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R.Mika by SmuvMoney

Version: 0.005 | Updated: 07/28/99

Version 0.005
July 28, 1999
By David J. Antoine/$muvMoney 
Copyright (c) 1999 David J. Antoine

Unpublished Work Trademarked (tm) and copyrighted (c) David Antoine 1999.  All 
Rights Reserved.


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Note: This copyright is shared with Kao Megura's and Mark Kim's well-placed 
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Notice that Mark Kim as well as I acknowledges ALL of Kao Megura's works and 
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you see is similar to Mark Kim's copyright on his LA Machine Guns Anti-
Terrorist Manual.


- What Is This?
- Where To Find This FAQ
- Special Thanks : Special People, FAQ Writers/Contributors

- Introduction To Street Fighter Alpha 3
- Introduction To R. Mika
- Legend : General Notation, Joystick/Button Layout, Button Presses
- Universal Moves: ISMs, Moving & Blocking, Special/Other Universal Moves
- R. Mika Command Attacks : Flying Body Press, Knee Drop, Rainbow Sobat
- R. Mika Throws : German Suplex, Brain Buster, Headbutt, Hip Buster, Neck 
Breaker, Wingless Airplane, Paradise Hold, Daydream Headlock 
- R. Mika Special Moves : Flying Peach, Shooting Peach 
- R. Mika Super Combos : Rainbow Hip Rush, Heavenly Dynamite, Beach Special 

- Normal Moves : Standing/Crouching/Jumping LP/MP/HP/LK/MK/HK
- Throws : German Suplex, Brain Buster, Headbutt, Hip Buster, Neck Breaker, 
Wingless Airplane, Paradise Hold, Daydream Headlock
- Special Moves : Flying Peach, Shooting Peach
- Super Combos : Rainbow Hip Rush, Heavenly Dynamite, Beach Special

- Basic
- 2-in-1
- Variable

- General : Poking, Jumping, Ticking, Countering, Recovering
- Vs CPU : Karin, Zangief, Balrog, M. Bison
- Vs Human

- Storyline : Opening Storyline (Personal Data, Special Moves, Opening 
Introduction), Vs Karin, Vs Zangief, Vs Balrog, Vs M. Bison
- Ending
- Win Quotes
- Animations
- Colors

- Acknowledgements : Vesther Fauransy, Kao Megura, Chocobo, Michael Torres, 
Nedfar, Svenyip & Shred-Man, Kailu Lantis, Robert Iu, ShinJN, Neil Ross, 
- What's New In This Version : Version 0.004, Version 0.003, Version 0.002, 
Version 0.001, Upcoming



Before reading this FAQ, make sure that the following carats, hyphens, numbers, 
asterisks, and periods line up.


If they do not, please switch to a fixed font like Courier or Courier New or 
else certain parts will be unreadable.

What Is This?

This is a FAQ detailing SFA3 R. Mika.  She is a female wrestler looking to get 
her big break.  Even though she is small in stature, her heart and desire are 
quite large.  She is not an easy character to use because almost all of her 
attacks are unusual or different from almost all characters.  However, when her 
moves are used correctly, she can hold her own especially in V-ISM (her best ISM 
IMHO).  Most players have written her off, but this FAQ will detail why she is 
not as bad as they think she is.  I will discuss R. Mika’s moves and throws and 
super combos.  I then go on to analyze/discuss their uses.  I also include 
combos and versus strategy towards the end of this FAQ followed by miscellaneous 
information about R. Mika.

Where To Find This FAQ

Sooner or later, I will post this on my web site at this location: 
http://members.tripod.com/davidja/faqs/sfa3rmika.txt.  I will also attempt to 
put this on gamefaqs.com.  In the meanwhile, enjoy.

Special Thanks

This FAQ would not be possible without the work and efforts of the following 

Special People

-God for allowing me to grace this earth
-My parents and family for birthing, raising, loving, and tolerating me
-Myself for finally deciding to be man enough to write a FAQ and face 
criticism on my FAQ and SFA3 techniques

FAQ Writers/Contributors

-Vesther Fauransy for his help with the copyright information
-Kao Megura, Chocobo, Michael Torres, Nedfar, Svenyip & Shred-Man, Kailu Lantis, 
Robert Iu, ShinJN, and Neil Ross for their FAQ's
-Capcom for another great albeit flawed in some spots arcade and PSX SFA3 (and 
hopefully DreamCast SFA3)
-a.g.sf2 (alt.games.sf2) for being a good source of info for all SF games
-Gamefaqs.com for having such a huge depository of information on so many 
video games and for eventually posting this FAQ

Full acknowledgements (FAQ titles, etc) are listed at the bottom of this FAQ.


This section will describe both universal moves for SFA3 and moves that are 
specific to R. Mika.

Introduction to Street Fighter Alpha 3

In an effort to make this FAQ a whole lot shorter, I am assuming that you have a 
working knowledge of Street Fighter.  If you are completely new to Street 
Fighter Alpha 3, then I suggest you read the following FAQ's: 

Kao Megura's Street Fighter Alpha 3 FAQ
Nedfar's Street Fighter Alpha 3 Combo System and General FAQ

They are both listed below in the Acknowledgements section and can be found at 
http://www.gamefaqs.com.  If you have a basic understanding of Street Fighter 
and can do without, then read on.

Introduction to R. Mika

R. Mika, like Zangief, is a wrestler.  However, that is where all the 
similarities end.  She is not as strong but a lot more mobile.  Think of her as 
a Luchadore. =) She does have a lot of throws so if you dislike throws, then 
don’t bother continuing with this FAQ.  She probably has the most unusual lineup 
of moves in the game (normal moves, special moves, and super combos).  However, 
she can use all of this to her advantage and gain the pinfall, I mean, victory. 


The format used in this legend is loosely based on James Chen's X-Men versus 
Street Fighter combo model/format.  

General Notation

+ : Perform simultaneously             _ : Or (or simply the word "or")
, : Perform next motion                => : Perform next sequence          
/\ : Leave ground for attack           \/ : Land from a jumping attack
* : Hold direction/button              ^ : Release button(s) held down
X n : Perform n times/repeatedly       XX : Cancel into special move/super combo
J : Jumping                            CU : Cross Up
Close : Standing close                 Far : Standing far
(air) : Move can be performed in air   air : Move can only be performed in air
360 : One full joystick rotation       720 : Two full rotations of the joystick
(XAV) : Available in X, A, or V-ISM

Joystick/Button Layout

           1P                            2P
UB  U  UF                     UF  U  UB
  O O O                         O O O
   \|/    (LP)  (MP)  (HP)       \|/    (LP)  (MP)  (HP)
B O-O-O F                     F O-O-O B
   /|\    (LK)  (MK)  (HK)       /|\    (LK)  (MK)  (HK)
  O O O                         O O O
DB  D  DF                     DF  D  DB

For the purposes of this FAQ, I am assuming that you are facing right, i.e., the 
default 1P side.  If you happen to be on the 2P side, simply switch the left and 
right joystick commands to get the same effect.  I will be using both letter and 
joystick notation to describe each move.

Up/Back(UB)    Up(U)       Up/Forward(UF)    Light     Medium    Hard 
                                             Punch     Punch     Punch
      O             O             O 
       \            |            /           (LP)      (MP)      (HP)         

Back(B)        Neutral(N)  Forward(F)        Jab       Strong    Fierce
      O-            O            -O          Short     Forward   Roundhouse
Down/Back(DB)  Down(D)     Down/Forward(DF)  (LK)      (MK)      (HK)
       /            |            \           Light     Medium    Hard 
      O             O             O          Kick      Kick      Kick

Button Presses
P/K : Any Punch/Kick                PP/KK : Two Punches/Kicks 
3P/3K : All Punches/Kicks           P_K : Any Attack
LL : Light Punch + Kick (LP + LK)   MM : Medium Punch + Kick (MP + MK)
HH : Hard Punch + Kick (HP + HK)    SS : Same Strength Punch + Kick (LL_MM_HH)
START :  Arcade Start button        SELECT : PSX Select button 

Universal Moves

Most of these are self-explanatory, but it is good to mention them since the 
game engine for Street Fighter Alpha 3 had undergone some major changes.


