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Sagat by SmuvMoney

Version: 0.004 | Updated: 07/29/99

Version 0.004
July 29, 1999
By David J. Antoine/$muvMoney 
Copyright (c) 1999 David J. Antoine

Unpublished Work Trademarked (tm) and copyrighted (c) David Antoine 1999.  All 
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Terrorist Manual.


- What Is This?
- Where To Find This FAQ
- Special Thanks : Special People, FAQ Writers/Contributors

- Introduction To Street Fighter Alpha 3
- Introduction To Sagat
- Legend : General Notation, Joystick/Button Layout, Button Presses
- Universal Moves : ISMs, Moving & Blocking, Special/Other Universal Moves
- Sagat Command Attacks
- Sagat Throws : Tiger Carry, Tiger Rage, Air Tiger Carry
- Sagat Special Moves : Tiger Shot, Ground Tiger Shot, Tiger Blow, Tiger 
Uppercut, Tiger Crush
- Sagat Super Combos : Tiger Genocide, Tiger Raid, Tiger Cannon, Angry Charge

- Normal Moves : Standing/Crouching/Jumping LP/MP/HP/LK/MK/HK
- Throws : Tiger Carry, Tiger Rage, Air Tiger Carry
- Special Moves : Tiger Shot, Ground Tiger Shot, Tiger Blow, Tiger Uppercut, 
Tiger Crush
- Super Combos : Tiger Genocide, Tiger Raid, Tiger Cannon, Angry Charge

- Basic
- 2-in-1
- Variable

- General : Poking, Jumping, Ticking, Countering, Recovering
- Vs CPU : Dan, Ryu, M. Bison
- Vs Human

- Storyline : Opening Storyline (Personal Data, Special Moves, Opening 
Introduction), Vs Dan, Vs Ryu, Vs M. Bison
- Ending
- Win Quotes
- Animations
- Colors

- Acknowledgements: Vesther Fauransy, Kao Megura, Chocobo, Michael Torres, 
Nedfar, Svenyip & Shred-Man, Kailu Lantis, Robert Iu, ShinJN, Steven Peh, 
Gamefaqs.com, Feedback
- What's New In This Version : Version 0.004, Version 0.003, Version 0.002, 
Version 0.001, Upcoming



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If they do not, please switch to a fixed font like Courier or Courier New or 
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What Is This?

This is a FAQ detailing SFA3 Sagat.  The last boss of Street Fighter is back to 
reek havoc once again in his quest to avenge his defeat at the hands of Ryu.  He 
is forever reminded of that defeat with a scar that covers his abdomen – thanks 
to Ryu’s Shoryuken during that final battle.  This FAQ is to help those 
“Emporers of Muay Thai” exact their vengeance on anyone who gets in their way to 
face Ryu for the final battle. 

Where To Find This FAQ

Sooner or later, I will post this on my web site at this location: 
http://members.tripod.com/davidja/faqs/sfa3sagat.txt.  I will also attempt to 
put this on gamefaqs.com.  In the meanwhile, enjoy.

Special Thanks

This FAQ would not be possible without the work and efforts of the following 

Special People

-God for allowing me to grace this earth
-My parents and family for birthing, raising, loving, and tolerating me
-Myself for finally deciding to be man enough to write a FAQ and face 
criticism on my FAQ and SFA3 techniques

FAQ Writers/Contributors

-Vesther Fauransy for his help with the copyright information
-Kao Megura, Chocobo, Michael Torres, Nedfar, Svenyip & Shred-Man, Kailu Lantis, 
Robert Iu, ShinJN, and Steven Peh for their FAQ's
-The kind gentlemen who emailed me about the Zangief reference in my FAQ (forgot 
ya name but will put it in in the next release)
-Capcom for another great albeit flawed in some spots arcade and PSX SFA3 (and 
hopefully DreamCast SFA3)
-a.g.sf2 (alt.games.sf2) for being a good source of info for all SF games
-Gamefaqs.com for having such a huge depository of information on so many 
video games and for eventually posting this FAQ

Full acknowledgements (FAQ titles, etc) are listed at the bottom of this FAQ.


The first thing you will need to know about the one-eyed monster called Sagat 
are what moves he has and can use against his opponents to crush them 

Introduction to Street Fighter Alpha 3

In an effort to make this FAQ a whole lot shorter, I am assuming that you have a 
working knowledge of Street Fighter.  If you are completely new to Street 
Fighter Alpha 3, then I suggest you read the following FAQ's: 

Kao Megura's Street Fighter Alpha 3 FAQ
Nedfar's Street Fighter Alpha 3 Combo System and General FAQ

They are both listed below in the Acknowledgements section and can be found at 
http://www.gamefaqs.com.  If you have a basic understanding of Street Fighter 
and can do without, then read on.

Introduction to Sagat

Sagat is the really tall guy with the bald head, scar on his chest, and the eye 
patch.  He has similar moves to Akuma/Ryu/Ken, but he is used quite differently 
due to his reach.  I'm trying to learn Sagat for SFA3 - I used to dabble with 
him in SFA 1 and 2.  This FAQ almost represents my journey towards knowledge for 
the Emporer of Muay Thai.  With that, let's begin.


The format used in this legend is loosely based on James Chen's X-Men versus 
Street Fighter combo model/format.  

General Notation

+ : Perform simultaneously             _ : Or (or simply the word "or")
, : Perform next motion                => : Perform next sequence          
/\ : Leave ground for attack           \/ : Land from a jumping attack
* : Hold direction/button              ^ : Release button(s) held down
X n : Perform n times/repeatedly       XX : Cancel into special move/super combo
J : Jumping                            CU : Cross Up
Close : Standing close                 Far : Standing far
(air) : Move can be performed in air   air : Move can only be performed in air
360 : One full joystick rotation       720 : Two full rotations of the joystick
(XAV) : Available in X, A, or V-ISM

Joystick/Button Layout

           1P                            2P
UB  U  UF                     UF  U  UB
  O O O                         O O O
   \|/    (LP)  (MP)  (HP)       \|/    (LP)  (MP)  (HP)
B O-O-O F                     F O-O-O B
   /|\    (LK)  (MK)  (HK)       /|\    (LK)  (MK)  (HK)
  O O O                         O O O
DB  D  DF                     DF  D  DB 

For the purposes of this FAQ, I am assuming that you are facing right, i.e., the 
default 1P side.  If you happen to be on the 2P side, simply switch the left and 
right joystick commands to get the same effect.  I will be using both letter and 
joystick notation to describe each move.

Up/Back(UB)    Up(U)       Up/Forward(UF)    Light     Medium    Hard 
                                             Punch     Punch     Punch
      O             O             O 
       \            |            /           (LP)      (MP)      (HP)         

Back(B)        Neutral(N)  Forward(F)        Jab       Strong    Fierce
      O-            O            -O          Short     Forward   Roundhouse
Down/Back(DB)  Down(D)     Down/Forward(DF)  (LK)      (MK)      (HK)
       /            |            \           Light     Medium    Hard 
      O             O             O          Kick      Kick      Kick

Button Presses
P/K : Any Punch/Kick                PP/KK : Two Punches/Kicks 
3P/3K : All Punches/Kicks           P_K : Any Attack
LL : Light Punch + Kick (LP + LK)   MM : Medium Punch + Kick (MP + MK)
HH : Hard Punch + Kick (HP + HK)    SS : Same Strength Punch + Kick (LL_MM_HH)
START :  Arcade Start button        SELECT : PSX Select button 

Universal Moves

Most of these are self-explanatory, but it is good to mention them since the 
game engine for Street Fighter Alpha 3 had undergone some major changes.


