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Ryu by SPeh

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/02/99

By Steven Peh, Iax_Ikurachi@hotmail.com, 2/2/99

Unpublished work Copyright 1998 Steven Peh

This guide is for private and personal use only.  It can only 
be reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, 
may be altered as long as this disclaimer and the above 
copyright notice appears in full. This guide is not to be used 
for any commercial/profitable/promotional purposes; this includes 
being used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or 
being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way. This guide was 
created and is owned by me, Steven Peh <Iax_ikurachi@hotmail.com>.
Any and all copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are 
not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. Please give credit where 
it is due.

The Street Fighter game series are (c) Capcom of Japan and (c) 
Capcom of America.

Keo Megura    -    kmegura@yahoo.com
Game Faqs     -    www.gamefaqs.com

1) Z-ism Ryu Combos added
2) Fixes to some of the errors in the combo count for X-ism Ryu
3) X-ism Ryu's 10+ hit combo extended to 11+ hit. (Yay! One more hit!)
3) Juggle notes.

The combos in this guide are all original (especially
X-ism Ryu's 11+ hit super combo), in that I learned and discovered 
them by my own at home.  Any similarities are purely coincidental. 
Any duplication without proper credits is prohibited. However, 
the names for the basic moves are not mine and was "taken" from 
Kao Megura's faq from www.gamefaqs.com And now, on to the moves 
and combos..

  Common Terms-
    ,    -   used to seperate moves in succession
    +    -   used to group moves in concurrence
    (air)-   can be done in the air
    X    -   X-ism Mode
    Z    -   Z-ism Mode ( or A-ism Mode for some )
    V    -   V-ism Mode

    P    -   Any Punch
    K    -   Any Kick
    LP   -   Light Punch
    MP   -   Medium Punch
    HP   -   Heavy Punch
    LK   -   Light Kick
    MK   -   Medium Kick
    HK   -   Heavy Kick

  Direction Pad/Stick-
    ub  u  uf
      \ | /
    b --c-- f
      / | \
    db  d  df

  Frequent moves-
    QCF  -   d,df,f
    QCB  -   d,db,b
    HCF  -   b,db,d,df,f
    HCB  -   f,df,d,db,b

Basic Moves List

  Hadouken (XZV)                      QCF + P
    This is the shotokan's famed fireball move.

  Hadou no Kamae (XZV)                QCF + Start
    This is a fake.  Ryu does the Hadouken movement but
    nothing comes out.

  Shakunetsu Hadouken (XZV)           HCF + P
    This is Ryu's Red Fireball.  The Heavy Punch version 
    hits multiple times.

  Shouryuuken (XZV)                   f,d,df + P
    The move that started it all in Street Fighter. The
    infamous Dragon Punch that left a scare on Sagat's
    chest and on my brain =P

  Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (XZV) (air)  QCB + K
    Better known as the Hurricane/Cyclone Kick.

  Sakotsu Wari (XZV)                  f + MP
    This is Ryu's overhead attack. Hits twice if near enough.
  Seichuu Nidan Tsuki (XV)            f + HP
    This is a new move in SFZ3. Ryu thrust his elbow in a forward
    motion for a 2 hit attack, 1 hit if opponent is not close 

  Senpuu Kyaku (ZV)                   f + MK
    This is a very annoying and useful move against opponents
    who like to sweep and squat.

Super Move List

  Shinkuu Hadouken (XZ)               QCF, QCF + P
    Super fireball.  This move is really cool in X-ism Mode and
    more damaging also.

  Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Z)  QCB, QCB + K
    Super Hurricane Kick.  This move has the most hits among Ryu's

  Metsu Shouryuuken (Z)               QCF, d, df + K
    This is Ryu's new super. It actually looks like a combination
    of Seichuu Nidan Tsuki (his new elbow move) followed by a

X-ism Ryu Combo List

  3-hit - uf + HK/HP, d + MK/HP, Hadouken
    This is the standard combo for Ken, Ryu and Gouki.

  3-hit (corner only) - uf + HK/HP, Shouryuuken, Shouryuuken OR
			LP, Shouryuuken, Shouryuuken
    Yes! This is a juggle, Ryu's Shrouryuuken can juggle in the 
    corner. But this is a very very extremely difficult move to 
    master. I can only do it like 30 percent of the time and you have 
    to do it really really  fast! You have to time it so the second 
    Shouryuuken is executed the moment he lands after the first 
    Shouryuuken. It is extremely COOL and can really make yer 
    opponent look Bad! =)
  4-hit (5 hit in corner) - uf + HK/HP, d + MP/HP, 
                            Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
    This is a common one also, but not used much since if
    the opponent was able to block/dodge it, you are vulnerable
    during or after the Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.

