Manga/Anime-fan, a Wolverine/X-Men-hater (but the movie was 
good), & I know for sure John Romita Jr. is the Kirby of today & 
tomorrow, and most of all, my most odd habit is to ask surprise 
questions from outta nowhere, like right now: what is this, a FAQ or a 
biography?! ONWARDS!!! (yes, you can wake up now)


Shotokan karate is actually a martial arts style (though I'm quite sure 
they don't teach you how to throw fireballs, or spin around like a 
helicopter, or even how to yell SHORYUKEN! for that matter) that is 
followed by the lead characters of the SF-series. In the SFA-series, 
these characters include Ryu, Ken and Gouki/Akuma. Other characters 
from the supporting cast following this style (or more or less an 
extension/alteration of this style) include SAKURA, Dan, that evil-Ryu 
fella, and Shin Gouki/Super Akuma. For the sake of simplicity, I'll be 
referring to Gouki/Akuma as 'Gouki' 'coz that's what he's called in the 
Japanese-version of SFA3.


SAKURA's the SFA-queen-supreme!! & what's more, SHE'S MINE! THAT'S who 
she is! I remember reading a review (SFA2) in EGM, where they really 
put down SAKURA, saying that she's just eye-candy! HA!! That's a laugh! 
HAAAAH!! I've never bought another EGM since then. The point is that 
SF-games are absolutely perfect, meaning that every single character 
can stand his/her ground & obliterate all obstructions, IF YOU KNOW 

SAKURA is an excellent fighter in all respects & she's currently my #1 
game-gal of all! Suffice to say if there's one fighter who's real fun 
to play, it's SAKURA! & I hope this FAQ helps you discover this too!! 

Her problem (or advantage) is that she is NOT like the other Shotokan 
fighters, as you may find for yourself. Her walking speed & jump timing 
are unlike the other Shotokan fighters', her punches and kicks are very 
distinctive (nowhere near Shotokan-style attacks) and hence even her 
fireball is completely different than the others', her Dragon Punch (or 
Cherry Blossom Fist or whatever!) is unique, and her cyclone/hurricane 
kick is the weirdest of 'em all! & that's what makes her so much more 
fun to ..er.. play with..

Oh! You mean you wanted to know her STORY & BACKGROUND?!? Ohhh!! Why 
didn't you say so! Well, I'll tell you what! Why don't you refer to 
some excellent FAQ related to this topic, that you can find easily at 
www.gamefaqs.com, or some other SAKURA-specific FAQ for that? All I 
want to do is to play SF & have a ball! Oh, a few victories here & a 
few victories there don't hurt either... all the time... (evil chuckle: 
heh heh heh...)


If you referred to another FAQ like I politely asked, or if you're a 
dedicated SF-freak, then I shouldn't go on with this drivel, 'coz these 
moves-descriptions & stuff is the most boring thing I find in a FAQ! I 
mean, what's in a punch?! Just press the button & see for yourself, for 
crying out loud! Anyhow, I guess this is necessary nonetheless...but 
I'll keep this short & sweet...grumble grumble...

I would still advise absolute beginners to refer to the excellent 
aforementioned FAQs for instructions on combos & other technical stuff 
(like the laws of the Super Combo Meter, Alpha Counters, Super Combos, 
Rolls & Recoveries & Tech Hits, etc). I will, however, attempt to 
provide you with a thorough, personal, step-by-step, move-by-move 

SF-games are all about technique, not mindless punches & kicks &  
fireball wars. It's about technique, about anticipation, about 
ingenuity, & most of all, about fun. The one thing I personally believe 
that makes SF-games so much fun is not winning, but out-thinking your 
opponent, but this is not possible if what you want to do doesn't 
happen the very instant you want it to happen. The best part about SF-
games is that the moves respond to your reactions just when you want 
'em to, unlike other games that I can mention (but I won't 'coz I don't 
wanna ruin this FAQ!) that make you 'learn' the moves' timings by 
heart. Timing is of essence, & all moves must complement each other, & 
Capcom is the king when it comes down to this!

Remember that the controller is your best friend, so if something's not 
working, smashing it won't help. Atleast not every time. You HAVE TO 
KEEP IN MIND what your gameplan is & that you know what you're doing. 
The idea of it all is to make your opponent do what YOU want him to do. 
Keeping this in mind, go to the player-selection screen & choose 
SAKURA! Now we're ready to rock & roll!

LP , MP , HP = Light Punch , Medium Punch , Hard Punch
LK , MK , HK = Light Kick , Medium Kick , Hard Kick

That's your basic button-layout. Now comes its description:

[Far Standing]

LP = A quick, repeatable jab that is comboable/bufferable. 
MP = A quick, straight out comboable fist with decent range.
HP = A straight uncomboable fist that smacks your opponent in da 

LK = Excellent, quick comboable jab kick in the shin!
MK = Hmm, nice! Quick uncomboable mid-kick that hits from quite far.
HK = The SFA2 HK is here! Whew!! Hits from a mile away, but slow.

SAKURA's distance game is excellent in any & all respects! It's not 
perfect, nothing's perfect, but it is EXCELLENT! She can keep opponents 
at bay with her MP, which can immediately be buffered/ comboed/2-in-
1'ed into any special move! This move has fair range, & can always be 
substituted by the occasional, uncomboable HP (which takes A LITTLE 
time to come out). The good thing about the MP is that if your opponent 
is constantly prancing around, a connected (or blocked) MP can be 
comboed into a special move.

