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Plot Guide by Tiamat

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 04/01/2002
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This FAQ is kind of out of date.  It's been revamped and changed a bit to 
an actual Street Fighter plot guide in its entirety, as opposed to just
a Street Fighter Alpha plot guide.  So if there's information here
that contradicts the Street Fighter series plot guide, consider the
Street Fighter series plot guide to be the correct version.  This FAQ is
staying around due to showing how the intricacies of Alpha 3's plotline work
out, but for all other purposes (in particular, the master characters list),
refer to the Street Fighter series plot guide instead.

The Street Fighter series plot guide can be found at www.gamefaqs.com under
the miscellaneous genre coin-op section or at Fighter Mania, which is

It's rather hard to find at gamefaqs.  Since I'm not sure if I'm allowed
to post direct links to FAQs, instead, I'll just give directions.  From
http://www.gamefaqs.com, click on the Browse By System link on the left
hand menu, then go to "Miscellaneous Coin-Op", and from there, click on
Game Genre FAQs and the FAQ should be there.





The Street Fighter Alpha 3 Plot Canon FAQ Ver. 1.7

Analysis of SFA3 endings and how they fit into what has been officially
confirmed as canon by Capcom of Japan.  This FAQ is transcribed by Tiamat.
Please do not post it to other sites without permission.  Or claim credit
for writing it, unless you're one of the people in the credits section, of
course.  In general, while Tiamat is the one that transcribed things here,
more credit should probably be given to many of the people listed in the
Special Thanks section, many of whom provided more info that went into this
FAQ than Tiamat did.

This FAQ goes by American names.  Balrog in Japan is Vega in America.  Mike
Bison in Japan is Balrog in America.  Vega in Japan is M. Bison in America.


SFA1 = Street Fighter Alpha 1
SFA2 = Street Fighter Alpha 2.  SFA2's storyline overrides SFA1.  Capcom
has stated as such.
SFA3 = Street Fighter Alpha 3
SF1 = Street Fighter 1
SF2 = Street Fighter 2 and all its versions.  Note that the latest version
of SF2 released by Capcom overrides all previous ones.
SF3 = Street Fighter 3 and all its versions.  See note for SF2.
FF = Final Fight
FF2 = Final Fight 2
FFR = Final Fight Revenge (A Final Fight fighting game and a rather poor
one at that, supposedly.  Important to note that it was made by Capcom of
America, not Capcom of Japan.  Which brings into question it's canon
plausibility.  However, it is listed in All About Capcom and I don't think
Capcom of Japan denies it's officialness.  You can and should take it with
a grain of salt, but it probably doesn't matter too much either way because
FFR really doesn't conflict with the canon much.  Heck, Rolento's ending in
Final Fight Revenge is the exact same thing as his Alpha 2 ending.
Anything taken from FFR will be marked as such though so you can realize
that it possibly isn't canon.)


Revision History
Prologue:  Introduction and Opening Statement
I.  Street Fighter Alpha 2 Endings That Did Happen
II.  Street Fighter Alpha 3 Endings That Did Happen
III.  Street Fighter Alpha 3 Endings That Didn't Happen
IV.   Street Fighter Alpha 3 Endings That Might Have Happened
V.  Character List
VI.  Miscellaneous Questions
VII.  Credits, Special Thanks, Author Contact Info


Revision History

4/01/02 - Finally changed Arriko to Arika.  This will be the only
time I'm updating the SFA3 Plotguide to bring it more up to date.
The Street Fighter series plot guide already had this error fixed
long ago.

3/25/02 -  Added important note to the top.  This FAQ will no longer
be updated.  Instead, its revamped version, which is a canon plot
guide to the entire Street Fighter series in general, will be
concentrated on.  That's all.  Thus this can only barely be called
version 1.7 but whatever:P

11/28/01 - Version 1.6.  Multiple disclaimers added.  More small
corrections.  Ones I remember are some slight changes to the Rose Anita
controversy and mentioning that there is in fact an official art piece out
there of Gen training Chunli as well as more description of how the
official artpiece of Sagat with Go Hibiki was like.  And Cammy's
miscellaneous facts got updated.  Looks like Capcom decided to update her
storyline for Street Fighter 2 slightly with the clone thing.  And I
further emphasized the reminder that there are currently absolutely NO
movies, manga, doujinshi, or graphic novels that count towards the official
canon, even if they did inspire some of it (but there's a huge difference
between inspiration and being actual canon).  I'm considering converting
this FAQ to a full Street Fighter story FAQ instead of just a Street
Fighter Alpha 3 story FAQ.  Though odds are that SFA3 will still take up
more than two thirds of the file...

11/20/01- Version 1.5.  More small corrections I can't remember.  Added
some slight clarifications to Rose = Anita possibility.

11/15/01 - Version 1.4.  Guess who's ending was screwed up AGAIN.  Wow,
wily really is a good description for Gen.  Mweh.  Updated Credits section
with... well, credits.  Cause the SF story is too convuluted and on crack
for just one person to handle  ^_~

11/12/01- Version 1.3.  ARRRGH.  I REALLY screwed up Gen's SFA3 ending.  As
it is, the entire thing is contradictory.  Now it's fixed for the FAQ.  I
also fixed a lot of the SFA2 endings section, and also found out that Guy
didn't kill Zeku after all.

11/10/01 - Version 1.2.  More miscellaneous notes, confirmations, and
clarifications added.  Cripes, these things keep racking up.  Just when I
think I've found them all or clarified everything, something else comes

11/07/01 - Version 1.1.  I added a lot of confirmed official miscellaneous
notes to various characters.  Sakura and Guy being some of the more
noticeable ones, I think (Guy has an update to where he is today).  Changed
some wording around to make things a little more clear in some cases, too.

11/05/01 - Version 1.0.  Whatever.  I put a total summary of the main
endings that happened, but it's in note form, only.  That should suffice
until I actually get around to prosifying the entire thing for the small
details.  Thus I can call this FAQ complete.  Yay.

11/04/01 - Version 0.9.  Right now I believe everything is done except the
total summary of the main endings that happened.  Yay.


Introduction and Opening Statement

    The purpose of this FAQ is to finally give a coherent presentation of
the storyline of the most misunderstood Street Fighter Alpha game, Street
Fighter Alpha 3.  Many people have stated that the storyline of SFA3 is too
contradictory.  That it has too many plot holes.  That it couldn't possibly
have happened and that it must have been just a what-if storyline, or was a
strange strange attempt to retell the Street Fighter 2 storyline.  Using
official statements by Capcom as well as in-game events from various Street
Fighter games, this FAQ shall attempt to show just how everything in SFA3
connected, what endings happened and what didn't (all fighting game series
have endings that happened and endings that didn't), and shall attempt to
debunk once and for all the notion that the SFA3 storyline is what-if and
isn't canon or official... or at least the argument that it is thus because
its storyline is too contradictory.

    Capcom of Japan's official information and statements can be found in a
variety of Japanese books, most notably All About Capcom, published by
GraphHouse.  Unfortunately, none of these books have ever been published in
the USA or in English so you're just going to have to take my word (and I
myself am taking Saiki's word since he's the great guy giving me the All
About Capcom info because he can read Japanese) for what Capcom officially
stated if you can't read Japanese or find the book.  In general, any info
that isn't tagged with something like an 'it is likely' disclaimer or 'it
is possible' disclaimer has been confirmed to be official.  At least,
assuming I remembered to tag all those things correctly (Hey, it's a big
FAQ.  I've checked and double checked at least ten times but I'm still only
human).  I can't really prove it unless you can read Japanese AND get your
hands on the book.  If you still won't take my word for it, there's some
proofs near the end that don't rely on official statements anyway for
piecing together the mess that is SFA3's storyline, but there are still
quite a few things I can't prove at all besides that it came straight from
Capcom of Japan's mouth.  The facts here were painstakingly checked and
double-checked among many SF storyline experts as well as people who had
access to the book, All About Capcom, and anything which isn't stated to be
a conjecture, guess, or 'what probably happened', etc, is an official fact.

    Note from a Grumpy Tiamat that didn't get enough sleep:  REREAD THAT
being annoyed by people questioning that stuff and asking for proof when
the proof is in the official books which is in Japanese so you're either
going to have to take this FAQ's word for it or just GO AWAY cause there
isn't anything else that can be said!!!)

    Capcom has been known to retroactively change their storylines and
established canon.  However, because SFA3 has been officially declared to
be the final game in the Alpha series, and doesn't look like it'll have any
more versions of it come out (SFA3 Advance doesn't count because it's made
by a different company), I'd be surprised if the majority of the stuff in
SFA3 wasn't final.

    Another note because for some reason, people don't seem to realize
THAT OFFICIALLY ARE PART OF THE CANON.  Capcom doesn't care about reviewing
all these 10000s of animes, mangas, graphic novels, and doujinshis to check
if their storyline complies with the canon.  Capcom did not MAKE any of
those animes, mangas, or graphic novels.  They simply licensed out the
Street Fighter name and characters to others, but they DID NOT review any
of the storylines of what the people did with said license.  They have
better things to do with their resources that would actually net them more
cash (Such as forcing people to buy All About Capcom books to get the real
deal).  Again, Capcom did not make any of those animes.  Other companies
did.  Capcom just gave them the license.  Thus they are not canon in any
way.  Their events are not canon, their relations between characters are
not canon, and the artistic license portrayal of the characters'
PERSONALITIES within them aren't canon, even.  Because the original
creators and owners of the series did not make them nor did they review the
storylines of them, otherwise the piece of trash known as the Street
Fighter Live Action movie would never have come out.  And also, Capcom
wouldn't have been inspired by the Street Fighter Animated Movie to make
the Street Fighter Alpha series.  Why would they be inspired by something
that was their own creation?  The Street Fighter Animated Movie was not
their own creation.  They handed it over to another company and then after
it was released, Capcom was so impressed that they decided to create their
own spin on the thing and have an anime-ish style street fighter game and
plotline.  But they had no hand in the creation of that movie and Capcom
and ONLY Capcom creates the true official stuff for their own Street
Fighter series.  If it's not in the games or it's not an official statement
by the company (most likely found in the official books released by the
company which unlike strategy guides and animes ARE created and reviewed by
Capcom), then it's not official (and even then, you have to remember that a
significant amount of endings in the games don't happen.  This is true for
all fighting game series.  There are many endings that are just filler
because the company couldn't think of anything else, while there are many
that can probably be assumed to be canon depending on what happens in them
and many more which the company has stated actually did officially happen).


I.  Street Fighter Alpha 2 Endings that did happen

    For exact SFA2 dialogue and endings, visit http://www.gamefaqs.com and
look them up, if you want.

    SFA2 replaces SFA1's storyline.  Capcom has stated as such.  Ignoring
official statements, a quick glance at SFA1 shows that the majority of the
characters' beginning situations for that game are the exact same thing
pretty much as the beginning situations they have in SFA2.  Also note that
it seems like the majority of mid-boss (and even boss, sometimes) battles
in SFA2 did NOT happen, though some did.

    SFA2 happens before SFA3.  This can easily be concluded by looking at
many character's beginning situations in SFA3 and comparing them to their
ending situations in SFA2.  For instance, Dan's introduction in SFA3 states
that he got revenge on the man that killed his father (Sagat), while in
SFA2, Dan's ending is... well, him getting revenge on Sagat.  Now onto the
list of SFA2 endings that happened, as well as quickie summaries of how
they officially happened.

    1.  Ryu's ending happened

    Ryu found Akuma and fought him.  Akuma noticed the Satsu no Hadou
within Ryu, and told Ryu about it.  He wants it to awaken within Ryu, and
tells Ryu to find him after it does so they can truly see who is more
powerful.  There's a high chance that Akuma's cave in SFA3 is just a cave
and that he really did destroy his island at the end of SFA2.

    2.  Ken's ending happened

    Official:  Ken found and defeated Ryu, but he saw that Ryu wasn't
trying his hardest because Ryu's thoughts were preoccupied (probably by his
talk with Akuma).  Ryu too seemed a bit clouded by rage due to that.  Ken
gives Ryu his red headband as a reminder should Ryu lose again.  See
miscellaneous questions for a little more on the red headband.

    3.  Chunli's ending happened

    Official:  In SFA2, Chunli discovered that Bison killed her father, and
now she wants revenge.  Following Gen's lead (Gen was a friend of her
father), she found Bison in SFA2 and didn't know about her father being
dead, yet, but then Bison kicked the crap out of her and flew away, saying
that next time they meet, he'll kill her quick like he did to her father.

    4.  Adon's ending happened

    Official:  In SFA2, Adon defeated Sagat.  Sagat actually was fighting
at half strength because he was filled with rage.  Adon now hears about
Akuma and seeks to defeat him to prove Muy Thai is the greatest as well as
get the power of the Satsu no Hadou.  The fact that he won due to Sagat's
rage means this ending took place before Dan's ending.

    5.  Sagat's ending happened (except the fighting Ryu part didn't)

    This one seems to coincide with Sagat's SFA1 ending more than his SFA2
one for some reason.  Course, then again, neither of the endings really
conflict... But SFA1 wasn't supposed to have happened.  .....sigh, I have
no comment.  Well, okay, I do.  And this is it:  Crazy Capcom.

    Official Statement:  After SFA2 (SFA2 is supposed to be SFA1's new
version...), M. Bison offered Sagat a position as a lord of Shadowloo
(Sagat's SFA1 ending for some wierd reason).  Sagat took him up on that
offer, but resigned soon after he realized that he was straying from being
an honorable fighter, and that there was no room for honor within Shadowloo
(most likely he realized this after what Bison did to Ryu in SFA3.  Or
perhaps he just realized it before then, when he fought Dan.).  Officially,
he is NOT a member of Shadowloo in SF2 now (Yes, crazy Capcom went back and
changed established canon for this).

    ....blarg, what the heck is up with Capcom?  SFA1 wasn't supposed to
have happened, yet that's where Sagat joined Shadowloo, which leads into
his SFA2 ending where he quit it.  I really don't know if this means Sagat
left Shadowloo before or after SFA3 started.  Ah well, at any rate, at
least I know for sure he's definately not a member anymore after SFA3.

