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Juli by K.Wallace

Updated: 06/12/02

The Radar07 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Complete Guide/FAQ
On A-ism Juli (the brown haired girl)
Copyright 2002 K.Wallace

Please do not copy, reproduce or whatever to my long difficult hard work 
from plagiarizing my hard work. This FAQ was written by me K.Wallace and 
only me. If you want to use my FAQ email me and we can talk about it. I 
don’t wanna sue any fools for ripping off my stuff so doesn’t catch a beat 
down ok.

     This is my guide to one of the underrated characters in Street Fighter 
Alpha 3 on the PSX version named Juli.I've been playing SF for about 7 years 
now using Ken as my main character. I’ve had many challenging match ups in 
Chinatown Fair in NY and many arcades in Las Vegas. In my personal opinion I 
wanted to use a different character so I could broaden my horizons instead 
of mastering every “Shotokan” character including Sagat. I use sakura, 
Charlie also but Juli is liked the most. Ok enough of my rambling time to 
get to business on why Juli can destroy and character played in the right 

Note: I am Talking about using A-ism Juli so V and X ism may not apply to 
all I’m writing about.
Table of Contents
Legend of directions
1.Standard attacks
2.Special Moves
3.Super moves
5.Strategies against all characters CPU and human
6.Tips on how to use Juli i.e. Poking, throwing, speed/size.
7.How to win a fight and what not to do while in a fight

Chapter 1: The legend.
P-any punch button
K-any Kick button
PPP-all 3 punch buttons presses at the same time
KKK-all 3 kick buttons pressed at the same time
U-up direction
D-down direction
F-Forward direction
B-Backward Direction
Df-Down Forward
Db-Down back
Uf-Up Forward
Ub- up back
Note: the df, ub moves mean that you have to put thumb between the up and 
forward direction and vice versa. Diagonal is the proper word.
    QCF-Quarter circle forward-regular hadoken motion
    QCB-Quarter circle back- Regular hurricane kick motion
	Charge- meaning hold down or back for 2 seconds and press up or forward 
with either punch or kick.

Lp-light punch or jab     lk-light kick or short
Mp-medium punch or strong mk-medium kick or forward kick
Hp-hard punch or fierce   Hk-Hard kick or Roundhouse

1) Standard attacks
The standard attacks that Juli has is what you need to master in order to 
survive a battle, whether you are up against the CPU of a human opponent. 
IMO (in my humble opinion) with out knowing what standard attack to use, 
relying on only special moves will make the opponent figure out your game 
too early thus leading to defeat. Juli’s kicks are the most reliable attack 
to use because she has long range for her short height. Plus her kicking 
attacks can stop an attacker moves in its tracks, Especially her medium 
crouching kick. Using light attacks can also save you if the opponent has no 
more or nearly gone energy. Using a fast attack is better than using a slow 
fierce punch to finish off an opponent.

Standing Lp-a simple straight fast jab with her right hand. This move can be 
used to stop people who are jumping into you and don’t air block and in 
coming attacks such as Blanka’s horizontal roll and super moves with the 
right timing.

Jumping Lp-This can be used to start a quick combo or to knock an opponent 
from finishing a special moved if timed right.

Crouching Lp-also a move to interrupt an incoming special move such as 
Sodom’s Jitte slice move of any dashing move. This is usually the second hit 
for a combo if you started the combo with a jumping deep Lp.

Standing Mp-A uppercut chop. I guess if someone is jumping at you or you see 
the opponent miss a dragon punch this will be a nice counter hit. It will 
not be too effective against a standing opponent unless you stun them with 
an initial jumping light punch.

Jumping Mp-Juli does a downward strike with her right hand. This move is 
sort of slow at the beginning because she is stretching her arm a little 
longer than the jumping Lp. Use this if you are jumping in deep toward the 

Couching Mp-A slightly slower version of the crouching Lp. Not too much to 
say here. You can use it as you would use the Crouching Lp. It can still 
interrupt an opponent’s dashing special moves.

Standing Hp-Juli does a swinging horizontal strike with both hands clasped. 
This move is excellent for juggle attempt or just to inflict damage.

Jumping Hp-This move is a little bit like the jumping Mp but the difference 
is instead of using a chop; Juli uses a fist to inflict damage. Surprisingly 
this move not too slow thus making it good to use when attacking an 

Crouching Hp-A slow diagonal up fist that can stop jumping jumpers. This 
move is best used when juggling an opponent in the corner. Use it for 
juggling only though or anti air strike.

Standing Lk-A quick knee strike. This move is only good when up close so 
don’t bother using it all the time unless you hit it because of a reflex. 
Juli is good as a hit and run character so attacks that work good from mid 
range or far range is your best bet.