The ISM chart below is courtesy of Kao Megura's SFA3 FAQ.

ABILITIES               X-ISM               A-ISM               V-ISM
Air Blocking            No                  Yes                 Yes
Air Recovery            Yes                 Yes                 Yes
Ground Recovery         No                  Yes                 Yes
Taunts                  Only Dan            Yes                 Yes
Guard Power Rating      High                Varies              Varies
SC/OC Gauge Speed       Slow                Normal              Fast
Levels Available        1                   3                   2 (50% / 100%)
Alpha Counter Cost      n/a                 1 SC + 1 GP         50% OC + 1 GP
Damage Rating           x1.2*               x1.0                x0.8
Defense Rating          x0.8                x1.0                x1.0

(OC = Original Combo aka Variable Combo)
(GP = Guard Meter Point)
(SC = Super Combo Level)

I further break down what these ISMs mean to Sagat in the MOVES ANALYSIS & 
STRATEGY section.

Moving & Blocking

You have to move your character around somehow.  Second to importance to moving 
is blocking.  Without blocking, you will eventually die from a dizzy or an empty 
life bar.  However, too much blocking/defending and you will also die thanks to 
the guard meter and guard crushing.  To reduce your guard meter, you can use 
guard protection, which is blocking right when the attack strikes you.

(XAV) Move Forward: F 


(XAV) Move Backwards: B


(XAV) Crouch: DB_D_DF

 / or | or \
O     O     O
(XAV) Jump: UB_U_UF

O     O     O
 \ or | or / 

(XAV) High Block: B


(XAV) Low Block: DB 

(AV) Air Block: air B_DB

O     O     O
 \ or | or /  O- or  /

Special/Other Universal Moves

These are moves that every character unless the ISM dictates otherwise.  
Remember that (SS) means Same Strength Punch and Kick.

(XAV) Guard Protection: B_DB

O- or  /

(AV) Damage/Dizzy Reduction: B, F X n + Any X n

O- -O X n + Any X n
(XAV) Air Recovery: air B_N_F + PP

O- or O or -O + PP

(AV) Ground Recovery: N_F + KK

O or -O + KK

(AV) Alpha Counter: F + SS

-O + SS

(V) Variable Combo: (air) SS

(air) SS

(XAV) Throw: B_F + PP_KK 

O- or -O + PP or KK 
(XAV) Air Throw: air B_F + PP_KK  

O     O     O
 \ or | or /  O- or -O + PP or KK 

(XAV) Tech Hit: B_F + PP

O- or -O + PP


O- or O or -O + START_SELECT

Sagat Command Attacks

Sagat technically has no command attacks.  However, he does have close standing 
attacks – MP & HP.  In V-ISM, he can use the close MP or HP at any distance by 
holding back and hitting MP or HP.  To do the standing far version, keep the 
joystick in neutral or hold forward.

Sagat Throws

(XAV) Tiger Carry: B_F + PP

O- or –O + PP

(XAV) Tiger Rage: B_F + KK

O- or –O + KK

(XAV) Air Tiger Carry: air B_F + PP

O  O  O
 \ | /  O- or –O + PP

Sagat Special Moves

(XAV) Tiger Shot: D, DF, F + P

| \  -O + P
O  O

(XAV) Ground Tiger Shot: D, DF, F + K

| \  -O + K
O  O

(AV) Tiger Blow: F, D, DF + P

-O | \  + P
   O  O

(X) Tiger Uppercut: F, D, DF + P

-O | \  + P
   O  O

(AV) Tiger Crush: F, D, DF + K

-O | \  + K
   O  O

(X) Tiger Crush: D, DF, F, UF + K

| \  -O /  + K
O  O

Sagat Super Combos

(XA) Tiger Genocide: D, DF, F, D, DF, F + K

| \  -O | \  -O + K
O  O    O  O

(A) Tiger Cannon: D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P

| \  -O | \  -O + P
O  O    O  O

(A) Tiger Raid: D, DB, B, D, DB, B + K

|  / O- |  / O- + K
O O     O O

(A) Angry Charge: D, DF, F + START_SELECT

O  O


Once you know Sagat's abilities, the next step is to know how and when to use, 
and more importantly, not use them.  This is often the difference between 
victory and defeat.

Normal Moves

Sagat has very long reaching normal moves, but they can be hit if you get too 
predictable with them.  

Light Punch/Jab


Sagat throws a high elbow strike.  This move is bufferable and combos into the 
Tiger Blow/Uppercut and the Tiger Crush but not the Tiger Shot or Ground Tiger 
Shot.  Its range is small, but it is pretty quick and useful in combos.  


Sagat throws a low jab.  This, like its standing counterpart, is bufferable but 
not comboable with the (Ground) Tiger Shot.  It also has better reach than the 
standing jab.  It is pretty good up close for quick poking.  Neither the 
standing or the crouching jab is repeatable for a link combo.


Sagat throws a straight punch in the air.  As you will see, none of his air 
punches are good against grounded opponents.  They all fare well in air-to-air 

Medium Punch/Strong


Sagat throws a downward punch up close.  This move hits crouching opponents and 
combos nicely into all his special moves.  At a further range, Sagat throws a 
high reverse punch.  Its reach is OK, but it is easily duckable.


Sagat throws a low punch.  This move is great for poking.  It is also bufferable 
and combos into all his special moves and super combos.  In A-ISM, this is his 
best overall bufferable attack (with the standing strong a close second).  It is 
quick and easy to use in all his combos.


Sagat throws a uppercut while in the air.  Unless the opponent is way above you, 
chances are you will not hit with this move.  Because it goes almost straight 
up, don't expect to use this successful on a jump-in.

Hard Punch/Fierce


At close range, Sagat throws an uppercut.  Even though this move is bufferable 
in all ISMs, it can be ducked under by some opponents.  However, it is a 
powerful bufferable move against standing opponents.  At further range, Sagat 
throws a straight punch. This punch hits pretty hard, but the move itself is 
very high and can be easily ducked and countered.


Sagat throws a low reverse punch.  Even though it is not bufferable, this move 
has good reach and power.  However, I tend to use the crouching strong since it 
is bufferable.


Sagat punches straight out while airborne.  This move is only useful in air-to-
air wars.  It can hit a standing opponent on the ground but not a crouching one.

Light Kick/Short


Sagat throws a low round kick that hits twice when close.  This is another 
bufferable move for Sagat.  However, it doesn't buffer well into the (Ground) 
Tiger Shot.  It buffers well into everything else it seems.  Even though this is 
a short, it reaches pretty far and can not be ducked at maximum range.  However, 
a few characters can actually slide under it if you get too predictable with it.


Sagat throws out a quick foot sweep.  As with all jabs/short, they buffer but 
don't combo into (Ground) Tiger Shots but do buffer into everything else.  Since 
this hits low, it is a good, quick move that can be used for inside poking and 
comboing.  However, its reach isn't so hot.  Its best use IMHO is in combos.