    6.  Birdie's ending happened (except Birdie didn't defeat M. Bison.  He
most likely just impressed him.)

    Birdie managed to get into and join Shadowloo after SFA2.

    7.  Guy's ending happened (except he didn't fight Bison)

    Guy discovered the power of Bushin, but he is still chasing after Bison
during SFA3.  He fought his master Zeku in a battle (NOT to the death,
contrary to how some people interpret the ending) and won to become the
next Bushin master.

    8.  Charlie's ending didn't happen

    Charlie died in his SFA2 ending.  Well, he's still alive at the
beginning of SFA3, isn't he?  An interesting note pointed out by Clay is
that for Charlie's ending, he's betrayed by his own government which kills
him then M. Bison comments that "Every man has his price."  Capcom went
further with this concept during SFA3, where it's shown in Guile's ending
that M. Bison used corruption and bribery to his advantage which is why
Chunli and Charlie had to go vigilante.  Heck, Guile's SFA3 ending has a
variation of Charlie's SFA2 ending where Charlie (along with Guile) does
get attacked by helicopter bullets, though Guile and Charlie manage to
dodge them.  I wonder if Capcom put that there just to show some more that
Guile's ending in SFA3 is indeed supposed to be Charlie's real ending.

    9.  Rose's ending happened

    Official:  Rose finally confronted Bison and thought she defeated him,
but she then detects that Bison is still alive.  Bison survived (I don't
believe he had to switch bodies, either.  He just actually survived) and
Rose now seeks to finish him in SFA3.

    10.  M. Bison's ending happened.

    Erm... sorta.  Ryu's ending in SFA3 is basically a rehash of M. Bison's
ending in SFA2.  So I guess M. Bison's ending didn't happen YET by the end
of SFA2 but it will and soon...  In SFA3, Ryu's brainwashing/possession is
the first big event that precludes all the other stuff like the doll saga
and Interpol saga, after all.

    11.  Akuma's and Gen's endings both happened... sorta.

    Official:  From Saiki, Gen is a great assassin and owner of the
restaurant Genhanten. When he learned that he had a un-curable sickness, he
set off into the underground world so he would die in battle. For a while
he kept on taking out random Shadowloo people hoping that someone from
Shadowloo would give him a challenge. Then he got into a battle with Akuma.
Akuma pulls the Shungokusatsu on Gen, and Gen survives. Gen does his Zan-ei
on Akuma and Akuma survives.  As the battle goes on, Akuma realizes that
Gen is sick and the two set apart.  Neither one won the battle.  Gen
survives the Shungokusatsu because he empties his spirit, heart and mind
[which makes him immune from the past sins and dragged to hell aspect].

Gen continues to seek out his death match to finish things with Akuma
during SFA3.

    12.  Dan's ending happened

    Official:  Feeling guilty that he lost his temper wrongfully and killed
Dan's father, and seeing the hate in Dan's eyes which mirrored the rage
Sagat had when fighting Dan's father Go Hibiki, Sagat actually lost to Dan
on purpose.  It was cause Sagat saw himself in Dan (losing sight of life
because he wanted nothing but revenge), and didn't want to see history
repeat itself.  That and he lost to Adon for losing his temper, too.  Dan
doesn't realize Sagat lost on purpose and now feels he has avenged his
father.  Odds are quite good that something like this happened:

    Dan:  SAGAT!  You killed my father!

    Sagat:  Yes!  Now fight me!

    Dan:  GADOKEN!  *smacks Sagat*

    Sagat:  ARRRGH!  You win!  *falls*

    Dan:  OYAJI!  I finally avenged you, father!  *runs off celebrating*

    Sagat:  *opens eyes and smiles*

    After that, Dan is starting his own dojo and now searches for students
in SFA3.  If you want to see some in-game proof for what went on through
Sagat's mind during Dan's ending, Sagat's mid-boss battle against Dan when
you play as Sagat in SFA3 seems to recreate this (though it left out how
Sagat lost on purpose.  You know he did though because Dan starts out his
storyline in SFA3 having already gotten revenge).

    13.  Zangief's ending happened

    Zangief gets sponsored by the Russian Government due to the prowess he
shows.  This is why he now works for the government and seeks to defeat
Shadowloo in SFA3.

    14.  Sakura's ending happened

    Sakura met Ryu in SFA2, but he told her that he couldn't train her
because he himself was still training.  Sakura continues to seek him in

    15.  Sodom's ending happened

    E. Honda mentions Sodom's SFA2 ending in Sodom's SFA3 midboss battle
against E. Honda.  Nothing really important, but still notable.  Basically
Sodom challenged E. Honda to get him to join Mad Gear.  Obviously, E. Honda
won or something because he's not a part of Mad Gear, but he and Sodom
still respect each other.


Street Fighter Alpha 3

Note about endings:  ALL characters' endings have that character's victory
portrait tacked on at the end with their stage in the background.  This has
absolutely nothing to do with the ending itself and is merely there to show
you who you just beat the game with.

For the exact dialogues of all the endings that happened, visit
http://www.gamefaqs.com and take a look at the Lantis plot FAQ for SFA3,
there.  Or go to the videogame museum archive (http://www.vgmuseum.com) and
check out their endings section for SFA3 for the PSX.


II.  Endings that DID happen (these are in chronological order)

    Once again, FYI, Capcom's official statements are that all twelve dolls
turned on Bison then Cammy's ending happened, Ryu did get brainwashed and
Sagat was the one to fight him (out of the three that do fight brainwashed
Ryu in SFA3 which is Ken, Sagat, and Sakura) while Ken and Sakura went
after Bison, Vega's ending happened, Rose's ending happened, and Guile's
ending happened.  How could all these endings happen together?  Capcom
stated that Ryu's brainwashing happened first, then Cammy's and Rose's
(didn't give the exact order there though), then Guile's.  This basically
pieces them all together.  All endings here are in chronological order as
much as I could make them out, based on Capcom's statements.  Note that
none of the scenes with them killing M. Bison actually happened with the
exception of Guile's ending, which is the official way M. Bison died in
SFA3.  If you want proof of this that doesn't rely on official statements,
you can just skip down to the Miscellaneous Questions section.

    Note:  If you just want some good reading material, skip past all these
analysises and just look at the Total Summary part of this section.  Erm...
once it's finished, that is.

    SFA3's main storyline can basically be split into three parts.  The Ryu
Saga, which is about Bison's hunt for Ryu, the Doll Saga, which is about
Cammy and the dolls, and the Interpol Saga, which is about Chunli, Charlie,
and Guile finally bringing about the downfall of Bison for SFA3 (though
Bison would return for SF2).  There are many side storylines, but because
they are on the side, they may or may not have happened.  It's the main
chunk right here that's most important.

The Ryu Saga involves Ryu, then Ken, Sagat, and Sakura all together going
after him.

The Doll Saga involves Rose's storyline as the set-up story, then Cammy,
Vega, and Juli all in conjunction with each other.

The Interpol Saga is basically Guile going after Chunli and Charlie before
joining them to destroy Bison for SFA3.

Note that the latter parts of the Doll Saga happen at the same time as the
Interpol Saga.

    If you want to see the specific dialogues for each of these endings,
there are lots of FAQs and pages on the net that have them.  The easiest
and most recomended place to go is http://www.gamefaqs.com and check out
Lantis's plot FAQ which has ALL the dialogue for the boss and midboss
battles in SFA3.

    A.  The Ryu Saga

    Summary:  Ryu is continuing his quest to be the ultimate fighter.
Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that while he's searching for perfection,
someone is searching for him.

    This part of SFA3 happened so early during SFA3 that it practically
blends in with SFA2.  Ryu's brainwashing is just like when Bison
brainwashed him in SFA2, and Sagat fights Dan as his midboss before Dan got
revenge a la SFA2, yet Dan has already had his revenge by the time Dan's
storyline starts.

        1.  Ryu (with a twist)

        In the game:  After fighting a brainwashed (Psycho) Ken, Ryu
confronts Bison.  Bison tries to brainwash and possess Ryu, stating that
Ryu will be his next body (Psycho Ryu from here on), then after a series of
internal mental conflict, Ryu finally overcomes Bison's brainwashing, and
shoryukens Bison into oblivion.  Ken's brainwashing has worn off, and later
back at Ryu's dojo, Ryu thanks Ken (for some wierd reason), saying that he
owes Ken more than he could ever repay.  Ken and Ryu shake hands, and Ken
tells Ryu that he'll be waiting for that match, still, then Ryu walks off
to the sunset with Ken watching.

        What actually happened:  Psycho Ken probably never existed.  This
is why Ryu thanks Ken instead of Ken thanking Ryu.  Ken played a hand in
keeping Ryu from being brainwashed, not the other way around (Boy, what a
way for Capcom to screw up the in-game storyline from the canon official
one though Oo).  While Ryu was brainwashed, he didn't just overcome it
instantly and shoryuken Bison, as can be seen from Sagat's and Sakura's
storylines.  Bison actually did manage to take control of him for a short
time.  Ryu admitting and thanking everyone (Sakura, Sagat, and Ken) is
partially him being apologetic for not being strong enough to repulse Bison
immediately, even if he did manage to come through in the end.  Note that
Ryu overcomes his brainwashing to smack away Bison in Sakura's and Sagat's
endings, too.  Of course, his attack didn't actually kill Bison (the one to
get the kill would be Charlie in Guile's ending), but Bison did have to
make a hasty retreat after that.

        2.  Ken (sorta)

        In the game:  Ken fights Sakura (who asked him to fight her so she
could be ready for her match against Ryu), then fights Bison.  In his
ending, he beats Bison with his shoryuken, then says "Wait for me, Ryu!"

        What actually happened:  Following Capcom's official statements
that Ken and Sakura were there for the battle against Bison, Ken most
likely did fight Sakura, then was there with her when she found Psycho Ryu
under the control of Bison.  Following official statements, he fought Bison
alongside Sakura, which would explain why poor Sakura wasn't crushed by
Bison's sheer power (Given how powerful Bison was supposed to be during
SFA3) while Sagat fought Ryu.  As for his ending, it mostly parallels Ryu's
ending, anyway.  So look at Ryu's ending to see how Ken's tenure in SFA3

        3.  Sagat and Sakura (Weird seeing these two grouped together)

        In the game (Sagat):  After a battle with Dan, Sagat is seriously
beginning to reconsider his honor as a warrior (See all those random notes
throughout this FAQ regarding Dan and Sagat).  This honor is put to the
test when he finally finds Ryu again, but also finds that Ryu is under the
control of Bison!  Sagat is enraged that Bison would sink so low as to do
something like that, but Bison keeps asking him, "Isn't this what you
wanted?"  By now, though, Sagat has realized that there is no honor in
fighting Ryu when Ryu can't control himself, but does it anyway.  After
that, he then confronts Bison, who tries to control Ryu further.  Ryu,
however, is able to overcome the brainwashing and with some encouragement
from Sagat, repels Bison's psycho power and destroys Bison.  Sagat tells
Ryu what almost happened to him, and Ryu admits to Sagat that he was weak.
Sagat, too, admits that his victory over Ryu didn't count because Ryu is
brainwashed.  Ryu asks Sagat to wait for him until he's done training so he
won't be weak and fall to Bison again, and Sagat, realizing his destiny to
truly test his abilities against Ryu in the future, is filled with
excitement as he watches Ryu walk off into the sunset.

        In the game (Sakura):  Sakura fights a brainwashed Ryu, then fights
Bison.  In her ending, she fights Bison to protect Ryu from him, but Bison
forcefully shoves her aside as Ryu gets brainwashed anyway.  Ryu overcomes
the brainwashing (I really hope you notice this theme, by now ^_~) and
whallops Bison with a powerful shin shoryuken.  Ryu apologizes to Sakura
for being weak to fall to Bison, and tells her that he's 'sorry she missed
it.'  He then tells her he feels he disgraced himself back there, and tells
Sakura he can see her potential, and that he himself still needs to train.
Sakura and Ryu both remark how next time, they'll be even stronger, and
they eagerly wait for the time they can meet again.  Sakura then watches as
Ryu walks off into the sunset.

        What actually happened:  Officially, Sakura's ending did happen...
except Sagat fought Psycho Ryu instead of Sakura.  You can tell this I
believe by Ryu's line to Sakura, "I'm sorry you missed it."  He's sorry
that Sakura missed fighting him (Yes, this is as screwed up as Ryu thanking
Ken instead of Ken thanking Ryu in Ryu's ending.)  As you can see, three
endings where Ryu overcomes his brainwashing, and the same three endings,
his three 'friends' (or rivals) are waiting for him.  Of course, in
actuality, Bison wasn't destroyed, but he did have to get out of dodge.
The one who would finally get the killing blow on Bison would be Charlie.

    B.  The Doll Saga

    Summary:  Around thirty years ago, Lord Bison finally perfected his
psycho power.  Shadowloo has been born.  Unfortunately, unknown to him, the
mastery of Psycho Power created someone else.  Or at least made someone
else split from M. Bison's original body. Although he didn't know about her
at first, he eventually found out about the possibility of her existence.
Thus sixteen years ago, the evil organization known as Shadowloo began work
on creating another psycho powered female body for Bison, so that Bison may
finally have his perfect body.  Unfortunately, they had yet to perfect
control over her mind... oh yea, if that didn't make sense, it hopefully
will by the end of this FAQ.

