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Cammy (A-Ism) by Badmash X

Version: 0.02 | Updated: 09/29/00

Badmash X's STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 Ace Guide featuring CAMMY!!!
A-ism ONLY version

[FAQ ver 0.02]


FAQ Author: Badmash X
FAQ History: May - September 1999
"I don't reply emails that I don't receive" -> omar_ken@yahoo.com

You know who you are, MAN!

This FAQ and all my other humble FAQs can be accessed from any darn 
page you find 'em on. That's okay, you don't need to ask my permission 
or anything if you wanna put my humble lil FAQs up on your web-pages, 
only as long as you're distributing my FAQ material FREE OF ANY KINDA 
ya understand!!! Please promote STREET FIGHTER like it should be 
promoted, coz we Street Fighters have a world to conquer, yeeaahh!!!! 
Just do me a favor and lemme know where you're putting my work up so 
that I can come over & drop a visit to your pages :)

Please refrain from plagiarising my hard work. This FAQ is self-
copyrighted by me, yers truly, Badmash X, BUT if you link this FAQ or 
wish to host it at your webpage or anything like that, feel free to do 
so, so long as you remember to give credit where credit is due. If you 
wish to exchange it for moolah (such as maybe after printing it, if u 
know what I mean, and I'm sure u do), kindly remember that YOU CANNOT 
and YOU MUST NOT do so, I beseech thee!! Whenever mentioning this FAQ, 
please mention that it is available at www.gamefaqs.com, coz no FAQ-
site can get any better than GameFaqs! Muchos gracias mi amigos!

Get ready fighters..


1 --> Welcome one & all... (An Introduction)
2 --> Credits list
3 --> An Interview with the Vampire (or About Myself)
4 --> CAMMY: That crazy mixed-up kid!
5 --> All the right moves
 - basic moves & comments
 - special moves & details
6 --> Combo One, Combo All!
 - beginner combos
 - competition-level combos
 - illustrious combos
 - wacky combos
7 --> Technique or not technique?
 - basic strengths & weaknesses
  . know thyself
  . know thy fighter
 - super strategies
8 --> Get ready fighters...
 - the 10 rules of street fighting
9 --> FAQ History (& other interesting stuff)


Welcome one & all to my second grand blazing handy-dandy guide! The 
purpose of this guide/FAQ is..well, actually I felt I should share my 
knowledge with the rest of the world, `coz I'm in a really generous 
mood nowadays...

No wait..that's the reason behind my first FAQ! Actually, the reason 
I'm writing this FAQ is that I just took that crazy mixed-up kid CAMMY 
some weeks ago & WHOA! This is sudden, I know, but now SHE's my numero 
uno gal, surpassing the (ex-) SF queen-supreme, SAKURA! She's powerful, 
she's super fast, she's nothing short of invincible! And the moment I 
played her, I KNEW I was gonna write another FAQ!!

So here's this FAQ & I hope it helps out all you SF-maniacs (or 
newbies) to win with my new SF gal-of-the-moment, CAMMY!!! Well.. maybe 
'win' is a harsh term..

I've always played games from the SF-series just to feel good, because 
they're some of the very few games out there that succeed in making one 
feel good, & I've learnt that winning isn't everything. Nosirree! 
HUMILIATING your opponent is what it's all about!!! But, woefully, 
that's NOT what this FAQ's about, either! If you plan to play to win & 
feel good about THAT, then I'm afraid this FAQ won't help you very 
much, but if you need to get to know CAMMY better & want to have a 
great time playing this great game, then you're reading the right FAQ! 
Now let's get moving & have some fun!!

NOTE: This guide/FAQ is supposed to be for those people who already 
have a fair background of the SF-series and SFA3. Beginners are advised 
to please refer to some other excellent FAQs available at 
www.gamefaqs.com & please note that this is NOT an overall SFA3 FAQ but 
a CAMMY-specific FAQ! So I won't be telling you the A-B-Cs of SFA3, but 
what I'll do is show you CAMMY's awesome moves & techniques as thunk & 
implemented by yers truly! Let's proceed, then!!

DAMN, I need a new intro...


I know, I know, this section comes last in all FAQs, but I HAVE to 
thank these guys, mainly due to their constant (albeit passive) 
legitimate pestering about mentioning them here!

Umar F – I remember the day I bought SSF2 for my superb SNES perfectly. 
If my good buddy hadn't pitched in with 50% of the (extortionate) price 
I might never have played it until after 1 full year of its release. 
And even after that, I got to keep the game coz Umar never had a SNES.
Available on request at siddiqui78@hotmail.com

Mansoor R – Dagnabit! I hate losing arguments, especially if I lose to 
this guy! ...grumble grumble... OK OK MAN! You made your point! So 
CAMMY is better than SAKURA after all!! ...grumble grumble... but I bet 
I can STILL beat you in CAMMY vs CAMMY!
mansoor2537@hotmail.com is da man!


Hi. My name isn't really secret or encrypted or anything, but the most 
commonly known pseudonym I go around with is your fiendish neighborhood 
good ol' reliable Badmash X. Other really interesting, exciting, 
thrilling (yawn!) stuff about me is that I am the big bad bruddah of 
that infamous FAQ-guy "NT" (whose band Jangli Jaggas is constantly 
making mp3.com popular worldwide via www.mp3.com/jagga) and I'm 
admittedly an SF-freak, SF-maniac, SF-addict, call me what you may. 
Sticks & stones may break my bones, but attack me if you dare, I will 
crush you.

Yeah yeah, so that's the same paragraph as my (previous) SAKURA FAQ, 
but little has changed since then. I'm still the same. Well, I must 
admit, I DO need a shave...

I've been playing SF for 5 years (& DAMN I'm proud of it!) but the fun 
part is that I haven't played any other fighting game in as much depth, 
so please don't expect praise of other 1-on-1 games or comparisons etc, 
'coz I dedicated my attention to SF in order to become the best at the 
best. Of course, in my opinion, I am still a beginner 'coz I am 
tragically a very slow-&-stubborn learner.

Among the lesser interesting things, I am still a Spidey-maniac, a 
Punisher-freak, a Manga/Anime-fan, a Wolverine/X-Men-hater (but the 
movie was fun), & I know for sure John Romita Jr. is the Kirby of today 
& tomorrow. Oh, and my dog can draw better than Michael Turner.


Let it be heard far and wide, CAMMY's my newly proclaimed SFA3-queen-
supreme!! She finally feels so much more natural in the SF-cast (unlike 
DJ and T.HAWK, in my opinion) and she's got the capability of being #1 
competition for almost any fighter AT ALL! What with her new (X-MEN vs 
SF) costume being a major improvement over her plain old one (which 
looked really sleazy if you ask me), her new special moves and Super 
Combos being so effective, and heck! she's even sooo pretty! Even 
though she's a kid, she's a damn pretty kid if I ever saw one!