SAKURA's LK is also an excellent move, far better than the MP or HP 
since it's faster than either of 'em & is also comboable! Of course, 
the damage it inflicts is next to nothing, but 2 to 3 successive LKs 
from time to time often tend to make opponents furious, enraged & 
foaming at the mouths (well, I'm not sure about the furious & enraged 
bit) & they start making blunders of colossal prominence. Try it. The 
occasional MK is also responsible for this enigmatic behavior, & it 
even serves as an EXTREMELY effective anti-air (provided you time it to 

However, I would refrain from dishing out any repeating move my 
opponent is taking continuously as he'd wisen up to my next attack in 
no time. After successfully connecting some continuous, irritating 
hits, I just sit right there & wait for my opponents to do something 
stupid. Which they do. And then, just to keep them from anticipating my 
next flurry of (almost the same) attacks, I start doing something 
ridiculous myself (like jump away spinning, & just start testing your 
buttons or something which results 99% in a Shotokan opponent throwing 
a fireball) so that they prepare to come forth & attack.

SAKURA's HK isn't really the #1 distant attack but it's a decent 
distant anti-air, provided your timing is right. If your opponent is 
jumping from upclose, HK is THE anti-air as it transforms into (the 
SFA2 MK) the #1 most stylish anti-air of 'em all!!

So in a gist, SAKURA's distance game is based on a random flurry of MP, 
HP, LK and MK, of course, combined with crouching/low attacks (ahead). 
Please note that this does not mean that if you choose SAKURA, this is 
all you have to do. Keep reading!

[Close Standing]

LP = Same as the Far Standing one.
MP = Quick comboable elbow to the chest. Your opponent's chest, that 
HP = Excellent! The SFA2 HP wasn't nixed after all! Whew!!

LK = Same as the Far Standing one.
MK = Same as the Far Standing one.
HK = Classic SFA2 MK is back!! THE most stylish kick of the game!!

The close standing attacks are basically there to help you complete 
your combo of choice, so we can forget about the close standing MK and 
HK for the time being, 'em being uncomboable.

SAKURA's (close standing) comboable moves include LP, LK, MP, and HP. 
If you want to inflict more damage real quick, the HP is the #1 choice 
to include in a combo (details ahead), whereas the LP and LK just help 
to make your combo look insane & fresh & add more hits (& inflict 
comparatively less damage).

If you hit HP when your opponent is a bit close, SAKURA will throw her 
upclose HP (instead of the far standing one), which is a lightning fast 
double axe-handle & comboable with ease, whereas her MP is comboable 
from both far & close.

What is of importance here is the timing of these moves: if you are 
following-up on a jump-in attack (like jump-in MK) you will have to 
time your close-standing attack properly so that a 2 hit combo is 
registered. Eg- jump & hit MK, & wait for just, JUST a micro-second & 
THEN hit HP for a 2 hit combo. If you act too fast, nothing will 
happen, & if you're slow, a combo will not be registered, meaning that 
your second hit can be blocked (or countered).

Even when you are following-up on a close standing attack, the timing 
of the special move that is buffered to complete your combo is 
different for each move. Eg- you have to do the SHO-OH-KEN JUST THE 
MOMENT you hit LK to register a combo, but you can enter the SHO-OH-KEN 
motion EVEN AFTER A LITTLE BIT if you're following up with the close 
standing HP... B E C A U S E jab attacks (LP & LK) can be recovered 
from almost immediately, but a hard attack (HP & HK) takes some time 
for your opponent to recover from, & THAT IS A RULE!

Summing up, I normally use the good ol' HP for a guaranteed combo 
because the timing for the next (buffered) move is just perfect. Other 
than that, I normally use the LK to hit my opponent from a distance, 
but I use it upclose (chained with LP) only when I've a certain plan in 
mind. As for the MP, I think the crouching one is better, but the 
standing one is AWESOME nonetheless (more ahead).

[Crouching] -hold DOWN & press a punch/kick button-

LP = Quick comboable punches.
MP = Excellent hammer punch, very irritating, very comboable!
HP = SFA2 uppercut, still the same, but with less range.

LK = Ultra-quick comboable jab kicks.
MK = Fairly quick, long-distance, uncomboable leg-stretch.
HK = The good ol' trip, still uncomboable.

SAKURA's crouching attacks, though excellent, are quite predictable, 
the major disadvantage (I guess) being her uncomboable crouching MK. 
Not that it's a bad move: au contraire, it's one of the most excellent 
long-range crouching attacks in the game! But if it were just 

If there's one thing you should learn by now, it's that TIMING is 
everything!! Meaning that if you time your attack JUST RIGHT, you'll 
succeed in delivering. Otherwise... heh heh, anyhow, the point I'm 
trying to make here is that you have to KNOW (in the back of your mind) 
just WHEN your attack is going to CONNECT your opponent. If you have 
that timing right, SAKURA's crouching MP will demolish your opponent, 
because (1)it IS comboable, and (2)it hits LOW! This means that your 
opponent will have to crouch-block your attack, 'coz if he doesn't, 
your combo will connect to the end! Eg- jump and hit MK, follow with 
crouching MP, follow with SHO-OH-KEN. Now, if your opponent blocks your 
jump-in attack (MK) & continues to block like that, your crouching MP 
will break his defense BECAUSE IT HITS LOW (like any crouching kick) & 
the following SHO-OH-KEN will also cream him. The timing of SAKURA's 
crouching MP is a bit awkward because it seems to 'come out' 
immediately but even then it 'connects' AFTER a little while, giving 
ample time to your opponent to block low.