        1.  Rose

        In the game:  Rose confronts Bison, who tells her she's too early
and that he has another appointment right now, and sends Juli and Juni to
hold her off.  Rose defeats the dolls that Bison sent after her, and is
insulted that Bison even thought they stood a chance against her.  She then
fights Bison, and is winning.  As her soul shawl pierces Bison's chest,
there is a sad look on her face that things had to come to that.  She tells
him she's sorry she had to destroy him, even though he was once her master,
but Bison simply laughs and counters.  Rose is shocked as Bison tells her
that it's her that they are two lives that share the same soul, and it's
her who will stand victorious as the world enters doomsday, and she has a
horrifying revelation until she blacks out.  Guy arrives, and there is no
trace of Bison.  He feels that he might finally be gone forever and that
the world is finally safe from that man, then takes Rose and carries her to
safety to heal from her wounds.  As he is carrying her, there is a flash of
Bison shown to the player, and Guy feels a sudden chill, though he doesn't
know why.

        What Actually Happened:  Everything.  Except Bison didn't die

        Note:  The chronology here is unsure.  Rose's ending may have
happened after Cammy's/Juli's/Vega's, or it may even have happened in the
middle of it all.  It did happen around here, though.  Rose does come
across Vega herself, during her storyline.  Most likely she ran into him
while he was searching for Cammy, and this happened before he found Cammy.
It's interesting to note from their after dialogue battle that Vega really
wasn't interested in killing Rose, and really would have preferred that she
not go to Bison to die (It's a shame to have beautiful things die in Vega's
eyes).  This would probably factor into Vega's thoughts about Cammy later
which is what makes Vega decide to try to stop Bison from killing Cammy.

        2.  Cammy, Juli, and Vega (wow, there sure are a lot that group
together here)

        In the game (Cammy):  Cammy, who has begun to have her own
self-conscious, managed to overcome Vega and Juli.  Bison demands to know
why she didn't kill Vega, then seeing that Cammy was no longer a ruthless
murderor, realized that she has become independent from Shadowlaw's mind
control and is thus useless to him.  After Cammy defeats him, Bison is
shocked that he could be beaten by her, and tells her that it can't be,
because she's just a clone of him.  He then concedes, and says that it's
time for his current body to expire, anyway, then mocks Cammy that he'll
always be in her mind, before he explodes.  Cammy stands there, still in
shock over what she just learned.  There is a grey flash of Bison, just
like there was for Rose, which represents Bison trying to move in and
dominate over her mind.  Cammy feels and says that Bison is trying to creep
into her mind, but she must have managed to reject him, as she decides to
save the rest of the dolls.  Back at Shadowloo's main base, she runs into
Interpol Officer Chunli, who has managed to infiltrate Shadowloo's main
headquarters and wonders who she is, but Chunli only gets to see her for a
brief moment before Cammy remarks that she and the rest aren't just dolls
and deserve to live.  In the Psycho Drive room, she puts all the other
dolls into the Psycho Drive which restores them  and transports them out of
the base, and Cammy is happy that she's able to save everyone, even though
she has to stay behind.  Chunli and her partner Charlie blow up the base,
but never were able to find out about that girl Chunli saw back there.

        In the game (Juli):  Juli has tracked down Cammy as ordered, and
seemingly terminated her, but upon reporting to Bison, Bison tells her that
he's glad that Cammy is gone, and that now that Juli is finished with her
use, she can die at his command.  At this, Juli suddenly enters combat
mode, unwilling to die so easily even if she's brainwashed to obey Bison's
every command.  After defeating him, Bison says that she should never dream
she could live a life as a normal human because if he dies, she'll die,
too.  Juli is hit by an intense pain as Bison explodes, and passes out.
Cammy, who Juli didn't kill after all, comes and saves her by using the
Psycho Power to restore her so that she won't die even though Bison is
gone, saying that only one of them can survive and Juli will be the one.

        In the game (Vega):  Vega has tracked down Cammy as ordered, but
after seeing her, he refuses to terminate her.  He is intrigued and wonders
why Bison would want such a beautiful girl.  He confronts Bison and demands
to know what Bison plans to do with Cammy, and is disgusted when Bison
tells him that he must destroy Cammy because she's too powerful and
independent.  Vega eventually kills Bison over it, then, in the Psycho
Drive room with Cammy, decides that he'll save Cammy because a beautiful
opponent has such possibilities.

        What Actually Happened:  Again... everything (Besides the Bison
exploding parts).  Unlike the Ryu Saga, the Doll Saga isn't anywhere near
as loopholian, amazingly enough.  First thing that happened is probably
that Vega met Cammy, but couldn't bring himself to kill someone beautiful
either, and after warning Cammy that she was to be terminated (by Juli and
Juni), Vega went to confront Bison and showed concern for Cammy by
demanding to know what Bison would do with her.  Vega is disgusted when he
finds out that Bison is killing her just because she exceeded him, though
they never actually fought (official statement by Capcom and also why
Vega's still a member of Shadowloo in SF2).  Vega probably wasn't very
happy but eventually dropped the subject.  Some side notes are that you
know Bison didn't get to possess Cammy's mind because Cammy comments to
Chunli in her ending that 'Master Bison is no longer', as opposed to 'I am
Bison!  Hahahaha!' or something stupid like that, and Cammy wouldn't know
that Bison found and got into Rose's mind instead, after all.  Why doesn't
Chunli recognize Cammy in SF2?  Well, if you saw someone for approximately
one second while you were in the middle of a rush to blow up a base three
years ago, I imagine you probably wouldn't recognize her by the present
time, either.  ^^  Other side notes are that while Juli confronted Cammy,
she did NOT kill Cammy even after she won.  Why didn't she?  Capcom
officially stated the twelve dolls all turned against Bison alongside
Cammy.  This means that when Cammy met Juli and tried to convince Juli not
to kill her in Juli's storyline, she must have actually succeeded.  This
heavily supports the notion that all twelve dolls joined Cammy and turned
on Bison, if you're not willing to take my word on it being an official
statement.  The actual way it must have happened is that Cammy convinced
Juli (and Juni) not to kill her, instead of beating up both of them in
self-defense like many Cammyfans believe was the case.  Odds were Cammy's
fight with Juli and Juni was cut off with no clear victor when they decided
to listen to her.  On a side note, odds are very good that Juni was with
Juli throughout all of this like during Cammy's storyline.  And of course,
Cammy saved all of the dolls, not just Juli, as per her ending, but other
than those small differences, everything pretty much reconciles, here.
Vega saved Cammy after she was done saving the rest of the dolls, which is
why Juli and the rest of the dolls weren't the only ones that 'would
survive and live', after all.  Capcom stated that Vega was the one that
brought her to Delta Red.  For more on that, see the miscellaneous
questions section.

    C.  The Interpol Saga

    Summary:  An Interpol officer wants revenge on M. Bison for killing her
father.  However, Interpol itself won't fully go after Shadowloo due to
corruption and Shadowloo saboteurs within its ranks.  It's up to Chunli,
and her ally Charlie, to take out M. Bison, vigilante style!

        1.  Guile (and that's about it.  No wonder why his ending is so

        In the game:  Um... lots of stuff.  I really don't think I need to
elaborate much here, since this ending speaks for itself.  Guile finally
finds Charlie, then finds Bison, and decides to help Chunli and Charlie
defeat Bison once and for all.  Chunli goes off to set the bombs (and most
likely ran into Cammy during this time as per Cammy's ending) while Charlie
and Guile go to destroy the Psycho Drive.  Unfortunately, Bison is waiting
for the two and knocks Charlie away, and is about to psycho crusher Guile
but Charlie grabs him and tells Guile to get out.  Guile runs out along
with Chunli as the base blows up, taking Bison and the valiant
self-sacrificing Charlie with it.  Guile and Chunli comment that they feel
that Charlie can't be dead, and Chunli says the same about her father whom
Bison told he killed a long time ago.

        Side notes:  Of course, following the ol' storyline creed that if
you never see them actually die, they're still alive, Charlie may very well
still be alive, somewhere out there.  Probably not, though, because the
official statement is that he's dead (Be aware that the game Cannon Spike
isn't official/canon).  Hopefully he'll stay that way because it IS getting
kinda ridiculous how often he's dying in various endings.  Even Capcom
seems to realize this cause his ending in SFA3 where he lives is done in a
very joking manner.

    D.  Total Summary

    Summary:  All of the above endings that happened crammed into one
summary.  Erm... I'll get to this, later.  Right now, here's a quickie
synopsis of what I THINK is it, judging from all the analyses made above.
It probably isn't completely 100% accurate (Juli's meeting with Bison may
or may not have actually happened, for example), but the jist of it should
be.  These may or may not completely be in chronological order.  NOTE:
This section is not finished yet.

    Ryu.  He is the king of the hill.  He already has won the first Street
Fighter tournament, and he continues to seek out new
challenges.  He has learned of the 'evil intent' within him, and doesn't
know what will become of it.  He continues his journey to
find the answers, and always to find new challenges.  Travelling the world,
he fights with many other powerful warriors to
perfect his skills, until one day, in Italy, a lady by the name of Rose
confronted him.  She warned him of a man that was after
him, and that Ryu wouldn't be able to win against him if he just fought
with his power and not with his soul.  Ryu asks who she
is and who is 'that man', but she won't answer, and tells him to always
keep her advice in mind.  Ryu thinks about her advice,
but is still unsure, and continues his travels.  Until one day, when 'that
man' finally found him.

    M. Bison, lord of Shadowloo.  Ryu asks who he is, but he doesn't really
answer, telling Ryu only that Ryu is critical to his
ambitions, and that his ambition is to rule the world and be honored as the
mightiest warrior of all time.  He tells him to prepare
to be seduced by his psycho power, and that he will reveal his dark
nature.  Ryu suddenly realizes that this is the man that Rose was talking
about, and the two get locked in an intense combat.  Finally, using all his
physical abilities, Ryu knocked Bison to the ground.  All it served to do,
however, was make Bison laugh.  He then told Ryu that even if Ryu destroyed
his body, his
soul was eternal, and that his next body would be Ryu!  Ryu is caught off
guard as Bison threw a psycho shot straight at him,
and begins to take control of him!  He can feel the evil power, and wonders
if it is the evil intent Akuma told him about long
ago, then finally, his mind gives in, believing that Bison is the answer...

    Sagat, the Emperor of Muei Thai, finally suffered his first defeat at
the hands of Ryu, and now has joined the organization
Shadowloo, for Bison promised him that he would let Sagat find Ryu and get
his revenge.  The scar upon his chest serves as a
reminder of his defeat... to Ryu and his shoryuken!  Now he fights for
vengeance alone.

    One day, during his travels as he continued crushing opponent after
opponent, he came across a fighter in a pink gi, named
Dan Hibiki.  Dan himself is filled with rage upon seeing Sagat.  He tells
Sagat that Sagat killed his father, and that Sagat must
remember Dan's name when he dies to Dan in revenge.  Dan, however, is no
match for Sagat, and Sagat easily manages to
beat Dan badly.  Dan cries that he can't believe he lost, and that he needs
one more chance, and will get revenge at any cost.
Sagat can't bear to see the pathetic sight, and realizes that the power of
hatred is limited, and that Dan is just like he is, filled
with rage.  He begins to feel guilt for all the opponents he crushed in
anger, which included Dan's father, and that he needs
something other than hatred.  Being unable to watch, he lets Dan get up,
and allows Dan to have one more chance.  He tells
Dan to be ready to fight, and Dan attacks once again.  He hits Sagat, and
the Emperor of Muey Thai fell.  Shocked at his
victory, Dan cheers, now that he has finally defeated Sagat and avenged his
father!  As he happily walked away shouting
"Yahoo!" and "Oyaje!", the Emperor of Muey Thai slowly opened his eyes, and
smileed.  He had let Dan win the match on
purpose, and now realizes the true meaning of honor.  There is more to
fighting than hatred, after all.  In better mood than ever,
Sagat suddenly realizes that there are still some ties of dishonor that he
must now sever.  With that, he heads back towards
Shadowloo's main base.  M. Bison won't be happy, but Sagat needs to
resign.  There is no honor in being a member of an evil
organization like Shadowloo.  What he'll see when he gets there, however,
will show this more than he ever realized...

Tiamat's notes to convert to fanfic prose in the future for the FAQ (The
total summary in quickie form, if you will):

Spoiler if you'd rather read this in storyline form, by the way


The order is [Character the player is playing as] "vs" [Character that is
that played character's mid-boss/boss battle].

Ryu Saga

Ryu vs Rose (Rose warns Ryu that Bison is after him)

Ryu vs Bison and first half of Ryu's SFA3 ending (Ryu is brainwashed by

Sagat vs Dan (Sagat lets Dan have his revenge and realizes there is no
honor in being fueled by vengeance and rage)

Sakura vs E. Honda (where she learns about Ryu's location)

Ken vs Sakura (Ken bumps into Sakura while looking for Ryu.  Sakura's
warm-up match that she requests before she meets Ryu)

Sakura vs Psycho Ryu (Sakura finds Ryu, but he's not the same.
Fortunately, Sagat arrives at the same time, and takes on Ryu)

Sagat vs Psycho Ryu AND Ken and Sakura vs M. Bison (Sagat takes on Psycho
Ryu while Ken and Sakura take on Bison)

Second Half of Ryu's ending, Sakura's ending, Sagat's ending, and Ken's
ending (Ryu finally overcomes his brainwashing and forces Bison to retreat,
himself.  Ryu talks with Sagat, Sakura, and Ken)

Doll Saga

Rose and Aprile's brother [official statement, only.  Not in game]
(Aprile's brother confronts Rose and asks her about Aprile.  Foreshadowing
to Rose Doll connection)

Rose vs Guy (Guy wants to join her, but Rose refuses)

Cammy vs Dhalsim (Cammy has been sent to kill Dhalsim, but Dhalsim can
sense something is wrong with her and that she's becoming independent...)

Rose vs Vega (Vega, who is searching for Cammy, has a run in with Rose, and
can't comprehend why people would throw their lives away like Rose is

Cammy vs Vega... and Vega vs Cammy (Vega finally finds Cammy, and tells
Cammy that Bison doesn't need her anymore, and prepares to attack, but
Cammy tells him she doesn't want to harm him.  Cammy wins and wonders why
he attacked, then Vega warns her that she is to be terminated.  Cammy is
shocked and runs off.  After she is gone, Vega thinks to himself about how
he thought he only cared for worthy foes, but finds himself caring for
Cammy and is worried, wondering what Bison will do to her)

Rose vs Juli and Juni [Actually most likely Aprile, officially] (Rose
confronts Bison, but Bison is busy.  Apparently Vega has run into Cammy,
and now Cammy will be coming back to Bison soon.  He doesn't have time for
Rose.  He orders Aprile to kill Rose.  Rose realizes who Aprile is and what
the doll project is about, recalling Aprile's brother, then is insulted
that Bison thinks that Aprile could defeat her.)