The ISM chart below is courtesy of Kao Megura's SFA3 FAQ.

ABILITIES               X-ISM               A-ISM               V-ISM
Air Blocking            No                  Yes                 Yes
Air Recovery            Yes                 Yes                 Yes
Ground Recovery         No                  Yes                 Yes
Taunts                  Only Dan            Yes                 Yes
Guard Power Rating      High                Varies              Varies
SC/OC Gauge Speed       Slow                Normal              Fast
Levels Available        1                   3                   2 (50% / 100%)
Alpha Counter Cost      n/a                 1 SC + 1 GP         50% OC + 1 GP
Damage Rating           x1.2*               x1.0                x0.8
Defense Rating          x0.8                x1.0                x1.0

(OC = Original Combo aka Variable Combo)
(GP = Guard Meter Point)
(SC = Super Combo Level)

I further break down what these ISMs mean to R. Mika in the MOVES ANALYSIS & 
STRATEGY section.

Moving & Blocking

You have to move your character around somehow.  Second to importance to moving 
is blocking.  Without blocking, you will eventually die from a dizzy or an empty 
life bar.  However, too much blocking/defending and you will also die thanks to 
the guard meter and guard crushing.  To reduce your guard meter, you can use 
guard protection, which is blocking right when the attack strikes you.

(XAV) Move Forward: F 


(XAV) Move Backwards: B


(XAV) Crouch: DB_D_DF

 / or | or \
O     O     O
(XAV) Jump: UB_U_UF

O     O     O
 \ or | or / 

(XAV) High Block: B


(XAV) Low Block: DB 

(AV) Air Block: air B_DB

O     O     O
 \ or | or /  O- or  /

Special/Other Universal Moves

These are moves that every character unless the ISM dictates otherwise.  
Remember that (SS) means Same Strength Punch and Kick.

(XAV) Guard Protection: B_DB

O- or  /

(AV) Damage/Dizzy Reduction: B, F X n + P_K X n

O- -O X n + P_K X n
(XAV) Air Recovery: air B_N_F + PP

O- or O or -O + PP

(AV) Ground Recovery: N_F + KK

O or -O + KK

(AV) Alpha Counter: F + SS

-O + SS

(V) Variable Combo: (air) SS

(air) SS

(XAV) Throw: B_F + PP_KK 

O- or -O + PP or KK 
(XAV) Air Throw: air B_F + PP_KK  

O     O     O
 \ or | or /  O- or -O + PP or KK 

(XAV) Tech Hit: B_F + PP

O- or -O + PP


O- or O or -O + START_SELECT

R. Mika Command Attacks

R. Mika only has a few command attacks.  They do no damage when blocked unlike 
special moves.

(XAV) Flying Body Press: air D + HP

O      O
 \ or /  | + HP

(XAV) Knee Drop: air D + LK

O      O
 \ or /  | + LK

(AV) Rainbow Sobat: F + MK

-O + MK

(X) Rainbow Sobat: B_F + MK

O- or –O + MK

R. Mika Throws

R. Mika has the most throws in the game next to Zangief.  She has a ton of ways 
to grab you – make use of all of them.  

(XAV) German Suplex: B_F + PP

O- or -O + PP

(XAV) Brain Buster: B_F + KK

O- or -O + KK

(XAV) Headbutt: DF_DB + PP

 / or \  + PP
O      O

(XAV) Hip Buster: air B_F + PP

O     O     O
 \ or | or /  O- or -O + PP

(XAV) Neck Breaker: air B_F + KK

O     O     O
 \ or | or /  O- or -O + KK

(XAV) Wingless Airplane: air F, DF, D, DB, B + K

O     O     O
 \ or | or /  -O \  |  / O- + K
                  O O O

(XAV) Paradise Hold: 360 + P

               O O                                 
O-  / | \  -O /  | + P 
   O  O  O

              O  O
-O \  |  / O-  \ | + P 
    O O O

            O O O
 / | \  -O /  |  \ O- + P 
O  O  O

               O O O
O-  / | \  -O /  |  \ O- + P 
   O  O  O 

              O  O  O
-O \  |  / O-  \ | /  -O + P 
    O O O

(XAV) Daydream Headlock: 360 + K

               O O                                 
O-  / | \  -O /  | + K 
   O  O  O

              O  O
-O \  |  / O-  \ | + K
    O O O

            O O O
 / | \  -O /  |  \ O- + K 
O  O  O

               O O O
O-  / | \  -O /  |  \ O- + K 
   O  O  O 

              O  O  O
-O \  |  / O-  \ | /  -O + K 
    O O O

R. Mika Special Moves

(XAV) Flying Peach: D, DB, B + P

|  / O- + P

(XAV) Shooting Peach: D, DB, B + K

|  / O- + K

R. Mika Super Combos

R. Mika's Super Combos are not very powerful.  They do average damage for the 
most part.  However, the first two listed can be used in 2-in-1 combos to 
increase their effectiveness.  

(XA) Beach Special: D, DF, F, D, DF, F + K

| \  -O | \  -O + K
O  O    O  O

(A) Rainbow Hip Rush: D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P

| \  -O | \  -O + P
O  O    O  O

(A) Heavenly Dynamite: 720 + P

               O O O                 O O 
O-  / | \  -O /  |  \ O-  / | \  -O /  | + P
   O  O  O               O  O  O

              O  O  O               O  O  
-O \  |  / O-  \ | /  -O \  |  / O-  \ | + P
    O O O                 O O O

            O O O                 O O O
 / | \  -O /  |  \ O-  / | \  -O /  |  \ O- + P
O  O  O               O  O  O

               O O O                 O O O
O-  / | \  -O /  |  \ O-  / | \  -O /  |  \ O- + P
   O  O  O               O  O  O

              O  O  O               O  O  O 
-O \  |  / O-  \ | /  -O \  |  / O-  \ | /  -O + P
    O O O                 O O O


Now let's see - how do all these moves work?  When should I and shouldn't I use 
them?  This is what will section entails.

Normal Moves

R. Mika probably has the most unusual normal moves in the game.  However, a lot 
of them have a good albeit specific use.  Proper usage will mark the difference 
between victory and defeat.

Light Punch/Jab


R. Mika throws out a quick, head-level swipe.  Even though it is quick and 
bufferable, I tend not to use this much because it doesn't link into itself like 
the crouching jab does.  It can be ducked as well, which also affects its 
usefulness.  It can be used in combos (Jab XX Short Shooting Peach) or in 
ticking (Jab XX Paradise Hold or Jab => Daydream Headlock). 


R. Mika throws out a low chop.  This move is similar to Zangief's crouching jab 
in use.  It can link into itself very well (up to 3), and it can be used to set 
up combos and ticks very easily.  As you will soon find out, most of R. Mika's 
best normal moves are crouching.  Use liberally as this attack is quick. It 
can be used in combos (Jab XX Short Shooting Peach) or in ticking (Jab XX 
Paradise Hold or Jab => Daydream Headlock).  I would use this more for combos 
and ticking than its standing counterpart.