On a more street-fighting level, CAMMY is an excellent fighter in all 
respects & she's currently my #1 game-gal of all! Suffice to say if 
there's one fighter that's real real REAL fun to play, it's CAMMY! & I 
hope this FAQ helps you discover this too!! As for the "crazy, mixed-
up" thing, it's got something to do with her story...

Oh! You mean you want to know her STORY & BACKGROUND?!? Ohhh!! Why 
didn't you say so! Well, I'll tell you what! Why don't you refer to 
some FAQ related to this topic at www.gamefaqs.com, or some other 
excellent CAMMY-specific FAQ for that? I'm sure not a single CAMMY FAQ 
will disappoint you on this! I'm just very VERY lazy..

Remember once again that SF-games are absolutely perfect (& I'm sure 
everyone will indubitably agree), meaning that every single character 
can stand his/her ground & obliterate all obstructions, IF YOU KNOW 


If you referred to another FAQ like I politely asked, or if you're a 
dedicated SF-freak, then I shouldn't go on with this drivel, 'coz these 
moves-descriptions & stuff is the most boring thing I find in a FAQ! I 
mean, what's in a punch?! Just press the button & see for yourself, for 
crying out loud! Anyhow, I guess this is necessary nonetheless...but 
I'll keep this short & sweet...grumble grumble...

I would still advise absolute beginners to refer to the excellent 
aforementioned FAQs for instructions on combos & other technical stuff 
(like the laws of the Super Combo Meter, Alpha Counters, Super Combos, 
Rolls & Recoveries & Tech Hits, etc). I will, however, attempt to 
provide you with a thorough, personal, step-by-step, move-by-move 

SF-games are all about technique, not mindless punches & kicks &  
fireball wars. It's about technique, about anticipation, about 
ingenuity, & most of all, about fun. The one thing I personally believe 
that makes SF-games so much fun is not winning, but out-thinking your 
opponent, but this is not possible if what you want to do doesn't 
happen the very instant you want it to happen. The best part about SF-
games is that the moves respond to your reactions just when you want 
'em to, unlike other games that I can mention (but I won't 'coz I don't 
wanna ruin this FAQ!) that make you 'learn' the moves' timings by 
heart. Timing is of essence, & all moves must complement each other, & 
Capcom is the king when it comes down to this!

Remember that the controller is your best friend, so if something's not 
working, smashing it won't help. Atleast not every time. You HAVE TO 
KEEP IN MIND what your gameplan is & that you know what you're doing. 
The idea of it all is to make your opponent do what YOU want him to do. 
Keeping this in mind, go to the player-selection screen & choose CAMMY! 
Now we're ready to rock & roll!

LP , MP , HP = Light Punch , Medium Punch , Hard Punch
LK , MK , HK = Light Kick , Medium Kick , Hard Kick

That's your basic button-layout. Now for its description:

[Far Standing]

LP = A quick, repeatable jab that is comboable/bufferable. 
MP = A quick, straight out comboable fist with decent range.
HP = A straight uncomboable fist that hits just too hard!

LK = Quick jab high-kick to the kissah!
MK = Quick uncomboable "ballerina kick" that hits far & high.
HK = The classic HK is here! Hits from a mile away, but slow.

SAKURA..er, heh heh, I mean CAMMY works best upclose and personal than 
from a distance, which is mainly due to her speed. She is quite fast on 
her feet & can turn the tide in a matter of moments. But this requires 
a bit of concentration since you have to use almost every single move 
in her arsenal to smash your opponent with. Except maybe her LP, which 
is really not all that useful.

CAMMY's best constantly moving around. If you get stuck in a corner or 
trap, you gotta move outta there as fast as possible, & I emphasize 
FAST mainly because CAMMY is quick, like I just mentioned. So long as 
CAMMY's moving around all over the stage, she has more chances of 
winning than mostly anyone at all.

If your opponent does manage to get upclose, CAMMY's rapid LP can shove 
him/her back, & that's about it. But from a little further, her MK can 
stop opponents in their tracks if they're trying to attack high or 
jump, coz it hits high as well, stopping a jumping opponent the moment 
he/she jumps, & since it reaches waaay out, there is always a high 
chance of it hitting opponents out of their attacks as well (RYU's 
hadoken, or the SHINKUU-one). Moving around, keep your finger clicking 
on MK every now & then, so as to confuse your opponent. However, every 
time you hit MK, make sure you're anticipating your opponent's counter-
attack. Even though it looks as it's extremely long-range, her MK is a 
bit short-range in fact! Do NOT substitute HK for MK. Well, I warned 

CAMMY's HK is excellent in all aspects, but it's a bit slow and takes 
some time to "come out" but once it does, it hits from quite a distance 
and counters MANY attacks! Use it from far, very very far, but not very 
frequently as opponents may wisen up after they get creamed by it twice 
or thrice!

CAMMY's MP is better than HP in the sense that it's comboable from 
afar, is quicker & makes life so much more tough for your opponent. 

[Close Standing]

LP = Fast elbows to the head.
MP = Wow, this is just too good!! The best upclose-MP of 'em all!
HP = The classic comboable double-handed-smash, but has range-problems.

LK = A quick almost-below-the-belt knee.
MK = LK-ish high-kick. Not very effective. In the least..
HK = Classic HK again! Still hits straight up & still uncomboable.

The close standing attacks are primarily there to help you complete 
your combo of choice, so we can forget about the close standing MK and 
HK for the time being, 'em being uncomboable. That is the reason behind 
my including this "how to combo" section here:

What is of importance here is the timing of your attacks: if you are 
following-up on a jump-in attack (like jump-in HK) you will have to 
time your close-standing attack properly so that a 2 hit combo is 
registered. Eg- jump & hit HK, & wait for just, JUST a micro-second 
(and when I say micro-second, I MEAN micro-second!) & THEN hit HP for a 
2 hit combo. If you act too fast, nothing will happen, & if you're 
slow, a combo will not be registered, meaning that your second hit can 
be blocked (or countered), so the timing has to be perfect.

Even when you are following-up on a close standing attack, the timing 
of the special move that is buffered to complete your combo is 
different for each move. Eg- you have to do the CANNON SPIKE JUST THE 
MOMENT you hit *MP* to register a combo, but you can enter the CANNON 
SPIKE motion EVEN AFTER A LITTLE BIT if you're following up with the 
close standing *HP* ...  B E C A U S E  short attacks (MP) can be 
recovered from almost immediately, but a hard attack (HP) takes some 
time for your opponent to recover from, & THAT IS A RULE and it only 
makes complete sense!