Rose vs Bison (After beating Aprile, Rose fights Bison himself, but the
fight doesn't go so well.)

First half of Rose's ending (Rose realizes to her horror what her fate is
going to be.  Two lives that share the same soul, and she'll be the one who
stands triumphant as the world is consumed by darkness...)

Cammy vs Juli and Juni... and Juli vs Cammy (Cammy gets in contact with
Bison and asks why she has to die.  Bison already found his new body in the
form of Rose, and Cammy not killing Vega shows that she's independent and
useless to him.  Juli and Juni catch up to Cammy, and prepare to attack,
but Cammy realizes what's going on and tries to get them to stop...)

Vega vs Bison (Vega demands that Bison tell her what he plans to do with
Cammy and is shocked that Bison is killing Cammy just because the clone is
exceeding the original.  He objects, but fails to convince Bison, and
angrily drops the subject.  There is no fight.  Just an argument.)

Juli vs Bison (Juli, with Juni, reports that Cammy has been terminated.
Bison is pleased, then tells Juli that her objective is accomplished and
now she can die.  It turns out that Cammy is right, and Juli and Juni's
will to survive overrides Bison's command to die.  Juli and Juni turn on

Cammy vs Bison (Cammy finally confronts Bison herself.  Juli and Juni lied
that they killed her.  From Bison, Cammy finds out the truth about
herself.  She manages to fight Bison in combat, and Bison learns the hard
way that all of the dolls have control over the Psycho Drive, too, so he
finally has to withdraw.)

First half of Cammy's ending (Bison tells Cammy that he'll always be in her
mind.  Cammy feels him creeping in, but manages to come to herself and
decide to save the rest of the dolls)

First half of Juli's ending (Cammy finds Juli and Juni nearby, then
proceeds to gather up the rest of the dolls.)

Interpol Saga

Guile vs Chunli (Chunli tries to stop Guile from going after Charlie)

Guile vs Charlie (Guile finally finds Charlie, but Charlie is deadset on
going after Bison.  Guile knocks a little sense in him)

Guile vs Bison (Bison arrives, and Guile realizes that while he thinks
Charlie jumped into things irrationally, there's no turning back now.
Guile and Charlie team up against Bison.)

First half of Guile's ending (Chunli hooks up with Guile and Charlie as
they arrive at Shadowloo's base.  Chunli prepares to blow up the base while
Guile and Charlie head to the psycho drives.)

Second half of Cammy's and Juli's ending (Cammy gets the rest of the dolls
to the Psycho Drive.  Briefly runs into Chunli at the base, but Chunli only
sees her for a very small moment.  Cammy stays behind to revive the rest of
the dolls and transport them to safety)

Vega's ending (Vega finds Cammy unconscious in the Psycho Drive room.  He
realizes that she really is more than just a clone of Bison, and rescues

Second half of Guile's ending (Charlie sacrifices himself to hold off Bison
as Guile escapes, blowing up the Psycho Drive, Bison, and Charlie.  Bison
as well as much of Shadowloo is brought down thanks to the combined efforts
of Guile, Chunli, and Charlie)

Second half of Rose's ending (Guy sees the explosion of Shadowloo's base.
Bison is no more.  Yet, as he carries Rose to the hospital, he feels a
sudden chill which he can't explain.  Somehow, someway, despite being blown
up to smithereens, Bison's aura still lives on.  Guy carries Rose back to
the hospital to be healed, unknowingly setting up Bison's revival)

Vega and Cammy epilogue [official statement.  Not in game]  (Wolfman finds
an unconscious girl near Delta Red headquarters.  She has no memory, and
all that can be found out about her is that her name is Cammy.  Far off,
unknown to them, a certain masked spaniard watches...)


III.  Endings that didn't happen

    A.  "Yay!  I killed Bison!" Pointless/Joke Endings

    Summary:  These endings are basically just the character you play as
somehow killing Bison then celebrating.  They are meant to be either filler
ending for that character because Capcom couldn't come up with much else,
or a joke there for you to simply laugh at.  For Bison's official death,
Capcom would come up with something a lot more climactic than these.

        1.  Blanka and Dan  (Part of Blanka's ending may also be classified
as miscellaneous though)

        In the game:  For Dan, Dan defeats Bison then decides to make
Shadowloo headquarters his own dojo.  He's training with Blanka when Chunli
and Charlie come to nuke the thing.  Oo  Oops.  Anyway, Blanka's ending is
a less jokingly sadistic version, where Blanka defeats Bison then teams up
with Dan and his 'student' who doesn't realize she's his student, Sakura,
to destroy the psycho drives.  After that, Dan wishes Blanka fairwell and
Sakura requests that next time they meet, they have a friendly match.

        What probably actually happened:  Dan's joke ending obviously
didn't happen since Blanka is still alive in SF2.  There's also the fact
that the official way Chunli and Charlie blew up the base and the psycho
drive was via Guile's ending.  Most likely, Dan just saw Blanka again
during SFA3 and took Sakura to see him, too, and it was a happy reunion
then... well, that's it.

        2.  Charlie  (also contradicts Guile's ending, too)

        In the game:  Only the most hilarious death sequence marathon for
Bison, ever.  Charlie does everything from bomb the guy to riddling him
with machine gun fire from the jet plane.  Guess Charlie's giving some pay
back for Bison killing him in SFA1 and 2.  ^_~  It ends with Charlie
proclaiming that he'll fight as long as there is a need for justice,

        What actually happened:  See Guile's ending.  Well, Charlie boy, at
least you did finally get to blow Bison up, even if you had to go with

        3.  Cody

        In the game:  Guy knows about Bison's evil and wants to destroy it,
but Cody isn't willing to help because Cody doesn't care.  Guy has to
infiltrate the base by himself, but soon comes across the dolls and there
are too many for him.  Cody runs in and helps Guy defeat them, then the
proceed to destroy the psycho drives and Bison.  Happy ending, Guy wishes
Cody farewell and Cody leaves to just wander around, the end.

        What actually happened:  Erm... well, Rose's ending shows that Guy
was never able to get very far with destroying Shadowloo, personally, and
the dolls were too busy betraying Bison to defend him, so I imagine that
you should just remove all the references to Shadowloo whatsoever in this
ending.  Which leaves you with... Cody making up with Guy then leaving to
just goof off.  Capcom's official statement is that Cody's still just going
around doing useless things, which fits with the end of this ending just
fine.  :P

        4.  Dhalsim

        In the game:  Dhalsim defeats M. Bison!  Using his mad yoga skillz,
he screams "YOGA!!!!" over and over which causes Shadowloo's base to
explode!  Evil is gone!  Dhalsim, being a humble man, takes no credit and
no one ever hears of his heroic tale, but he doesn't mind.

        What actually happened:  .........YOGA!!!!!!!!!!!  Capcom... does
not seem to take Dhalsim very seriously.  Do I really need to explain why
this one didn't happen?  YOGA!!!!!!!!!   Anyway, Dhalsim's actual role in
SFA3 was probably getting Cammy to realize her self conscience, as seen in
Cammy's storyline, and that's it.  He may have tried to talk Rose out of
fighting Bison too, possibly.

        5.  E. Honda

        In the game:  Bison says that he is impressed by E. Honda's power,
and that he will now take control of E. Honda.  E. Honda is completely
clueless as to what's going on, and doesn't realize Bison is evil.  But
Bison's attacking him, and E. Honda's always up for a fight, so he
headbutts Bison back and... oops, accidentally kills him.  "Who was that
guy, anyway?" E. Honda wonders as the dolls run over and stare at him,
shocked that he just killed their master.  The dolls blank out, and Honda
realized they worked for Bison but now lost their memory for some reason.
He offers to let them train at his place until they get it back.  Flash to
E. Honda's dojo, where all the dolls are training with him.  They shall
become great sumo wrestlers!!!

        What actually happened:  A joke ending.  And a pretty funny one, as
long as you remember that it's a joke (the dolls being sumo wrestlers is
ridiculous but hey, it's a joke!  ^^).  E. Honda's entire SFA3 storyline
when you play as him isn't very serious, as shown by him not even realizing
Bison's a bad guy, but it's a pretty fun one when looked at in that light.
At any rate, this probably happened in no way, shape, or form, (if he
killed Bison, all the dolls would have died, too.  They need to be restored
with the Psycho Drive in order for them to live on after Bison's death) and
E. Honda wasn't too important to the SFA3 overall storyline.  Further proof
that E. Honda's ending didn't happen is that all his students shown in his
SF2 ending are male.  I suppose there's the vague chance that he found some
of the dolls after Cammy transported them out of Mrigranka, but this is
highly doubtful.

        6.  Guy

        In the game:  Guy uses the power of Bushin to kill Bison.  Guy
notes that this is the true power of Bushin and evil has been destroyed!

        What actually happened:  Wow, what a pointless ending.
Fortunately, Guy's actual role during SFA3 is at least somewhat more
interesting than this.  For what Guy really did during SFA3, see Rose's

        7.  Karin

        In the game:  After beating Sakura, Karin remarks and realizes that
it was just luck, and that she still needs to train more to actually be
better than Sakura.  Then Bison appears and attacks!  Bison mocks Karin,
then Karin calls up one of her employees who uses one of the family's
satellites to nuke Bison, the Psycho Drive, and the Shadowloo base.  BOOM.
Ouch!  After that, she laughs as Sakura is confused by what the heck just
happened (I'd be confused too.  A privately owned satellite that can
friggin' nuke something from space?  @@).

        What actually happened:  Um... no.  Sadly, while I like her
character a lot, Karin didn't have much of a role during SFA3.  If Karin's
ending and storyline happened in any way, shape, or form, then she's still
training to be better than Sakura.  If her ending and storyline in SFA3
(besides her existance) didn't happen in any way, shape, or form, then....
she's still training to be better than Sakura.  As you can see, even though
I like Karin, her tenure in SFA3 was sadly incredibly pointless when it
comes to participating in the storyline.  And of course she didn't nuke
Shadowloo with a satellite.  Shadowloo has a satellite of their own...
heck, for her ending, lots of the pictures there reuse pics of Shadowloo
stuff and calls it Karin's family's stuff (the satellite, the lab where her
employees manage the satellite, are all also used to depict Shadowloo's
satellite and Shadowloo's headquarters in other endings).  Strange strange
lazy Capcom.

        8.  Zangief

        In the game:  Zangief must destroy the Psycho Drive so Russia can
be safe from Shadowloo!  He defeats Bison and finds it, but doesn't know
how to destroy it.  He meets E. Honda who just wandered over there hearing
about mean mean EVIL people who dealt drugs in the area, and together, they
come up with a plan!  Zangief spinning piledrivers Honda right into the
psycho drive over and over again, and the sheer power of the piledriver and
E. Honda's weight destroys it.  Zangief and his Japanese comrade E. Honda
are heros of Russia!!!!!

        What actually happened:  Joke ending.  Semi-decent one, I suppose.
I laughed at how they probably purposefully phrased that end quote of
Zangief and his friend from the east, E. Honda, being heros of Russia to be
as cheesy as possible.  Obviously, this doesn't really fit in, anywhere,
though.  What did Zangief actually do during SFA3?  I have noooooooooo
clue.  I guess he just went around searching for Shadowloo but eventually
Guile, Charlie, and Chunli blew it up for him.

    B.  Contradictory Endings

    Summary:  These endings contradict endings that Capcom stated
officially happened.  FYI, Capcom's official statements are that all twelve
dolls turned on Bison then Cammy's ending happened, Ryu did get brainwashed
and Sagat was the one to fight him (out of the three that do fight
brainwashed Ryu in SFA3 which is Ken, Sagat, and Sakura) while Ken and
Sakura went after Bison, Vega's ending happened, Rose's ending happened,
and Guile's ending happened.  Don't believe the official statements?  See
the Miscellaneous Questions section for more details.

        1.  Chunli

        In the game:  Chunli is shocked that Bison's so cruel as to
brainwash and use young underage girls to fight for him!  She... erm...
infiltrates Shadowloo's base then uses the Psycho Drive and satellite to
fire upon Bison and blow him up with a BEAM FROM SPACE.  Similar to Karin.
Oo  She then tells a groggy Cammy that the nightmare is over.

        Contradicts:  Guile's ending and nearly the entire Doll Saga
besides Rose.  See more in the Miscellaneous Questions section for why this
ending couldn't have happened.

        What actually happened:  For Chunli's true ending in SFA3, see
Guile's ending (and a slight cameo in Cammy's ending, too).

        2.  M. Bison

        In the game:  Bison takes Ryu (or whoever you were playing as if
you get game over), uses him as a psycho drive battery, laughs the EVIL
LAUGH OF DOOOOOOM, and blows up a large spot on the map by using the Psycho
Drive and Shadowloo's satellite.  He proceeds to conquer the world (Unless
you pay him.... one MILLION dollars!)  Heck, he even has the equivalent of
his LASER ON THE MOON (except it's a satellite instead of the moon)...

        Contradicts:  Oh, just about everything.  This is basically the bad
ending when you get game over, anyway.  I'd hope that it's common knowledge
that in all videogame series, the bad ending never happens.

        What actually happened:  For M. Bison's true ending in SFA3, see...
well, everything in the Endings That Happened section.

