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Rose by Sabre

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/12/98

                        | Street Fighters Alph 3: |
                        |       Rose FAQ          |
                        |           By            |
                        |          Sabre          |
                               Version 1.0
                         E-mail: goutan@yahoo.com

Revision History:
Version 1.0 (11/12/98)  --  Start writing this gig.  There'll be more 

Copyright 1998 by H. C. Yu
Copyright information:      Pleaseā€¦
              (1)  DO NOT use this FAQ for your commercial use.
              (2)  DO give credits where they're due.
Table of Contents:
     SFA3 engine
     Normal Move
     Special Move
     Super Move
     Hello and welcome to my new Rose FAQ for Street Fighters Alpha 3. 
This is the third installment of the Alpha series and features the most
characters selection available by Capcom.  Capcom has changed the game
quite a bit, and the only aspect I see that qualifies the game to be of
Alpha series is the comic-style character and background sketch.  The
detail of the new engine will be discussed below.
     Why play Rose?  Rose has emerged as one of the top character in
this game.  She was terrible in Alpha, so-so in Alpha 2, and now a major
ass-kicker in Alpha 3!  She has improved quite a lot!  I use her because
she has such great priority and has powerful combos.  Also, her poking
techniques vary and can shorten those guard meter relatively quick. 
Another plus of using Rose is that she can be a pain in the neck for
Shotokens (Ken, Ryu, and Akuma; alright, I'll include Dan so quit your
whinning ^_^).  Those fireballs can be used against them in so many
     Without further delay, shall we begin?  Oh yeah, BTW, I won't be
using official names for the moves.  They'll just be simple everyday
language description that you'll know what I'm talking about without
referring to a dictionary :-)
SFA3 Engine:
     Here're a list of things that's changed in SFA3.  Among the old are
throws and roll.  However, their command has changed.
< X-ism > = In this mode, Rose is much stronger and dishes out tons of
damage.  She cannot block in the air, so watch out for this change. 
Another feature is that she only has one super, a level 3 Super Soul
Catch.  Heh, heh, that super alone takes away nearly 50% of life.  Too
much?  Just wait you see it in a combo - nearly 70% of life will say
bye-bye ^_^  BTW, no Alpha Counter here (but heck, who needs it?)
< A-ism > = Well, this is the traditional Alpha mode where everything
you know about Alpha are intact (almost).  Rose can air-block, Alpha
Counter, various supers, and has 3 levels of supers.  She's visibly
weaker than X-ism, but still gets the job done right (that's my girl). 
I personally prefer this mode because IMO this is the most balanced Rose
of the 3 modes.  She won't be so vulnerable as in X-ism, and has much
more variety of game-play than the other 2 modes.
< V-ism > = Eh, what's this?  I haven't seen any V-ism Rose (not even
CPU) so I don't know much about Rose in this mode.  What I do know is
that in this mode, Rose has no super, can air-block, and Alpha Counter. 
IMO, this mode is rather useless.
< Guard Meter > = One of the first thing you'll ask is, "What the f***
is that thing under your life-bar?"  Well, my friends, that is something
called the Guard Meter!  Every time you block, you decrease the meter by
a bit.  When it's depleted, you won't be able to block and reel back for
a second or two, leaving you completely vulnerable.  Depending on
characters and modes, the Guard Meter varies.  X-ism has the longest
meter or the 3 modes, and slower/bigger characters also have longer
meter.  SFA3 has become a poking game.  Whoever that pokes the best will
be crowned king (or queen).  A-ism and V-ism Rose have about 4 blocks on
her Guard Meter, while X-ism Rose has about 5~6 blocks.  BTW, normal
moves take out the meter much faster than specials or supers, thus this
is a game of poking.
< Alpha Counter > = Well, this is where the title of the game loss me. 
AC has become so useless that it's not worth pulling off!  It still
takes 1 level of super / 50% of V-ism bar, but does literally no
damage!  Besides, it shortens that precious Guard Meter by a block! 
Yeah, it still interrupts the opponents' offense, but I wouldn't trade
anything for it!  Rose (A-ism) does her punch AC from SFA2.  She
switches places with the opponent, and the use is still evading me. 
IMO, don't use it unless your quarters are on the line!
< Juggle / Juggle Recovery > = This is a new feature of the game -
juggles!  This has opened up new combo horizons for Rose, and is useful
although risky.  Juggle Recovery can save you from hairy situations, but
might also get you into some un-wanted trouble.
Normal Moves:
< Jab >
Standing/Crouching/Jumping = Nothing special about them.  They're useful
only in initiating poking, but themselves don't wear down the meter
much.  Jumping Jabs have horizontal range, thus might be useful in
stopping un-wanted jump-in attacks.