CAMMY's (close standing) comboable moves include LP, LK, MP, and HP. If 
you want to inflict more damage real quick, the HP is the #1 choice to 
include in a combo (details ahead), whereas the LP and LK just help to 
make your combo look insane & fresh (& inflict comparatively less 

If you hit HP when your opponent is a bit close (or you're close to 
your opponent), CAMMY will throw her upclose HP (instead of the far 
standing one), which is a lightning fast sorta double axe-handle & 
comboable with ease, whereas her MP is comboable from both far & close, 
the former being a straight out fist to the kissah, and the latter 
being a *QUICK* uppercut, probably easily the best uppercut in the 

I normally use the good ol' MP for a guaranteed combo because the 
timing for the next (special) move is just perfect, and besides, it is 
comboable from close AND far! The only advantage the MP has over 
CAMMY's HP is that the HP sometime misses the opponent completely from 
upclose for some reason! CAMMY throws the punch but my opponent is 
mostly not in range for it to connect! But anyway, he MP is so sweet 
and stylish from upclose, I'd rather hit that than HP anytime! Its 
quickness is a plus 'coz your opponent will never know what the *#%@ 
hit him!

Other than that, CAMMY's upclose attacks really aren't much, but that's 
mostly because she doesn't need anything else much anyway! Her upclose 
HK is something I agreed with in X-MEN vs SF only (it's a launcher. ok, 
I can accept that), but I can't understand its use in any other game..

[Crouching] -hold DOWN & press a punch/kick button-

LP = Quick comboable punches.
MP = Excellent comboable punch, has a major priority advantage!
HP = Classic CAMMY-uppercut, still the same.

LK = Ultra-quick comboable jab kicks.
MK = Fairly quick, long-distance uncomboable leg-stretch.
HK = The good ol' trip, still uncomboable.

CAMMY's crouching attacks, though quite excellent, are quite 
predictable, just like SAKURA's. The similarity here is again the 
disadvantage of her crouching MK being uncomboable. Not that it's a bad 
move: au contraire, it's one of the most excellent long-range crouching 
attacks in the game!

If there's one thing you should learn by now, it's that TIMING is 
everything!! Meaning that if you time your attack JUST RIGHT, you'll 
succeed in delivering. Otherwise... heh heh, anyhow, the point I'm 
trying to make here is that you have to KNOW (in the back of your mind) 
just WHEN your attack is going to HIT your opponent. If you have that 
timing right, CAMMY's flurry of crouching attacks (mixed with her far 
standing ones) will demolish your opponent!

CAMMY's crouching MP and MK are also infamous for hitting your opponent 
out of their attacks, provided your timing is precise. Practice will 
make things perfect! Eg- While you (CAMMY) are blocking low, Ryu, next 
to you, decides to push you further away with crouching HK. Hit either 
MP or MK at the PRECISE moment to hit Ryu's 'leg' before it hits you! 
I'm stressing timing because when it comes down to the fight itself, 
it's this timing that'll help you out BIG TIME (explained in the 
technique-bit ahead) & not some flashy combo video you downloaded from 
the net! Remember that the timing of each of CAMMY's (or anybody's) 
attacks vary vastly. You HAVE to know when your punch/kick will 
actually connect, & you HAVE to know when a punch/kick will hit YOU!

Like SAKURA, CAMMY's crouching HK seems to hit from a lesser distance 
than it extends (so it seems to me). It's not comboable either, so use 
it only when you're SURE it WILL connect, & when you REALLY DO want to 
trip your opponent (which will be, like, never!) and please ensure that 
it really, really, REALLY does connect, because there's quite some lag 
time that follows..
CAMMY's crouching HP is the same as it was in SSF2, the 45-degree 
uppercut. It hits from a distance alright, and is probably her most 
effective anti-air attack. I wonder why I've never used it! It takes a 
while to actually "come out" but it hits cleanly, and is uncomboable as 
always. It's not the best anti-air attack, but it's a good one, 
provided your timing is impeccable.

Her crouching LP...well, I prefer the LK over the LP anytime of the 
day, because it's so QUICK, but her MK takes the cake coz it hits from 
afar (& I mean VERY AFAR) and is pretty quick as well! The LK works to 
push back upclose opponents quickly, after which you can push them even 
further with MP and MK.

[Straight-up Jump] -hold UP & press a punch/kick button-

LP = Quick SAKURA-style jumping LP. Ho hum.
MP = Hi-priority anti-air punch. And I do mean HI-PRIORITY!
HP = The ol' jump-in push-punch, with the same weird angle.

LK = An efficient quick-kick, hitting waaaay out!
MK = The sweetest looking kick of SFA3! A far-reaching "ballerina-kick"
HK = The ol' reliable jump-HK, still hits far & still very powerful.

I must admit I rarely use any of these attacks. In fact, the only time 
I'm jumping straight up is when I hit 'up' accidentally! The only other 
time I jump straight up is either to set up my opponent, or just to hit 
him with CAMMY's jump-MK, which is just too sweet! 

The only straight-up jump attacks that I find commendable are CAMMY's 
LK, MK and HK. CAMMY's LK hits waaaay out straight ahead (it's her 
crouching MK, only in air, so you can guess it's range..), her MK is 
just too sweet, but it hits UP! and her HK is the most effective, 
counters almost everything your opponent will throw at you if he's 
jumping as well, and is made for her straight-up jump, period! But it's 
always a sorta weird good feeling when you get a jump-MK to connect and 
hit your opponent.. I dunno, whenever I connect her jump-MK, I feel 
sorta like "Haa haahh!! Lookie that! He actually took it!" Maybe that's 
because it's her most vulnerable attack. It just looks sweet, but it's 
not a very effective anti-air attack, unless your opponent is "above" 
you, in which case it's the best. Don't get me wrong, it hits below as 
well, but then it can be countered easily since CAMMY's kick is aiming 
upwards, and hence that makes perfect sense.

Hmmm, coming to think of it, CAMMY's jump-MK hit her opponent even when 
she was retracting it (pulling it back) in X-MEN vs SF! I doubt that 
bug's here in SFA3! Anyway, her jump-LP is weird, it's better to jump 
and grab instead, and her jump-MP is a jump-in attack coz it hits 
almost directly below and the same goes for her jump-HP.

[Jump-in Attack] -hold UP/FORWARD & press a punch/kick button-

LP = Same as Straight-up Jump one. Ho hum again.
MP = Same as Straight-up Jump one. The ULTIMATE jump-in attack!
HP = Same as Straight-up Jump one. NOT the ultimate jump-in attack.

LK = Not a very useful move, but CAMMY's only effective cross-up move.
MK = The sweetest looking ANTI-AIR kick, but definitely NOT a jump-in!
HK = CAMMY's strongest aerial-attack, but MP is quicker & more upclose.