R. Mika throws a downward punch.  Unless you hit very deep on a jump-in, this 
will not allow you to combo effectively.  I almost never use this as a jumping 

Medium Punch/Strong


R. Mika throws an elbow smash.  Capcom, if this move is bufferable, why is it so 
freakin' slow?!  Anyway, this hard-to-combo-off-a-jump-in elbow smash is really 
only useful in jump-in combos (Catch 22).  I try to use jumping forward as the 
jump-in to get this to come out quicker.  It combos into both the Rainbow Hip 
Rush and the Beach Special, allowing them to hit better, but because it's slow, 
you may sometimes mess up the combo.  In V-ISM, this move will buffer into 
special moves.  Note that in A-ISM and X-ISM, standing strong only buffers into 
super combos.


R. Mika hops forward and headbutts.  NEVER use this on a crouching opponent.  
Since the hit detection is on her head, you will miss almost anything on the 
ground.  The crouching strong is used only on jumping/airborne opponents.  
However, it is her best anti-air move period.  It will trade or hit most jumping 
attacks and leads to many counter hits, which can sometimes be followed by air 
throws or other moves or VC juggles.  This move can also be used for transport 
as Mika hops forward a bit.  However, don't overuse it as such.  Using the 
roundhouse slide (D + HK), fierce shoulder block (D + HP), Rainbow Sobat (F + 
MK), or simply walking is better for movement.  


R. Mika throws a downward punch in the air.  This move is similar to jumping jab 
but stays out longer.  Because it points downward, it can be used for a decent 
jump-in, but there are several other ones.  I'm not too sure of how good it is 
in air-to-air combat.

Hard Punch/Fierce


R. Mika performs a lunging backhand.  This move is slow but hits surprisingly 
hard.  R. Mika winds up before she throws out this move.  This will hit 
crouching opponents.   It does pack a wallop, but the range hampers it. .  This 
move is also the starting animation of the Rainbow Hip Rush.  


R. Mika lunges with her shoulder.  As Mika attacks, she moves a good distance 
forward (almost on long as her slide).  This move will pop up your opponent when 
it hits.  It also does large guard meter damage.  Even though this move has a 
relatively slow startup, it is still very useful especially in V-ISM since it 
can help guard crush.  She also has pretty good recovery from it as well.  This 
is another one of the good "crouching" normal moves that Mika has. 


R. Mika attacks downward with her elbow.  This move can hit really deeply since 
she attacks straight down from the air.  However, it is almost useless for any 
air-to-air battles.  She can also perform a Flying Body Press by holding down.  
This move is her only cross up and a very good jump-in as well.  It isn't as 
good as Zangief's splash (almost nothing is), but it does have a larger hit area 
than the downward elbow.  Both are very useful for jump-ins.

Light Kick/Short


R. Mika performs a low side kick.  Even though it hits quite low, it can be 
blocked standing.  It is bufferable so it can be used in combos and ticks.  It 
comes out a little slow but is a good move to use up close to snuff foot sweeps 
and the like.  


R. Mika turns around and kicks towards the opponent's ankle.  This move reaches 
pretty far for a short.  This move is bufferable so it is useful for setting up 
ticks and comboing when up close.  It can be linked to from a crouching jab.  


R. Mika kicks upwards in front of her.  This looks like a decent air-to-air 
attack, but I have to look into this further.  It doesn't stick out that long 

Medium Kick/Forward


R. Mika performs a jumping spin kick/sobat kick.  This move doesn't have much 
range, but I believe the hop allows Mika to clear some foot sweeps.  If you hold 
forward while pressing medium kick, R. Mika will spin forward, giving the move a 
lot more (needed) range.  In X-ISM, she can actually for a backward-moving sobat 
kick by holding back.  This move is more useful at close range or else you risk 


R. Mika throws a low kick to the knee.  Even though Mika kicks somewhat above 
the ground, her lower leg stays on the ground and potentially can be swept.  
However, this move does have surprising reach and should not be overlooked.  It 
is not bufferable, but it can be used in poking.


R. Mika performs a jumping spin kick/sobat kick.  The jumping version looks 
exactly like the standing medium kick.  Since she kicks out directly in front of 
her, this can be used to air-to-air.  It can also be used for jump-in because 
you can still hit deep with it.  Overall, this is a very good aerial attack.

Hard Kick/Roundhouse


R. Mika throws a standing drop kick in place.  This move will knock down a 
standing opponent.  She also leaves the ground briefly while the drop kick comes 
out.  However, it does come out kind of slow and it doesn't hit crouching 
opponents.  Use with caution.  I don’t think it is fast to use in a jump-in 
combo either.


R. Mika slides on the ground towards the opponent.  As with all slides, they can 
be useful but dangerous.  Mika has good range with the slide, but if done too 
close to the enemy, you can be countered very easily.  It can also be used to 
get closer to the enemy if done from afar.  


R. Mika throws a downward side kick in the air.  This is also another good jump-
in.  However, the hit detection properties on the PSX version of SFA3 make this 
move less useful than it should be.  It can hit very deeply, but you have to 
make sure you hit the enemy with outer part of the lower boot.


R. Mika is second to Zangief in the number of throws she has.  This is where a 
lot of the damage you inflict will be coming from.

German Suplex (XAV) [B_F + PP]

R. Mika goes behind the opponent and wraps her arms around them and then slams 
the opponent down on their shoulders.  Regardless of which direction you choose 
for the German Suplex (B_F), you and the opponent do not switch sides.  However, 
when used in conjunction with the Brain Buster, you can position your opponent 
where you want to depending on the throw you use.

Brain Buster (XAV) [B_F + KK]

R. Mika grabs the opponent by the head and suplexes them over.  Then she looks 
at the player and smiles after releasing the opponent.  Unlike the German 
Suplex, you will always switch sides with the opponent regardless of what 
direction is used.  Both the PP and KK throws are useful depending on where you 
are on the screen.  I sometimes use this if I'm in a corner to switch sides.  

Headbutt (XAV) [DB_DF + PP]

R. Mika grabs the opponent and repeatedly headbutts him/her.  Once finishes, she 
head butts the opponent away from her and holds her forehead in pain.  This is 
one of the two holds R. Mika has.  After the final headbutt, there is no real 
opportunity to follow up.  As with the German Suplex, you and the opponent 
do not switch sides ever.  This hold does decent damage, but because of its 
motion, I tend to use the German Suplex or the Brain Buster more.  However, you 
can use it from a crouch, which is a bonus as well.

Hip Buster (XAV) [air B_F + PP]

R. Mika grabs the opponent out of the air and slams her opponent down by putting 
the weight of her hips on the opponent's upper body.  R. Mika has very good air 
throws.  She has the most in the game (3).  If you counter hit an opponent, go 
for any of the three air throws.  This does good damage - both physical and 
psychological.  It also looks very painful to boot.

Neck Breaker (XAV) [air B_F + KK]

R. Mika grabs the opponent out of the air and slams them down head first into 
the ground.  This is another painful air throw.  The range on all three throws 
seems to be about the same so feel free to use them interchangeably. As with all 
the air throws, there are no follow ups that I can think of or propose.   

Wingless Airplane (XAV) [air F, DF, D, DB, B + K]

R. Mika grabs the opponent with her legs and then flips over and drops down, 
slamming the opponent head-first into the ground.  This does a little more 
damage than the other two air throws, but I think the range is about identical.  
This is essentially an aerial Frankensteiner.  Once again, use after a counter 
hit or a crouching fierce for maximum effect.  As with all missed throws, she 
will do a missed-throw animation in the air so be careful.

Paradise Hold (XAV) [360 + P]

R. Mika does a forward handstand.  She then uses her momentum to knock the 
opponent down with her legs.  Once the opponent is on the ground, R. Mika flips 
them again using her powerful legs.  The execution of the Paradise Hold is not 
instantaneous.  R. Mika flips forward in a handstand before she can grab the 
opponent with her legs.  Because of this, you can actually buffer moves into the 
Paradise Hold and still get the tick to work. As with all 360-motion ticks, 
ticks using the Paradise Hold can be jumped out of.  However, because the 
startup time is longer than other 360 throws, you can do this directly after a 
jump-in because the initial startup is long enough to grab them once they come 
out of block stun.