Jumping Lk-Juli does a jumping sidekick that is excellent for poking. It 
seems that Juli is taller than usual… Nethertheless this move is good to 
inflict some last minute damage is the opponent has nearly no more life.

Crouching Lk-Juli does a quick slide kick. Note when I mean slide kick; I 
mean her leg is sliding across the floor, not her entire body like a Vega 
sweep or Deejay sweep. Its good for combos or 2 in one combos. A crouching 
Lk into a thrust kick works good or spin drive smasher.

Standing Mk-Your best friend as far as your poking game or countering 
certain moves is concerned. It’s not too slow or too fast, just right.
Juli does a basic sidekick but its range is good for poking.

Jumping MK- Juli does a split kick (like one of those VanDamme split kicks 
in damn near all of his movies lol). This move like I said for her jumping 
Lk has big range. It will save your behind when fighting grapplers like 
Zangief and R.Mika. Use this move when you jump in.

Crouching Mk-Just like her Crouching Lk, the mk has longer range because 
Juli puts more hip into the strike and it makes it slow. Charlie has a kick 
like this put his is faster though. IT is another good crouching poke if 
Zangief wants to Russian bear slam you. I advise you make use out of this 
move to stop walking attackers in their tracks.

Standing Hk- a crouching kick that looks similar to a jumping sidekick. 
Maybe I say that because she has one arm on the air and the other is 
supporting all her weight. Her bent knee is off the ground and the extended 
led is hitting an opponent in the torso area. The only way this move is 
effective is if u use in it a 2 hit combo.

Jumping Hk-LOL another split kick, this one looks cooler than the jumping 
mk. IT has good range to knock someone from the air but due to its slow 
execution, use it when you feel you can hit the opponent. The kick is not 
too height or too short, its right in the middle so you can catch the 
opponent from any position.

Crouching Hk-A good move to use also. Juli swings her two legs in a 
horizontal motion just like her standing Hp, sort of a break dancing move. 
Best used as a counter if a dragon punch is missed or in a 2 hit combo.

2.Special Moves: Juli has three of Cammy’s moves and has one unique move 
Cammy does not have. Juli is missing the hooligan roll.

Snipe Arrow-QCF any k button. An excellent move in my opinion. The range and 
recover time on this move is incredible. A quick flying kick that travels 
across the screen. This what makes Juni and Cammy different from Juli. This 
move should be used to trick opponents or to get close to counter a mistake 
i.e. if Shin Bison does the psycho crusher and you block it mid screen 
range, instead of jumping to get to Bison, the snipe arrow has enough speed 
and range to nail Bison right in the chest. If you hit someone with a snipe 
arrow and they are in the corner plus don’t air recover you can do a 
standing Hp to score a extra hit.

Thrust Kick- F, Df, f any kick. A good anti air move. Sort of slow at the 
start of it so use it when you are countering or used in a combo.

Spin Knuckle-QCB any punch. A good move to nail someone in the jaw plus 
dodging incoming projectiles at the same time. Timing is the key for this 
move to work because like the thrust kick, this move comes out sort of slow.

Axe kick-f and mk at the same time. This is an automatic 2 hit combo. The 
move is not too good because there is lag time between the kick and the 
person’s body, I guess since Juli’s leg is so high in the air. Use it 
sometimes. Oh yea it’s an overhead move. This means it can hit a crouching 
opponent if they do not block even though it is a standing move.

Throws- German Suplex- f and PPP at the same time. The standard wwf throw 
move like Kurt Angles 5 suplexes in a row thing.

Frankinsteiner- f and KKK at the same time. (Air) Juli puts her legs around 
a person’s neck (no its not what you think) and flips the opponent backwards 
driving their head into the ground. Pretty quick throw to get people off 

Flying neck toss- F and PPP pressed at the same time. This looks like a 
Bison throw…

3.Super Moves
Spin Drive Smasher-QCFx2 and any kick. This move is good for catching people 
off guard from close range, too bad since it starts off sort of low it can 
be blocked high and low. 9 hits is the max I believe, it does good damage 

Reverse Drive Shaft Break-QCBx2 and any kick button. This move the anti air 
super of choice. Be careful, it can’t suck people in like Ryu’s
Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku super move. Do it in a combo or do it when 
the opponent is open to attack. Press k for more hits.