SAKURA's crouching MP and MK are also infamous for hitting your 
opponent out of their attacks, provided your timing is precise. 
Precision is 
everything. EVERYTHING! Practice will make things perfect! Timed right, 
SAKURA's crouching LK will also hit an opponent out of an attack. Eg- 
While you (SAKURA) are blocking low, Ryu, next to you, decides to push 
you further away with crouching HK. Hit either MP or LK or MK at the 
PRECISE moment to hit Ryu's 'leg' before it hits you! I'm stressing 
timing because when it comes down to the fight itself, it's this timing 
that'll help you out BIG TIME (explained in the technique-bit ahead) & 
not some flashy combo video you downloaded from the net! Remember that 
the timing of each of SAKURA's (or anybody's) attacks vary vastly. You 
HAVE to know when your punch/kick will actually connect, & you HAVE to 
know when a punch/kick will hit YOU!

SAKURA's crouching HK seems to hit from a lesser distance than it 
extends (or so it seems to me). It's not comboable either, so use it 
only when you're SURE it WILL connect, & that you really do want to 
trip your opponent. Please ensure that it really, really, REALLY does 
connect, because there's quite some lag time that follows...(boy, I 
sure do wish no anti-SAKURA SF-fan is reading this!)

SAKURA's crouching HP is the same as the good ol' SFA2 version, the 
classic uppercut, but for some reason I think its 'timing' has been 
changed a bit. It hits from quite close, it's not the best anti-air 
attack (but it's a good one, provided your timing is impeccable), but 
it IS comboable & SAKURA looks like she's really giving it everything 
she got!

Her crouching LP...well, I prefer the LK over the LP anytime of the 
day, because it's so QUICK & hits from quite a distance for a jab.

[Straight-up Jump] -hold UP & press a punch/kick button-

LP = A very stylish jab. That's its only use.
MP = Outstretched, hi-priority anti-air punch.
HP = The ol' SFA2 jump-in double-axehandle, but with lesser range.

LK = Not a very useful move, but jumping LKs rarely are!
MK = The ol' reliable outstretched kick, one of the BEST kicks of SFA3
HK = The ol' %@!*# downward kick, which I STILL can't get the hang of!

I must admit I rarely use any of these attacks. In fact, the only time 
I'm jumping straight up is when I hit 'up' accidentally! The only other 
time I jump straight up is either to set up my opponent, or to (very 
rarely) knock him back from whence he came.

The only straight-up jump attacks that I find commendable are SAKURA's 
MP, HP and MK. SAKURA's MP is made for her straight-up jump, period! 
It's a high priority straight-out fist that ALWAYS seems to hit your 
opponent before he can jump in and hit you! My good friend -the CPU- 
taught me this! Her HP and MK serve the same purpose, but the MP takes 
the cake! Is it really invincible? I need to know more about this!

[Jump-in Attack] -hold UP/FORWARD & press a punch/kick button-

LP = A very stylish jab. That's its only use.
MP = Same as Straight-up Jump one. Not the ideal choice of jump attack
HP = The classic SFA2 double-axehandle, but with lesser range.

LK = Not a very useful move, but jumping LKs rarely are!
MK = CLASSIC! The ultimate jump-in attack!! Requires a bit timing.
HK = Not my choice of the jump-in attack. It's really weird!

SAKURA's jump-in attacks demand a lot of practice, but once you've got 
the timing right, you'll feel right at home.

Her jump-in LP is quite useless (that's only how I feel) because of its 
short-range and weird diagonal angle, and LK hits the furthest, but 
both are quickly recoverable from.

Her jump-in MP is the same as the straight-up jumping MP, which is 
quite a bother 'coz SAKURA punches straight out in front of her face, 
making it quite difficult to connect to a standing opponent.

Her jumping HP, however, is THE jump-in punch, the classic high-
priority double axe-handle. It's mostly infamous for hitting opponents 
out of their anti-air attacks if timed right (depends on the situation, 
as explained further in the technique-section). I can't really be the 
judge of this, but I guess her jumping MK takes the cake as her BEST 
jump-in attack. It's fast, has tremendous range, & most of all, it has 
this insane ability to almost ALWAYS connect as a cross-up (explained 
in the technique-department)! But the HP is almost unstoppable, so...

Finally, SAKURA's jump-in HK...yeesh, I've always had difficulty in 
understanding this 'kick'! And I STILL can't see what its use is! It's 
a really weird-looking kick which hits from quite close &, well, that's 
all I know! It's only problem is that it seems to hit almost STRAIGHT 
DOWN, not AHEAD like most fighters' jump-in HKs, but the jump-in MK 
takes care of that!

And now the special moves!!...yuck, that sounded really corny...

HADOKEN :               Down-to-Forward + Punch
SHO-OH-KEN :            Forward-to-Down-to-Down/forward + Punch
SHUNPUUKYAKU :          Down-to-Back + Kick (also while jumping)
SAKURA KICK :           Forward + MK
THE 1-2-3 WONDER :      Forward-to-Down-to-Down/forward + Kick
*SHINKUU-HADOKEN :      Down-to-Forward, Down-to-forward + Punch
*SHORYU-SAKURA :        Down-to-forward, Down-to-forward + Kick
*SUPER SPIN-O-MATIC :   Down-to-Back, Down-to-Back + Kick

NOTE: Please see that the motion described in each move listed above 
indicates a 'smooth roll of the thumb' & not tapping the keys, unless 
indicated. Eg: down-to-forward does not mean tapping the down-key and 
then the forward-key, but a smooth rolling motion from down to forward.

Some gibberish about these extremely beautiful & original moves...