CAMMY's jump-in attacks demand a lot of practice, but once you've got 
the timing right, you'll feel right at home. All you need to get right 
are two basic things: the timing and anticipation.

Her jump-in LP is quite useless (that's only how I feel) because of its 
short-range and weird diagonal angle, and LK hits the furthest, but 
both are quickly recoverable from. However, her LK is her most 
effective cross-up attack.

Her jump-in MK is the same as the straight-up jumping MK, which is 
quite a bother 'coz CAMMY kicks sorta at a 45-degree angle, making it 
tougher for her to attack below cleanly. Her kick does hit below as 
well, of course, but it can be easily countered since it aims upwards, 
which only makes complete sense once you look at it (unlike CLARK's 
jump-kick in..um, some game..)

Her jumping MP is THE jump-in attack, the classic high-priority fist! 
Or slap.. or chop... or uh, whatever.... Yeah I think it's a karate-
type chop like Jet Li uses in Lethal Weapon 4. It's mostly infamous for 
hitting opponents out of their anti-air attacks if timed right. I can't 
really be the judge of this, but most people say her jumping HK takes 
the cake as her best jump-in attack because it's fast as well, has 
tremendous range, & most of all, it is very powerful. But somehow I 
think her MP is a step-ahead because.. I dunno, I think it just IS! It 
just "seems" so much more effective than CAMMY's HK, but I can't 
explain why! Maybe if anyone out there plays CAMMY (or decides to), you 
can tell me!

Finally, CAMMY's jump-in HP...yeesh, I've always had difficulty in 
understanding this 'punch'! And I STILL can't see what its use is! It's 
a really weird-looking punch, makes me wonder how CAMMY can regain her 
balance and stand on her two feet after that coz it seems like she's 
gonna fall on her face! Anyway, it's a downward 45-degree punch 
(technically speaking, a 135-degree punch) which hits from quite a 
distance and, well, that's all I know! It's only problem is that it 
seems to be able to be easily countered. I dunno, it just LOOKS that 
way to me, and probably it can't be, but it just seems that way, which 
is why I use MP any time I jump and attack. MP is so much more 
comfortable and just pure reliable.

And before I forget...

CANNON DRILL/SPIRAL ARROW : Down-to-Forward + Kick
THRUST KICK/CANNON SPIKE :  Forward-to-Down-to-Down/Forward + Kick
SPINNING KNUCKLE :          Forward-to-Down-to-Back + Punch
HOOLIGAN COMBINATION :      Down-to-Forward-to-Up + Punch
*SPIN DIVE SMASHER:     Down-to-Forward, Down-to-forward + Kick
*VERTICAL ARROW :       Down-to-Back, Down-to-Back + Kick
*MAXIMUM CAMMY :        Charge Down/Back for 2 seconds, then move 
Down/Forward-to-Down/Back-to-Up/Back + Kick. That's gotta hurt.

NOTE: Please see that the motion described in each move listed above 
indicates a 'smooth roll of the thumb' & not tapping the keys, unless 
indicated. Eg: down-to-forward does not mean tapping the down-key and 
then the forward-key, but a smooth rolling motion from down to forward.

NOTE: There is some confusion between SFA3 and SFZ3 (the US and the 
Japanese versions of the game), but I'm not gonna talk about that now! 
We all know the history behind Vega being Balrog and Balrog being 
M.Bison and M.Bison being Vega.. man, I hope that came out right! 
Anyway this other problem exists since SSF2, where Spiral Arrow was 
changed to Cannon Drill and Cannon Spike was changed to Thrust Kick, 
and then there were two other things CAMMY said, heck knows what!! 
Anyway, I'm sure some other FAQ will help out in this case a lot 

Some gibberish about these special moves...

- Now here's a unique move, I wonder how CAMMY does it without getting 
a single bruise! Hee hee, anyway, CAMMY yells "CANNON DRILL" (or 
"SPIRAL ARROW" in the ZERO3-version, but I'm not gonna get into that 
old mess!) and (horizontally) spins into her opponent, legs-first, 
hitting for upto a maximum of 2-hits (from upclose). If this move is 
blocked, it will do some minor damage anyway, but then CAMMY can get a 
good whipping coz she takes forever to recover! Try to pull this move 
off from a distance or in a sure-fire combo only.

- The second most popular, most ripped-off original move of the 
Shotokan fighter is the internationally acclaimed Dragon Punch. Be it 
with an extended punch or kick, the distinctive feature of this attack 
is that it is supposed to be invincible in its initial frames, & is the 
best riposte to the occasional jump-in attack.

CAMMY's sure as heck no Shotokan, but she has this mean dragon-kick, 
her "CANNON SPIKE" (or "THRUST KICK"). It is invincible in its key-
frames & it hits up to a maximum of 1 hit (count it, ONE HIT), knocking 
her opponent back from whence he/she came! It hits from quite a 
distance so keep it handy, but the HK-one goes a LONG way ahead, so 
make sure it connects, otherwise you might never play as CAMMY again! 
The LK-version is better because CAMMY doesn't leap all the way to the 
top of the screen, and actually returns back to the ground far away 
from her opponent if it actually connects, or is even blocked! It 
doesn't matter if the CANNON SPIKE connects in its initial frame or at 
its peak coz it does nearly the same amount of damage in both cases.

- The third trademark CAMMY move is her SPINNING KNUCKLE (and she 
actually says that in the US-version of the game. In SFZ3 she just 
yells "hee-yaaahh!" which sounds a lot more convincing and a lot less 

This move can be comboed, but WHY I dunno. It's not an extremely 
effective move. In fact, it's NOT an effective move at all! Some people 
say it passes through fireballs, and well, I still have to see that 
day! Sure, that used to happen in SSF2, but it's never happened to me 
in SFA3! Not yet, atleast! The most I did was spin through Sagat's low 
Tiger Blow twice one fine day..

Besides all that, the only use I've found of this move is to make my 
opponent block it and hence inflict a bit more damage. Sure, sometimes 
CAMMY jumps and spins and knuckles over opponents who are attacking 
low, but even then CHUN LI can trip her, so I'm really confused about 
this move! Anyway, the best time to do this that I've found is when my 
opponent is far away, so I just start to spin (with LP) close to him, 
and hope that he blocks or flinches or does something stupid so I can 
jump all the way over to his head and beat him up. In the game, of 
course. The only other time I find this useful is when my opponent is 
getting up from the ground, and I time this move juuust as he's getting 
up so that he has to block it, or if he counter-attacks, the knuckle 
(which is very highly prioritized) smashes him and launches him in the 
air so I can combo him again! Yaaayy!! Beware of timing, coz if your 
timing is lousy, the knuckle can be countered.