        3.  Juni

        In the game:  Now that Juni has defeated Ryu, Bison feels he
doesn't need the dolls anymore and orders Juni to die by her command, but
her survival instincts kick in and in self defense, she kills him.  Bison
is amazed that Juni is able to control the psycho power enough to destroy
him.  As he dies, he tells Juni that if he perishes, she'll perish as
well.  After he dies, a huge pain shoots through Juni, and she falls
unconscious.  She finally wakes up and looks over the corpse of her
master.  Juni... is quite mortified when she realizes what she has done.
She turns to look to her side and sees her partner, Juli, there, who came
for her.  Juli holds her crying partner, Juni, but there is a sad look on
her face, because she knows there's nothing she can do.  Their brainwashing
is too deep and their life energy by now too reliant on Bison's psycho
power for them to survive once he's gone.  Together, the two dolls remark
that they are always Lord Bison's... but are unable to finish.  By the time
Charlie and Chunli arrive to blow up the base, they can pick up no life
signs from within, because Juli and Juni are already dead.  They blow up
the base, and Chunli remarks that they never were able to find out why
Bison created those super soldier girls, nor were they ever able to get any
hard evidence that those girls even existed in the first place.  All they
have is fragmentary information.

        Contradicts:  Juli's, Cammy's, and Ryu's storyline, as well as what
Chunli is supposed to know.  Chunli knows before blowing up the base that
the dolls existed (She asks "Why did Bison create those girls, anyway?")
but from Cammy's ending and even Chunli's own storyline when you play as
her (though that in itself is contradictory as you can see from above), all
hints point to that Chunli never knew about the dolls at all in the first
place.  None of the characters in the Ryu saga are shown or indicated to
have any interactions with the 13 dolls at all.  And of course, in Cammy's
ending, Cammy saved all the dolls.

        What actually happened:  Juni's true ending is the same as the rest
of the dolls (Juli and Cammy's endings), lucky for her.  Though on a random
note, I find this to be one of my more favorite endings in SFA3.  It's just
so.... serious and such.  Perhaps the most tragic and disturbing ending in
the game, I think, even if it is just what-if.  There's a lot of tragedy in
this ending in how the dolls came, then the dolls went and died, and thus
might as well have never even existed in the first place, since no one will
remember them...

    C.  What-If Endings

    Summary:  Many people say that SFA3 is a what-if game.  It isn't.  With
the exception of one character.  Note that Evil Ryu NEVER EVER EVER appears
in anyone else's storyline.  With the possible exception of a certain
instance during Street Fighter 1, Evil Ryu never existed.  Capcom
officially stated as such, too.  For more info, visit the character list at
the bottom.

        1.  Evil Ryu

        In the game:  Ryu has completely given in to the Satsou no Hadou.
Akuma finally gets his ultimate fight, and... loses.  Evil Ryu, seeing that
he even defeated Akuma, now realizes his power!  He goes on a slaughtering
rampage and starts killing everyone (mainly starting with Shadowloo, it

        What actually happened:  See Ryu's ending?  Basically, after Ryu
fell to Bison's brainwashing to be a winner, he discovered that winning
isn't everything and gave up the Satsu no Hadou for good.  He would rather
perfect himself then just kill and defeat everyone.  He doesn't want to be
above anyone, anymore.  He just wants to be all he can be, and he is very
excited about the future when he'll get to test his skills against Sagat,
Ken, and Sakura.  Lucky Shadowloo ain't gettin' slaughtered just yet...


IV.  Endings that might have happened but don't really have to be connected
to the overall storyline in the Endings That Did Happen section.

    Summary:  These endings are basically just... randomness thrown into
the game.  They may or may have not happened, but they and the character
are irrelevant to the overall storyline that it doesn't really matter.
Their storyline itself doesn't need much resolution, either.  Odds are very
good that their endings DID happen though (with maybe a few exceptions),
though they just never fought M. Bison.  So if you want the official way
that these endings happened (since most of them most likely did happen.  If
there's an ending in a fighting game that isn't what-if or isn't completely
pointless/joke, it usually happens), you could probably just remove Bison
from the equation to get it.

        1.  Adon

        In the game:  Akuma saves Adon by killing Bison, then runs off.
Adon keeps searching for him.

        What actually happened: Well... erm... that ending sure was
pointless.  Anyway, Adon keeps searching out Akuma and... that's about it.
I believe that in Akuma's storyline, Akuma just basically shoves him aside
but dunno if that means Adon ever canonly found Akuma.  I find it doubtful
he did and he probably just either gave up or is still searching.  Unlike
Gen, Capcom didn't really emphasize Adon finding Akuma so...

        2.  Akuma and Gen

        In the game (Akuma):  Akuma uses the Raging Demon to kill Bison and
that's about it, though he does give a description of how the Raging Demon
(Shungokusatsu) works.  Then Gen confronts him, and they declare that
they'll finally have that death match.

        In the game:  Gen has defeated Akuma and killed Bison.  He has
surpassed all worthy warriors, but there is no one left who can give him
his deathmatch, so he can't die honorably in battle.  Distressed, Gen
admits his fate that he shall never die honorably in battle because he has
surpassed everyone else.

        What probably happened:  Akuma's ending likely did happen (without
the killing Bison parts.  Akuma would later on get to kill Bison using the
Raging Demon in SF2, anyway).  Gen searched for Akuma, and Gen probably
finally found Akuma by the end of SFA3.  Gen and Akuma had their death
match.  Now, depending on how much leeway you give the interpretation of
Gen's ending, his ending may or may not have a likely chance of happening,
too.  It is never explicitly stated that he killed Akuma, though it is a
little implied (such as how Gen states that Akuma 'is in the underworld by
now'.  But that does have a little possible other interpretations).
There's also the fact that Capcom has shown with SFA series that they can
ignore the killing aspects of things and still have endings occur (Bison's
true death only happening officially with Guile's ending is a good example,
despite how many other endings officially happened, too), so even if you do
interpret this ending as Gen killing Akuma, it still might have happened
without the killing Akuma part (just like how it would happen without the
killing Bison part).  Course, that would make this ending special in that
it's the only one where someone besides Bison dies and has to have his
death ignored in SFA3.  At any rate, it does seem to fit and this ending is
a kinda nice ending compared to the simplicity of Gen finding Akuma and
getting killed by him or Gen just dying of his illness.  Gen finally
succombing to his fate and giving up the quest to find a death match would
show some character development for the old guy.

        3.  Balrog and Birdie

        In the game:  Birdie searches for the Psycho Drive so he can become
all powerful.  In his own ending, he finds it but it backfires on him and
Chunli finds him in the Psycho Drive room and arrests him.  In Balrog's
ending, Birdie and Balrog team up but Balrog's an idiot and accidentally
destroys the Psycho Drives in a rather funny joke ending.

        What probably happened:  Well, Birdie probably couldn't have done
anything to the psycho drive what with Cammy using it then Guile and
Charlie coming over to it later to blow it up.  Capcom has stated that
Balrog never did get the chance to directly betray Bison, and of course the
one to blow up the Psycho Drive was Guile and Charlie, officially.  My
guess is that Birdie then later on Balrog joining him spent SFA3 searching
for the Psycho Drive then never found it, then Balrog realizes that he
spent all that time searching for it while Shadowlaw was being blown up and
realized in terror that he hasn't been paid yet or something.

        4.  Dee Jay

        In the game:  After killing Bison, Dee Jay becomes a popular music

        What probably happened:  Dith the killing Bison part, then you're
left with... erm...  Dee Jay became a popular music star.  *shrug*

        5.  Fei Long

        In the game:  Shadowlaw seeks Feilong out but fails, then Feilong
becomes a popular movie star!

        What probably happened:  Shadowlaw most likely did try to recruit
Fei Long, but they also most likely didn't try THAT hard (IE, having Vega,
Balrog, and even Bison himself go after Fei Long).  Basically, some grunts
were probably sent after him, failed, then he... well, became a popular
movie star. Note that Capcom retroactively changed some of Fei Long's story
for this.

        6.  R. Mika

        In the game:  R. Mika defeats M. Bison for Zangief then they
destroy the Psycho Drives.  Zangief protects R. Mika during the fiasco.
Later, R. Mika, happy to see Zangief, continues her training to become a
pro wrestler, and feels she'll see him again after she does.

        What probably happened:  Well... as with all the other endings, get
rid of the whole destroying Shadowloo part (this one's an especially weak
way to destroy it), then you're left with R. Mika possibly meeting Zangief
then continuing her training as a wrestler.  Really not much, here.

        7.  Rolento and Sodom

        In the game:  For Rolento, Rolento tries to steal the armaments of
Shadowloo, then realizes what the Psycho Drive is, and that it's evil
brainwashing power wouldn't be good for his planned utopia at all, so he
destroys it.  He meets Sodom, who is proud that Rolento did such a thing,
and they leave together to continue working for that ideal nation.  For
Sodom, Sodom... erm, kamikazes into Shadowloo by driving into it with his
huge truck and there is a huge explosion.  Rolento watches, and feels that
Sodom is still alive out there somewhere.  Joke ending scenes an remarks
about how Sodom shall always be remembered as a 'true Japanese guy', which
kinda indicates that like Dan, that ending wasn't very serious...

        What probably happened:  Probably everything for Rolento, except he
didn't destroy the Psycho Drive personally (Charlie did).  I imagine after
finding out the truth about it, he gave up on it then he and Sodom left to
continue working towards their goal.  Sodom's ending... well, it seems
mostly a joke ending and I doubt Sodom ever got close enough to the base to
even try to kamikaze it in the first place.  Rolento's more serious ending
probably overrides Sodom's, and Capcom hasn't stated that Sodom is dead,

        8.  T. Hawk

        In the game:  T. Hawk finds his tribe member, Julia (Juli), then
Bison.  Bison laughs and tells T. Hawk about how Psycho Power feeds off
negative energy and that T. Hawk's hate is only making him feel stronger,
but T. Hawk is finally able to bring him down.  He carries Julia home, but
she is brainwashed and screaming for Bison.  As he brings her back to his
homelands, he says that he'll do whatever it takes to bring Julia back to
normal, and he continues to believe that hope may one day reach the girl's

        What probably happened:  An important thing to note is that it's
been officially stated that the doll that T. Hawk was actually supposed to
know was Noembelu, not Juli, which makes a hell of a lot more sense.
Noembelu is Native American while Juli is German, after all.  So you should
switch Juli out for Noembelu for all of T. Hawk's interaction with her.
Why did Capcom use Juli instead of Noembelu?  Because they were too lazy to
make another playable character (Despite being a doll, herself, Noembelu
probably would have entailed a lot more programming and sprite art than a
simple head swap, considering that she fights with two tomahawks instead of
just bare hands).  This one may be a contradictory ending and thus not have
happened, depending on how much flexibility you give while interpreting
it.  Noembelu in T. Hawk's ending continue to scream for her Master Bison,
but canonwise, all twelve dolls turned on Bison so she really wouldn't have
been doing that had T. Hawk found her.  She most likely would have been
memoryless, too.  So I guess maybe this ending should go in the 'endings
that didn't happen' section... but it's hard to tell.  At most, T. Hawk
might have found Noembelu lying around after Cammy transported her (as well
as the rest of the dolls) out of the base via the Psycho Drive, but there's
a chance that he didn't too and Noembelu is somewhere out there along with
the rest of the dolls lost with no memory of who she is, whatsoever.  T.
Hawk certainly didn't make any indications of having knowledge of his tribe
members being toyed with through Psycho Power to Bison in SF2, and odds
were that if he had found Noembelu at the end of SFA3, he would have
suspected something since it's very very likely that all of the dolls
retained their psycho power after SFA3...


V.  Character List

With the exception of Evil Ryu, all of the characters with their initial
beginning storyline situations at the beginning of SFA3, before their
storylines start unfolding throughout the game, existed.  I don't think
this includes their goals throughout the game completely, though, at
least... not in Juni's case.

Note from Saiki:  Both Gouki and Gen use Ansatsuken. Gouki uses Ansatsuken
but with more karate, judo, taekwondo and koppo elements to it. Gen
actually should have more styles but I guess it'd be too hard to put it all
into the game. I can't remember all of them but I think it was Mantis,
Crane, Tiger, Bear, err, can't remember the rest.  Ryu tand Ken use a toned
down version that Gouken taught them that isn't designed to kill, unlike
Gen's and Akuma's style.

Oh yea, yes, I know it's spelled Muy Thai, but you can spell it Muei Thai,
too, due to language differences and all.  I spell it both ways in this FAQ
because both are correct and I'm too lazy to go and change it so that I
only use one spelling when both are correct, anyway.  It's a big FAQ.

The bios are set up like this.  First, there's the official bio with all
the numbers released by Capcom of Japan (Height, Special Skill, Likes,
Dislikes, etc.  These are the official bios taken directly from Capcom of
Japan, itself, and are the latest most up to date versions so far.  If you
see a different 'official bio' that contradicts one of these, that's an old
version and has been overridden by Capcom by now), a quickie
overview/summary of the character from SFA3, what that character most
likely did during SFA3 and where he/she is, now, then finally miscellaneous
facts and notes about the character.

    1 -  Adon

Height: 182cm
Weight: 73kg
BWH sizes: B112, W80, H85
Blood type: B
Birthplace: Thailand
Special Skill: Waiku (a dance in Muei Thai)
Likes: Muei Thai
Dislikes: Sagat, people who can't backup what they say
Fighting Style: Muei Thai

    SFA3 Description and Situation:  He is Adon, the self proclaimed "God
of Muay Thai". After beating Sagat, his master, one thing has been on his
mind. Can Muay Thai stand against the power of the "Raging Demon"?

What He Did During SFA3:  Adon spent SFA3 searching for Akuma, spotted him
briefly, but didn't get to fight him by the end of SFA3.  In actuality, he
didn't want to defeat Satsu no Hadou.  He wanted the power for himself.
Lousy mistranslations...