- The Shotokan's arsenal is always spearheaded by the ever-useful 
HADOKEN. Screaming (well, not really SCREAMING!) the words 'HADOKEN' 
your everyday Shotokan fighter will, in smooth frames, draw his/her 
palms back to summon & collect their 'chi' (or fighting spirit, I 
believe), then extend their arms as the energy/chi is released in 
the form of a visible 'energy wave' or fireball, which will hit 
their opponent for a decent amount of damage whether blocked or not.
Oh, and if anyone wants to know the history behind this, be sure to 
check out the STREET FIGHTER 2 V-series by Manga Video.

As with every Shotokan fighter, SAKURA's fireball moves forward at 
decent speed, but its only drawback is that it dissipates at the end 
of the screen! BUT to counter that, SAKURA has the unique ability to 
'hold' the fireball in her palms for nearly a full second (& that's 
a LOT of time), & then release a BIG fireball...which also happens 
to dissipate, right then & there. The way to do this is to do the 
fireball/HADOKEN motion (as described above) & to TAP the punch 
button. The longer you tap, the longer SAKURA 'holds' the fireball, 
which automatically releases after just over a second.

The normal Shotokan fighter may occasionally start the proceedings 
with the HADOKEN, & may continue this insanity until he is knocked 
out. This is the kinda guy my good friend Sagat once beckoned to in 
the immortal words "You aren't a warrior, you're a beginner!" In 
other words, the HADOKEN, though being THE most original move in any 
fighting game, is not a very favorite move of mine to just throw 
around, atleast not with SAKURA.

SAKURA's HADOKEN has been improved over the previous version (SFA2). 
It now seems to travel further & at breakneck speed (if you're 
playing at atleast Turbo-2). The recovery/lag time is suicide, 
though, so if you miss a fireball...well, let's just hope you win 
next time!

- The second most popular, most ripped-off original move of the 
Shotokan fighter is the internationally acclaimed Dragon Punch. The 
distinctive feature of this attack is that it is supposed to be 
invincible in its initial frames, & is the best riposte to the 
occasional jump-in attack.

SAKURA's SHO-OH-KEN is no different. No, wait. It is completely 
different! It is invincible in its key-frames (only the LP one) & it 
hits up to over 5 hits (HP version), which is the highest number of 
Dragon Punch hits by a Shotokan fighter yet! I remember when Ken first 
got his 3 hit Flaming Dragon Punch in SSF2, it left a stunning 
in my mind. '3 hits!' I used to think, '3 hits!! WOW!!' Well, this 
multiple-hit Dragon Punch knocked me out when I first saw it in SFA2, 
but it has its drawbacks. MAJOR drawbacks.

SAKURA yells 'SHO-OH-KEN' & rushes into her opponent, hitting them 
on contact & punching them all the way as she leaps into the 
traditional, trademark Dragon Punch pose. This is the best & quickest 
combo finisher if you don't wanna use a Super Combo, as it inflicts 
quite a satisfactory amount of damage unto your hapless opponent, & as 
a plus, your Super Meter charges up quickly too!

However, the SHO-OH-KEN is the last thing you'll want to do to counter 
a jump-in attack. Unless, of course, you have a death wish or 

- The third trademark Shotokan fighter's move is the unique kick-based 
attack that is triggered by moving the stick down-to-back & then 
pressing kick. Ryu, Ken and Gouki perform their cyclone/hurricane kick 
(also known as tornado, helicopter, rotating spin-kick, and -for some 
weird reason- the pepsi kick), while Dan does his 'Raah-raah-haiyaah!' 
1-2-3 combination. SAKURA's SHUNPUUKYAKU seems to me to be a 
combination of both these moves: She's got a leg extended to hit with, 
like Ryu, Ken and Gouki, but she's going all over the place like Dan. 
All in all, it is one of SAKURA's extremely deadly, most irritating & 
highly damaging attacks, & is my #2 choice for a combo-finisher.

- The SAKURA KICK is an overhead attack. It's not a special move in 
the sense that you cannot have any other move preceed it & make a combo 
out of it, as far as I know! It hits a low-blocking opponent on the 
head, so the only way to block it is the standing-block, and you have 
to be a bit close (not necessarily too close) to your opponent for the 
kick to connect.

I must admit, I keep as far away from this move as possible, 'coz it 
often seems to come out from nowhere at the wrong time! I know it must 
be useful, but I'm afraid it isn't icluded in my arsenal since I happen 
to stay as far away from my opponent as possible & demolish him/her 
from a distance.

I saw this fan-art by someone in a Japanese GAMEST magazine last year 
about the SAKURA KICK. It was really funny!! It was a 3 panel comic-
strip (in Japanese, so I've no idea what was written, but the art was 
self-explanatory), beginning with SAKURA in the initial frame of the 
SAKURA KICK, then her leg coming down from above to her opponent's 
head, but turns out she just sat on a bicycle & pedaled off!! Heh heh!! 
That's why I often call this SAKURA's BIKE KICK!

- The 1-2-3 WONDER (as dubbed by yers truly) is a weird, awkward 
looking 3 hit attack, triggered by the motion described earlier. In 
this, SAKURA leaps into the air & lands right there, conveniently open 
for the thrashing of a lifetime. However, if you press any punch while 
she's in the air, she'll smash your opponent with her jumping HP 
(double axe-handle), & can do this upto three times for 3 hits! 
Reminiscent of ChunLi's 3 hit knee combo, only this is tougher, & if 
you miss, you may not like what a wary opponent can do...

If you happen to connect this while your opponent is jumping as well, 
the 3 hits are guaranteed. It is much more difficult (though possible) 
to land all 3 hits on a standing opponent. This move can be air-
blocked, contrary to the belief otherwise.