Listed below is probably R. Mika's main 360 jump-in tick.  Note that you 
actually buffer the Paradise Hold from the previous move rather than wait for 
block/hit stun to end.

(XAV) Body Splash \/ Low Short XX Paradise Hold: J_CU D + HP \/ DB + LK XX 360 + 

 O                               O O O
/  | + HP \/  / + LK XX | \  -O /  |  \ O- + P
   O         O          O  O

The low short can be replaced by a low jab, standing jab, or standing short (or 
even a standing strong in V-ISM).  If you cross up with the Body Splash, you can 
use a low jab (X 2)-low short, low jab/standing short chain, a low jab (X 3) 
chain.  As long as you buffer the PH from the previous move, the PH will grab 
them unless the opponent escaped the tick.  The fierce version has the most 
range and damage so I tend to use only that one.  You can, of course, tick from 
the ground when necessary as long as you buffer the normal move.  You can also 
use other methods to set up ticks so that your opponent is always guessing.  
Instead of throwing one low short and going for the SPD, you can throw two (or 
another jab or short) assuming you're in range.  No, it won't combo, but it can 
be sometimes be enough to throw off an opponent's timing and get the PH where 
one short into PH would have been jumped out of or avoided because it was 
expected.  Some of the best players I have seen almost never use the same tick 
twice.  They will tick from standing/crouching jab or short or any jumping or 
ground attack can be reasonably ticked from into the PH.  A blocked 
crouching forward or fierce can also be used even though they are not 

Before I forget, let me briefly explain some of the principles behind 360-degree 
throws.  In actuality, you only need to do a 270-degree motion on the joystick 
to execute a 360-degree throw.  A 270-degree motion is simply 6 consecutive 
points on a joystick, i.e., F, DF, D, DB, B, UB, U.  However, for some people 
(like myself), it is easier to do a 360 than a 270 even though the motion is 
longer.  I tend to use a 360-degree motion starting from F, B, or DB (actually 
315 degrees from DB to B) for all my 360-degree throws.  If you have never done 
360-degree throws consistently before, I suggest you practice before using this 
in your repertoire.  Once you're able to do them from a standing position (F or 
B) and from DB with any reliability, then feel free to use this move.  For 
Zangief, doing 360-degree motion throws at will is a must if you hope to get 
anywhere with him.

Daydream Headlock (XAV) [360 + K]

R. Mika puts the opponent in a headlock and squeezes many times before 
performing a running bulldog.  Unlike the Paradise Hold, this move is more or 
less instantaneous like the Screw Pile Driver but has much less range.  It is a 
little more range than her normal ground throws so ticking into this is much 
harder than with the Paradise Hold.  Unlike the Paradise Hold, you can not 
buffer the special off of a normal move.  You will get a missed throw animation 
similar to missing an SPD except shorter - it's the same animation as her missed 
normal throw animation.  Here is a basic tick using the Daydream Headlock:

(XAV) Flying Body Press \/ Low Short => Daydream Headlock: J_CU D + HP \/ DB + 
LK => 360 + K

 O                               O O O
/  | + HP \/  / + LK => | \  -O /  |  \ O- + K
   O         O          O  O

Note that you are not buffering the Daydream Headlock like you would a Paradise 
Hold.  Because of the range of the Daydream Headlock, a cross up is preferable 
but not necessary for the tick.   

This is Mika's other hold.  Once you start the Headlock, keep hitting the 
buttons and wiggling the joystick to get more hits (yeah, just like a spaz).  
Finally, Mika will scream something and perform a bulldog.  The bulldog doesn't 
do that much damage; it just finishes the hold.  Use this when you need an 
instant SPD move.

Special Moves

I tend not to use either of these special moves that much.  The reasons why are 
explained below.

Flying Peach (XAV) [D, DB, B + P]

R. Mika hops forwards then turns around and hops again, attacking with her butt.
Because of the first hop, you can see this coming 1.5 miles away.  However, the 
recovery is relatively quick.  Because of the initial hop, this can not be used 
in 2-in-1 combos at all.  However, it can be mixed up with the Shooting Peach to 
cause confusion.  However, I tend not to use this move much.  

Shooting Peach (XAV) [D, DB, B + K]

R. Mika hops forward, attacking butt first.  This move is essentially the Flying 
Peach without the initial hop.  It comes out quickly, but the lag is almost 
eternal as R. Mika rubs her butt as she hits the ground.  This move can be used 
in 2-in-1 combos but only if you are very close and the opponent is standing.  I 
avoid both Peaches except in Variable Customs.  The use of this in VCs is the 
main reason I recommend V-ISM R. Mika.  A repeated Shooting Peach in a VC does 
huge amounts of damage, much more than any of her Super Combos.

Super Combos

While not extremely damaging, R. Mika's Super Combos can save her from an 
otherwise imminent death.  However, don't expect FAB like damage from them.

Beach Special (XA) [D, DF, F, D, DF, F + K]

R. Mika runs towards the opponent with shadows trailing her and attacks the 
opponent.  This move has many options depending on what buttons you press.  When 
you start the super, you can run forward or backward.  However, you can not 
jump.  If you run to your opponent, you will actually flip over the opponent.  
Here are the options of what you can do from a Beach Special (based on 
information from Kao Megura’s FAQ):

                                     +- Moonsault Press
                                     |  (P or nothing)
                 +- Drop Kick ---+   +- Missile Kick
                 |  (LP)         |   |  (K)
                 |               |   |
                 +- Slide -------+   +- Paradise Hold
                 |  (MP)         |   |  (B_F + P)
                 |               |   |
Beach Special ---+- Lariat ------+---+- Wingless Airplane
(D, DF, F, D,    |  (HP)                (B_F + K)
DF, F + K)       |             
                 +- Go Behind ---+---+- Elbow
                   (K or run into    |  (P)
                    Opponent)        |
                                     +- Drop Kick
                                     |  (K)
                                     +- Rainbow Suplex
                                     |  (B_F + P)
                                     +- Daydream Headlock
                                        (B_F + K)

This chart is not as hard as it seems.  When you start the Beach Special, you 
have four options: a drop kick, slide, lariat, and a go behind.  If you use the 
go-behind, you can attack/grab your opponent from behind if you’re quick.  If 
you use any of the punches successfully, your opponent will be knocked down.  
From there Mika will jump up onto the wrestling ring post and perform a 
moonsault press, missile (drop) kick, a Paradise Hold, or a Wingless Airplane.

The duration of the Beach Special is dependent on what Level she used for it.  
The Level 1 doesn’t last very long and does little damage.  Even if you knock 
the opponent, you aren’t always guaranteed another hit from the Beach Special.  
The only way to get more than one hit/throw is to knock an opponent down with a 
lariat and then go into a Moonsault Press.  This is actually a two-hit combo.  
Any other knockdown without a go behind will allow the opponent to get up and 
block or counter the move performed from the ring post.  It is not very easy to 
explain the Beach Special; it is better to actually try it out.

Here are a few notes on the Beach Special from Kao Megura’s FAQ:

"Regarding the Dageki (LP, MP, or HP from the front) finishers, note that if 
your opponent is in the corner, Mika will always do the Moonsault Press. Also, 
most of the Dageki moves will not combo unless you do them off the HP Dageki 
(the Mika Lariat). This means that in some cases, a finisher will not hit, or 
your opponent may even be able to recover in time to avoid the attack or hit you 
out of it! 