Other special moves- in Dramatic mode only.
Psycho Charge -Press KKK
Psycho Rolling-QCFx2 and P
Death Cross Dancing-LP, LP, f, LK, HP at Level 3

4.Combos-Juli is not a big combo person like Gen or Ken. In order to win 
with Juli, the standard attacks especially the ones that are best for 
juggling have to be mastered. Learning how to juggle your opponent will 
greaten your chance to beating people and making a strong comeback if you 
are way behind.
Juli has quick two in one combos such as: standing LP into a thrust kick or 
snipe arrow.
Also the spin knuckle is good for a juggle combo: QCF and Hp for 2 hits and 
as soon as the person is in the air hit Hp or d and Hp again. That’s 3 easy 
hits right there.
A good tactic to do if some one is getting up and you are standing right 
next to them is to jump straight up and hit them with a He and crouching He 
sweep. I don’t know how many times I loss matches because of the friggin 
combo. Thanks to flip for constantly doing it over again… If the opponent 
reacts slowly then it will work, if they do a dragon punch as soon as the 
get up your toast for the moment.
To be honest, I use the standard attacks and hit opponents when they make a 
mistake. I don’t get combo crazy like Marvel Vs Capcom 2 or anything like 
that. Using the standard attacks can be just as good to kill someone off. 
Juli is not a big combo person just like her counterpart Juni and maybe 
Cammy. Size and Speed is what wins games so this is why I choose to use 

5.Strageties against all characters, Cpu and Human.
This part is important. I will give a brief layout on how to win against a 
LEVEL 8 CPU. The Human section I will to the same as the CPU section but 
take into consideration the Human mind is different. I fought many people in 
my SF career and took a few Psychology classes :O)
So I will give a brief outline on what moves appeal to the human player 
depending what character he/she is using and knowing your opponent by what 
character he/she uses.

In Alphabetical Order:

Adon- (CPU) Lvl 8 adon is a pain in the butt. The use of the jaguar knee due 
to is hella fast start and good anti-air range will cause you to lose many 
times. Plus he throws a lot when he misses a jaguar kick. In order to stop 
him, the snipe arrow kick and thrust kick have to be used to counter attack 
his jaguar tooth and jaguar kick. The best bet is to force him in a corner 
and pound the hell out of him with high and low hard punches. The More he 
has time to have freedom to ump around the screen; he will hit you with 
constant jaguar knees.
Human- a person using adon must know what he/she is doing. IMO his attacks 
are uncomfortable this is why I don’t like using him. Anyway since you are 
not a fireball character, his jaguar tooth is not really too useful in this 
fight. But the Jaguar knee will be used a lot mainly because it’s fast and 
does a good amount of damage. Like I said keep him close to the corner and 
use throws often to piss of the human :O)

Akuma/Gouki- (CPU) On lvl 8, akuma is pretty aggressive due to the fact he 
is really strong and his attacks like his hurricane kick are fast as kens. 
The times he is open for attack is when he teleports and when he throws out 
fireballs. Stay off the ground on and off because of his death super move… 
The only thing that separates akuma from the rest of the shotokan brothers 
is that he takes in more damage. Use this to your advantage if he is in xism 
or and any other ism. Vism Akuma is not a threat, just don’t let him corner 
you and turn on his custom combo ability.
Human Akuma-People who choose akuma like the fact that he can do an air 
fireball (which has sucky range) and his attacks are strong. Akuma has more 
moves to his arsenal like his rolling piledriver, backbreaker and teleport 
but I’ve seen people in the arcade limit themselves to the 3 traditional 
moves: fireball, dragon punch and hurricane kick. Use the high fireball 
usage and dragon punch abuse to counter attack and you will win rather 
quickly. Do NOT try to go blow for blow with akuma, it’s not a good idea if 
you are Juli.

Balrog/Mike Bison- (CPU) His power is the only thing you need to watch out 
for. Besides that, crouch and use MK or HK to interrupt his dash straight 
and uppercut. You can also jump in to start up combos when you see him get 
the chance. His attacks are too linear to be much of a threat in the air.
Human- Expect for the HK and HP to be the most used button for this 
character. His standing HP has good range and can knock someone the hell 
out. Unless a player knows how to use combos in Vism or any other ism, you 
have no problem; just don’t get hit too much.

Birdie- (CPU) One of many grappler character in the game, being too close to 
him is not a good idea. He has this cheesy ass head butt that can take away 
half your energy, its no joke. Juli is the perfect character to take out 
birdie because of her crouching Mk. If you see birdie do a dash head butt, 
just duck real fast and tap Mk or crouching HK. Usually the CPU will do it 2 
or 3 more times until it gets the point. Don’t jump in to him too often 
because of his overhead hammer fist punch. If you don’t know what I’m 
talking about, you will see once you jump too close to birdie. Use your 
range to Keep him away is the main idea.
Human-I guess a person would use birdie because he has an unblockable super 
move and trying to prove something to its opponent. Like I said before Juli 
can take out birdie if the range is used properly. His power is the only 
thing Juli players have to worry about.