- The HOOLIGAN COMBINATION is a neat name for a special move! Other 
than that, it is a quick wake-up call for those turtles and lazing 
opponents. Try not to use it for attacking purposes too much, or you'll 
be risking your opponent to become aware of it, and that's not a very 
good thing as this is one of the most unique moves in the entire game!

In this, CAMMY comes rolling forward towards her opponent, and then 
slides and trips him/her. If you use HP, CAMMY will come rolling almost 
from one end of the screen to the other. The MP one's a bit shorter, 
and the LP one, of course, goes straight up more and forward a lot 

If CAMMY rolls forward and comes very close to her opponent, at head-
height, pressing kick will have her do her kick-grab (thigh-press) 
which has looked aweful to me ever since *sweet reminder: Kylie 
Minogue* and that's nuff said!

However, if CAMMY is rolling forward from a distance and reaches her 
opponent at chest or stomach-height, pressing kick will have her grab 
and slam him/her with the most powerful looking slam in the game! Yes, 
it's the very same slam with which she ends her MAXIMUM CAMMY Super 

- *Super Combo #1 SPIN DIVE SMASHER – Yes, the same old super move from 
SSF2T, where CAMMY CANNON DRILLs into her opponent with multiple hits 
and ends with a multi-hitting CANNON SPIKE. This is her most damaging 
Super Combo as well as my choice of follow-thru for a combo involving a 
Super Combo. It is also the #1 Super Combo to connect your opponent 
with after a perfectly disguised setup.

- *Super Combo #2 VERTICAL ARROW – CAMMY's "Shinryuken" is not her most 
effective Super Combo. Infact, it doesn't even work like the Shinryuken 
either! CAMMY can be hit out of her VERTICAL ARROW and it doesn't have 
that "sucking-in" ability of the Shinryuken. As a plus, even though it 
IS comboable, CAMMY's opponent slips out of range before the VERTICAL 
ARROW can connect! The best way to connect this is when your opponent 
is dizzy, or when you're trying to do something else and it just, you 
know, comes out and HITS! Oh and when it connects, pressing all the 
buttons will result in more hits. Go crazy.

- *Super Combo #3 MAXIMUM CAMMY - er, no, that's not what she says when 
she does this Super Combo. This is my most favorite super of all 3 of 
CAMMY's Super Combos. It is easily comboable (preferably with a close 
crouching MP) & has the best range AND hits opponents out of their 
attacks almost all the time, AND AS A PLUS it's more damaging than her 

But no, this does not mean this is the ONLY Super Combo CAMMY has. And 
no, you do NOT have to combo this, because if your opponent is alive, 
he can and will block it! In this CAMMY takes off to the top of the 
screen and then homes in on her opponent, diving at him/her kick-first, 
and if it hits, she leaps from end to end, kicking her opponent in the 
duration, until she runs outta gas or the battery dies or something and 
she grabs the guy and takes him up in the air with her dramatically, 
and then SLAAAAMMM pounds him into the ground, stomping his guts in 
with her feet, and that has GOT to HURT!! The only down-point is that 
it takes all 3 Super Meter Levels, like GOUKI's Raging Demon, so make 
sure it DOES connect! The moment you see your opponent mess up, or 
throw a fireball or jumping etc, JUST DO IT (I've always wanted to say 
that)! And no, this is NOT blockable IN AIR.


Alright ladies & gentle-fighters, here are some of CAMMY's combos, 
including beginner-level combos, competition-level combos, illustrious 
combos, and wacky combos. Each of these will be followed by 'stars' 
which indicate each combo's usefulness in my opinion. The more the 
stars, the badder & nastier the combo. All combos are rated on a scale 
of 1-5.

NOTE: For the sake of simplicity, I've typed down Super-moves in CAPS 
for those of you looking for Super-related-combos. All combos followed 
by (c) shows that they have to be done in the end of the screen 
(corner) only. All (1) or (2) or (3)'s following Super-related-combos 
indicate the Super-level required.

[Beginner-level Combos]

(1) crouching LK (repeated)         [4 hits]
(2) jump HK,  crouching HK          [2 hits]
(3) close standing HP + Cannon Spike    [2 hits]
(4) far-standing MP + Cannon Drill      [2 hits]*
(5) crouching MP + Cannon Drill         [2 hits]**

[Competition-level Combos]

(1) close standing MP + Cannon Spike    [2 hits]***
(2) jump MP, stand MP + Cannon Spike    [3 hits]*****
(3) jump MP, stand MP + S.D.SMASHER(3)  [9 hits]**
(4) stand LP + VERTICAL ARROW(3) (c)    [lotsa hits]

[Illustrious Combos]

(1) cross-up LK, stand MP + Cannon Drill              [3 hits]****
(2) cross-up LK, 3 crouching LKs + S.D.SMASHER(3)     [9 hits]*
(3) Spinning Knuckle, stand MP + Cannon Spike  (c)    [4 hits]*****
(In combo#3, if your opponent recovers from the MP, watch out quickly 
and hit ANOTHER MP, and then complete the combo!)

[Wacky Combos]
Alright I must admit, this isn't exactly a combo, but it sure is 
insane! And not only CAMMY, but almost any character in the game can do 
this, so long as you're doing it right! But sticking with CAMMY, when 
your opponent jumps at you, jump yourself and counter his attack with 
your MP or MK, but make sure his attack IS COUNTERED. You will know 
that when COUNTER HIT comes up written on the screen and everything 
will pause for a bit. Now as soon as you're back on the ground, jump 
into your opponent (or straight up, whichever you see fit) again with 
the same MP or MK, but make sure you hit him/her again! Now IF YOUR 
OPPONENT RECOVERS you gotta jump up as fast as possible and hit him/her 
with your highest-priority move (MP in CAMMY's case) so that you knock 
your opponent outta his/her attack, then jump up and hit em again! 
Let's see if they can recover from that!


In the end it all comes down to who's the winner..& who's the loser.. 
So who IS the better fighter? Well, what I like to think is not who won 
or lost in the end, but who managed to OUTPLAY his opponent. This again 
does not mean that the winner outplayed the loser. For all you know, 
all it took to turn the tide was a jab-kick before the time ran out!
What I'm trying to get at here is that this FAQ is NOT gonna tell you 
how to WIN, but how to manage to outthink, outsmart & outplay your 
opponent, because that is where CAMMY excels! I mean, if I were writing 
a MECH GOUKI FAQ (Marvel Superheroes vs SF), I would've written things 
like 'top-10 moves to finish your opponent with within 10 seconds' or 
'top-10 reasons why you just cannot lose' if you get my drift. However, 
this is a CAMMY FAQ, so you must understand & accept the fact that 
CAMMY is CAMMY! She's no RYU or KEN and hence you have to accept her as 
she is, realize her weaknesses & capitalize on her strengths. But even 
before you do that, you have to realize YOUR OWN weaknesses! This is 

[know thyself]

- So what counts as a weakness? First of all, some real expert players 
can often clearly read your gameplan if you keep foot-sweeping them 
5-10 times in a row. In other words, you have to keep mixing-up your 
attacks & revising your strategy from time to time and should never 
follow a certain fixed pattern.