Sagat performs a knee strike in the air.  This move is very underrated.  It can 
hit foes very deep and even cross up in some ISMs.  The only bad thing about 
this move is the range, which isn't much compared to the jumping forward or 
roundhouse.  However, do not be afraid to use this move.  It can help set up 
ticks and combos.  It is good for and air and ground attacks.

Medium Kick/Forward


Sagat throws out a mid-level side kick.  Unlike the standing short and 
roundhouse, this no longer twice.  Also unlike standing LK & HK, it is not 
bufferable.  However, it is Sagat's longest poke on the ground.  It doesn't hit 
crouching opponents too well, but you can use standing short for that if need 
be.  Try to use it at its maximum range as you have other moves that reach 
better and have higher priority at closer range and are bufferable.  It is also 
pretty quick for such a long move.


Sagat throws a long foot sweep.  In X-ISM and V-ISM, this move is bufferable.  
In fact, it is Sagat's furthest-reaching bufferable move since it hits low and 
goes farther than crouching strong.  In A-ISM, it is not bufferable at all.  The 
foot sweep reaches a lot further than the crouching short and combos into 
everything Sagat has in X-ISM and V-ISM.  However, it does come out a little 
slower than the crouching strong and it doesn't have the priority or speed of 
the crouching strong.    


Sagat throws a side kick straight out in front of him while airborne.  The reach 
is much further than the jumping short, but for some reason, I sometimes have 
trouble hitting with this on crouching opponents.  I don't have this problem 
with jumping short or roundhouse.  Since it does stick straight out, it can be 
used for air and ground jump attacks effectively.  For air attacking, as long as 
the opponent is not above you, this move can be used to snag them.  If they get 
above you, use the jumping punches (especially strong).  In some ISMs, the 
jumping forward is a cross up attack.  However, no ISM has Sagat with the 
ability to cross up with jumping short and forward.

Hard Kick/Roundhouse


Sagat throws out a high round kick that can hit standing opponents twice.  Even 
though this doesn't always hit twice, Sagat can hit you with the knee portion, 
which is bufferable, or with the foot once his leg extends.  This move hits very 
high and is suitable for anti-air purposes.  Be wary that some opponents may 
attempt to hit your foot.  The knee portion can be ducked by most characters so 
I tend not to use it after a jump-in unless the opponent is standing and I need 
to do maximum damage.


Sagat throws out a long foot sweep.  This move is similar to the crouching 
forward in animation but is not bufferable.  It does seem to have a lag if you 
miss, but it is less noticeable if the move is blocked.  It reaches out 
deceptively far.  If you can't counter with anything else, use this.


Sagat throws a downward side kick in the air.  This is probably his furthest 
reaching jump-in.  It has the ability to hit crouching opponents like the 
jumping short but has reach like the jumping forward.  You can also hit from 
pretty far away and still be in range to combo especially in X-ISM and V-ISM 
where the crouching forward is bufferable.


Even though Sagat isn’t known for his throws, he does have them and they are 
somewhat useful (as all throws are).

Tiger Carry (XAV) [B_F + PP]

Sagat grabs the opponent and tosses him/her over his shoulder a long distance.  
This throw looks like the throw he got in SSF2T.  The range isn't too bad on 
this move.  I was impressed. =) Unfortunately, there are no real follow ups that 
I can think of at this time.  There may be some follow-ups if you're throwing an 
opponent into the corner - I will have to investigate this further.

Tiger Rage (XAV) [B_F + KK]

Sagat grabs the opponent and knees them in the gut several times.  This is a 
hold that Sagat has had throughout the Alpha series.  It tends to do more damage 
than the Tiger Carry.  I am not sure of the follow ups you can perform after 
this move, but Sagat seems to get stuck in the final knee animation and may not 
be able to follow it up at all it seems.

Air Tiger Carry (XAV) [air B_F + PP]

Sagat grabs the opponent out of the air and tosses him/her over his shoulder.  
This looks almost exactly like the Tiger Carry except Sagat's feet are not on 
the ground.  You can actually use this after a Tiger Uppercut/Blow in the corner 
if you think your opponent will air recover to avoid a juggle.

Special Moves

Sagat’s special moves tend to differ slightly between ISMs.  Some moves change 
properties while others change joystick motions.

Tiger Shot (XAV) [D, DF, F + P]

Sagat puts both hands together in front of him and shoots a projectile.  This 
projectile can be ducked under.  His arms also stick out very far while he does 
this.  That being said, it has its uses.  If you need to nullify a projectile, 
you can use the Tiger Shot.  You can also punish air recovery with the Tiger 
Shot.  On standing opponents only, the Tiger Shot will combo off any bufferable 
medium strength or higher attack.  The Tiger Shot has a noticeable delay so 
don't just chuck projectiles predictably.  

Ground Tiger Shot (XAV) [D, DF, F + K]

Sagat crouches down and puts both hands in front of him and shoots a projectile.  
This is more useful in combos since the opponent can not duck under it.  
However, since the projectile stays pretty low to the ground, it is easy to jump 
over.  His arms stick out pretty far albeit not as far as the Tiger Shot.  This 
also has a delay that is about equal to the Tiger Shot.  I tend not to use this 
outside of combos.  

Tiger Blow (AV) [F, D, DF + P]

Sagat crouches down and then jumps in the air leading with his fist while 
screaming "Tiger Blow".  This is the equivalent of the Shoryuken of 
Akuma/Ryu/Ken.  It can be used similarly to the Shoryuken (anit-air), but you 
don't have the priority of the Shoryuken, i.e., A Tiger Blow will always lose to 
a Shoryuken when doe simultaneously.  The LP, MP, and HP versions hit a maximum 
of 1, 5, and 7 times respectively.  In combos, use the HP version as it does a 
lot more damage.  However, if you think you may miss an opponent or be air 
blocked, use the Jab version that hits deep.  This will lessen the lag time 
while hitting deep will prevent an air block.  The MP and HP version juggle 
pretty well in the corners - they can used as juggle starters or finishers.  

Tiger Uppercut (X) [F, D, DF + P]

Sagat crouches down and then jumps in the air leading with his fist while 
yelling "Tiger Uppercut".  Even though the description for the Tiger Uppercut 
and Tiger Blow are the same, I consider them two different moves.  Why?  Because 
they have slightly different properties.  The animation is actually different in 
the Tiger Uppercut.  Sagat's first hitting frame looks like it did in SSF2T.  
All Tiger Uppercuts hit a maximum of two times.  However, they do about as much 
damage as an HP Tiger Blow if they hit twice.  If you only hit once, it hits for 
about the same damage as a LP Tiger Blow.  If you hit a person throwing a 
projectile, you will hit the person but not get hit by the projectile like 
SSF2T.  I don't think you can do that using a Tiger Blow - you'd hit the person 
but the projectile would hit you as well (don't quote me on that).  As with the 
Tiger Blow, A Shoryuken executed as the same time will beat it.  I prefer this 
move to the Tiger Blow but for mostly cosmetic reasons.  Both are powerful 
attacks that must be used wisely.