Bison/Shin Bison- (VEGA)- (CPU) not a bad match up for Juli actually. When 
you fight Shin Bison, be on the defensive at all times until he does his 
psycho crusher. That move alone takes away 75% of your energy and you can’t 
air block it so beware. If you see an opportunity to counter a head dive, do 
it with a thrust kick before he hits you. Once he teleports nail him with 
whatever hard you have, every hit counts. He teleports often in good spots 
to strike him so use that to your advantage. Oh yea if you attack him while 
he is standing still, his psycho shot will most likely hit you unless you 
are crossing up Bison with a deep MK.
Human- Bison is a charge character so the player will execute moves sort of 
slow, unless he is good at moving and charging at the same time. The use of 
the slide will be abused because of its speed so watch out. Like I said if 
the person is good at charging, expect to have a tough fight. Use your range 
of your kicks and if you see a head dive, or thrown psycho shot counter as 
fast as you can.

Blanka –(CPU) Blanka is easy but can make you upset with his throw move. He 
bites you fast and repeatedly plus it takes off hella damage. This move can 
decide if you win or lose if done to you at least twice. So stay close to 
hit him but not too close. Also don’t get into the habit of jumping into him 
too much, that electricity move is good for jumping in attackers. You can 
stop the electric attack if you hit him just as he does it. Throwing him is 
the best way to dispose of this monster.
Human- A charge character. I’ve seen a few people use blanka in the arcade 
but im not too impressed. Unless you watch a Blanka human player demolish 
every Ryu and Ken player, then you have to worry. Blanka is not a huge combo 
character so don’t expect no Gen 6 hit combos. Use your range and remember 
to COUNTER!! Any mistakes.

Cammy – (CPU) Not a bad match up for Juli. Just remember you are fighting a 
character that has almost all of your moves. Watch out for Cammy’s hooligan 
roll move, its really dangerous. Avoid it at all costs especially if you are 
in a corner. Besides that, just counter her missed thrust kicks and blocked 
cannon spikes. She barley uses her super bar so hit her hard and fast just 
in case the CPU wants to get a cheese win like it usually does.
Human- Expert Cammy players will make use of the hooligan roll so watch out. 
Her range is good for a short character so Juli has to give human cammy 
players a taste of her medicine too. Juli is faster than cammy as far a 
standard attacks go so Juli has an advantage.

Charlie/Nash- (CPU) this guy can be a problem if the CPU is aggressive. CPU 
Charlie can pull off ridiculous ass combos with out charging. Usually 
Charlie wins because he sees the opponent make a mistake. Expect a lot of 
throws and crouching MK and Hk. In order to take him out, Juli has to be 
aggressive her self and keep him in the corner. Juggle with the HP and make 
him dizzy so u can finally finish him off.
If He is on Vism, dodge him until you can get a clear shot to take him off 
his Vism custom combo state. In Xism, he is real strong so wait until he 
jumps then nail him with a thrust kick and throw him when you get a chance.
Human- Since a human character cannot charge as fast the CPU, you will often 
see the opponent duck or back up to do a special move. If you can back him 
into a corner while he is charging, you can contain him /her from starting a 
good offense. Hell the person trying to do the sonic boom won’t even realize 
they are close to the corner lol!! Due to Charlie’s slow speed, you can 
dodge sonic booms and some of his standard attacks. Don’t get hit often 
because Charlie is a good juggle character. Watch out for his crouching MK 
its fast and dangerous.

Chun Li- (CPU) Damn, another tough match up especially if she is in Xism 
fighting style. She dominates the ground and has good air attacks such as 
the heel stomp and knee flip. Her throw takes good amount damage plus you 
can’t see it coming. The best way to take her out is
To use the thrust kick and snipe arrow. She has a fireball so limit your 
self to doing the snipe arrow. Get her in a corner and juggle away with the 
Hp and throw her. If she gets up and you are standing, hit her with the spin 
drive smasher to inflict extra pain. Do NOT let her corner you or get too 
close. She has the combo, which she can do the flip kick to get close and 
hit you with a crouching HK or throw. That is big damage right there.
Human-I noticed a friend of mine who started to use Chun li recently and to 
my surprise he was doing pretty damn good. The reason why… the lighting 
kick. This move is deadly in a corner to the point where you cannot get out 
of the corner. If you are in that situation, as soon as you hit the ground 
and get back up, do a thrust kick and get in the middle of the screen. Watch 
out for the 2 kicks she can do in the air also, they are fast and can knock 
you down. This will be a challenging match up if the person using is good. 
My friend Spyder taught me that.