Where Is He Now:  He either found Akuma and already got his butt kicked or
is still searching for Akuma.  Even after... erm, thirteen years.  Capcom
doesn't give much clues here.  I think he's still alive, though, because I
believe he's still the God of Muei Thai, so if he died, they would have
gotten a new one by now.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Adon and Sagat aren't too different in age.  Maybe 5~7 years apart.
Sagat took in Adon as a student 3 years after Sagat became the Muay Thai

    Adon was Sagat's student, but because he despised being in Sagat's
shadow, he made sure that his style of Muei Thai was completely different
from Sagat's.  Even after that, though, people still paid more attention to
Sagat than him and thought of him only as a weaker version of Sagat,
despite his very different style, and this has caused deep resentment and
envy within Adon for his master.

    Adon is very arrogant, and uses selective memory in his arguments,
even.  He's mad at Sagat for losing to Ryu during SF1 but neglects to
mention how he lost to Ryu during the first Street Fighter tournament, too

    Adon is still currently the God of Muei Thai after beating Sagat in
SFA2... or at least Capcom hasn't stated that a new one took his place by

    2 - Akuma (Gouki in Japan)

Height: 178cm
Weight: 80kg
BWH sizes: B118, W84, H86
Blood type: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Special Skill: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Akuma... The supreme master of the fist.
This lone warrior is a wanderer, shrouded with "evil intent"... He searches
for challengers with enough potential to kill.

What He Did During SFA3:  Akuma spent SFA3 looking for a worthy
challenger.  He found Gen by the end of SFA3, apparently.  The outcome
hasn't been stated, though Gen's ending does show hints that Gen won.  At
any rate, Akuma's still hoping for worthy opponents and training
afterwards, regardless.

Where Is He Now:  As shown by SF3, Akuma waits for Ryu to get better to
become a worthy match or to find a worthy match out there.  Akuma himself
is always training, also.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Surprise!  Akuma's fighting style is NOT shotokan.  He's an Ansatsuken
fighter (ditto for Ken and Ryu, except they use a style of Ansatsuken
that's been toned down in terms of lethal killingness).  Shotokan is a
mistranslation by Capcom of America, and in fact the 'shoto-scrubs' as some
people like to call them fight nothing like the real-life style of
Shotokan.  Just like how Blanka fights nothing like Capoeira.  Strange
Capcom of America.

    Akuma's brother is Gouken.  His master (as well as Gouken's master) was
Goutetsu.  You can see Gouken and Goutetsu in Akuma's SFA2 ending.
Goutetsu's the older more wrinkly looking one.  Akuma fought and killed
Gouken while Ryu was fighting in the SF1 tournament.  He fought and killed
Goutetsu, too.

    Goutetsu, who invented the arts of Hado, Shoryu, Tatsumaki, and
Shungokusatsu, taught the Shun Goku Satsu (Instant Hell Murder) to both
Akuma and Gouken.  Gouken, however, disliked killing and didn't teach it to
Ken or Ryu, instead teaching them a toned down version of Ansatsuken.
Capcom of USA changed the storyline and stated that Goutetsu hid away the
secrets of the Shun Goku Satsu, but that's not true.

    Ryu didn't see Gouken battle his brother Akuma. Gouken's daughter saw
it, but she disappeared after that.  Gouken's daughter has no official name
(though Ryu and Ken called her 'Little Miss').  There are two official arts
of her, though they differ greatly from each other so it's hard to tell
which one's supposed to be correct.  Ken also arrived near the end of the
battle and was able to witness it.  The fact that Gouken had a daughter
seems to have been forgotten by Capcom and thus will probably never
resurface (the official arts of her come from ooooooold official sources
and you can't find the fact that Gouken has a daughter except in really old
sources, too.  Capcom probably didn't even finalize what she is supposed to
look like, considering that the two official arts of her look completely
different from each other).

    From Saiki:  What happens during the shungokusatsu is that they go to
hell.  The demons in hell will attack the person even if they're sin free
or not. They're demons, they'll go at anything. But with evil characters,
their past sins will also haunt on top of the demons attacking them for
that split second. Gen survives this because he empties his spirit, heart
and mind. "Onore wo mu ni suru". "Mu" means emptiness, nothingness. One of
the reasons why Gouken has the kanji "Mu" on his back. It's really not
about how strong the person is but how tuned and focused they are with
their mind and soul.

    The user is in danger during the Shun Goku Satsu, too, if he isn't
prepared.  Both the user and the target go to hell.  Canonwise, Ryu and
Sakura have never done the Shun Goku Satsu.

    Evil Intent is a mistranslation.  It's supposed to be Killing Intent.
There's a significant difference regarding the symbolicry of Akuma and
Ryu's relationship if you know this.

    Akuma doesn't become Shin Akuma. Akuma IS Shin Akuma, except that he
holds back punches and uses only a small percent of his power.  He does
this because he doesn't want to unnecessarily kill anyone who he feels
aren't out to kill him in the first place.

    Gouken had the character "Mu" which means "nothing", "naught" on his
back.  Akuma has the character for "Heaven" on his back, but this can also
be interpreted as "Beyond human" which is most likely the correct
interpretation.  According to some Japanese myths, the bearer of this
symbol is said to be immortal.

    The Kanji letter "Ki" in Gouki`s name doesn't actually mean "ghost" or
"demon". it means "Oni".  Oni in Japanese is the imaginary monster that
looks like a horned human.  In Japan it is also believed that human or
human’s spirit can turn to Oni when they’re extremely obsessed with hatred,
anger or vengeance.

    Akuma may be evil by our moral standards (he killed his teacher and
brother), but he is not evil by his own ethical code.  His code is the
harsh code of the absolute warrior.  He had no qualms killing his teacher
and brother because he killed them in fair one-on-one combat.  It didn't
matter who they were; the field of battle does not distinguish between
friend or foe.  And he only fights and kills those who call themselves
warriors and trains in fighting; he doesn't go around killing defenseless
normal people.

    Akuma's island is named Gokuentou.  It hasn't been stated whether or
not his cave stage in SFA3 is on Gokuentou or if Akuma destroyed Gokuentou
at the end of SFA2.

    Akuma seeks to awaken Satsu no Hadou in Ryu at the end of SFA2, because
he sees Ryu's potential and realizes that, powered by the killing intent,
Ryu will be a worthy opponent for him.  For more and how this ends, see
Evil Ryu's bio.

    I'm inclinded to believe that Akuma was heavily inspired by the EGM
April Fools joke made-up uber shotokan character, Sheng Long (who doesn't
actually exist.  Sheng Long is Chinese for Dragon Punch, IE, Shoryuken ^_~
And of course Gouken is Ryu and Ken's master, not Sheng Long).  Akuma,
besides also being an 'uber shotokan', jumping in and killing Bison out of
no where like Sheng Long does in EGM's faked pictures is a heavy indication
of this.

    3 - Balrog (M. Bison in Japan)

Birthday: 1969 September 4
Height: 198cm
Weight: 102kg
BWH sizes: B120, W86, H100
Blood type: A
Birthplace: America
Special Skill: Gambling
Likes: Women, Beer
Dislikes: Fish, Hard work, Math
Fighting Style: Boxing

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Balrog is the former heavyweight boxing
champion. This Shadaloo executive worked his way up from the lower ranks.
Armed with the world's strongest punches, his ambition continues.

What He Did During SFA3:  Most likely, he spent SFA3 running errands for
Bison and looking for the Psycho Drives, thinking it was a money making
scheme or something.  He obviously wasn't very successful.

Where Is He Now:  Participated in the SF2 tournament and was still a member
of Shadowloo, then.  After Shadowloo finally went down, he probably went
back to the casinos and just gambles a lot and continues looking for ways
to make fast cash.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    His full official name is Mike Bison in Japan.  He was Mike in Street
Fighter 1, though Capcom of USA will deny that so that Mike Tyson won't sue
them for various copyright infringements (though really, you should be able
to tell they're one and the same person just by looking at them).  I don't
think Capcom of Japan would deny it though.  This is also why Capcom
changed his name to Balrog for the US version of Street Fighter, if you
didn't know that, already (the end result being Capcom switching around
Bison's and Vega's names, too, since they switched in Balrog for M. Bison).

    Balrog lives the stereotypical fighting game evil boxer's life of once
being the champ but being booted from the ring due to brutality.  He's more
interested in money than fame, though.

    He killed one of Dhalsim's elephants for the hell of it, most likely
using the Gigaton punch.  Balrog... is a very powerful guy.

    4 - Birdie

Height: 216cm
Weight: 111kg
BWH sizes: B156, W102, H106
Blood type: O
Birthplace: England
Special Skill: Eating, Criminal activities
Likes: Beer, Beef Jerky, Money making talk
Dislikes: Kids, Cops
Fighting Style: Wrestling with street fighting

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Birdie is a member of Shadaloo. But as a
mere henchman, his daily life became very dull. And so he gathered
information to overthrow M.Bison. Soon, he found the keyword.... "Psycho

What He Did During SFA3:  Most likely, he spent SFA3 looking for the Psycho
Drives and ended up teaming up with Balrog to find it.  He wasn't very
successful though.

Where Is He Now:  Probably stayed a member of Shadowloo until it finally
fell after SF2.  After that, he probably went back to being a regular thug,
again.  Either that or he's in jail.  Hard to tell.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Birdie was an English caucasian punk in SF1, but Capcom seems to have
made him black for Alpha, oddly enough.  Their explanation for this is that
he was sick, as seen in one of his SFA3 win quotes (special thanks to
Gilgamesh for reminding me about this and pointing this out)

    While it's hinted that Balrog might be smarter than he looks, I think
this applies to Birdie even more so.  Getting info on the Psycho Drive
without being caught probably had to take quite a bit of cunning...

    5 -  Blanka

Birthday: 1966 February 12
Height: 192cm
Weight: 98kg
BWH sizes: B198, W120, H172
Blood type: B
Birthplace: Brazil
Special Skill: Hunting, Electricity
Likes: Tropical fruits, Pirarucu, his mom
Dislikes: Army ants
Fighting Style: self-taught savage fighting

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Blanka lived as he pleased, deep within
the jungle of the Amazon. One day, he unwittingly hitched a ride on a
poacher's car. Curious and excited, Blanka now ventures into the outside

What He Did During SFA3:  In the outside world, he probably met his
childhood friend Dan as well as Dan's 'student', Sakura, before he went
back to the jungle.

Where Is He Now:  Blanka participated in the SF2 tournament, which his
mother watched and recognized him.  There is a tearful reunion as his mom
is finally reunited with her long lost son, and Blanka probably now lives a
regular happy normal life.  ...or as much as a green freaky wierdo like him
could live.  :P

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    His fighting style is NOT capoiera.  Capcom of America said it was but
Capcom of Japan I don't think ever did, especially since the producer of
Street Fighter once boasted in an interview about how Elena was like the
first 2D representation of the style or something like that (and Blanka
came before Elena of SF3 obviously so...)

    Blanka was the sole survivor of a plane crash that crashed in Brazil.
It was too close to a Shadowloo base there so they shot it down.  He was
flying to Brazil to see his uncle.  Blanka lived the classic tale of being
raised by animals.  He also learned how to channel electricity through
himself from electric eels, apparently (Yes, that's silly.  It's been the
official reason he could do it since SF2 first came out though, I believe).

    His mother, Samantha, wasn't on the plane though and later finally
reunites with her son in SF2.  She recognizes her son by the pair of
anklets she gave him for his birthday while he was a kid.  Which... seem to
have had the amazing capability to grow along with their wearer...

    Blanka's real name is Jimmy, as shown in his SF2 endings as well as
conversations with Dan in SFA3.  Apparently Capcom forgot that Blanka
wasn't supposed to know his real name until the end of SF2.  Officially,
Dan learned Blanka's real name from... well, Blanka.

    Blanka saved Dan's life in the jungle when Dan was young (see Blanka's
midboss dialogue with Dan when you play as Blanka) and Dan taught him
English then.  That's how Dan can understand Blanka and how Blanka learned

    He's scared of the fence in Balrog/Vega's stage.

    6 - Cammy White

Birthday: 1974 January 6
Height: 164cm
Weight: 46kg
BWH sizes: B86, W57, H88
Blood type: B
Birthplace: ?
Special Skill: ?
Likes: Collecting data from fights (Shadowloo)
Cats (Delta Red)
Dislikes: Sympathy (Shadowloo)
Anything when she's pissed off (Delta Red)
Fighting Style: Shadowloo elite special force techniques

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Enhanced by biotechnology, Cammy is an
assassin of Shadaloo. She was made to be the perfect soldier and killer....
However, Shadaloo had not perfected their control over her mind.... She has
no idea what destiny lies ahead of her....

What She Did During SFA3:  It would appear that Cammy sought to kill
Dhalsim, who opposed Shadowloo (because Shadowloo is EVIL and whatnot!!!).
Dhalsim, however, made her stop as he used the power of Yoga to realize and
have her realize that she was becoming self-conscious of herself.  This may
or may not have actually happened, but either way, Cammy began to realize
that Shadowloo was brainwashing her and controlling her.  Eventually, Vega,
who was sent to spy on her, found her, then after a scuffle, revealed that
Shadowloo knew Cammy was becoming too independent and was going to kill
her.  Poor Cammy can't understand why, because she never even betrayed
Shadowloo or anything, yet.  Later on, Cammy had to deal with two of her
fellow dolls, Juli and Juni, who were sent to terminate her, but she was
able to convince them and the rest of the dolls that they were all simply
being manipulated.  All thirteen of the dolls turned on Bison, resulting in
them all almost being killed.  Bison revealed that if he were to die, all
of them would die as well, and he told Cammy that she herself was just a
clone of him, and that he'll always be in her mind.  Cammy can feel him
creeping into her mind, but refuses to listen and give in to Bison, and
quickly heads for the Psycho Drive with the rest of the dolls to save them
all.  On the way, Chunli, who is there to blow up the base, briefly spots
her, but only for a split second because Cammy's too fast.  Cammy
sacrifices herself by staying behind to operate the Psycho Drive and revive
the rest of her doll allies, saying that they aren't just dolls and deserve
to live.  She transports them out of the base, then finally loses
consciousness, herself.  Later on, Vega would come across her in the Psycho
Drive room... finally, Chunli, Charlie, and Guile together destroy
Shadowloo's base and Bison.