Tiger Crush (XAV) [(AV) F, D, DF + K; (X) D, DF, F, UF + K]

Sagat jumps forward leading with his knee while screaming "Tiger Crush".  This 
move is extremely fast.  All versions of this move hit once and knock down.  The 
roundhouse version goes about a half-screen and will hit a standing opponent at 
that distance.  All versions hit crouching opponent from one-quarter of a screen 
or less.  This move has very little recovery time.  You can actually throw a 
missed Tiger Crush and land before the opponent realizes what happened.  It also 
combos off of any of Sagat's bufferable moves.  It can also be used for anti-air 
for jumpers from further away.  This move almost screams "Abuse Me".  This is 
probably his best overall special move.

Super Combos

Sagat can do incredible damage with his Super Combos especially when used in 

Tiger Genocide (XA) [D, DF, F, D, DF, F + K]

Sagat throws a Tiger Crush, a multi-hitting Jab Tiger Blow/Uppercut, and then a 
multi-hitting fierce Tiger Blow/Uppercut.  Damage wise, this is his best super 
combo.  The Tiger Crush at the beginning seems to have a large invulnerability 
window.  Since he leaves the ground with the Tiger Crush, this move will 
override almost all foot sweeps and most other crouching and standing moves as 
well as projectiles at higher levels I believe.  In A-ISM, Level 1 will start 
with a Short Tiger Crush and end with one multi-hitting Strong Tiger Uppercut (I 
think).  I believe Level 2 will start with a Forward Tiger Crush and end with a 
Fierce Tiger Blow/Uppercut.  At Level 3 A-ISM or X-ISM, the description is above 
with two multi-hitting Tiger Blows/Uppercuts back-to-back.  At Level 3 A-ISM or 
in X-ISM, this move hits 14 times max and takes about half a life bar.   It 
combos very well off of all his bufferable attacks.  The Level 1 and 2 Tiger 
Genocides do pretty good damage but pale to the devastation of Level 3.  Of 
course, the recovery of a blocked Tiger Genocide is huge so don't miss or 
prepare to suffer.  Overall, this is his best super but not by much.  It is 
difficult to put into combos, but if done correctly, your opponent will suffer 
Tiger Raid (A) [D, DB, B, D, DB, B + K]

Sagat advanced forward while throwing several kicks.  This super combo is the 
easiest of the three to combo into.  Why?  Because Sagat has no motion that goes 
from down to back twice.  You can almost spaz off of a bufferable move and get 
this to combo - I will explain this further in the COMBOS section.  It also does 
very good damage at all levels.  I am not sure of the invulnerability window 
though.  At Level 3, Sagat will throw a flaming jump kick at the end.  I find 
that this is best used in combos.  It is a shame you only have this is A-ISM.  
This is only rivaled by only his Tiger Genocide.  However, it is easier to use 
and combo.

Tiger Cannon (A) [D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P]

Sagat reaches back and then put his hands together and throws a huge multi-
hitting projectile.  I believe Levels 1/2/3 hit 4/5/6 times maximum 
respectively.  Unfortunately, this super combo can be ducked like the Tiger 
Shot.  The animation is the same except for the super combo flash and the 
projectile that comes out.  It is also the least damaging of his supers except 
for the Angry Charge.  So why use it?  The only use I have for it is to counter 
projectile-happy characters.  If you throw a Tiger Cannon at the same time as 
another character throws a projectile special move, what will happen is that the 
Tiger Cannon will cancel out the other projectile and keep going towards the 
opponent.  If the opponent is recovering, then they will get hit.  Like I said 
though, the damage isn't that great - a Level 3 only takes a third of a lifebar.  
However, if an opponent is confused/guard crushed and is too far away to combo 
with a Tiger Raid or Genocide, then a Tiger Cannon would work.  Then again, you 
could probably use a Tiger Raid but you would only hit with the last part of it.  
Otherwise, this is the super I tend to use the least. 

Angry Charge (A) [D, DF, F + START_SELECT]

Sagat holds his chest as his scar glows.  Even though it looks more like a taunt 
than a super combo, it does have its use.  This will make your next Tiger Blow 
more powerful.  Personally, I have never used this move so I can't really 
comment on it at all. 


Sagat has many 2-in-1 combos that can demolish the enemy due to the multi-
hitting capabilities of the Tiger Blow/Uppercut, Tiger Raid, and Tiger Genocide.

Basic (3+ hits)

The only move that hits twice for Sagat is his standing short.  I don't think he 
can link his jabs or shorts.  I will have to investigate this further.  Here is 
the only basic 3+ hit combo I can think of for now:

(XAV) Jumping Attack \/ Standing Short: J P_K \/ LK

/  P_K \/ LK


Sagat has the following bufferable attacks:

Standing/Crouching Jab/Light Punch
Close/Crouching Strong/Medium Punch
Close Fierce/Hard Punch
Standing/Crouching Short/Light Kick
Crouching Forward/Medium Kick (XV)
Standing Roundhouse/Hard Kick

The bufferable jabs and shorts do not combo into projectiles very well, but they 
do into everything else including super combos.  If you need to use a projectile 
in a combo, buffer it off of the crouching strong since it can not be ducked 
under.  All your jumping kicks make good jump-in attacks.  

Some of these combos can be found on Steven Peh's SFA3 Sagat Combo FAQ.  Those 
combos that were discovered by him will have an (SP) before them.

(XAV) Jumping Kick \/ Crouching Strong XX Roundhouse Ground Tiger Shot : J K \/ 
D + MP XX DF, F + HK

/  K \/ | + MP XX \  -O + HK
        O          O

This is the equivalent to Ryu's Jumping Attack \/ Crouching Forward XX Hadoken.  
It does very good damage (especially in X-ISM - Yikes!).  You can use any 
Medium or higher bufferable move - otherwise, the Ground Tiger Shot can be 
blocked.  Since the Tiger Shot only hits standing opponents, I tend to avoid 
using it in ground combos.  Stick to the Ground Tiger Shot for all combos and 
you'll be OK.

(XV) Jumping Kick \/ Crouching Forward XX Roundhouse Ground Tiger Shot : J K \/ 
D + MK XX DF, F + RK

/  K \/ | + MK XX \  -O + HK
        O          O

This combo only works in X-ISM and V-ISM.  You may have to hit deeper with the 
jump attack since the crouching forward comes out a little slower than the 
crouching strong.  However, it reaches a little further as well.

(X) Jumping Kick \/ Crouching Strong XX Roundhouse Tiger Crush : J K \/ D + MP 

 O                       O
/  K \/ | + MP XX \  -O /  + HK
        O          O

(AV) Jumping Kick \/ Crouching Strong XX Roundhouse Tiger Crush : J K \/ D + MP 
XX F, D, DF + HK

/  K \/ | + MP XX -O | \  + HK
        O            O  O

The two combos are essentially equivalent, but since the Tiger Crush motion 
changes in X-ISM, I thought it better to list them separately.  These combos are 
actually better buffered with a crouching short since it hits lows and it 
doesn't knock the opponent far, which will allow the Tiger Crush to hit much 
better.  I am using the Roundhouse version because it reaches the furthest.  
Some opponents may be able to crouch under a Short Tiger Knee at further ranges.  
However, the Tiger Crush doesn't have any noticeable recovery time so even if 
this gets blocked, you should be OK.