Cody- (CPU) He is pretty strong so hit and run to ensure a victory. His 
criminal upper is a move to watch out for if you are jumping. His ruffian 
kick can set you up for juggle moves and the CPU does this move often. The 
rock toss comes out fast for the CPU so watch out. When he picks up the 
knife that’s when you have a clear shot at him. I suggest you use your spin 
drive smasher and thrust kick to whittle his energy away. The snipe arrow is 
not a good idea because of the rock throw. Also he can dodge incoming 
attacks and projectiles in his Vism style I think.
Human- I use Cody from far away and piss people off by using the rock throw 
and knife strikes. Whenever you get a chance to hit someone in the criminal 
uppercut, juggle him or her as quickly as possible. A beginner using Cody 
will make the common mistake of using the rock throw and not tapping the P 
button fast. Holding on the P button will make Cody throw the rock up and 
down so Juli can strike him pretty good.

Dan- (CPU) I won’t waste extra space talking about this loser. Duck 
underneath his gale kick and sweep him from there. His dragon punch has 
short range so a jumping deep HK can knock him out. Watch out for his super 
combos, which include rapid punches and kicks. Snipe arrow and thrust kick 
even the spin knuckle can destroy CPU Dan even on LVL 8.
Human- Like I said for Birdie and Blanka, if you see a kid beating guy’s 
silly with Dan, beware. I saw this kid in Chinatown fair use Dan in SNK vs. 
Capcom 2 and waste a human player using terry bogard and Kyo Kusanagi. If 
you see someone using Dan, he is trying to embarrass you so don’t let 
him/her do it.

Deejay _(CPU) this guy is stronger than he looks. His HP is excellent for 
juggle and dizzy strategies. The CPU will use his machine gun uppercut and 
dread kick often. Just hit and run. Sweep him if he lands from a jump and do 
not get into a blow for blow match with this guy.
You have a chance to nail him also if he does constant max out projectiles.
Human- I don’t see too may people use Deejay at home but hes good enough to 
beat Evil Ryu, ill tell you that much. Using the Max out and Hp will get the 
victory, but he's kind of slow so Juli has to keep on the move and interrupt 
his/her moves. Don’t worry about human players using the super bar if the 
ism is A or X.

Dhalsim- (CPU) Hmmmm… well the CPU dhalsim is smart but still lacks combo 
ability and the most important, speed. A LVL 8 dhalsim will give Juli a run 
for her money but with enough practice, Dhalsim is just another victim to 
Juli assassin power. He is too slow so use that to your advantage especially 
when he does his yoga flame move. His reach is nethertheless the most 
impressive ability he has though.
Human-Well I’ve seen dhalsim players lose pretty bad and iv’e seen almost no 
dhalsim players exist so I cant really say anything about this guy… Just 
watch out for his Yoga inferno and his long attacks.

Edmond Honda- (CPU) What a cheese ball. Use the snipe arrow and thrust kick 
on this guy. Watch out for the constant air throws and the infamous 
hundred-hand slap, because it does a lot of damage and it juggles well in a 
corner tooand will kill you! Don’t get too close if you feel he will throw 
you or harm you in any other way.
Human- Hundred hand slap… enough said. This easy to execute move and the big 
damage it dishes out will make a newbie go crazy thus making them so 
susceptible to his/her game plan. Do not to any unnecessary moves because 
he/she will block and nail you with the hundred-hand slap. He is slow so use 
your kicks to keep him away from you.

Fei Long- (CPU) Another annoying character. He is fast and dangerous because 
of his fighting style Jeet Kun Do. His crouching Hp is so deadly if used 
over and over again. His Flame kick is an overused move because it is one of 
the best anti air attacks around. Rekka ken can leave him open for attack so 
that is your chance to nail him then. He also has good range jumping MK so 
watch how much you jump.
Human- Flame kick is the main word of the day. My friend Turahn taught me 
that lesson and beaten me a few times (not with Juli though). His Super 
Flame kick does mucho damage so if you see your opponent has a full super 
bar watch out stay on the ground until you are sure you can jump into 
him/her. I have a match up with another human Fei Long character so I look 
forward to it…

Gen- (CPU) Not a big deal in my opinion. I feel the CPU does not fight as 
hard as any other character would. Juli can wipe out CPU Gen by using HP and 
HK. That does not mean to let your guard down though, just end the fight 
quickly as possible.
Human-People in the arcade know what they are doing... believe me. Gen is a 
combo person so expect to get hit fast and in a row. I suggest you be the 
aggressor and mix up the MK and Hard punches and kicks. Don’t limit yourself 
to the HP because the Human will catch on and try to counter hit you.