- Do not fall into traps. You should realize that your opponent is as 
human as you are (sometimes) & will adopt tactics that will tilt the 
match to his favor, just like you plan to do! Eg: RYU throws a fireball 
& you jump over it, but get hit by a Dragon Punch. Again. And again. 
And again. See a pattern? Your falling into it is not a good sign.

- Anticipation is the key to victory. If you PREDICT your opponent's 
next move successfully, you'll find yourself countering it almost 
automatically, like a natural reaction. However, if your opponent 
anticipates your attack beforehand, you're gonna be in a world of hurt, 
& don't I know it! Anticipation is a major factor in a 2-player fight, 
and it will feel natural after (a LOT of) practice.

- Finally, the set-ups! Over the years I've learnt quite a lot about 
these 1-on-1 games, mostly by watching others play..or being beat up by 
them..and the most important lesson I've learnt is that you don't stand 
a chance if you can't set up your opponent into making mistakes. You 
have to make sure that YOU aren't being suckered into a trap, because 
the purpose of setups is to inflict maximum damage unto the.. uh.. 

- Keeping in mind the last two points, remember that anticipation & 
setups go hand in hand, but these are again NOT THE ONLY METHODS that 
will lead you to victory. Keep moving around & keep ATTACKING from time 
to time, using CAMMY's excellent pokes, & try to counter almost 
anything with her arsenal of poking and hi-priority attacks.

- Keep both eyes (or as many as you have) open ALL THE TIME during a 
bout. Remember, you CANNOT afford to laze around or slacken at ANY 
point in this game, coz the tide can turn pretty unexpectedly 
otherwise. I know this 'coz it's happened to yers truly & I've paid for 
my mistakes dearly. Lazing around & trying to give your opponent a 
chance is not an option, unless you're some sorta expert (in which case 
you don't need to read this FAQ). Either that, or your opponent is a 

- You must have a solid purpose behind pressing each button or 
executing any move that you do. This may seem to sound stupid, but it 

- Remember that as a general SFA2 and A3 rule, whenever you're jumping 
into your opponent, the moment you press up/forward, move your thumb to 
the down/back position to assume the air-block, so that if your 
opponent decides to counter-attack you before you know it, his attack 
may be blocked (if possible – like timed Dragon Punches can't be 

- I'm a bit unaware of this, but I think air-recovery is better than 
the ground-roll, 'coz it helps you to recover & counter-attack while 
you're falling, instead of taking more and more hits (no, it is NOT 
possible to be juggled infinitely, unlike some bogus games, and I DON'T 
mean X-MEN vs SF!). So air-recover as much as possible, and soon it 
will feel only natural. Hit all 3 punches while you're falling to the 
ground, then prepare to counter-attack!

So now you know where you're making mistakes. Accept the fact that once 
you know yer mistake & you still repeat it, you're wrong in the head. 
He he he, just kidding! It'll all come with practice, & lots of it.

[know thy fighter]

- Down on the ground, CAMMY's basic attacks very rarely face stiff 
competition, if at all. This is true if you're doing the right thing at 
the right time. Try to use her hi-priority counters as much as 
possible. These include her crouching MP against those pesky pokers, 
her crouching and standing MK and HK against those loathsome turtles 
and obdurate grabbers (ZANGIEF) from far away, and her rapid crouching 
LK against those 'normal' grabbers (like VEGA or BLANKA), and her 
upclose MP against those jumping & cross-upping-wannabes. It all 
depends on the situation. Long story.

- CAMMY's basic air-defense on the overall includes every single basic 
attack in her arsenal, even her LK, provided you do the right move at 
the right time. This is very very very very deep since this varies from 
situation to situation.

So what are these situations? Well, it's a really long list, but let's 
see what I can come up with. I'll list as many "basic" situations as 
possible, & will attempt to give the most effective counters to them as 
well. Don't memorize this, please, it's just a guide, & besides, 
situations tend to vary with each passing second. SO IT ALL REALLY 
ANTICIPATION. <--These really are golden words, so try to keep 'em in 
mind almost all the time.

(this is gonna be the layout)
x. situation
-	your response/counter-attack
-	alternate response
-	alternate response, and so on.

1. Opponent jumps AND ATTACKS
-	timed MK
-	timed MP
-	crouch HP
-	Cannon Spike
-	MAXIMUM CAMMY (just when opponent jumps)
-	block (shucks!)

2. Opponent jumps AND DOES NOT ATTACK
-	any attack
-	LK Cannon Spike (or timed, deep HK Cannon Spike)
-	timed Cannon Drill (so that opponent lands on it!)
-	wait until the very last moment, then grab em yourself
-	VERTICAL CAMMY (at the last moment)
-	MAXIMUM CAMMY (just when opponent jumps)
-	jump AT THE LAST MOMENT and air-throw (hee hee!)

3. Opponent jumps AND ATTACKS VERY EARLY (mostly grabbers)
-	straight-up Jump MK (must connect, or else..)
-	straight-up Jump HK (must connect, or else..)
-	crouch HP
-	Cannon Spike
-	VERTICAL ARROW (at the last moment)
-	MAXIMUM CAMMY (just when opponent jumps)
-	wait for opponent to land, then combo him

4. Opponent jumps FROM A DISTANCE
-	LK Cannon Spike with your eyes closed
-	timed Cannon Drill (so that opponent lands on it!)
-	anticipate it and Hooligan C. roll and grab opponent first!
-	MAXIMUM CAMMY (just when opponent jumps)
-	expect long-range move (ZANGIEF's jump-HK), counter with jump HK
-	jump QUICKLY into opponent (DON'T attack) & grab upon landing

5. Opponent jumps FROM UPCLOSE
-	move under opponent & counter-attack from behind (MP)
-	HK Cannon Drill away from opponent
-	jump back with MK or HK
-	Cannon Spike (time it to hit at the last moment)
-	VERTICAL ARROW (time it right!)

6. Opponent attempts cross-up
-	timed MP (may trade hits, really tough)
-	LK Cannon Spike
-	block (if getting up)

7. Opponent keeps poking
-	hit opponent's 'punch' or 'kick' with Cannon Spike
-	never ever EVER jump into opponent (coz most pokers want you to)
-	surprise 'im with Hooligan Combination
-	timed crouching MP/MK (upclose) or stand HK (afar)
-	timed crouch MP + Cannon Drill combo

8. Opponent sits right there
-	start poking, beginning with crouch MK, then get closer with MP
-	go near opponent & move back & forth & wait for him to mess up
-	(if you're moving back & forth) go and grab that lousy turtle!
-	surprise opponent with sudden Hooligan Combination attack
-	timed Spinning Knuckle from distance (mustn't connect) then wait
-	crouch and wait from afar & if opponent flinches..MAXIMUM CAMMY!

