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Adon by SAkuma

Version: 1.2 |

"I felt your ribs and spine snap! I'm sorry I left you
alive!" -(Adon)

By: Star Scream (foo82@hotmail.com)



[2]-Notes on Adon's normals
[3]-Adon's normals
[4]-Notes on Adon's specials
[5]-Adon's specials
[6]-Notes on Adon's X-ISM super
[7]-Adon's X-ISM super (Jaguar Varied Assault)
[8]-Thank You
[9]-Credit to

"My existence is fury unleashed! You can't hope to contain me" -(Adon)

Adon, the Muay Thai "Champion" has once again returned in Alpha 3 but
this time not to face Sagat (his former master), but to learn more
about the power of the raging demon. After Adon defeats Sagat he finds
out that their is another power in this world (the raging demon). If
he can tame these powers he will surely be a "God" of Muay Thai. So
Adon's quest for the one with the "Ten" symbol on his back begins here
in Street Fighter Alpha 3...

|[2]Notes on Adon's normals|

Most of Adon's normals have great priority. Due to the shape of Adon's
body most of his normals have great range (good for poking). Poking
will also play a great role depending on your strategy. If an
opponent is getting to close for comfort, poke them back with a
standing heavy kick. Adon's standing heavy kick has excellent range and is 
one of my favorite standing kicks (along with Rose). Adon's crouching heavy 
kick is one of the best in the game. It looks awkward coming out but has 
excellent rage and not to bad a recovery time. Try to stay away from Adon's 
punching attacks because his kicks are far
superior (due to the range). Usually you should be using Adon's
medium kick to cancel into a "Rising Jaguar". This is a fairly basic
combo that should be used from time to time. But make sure that it is
going to connect or you will be "level three super" bait.

|[3]Adon's normals|
"Your only destiny now, is to lie here at my feet" -(Adon)

|Light punch|

Adon's light punch doesn't really have any range behind
it so it can't really be used for poking like other
characters in the game. I'd advise you to stay away from
it. Although it can be canceled into combos. Use his light
kick instead

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

|Ligh kick|

Adon will direct an attack towards his opponents legs.
While crouching it doesn't loose any pace behind it and it
good to use now and then. Remember, don't think of the Light
attacks as a waste of time, all the damage does add up
eventually. An improvement over Light punch.

Rating: 3 out of 5

|Medium punch|

Once you learn to cancel the Medium punch into another
move (i.e. rising jaguar or Jaguar Varied Assault) you have
almost mastered all of Adon's combos. Adon is not really
a combo heavy character. Try not to use this button as I
have said with the other punches due to the lack of range.
This can basically be said for all Adon's punch techniques.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

|Medium kick|

Standing it is a knee aimed towards your opponents upper
body. Crouching it has good range (great for poking) and
the main think is that medium kick is great for combo's.
Use this button on many occasions to combo after a jumping
heavy punch.

Rating: 4 out of 5

|Heavy punch|

This is a slow heavy punch. Why use Adon's punches if his
best features are his kicks? Most of Adon's kicks have
greater range and recovery time over their punching
counter parts (heavy and medium). If the opponent is close,
heavy can be used as a counter hit or to basically push them
back and give you more breathing space (also to give you
room to perform the Jaguar kick). Take advantage of Adon's
kicks instead…

Rating: 3 out of 5

|Heavy kick|

This is my favorite normal of Adon's. Standing it is a
great poker. Has excellent recovery time and long distance.
Crouching it is just like any trip. It is pretty long for
a trip and the recovery time is not that bad. A very
safe attack on most occasions. When pressed in the air
Adon will not jump kick like other players, instead he will
perform the Jaguar kick (more information on this later).

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

|[4]-Notes on Adon's specials|

The Jaguar kick is going to be winning you most games. Remember that
this is your main move. Just don't use it mindlessly or your opponent
will figure your patterns and then start an anti-air assault (i.e. Ken). The 
Jaguar kick is great for leaping over fireballs or just plain attacking. The 
rising jaguar has great priority in the air and is my favorite anti-air in 
the game. It looks cool and deals a truck load of damage (due to X-ISM). The 
Jaguar tooth is also vital to success. Like the Jaguar kick try not to use 
this mindlessly or your opponent will find a way to counter it. Because it 
is so fast you will also be able to follow it up with another move (i.e. 
throw, trip, rising Jaguar etc...)

|[5]-Adon's specials|
"What hurts more? The pain of your body, or your self esteem?" -(Adon)

|Jaguar kick|

How to perform: Jump in the air and press any kick button.

This is Adon's bread and butter. If you wish to use Adon to his
maximum capacity you must master this move. When performed, Adon will
leap downwards and he will perform an axe kick motion. When he performs this 
a yellow streak will run from his feet. This yellow streak represents the 
damage area. The move does average damage but when done a few times, can 
really add up. This move is also a worst nightmare for shoto players. With 
the heavy kick you should stand almost all the way across the screen to jump 
a fireball and connect with the Jaguar Kick. Medium is a little more than 
half way while light you must be very close (It is advised that you do not 
attempt to jump over fireballs using this version of the Jaguar kick). If 
you tend to use a lot of Heavy Jaguar kicks, you will soon find yourself 
hoping over your opponent. When this happens you will be directly next to 
your opponent. At that split second follow up with a Rising Jaguar or a 
throw and your opponent will literally not know what hit them. With the 
Jaguar kick being so easy to perform, you should/will have air superiority 
over many other characters.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

