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Karin by SStinson

KARIN KOZUKI  F.A.Q.  for  Streetfighter Alpha 3  By. Shaandre Stinson
                    ( DreStinson@hotmail.com )

   Wuddup? I'm Dre Stinson, and  welcome  to  my  Karin Kozuki  F.A.Q 
for  Streetfighter Alpha 3!  This  is my first attempt  at  making  a  
F.A.Q. , although  I  have  done  some  F.A.Q. work  for  some  of  the  
"Big  Name"  F.A.Q  makerz  on  the  net.  I'm  from  Flint  MI  where  
we  have  a  few(more like a couple)  of  the  best  fighting  game  
playerz  you  will  ever  see.  Although  some  of  us  believe  the  
cheaper you  play the  better!  Just  thought  I'd  warn  you  if  
you're  ever  thinking  of  playing  against  any  of  us!   
   Well  first  off,  most of  the  F.A.Q's  I  see  on  the  net  are  
usually  done  with  the  Japanese  pronunciations for the character 
movez.  In  no  way,  shape,  or  form  am  I  Japanese,  nor  do  I  
speak  or  understand  Japanese(aside the few martial artz classes I've 
taken.)  So, this F.A.Q. will  be done in English.  For example if I wuz 
to describe Ryuz Hadoken, I would  simply write "Fireball!"  And by no 
meanz are any of the move namez I say, or describe the official move 
name.  They are simply what I call the move, or what it lookz like to 
me.  So, Enjoy my Karin Kozuki F.A.Q.
             Dre       DreStinson@hotmail.com                                                                                                                                                            

Brief  character  Description:
   Karin  Kuzuki  is  a  character  from  a  Japanese  comic  book  
featuring  Sukura.  I guess Karin is  a  rebelliouz  fighter  from  a 
wealthy family that believez that winning is the only way. So, Karin 
along  with  her  butler seekz out the  one  fighter  to  have  ever  
beaten  her...Sukura.

Legend: This will represent a joystick, and describe the joystick 
motionz I use in my F.A.Q.
 ub   u   uf      Up-Back                Up               Up-Forward
    \ | /                                                                                                
b--        --f    Back                                    Forward
    / | \
 db   d   df      Down-Back              Down             Down-Forward

QCF- d,df,f        HCF- b,db,d,df,f        
QCB- d,db,b        HCB- f,df,d,db,b                                                
360 Degreez- f,df,d,db,b,ub,u,uf,f   
Game Buttonz:
Punches:            Jab             Strong             Fierce

Kickz:              Short           Forward-kick       Roundhouse

Karin'z Special Movez:(It doesn't matter which ism your in)
JUMPING TWO HIT PUNCH ATTACK:  QCF,UF + KICK...the kick determinez  
distance. This is the move where she jumpz towardz the opponent swinging 
with both handz one after the other for two hitz as she nearz the 
ground. It can be used to go over fireballz though you have to do it as 
they throw the fireball for it to hit. I know you may wonder, why doez 
she do a punch with a kick command? Good ??? Capcom, WHY IS THAT?

SPECIAL GRAB:  ROTATE JOYSTICK 360 degreez + KICK...Karin grabz opponent 
kneez them twice then flipz em.   Very short range on it!

THRUSTING PALM PUNCH:  F,D,DF + PUNCH...Karin thrustz her palm forward 
for one hit. Good in comboz though it leavez her open if missed.

DOUBLE JUMP KICK: F,D,DF + KICK...Karin lungez forward and doez two 
kicks. The first hitz in the middle the second hitz high, and will 
launch the opponent for some juggling. 

against jumping in attackz)...HCB + KICK FOR A LOW REVERSAL. Karin will 
go into a parry position and if she is hit high while in the high 
reversal parry she will counter it with a elbow that jugglez the 
opponent. She doez the same for the low parry cept' it workz against low 
attackz. If done against a multi hitting super like Kenz Rushing Dragon 
Punch super she will counter the first hit only to be hit by the 

with a Fei Long type punch sequence, but may be changed in to doing the 
following after the FIRST, or SECOND punch.   NOTE: The faster you hit 
the punch or kick buttonz the quicker the move will come out!
   By just hitting Punch twice after starting the move she will throw 
three punchez ending with a Thrusting Palm Punch.
   By pushing the joystick forward, and hitting punch she will do the 
Trusting Palm Punch.
   By pushing the joystick DF, and hitting punch twice she will throw 
two elbowz for a total of 4 hitz if you do it after her second punch.
   By pushing the joystick forward, and hitting Kick she will go into 
her Double Jump Kick.
   By pushing the joystick down, and hitting kick she will slide across 
the ground with a tripping kick.
   By pushing the joystick up, and hitting kick she will do her Jumping 
Two Hit Punch Attack.
   By pushing the joystick back, and hitting punch she will do her high 
   By pushing the joystick back, and hitting kick she will do her low 

RUSHING PUNCH SUPER: QCF, QCF + Punch...Karin performz a seriez of 
punchez. A excellent recovery move!  NOTE: When you do a level 2 Rushing 
Punch Super she will finish the super with a Double Jumping Kick instead 
of the Thrusting Palm Punch!

JUMPING PUNCH SUPER:(A-ism only) QCF, QCF + KICK...Karin doez a version 
of her jumping punch move cept' she swingz at the top of her jump. 
Prepare for some juggling after this connectz! This is a anti air super. 
NOTE: It will not hit any opponent that is standing on the ground. 

COMBO SECTION: (This is where we separate the skilled playahz from the 
button slapperz)

  Karin haz endless combo potential. So, I will list these  in  no 
particular order, I will just list them as I remember them!!!
3 hit combo: Forward kick, or Back, and Forward kick, into her double 
jumping kick.(note, pressing forward on joystick while hitting forward 
kick will cause Karin to do her overhead, and you can't combo off that.)

??? hit combo: crouching strong punch, into her rushing multipart punch 

??? hit combo: After high reversal, double jumping kick, or multi-part 
rushing punch attack, or her jumping punch super(A ism only.)

let me give you a example of wayz to turn Karin out.

CRAZY ??? HITZ COMBO: Jump in with the roundhouse kick after landing do 
a crouching strong punch into rushing multipart punch do two punchez 
then forward with kick into her double jump kick, do a level 2 jumping 
punch super, and then juggle em with a level 1 rushing punch super as 
they fall out of the air!!!

   Now, you should be able to figure out endless comboz for her just 
from those examplez...good luck!!!  If not just E-mail me for help!

Thanx Section:

 Much Thanx to the brilliant folkz over there at Capcom, it amazez me
how they come up with all their new ideaz in fighting gamez!

 Much Thanx to local arcade owner, who picked up Alpha 3 from Detroit 
dayz before the local arcadez located in Detroit got theirz!

 Big upz to all my folkz in MI that constantly improve my game by 
constantly improving theirz... ^5 

 And Apologiez to all the folkz I forgot to mention.
   Karin K.  F.A.Q.   Shaandre Stinson     DreStinson@hotmail.com
 Streetfighter Alpha 3  are copyrights of Capcom of America and Capcom 
of Japan. And  so  is  Karin!
 Feel free to print out my faq for easily accessible game info. No 
plagiarism please. If you wanna use my faq in any way, shape, or form
please give due credit to the author...Dre   DreStinson@hotmail.com

I also would like to apologize for being in such a hurry to get this 
F.A.Q. out I've never took the chance to get the correct spelling of 
Karin'z last name.       7 / 21 / 98   version  0.5

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