- *Super Combo #1 SHINKUU HADOKEN - Say hello to the SHINKUU-HADOKEN! 
This is just like any other super fireball, & damages your opponent 
quite a bit. It also hits a jumping opponent cleanly & completely, & 
is my chioce of follow-thru to a close 2 hit LP SHO-OH-KEN. It is also 
the #1 Super Combo to connect your opponent with after a perfectly 
disguised setup (explained in the TECHNIQUE OR NOT TECHNIQUE section 

- *Super Combo #2 SHORYU-SAKURA – SAKURA's most damaging Super Combo, 
also known as MIDARE ZAKURA (whatever!), is the #1 super to punish your 
opponent with if they're acting too pokey or feeling very cheeky, as 
long as you're sure you're not playing into their hands. 

It's SAKURA's version of Ken's SHORYUREPPA, only faster & too damaging 
for words!! But I suppose that's a good thing. Use this super to break 
through almost anything at all (exceptions including some Dragon 
Punches & some Super Combos, like Zangief's FINAL ATOMIC BUSTER), but 
you gotta make sure it DOES connect!!

- *Super Combo #3 SUPER SPIN-O-MATIC - er, no, that's not what she says 
when she does this Super Combo. This is my most favorite super of all 3 
of SAKURA's Super Combos. It is easily comboable (preferably with a 
close standing or crouching HP) & has great range and hits low AND hits 
opponents out of their attacks almost all the time, AND AS A PLUS it's 
quite damaging (on lev.3)! And if THAT isn't enough, the recovery time 
from it is next to nothing, meaning that once it's over, SAKURA can 
recover from it & execute her next attack almost immediately!


Alright ladies & gentle-fighters, here are some of SAKURA's combos, 
including beginner-level combos, competition-level combos, illustrious 
combos, and wacky combos. Each of these will be followed by 'stars' 
which indicate each combo's usefulness in my opinion. The more the 
stars, the badder & nastier the combo. All combos are rated on a scale 
of 1-5.

NOTE: For the sake of simplicity, I've typed down Super-moves in CAPS 
for those of you looking for Super-related-combos. All combos followed 
by (c) shows that they have to be done in the end of the screen 
(corner) only. All (1) or (2) or (3)'s following Super-related-combos 
indicate the Super-level required.

[Beginner-level Combos]

(1) crouching LK (repeated)         [4 hits]
(2) jump MK,  crouching HK          [2 hits]*
(3) close standing HP + Hadoken     [2 hits]
(4) standing LK + Sho-Oh-Ken        [7 hits]*****
(5) crouch MP + Hadoken             [2 hits]*****

[Competition-level Combos]

(1) standing HP + Sho-Oh-Ken            [7 hits]***
(2) crouching HP + ShunPuuKyaku (c)     [4 hits]***
(3) jump MK, crouching HP + SUPER SPIN-O-MATIC(3)     [9 hits]*****
(4) crouch LK (twice), stand LK + Sho-Oh-Ken          [9 hits]
(5) crouch LK (twice), stand LK + SHINKUU HADOKEN(3)  [8 hits]**
(6) jump HP, stand HP + ShunPuuKyaku(LK)              [3 hits]***
(7) jump HP, stand HP + SHINKUU HADOKEN(3)            [7 hits]***

[Illustrious Combos]

(1) cross-up MK, crouching HP + Sho-Oh-Ken              [8 hits]****
(2) jump HP, crouching HP + SHORYU-SAKURA(3)            [9 hits]***
(3) jump LK (from almost end of screen!), stand HP      [2 hits]*****
(4) cross-up MK, stand LP, crouch LK, stand LK + SHINKUU-HADOKEN(3)

(Follow up combo#3 with any of your favorite moves! Your opponent must 
be in one corner for this combo & you should be one LP-Sho-Oh-Ken away 
from the other. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the LK connect!)

[Wacky Combos]
These insane combos are possible only if your opponent doesn't recover!

(1) jump HP, stand HP + Sho-Oh-Ken(LP) + SHINKUU HADOKEN
(you can't 2-in-1 the Sho-Oh-Ken into the Super. You have to hit your 
'falling' opponent with the Super, after decking him with the Sho-Oh-
Ken, BEFORE he hits the ground!)

(2) launch opponent with LP Sho-Oh-Ken (as just described), then keep 
juggling with MP Sho-Oh-Kens for as long as possible! Oh me oh my!

(3) jump HP, crouch HP + ShunPuuKyaku(HK), stand HP + ShunPuuKyaku (c)
(My favorite trademark corner-combo! I just LOVE it!)

(4) jump HP, crouch HP + ShunPuuKyaku(HK), stand HP + 1-2-3 Wonder (c)
(My NEW trademark corner combo, which is tougher to pull off unless yer 
timing is really sweet! I can't believe I never thought of it before! 
It was actually shown to me by my li'l brother, that FAQ-guy known only 
as NT)

Of course, there are more combos than just these, but some are those 
that aren't worth mentioning, either because they're too simple (like 2 
jab punches, or something) or too complex. In any case, I would really 
appreciate it if anyone lets me know of some important combos that I 
left out, & also if anyone thinks I'm doing something right around 


In the end it all comes down to who's the winner..& who's the loser.. 
So who IS the better fighter? Well, what I like to think is not who won 
or lost in the end, but who managed to OUTPLAY his opponent. This again 
does not mean that the winner outplayed the loser. For all you know, 
all it took to turn the tide was a jab-kick before the time ran out!
What I'm trying to get at here is that this FAQ is NOT gonna tell you 
how to WIN, but how to manage to outthink, outsmart & outplay your 
opponent, because this is where SAKURA excels! I mean, if I were 
writing a Gouki FAQ, I would've written things like 'top-10 moves to 
finish your opponent with within 10 seconds' or 'top-10 taunts' or 
'top-10 reasons why you just cannot lose' if you get my drift. However, 
this is a SAKURA FAQ, so you must understand & accept the fact that 
SAKURA is no Gouki. She's no Ryu or Ken, or (thankfully) even Dan, and 
hence you have to accept her as she is, realize her weaknesses & 
capitalize on her 
strengths. But even before you do that, you have to realize YOUR OWN 
weaknesses! This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

[know thyself]

- So what counts as a weakness? First of all, some real expert players 
can often clearly read your gameplan if you keep foot-sweeping them 
5-10 times in a row. In other words, you have to keep mixing-up your 
attacks & revising your strategy from time to time and should never 
follow a certain fixed pattern.