|The Rising jaguar|

How to perform: Forward, down, down-forward + any kick button

This is my favorite anti-air in the whole game (yes, I like it better
than Ken's). When performed, Adon will leap at a forty five degree
angle and will knock a leaping opponent out of the air. I suggest using 
Light kick when performing the Rising jaguar so that if you miss the 
recovery time is decreased. If you are close enough it will also hit a 
standing opponent. The Rising Jaguar should be comboed in with standing or 
crouching medium kicks, medium punch or light kick as long as you know you 
are going to connect or else you'll be "super" bait. The Rising Jaguar has 
about the same start up time as a shoto anti-air. Use this move constantly 
to show your opponent who has air superiority (That's you!!)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

|Jaguar Tooth|

How to perform: Forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back + any kick 

This is a very effective move that will take any opponent by surprise.
Remember not to do this move more than two times in a row or your
opponent will find your patterns. The only scenario is if your opponent does 
lots of fireballs. In this case you have a good reason to be doing lots of 
Jaguar Tooth's. When performed Adon will leap back against the far wall 
(back), then leap forward towards your opponent on a forty five degree 
angle. This move hops over all fireballs with hardly any risk (another 
reason shoto's hate playing against Adon). The button you press will change 
the distance at which Adon leaps back and then thrusts forward. Heavy should 
be used if you opponent is a full screen away while light is for closer 
combat. Once the Jaguar tooth connects (or doesn't) you will have time to 
add in a follow-up move. The following moves should may be performed as soon 
as the second part of the Jaguar tooth connects (the jaguar tooth connects 
twice with Heavy kick)

* Light punch (x2) then light rising jaguar (not safe if blocked)
* Crouching heavy kick
* Light kick then a light Jaguar tooth
* throw (this works on opponents a lot so use constantly)
* just about any other combo.....

Rating: 3 out of 5

|[6]Notes on Adon's X-ISM super|

Adon's X-ISM super is the "Jaguar Varied Assualt". The JVA (Jaguar Varied 
Assualt) is one of the fastest supers in the game. It can even out smart the 
best of opponents. Due to its uncanny speed. Linked with two crouching light 
punches is always a great starter. During a fight stick out a light kick 
here and there. If you happen to notice one of the light kicks connect 
quickly perform the JVA. The best part of the JVA is that you are able to 
choose three different enders. This is the order that I would tend to use 
them and why:

|Jaguar Varied Assualt Enders|

|1.Jaguar Thousand|

After you have performed the JVA continually hammer the punch button.
After the animation for the JVA (very short) stops there will be no
delay and Adon will hammer his opponents at what seems to look like
E.Honda's hand slap technique. The Jaguar Thousand finisher does
giant amounts of ticking damage and if it connects can change the tide
of any match. But the single thing that I love most about this finisher is 
that due to Adon continually hammering his opponent with lightning fast 
punches it pushes your opponent away at the very end of the super. This is 
great so that your opponent can not hit you back. It's great recovery allows 
you to follow up with a Jaguar tooth, Jaguar kick or Rising jaguar if your 
opponent decided to jump in after blocking the JVA's Jaguar Thousand. 
Nothing to loose…

Rating: 4 out of 5

|2.Jaguar Varied Assualt [Default attack]|

After you perform the JVA don't press anything and Adon will follow up
with a succession of speedy combos finished by a leaping attack. The
reason I don't use this and the Jaguar Assassin is due to the recovery
time. If you opponent block this they have time to perform a super back at 
you (Ken, Akuma, Sakura, Cammy etc..). Use this only if you know the JVA 
connected properly.

Rating: 3 out of 5

|3.Jaguar Assassin|

After performing the JVA rapidly hammer the kick button. Adon will
perform his JVA animation and without delay go into a series of attacks that 
finish with a fierce Rising jaguar. Like I said with the default attack, 
there is very bad recovery towards the end and if the whole JVA is blocked 
successfully you will be on the receiving end of a lot of pain (just like 
the JVA default). Use the Jaguar Thousand. It has no set backs what so ever 
and does a ton of ticking damage (blocked damage).

Rating: 3 out of 5

|[7]Adon's X-ISM super [Jaguar Varied Assault]|

How to perform: Down, down-forward, forward, down, down-forward,
forward + punch (then rapidly press punch for Jaguar Thousand or kick
for the Jaguar Assassin)

The JVA comes out lightning quick and does a ton of ticking damage.
When performed, Adon will rush forward to his opponent and strike him/her 
with a barrage of attacks. For maximum effect you should be about one inch 
maximum from your opponent. The closer you are to your opponent the better 
Due to have absolutely having no start up at all, link it to light or medium 
attacks for more damaging results.

|[8]Thank You|

Thank you for reading this FAQ. I hope that you have learned a little 
something about X-Adon. If you don't use him try him out.. If you wish to 
use this FAQ on your web page/site please E-mail me (foo82@hotmail.com) so 
that I know where it is going..

|[9]-Credit to|  bLaCkKaSuGaNo - (arkane_1@hotmail.com)
+-------------+  Daria_106 - (Daria_106@hotmail.com)
                 Capcom - www.capcom.com
                 Gamefaqs -www.Gamefaqs.com
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"Look into my eyes, and see what's left of your broken self" -(Adon)

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