Regarding the Tobikoshi (Go Behind); it's possible to flip back to your 
opponent's front (so you are still facing them), and do one of the four 
finishers anyway." 

One last note: If you do hit your opponent from behind with a Lariat or Drop 
Kick, you do not get to go onto the wrestling ring apron.

Rainbow Hip Rush (A) [D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P]

R. Mika attacks the opponent with a barrage of attacks ending in a Shooting 
Peach.  The first hit of the super comes out a little slowly (it is her standing 
fierce), but the rush isn’t useless.  However, if you do use it, absolutely make 
sure that it hits since it ends in a Shooting Peach.  Hence, whiffing the super 
or having it blocked can be fatal.  You can buffer a Level 2 or 3 off a jab, 
short, or standing strong.  

Heavenly Dynamite (A) [720 + P]

R. Mika grabs the opponent and headbutts them several times before throwing 
him/her.  This is one of the coolest looking super combos in the game.  It 
starts off similar to her Headbutt hold, but then the opponent is dizzied.  
Depending on the level, she will either do a Daydream Headlock, a release German 
Suplex, or a Brain Buster off of the wrestling ring apron!  However, its range 
leaves much to be desired – it is the range of the Daydream Headlock.  Like the 
Final Atomic Buster, it is an all or nothing super.  Its damage is pretty good 
especially at Level 3.  The Brain Buster at Level 3 is also somewhat humiliating 
as well as very fun to watch.  Here is a generic yet useful 720 tick for the 
Heavenly Dynamite:

(XA) Flying Body Attack \/ Low Short => Heavenly Dynamite: J_CU D + HP \/ DB + 
LK => 720 + P

 O                               O O O                 O O O
/  | + HP \/  / + LK => | \  -O /  |  \ O-  / | \  -O /  |  \ O- + P
   O         O          O  O               O  O  O

There are other ways to land the Heavenly Dynamite.  You can simply jump in but 
not attack and grab them once you land.  This can surprise the opponent if you 
have been doing various jump-ins beforehand.  You can do it off of any normal t 
or even a taunt since they both keep you on the ground long enough to perform 
the 720 motion.  You can even do it directly off a jump-in attack, but the 
timing is weird to say the least.  As with most 360-motion throws, the hit/block 
stun issues still carry weight.

Note that only Levels 2 & 3 do significant damage.  The Level 1 doesn't do much 
more damage than a Paradise Hold or a Daydream Headlock.  Try to avoid using 
Level 1 Heavenly Dynamite unless you need the extra priority.  Levels 2 & 3 do 
very good damage when you really need to do lots of damage quickly.  However, it 
is usually best to use a Level 3 for the sheer difference in damage between 
Levels 2 and 3.  This isn’t as good of a comeback move as the FAB but can be 
used as such. 


I list most of the basic and 2-in-1 combos below with the Flying Body Press [air 
D + HP] as the jump-in.  However, The jump-in combos below can also be done with 
a Medium or Hard Kick or Hard Punch.  Of course, this does not apply to the 
cross-up combos.

Basic (3+ Hits)

R. Mika is not a combo machine.  Most of her normal moves don't allow for that.  
The only move R. Mika can link from is a crouching jab (similar to Zangief).  
She can chain into another crouching jab or a crouching short.  Most of her 
basic combos are very similar to Zangief’s.

(XAV) Flying Body Press \/ Crouching Jab X 3: J_CU D + HP \/ D + LP X 3 

/  | + HP \/ | + LP X 3
   O         O

(XAV) Flying Body Press \/ Crouching Jab (X 2) => Crouching Short: J_CU D + HP 
\/ D + LP (X 2) => D + LK]:

/  | + HP \/ | + LP (X 2) => | + LK
   O         O               O

The (X 2) after the LP means you can throw out a second low jab before linking 
to the LK.  This won't work on some of the thinner characters unless you cross 
them up.  Both of these are good setups for any Paradise Hold ticks.  Since the 
Paradise Hold moves forward before grabbing, you can buffer it off of the final 
move in the combo for a tick, but you have to be very quick to buffer the move 
from either of the above combos.  


The following are R. Mika’s bufferable moves:

Standing/Crouching Jab/Light Punch
Standing/Crouching Short/Light Kick
Standing Strong/Medium Punch (AV - super combos only; V - special moves)

Unfortunately, most of the R. Mika 2-In-1 Combos are fickle at best.  Almost all 
of them require the opponent to be standing.  The Flying and Shooting Peaches 
are not very good as 2-in-1 combo finishers at all.  It doesn't help that her 
only bufferable moves into special moves are jab and short in A-ISM and X-ISM.  
Her standing strong is bufferable into super combos in A-ISM and X-ISM.  In V-
ISM, the standing MP is also bufferable into special moves.

(XAV) Flying Body Press \/ Crouching Jab XX Short Shooting Peach: J_CU D + HP \/ 
D + LP XX DB, B + LK

/  | + HP \/ | + LP XX  / O- + LK
   O         O         O

The crouching jab can be replaced with any bufferable move except the strong.  
That only works in V-ISM as shown below.

(V) Jumping Forward \/ Standing Strong XX Short Shooting Peach: J MK \/ MP XX D, 
DB, B + LK

/  MK \/ MP XX |  / O- + LK
               O O

For some reason, I have trouble connecting the standing strong unless I use a 
jumping forward.

R. Mika can also buffer into her Super Combos as well.  See below.

(A) Jumping Forward \/ Standing Strong XX Rainbow Hip Rush: J MK \/ MP XX D, DF, 
F, D, DF, F + P

/  | + HP \/ MP XX | \  -O | \  -O + P
   O               O  O    O  O

I believe you have to use a Level 2 or 3 Rainbow Hip Rush for this to combo.  
The standing strong will hit crouching opponents.  However, it is very slow and 
tends not to combo very well off of a jumping attack.  You can also use any 
bufferable jab or short, but then you either have to be really close.  

Believe it or not, you can actually combo using the Beach Special.

(XA) Jumping Forward \/ Standing Strong XX Beach Special => Lariat => Moonsault 

/  MK \/ MP XX | \  -O | \  -O + K => -O + HP => P
               O  O    O  O

As soon as you start the Beach Special, rapidly hold forward and press fierce.  
She should run up to the opponent and hit them with what looks like her standing 
strong (the Lariat).  Once she knocks them down, the wrestling ring will appear 
and she will jump off of it with a Moonsault Press (Flying Body Press) and hit 
the grounded opponent.  It’s only 4 hits, but it does very good damage on higher 
levels and looks extremely cool. :) You can also buffer the Beach Special with 
any other of R. Mika's bufferable moves, but the timing is weird and sometimes, 
the Lariat get blocked because of it.

These are your most "dependable" special move 2-in-1 combos on standing 
opponents.  If the opponent is crouching, they will block the Shooting Peach and 
you will be open to a massive beating. 


Variable combos in general can do incredible amounts of damage especially if you 
have your opponent in a corner.  The damage can rival and surpass even the best 
super combos under ideal conditions. To start a variable combo, simply press any 
two same strength buttons: LP + LK (LL) or MP + MK (MM) or HP + HK (HH).  In my 
shorthand, these are known as LL, MM, and HH respectively (Light, Medium, and 
Hard Strength).  At the beginning of a Variable Combo, you are somewhat 
invincible to most normal moves and special moves.  In other words, you can blow 
through someone's attack and launch a counterattack that can lead to a large 
combo.  The only thing you need to watch out for is that you till have to charge 
during Variable Combos, which was not the case for Custom Combos in SFA2.  If 
you do not charge quickly in a VC, you will mess up the VC if a charge move is 

Most of this section comes courtesy of the V-ISM FAQ by Chocobo (JVP).  If the 
V-ISM combo is mine, a (DJA) will be listed at the start of the combo.  Note 
that LL, MM, and HH are Light/Medium/Hard Punch + Kick respectively.