- Do not fall into traps. You should realize that your opponent is as 
human as you are (sometimes) & will adopt tactics that will tilt the 
match to his favor, just like you plan to do! Eg: RYU throws a fireball 
& you jump over it, but get hit by a Dragon Punch. Again. And again. 
And again. See a pattern? Your falling into it is not a good sign.

- Anticipation is the key to victory. If you PREDICT your opponent's 
next move successfully, you'll find yourself countering it almost 
automatically, like a natural reaction. However, if your opponent 
anticipates your attack beforehand, you're gonna be in a world of hurt, 
& don't I know it! Anticipation is a major factor in a 2-player fight, 
and it will feel natural after (a LOT of) practice.

- Finally, the set-ups (not sit-ups)! Over the years I've learnt quite 
a lot about these 1-on-1 games, mostly by watching others play..or 
being beat up by them..and the most important lesson I've learnt is 
that you don't stand a chance if you can't set up your opponent into 
making mistakes. You have to make sure that YOU aren't being suckered 
into a trap, because the purpose of a setup is to inflict maximum 
damage unto the..uh..sucker.

- Keeping in mind the last two points, remember that anticipation & 
setups go hand in hand, but these are again NOT THE ONLY METHODS that 
will lead you to victory. Keep moving around & keep ATTACKING from time 
to time, using SAKURA's excellent pokes, & try to counter almost 
anything with her crouching MP (when UPCLOSE to opponent, including 
Mr.Ryu's *aHEM!* Shinkuu Hadoken!) and MK (when a bit distant).

- Keep both eyes (or as many as you have) open ALL THE TIME during a 
bout. Remember, you CANNOT afford to laze around or slacken at ANY 
point in this game, 'coz the tide can turn pretty unexpectedly 
otherwise. I know this 'coz it's happened to yers truly & I've paid for 
my mistakes dearly. Lazing around & trying to give your opponent a 
chance is not an option, unless you're some sorta expert (in which case 
you don't need to read this FAQ). Either that, or your opponent is a 

- You must have a solid purpose behind pressing each button or 
executing any move that you do. This may seem to sound stupid, but it 

- Remember that as a general SFA2 and A3 rule, whenever you're jumping 
into your opponent, the moment you press up/forward, move your thumb to 
the down/back position to assume the air-block, so that if your 
opponent decides to counter-attack you before you know it, his attack 
may be blocked (if possible – like timed Dragon Punches can't be 

- I'm a bit unaware on this, but I think air-recovery is better than 
the ground-roll, 'coz it helps you to recover & counter-attack while 
you're falling, instead of taking more and more hits (no, it is NOT 
possible to be juggled infinitely, unlike some bogus games). So air-
recover as much as possible, and soon it will feel only natural. Hit 
all 3 punches while you're falling to the ground, then prepare to 
counter-attack on the way!

So now you know where you're making mistakes. Accept the fact that once 
you know yer mistake & you still repeat it, you're wrong in the head. 
He he he, just kidding! It'll all come with practice, & lots of it.

[know thy fighter]

- Down on the ground, SAKURA's basic attacks very rarely face stiff 
competition, if at all. This is true if you're doing the right thing at 
the right time. Try to use her hi-priority counters as much as 
possible. These include her crouching MP against those pesky pokers, 
her crouching and standing MK against those loathsome turtles and 
obdurate grabbers (ZANGIEF) from far away, and her rapid crouching LK 
against those 'normal' grabbers (like VEGA or BLANKA). It all depends 
on the situation. Long story.

- SAKURA's basic air-defense on the overall includes every single basic 
attack in her arsenal, even her LK, provided you do the right move at 
the right time. This is very very very very deep since this varies from 
situation to situation.

So what are these situations? Well, it's a really long list, but let's 
see what I can come up with. I'll list as many "basic" situations as 
possible, & will attempt to give the most effective counters to them as 
well. Don't memorize this, please, it's just a guide, & besides, 
situations tend to vary with each passing second. SO IT ALL REALLY 
ANTICIPATION. <--These really are golden words, so try to keep 'em in 
mind almost all the time.

(this is gonna be the layout)
x. situation
-	your response
-	alternate response
-	alternate response, and so on.