(X) Jumping Kick \/ Standing Short XX Tiger Uppercut : J K \/ MP XX F, D, DF + P

/  K \/ LK XX -O | \  + P
                 O  O

(AV) Jumping Kick \/ Standing Short XX Tiger Blow : J K \/ MP XX F, D, DF + P

/  K \/ LK XX -O | \  + P
                 O  O

In X-ISM, the above combo will always hit for 4 hits maximum.  In A-ISM and V-
ISM, the maximum amount of hits you can get is 9.  However, the damage is about 
the same regardless.  Since the Tiger Uppercut/Blow doesn't have much range, it 
is better to use a short than a fierce or roundhouse.  However, if you hit from 
too far away, the short may fully extend instead of hitting with the knee, which 
would prevent a 2-in-1.  Crouching short may actually be more useful than 
standing short in this combo.  However, any bufferable move should combo into 
the Tiger Blow/Uppercut unless the character is small or crouching.

(X) (SP) (Corner) Jumping Kick \/ Standing Short XX Tiger Uppercut => Tiger 
Uppercut : J K \/ LK XX F, D, DF + P => F, D, DF + P

/  K \/ LK XX -O | \  + P => -O | \  + P
                 O  O           O  O

(AV) (SP) (Corner) Jumping Kick \/ Standing Short XX Tiger Blow => Tiger Blow : 
J K \/ LK XX F, D, DF + P => F, D, DF + P

/  K \/ LK XX -O | \  + P => -O | \  + P
                 O  O           O  O
This juggle combo only works in the corner.  If the opponent air recovers after 
the first Tiger Blow/Uppercut, you may still nail them the second Tiger 
Blow/Uppercut if you hit them deep.  In that case, they won't be able to air 
block it.  This combo does a lot of damage and is not that hard to do - just 
time the second Tiger Uppercut/Blow to come out as soon as you land from the 
first one.  

(A) Jumping Kick \/ Crouching Strong XX Tiger Raid : J K \/ D + MP XX DB, B, D, 
DB, B + K

/  K \/ | + MP XX  / O- |  / O- + K
        O         O     O O

Even at Level 1, this does pretty good damage.  It is easier than other super 
combos 2-in-1s because you can't accidentally do a special move instead of a 
super combo (like a Ground Tiger Shot instead of a Tiger Genocide - see below).  
You can almost spaz out and still pull the combo off relatively easily.  In 
fact, this is Sagat's easiest combo involving a super combo.  Do the crouching 
strong during the first or second D or DF and you will be OK.

(XA) Jumping Attack \/ Crouching Strong XX Tiger Genocide : J K \/ D + MP XX DF, 
F, D, DF, F + K

/  + K \/ | + MP XX \  -O | \  -O + K
          O          O    O  O

This is Sagat's most damaging combo if you use a Level 3 A-ISM or X-ISM Tiger 
Genocide.  However, be careful when doing this combo.  If you release strong or 
hit kick too early, you may end up doing a (Ground) Tiger Shot.  Even still, you 
have to be quick to get this combo off.  There are times when the combo messes 
up if your timing is not precise.  You can try to do the first D, DF, F motion 
and then hit D + MP and do the rest, but sometimes you end up throwing a Strong 
Tiger Shot if you mistime it.  You can also hold down strong after you press it 
and wait until the last second to press kick so the Tiger Genocide comes out 
instead of a (Ground) Tiger Shot.  Unless you were already good at buffering 
into super combos, this may require some practice.

(X) (SP) (Corner) Jumping Attack \/ Crouching Short XX Jab Tiger Uppercut => 
Tiger Genocide : J K \/ D + LK XX F, D, DF + LP => D, DF, F, D, DF, F + K

/  K => | + LK XX -O | \  + LP => | \  -O | \  -O + K
        O            O  O         O  O    O  O

(A) (SP) (Corner) Jumping Attack \/ Crouching Short XX Jab Tiger Blow => Tiger 
Genocide : J K \/ D + LK XX F, D, DF + LP => D, DF, F, D, DF, F + K

/  K => | + LK XX -O | \  + LP => | \  -O | \  -O + K
        O            O  O         O  O    O  O

In the corner, both of these combos do incredible damage to the juggle with the 
Tiger Genocide.  If you want to get a really good juggle, use a Level 3 in A-
ISM.  I don't think the other two will juggle as well unless you're pretty deep 
in the corner.  This combo is similar to the combos with the two Tiger 
Blows/Uppercuts where the second one juggles.  You just have to be quick with 
the Tiger Genocide and you will hit them even though it looks like it might 
miss.  The Tiger Crush that starts the Genocide hits VERY low to the ground, 
which is why Tiger Genocide juggles seem to work so well.  This combo does about 
the same amount of damage as a jumping attack \/crouching strong XX Tiger 
Genocide combo.  It can only be done in corners while the non-juggle can be done 
anywhere.  However, Steven Peh seems to have another combo that does juggle with 
the Tiger Genocide outside of the corner:

(A) (SP) Close Strong XX Strong Tiger Blow => Level 3 Tiger Genocide : MP XX F, 
D, DF + MP => D, DF, F, D, DF, F + HK

/  K \/ MP XX -O | \  + MP => | \  -O | \  -O + HK
                 O  O         O  O    O  O

One word for ya : ouch.  I am assuming this can be done anywhere based on 
Steven's Peh.  If I'm wrong let me know.  I am not sure if this can be done off 
a Tiger Uppercut in X-ISM.  I'll have to check.

(A) (SP) Jumping Attack \/ Standing Short XX Strong Tiger Blow => Level 3 Tiger 
Cannon : J K \/ LK XX F, D, DF + MP => D, DF, F, D, DF, F + HP

/  K \/ LK XX -O | \  + MP => | \  -O | \  -O + HP
                 O  O         O  O    O  O

This is similar in concept to the previous ground combo except that you do a 
Tiger Cannon.  Sagat's long arm reach with the Tiger Cannon should cause the 
projectile to hit pretty deeply on a juggle, which will cause more damage.  I 
will have to do this combo to see what the damage is, but it does sound quite 
painful.  Someone finally found a really good use for the Tiger Cannon. ;)

A quick note about V-ISM Sagat's close strong/fierce in combos : If you choose 
to use the close strong/fierce to combo, remember to hold back or else you will 
get the far strong/fierce (straight punch) and screw up the combo.  For this 
reason, I prefer crouching strong.  In other ISMs, this does not matter.