Where Is She Now:  Cammy woke up, with amnesia and no memory of who she
was.  She was near the English Government and practically on the doorstep
of Delta Red, which took her in (As for who brought her to Delta Red, look
above and take a guess).  Colonel Wolfman became her leader, and she stayed
with them for three years before SF2 started.  Upon SF2, she remembered
about Bison giving her her scar somehow, and participates in the tournament
so she may finally confront him and find out about her past.  Bison tells
Cammy that she used to work for and kill for him (or that they were lovers
in the US version, though the Japanese version I hear didn't have that),
and Cammy is shocked.  However, her Delta Red teammates tell her not to
believe Bison, that she could never do something like that, and that Bison
is a lying scumbag.  Realizing that they're right (hehe, even though they
aren't  ^_~), Cammy lives her future life with Delta Red to the fullest,
and forgets about the past, because the future is all that matters.  Why
live in the past, after all?

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Cammy has a birthdate.  Shadowloo must have created her as a baby and
watched her grow or something.  Or maybe they infused her mother with
Bison's DNA.  Who knows?  At any rate, I guess sixteen years wasn't enough
for Shadowloo to complete their brain-control of her (They were trying to
brain-control her to be pure evil and all or something, I imagine,
considering how mad M. Bison is that she decided to spare Vega.  Evil =
Negative = Highly Psycho Powered Body since psycho power feeds on negative

    Cammy was created to be Bison's next body (this is most likely a good
chunk of what Bison means when he calls her a clone), but when she gained
self-consciousness, that kinda fubarred that plan really badly.  Bison
seeks out Ryu to be his next body instead in SFA3, either because Cammy
gained self-consciousness or just because he felt Ryu would have been

    From Siegfriend, because I'm constantly needing to reiterate and
emphasize this for some annoying reason:  Cammy isn't a clone (as in being
male and having black hair), but rather a completely artificially enhanced
human prepared to accept Bison's mind and be in top condition physically,
so that he would have a backup body in case his was destroyed. They
probably did some genetic engineering before her birth, but she's human.
Cammy is 100% female. It's just Bison being a sicko (and transvestite in
this case ^_^) [Tiamat note:  IE, clone is being used in the metaphorical
sense]. Still, since Cammy broke away right before he died, he had to use
Rose instead - she was originally the good part of him which he exorcised.
Rose took the female form as we know it and tries to fight him.

    How Cammy got her scar is unknown.  She seems to remember Bison giving
it to her in SF2, and you'd think that he did while she was betraying him,
but as you can see, she has that scar at the beginning of SFA3.  It's
conjectured that Vega gave her the scar, but there really isn't much proof
to that, either, though it's semi-plausible, given Vega's and Cammy's love
hate relationship.  I don't think Vega would really want to purposefully
damage something beautiful, though.  His dialogue with Rose, who's also
canonwise supposed to be very beautiful, makes it seem like he really
wasn't trying very hard for that fight.  Ditto with Cammy.  His dialogue
with Cammy didn't have any indication that he gave her the scar,
whatsoever, either.  If he gave it to her, I imagine at most it probably
would have been by accident (see Juli and Juni's bio for perhaps a bit more
conjecture into this during Decapre's description, and please note however
that this is ALL conjecture with nothing official whatsoever to back it

    Cammy... does not have a very high opinion of Vega.  He sickens her...
probably with his sadisticness or something.  It seems to mostly be a
love-hate type of relationship than an absolute hatred thing, though.  When
Vega attacked her in SFA3, she tells Vega that she doesn't want to harm

    Considering that Cammy was able to convince even Juli, "The Assassin
Doll of Cold Heartedness", not to kill her and to join her against Bison, I
actually think that contrary to popular belief, the other twelve dolls got
along with Cammy darn well and didn't despise or hate each other at all.
Neither Cammy nor Juli show that they have any past hatred for each other
in their dialogue during Juli's storyline. There is absolutely nothing to
indicate that the other dolls hated Cammy and all signs point to that they
actually respected her if she was able to get them all to join her against
Bison so quickly.  Cammy's already a love-hate rival with Vega, anyway.
And of course, Cammy decides to sacrifice herself to save all the other
dolls without a second thought.

    Unlike the other dolls, Cammy can survive even after Bison is dead.
She was created with this in mind so she'd still be alive for Bison to
transport into her body after Bison's current body expires.  This is why
Cammy doesn't need to restore herself with the psycho drive in order to
keep on living, though she was still too wounded by fighting Bison and from
Bison trying to conquer her mind to get out of the base (which is why Vega
had to rescue her).

    Every once in a while, I see people complain that Cammy's voice actor
is never English.  Well, as you can see, Cammy's official bio now lists her
birthplace as ???.   More proof that she is in fact genetically engineered
(besides how it's officially stated).  Yep, Cammyfans, Cammy is in fact NOT
natively English.  This is probably why Capcom never gave her an English
voice actor (though this doesn't explain why OTHER English speaking
characters in the SF series seem to have CRAP for voices ^^;;).  This would
also be why Cammy doesn't have a month with country designation like the
rest of the dolls.  If she were the same as the rest of the dolls (IE, an
actual kidnapped girl instead of a clone), then she wouldn't be made to
stand out from them via the name process even if she was the best/top
doll.  You may start lynching Capcom, now.  ^_~  If it makes you feel any
better, I feel you can classify Cammy as more a clone of Rose than a clone
of M. Bison, myself.  If her original birthplace used to be England and
Capcom retroactively changed it so you want proof that it's now ???, then
play Capcom Vs SNK 2.  There, there's a Shadowloo stage that shows a
character's bio when you walk near a computer, and it too has Cammy's
birthplace listed as ???.

    Even if you're not willing to take SFA3 as canon for some reason
(despite official statements...), there's still no hard proof that Cammy is
British.  Even before SFA was conceived, her official storyline was that
she was found near Delta Red without her memory.  Just because she was
found in England, most people assumed she was English.  Sure, it indicates
it, but it doesn't guarantee it...

    What type of clone is Cammy?  A good chunk of the reason Bison calls
her that is likely just because she's to be his next body.  Why Bison wants
a female body is unknown.  It's probably the same reason that the good half
of his soul is female (Rose).  Which... is also unknown.  Also most likely,
Cammy only takes the psycho power aspects of Bison's DNA.  The part that
lets Bison manipulate the Psycho Drives.  Bison warns Vega about this and
that if Cammy goes out of control, the Psycho Drive will go out of control
too (obviously, not a threat anymore in the present after Charlie blew the
Psycho Drive up).  Also obvious is that that's ALL that Cammy took from
Bison, and that they  used no DNA in making her that had to do with
appearance.  On a side note, it really shocks Bison when he discovers the
other dolls are in-tune with Bison enough to control the Psycho Drive,
themselves.  They weren't supposed to be able to do that, but the doll
project ended up being more effective than Bison would have liked,
apparently.  This is probably why Bison decided to destroy all the dolls
once he saw Cammy becoming independent, even though none of the other dolls
were really becoming independent (They apparently mainly turned on him
because he ordered them to die and their will to survive overrode it).

    Capcom had Cammy inspired by Gally of Gunmu.  They even share the same
'getting up from knockdown' style.

    Cammy's ending in SF2 in the Japanese version has Bison telling her
that she killed for him, not that they were lovers.  I'm glad this is true,
because Bison being a lover with someone who was to be his future body
sounds... disgusting.  If you don't see why, I'm not going to explain it
because of how sickening it is.

    Cammy's Delta Red teammates are
Delta Red chief Commander W. Watson
Matthew Mcoy- The big cyborg dude.
Colonel Keith Wolfman- Dude with the scarred face.  He's like a father to
1st Lieutenant Lita Luwanda- Girl with big-ass blade.
George Ginzu- the funny-looking kid.

    Capcom retroactively changed Cammy's storyline a little.  Originally,
she was meant to just be Bison's best assassin and bodyguard (her X-Men vs
Street Fighter ending suggests this).  Bison in Street Fighter 2 for
Cammy's ending told Cammy that she killed for him (NOT that they were
lovers.  Stupid Capcom of USA...).  However, in the latest version of
Street Fighter 2 that came out after SFA3, Street Fighter 2 Revival for the
Gameboy Advance, Capcom must have told Crawfish to update her ending
(because nearly all the other endings in SF2 Revival are the same as SF2
with the exception of boxer Balrog, who gets a joke ending) because now her
ending in SF2 Revival has Bison telling her that she is a clone of him, not
that she killed for him.  Which... by the way is even MORE proof that she's
a type of clone (though obviously not a complete clone in appearance and
even gender).  ...not that most people will believe any of the writers of
this FAQ, anyway.  Bah.  This might not have been changed for the US
version (though I'd be pretty surprised if it wasn't) though it's been
confirmed for the Japanese version.

    Judging from her SFA3 ending, there is a chance that deep down within
Cammy, Bison's soul still exists waiting for a time to come out...

    7 - Charlie (Nash in Japan)

Height: 186cm
Weight: 84kg
BWH sizes: B123, W81, H87
Blood type: AB
Birthplace: America
Special Skill: Repairing Harriers, psychology
Likes: Justice, Scotch
Dislikes: Injustice
Fighting Style: Special Force Training

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Charlie is a First Lieutenant of the
American Air Force. His inquiries of drug activity all pointed back to
"Shadaloo". He gathered his comrades to form a strike team. His objective:
..end corruption in the army, and punish the man responsible!

What He Did During SFA3:  Charlie teamed up with Chunli to go after
Shadowloo.  Because it was against orders (The army itself being too
corrupted to do it), Guile was sent to go after him, but Guile realized
what was going on and joined up with Charlie and Chunli to take down Bison
once and for all.  Charlie finally ended up sacrificing himself to hold off
Bison while Guile blew up the Psycho Drive that made Bison invincible, and
Charlie and Bison were both in the room when it exploded.

Where Is He Now:  Dead.  Capcom officially stated so, too, even if his
death was never directly seen.  Course, Capcom might decide to change this
in the future.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Charlie was the previous winner of the USA martial arts tournaments
that Ken won.

    Charlie's got perfect vision.  He just wears glasses because he likes

    His last name is not Nash.  Nash is just his name in Japan.  ^_^

    For a bit more info about Charlie and his creating the sonic boom and
flashkick before Guile, see Guile's bio.

    8  - Chunli

Birthday: 1968 March 1
Height: 169cm
Weight: Unknown
BWH sizes: B84, W59, H89
Blood type: A
Birthplace: China
Special Skill: Shooting (ranked 6th in an international contest)
Likes: Fruits, European treats
Dislikes: Crime, people who aren't clear of themselves, M. Bison
Fighting Style: Taichi

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Chun Li is the I.C.P.O.'s special
detective assigned to Shadaloo. With management corruption, she was
powerless as an official. So, she works in cooperation with Charlie to
defeat Shadaloo. Now they take separate paths as they attempt to find

What She Did During SFA3:  Chunli teamed up with Charlie to go after
Shadowloo, but Guile came to intervene.  Eventually, however, he joined
them too.  The bombardment of Shadowloo, however, was called off due to
corruption in Interpol and Bison's manipulation, so she has to destroy the
base, herself.  As Guile and Charlie go to destroy the Psycho Drive, Chunli
proceeds to set explosives around the base.  While doing this, she captured
a brief glimpse of a mysterious young girl, but wasn't able to see much
more before that girl (Cammy, and maybe some of the other dolls) ran off.
Unfortunately, Charlie doesn't make it out of the explosion thanks to
Bison.  However, many of Shadowloo's facilities and bases have been shut
down, finally...

Where Is She Now:  Chunli, upon hearing that Bison is still alive,
participates in the SF2 tournament to go after him and avenge her father
once and for all.  Afterwards, she apparently helped to bring down what was
left of Shadowloo (see Urien's comments to her about how her 'powerful legs
brought down that organization' in SF3), and now, searching for a purpose,
starts an orphanage.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Chunli's father (who does not have an official name.  Don't trust the
names given by anime and manga) was friends with Gen.  Gen taught her a
couple moves (in SFA2 during Chunli's midboss fight vs him, he offers to
teach her), but obviously wasn't her primary teacher (only a couple moves.
Nothing more).  There's actually an official art out there of a younger Gen
training a really young child Chunli.

    It would appear that her father's body was never found nor buried, even
though her father got a grave.  Chunli didn't even know for sure that he
was dead until Bison told her he killed her father at the end of SFA2.  At
the end of SFA3, she remarks that she feels her father's still alive,
apparently trying to cling to the old adage of "If you don't see him
actually die, he's still out there some where".  I'd be extremely surprised
if he were alive, though.  Ditto for Charlie for whom Guile says the same

    Chunli's fighting style used to be listed as WuShu, I believe.  Capcom
then later changed it to Taichi.  WuShu is a fighting style used by nuns
and doesn't incorporate high kicks at all because it gets in the way of the
nuns' garb, so if this is true, Capcom must have been really trippin' when
they decided that WuShu should be Chunli's fighting style.

    Chunli is a very maternal lady who has a motherly side to her.  While
this is better shown in SF3, it is also shown in SFA3 in her storyline.  I
guess Capcom figured that if they were going to give her a plot that
doesn't happen in the actual canon in any way, they might as well use it to
show a side of her character some more.  Chunli is very mad at Bison for
using 'just girls' as killers.  This is more confirmation that all the
dolls are underage, by the way, if you didn't figure that out already.

    I.C.P.O. stands for International Criminal Police Organization, or
Interpol for short (http://www.interpol.com).  Though.... Capcom's version
of Interpol varies a bit from the real world version (The real interpol
doesn't send officers on combat enforcement missions, I believe, for one

    She wanted to learn martial arts at the age of 5 because she saw a
Bruce Lee movie. She's got Bruce Lee posters in her room.

    Her last name is NOT Xiang/Zang.  That's from the Street Fighter live
action movie.  Um... EW.