9. Opponent is getting up
-	jump in very late with MP (to counter counter-attacks!)
-	wait to the very last moment, then go and grab!! (use wisely)
-	keep walking into opponent, grab early, and then V.ARROW!

10. YOU jump in with MP or HK
-	if it connects, follow with your combo
-	if it connects, hold on just a bit, then grab opponent
-	if blocked, quickly hit grab & prepare to attack if opponent 
-	if blocked, quickly LP Hooligan Combo and grab or something

11. YOU jump in very early with MP or HK
-	Blocked or not, look out for grabbers & jump away immediately!
-	If you expect a nasty attack upon landing, follow thru with Super
-	Grab (use rarely 'coz they learn quickly! & expect this yerself!)
-	Multiple crouch LKs to get away from it all!
-	Just one crouch LK, then go & grab

Needless to say, the situations are almost limitless, so every 
situation will demand something different. If anyone out there in the 
world agrees with me, I guess I'll be a happy man. Now I'm not gonna 
list down any more situations 'coz that won't be fair for YOU. Trust 
me! If you want to have the fun that SF is all about, then go ahead & 
play the game like it should be played! WITHOUT any guides or walk-
throughs, etc! I mean, I NEVER knew how to Dragon Punch until AFTER ONE 
YEAR of playing SF2-Turbo on my SNES!! ONE WHOLE &#%^@ YEAR!!!! No 
guides, not even the manual, no nothing! It was fun... I guess that's 
why I appreciate the game so much.

If you manage to keep these pointers in mind, you will ALWAYS know what 
you are doing & where you stand (that is, at beginner, intermediate or 
expert level). Then even when SAKURA does her Sakura Kick/Bike Kick, or 
KEN does his ground-roll when he's very very upclose, or NASH just sits 
right there, or that freak ADON taunts you with that I R R I T A T I N 
G thumbs-down, you will know in the back of your mind if they're doing 
so to make you attack, or just wasting time, or preparing to suddenly 
attack as you come jumping forward. At this point you will also realize 
how to counter-attack appropriately, as you can easily predict your 
opponent's next move. Well, somewhat. Don't worry, this is a tried and 
tested technique, & it's been doing wonders for yers truly since SFA2!

Alrighty then (awww yecch, I DESPISE Ace Ventura), let's get down to 
the real CAMMY-specific strategies. I mean, it's about time we got to 
the part where you wake up and read the FAQ for a change...

CAMMY is one of those fighters who can be a regular genuine major pain 
when it comes to attacking. I mean she can TOTAL any opponent in NO 
TIME at all, but this is only possible if you don't have this pestilent 
fear of Shotokan-fighters in your mind! I mean, if it's ANY 
consolation, I've beaten the best SFA3 champ here in my neighborhood in 
KEN vs CAMMY, and that too in record time! So please REMOVE your fear 
of Shotokans, it will only ruin everything! So like I was saying.. er, 
typing.. CAMMY is the best when it comes to attacking, so there's 
little thinking involved, and most of the dirty work will be done by 
your button-clicking fingers, which should be busy hitting every single 
button on the controller, because that's what CAMMY needs in order to 
demolish all the competition. A constant flurry of poking attacks, high 
and low, here and there, etc etc. Keep your opponent pinned and have 
him block everything, then surprise him with a grab here and a slam 
there (trust me, grabs always happen, and they are FAIR). Finally, your 
opponent will get so ticked, he will HAVE to jump in or do something 
that you should anticipate (and you will, with a bit of practice), so 
be prepared to counter everything! And the best part, probably CAMMY's 
best setup is that after you're done attacking a lot, just sit there & 
have a cup of tea or something and do nothing, so that the moment your 
opponent reacts, all you have to do is MAXIMUM CAMMY and then start all 
over again!

CAMMY is not the best when it comes to defense, but that's not a 
problem, because if you're making the right moves and pressing her 
buttons.. I mean, if you're pressing all the right buttons and doing 
the right moves, you won't have a chance to block until after you've 
won and the fight's over! So CAMMY really doesn't need to set her 
opponents up coz the bout will be going on at extreme speed (which is 
the way it SHOULD be, coz CAMMY's advantage over almost everyone is her 
speed!), but anyhow, here are some setups nonetheless. Don't fret about 
setups, ANYONE can DREAM up setups, but the real thing is IF your 
opponent got suckered into it or not!

1.	LP Spinning Knuckle a bit close to opponent (preferably when 
opponent is getting up from the ground), make sure it DOESN'T 
connect, then wait for opponent to attack while CAMMY recovers & 
follow through with every *#%@ thing you can think of, including the 
kitchen sink!

2.	MK Cannon Drill from a distance (as opponent is getting up) such 
that CAMMY spins forward INTO him, & time it such that it DOESN'T 
connect again, & follow with anything again as opponent flinches or 

3.	This is fantastic! Go a bit near opponent and hit HP, but make sure 
you're juuuust out of his sweeping range, then follow with any move 
as he tries to hit you! It's that CAMMY's HP is extremely short-
range, but it packs a WALLOP, but if your opponent reacts, let 'im 
have it! Works BEST against those lousy turtles!

4.	Grab opponent with kick, then walk forward & jump INTO him before he 
gets up (or as he's getting up) so that you fall "behind" & grab 
again. Then jump into him again & grab again. Repeat. Won't work for 
long, though.

5.	CAMMY's kick-grab is one of her best setups for a cross-up. Grab 
opponent with kicks & wait for CAMMY to recover. Then jump into 
opponent & hit LK to cross-up! If opponent crouch-blocks, your LK 
may or may not hit him, so grab again if possible, or time the LK a 
liiittle late so that it hits anyway.

6.	This is another classic! Works with most fast characters! Go near 
opponent and start moving towards and away, and keep an eye out for 
a low HK attack, coz some people can't help but try to trip you! But 
make sure you're out of their range, then go up and grab 'em as 
they're recovering from their attack!!

Like I said before, these are NOT the ONLY setups in CAMMY's arsenal, 
so you can think up some of your own which are WAY more effective! 
Anyhow, all these things matter a lot during a fight, & once you're 
REALLY into it, you'll be surprised at what you can do in just 99 
seconds! Here's something else that counts a lot : the air-recovery 

So if you're hit and falling...

1.	and opponent jumps after you, you should recover and hit MP or HK or 
HP immediately, 'coz if he jumps to attack, your attack will cancel 
his move out & smash him, or if he plans to air-throw you, your 
attack will hit him while he's "elevating".