Guile –(CPU) To be honest I fought CPU guile once so just play against him 
like you would do for Charlie. Guile is stronger though to keep that in the 
back of your mind.
Human- Not too many Guile players at home either so knowing Charlie is the 
best way to defeat guile. He is a good up close fighter though.

Guy- (CPU) this guy is on some serious drugs man. His speed his unmatched so 
keep moving and take advantage of him not taking in damage too well. Don’t 
jump too often also because of his Bushido jump super move. The thrust kick 
and Snipe arrow are your best moves against CPU Guy.
Human- The elbow drop and hurricane kick are human beginner best friends. 
Whatever you do don’t chase Guy around, let him come to you so he can make a 
mistake so you can nail him/her with a super combo or any other hard move. 
The Snipe arrow is useful if Guy happens to do his bushido run moves.

Juli/Juni- (CPU) well when you fight these two girls together, it seems hard 
at first but in actually these two are sooooo easy. They are so clumsy 
together it’s not even funny. Just stick to the HK and Hp and you should 
Human- Well I don’t see anyone go near Juni because she is slower than Juli 
plus her moves are not fast enough to pull off in a combo. The only thing 
that makes her cool is her Mach Slide teleport move.
Juli players will play like cammy so what ever I said for cammy should apply 
to Juli.

Karin- (CPU) She isn’t too bad to fight up against. Her Gurenken is her main 
attack so just dodge it and strike or just block the 3 elbows or slide kick 
and throw her. In Aism, she has a habit to do the hop kick and do her super 
combo that goes straight in the air so watch out for that damaging combo.
Human- Her counter attack move makes her dangerous in human’s hands if they 
telegraph your moves. So what you have to do is to keep mixing up your moves 
and just pound her with juggle moves. The snipe arrow is not a good idea 
because it’s slow enough for Karin to counter if she is far away. The 
Gurenken should give you chances to get some clean hits off of a human Karin 
too. Hey hop punch is an overhead move so beware.

Ken- (CPU) lol same old ken, always doing the 3 dragon punches in a row. 
Nail him with a jumping HK when he throws fireballs and either throw or go 
into a super combo if he misses a dragon punch. Don’t let him corner you 
though, that’s when he’s too dangerous.
Human- this is one of 3 characters that every one uses that plays in the 
arcades and at home. Ken has been around for many years and he is one the 
easiest characters to master because of his offensive power. So what I 
suggest is to be aggressive and control the tempo of the match. Do not let 
Ken get too many hits off because his super moves are too damaging to bear. 
Take it from me I used him for 7 years, ken is a troublesome guy to deal 
with but the human will rely on too many special moves so this is where Juli 
can cause damage to Ken. Hard punches and juggle combos will make quick work 
of ken.

Rainbow Mika- (CPU) damn she is hella aggressive man. It’s mad scary when 
she starts walking toward you because you don’t know what hell is going to 
do. I suggest you stay in the air because she has many standard standing 
attacks that will knock you out real fast. She has a jumping head butt that 
is used for anit air so using jumping MK will cancel that out. Force her in 
a corner so you can contain her and throw her and use the Spin Drive 
smasher. She is a pain like Ken but with enough practice her strategy will 
be nullified.
Human- well I don’t see too many people use her because of the nature of her 
360-degree moves. Best believe that the opponent will throw you a lot 
though. Her Bulldog throw is the cheesiest high damage throws in the game. 
It’s a special move but it takes away mad damage.

Rolento- (CPU) Hes not too bad to defeat. I suggest you stay close to him 
and pound him whenever he is in the middle of the reverse roll move(I think 
its called the Delta Mekong Raid or something like that). His attacks are 
pretty wild and he stays in the air a lot so use the thrust kick and Snipe 
arrow. His super moves are not too treating also. His Grenade super move if 
blocked moves you in closer toward Rolento so you can throw him or hit him 
with a standing HK.
Human- Rolento is cool if someone did master him but his moves are too 
unpredictable so a human player will have a little trouble targeting a 
opponent with him roll and stinger moves. The patriot circle is a good multi 
combo attack but if it is blocked, Juli can easily throw or unleash a super 
combo of her own. The Human will attempt to do the trip wire super move but 
all Juli has to do is do a Snipe arrow or jump straight up to avoid it. Not 
a difficult match up for an experienced Juli.