IMHO, V-ISM is the best ISM for R. Mika.  However, she does the least damage 
outside of VCs, which can be problematic for some.  Hopefully, these V-ISM 
combos will show you why V-ISM is the best because they do incredible damage to 
make up for the overall damage rating.

(JVP) Opponent Anywhere - Start VC w/ LL => Crouching Fierce XX Forward 
Shooting Peach => Repeated Forward Shooting Peaches: LL => D + HP XX DB, B + MK 
=> D, DB, B + MK X n

LL => | + HP XX  / O- + MK => |  / O- + MK X n
      O         O             O O

The key in this VC is to make sure that you are doing Shooting Peaches 
constantly without delay.  This prevents the opponent from recovering and causes 
massive damage.  

(JVP) Opponent Anywhere and Airborne - Start VC w/ LL => Crouching Strong XX 
Forward Shooting Peach => Repeated Forward Shooting Peaches: LL => D + MP XX DB, 
B + MK => D, DB, B + MK X n

LL => | + MP XX  / O- + MK => |  / O- + MK X n
      O         O             O O

Use this to take opponents out of the air and punish them dearly with a VC.

(JVP) Opponent Not In Corner - Start VC w/ LL => Crouching Short => Crouching 
Forward => Crouching Roundhouse /\ Cross Up Flying Body Press \/ Daydream 
Headlock: LL => D + LK => D + MK => D + HK /\ UF CU D + HP \/ 360 + K

                                     O                         O  O  O
LL => | + LK => | + MK => | + HK /\ /  | + HP \/ -O \  |  / O-  \ | /  -O + K  
      O         O         O            O             O O O

Here are Chocobo's notes from his FAQ on this VC:

"35% damage, doesn't combo but is nearly impossible to escape"

Use this in case you have trouble with the Shooting Peach VCs.

(JVP) Opponent Not In Corner - Start VC w/ LL => Crouching Short => Crouching 
Forward => Crouching Roundhouse /\ Cross Up Flying Body Press \/ Crouching 
Fierce XX Forward Shooting Peach => Repeated Forward Shooting Peaches: LL => D + 
LK => D + MK => D + HK /\ UF CU D + HP \/ D + HP XX DB, B + MK => D, DB, B + MK 
X n

LL => | + LK => | + MK => | + HK /\ /  | + HP \/ | + HP XX  / O- + MK X n =>
      O         O         O            O         O         O

|  / O- + MK X n

Here are Chocobo's notes from his FAQ on this VC:

"The crossup fierce splash is technically blockable, but it's not easy to do. If 
it gets blocked, do a 360+kick after the first ass attack is blocked. (75% 
damage if it all lands, 30% if the crossup gets blocked) If you don't think your 
opponent will flip out at the end, do a low fierce after the meter is empty, 
then jump up and do the half circle back+kick air throw to get the total up to 
80% damage."

Yikes!  This is almost a touch-of-death VC in the right hands.

(JVP) Opponent Not In Corner - Start VC w/ LL => Crouching Short => Crouching 
Forward => Crouching Roundhouse XX whiffed Roundhouse Shooting Peach => Daydream 
Headlock: LL => D + LK => D + MK => D + HK XX DB, B + HK => 360 + K

                                                                 O O O
LL => | + LK => | + MK => | + HK XX  / O- + HK => O-  / | \  -O /  |  \ O- + K
      O         O         O         O                O  O  O

(JVP) Opponent In Corner - Start VC w/ LL => Crouching Short => Crouching 
Roundhouse XX whiffed Forward Shooting Peach => Daydream Headlock

                                                       O O O
LL => | + LK => | + HK XX  / O- + MK => O-  / | \  -O /  |  \ O- + K
      O         O         O                O  O  O

The last two VC's are essentially the same combo but dependent on where you are 
onscreen. The whiffed Shooting Peach gets you close enough to pick the opponent 
off of the ground with the Daydream Headlock.

Here is one final note to end the VC section from Chocobo:

"If you're ever doing a Mika VC that gets blocked, you can cancel anything (kick 
button ass attack works best) into a 360+kick."

Certain characters can also use their 360 special move throws to pick people off 
of the ground in a VC.  Zangief and R. Mika are able to do it with their 360 + K 
throws.  I'm not sure if E. Honda, Birdie, Karin or other characters with 360 
throws can do it in a VC.


Now that you have all this information, you have to apply it to defeating an 


There are certain strategies that apply to most if not all battles you will 
face.  Here are a few of those.


Almost all of her good pokes are from a crouching position with the exception of 
the standing short and forward.  Crouching short and forward reach further than 
most people realize.  The Rainbow Sobat can clear some foot sweeps if you press 
forward.  The shoulder block and slide (crouching HP and HK) are both good from 
longer range.  Just don’t get too predictable with your normal moves – mix in a 
Paradise Hold or other moves.


The Flying Body Press requires you to hit pretty deep.  Jumping forward, 
roundhouse, and fierce are all good jump in attacks to keep your opponents 
guessing.  Jumping forward can also be used in the air as well as her air 


Remember that you can buffer a Paradise Hold into ticks.  This doesn’t hold for 
the Daydream Headlock or the Heavenly Dynamite.  Remember that R. Mika doesn’t 
have a lot of range on her 360 throws save the Paradise Hold.  Hence you may 
need to cross up to pull off some of her ticks.  She ticks well off of either 
short or a crouching jab.  The Paradise Hold can sometimes be utilized after a 
blocked move especially if you are way out of range for other normal moves or 
attacks.  As with all ticks, they can be jumped out of.


If you need to counter a jump-in, crouching strong will take out most but not 
all.  I don’t know if the drop kick (standing roundhouse) is any good at 
countering jump-ins.

Since the Flying and Shooting Peaches are either slow or don’t hit well, many 
missed ground moves are best countered by a slide or a shoulder block.  The 
shoulder block is a little slower than the slide but may allow for a juggle 
combo.  The slide has slightly better reach and is a little quicker.  It’s 
probably the most safe option is you’re not in throw range.  If you’re really up 
close and someone screws up, then a Daydream Headlock may be better or even a 
Rainbow Hip Rush or Beach Special into a Lariat => Moonsault Press two hit 
combo.  However, you would have to be quick to pull the super out like that.  I 
wouldn’t use a Paradise Hold to counter since the move has that initial delay.  


Know when to recover and when not to recover.  Even though recovery can save 
you, it can also be your undoing if your opponent knows what he or she is doing.  
Remember that you have air and ground recovery based on your ISM.

If your opponent is attempting to air recover (i.e., from a counter hit), you 
may be able to pull off an air throw or an air attack.  Ground recovery can be 
stopped with a slide IIRC.  


Vs. CPU Karin (Stage 5)

Thank God the CPU doesn't use Karin to her full potential or else this would be 
way too easy for her.  Her Hop Punch has to be blocked high on the second hit so 
watch out for that.  Her Hop Kick is not easy to punish if blocked - you have to 
be quick.  It is also very hard to jump in on her due to her anti-air super and 
her standing fierce.  Avoid using Shooting Peach as this means a free juggle 
combo if blocked.  Her crouching forward may be avoided with a Rainbow Sobat (F 
+ MK).  This is another tough matchup at higher difficulty levels, but 
otherwise, keeping your mistakes to a minimum will allow you to win.