2.	and opponent keeps walking towards you, you can recover and hit MP 
or HK to hit directly under you & try to follow with a combo!

3.	and opponent does some special move (Dragon Punch, Somersault Kick, 
Tiger Uppercut, etc), you must recover and block it. If it's badly 
timed, you can block it, otherwise.. oUCH! Or you may risk a timed 
MP or HK which can counter-hit some special moves, but your timing 
counts. CAMMY's HK and MP will cleanly smash Sagat's Tiger Uppercut 
and the Dragon Punches respectively, if timed right. Yes, it IS 
possible to hit Ken and Gouki out of their Shoryuken and Messatsu Go 
Shoryu (Gouki's Shoryureppa) with Cammy's recover-counter MP!!

4.	and opponent does a Super Combo, you may recover and attempt to 
block it, or just take it like a man ..er, girl.. (some Supers are 
blockable so I'd advise you try and block as many as possible. I 
would also advise you not to fall in these type of situations too 

Well, there you have it, folks! That's one way of fighting the CAMMY-
way! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this FAQ & found it informative & 
resourceful. IF I receive enough response & encouragement, who knows! 
maybe I might just be able to muster enough strength & courage (not to 
mention lotsa time) to prepare FAQs for my other favorite SFA3 guys, 
like Vega(not Balrog) & Balrog(not M.Bison) & Blanka & Chun Li & Guile 
& Fei Long & Honda & etc, etc. Of course, only AFTER I'm done with THIS 

Please direct requests.. um, e-mails to omar_ken@yahoo.com


Finally, at last, and NOW! Now that you're ready for the real fight, 
don't EVER forget these top-10 EXTREMELY IMPORTANT RULES:

10. DO NOT base the fight on connecting Super Combos only
9. Keep the time-factor in mind from, er, time to time
8. Don't LOOK at your life; have an idea of how much is left!
7. Don't LOOK at your Super-meter; have an idea of it
6. PLEEEASE keep moving around, don't just sit there like a turtle!!
5. Puh-LEEEAASE keep mixing up your attacks!
4. Don't WAIT for your opponent to attack; ANTICIPATE his next move
3. Set up your opponent CONSTANTLY & make your own openings!!
2. Keep your eyes ON YOUR OPPONENT, not on your own fighter!
1. Do not take time-out during a fight to refer to this FAQ...


May 7, 1999  --- begun work (I think..)
May 11, 1999 --- updated FAQ quite a bit & changed layout
May 14, 1999 --- plug: posted finalized SAKURA FAQ at gamefaqs.com
May 15, 1999 --- changed FAQ layout yet again
June 26, 1999 --- slapped myself silly! I forgot all about this FAQ!
June 27, 1999 --- resumed..ok, STARTED this FAQ...mumble grumble...
July 7, 1999 --- incorporated corrections. La la la
July 17, 1999 --- updated quite a LOT! Swore to post FAQ this month
August 18, 1999 --- er, hee hee, what's a FAQ?
September 1, 1999 --- finished this back-breaking laborious FAQ.
September 5, 1999 --- finished final updating thing. Hope you're happy.
..does anyone really really REALLY bother to go thru this?


5. Cammy's Hooligan Combination gut-stomper
4. Ken's new karate kick (forward + HK)
3. Sagat's new upclose MP and HP and good ol' HK 
2. Zangief's Super Aerial-Grab(lv3)catching T.Hawk's Headbutt-Dive 
1. Guile's lethal backfist, admit it!

5. Punisher by Capcom(Arcade) AND Double Dragon 2 by Technos(NES)
4. Killer Instinct by Nintendo (SNES)
3. the King of Fighters *94 by SNK (Neo.Geo) and no other KOF..
2. Street Fighter 2 Turbo by Capcom (SNES)
1. Legion of Heroes / Rival Schools by Capcom (PS)

[P.S. BIT!]
P.S: I'm not sure about the number of hits in the Combo-Section..
P.S 2: I still don't read EGM.

Doctor: Your wife misses you very much
Patient: Well she certainly didn't when she was parking the car!!

Sergeant: Left, right, left, right..!
Private: Will you make up your mind!

These three guys signed up to be trained as CIA agents. They passed all 
the written and physical tests, and now all that remained was the 
ultimate mental test. They took these three into a room with a two-way 
mirror that showed them the view of the next room (like in True Lies). 
So the first guy is shown that his wife is in the room, and the CIA 
Chief gives him a gun and tells him to go kill his wife. The guy 
reluctantly takes the gun, but returns back after a minute, failing the 
The second guy is given the gun and told to go kill his wife, who then 
enters the room. But he returns after 10 minutes without accomplishing 
the mission, failing the test.
The third guy is given the gun and told to go kill his wife. Well, 30 
minutes pass, the CIA Chief is surprised to see the guy hasn't entered 
the room at all, but is standing outside and thinking. He tells him "Go 
on man!" and the guy then goes in and closes the door behind him. 
There's a loud report, and another gun shot, followed by loud noise and 
a huge commotion inside the room, and then the guy comes out and says 
"You %&@$!* that gun had blanks, I had to choke the witch!!!"


A 99% majority of thanks is distributed among –

Mansoor R. (heck I'll thank you more when you gimme some money >:)
Capcom of Japan
Nintendo (the company, and all its machines) for everything
Jaggas Productions Un-Inc. Un-Ltd.
Bison, for Cammy's new improved "uniform"
Martin Riggs & Roger Murtaugh
Marty & Doc Emmett L. Brown
Lt. Frank Drebin & the Police Squad
Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Brat.. er, Bart!
Me wacky good bud Phavster for that long joke (above)!

The remaining 1% thanks goes to –

Archie & the gang
G.I*Joe and the Transformers
He-Man & the Masters of the Universe
Leo, Donny, Mike and Raph
Dexter & Dee Dee

0% thanks to –

Adolf Hitler
Bill Goldberg
All my economics teachers

All material in this work is self-copyrighted by Badmash X. If you wish 
to use this FAQ on a webpage or put it up on FTP or anywhere accessible 
via internet and.. OHH you know what I mean!!.. then feel free to do 
so! The world can always use more of anything-SF and SF-anything!!! BUT 
if you plan to sell this FAQ, like publishing it in a printed format 
(like magazines) or any such thing and so on, making profit/money on it 
without letting me have 200% commission first, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM 
DOING SO ..on second thought, forget the "PLEASE" coz I'll kick your 
butt if I find out someone paid money to YOU just to read my FAQ!

CAMMY and STREET FIGHTER ZERO 3 / ALPHA 3 are copyright trademarks of 
Capcom, that gang of geniuses! Badmash X's heart is owned by SAKURA, 

This FAQ can be accessed at www.gamefaqs.com

Other Badmash X works-of-art at www.gamefaqs.com ->
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