1. Opponent jumps AND ATTACKS
-	timed HK
-	Crouch HP
-	Block (shucks!)

2. Opponent jumps AND DOES NOT ATTACK
-	Any attack
-	Jump AT THE LAST MOMENT and air-throw (hee hee!)

3. Opponent jumps AND ATTACKS VERY EARLY (mostly grabbers)
-	Straight-up Jump MP (must connect, or else..)
-	Crouch HP

4. Opponent jumps FROM A DISTANCE
-	Jump away yourself
-	Jump straight up
-	Wait (for opponent to ALMOST land) & Hadoken (may trade hits)
-	Expect long-range move (ZANGIEF's jump-HK), counter with jump MP
-	Jump QUICKLY into opponent & grab upon landing

5. Opponent jumps FROM UPCLOSE
-	Move under opponent & counter-attack from behind
-	Jump back & MP or MK
-	Timed LP Sho-Oh-Ken (tough)

6. Opponent attempts cross-up
-	Very early LP or MP (trade hits, really tough)
-	LP Sho-Oh-Ken
-	Block (if getting up)
-	SHORYU-SAKURA (if getting up)

7. Opponent keeps poking
-	Hit opponent's 'punch' or 'kick' with LP Sho-Oh-Ken
-	Never ever EVER jump into opponent ('coz most pokers want you to)
-	Timed LK or crouch-MP (upclose) or crouch-MK (afar)
-	Timed HK foot-sweep

8. Opponent sits right there
-	Start poking, beginning with crouch MK, then get closer with LK
-	Go near opponent & move back & forth & wait for him to mess up
-	(If you're moving back & forth) Go and grab that lousy turtle!
-	LK ShunPuuKyaku from near (must NOT connect), follow with Super!

9. Opponent is getting up
-	Jump in very early with MK & it'll connect REALLY deep
-	Jump in very late with HP from afar (to counter almost anything)
-	Wait to the very last moment, then go and grab!! (use wisely)

10. YOU jump in with MK or HP
-	If it connects, follow with your combo
-	If it connects, hold on just a bit, then grab opponent
-	If blocked, either start poking or follow thru with your combo

11. YOU jump in very early with MK or HP
-	Blocked or not, look out for grabbers & jump away immediately!
-	If you expect a nasty attack upon landing, follow thru with Super
-	Grab (use rarely 'coz they learn quickly! & expect this yerself!)
-	Multiple crouch LKs to get away from it all!
-	Just one crouch LK, then go & grab

Needless to say, the situations are almost limitless, so every 
situation will demand something different. If anyone out there in the 
world agrees with me, I guess I'll be a happy man. Now I'm not gonna 
list down any more situations 'coz that won't be fair for YOU. Trust 
me! If you want to have the fun that SF is all about, then go ahead & 
play the game like it should be played! WITHOUT any guides or walk-
throughs, etc! I mean, I never knew how to Dragon Punch until after ONE 
YEAR of playing SF2-Turbo on my SNES!!

If you manage to keep these pointers in mind, you will ALWAYS know what 
you are doing & where you stand (that is, at beginner, intermediate or 
expert level). Then even when Ryu throws a fireball from the end of the 
screen, or Rolento keeps rolling in a corner, or that freak Adon taunts 
you with that I R R I T A T I N G thumbs-down, you will know in the 
back of your mind if they're doing so to make you attack, or just 
wasting time, or preparing to suddenly attack as you come jumping 
forward. At this point you will also realize how to counter-attack 
appropriately, as you can easily predict your opponent's next move. 
Well, somewhat. Don't worry, this is a tried and tested technique, & 
it's been doing wonders for yers truly since SFA2!

Now that we've dealt with the basic technique, let's  concentrate on 
SAKURA-specific strategies. I'm gonna tell you how to score with ..uh, 
I'm gonna tell you some important stuff..

SAKURA is one of those fighters in the game who are made to set up 
their opponents, which is due to their inability to be too aggressive 
or too defensive. I mean, as far as I know, of course. So here are some 
of SAKURA's best setups that I can think of & that I use myself, and 
some other stuff!

1.	LP Sho-Oh-Ken a bit close to opponent (preferably when opponent is 
getting up from the ground), make sure it DOESN'T connect, then wait 
for opponent to attack while SAKURA recovers & follow through with 

2.	LK ShunPuuKyaku from a distance (as opponent is getting up) such 
that SAKURA spins forward INTO him, & time it such that it DOESN'T 
connect again, & follow with SHINKUU-HADOKEN or SUPER SPIN-O-MATIC 
as opponent flinches or reacts to the ShunPuuKyaku!

3.	This is fantastic! Go a bit near opponent and hit HP, but make sure 
you're juuuust out of his sweeping range, then follow with any Super 
as opponent tries to hit you! Actually, it seems as if SAKURA steps 
forward, but she's standing right there, punching in the air! Works 
BEST against those lousy turtles!

4.	Grab opponent with punches, & after SAKURA elbow-hits him away, jump 
INTO him so that you fall "behind" & grab again. Then jump into him 
again & grab again. Repeat. Won't work for long, though.

5.	SAKURA's punch-grab is one of the best setups for a cross-up. Grab 
opponent with punches & wait for SAKURA to elbow-smash him away. 
Then jump into opponent & hit MK to cross-up! If opponent crouch-
blocks, your MK will not hit him, so grab again if possible, or time 
the MK late so that it hits anyway.

6.	If you succeed to "counter-hit" a jumping opponent, move near him as 
he falls to the ground. If he air-recovers, wait just a bit, then 
jump and air-grab him (with kicks), or keep walking and hit HK, and 
if he recovers from THAT as well, keep walking some more and hit HK 
AGAIN! Either that or, even if he doesn't recover, SHINKUU-HADOKEN 
the sorry soul.

OK I must admit, these are NOT the only setups in SAKURA's arsenal, so 
you can think up some of your own which are WAY more effective! Anyhow, 
these things matter a lot during a fight, & once you're REALLY into it, 
you'll be surprised at what you can do in just 99 seconds! Here's 
something else that counts a lot : the air-recovery counters!

So if you're hit and falling...

1.	and opponent jumps after you, you should recover and hit MK or HP 
immediately, 'coz if he jumps to attack, the HP will cancel his move 
out & smash him, or if he plans to air-throw you, the MK will hit 
him while he's "elevating".