Variable combos in general can do incredible amounts of damage especially if you 
have your opponent in a corner.  The damage can rival and surpass even the best 
supers under ideal conditions. To start a variable combo, simply press any two 
same strength buttons: LP + LK (LL) or MP + MK (MM) or HP + HK (HH).  In my 
shorthand, these are known as LL, MM, and HH respectively (Light, Medium, and 
Hard Strength).  At the beginning of a Variable Combo, you are somewhat 
invincible to most normal moves and specials.  In other words, you can blow 
through someone's attack and launch a counterattack that can lead to a large 
combo.  The only thing you need to watch out for is that you till have to charge 
during Variable Combos, which was not the case for Custom Combos in SFA2.  If 
you do not charge quickly in a VC, you will mess up the VC if a charge move is 

Most of this section comes courtesy of the VC FAQs by Chocobo (JVP) and Michael 
Torres (MT).  If the VC is mine, a (DJA) will be listed at the start of the 
combo.  Note that LL, MM, and HH are Light/Medium/Hard Punch + Kick 

(JVP) Opponent Is Anywhere - Start VC w/ HH, Jab Tiger Blow => Roundhouse Tiger 
Crush =>  Close Fierce XX whiffed Short Tiger Crush => Standing Roundhouse XX 
whiffed Short Tiger Crush, Repeat From Close Fierce : HH => F, D, DF + LP => F, 
D, DF + RK => B + HP XX F, D, DF + LK => RK XX F, D, DF + LK ... B + HP

HH => -O | \  + LP => -O | \  + HK => O- + HP XX -O | \  + LK => HK XX -O | \  + 
         O  O            O  O                       O  O                  O  O

LK ... O- + HP

VCs that require whiffed moves for proper timing tend to be more difficult than 
VC's where every hit will juggle.  For the record, I can not even do this one.  
However, for the amount of damage it does, I need to learn it (see below).

Here are two notes from Chocobo on the VC:

"(best vs. jumpins)... (65% damage, breaks when you reach the corner)"

(JVP) Opponent In Corner - Start VC w/ LL => Fierce Tiger Blow => whiffed 
Crouching Forward XX Fierce Tiger Blow => Repeat from Crouching Forward : LL => 
F, D, DF + HP => D + MK XX F, D, DF + HP ... D + MK

LL => -O | \  + HP => | + MK XX -O | \  + HP ... | + MK
         O  O         O            O  O          O

You can't just do Tiger Blows repeatedly I'm afraid.  Even though it works as a 
juggle outside of a VC (Tiger Blow => Tiger Blow), you have to actually time the 
VC using the crouching forward to prevent an opponent from air recovering or 

Here is Chocobo's note on this VC:

"(50+ hits, 60% damage)"

(JVP,MT) Opponent In Corner - Start VC w/ LL, Repeated Roundhouse Ground Tiger 
Shots : LL => D, DF, F + HK X n

LL => | \  -O + HK X n
      O  O

Here's some more info from Chocobo:

"If it's not blocked, go back and forth between fierce and roundhouse tiger 
shots, and end with a fierce tiger uppercut. (60% damage)"

(MT) Opponent In Corner - Start VC w/ LL => Fierce Tiger Blow => whiffed 
Standing Strong XX Fierce Tiger Blow => Repeat From Standing Strong : LL => F, 
D, DF + HP => MP XX F, D, DF + HP ... MP

LL => -O | \  + HP => MP XX -O | \  + HP ... MP
         O  O                  O  O

This is similar to Chocobo's combo where a whiffed crouching forward is used to 
maintain the timing in the VC.  I am not sure if you're supposed to used the 
close strong or the far strong - I will have to research.

(MT) Opponent Is Anywhere? - Start VC w/ LL => Fierce Tiger Blow => Roundhouse 
Tiger Crush X 2 => whiffed Roundhouse Ground Tiger Shot => Fierce Tiger Blow => 
whiffed Standing Strong ... Repeat From Fierce Tiger Blow : LL => F, D, DF + HP 
=> F, D, DF + HK X 2 => D, DF, F + HK => F, D, DF + HP => MP ... F, D, DF + HP

LL => -O | \  + HP => -O | \  + HK X 2 => | \  -O + HK => -O | \  + HP => MP ... 
         O  O            O  O             O  O               O  O

-O | \  + HP
   O  O

This VC should take them into the corner where you can use the corner VC combo 
listed above this one (Standing Strong XX Fierce Tiger Blow).


Armed with all this information, how are you supposed to defeat the opposition?  
Well, this sections aims to do just that.


There are certain strategies that will aid you in most if not all your matches.  
They are listed first before the specific character strategies.


Sagat has a lot of good pokes.  His standing forward is the furthest reaching 
normal move he has, but it can be ducked by most characters.  His standing short 
also reaches pretty far but can't be ducked.  His crouching strong has very good 
priority and crouching forward reaches pretty far as well and is bufferable in 
X-ISM or V-ISM.  Up close, your crouching jab and short are pretty good.  Your 
Tiger Crush also makes for a good poke because it is very fast, advanced Sagat, 
and has little recovery.  If you can buffer a Tiger Crush off of another move, 
all the more power to you as this can occasionally be used for harassment.   


Sagat has decent throw range.  You can tick off his crouching jab/short or even 
standing short if it hits twice.  However, you would better off using his KK 
throw as it does more damage than the PP throw.  However, you can not follow up 
a KK throw.  If the opponent flips out of a PP throw, you may be to hit him/her 
with a Tiger Shot or even a Tiger Blow/Uppercut near the corner.


If you have to take someone out of the air, jumping forward, fierce, and jab all 
stick straight out to help you achieve that aim.  If you plan to jump in and 
combo, any kick can be used depending on what you want to do.  If you want to 
stay close and set up a combo or a tick, use jumping short.  If you need to hit 
further away yet deep, jumping roundhouse is your best bet.  Jumping forward can 
be used for close or further jump ins since it has reach yet keeps you pretty 
close to your opponent.  Jumping forward and short can be used as cross up 
attacks depending on your ISM.  


Your safest long range counter may be the Tiger Crush since it is very quick and 
knocks down.  If you need a normal to counter, then you can also use the 
roundhouse foot sweep at longer range.  If they're close enough to combo, use 
crouching strong/forward XX roundhouse Ground Tiger Shot.  You can also just  
Tiger Blow/Uppercut if they're that close to you or throw them.  Sagat has many 
options to counter missed/blocked attacks.  


Be careful of how you air/ground recover.  An opponent may be waiting for you to 
air recover so he can rejuggle you or get more free hits.  Sometimes it is 
better to simply not recover.  It is very dependent on the situation; only 
experience can tell you when to (not) recover.

If your opponent recovers against an attack from you, depending on where they 
are, you can throw a Tiger Shot, or if you're in the corner, you can throw a 
Tiger Blow/Uppercut.  If you do it deep enough, the opponent can not air block 
it and will be rejuggled.  If they're close enough after the recovery, a 
standing roundhouse should also work.  


These are the fights you will always have in a 1P SFA3 game versus the CPU.

Vs CPU Dan (Stage 5)

CPU Dan tends to be combo fodder.  I usually let Dan make mistakes and then use 
crouching strong XX Ground Tiger Shot to take off mad damage.  Don't try to 
Tiger Uppercut/Tiger Blow his Gale Kick unless you have very good timing.  Feel 
free to knock out his jump-ins as such.  Once in a while, he tends to come to 
life and actually try to fight you - in fact, he'll even throw you if you're not 
doing anything.  However, he tends to blindly Gale Kick - block and counter as 
you wish.  Sagat should never lose to CPU Dan.