Vs. CPU Zangief (Stage 9)

This match is hard because of the huge damage differences between R. Mika and 
Zangief.  If you mess up inside (especially on jump-ins), prepare to eat an 
SPD/AS/FAB.  I am not sure if Mika has an attack that can beat the Double Lariat 
or the Jab (then again most characters do not).  The only saving grace I can 
think of is the Paradise Hold since it is the only move that has Zangief-esque 
range.  You can start it from afar and still have a chance of landing it, unlike 
the Daydream Headlock.  You can use the crouching fierce and roundhouse to your 
advantage if you use them from a decent distance, i.e., not up close.  I am just 
guestimating based on my own experience using Zangief, but this match won't be 
very fun.  I’ve only had to face him once and that was Level 8 – at least my 
death was quick. =)

I finally beat Zangief using some of the above.  Zangief will sometimes go into 
a jump-in \/ 360 throw.  If you think that is coming, block the jump-in and then 
jump up to avoid the 260 throw.  Do not try to him to cross him up.  You will 
eat a Double Lariat juggle.  Otherwise, he tends to not stop jump-ins on lower 
levels.  I didn't tick him much because of his range advantage.  If I got 
inside, I would throw three jabs to knock him out of his SPD range.  I only slid 
once in a while.  The crouching fierce did counter a couple of his moves, but if 
you miss, he will punish you.  I don't think I got a chance to do a Paradise 
Hold on him, but I did beat him one round with a Level 3 Heavenly Dynamite. =) 
He isn't as hard as I made it seem.

Vs. CPU Balrog (Stage 10)

CPU Balrog is not that hard with R. Mika.  He tends to leave himself open when 
he does his rushing punches or Turn Punch.  As long as you avoid getting hit by 
those rushes, you will be OK.  I usually slide when he rushes.  This was a 
simple block-and-counter match.     

Vs. CPU M. Bison (Stage 11)

I got to M. Bison and beat him last night.  Do a LOT of blocking.  If he throws 
a Psycho Shot from less than 3/4 screen away, jump in and hit him as he 
recovers.  If you knock him down, don't bother trying to jump in and combo - he 
will always teleport away.  If he does a Somersault Skull Diver with a full 
meter, block the incoming Psycho Shin Crusher.  Most of his Double Knee Presses 
can be countered with a slide after you block it.  Watch out for this ground and 
air throw.  If you turtle up or mess up up close, he will throw you.

Vs Human

I really haven't fought anyone that well using R. Mika.  This will require much 
research (and money) before I can write this up.


In this section, I present R. Mika's storyline, ending, win quotes, animations, 
and colors.


The storyline is courtesy of the FAQ written by Svenyip & Shred-Man.

Opening Storyline

This is the information that you see when you first a 1P game against the CPU in 

Personal Data

Height: 5.5 ft.
Weight: 137 lbs.
Blood Type: O

Special Moves

Flying Backdrop
|  / O- P
Shooting Peach
|  / O- K
Headlock Slam
              O O
O- / | \  -O /  | K
  O  O  O

Opening Introduction

Rainbow Mika is ready to make her debut as a pro wrestler.
She thought of the perfect promotion to make her a star...
She would travel the world and fight famous Street Fighters!
Mika takes her first step to becoming "Star of the Ring!"

Stage 5 Mid-Boss Storyline: Karin

Karin: Well, well, well... Training to be a pro wrestler? Hm hm hm...
R. Mika: Hey! That was mean!! Why are you laughing at me?!
Karin: Can't I laugh at something I find to be funny? Ho ho ho ho!
R. Mika: What's so funny about pro wrestling?! Take that back!
Karin: Oh...ugh... I didn't think you were this strong...
Karin: I guess I didn't study enough about pro wrestling...
Karin: If you make it to the top, my zaibatsu will be your sponsor.
R. Mika: My sponsor?! Thank you so much!! I can't believe you're so nice!

Stage 9 Mid-Boss Storyline: Zangief

R. Mika: Are ... Are you THE Zangief?!
Zangief: Yes. I am Zangief, the "Red Cyclone!"
R. Mika: This is so exciting!! M...m...my name is Mika...
R. Mika: I admired you so much that I too, became a pro wrestler!! 
Zangief: Hmm... That's a very nice thing for you to say.
Zangief: If you're a professional, how about having a match with me?
R. Mika: Really?! You mean it?! No joke?! Alright! I'd be happy to!!
Zangief: Gwa ha ha ha ha! How surprising! You've beaten me!
R. Mika: Oh no!! I'm sorry! It was an accident!
R. Mika: I'll tell my children about this someday! It was so exciting!
Zangief: Gwa ha ha ha ha! Your name's Mika, right? Most impressive!

Stage 10 Mid-Boss Storyline: Balrog

M. Bison: Ha ha ha!! Master and pupil... A happy couple... How pathetic!
M. Bison: Zangief... I thought you wanted to speak to me...?
Zangief: Wha?! M.Bison!
M. Bison: Your fight was very entertaining.....
M. Bison: But instead of paying you, this man will guide you to heaven!
R. Mika: Zangief! Please let me fight this man!
Zangief: ?! Alright... To face a deviant style might be good practice.
Zangief: Do your best!!
[Zangief jumps offscreen]

Stage 11 Final Boss Storyline: M. Bison

M. Bison: You're a very strong girl... But your luck has just run out!
M. Bison: You will regret your inexperience in the next world!
Zangief: What?! No! Mika! Look out!!


The ending is courtesy of Kailu Lantis' Endings FAQ.

(Angry Bison.)
M. Bison: I was defeated by a mere girl.... How.... How can this be?!

(Zangief comes into scene, where Mika is facing a Bison who is lying on the 
Zangief: Mika...! Are you alright...!!
R. Mika: Zangief.... Who is this M.Bison?
Zangief: I'll explain later. First I'll destroy the "Psycho Drive"!

(Shadaloo base exterior.)
R. Mika: Uhh.... Zangief? What IS that Psycho thingy?
Zangief: "Psycho Drive".... It is a weapon that Russia must never be tainted by. 
The great leader told me to destroy it.

(Psycho Drive room.)
R. Mika: This.... This is the "Psycho Drive"..............?
Zangief: Yes.... This is it. I'll have to destroy it quickly! Stand back 
Mika.... Here I go.... Iyaaaaaaaaaa!!

(Zangief does his Quad Lariat which runs through the Psycho Drive, causing it to 
begin exploding.)
Mika: Oh...! Look! The system is all sparkly!
Zangief: Alright.... That's enough! Let's get out of here!!

(In the Shadaloo base halls, everything is beginning to crumble. Zangief and 
Mika pass by, but Mika slips.)
R. Mika: Aiya!!

(Zangief turns around.)
Zangief: Mika...?! Oh no!!

(Portrait of Zangief covering up an anguished Mika, shouting. Rocks fall on 
Zangief's back.)
R. Mika: AIYAAAAAAA! The ceiling is....
Zangief: This is nothing to me!! Muuuuuuuuunn!!!

(Portrait of a smiling Mika, glimmering all around.)
R. Mika: Zangief! You.... You saved me!
Zangief: It would be a shame to see your skills perish here. Don't worry. My 
hard body is too strong to be hurt by mere rocks.

(Back to the Shadaloo halls, where Zangief and Mika are standing together.) 
Zangief: Are you alright? Great! Let's go!
R. Mika: Yes sir!!!

(Both get out of scene. Shadaloo base explodes. After awhile, Mika is seen in 
her stage, pulling a tire around with her body.)
R. Mika: One...two...one...two....

(Winning portrait of Zangief, which glimmers.)
R. Mika: I wonder what Zangief is doing right now.... I wonder if he's out on 
another dangerous mission.... Maybe I'll see him again someday.... Wait, I KNOW 
I will be able to see him again.... When I'm a famous wrestler, standing in the 
spotlight! I'm sure of it!!

Win Quotes

I believe this is courtesy of Robert Iu's FAQ.