  7-hit (or 8 hit, see below)- uf + HK/HP, d + MK, Shinkuu Hadouken
    This is a hard move to perfect and this is why I have great
    respect for a person who can master Ryu. The bottleneck
    of this move is getting the Shinkuu Hadouken executed fast
    enough after the 2nd hit (d + MK). One strategy I use to 
    master this move is to start the Shinkuu Hadouken motion right
    after the 1st hit (uf + HK/HP). Here's a detailed list of
    what I do: uf + HK/HP, (before Ryu hits the ground do - 
               d, df, f ), d + MK, df, f + P.
    So as you can see it actually looks like the 3-hit combo above
    with the only extra QCF in the time between the first hit and 
    when Ryu lands on the ground. Hehe so with this you don't have
    to twist your direction stick like mad to get the 2 QCF fast
    enough to combo. 
    Note: With Z-ism Ryu's new super, Metsu Shouryuuken, most
    of the time when I try to do the 7-hit, I get the Metsu 
    Shoryuuken instead of the Shinkuu Hadouken. Hence I get like
    5 hits instead of 7 with the Shinkuu Hadouken. I guess its
    fine since there's not much significance in the damage 

  8-hit (alternative) - uf + HP/HP, f + HK, Shinkuu Hadouken
    Well if you ever notice, when you do a standing HK near an 
    opponent, Ryu will execute a Chopping kick like in SF2 World 
    Warriors.  This move hits twice and can be chained into a combo! 
    Note: Z-ism Ryu CANNOT chain into a combo (Boo!).  Since I 
    discovered this, I've never used the 7-hit above much anymore 
    because this move is easier to execute. Anyway, one 
    point to note, you have to do the Shinkuu Hadouken fast enough 
    cause his f + HK tends to "push" Ryu back away from the opponent 
    so if you don't do it fast enough, the opponent can recover 
    before the Shinkuu Hadouken hits so you won't get to combo.

  10-hit/11-hit (corner only) - Do the 7-hit/8-hit above + 
                                Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
    This is my favorite move using X-ism Ryu. You can actually
    juggle the opponent after a Shinkuu Hadouken, and what's better
    than an additional 3-hit with a Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku? With
    the new way of accumulating combo points in SFZ3, you can 
    actually get a 10+ hit count.  For example if you execute
    a combo that stuns the opponent with the last hit and leaves
    him stunned in the corner, do this 10-hit and it will be added
    to whatever combo count you did to stun the opponent.  I've
    done like 17-hits before in training.  Since in training you
    get a super bar that recharges instantly, I bet you can get
    20 hits with simultaneous 10-hit combos. Thats how I got the
    17 hit.  My first 10-hit happened to stun the dummy in training
    right after the 7th hit in the corner, after that I did another
    10 hit to accumulate to 17-hit!
    New: Instead of a Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku you can alternatively do,
         d + HP, Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku. However this will also give 
         you only 3 hits cause for some reason, the Tatsumaki Senpuu 
         Kyaku will only hit 2 times instead of 3 times.  Anyway, as 
         you can see, there can be numerous ways to juggle. So far 
         i've only been able to juggle for 3 additional hits. If 
         anyone can juggle for more please mail me! =)

Z-ism Ryu Combo List

  3-hit - uf + HK/HP, d + MK/HP, Hadouken
    This is the standard combo for Ken, Ryu and Gouki.

  3-hit (corner only) - uf + HK/HP, Shouryuuken, Shouryuuken OR
                        LP, Shouryuuken, Shouryuuken
    Well same stuff as X-ism Ryu above, see above for comments.
  4-hit (5 hit in corner) - uf + HK/HP, d + MP/HP, 
                            Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
    See X-ism Ryu above for comments.

  7-hit - uf + HK/HP, d + MK, Shinkuu Hadouken
    Well sad to say no 8-hits for Z-ism Ryu.

  10-hit (corner only) - Do the 7-hit above + Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
    See X-ism Ryu above for tons of comments on this combo.

  5-hit - uf + HK/HP, d + MK, + Metsu Shouryuuken
    Tis a shame his Metsu Shouryuuken takes 3 levels or else Ryu can
    have a Double Super Combo worth 9 hits. Aye, You can try his only
    in practice where his super bar recharges instantly,
    uf + HK/HP, d + MK, + Shinkuu Hadouken (level 2/3), + 
    Metsu Shouryuuken.
  15-hit - uf + HK/HP, d + MK/MP, + Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
    Well this is his legacy combo since SF Zero 1. Nothing new here.
    Note: one side point, I've never really tried to juggle after 
          this move who knows, mebbe you can. Anyway I dont use Z-ism 
          Ryu much and definitely dont use this combo much at all.


Juggle Notes

Well one new feature in SFZ-3 is juggle opponents (Believe it or not 
juggles have been present since SF3 new generation).  However one must 
note that another new feature of SFZ-3 is the ability to break an air 
attack.  This means that an opponent can recover instantly when hit in 
the air.  Hence opponents can actually (although very very unlikely) 
escape from juggles. Most of Ryu's juggle
are very close to the ground and are executed very fast so its pretty 
much impossible to break away. However there are some characters juggle 
that are very easy to break away from. Wait till my Sagat Combo Faq 
comes out and you'll see why.

V-ism Notes
Heh, what can I say, V-ism sucks! =P. Don't think i'll be covering any 
V-ism guides at all. Maybe when I discover an insane combo then i'll add 
in a section.


Keo Megura    -    kmegura@yahoo.com
Game Faqs     -    www.gamefaqs.com


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