< Short >
Standing/Crouching = Again, nothing special.  Their poking potential
aren't too how because they don't decrease the meter by much.
Jumping = Well, now we're talking.  This is an EXCELLENT move that
should be used often as jump-in attack!  It takes great priority over
anti-air moves, and only few attacks will trade hits with it!  For
example, it'll take out Charlie/Rose/Ken/Ryu/Akuma's crouching Fierce,
Charlie's Flash Kick (yup!), and Zangief's Lariat!  Sometimes, it'll
even take out Dragon Punches / Tiger Uppercuts if the opponents times
them wrong!  R. Mika's C. Strong and Dhalsim's S. Jab/Strong will often
beat out this attack, so beware!  Although not the best jump-in attack
for Rose, you should use this often if you see opponents snuffing your
other jump-in attacks.  As usual, it combos nicely.
< Strong >
Standing = This is a horizontal swipe that can be comboed.  Nothing too
exciting about this attack.
Crouching = IMO, this is the most important attack Rose has.  It has
great range and takes priority over lots of attacks.  Also, it can combo
into anything!  Rose can use this to interrupt any poking attempt to
snuff them into a combo.  For example, against Shotokens, they like to
poke with C. Short --> C. Short --> C. Forward --> Fireball, or
something like that.  Well, snuff them with C. Strong when they stick
out the Forward!
Jumping = This is a great air-to-air attack.  While the range isn't too
hot, it has great priority and can nail those high-jumpers like Vega and
< Forward >
Standing = This is a good long-range poking move used to wear down the
Guard Meter.  Nothing too special about it because it doesn't combo. 
For some reason, this is a great move against Dhalsim!
Crouching = Another good long-range poking move.  Sadly, it doesn't
Jumping = This is probably Rose's best jump-in attack.  The horizontal
range is excellent, and can cross-up.  She can use this to set up for
simple safe combos, and chip off the energy bar and the meter.
< Fierce >
Standing = Rose has 2 variation of S. Fierce depending on the distance. 
Far Fierce cannot be comboed and is used only as pokes.  Close Fierce
can combo easily for deadly combos.  BTW, the far Fierce looks very
Crouching = This is a great anti-air uppercut.  It's descent against
jump-ins, and can set up for some juggles.  However, the opponent must
jump-in directly above you; otherwise, Rose'll probably get hit.  BTW,
this can combo into super/special, but the limited range of this attack
makes them hard to pull off.
Jumping = Another good jump-in attack for Rose.  The priority isn't as
great as Short, but does more damage.
< Roundhouse >
Standing = Again, there're 2 variations.  Far Roundhouse is a poking
attack with the greatest range of all Rose's moves.  Close Roundhouse is
the ugly looking cartwheel kick that's pretty much useless.
Crouching = Well, this is your everyday take-down trip.  Rose's trip has
great range, thus has some lag-time.  Only use it from far range, unless
you're sure you'll connect.
Special Move:
< Soul Spark > = This is Rose's Hadoken!  Usually, this move is weak and
slow.  The initiation and lag-time are great, thus not useful as
keep-away attacks.  Thankfully, if opponents blocked at close-range,
they'll be pushed so far back that they cannot tag Rose afterwards.  One
way to beef up the damage of the fireball is to absorb opposing
fireballs.  However, it's only 1 time use and Rose'll have to absorb
again.  BTW, this combos and does slightly more damage.
< Soul Spiral > = This'll be the key to all Rose's combo.  The damage
and hits increase with increasing button strength, but so does the lag
time.  Roundhouse has the worst while Short has literally none.  So,
always use short.  The damage is OK.
< Soul Catch > = This'll be the key to Rose's juggles!  This isn't too
effective as anti-air attack unless you expected opponents to jump.  If
missed, you'd better pray hard!  The damage is pretty good.
< Soul Reflect > = Heh, heh, this is the nightmare of all fireballers! 
Rose has 3 options.  First, absorb it!  This will beef up Rose's Soul
Spark for 1 hit while filling up her super meter FAST!  5 absorbs and
you're back at Level 3!  Second, give them back the fireball!  Rose can
reflect the fireball back to them, attacking them with their own
weapon.  In Rose Vs. Rose, try this for fun.  Keep reflecting fireball
back and forth, if you're quick enough ^_^  For some reason, Soul Spark
gains insane speed (hyper-turbo) after 2 reflects!  Third, sent the
fireball up.  IMO, this is rather useless so don't use it.  Unless, you
correctly predicted that ooponents will jump.
< Slide > = This can be very effective in poking if used right.  At far
range, Rose can recover in time to block.  At closer range, however,
she'll suffer because she cannot recover fast enough.
Super Moves:
< Super Soul Catch > = This is what makes Rose so deadly.  At Level 3,
this will kill off nearly 50% damage.  In a combo, you'll looking at a
nearly 75% kill!  Comboing Level 3 isn't too hard, but still requires
practice.  Also, it's a great defense against jump-happy opponents! 