Don't underestimate me! I believe in my dreams!
I know I can do more! I was just warming up!
I'll get better and better with more practice, right?!
I'm learning more and more! The experience is exciting! 
Power, technique, and beauty! I've mastered the basics! 
The superstar of the ring... That's what I wanna be! 
Wow! Perfect execution! I might make it, after all! 
You need to work on your personality! For your fans!


This section details R. Mika's win poses, opening animations, and taunts. 

For some reason, R. Mika only has one winning pose in the PSX version of SFA3 
unless she is fighting another R. Mika (RAM limitations?). Kao Megura lists them 
in his PSX SFA3 FAQ:

- LP : Mika jumps up and down with her arms out while saying "Katta!" (I win!)
- MP/MK/HK : Same as LP, but Mika stops afterwards while her trainer drives by 
in a little cart, holding a wooden sword.
- HP : Same as LP, but her trainer drives up and nods.
- LK : Same as LP, but her trainer leaves behind a tire which Mika ties to 
herself before running off-screen. 

R. Mika's taunt is courtesy of ShinJN's FAQ:

[neutral] - Jumps up and down with arms in the air

This is the same motion as her LP win pose listed above.

I believe her opening animation is the following: R. Mika jumps down from the 
apron of a wrestling ring screaming "RAINBOW!".  She actually has a second one 
when she faces Zangief.  Neil Ross' R. Mika's FAQ describes it as such:

(VS Zangief): Mika appears in her ring, as normal, climbs up but pauses at the 
top. Zangief runs on and does his "Dar!" pose, while smoke appears and 
spotlights flicker about the screen. Woo.

I only think this occurs in versus mode.  It doesn't appear when R. Mika faces 
CPU Zangief (Stage 9) in Arcade Mode.


R. Mika has 6 different color outfits - 2 (P or K) per major ISM.  However, on 
the Playstation, it is possible to choose any color from any IS.  According to
ShinJN's FAQ, this is how the Playstation buttons map to the arcade version of 
SFA3 for the color schemes:

Square: ¯\_ These buttons correspond to
X:      _/  the X-ism colors 

Triangle: ¯\_ These buttons correspond to 
O:        _/  the A-ism colors

R1: ¯\_ These buttons correspond to
R2: _/  the V-ism colors

On the PSX, Square, Triangle, and R1 are the Punch versions of each ISM while X, 
O, and R2 are the kick versions IIRC.  You can not select characters with L1 or 
L2 even if you have them mapped as attack buttons (like I do on my PSX 
joystick).  That being said, here are the colors for R. Mika, also courtesy of 
ShinJN's FAQ:

- Square : Yellow lingerie-type wrestling suit, White sports top w/ yellow 
hearts, White wrist and bikini-line bands, Yellow eye mask, White boots
- X : Light blue-grey lingerie-type wrestling suit, White sports top w/ light 
blue-grey hearts, White wrist and bikini-line bands, Light blue-grey eye mask, 
White boots
- Triangle : Blue lingerie-type wrestling suit, White sports top w/ blue hearts, 
White wrist and bikini-line bands, Blue eye mask, White boots
- O : Purple lingerie-type wrestling suit, White sports top w/ purple hearts, 
White wrist and bikini-line bands, Purple eye mask, White boots
- R1 : Pink lingerie-type wrestling suit, White sports top w/ pink hearts, White 
wrist and bikini-line bands, Pink eye mask, White boots
- R2 : Green lingerie-type wrestling suit, White sports top w/ green hearts, 
White wrist and bikini-line bands, Green eye mask, White boots


This sections outlines the sources of information for this FAQ and the revision 
between versions of this FAQ.


It is necessary to acknowledge the work of past FAQ writers without whose 
tireless work, knowledge, and information I would not able to write this FAQ.  I 
have listed the author and his/her FAQ and what information I pulled from 
his/her FAQ into mine.  The FAQ is a compilation of information found, read, 
researched or even discovered by me.  However, many people have found 
information in this FAQ out and written about it long before I put together this 
FAQ.  In fact, most of these make for good reading on SFA3.  That being said, 
here are my main sources and references for this FAQ outside of my own SFA3 

Mark Kim/Vesther Fauransy

Web Site: http://www.verasnaship.net
Email: verasnaship@verasnaship.net
FAQ: LA Machine Guns: Rage of the Machines For the Sega AM3 Arcade Game Anti-
Terrorist Manual Version 0.0.2 (Build 0114)
Copyright (c) 1999 Mark Kim.  All Rights Reserved.

Chris MacDonald/Kao Megura

Web Page: http://members.xoom.com/megura/ or http://i.am/kao
Email: kmegura@hotmail.com
Unpublished works Copyright (c) 1998-1999 Kao Megura.  All Rights Reserved.

Joe VanPelt/Chocobo

Email: chocobo@mindspring.com
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Copyright (c) 1999 Joe VanPelt.  All Rights Reserved.

Michael Torres

Email: michaeltorres@prodigy.net
FAQ: SFZ3 V-Ism Faq for PSX/Arcade 2.0
Copyright (c) 1999 Michael Torres.  All Rights Reserved.

Colin Caldwell/Nedfar

Web Page: http://members.spree.com/sip/nefdar 
Email: nefdar@hotmail.com
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Combo System and General FAQ
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Comprehensive Adon Guide / FAQ
Copyright (c) 1999 Colin Caldwell.  All Rights Reserved.

Michael "Svenyip" Troupe & Shawn "Shred-Man" Dumas

Emails: svenyip@javanet.com and shredder@bcn.net respectively
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 "PLOT FAQ" Version 1.0
Copyright (c) 1999 Michael "Svenyip" Troupe & Shawn "Shred-Man" Dumas. All 
Rights Reserved.

Kailu Lantis

Emails: jcarlo@hotmail.com, lantis@mailexcite.com, kailu_lantis_SNK@yahoo.com, 
or al760412@campus.ira.itesm.mx
Copyright (c) 1999 Kailu Lantis.  All Rights Reserved.

Robert Iu

Emails: robertsmac@aol.com
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Email: shinjn@yahoo.com
Copyright (c) 1999 ShinJN.  All Rights Reserved

Neil Ross

Email: Neil.Ross@Worldreporter.net
FAQ: Rainbow Mika FAQ 1.0
Copyright (c) 1999 Neil Ross.  All Rights Reserved.


Web Site: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/contribute/howtowrite.html
FAQ: "How To Write a FAQ for GameFAQs"

What's New In This Version

Version 0.004

-Added Vs Zangief information pose
-Revised legend
-Revised table of contents
-Attempted to shorten FAQ

Version 0.003

-Revised legend structure
-Added another FAQ writer to copyright
-Added Colors and Taunts section
-Win poses

Version 0.002

-Finished moves analysis
-Finished combo section

Version 0.001

-First version of FAQ
-Skeleton architecture from my Birdie FAQ
-Added storyline and moves
-Wrote normal moves analysis


-Other improvements based on feedback
-More Vs Strategy


This is not the last word on SFA3 R. Mika by far.  However, I do hope that this 
FAQ may one day be the most complete word on R. Mika.  I would appreciate any 
tips on the FAQ itself or any Birdie tips you may have.  Email me at the address 
below any comments/questions/critiques/flames.  Thank you for taking 
your time to read this.

This Electronically Published Document is copyrighted (c) and trademarked (tm) 
by David Antoine.  All Rights Reserved.  This document is protected by 
applicable copyright laws and international treaties.  Unauthorized 
reproduction, retransmission, and/or a breach of copyright, partial or full, may 
result in civil and criminal penalties and is subject to maximum punishment and 
prosecution to the highest extent possible by law.  Please properly credit David 
Antoine where credit is due.  This document is the sole property of David 

David J. Antoine/$muvMoney
Copyright (c) 1999 David J. Antoine
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