Vs CPU Ryu (Stage 9)

CPU Ryu seems to get more evil each game, and since he is the second to last 
stage, he is quite hard even on the easiest levels.  If you can time it right, 
jump over a Hadoken and combo him if gets predictable.  Otherwise, Ryu will 
almost never let you jump in clean - he will hit you out of your jump attack or 
use his MP overhead to somehow evade your kick (only the CPU can do this) and 
hit you when you touch the ground.  He will sometimes do the following when you 
jump: he will jump in after you hit the apex of your jump such that he will able 
to cross you up when you land.  This is by far the most annoying BS that he has.  
He may also use an Air Hurricane Kick if the CPU is getting desperate.  If you 
throw a (Ground) Tiger Shot, he will almost always jump over it before you even 
throw it and jump kick you for free.  

He will also use his ground Hurricane Kick a lot.  If you try to hit him as he 
lands, he will most probably Dragon Punch you, sweep you, or throw you.  In 
other words, you have to hit him while he's in the air.  If you're in the 
corner, he can actually Air Hurricane Kick behind you (WTF) unless you block the 
hit from the air.  He will also sometimes use his Super Hurricane Kick - do not 
get hit by this - it will be most fatal to you. 

When he jumps in, use your standing roundhouse to counter hit him and then throw 
a Tiger Shot in case he air recovers.  Try not to get too close to him - he 
tends to beat you to any ground move you can muster.  However, you can do a 
crouching strong XX Ground Tiger Shot combo occasionally.  In X-ISM, you can 
sometimes Tiger Uppercut him if he throws a Hadoken at close range.  You hit him 
and you pass the projectile without getting hit.  I don't think you can do this 
with the Tiger Blow - I will have to check.  Regardless of what ISM you use, if 
you have a Super/Variable Combo, make sure it hits when you use it.  You need 
every bit of damage you can muster.  I tend not to use Tiger Crushes that much 
in this match - I will have to check if there is any use for it against CPU Ryu.

To sum it up, CPU Ryu can be extremely sneaky.  He doesn't make too many 
mistakes.  Why Ryu is harder than M. Bison I have no idea.

Vs. CPU M. Bison

M. Bison is not as tough as Ryu, but he does hold his own.  You can actually hit 
him out of the Somersault Skull Diver with a standing roundhouse or Tiger 
Uppercut/Blow.  If he throws a Psycho Shot too close to you, you can actually 
hit him with a Tiger Genocide before he recovers.  If he does a Double Knee 
Press, block and counter with a crouching strong XX Ground Tiger Shot combo.  If 
you knock him down, don't bother jumping in on him - he will usually Bison Warp 
out of harm's way.  At all costs, do not get hit by the Psycho Drive Crusher.  
Don't try to outpoke M. Bison - the CPU will always outpoke you at later stages.

Like CPU Ryu, M. Bison will usually Head Press any and all Tiger Shot attempts 
unless you are buffering them from another move.  He will sometimes do a 
Somersault Skull Diver instead.  If you try to jump in, you may get counter hit 
by his standing roundhouse or worse, air thrown.  The best time to jump in is if 
you can predict a Psycho Shot.  Just make sure you clear the projectile and 
you'll be OK.

Vs Human

(under construction)


In this section, I present Sagat's storyline, ending, win quotes, and win 
Poses among other things.  Almost all of this section is courtesy of the FAQ's 
written by the following: Michael "Svenyip" Troupe & Shawn "Shred-Man" Dumas, 
Kailu Lantis, Robert Iu, and ShinJN.


This section will describe why Sagat is fighting in SFA3 and the ensuing story.

Opening Storyline

This is the stuff you see at the beginning of a 1P SFA3 arcade game.

Personal Data

Height: 7.4 FT
Blood Type: 

Special Moves

(under construction)

Opening Introduction

Sagat is known as the "Emperor of Muay Thai."
The scar upon his chest serves as a reminder of his defeat...
...to Ryu and his Shoryuken! He fights for vengeance alone...
But, he's begun to realize that the power of hatred is limited.

Stage 5 Mid-Boss Storyline: Dan

Dan: Sagaaaaaaaaaaaat!! You killed my FATHER!!
Dan: Remember my name before you die! I am Dan Hibiki!!
Dan: I am the strongest martial artist! Feel my wrath!!
Dan: I don't believe it! Why couldn't I beat him with my mighty power?
Dan: One more chance... I must fight!
Sagat: I can't bear to watch... He is just like the way I was!
Sagat: I need something... Something other than hatred...

Stage 9 Mid-Boss Storyline: Ryu

Sagat: ...!! WHAT'S THIS?! What have you done to Ryu, Bison?
M. Bison: Hmm... What are you waiting for? Isn't this what you wanted?
M. Bison: I charged Ryu with Psycho Power to make him stronger.
M. Bison: This is everything you could have ever asked for!

Stage 10 Final Boss Storyline: M. Bison

Sagat: Did you really think that I would appreciate this?
Sagat: I wish to fight Ryu when he uses his true power from within...
Sagat: I have no need for your tampering and cheap tricks!
M. Bison: Hah! Then perhaps you'll never be a great fighter after all...
M. Bison: Your pitiful pride will lead you to your own destruction...
M. Bison: I'll show you your weakness!


I believe this is courtesy of Kailu Lantis' Endings FAQ.

(Happy Bison.)
Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha...! Even if my body is destroyed.... My Psycho Power will 
not die! The power deep within Ryu is the ultimate form of Psycho Power! Witness 
it now...!

(Bison turns around and begins to pellet the fallen Ryu with Psycho Shots. Then 
we see a portrait of Ryu grabbing his chest in pain.)
Ryu: Gwooooooooh.....!

(Happy Bison.)
Bison: Ryu's body will be mine, once it gives in to the Psycho Power! After I 
finish Ryu, I'll finish you, Sagat! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa!!

(Sagat stands alone in the scene.)
Sagat: Ryu.... Is this your true potential? You've always been my rival! Don't 
let him use it like this! Is this all you're made of?! Ryu!

(Portrait of Ryu with blood red eyes, about to turn into Evil Ryu.)
Ryu: ...! Sagaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

(Ryu blocks all of the Psycho Shots from Bison, and then he sends them back with 
his Hadoken pose, nailing Bison. Burning Bison.)
Bison: That's impossible.... A man cannot control such power! Psycho 

(Exploding Bison.) 
Bison: Gwooooooooaaaaah!!

(Cut to Ryu's stage, where Ryu is standing is his typical arms crossed pose with 
the wind blowing through him. Sagat is standing behind him.)
Sagat: Ryu.... I have something to tell you. You were almost destroyed. You are 
not a master yet. I've trained to defeat you, but you're not ready yet, are you?
Ryu: Right.... But, if there is weakness in me, I must someday overcome it. I've 
chosen my destiny.... I have no regrets.... I won't turn back.... Wait for me, 
Sagat, until the day I'm worthy to be a master.

(Back portrait of Ryu walking with his bag over his shoulder. Then we see a 
portrait of Sagat standing proud.)
Sagat: Why...? I used to be praised as the Emperor of Muay Thai! But now, I feel 
overwhelmed with excitement.... Yes...you are the one I need to defeat...Ryu!!! 
My final destiny...you are the only man worthy of it! I'll be waiting! I won't 
allow anyone to interfere next time!

Win Quotes

I believe this is courtesy of Robert Iu and his FAQ.

Defeat has brought me anger... Anger which leads to victory!
Hatred spares no one!
How does it feel to have your body torn by my fist?
I promised this scar that I would never be defeated again!
Man, beast, or god... My punch smashes all into nothingness!
Pathetic... Will you know beg me for your worthless existence?
Your flesh is soft. My fists are invincible. Realize your agony.
Your weakness will not satisfy my vengeful rage!