Rose- (CPU) On a scale to 1 to 10, rose as far a difficult is concerned 
comes in at #5. She is not a pain like R.Mika but depending on what ism she 
is on, she can turn a fight around real quick. Throws work well because of 
her slow recovery on her attacks.
Human- I see a few Rose players around here and there. Her soul spark can 
keep someone away from her pretty good. Her soul throw is the move a human 
would use because its anti air plus it is an instant throw move.
In conclusion, Rose is not too hard to take out with Juli. Juli has a great 
speed advantage over rose so be felt not seen…

Ryu- (CPU) Just like Ken, Ryu has been around since S.F. came out in 92 I 
think. He is predictable with his fireball and dragon punch tactics.
The best way to kill Ryu is to jump in deep or cross him up with a deep HK 
and do whatever you want to hurt him. He is strong so don’t get hit too many 
times ok. Ryu also has a habit of jumping over you and having an air block 
animation then crossing you up with a jumping Mk. Watch out for this move 
the CPU does, it causes confusion and leaves you to get hit.
Human- my friend Ken is good with ryu and uses many standard moves and super 
combos to finish people off. A good Ryu player uses other attacks besides 
the dragon punches because the opponent will catch on to the strategy and 
play defensive. This 2nd character that is mostly used in the arcades and at 
home. Don’t worry you will get much practice against Ken and Ryu.

Sagat- (CPU) TIGER UPPERCUT!!!! TIGER SHOT!!!! Enough said. Jump over his 
tiger shots and hit him with a jumping HK or MK and whenever he does his 
tiger uppercut either you can block it in the air or let him do one wildly 
and counter it quickly. His tiger knee is underused but he will use it on 
the sneak tip. Overall he is a big target so you can jump into him and hit 
him from a far distance.
Human- TIGER UPPERCUT!!!! TIGER SHOT!!!! People are so fascinated in the 
tiger uppercut; Humans will use this too much. Dodge the tiger shots with 
jumping HK and use sweeps often to set him up for a Spin Drive Smasher or 
Reverse Spin Driver. The tiger knee is never looked at if the player is a 
newbie. That move is a good anti air move and its fast to catch people off 

Sakura- (CPU) Not too hard like Rolento. Watch out for her multi hit 
uppercut, it does a lot of damage even when it’s blocked. She will milk the 
hell out of her hurricane kick because of the arc it travels in so don’t 
duck too many times. And please watch out for her Haru Ichi Ban supermove. 
It hits low so it has to be blocked low. Beware of it. Thrust kick works 
well and spin knuckle too. Throw her a lot for extra damage.
Human- Another one of my favorite characters, people will take advantage of 
her crouching HK because it is fast for a Roundhouse attack and it does good 
damage over time. The multi hit uppercut will be used often also so just 
make sacra come to you first and trust she will screw up by doing a big 
regular fireball or do a wild dragon punch. Throw her to frustrate the 
opponent so he/she will make mistakes.

Sodom-(CPU) a challenging match up for Juli. Since he is a grappler use the 
crouching HK or MK to keep him away from you. Watch out for his Jitte slice 
because it can knock a jumping person out in the air. He is a pain because 
it seems like he never takes in enough damage to control the match so throws 
and super combos will keep him down for good. As soon as the match starts, 
do a Medium thrust kick. HE usually jumps into you so you can knock him down 
as soon as the round begins.
Human- since most of his powerful attacks are done with the 270 or 360 
motion, newbies stick to the Jitte slice. Just block the attack and do a few 
thrust kicks. Your standing Hp will help you a lot against him also. Do not 
let your super bar go to waste either. If the player is an expert Sodom 
player, sweep him so you can interrupt the throw motion and keep hitting and 

Thunder Hawk- (CPU) why does this guy exist anyway? I bet there are a lot of 
angry Native Americans out there who seen this character. Im half Native 
American and I feel he’s a loser. Even Night wolf from mortal combat is 
cooler than t. Hawk. Anyway Juli has no choice but to fight this big goof 
because he is the mid boss. Since he is slow and has no range with this 
Tomahawk buster, Juli can run circles around this guy. Keep the pressure on 
with HP an HK can he will fall soon. If He is in Xism mode, do not trade 
blows with him, you will lose quickly.
Human- His Condor Dive is the simplest move to execute so use a lot of 
thrust kicks to interrupt the move. If you see a friend T.Hawk player owning 
people, please don’t humiliate your self if you don’t feel you can beat him. 
Its better to walk away then getting beat up but a suck ass character. If 
you want a challenge, go for it. (note. T hawk and Juli are not in the 
arcades… damn).