Besides, this has great range.  How great?  It's so good that you can
tag Blanka after blocking his Rolling Attack!  Hell, that's nearly half
a screen!  At Level 2, the range is much decreased, but nevertheless
still a great air defense.  Comboing this is possible, but much harder. 
Level 1 is pretty much useless.  You can use it as a juggle like Soul
Catch, but the damage isn't worth it.  Regular Soul Catch does pretty
much the same damage.
< Super Soul Spark > = Personally, I rarely use this.  Level 3 and 2 can
combo, and does OK damage.  Level 1 is useless and can't combo.
< Soul Illusion > = For some reason, people fear this!  They'll break up
once seeing this move, thus making stupid mistakes.  This greatly beefs
up Rose's attack, and can rake up a pretty impressive combo both in
number of hits and damages.  BTW, this only increases poking potential
by a little bit.  Thus, NO FEAR!!!  Each increasing level will give Rose
more time in this beefed up mode.
1.  J. Forward --> C. Strong --> Soul Spiral (Short)
    *IMO, this is the combo to use at all time!  It's safe to pull off 
     anytime, and does solid damage.  This should be the combo of 
     choice if you jump-in too far or the jump-in attack is blocked.
2.  J. Fierce --> C. Fierce --> Soul Spiral (Roundhouse)
    *This combo is pretty damaging, but hard to pull off.  You must be 
     deep in order to connect with C. Fierce.  BTW, you can substitute 
     it with a close S. Fierce for style points.  Also to be noted, 
     this combo can dizzy opponents fast!  Two of them and they're 
3.  J. Short --> C. Strong --> Soul Spark
    *This combo isn't very powerful, but is good for poking.  The 
     fireball will push opponents far enough to prevent any 
     retaliation.  BTW, you must be deep to connect Soul Spark.
4.  J. Fierce --> C. Fierce --> Level 3 Super Soul Catch
    *This is by far Rose's most powerful combo - nearly 75% of damage!  
     The combo is really hard to connect because you must be deep to 
     connect the C. Fierce.  Thus, it's best to use when they're dizzy.
5.  J. Forward --> C. Strong --> Level 3 Super Soul Catch
    *This is much easier because you can do it farther.  S. Strong will 
     also work.  This combo will rack up to nearly 65% of damage.
6.  J. Short --> C. Strong --> Level 1 Soul Illusion --> Level 2 Super 
    Soul Spark
    *If you can manage this combo, you'll have my deepest respect.  
     I've managed to do this only a few times, but it's manageable.  
     This combo will give you tons of hits (near 20+) and does about 
     60% damage.  You must be agile in doing the supers right after 
     each other.  The control motion is tough.
7.  Level 1 Soul Illusion --> J. Forward (cross-up) --> C. Strong --> 
    Level 2 Super Soul Catch
    *The key is that you need to cross-up deep to connect this combo.  
     The damage is pretty good, near 60%!
8.  Level 1 Soul Illusion --> J. Fierce --> S. Fierce (close) --> Soul 
    Spiral (Roundhouse)
    *You must be super deep with the jump-in Fierce so close S. Fierce 
     will come out.  It might help if you jump-in with a cross-up 
     Forward.  That should be easier.  This combo does tons of damage 
     and lots of hits.
9.  Level 1 Soul Illusion --> J. Forward --> C. Strong --> Soul Spiral 
    *This is the beefed up Combo#1.  It has better range and does more 
     damage than regular combo.
10. (In corner) --> J. Short --> C. Strong --> Soul Reflect (Fierce) 
    --> Soul Catch / Level 1 Super Soul Catch
    *You must jump-in with Short because you must be deep and close to 
     opponents upon landing.  I recommend the regular Soul Catch 
     because the super version isn't worth 1 level.
     In here, I'll give you some tips on Rose's poking.  These are
fairly safe and hard to counter.  But again, all things can be broken!
1.  C. Jab --> C. Short --> C. Forward --> S. Roundhouse
    *This sequence, like all poking, should be done slowly and varying 
     speed.  It's very effective is you pause a little before sticking 
     out S. Roundhouse.  Another thing to note here is that J. Short is 
     the best jump-in attack in poking.
2.  C. Jab --> C. Short --> C. Strong --> Soul Spiral (Short)
    *This is most effective if you pause a bit before C. Strong.  C. 
     Strong has great priority and can often snuff other 
     counterattacks.  Besides, it combos into Soul Spiral (Short) for 
     some damage.  If blocked, Rose is usually far enough to block any 
     attacks.  Some players might attempt to trip Rose after the Soul 
     Spiral.  They'll often miss because she's out of range.  Rose can 
     then trip them instead with her long C. Roundhouse.
3.  C. Jab --> C. Short --> Slide --> C. Jab --> C. Short --> Slide --> 
    *The Slide will often recover fast enough to go after another C. 
     Jab.  Be warned, don't try this in corner because she'll end up 
     right in front of opponent's face.  Or, you can substitute C. Jab 
     with C. Strong into Soul Spiral (Short)
Desmund Wu for showing me how to play Rose.

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