This sections covers win poses, taunts, and opening animations.

The win poses come courtesy of Kao Megura.  To activate the pose, hold down the 
button after the KO:

- LP/LK : Sagat gets into a thinking pose, grins, and laughs.
- MP/MK : Sagat looks towards the screen, crosses his arms and laughs.
- HP/HK : Sagat crosses his arms, then looks away and laughs.

ShinJN has an excellent Miscellaneous FAQ that covers taunts, colors, special 
animations, and the like.  Here is Sagat's taunt courtesy of that FAQ:

[neutral] - Puts a hand on chin and says "Hmph!"

I believe his opening animation is the following: (under construction)


Sagat has 6 different color outfits - 2 (P or K) per major ISM.  However, on 
the Playstation, it is possible to choose any color from any ISM.  I will 
describe the colors based on the Playstation version.  According to the 
Miscellaneous FAQ by ShinJN, this is how the Playstation buttons map to the 
arcade version of SFA3 for the color schemes:

Square: ¯\_ These buttons correspond to
X:      _/  the X-ism colors 

Triangle: ¯\_ These buttons correspond to 
O:        _/  the A-ism colors

R1: ¯\_ These buttons correspond to
R2: _/  the V-ism colors

On the PSX, Square, Triangle, and R1 are the Punch versions of each ISM while X, 
O, and R2 are the kick versions IIRC.  You can not select characters with L1 or 
L2 even if you have them mapped as attack buttons (like I do on my PSX 
joystick).  That being said, here are the colors for Sagat as revealed through 
ShinJN's FAQ: 

- Square : White shorts w/ red lining, White arm and leg tape, Dark-tan skin
- X : Dark-blue shorts w/ red lining, White arm and leg tape, Dark-tan skin
- Triangle : Purple shorts w/ yellow lining, White arm and leg tape, Light color 
- O : Green shorts w/ yellow lining, White arm and leg tape, Light color skin
- R1 : Orange shorts w/ dark-green lining, White arm and leg tape, Light-tan 
- R2 : Yellow shorts w/ dark-green lining, White arm and leg tape, Light-tan 


I wasn't sure what to call this section.  This basically notes all the sources 
of this FAQ and changes between FAQ revisions.


It is necessary to acknowledge the work of past FAQ writers without whose 
tireless work, knowledge, and information I would not able to write this FAQ.  I 
have listed the author and his/her FAQ and what information I pulled from 
his/her FAQ into mine.  The FAQ is a compilation of information found, read, 
researched or even discovered by me.  However, many people have found 
information in this FAQ out and written about it long before I put together this 
FAQ.  That being said, here are my main sources and references for this FAQ 
outside of my own SFA3 experience:

Mark Kim/Vesther Fauransy 

Web Site: http://www.verasnaship.net
Email: verasnaship@verasnaship.net
FAQ: LA Machine Guns: Rage of the Machines For the Sega AM3 Arcade Game Anti-
Terrorist Manual Version 0.0.2 (Build 0114)
Copyright (c) 1999 Mark Kim.  All Rights Reserved.
-Copyright information (I needed a good template for it).
-General FAQ writing techniques

Chris MacDonald/Kao Megura

Web Page: http://members.xoom.com/megura/ or http://i.am/kao
Email: kmegura@hotmail.com
Unpublished work Copyright (c) 1998-1999 Kao Megura.  All Rights Reserved.
-ISM chart
-Moves for Sagat
-Copyright information

Joe VanPelt/Chocobo

Email: chocobo@mindspring.com
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 (arcade and PSX) VC Guide, version 1.8
Copyright (c) 1999 Joe VanPelt.  All Rights Reserved.
-Sections on V-ISM
-V-ISM combos (one day I'll fully learn how to do all of them)

Michael Torres 

Email: michaeltorres@prodigy.net
FAQ: SFZ3 V-Ism Faq for PSX/Arcade 2.0
Copyright (c) 1999 Michael Torres.  All Rights Reserved.
-V-ISM combos

Colin Caldwell/Nedfar 

Web Page: http://members.spree.com/sip/nefdar 
Email: nefdar@hotmail.com
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Combo System and General FAQ
Copyright (c) 1999 Colin Caldwell. All Rights Reserved.
-Reference as a beginner FAQ to complement this FAQ
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Comprehensive Adon Guide / FAQ
Copyright (c) 1999 Colin Caldwell.  All Rights Reserved.
-Template for in-depth comprehensive moves analysis

Michael "Svenyip" Troupe & Shawn "Shred-Man" Dumas 

Emails: svenyip@javanet.com and shredder@bcn.net respectively
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 "PLOT FAQ" Version 1.0
Copyright (c) 1999 Michael "Svenyip" Troupe & Shawn "Shred-Man" Dumas. All 
Rights Reserved.

Kailu Lantis

Emails: jcarlo@hotmail.com, lantis@mailexcite.com, kailu_lantis_SNK@yahoo.com, 
or al760412@campus.ira.itesm.mx
Copyright (c) 1999 Kailu Lantis.  All Rights Reserved.

Robert Iu

Emails: robertsmac@aol.com
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Quotes and Dialogue Guide v1.0
Copyright (c) 1999 Robert Iu.  All Rights Reserved.


Email: shinjn@yahoo.com
Copyright (c) 1999 ShinJN.  All Rights Reserved

Steven Peh

Email: Iax_ikurachi@hotmail.com
Unpublished work Copyright (c )1998 Steven Peh.  All Rights Reserved.


Web Site: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/contribute/howtowrite.html
FAQ: "How To Write a FAQ for GameFAQs"


-the nice guy who emailed me about the Zangief reference in my Sagat FAQ (forgot 
your name as I am writing this)

What's New In This Version

This is where I keep a record of changes between revisions.

Version 0.004

-Finished 2-in-1 combos
-Completed variable combos
-Finished special moves and super combos analysis
-Removed Zangief and Birdie references from this FAQ
-Created feedback section under Acknowledgements

Version 0.003

-Added combos
-Continued moves analysis
-Finished normal moves analysis

Version 0.002

-Revised legend
-Revised heading structure

Version 0.001

-First version of FAQ
-Skeleton architecture from my Zangief FAQ


-Almost everything


This is not the last word on SFA3 Sagat by far.  However, I do hope that this 
FAQ may one day be the most complete word on Sagat.  I would appreciate any tips 
on the FAQ itself or any Sagat tips you may have.  Email me at the address below 
any comments/questions/critiques/flames.  Thank you for taking your time to read 

This Electronically Published Document is copyrighted (c) and trademarked (tm) 
by David Antoine.  All Rights Reserved.  This document is protected by 
applicable copyright laws and international treaties.  Unauthorized 
reproduction, retransmission, and/or a breach of copyright, partial or full, may 
result in civil and criminal penalties and is subject to maximum punishment and 
prosecution to the highest extent possible by law.  Please properly credit David 
Antoine where credit is due.  This document is the sole property of David 

David J. Antoine/$muvMoney
Copyright (c) 1999 David J. Antoine
John 14:27
Numbers 6:24

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