2.	and opponent keeps walking towards you, you can recover and hit HK 
to hit directly under you & (hopefully) keep your opponent at bay!

3.	and opponent does some special move (Dragon Punch, Somersault Kick, 
Tiger Uppercut, etc), you must recover and block it. If it's badly 
timed, you can block it, otherwise.. oUCH! Or you may risk a timed 
HP which can counter-hit some special moves, but your timing counts. 
SAKURA's HP will cleanly smash Sagat's Tiger Uppercut if timed 
right. Heck, I know this is a shameless plug, but check out my 
upcoming Cammy FAQ! I even hit Ken and Gouki out of their Shoryuken 
and Messatsu Go Shoryu (Gouki's Shoryureppa) with Cammy's recover-
counter MP!!

4.	and opponent does a Super Combo, you may recover and attempt to 
block it, or just take it like a man.. er, girl.. (some Supers are 
blockable so I'd advise you try and block as many as possible. I 
would also advise you not to fall in these type of situations too 

Well, there you have it, folks! That's one way of fighting the SAKURA-
way! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this FAQ & found it informative & 
resourceful. IF I receive enough response & encouragement, who knows! 
maybe I might just be able to muster enough strength & courage (not to 
mention lotsa time) to prepare FAQs for my other favorite SFA3 guys, 
like Vega & Blanka & Honda & Guile & Chun Li & Cammy & etc, etc. Of 
course, only AFTER I'm done with THIS FAQ!

Please direct your e-mails (if any) to omar_ken@yahoo.com


Finally, at last, and NOW! Now that you're ready for the real fight, 
don't EVER forget these top-10 EXTREMELY IMPORTANT RULES:

10. DO NOT base the fight on connecting Super Combos only
9. Keep the time-factor in mind from, er, time to time
8. Don't LOOK at your life; have an idea of how much is left!
7. Don't LOOK at your Super-meter; have an idea of it
6. PLEEEASE keep moving around, don't just sit there like a turtle!!
5. Puh-LEEEAASE keep mixing up your attacks!
4. Don't WAIT for your opponent to attack; ANTICIPATE his next move
3. Set up your opponent CONSTANTLY & make your own openings!!
2. Keep your eyes ON YOUR OPPONENT, not on your own fighter!
1. Do not take time-out during a fight to refer to this FAQ...


February 11, 1999 --- begun work
February 12, 1999 --- wrote FAQ quite a bit
February 22, 1999 --- updated & corrected incomplete FAQ
March 29, 1999  --- proofread FAQ & added more info
March 30, 1999  --- attempted to finalize FAQ
April 1, 1999   --- discovered hidden PlayStation-exclusive SF4 video
April 3, 1999   --- incorporated further corrections
April 10, 1999  --- finalized DEMO of FAQ
April 25, 1999  --- completed FAQ
Apr 25-27 1999  --- attempted to upload FAQ but got creamed by CIH
April 27, 1999  --- cried & cried & cried & cried & cried & cried &...
April 30, 1999  --- downloaded demo FAQ & resumed updating from scratch
May 2, 1999  --- finally fixed my PC & attempted to complete FAQ
May 7, 1999  --- attempted to complete FAQ...again (began Cammy FAQ)
May 13, 1999 --- well whaddaya know, finished! No,not the Cammy FAQ!
May 14, 1999 --- ok, definitely finished it today!
September 5, 1999 --- Sure took my sweet time to REALLY complete this..
..I wonder if anyone bothered going thru this again..



5. There's something wrong with this button.. (then SMASH the button)
4. I can't play from this side.. (then SMASH the stick)
3. Ohhh darn, chose the wrong color again!
2. Hey, who's the wise-guy who pressed start on my quarter!
1.	(to winner) Hey you're slacking.. I almost beat you..
0. Nah, I'm just warming up.. 

TOP-5 TAUNTS (winners only!)

5. Oh well, back to the drawing board!
4. (Hum the music, finger-drum the beat & rock your head to it)
3. How did you DO that move?
2. If your SonicBoom woulda connected, you JUST MIGHT have won!
1.	(look around, then ask opponent) Do you know where SFA3 is?

[P.S. BIT!]
P.S: Hey MANSOOR, I STILL believe SAKURA can kick KARIN's tail ANYTIME!
P.S 2: ...and I WILL beat the crap outta your CAMMY with MY CAMMY!!!

What do you call a cow with no legs?
Ground beef!


Thanks with gratitude to –

Capcom of Japan
Nintendo (the company, and all its machines)
Jaggas Productions Un-Inc. Un-Ltd.
Umer Riaz (not to be confused with Cameron Diaz)
Behram "Dr.B" Khan
Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh
Ripley, Newt and Bishop
Hicks, Hudson, Vasquez, Frost & the Marines
Dr.Venkman, Dr.Stantz, Egon and Mr.Zeddemore, and Louis
"Hollywood" Hogan and the nWo (when wrestling was fun)

Thanks with contempt to –

All my economics teachers
"Nature calls" Ric Failure

All material in this work is self-copyrighted by Badmash X. If you wish 
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via internet and.. OHH you know what I mean!! ..then feel free to do 
so! The world can always use more of anything-SF and SF-anything!!! BUT 
if you plan to sell this FAQ, like publishing it in a printed format 
(like magazines) or any such thing and so on, making profit/money on it 
without letting me have 200% commission first, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM 
DOING SO! ..on second thought, forget the "PLEASE" coz I'll kick your 
butt if I find out someone paid money to YOU just to read my FAQ!

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