Vega/Balrog- (CPU) not a bad match up if you can figure out his pattern… he 
constantly does a low medium kick into a sliding kick so the answer to that 
problem is to keep jumping up in the air and hit him with jumping HK and MK. 
He does not air block too much any way so you have chances to nail him while 
he’s in the air. Chase him so you can kill him fast, he has a lot of reach 
so he can turn a fight around pretty fast.
Human- People will take advantage of his sliding kick and the claw Vega 
wields. Keep jumping in the air and using the jumping MK and use throws if 
necessary. An expert Vega player will be good at charging and nail you with 
his claw roll

Zangief- (CPU) in my opinion, Zangief is the most dangerous character in the 
entire game. No matter what ism he is in he still inflicts massive damage. 
In order for Juli to kill Zangief, She cannot stay in one spot too long. Use 
the jumping MK and HK to keep him at bay. Also throw him whenever you can so 
the match can go by quick. Whatever you do, don’t let Zangief corner you 
that is suicide. If He is in Aism, mix the thrust kick and snipe arrow to 
get some hits off. You cannot jump all around the screen while he is in Aism 
and has a full super bar… The anti air super move called the Arial Russian 
Slam will eat up 50% of your health and that can ruin your chances to win a 
Human- I saw a guy in Chinatown fair in Ny clear the arcade all around him… 
no he didn’t smell bad, it was because he damn near destroyed all his 
competitors with Zangief. A human playing Zangief has two plans: either 
he/she knows how to do the 270 of 360 degree motion perfectly and loves the 
damage he does or a person just likes Zangief because of the damage he 
inflicts. The second example means that he/she is a newbie and will just 
rely on his strong attacks. Juli can easily run circles around him and poke 
at Zangeif until you can get a final throw or super move to connect. But 
beware on people who play Zangeif…

Overall, Juli has speed and impressive power for a underrated character. She 
can fight against any character but only if you know what you are doing. Her 
snipe arrow can save your life so use it to your advantage.

6. Tips on how to use Juli: learning how to throw, poking and countering.
Juli is best played as the aggressor. Stalking a human opponent is the best 
way to intimidate him or her to either button mash the control pad or to 
back themselves in a corner with out knowing it. Juli has excellent range 
with her MK so use this when starting an attack.

Juggling can save your life if the match is very close. Strike the opponent 
every time they are getting ready to hit the ground even if the hit does not 
count. Watch out for air recovery opponents. They can counter hit you and 
you wont even know what happened.

Practice blocking also. People might complain why you block so much but so 
what its part of the game. Blocking low should be taken into consideration.
Watch the opponent is they miss an attack that lets them of the ground i.e. 
a dragon punch. Juli can counter with a throw or any other hard attack. Also 
try to sweep people while they are landing from a jump. Most people do not 
expect it.
Throwing is a critical part of winning a match quickly as possible. People 
say that throwing is cheesy. I say they are sore losers. In Juli’s case, she 
is not the strongest character in the game so every tool in the box has to 
come out. If throwing was not part of the game, why did Capcom put it in the 
first place?

Learn to budget your super bar energy. Don’t waste it on a non-planned 
attack and miss and get countered attacked.
Don’t try to think too much as far as hitting the opponent is concerned. Its 
ok to have a plan in which you know how your opponent operates but let each 
attack flow naturally.

7. How to win a fight and what not to do while in a fight.
Practice. I don’t know how to stress this enough. I suggest you fight the 
lvl 8 CPU al the time. If you have doubts on doing that, warm up on LVL 2 
then 5 then 7. If you practice at least 4 hours a day on throws, range and 
execution of moves, lvl 8 should be tried. When you beat LVL 8 CPU, I 
suggest you fight other people to see how you fair up. By challenging 
yourself on the LVL 8 Cpu, you can learn new things about Juli that I might 
not have mentioned and see why she is hella good.

Don’t talk a lot of smack before a match. You don’t want to get owned and 
then feel bad about it right.

  Don’t stick o the same pattern, trick your opponent so they wont try to 
say how you only know one combo or whatever sore loser comment he/she has.

   Do not button mash the control pad. Your moves will not come out the way 
you want them too and you will confuse the cup and do all types of weird 

Stay calm and control the tempo of the fight. Make the opponent fight your 
fight. Get in a position where it is comfortable for you and do what you 
have to do.

Don’t play if you are tired or sick, its going to lead to serious defeat.

And last but not least, if you lost don’t get pissed. Have fun. If they were 
cheesy, smack them in the head lol just playing. Be a good sport and 
practice harder. Make them think you can’t beat them and surprise the hell 
out of them when you get 2 perfects!!!

Final words: This is end of the road yo, I would like to thank a few people 
who helped me figure out new techniques and beat my ass good so I can become 
even better than before: Ken with his constant use of a unique Ryu, Turahn 
,taking it back to 96 using Fei Long, Phil working on using Rolento and Guy, 
Jermaine using Chun Li for the first time and being good at it, Curt for 
scaring the hell out of me using a entry Shin Akuma and all the people that 
I fought over the years Thanks a lot!!
      Im out Peace…

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