    Looking at SF3 dialogue, Chunli was most likely the winner of the SF2
tournament, though there's no official confirmation.  Capcom has officially
stated that Akuma was the one that killed Bison (for that scene in the
game, just find him in the latest version of SSFT2), but they never
officially stated who won the tournament.

    I don't think Chunli and Ryu will ever hook up, and I think it would be
very out of character for both of them to fall in love with each other.
While Ryu's ending in SFA3 implies that he did meet Chunli once, it's
obvious that it was a brief meeting and mostly just for a fight to test
fighting skills.  Other than that, Ryu has never been portrayed with Chunli
in any way beyond that, so it's obvious that Capcom isn't pursuing a Ryu
Chunli relationship.  I don't think Chunli will ever be getting a
boyfriend.  She adopted a girl in SF3, I believe, as well as a whole bunch
of other kids, which I feel might be Capcom's way of giving her a
successor/daughter without her having to actually fall in love with
someone.  I myself think Charlie would have been most likely to have been
paired up with Chunli, but he's dead now so no hope of that (which is
another reason why I think Capcom had Chunli adopt.  Her main prospect
boyfriend... um, died).

    Chunli's Capcom vs SNK 2 ending states that she's training her
disciples (the kids she adopts at the end of SF3).  While crossover games
shouldn't be taken as official, it's highly likely that she started
training up at least a few of those kids to be her successor.

    9  - Cody

Height: 185cm
Weight: 80kg
BWH sizes: B139, W86, H97
Blood type: O
Birthplace: America
Special Skill: Using a knife
Likes: Starting fights, Milk
Dislikes: Haggar's lectures
Fighting Style: Street Fighting

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Cody used to be a hero, famous for saving
Metro City. Bored with the peaceful life, he kept fighting, day and
night.... Until he was jailed. One day, he managed to break out of prison.
Wandering outside, he now seeks something that will satisfy him.

What He Did During SFA3:  He probably ran into Rolento, but Rolento decided
after seeing him in jail clothes that Cody wasn't really top material for
Rolento's army.  He probably ran into Guy, then Guy accepted that Cody had
to live his own life, and they went their separate ways.

Where Is He Now:  As implied by his SFA3 ending as well as officially
stated by Capcom of Japan, he's basically still just wandering around doing
useless things.  :P

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Cody's girlfriend is Jessica, who is the daughter of Mike Haggar (and
who's mother died before FF1).  Of course, Cody played a part in bringing
down Mad Gear but you really should know that by now.

    So far, the apparent reason that Cody was thrown into jail was because
of getting into so many fights.  If you want to take FFR as canon, then you
can say that from all that trouble Cody was getting into, it wasn't very
hard for Poison of Mad Gear (from Final Fight) to frame him and get him
thrown into the slammer.  In FFR, Poison seems to have had a thing for
Cody.  By the way, Poison is a guy.  Even though he looks like a girl (No,
I'm not talking about the male version of Poison named Sid or whoever that
they put into the censored version of Final Fight for the Super Nintendo).
You can know this by listening to Poison's voice in the uncensored versions
of Final Fight.  It's obviously a guy trying to imitate a girl's voice (and
it makes me laugh whenever Poison 'dies'.  What a scream...  >:P).  All
About Capcom hints that storylinewise, he MIGHT have gotten a sex change by
FFR, however (hopefully so, since 'she' seems to have a thing for Cody in
that game...).  I don't mean that he got breasts (he already had those).  I
mean that he got his... erm... thing removed by Final Fight Revenge.  By
the way, Poison has breasts because... well, he's a new-half.  Japan does
this to transvestites pretty often.  James in the uncensored version of
Pokemon Episode 18 has very realistic breasts for example while he pretends
to be a girl (there's your fact of the day that you didn't need to know).

    The guy who arrested Cody was Edi. E.  A large burly police sargent who
used to be aligned with Mad Gear (and used corruption and the alliance to
rise up the police officer ranks of Metro City) but according to Final
Fight Revenge, isn't a member ever since Mad Gear went down in Final Fight
1.  You can see Edi. E sometimes when Cody wins in SFA3.  Cody will look
off to the side, scream, then run away while Edi. E runs onto the scream,
screams "Get back here!", shoots his gun into the air, then continues
running after Cody.  One of my more favorite victory animations.  ^_~  On
an off topic note, Edi. E has a really cool super move in Final Fight
Revenge where he slams into you with his police car.  Erm, anywaaaaay...

Edi E's bio, by the way.
Height: 204cm
Weight: 145kg
Birthplace: America
Special Skills: Shooting
Likes: Rare steaks
Fighting Style: Police training

    As an example of how much trouble Cody got into, Gunloc (of Saturday
Night Slam Masters) once had a thing for Cody's girlfriend Jessica, so Cody
kicked the crap out of him.

    Cody's fighting style is similar to Joe of SF1's fighting style, if
anyone cares.  There is no real storyline reason for this (though both are
literal American street fighters, so it'd be logical that they'd have
similar styles).

    For a little on Cody and Guy, see Guy's bio.

   10 - Dan Hibiki

Height: 177cm
Weight: 74kg
BWH sizes: B113, W83, H88
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Special Skill: Tile breaking, Karaoke
Likes: Taunting
Dislikes: Seaweed, vain people, Evil
Fighting Style: Saikyoryu martial arts (based on the teaching of Gouken)

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Dan finally defeated the man who killed
his father.... He made his own fighting style called Saikyo: "The
strongest". But his ambition will not rest until he achieves perfection....

What He Did During SFA3:  He probably just tried to make Sakura his student
as well as got to have a reunion with his childhood friend, Blanka.  He
already got revenge on Sagat  when his tenure starts in SFA3, as you can
see by his description (for more on that, see Sagat's storyline during

Where Is He Now:  Probably still looking for students to teach Saikyo style

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Dan's father Go Hibiki was a Muei Thai master.  This is why he
challenged Sagat.  Go gouged out one of Sagat's eyes during the battle, and
in a rage due to that, Sagat killed him.  There's an official art of Go
Hibiki out there, and he's dressed in Muay Thai garb (It's the pick of a
young Muy Thai fighter holding a defeated one.  That young Muy Thai fighter
is Sagat, who's bad eye can be seen in that art pick too, and the defeated
person is Go Hibiki.  This has been confirmed to be official).  The joke Go
Hibiki in Pocket Fighter was a parody on the SNK game series, Art of
Fighting, and doesn't count.  Some people have noted that you can see a
touch of Muei Thai in some of Dan's moves if you look carefully (The
Dankyaku is a good example).  That might be just coincidence but I don't
think it is and it's been officially confirmed that his father practiced
Muei Thai, anyway.

    Sometime after the battle with Sagat, Go died.  He didn't die during
the battle, but he died soon after it due to his injuries.  Dan, as a young
child, hated Sagat because he killed his father.  To prepare for his
revenge, he traveled from his home in Hong Kong to Japan to study martial
arts.  He trained under a Ansatsuken master named Gouken for a time, but
was kicked out of his dojo because his heart was too filled with hatred for
Sagat.  After that, Dan returned to Hong Kong and trained himself using his
own "style."

    Dan was Gouken's studen before Ryu or Ken were students.  Ryu and Ken
didn't even know of Dan's existance before SFA2. Same goes for Dan.
There's an official artwork of Gouken's good friend Retsu (first guy you
fight in SF) beating up Dan.  Dan wasn't finished training, so Retsu
allowed him to learn moves associated with Gouken's style of Anasatsu-ken.
Gouken refused to teach Dan because he was always saying how he would take
revenge on Sagat for killing his father.

    Dan's relation to Sakura from Dan's point of view is similar to Mr.
Satan of Dragonball Z and his 'student.'  Basically, Dan THINKS he's
Sakura's teacher, but in reality Sakura isn't paying attention to him and
doesn't care about him, and probably never really agreed to be his student
in the first place (Blanka's ending shows that Sakura doesn't even realize
much that Dan took her on as a student).  She's a better fighter than Dan,
anyway.  Why does Sakura follow Dan around?  The current belief is that
because Dan can speak multiple languages as well as is an adult, he's
Sakura's ticket to travelling around the world to find Ryu and such.  I
don't believe there's any official statements to confirm that, though.
Sakura's relationship with Dan in the manga Sakura Ganburu isn't
necessarily official, but like many other things from that manga, Dan and
Sakura knowing each other was probably inspired by it.

    For Blanka and Dan's relationship, see Blanka's bio.

    Dan himself is a big parody to Capcom's rival game company, SNK, too.
His moves and clothes are very similar to several SNK characters from their
Art of Fighting series, and taunting, of which Dan is the king of, is a lot
more prevalent in SNK fighting games than Capcom fighting games.

    Dan has a sister in XMen vs Street Fighter. Or Marvel Super Heros VS
Street Fighter. Whatever.  One of his endings in a VS game.  His ending
there is a parody on Art of Fighting where his sister who looks exactly
like Yuri, from SNK's Art of Fighting, stops him from killing Akuma, saying
that Akuma is their [father]. Of course, Akuma is most likely not his
father and this is a joke ending completely.  It's there just to parody the
ending to Art of Fighting.  It's a VS game, after all.  However, Dan having
a sister in this game even if it was just for the purpose of blatantly
mocking Art of Fighting (which it did a good job of, LOL) has led many to
believe that Dan actually DOES have a sister.  Whether this is true or not,
there is no official confirmation.  At any rate, when people thought Dan
had a sister, they looked around for her, and hey, what do ya know?  Not
only does Rival Schools take place during the SFAlpha timeline where Dan's
story takes place too, but there's also a girl there named Ran (Ran and
Dan) who's last name is Hibiki!!!!  She's also extremely confident in
herself as well as really flashy (even if it's mainly with the flash on her
camera) and cheerful, so there's definately a personality resemblance.
Heck, she even screams "SAIKYO!" in one of her victory poses.  This has led
many to believe that Ran is Dan's sister.  Many others believe that her
last name is just a coincidence, which is a perfectly plausible and
reasonable belief to have. In the end, however, all of this is just
circumstantial evidence, and there's no hard proof that Ran is Dan's sister
or not, and there has never been any official statements from Capcom of
Japan even hinting at such.

    Dan is 1/2 Japanese.

    There is a battle intro between Sagat and Ryu where Sagat throws a
defeated Dan off to the side.  This is based off of an official art that
has Sagat holding a defeated person before Ryu came along.  Capcom took
their inspiration to make Dan from that official poster but then decided to
alter him a bit since then.  The game intros have nothing to do with the
actual storyline and that intro is actually more a tribute to how Dan was
inspired by that official poster.  The story is that originally, that guy
that Sagat was chucking away was just a nameless nobody but Capcom decided
to make a story with him and thus came up with Dan, then they decided they
wanted to alter that story a bit since then.  *shrug*  Strange Capcom.
Capcom since then has decided to retroactively change Sagat's storyline
(they retroactively changed Sagat a lot, apparently) so that art and that
intro has nothing to do with the actual plot by now.

   11 - Dee Jay

Birthday: 1965 October 31
Height: 184cm
Weight: 92kg
BWH sizes: B130, W89, H94
Blood type: AB
Birthplace: Jamaica
Special Skill: Dancing, Singing
Likes: Shouting, Singing, Dancing
Dislikes: Maturity
Fighting Style: Kick-Boxing

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Dee Jay is a young kickboxer, known as the
"Southern Comet". This cheerful fighter quickly rose to become a world
champion. In high spirits, he now searches the world for a good fight.

What He Did During SFA3:  Um... nothing?  He became a music star?

Where Is He Now:  He's a music star.  *shrug*

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Erm.... nothing here, either.  ^^;  Dee Jay is not a very developed
character.  Heck, Dee Jay is apparently the only Street Fighter in Alpha
who's connected to NO ONE ELSE in any way, shape, or form.  Even Feilong at
least probably had Shadowloo trying to seek him out.

   12 - Dhalsim

Birthday: 1952 November 22
Height: 176cm
Weight: 48kg
BWH sizes: B107, W46, H65
Blood type: O
Birthplace: India
Special Skill: Studying Yoga, emptying one self
Likes: Curry, Meditation
Dislikes: Sweet Food, Meat
Fighting Style: Yoga

SFA3 Description and Situation:  The yoga master, Dhalsim, fights for his
family and for the poor. The increasingly evil energy forces him to
decide.... That one day he will renounce the root of his power.

What He Did During SFA3:  He might have met Rose and tried to dissuade her
from taking Bison on, alone.  He probably met Cammy and played a part in
making her realize her self-consciousness during their brief meeting.
That's about it.

Where Is He Now:  Still meditating on Yoga.  Probably still fighting for
his family and the poor, too.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Dhalsim was said to breathe fire by channelling his Yoga energy as well
as because he eats lots of spicy curry.  At least, that's what my Capcom of
USA SF2 instruction booklet as well as Nintendo Power told me.  As it is,
the actual reason is because he was given powers by the god of fire,

    His SFA3 Description and Situation is either a mistranslation, or a
reference to his SFA2 ending where Dhalsim worries that his power
(firebreath, yoga skillz, whatever) is corrupt (power corrupts and all) and
he wonders if the ends justify the means (Dhalsim using his power to fight
evil).  His wife in his SFA2 ending consoles him, saying that she's proud
of him, and it really doesn't seem to be that big or relevant a deal in the

    Dhalsim's wife is Sally and his son is Datta.  Datta has already been
born before the SFA series.

    The skulls Dhalsim wears around his neck are the skulls of children
that sadly died during a plague.  They are not the skulls of HIS children,
though.  Dhalsim's son Datta is alive and well, as shown by his SF2 ending.

    Yoga gives Dhalsim many innate mental abilities, such as reading minds
and sensing evil.  But you probably already know that.

    The elephant he rides on in his SF2 ending is called Kodal.

    Extra 1 - Eagle

Eagle doesn't have an official bio.  I don't think official bios were even
freaking invented back during SF1.  It's known that he's English, but you
probably already know that.

SFA3 Description and Situation:  None right now.  Even if there is one when
SFA3 Advance comes out, it probably won't be canon but I'll put it here,
anyway (with the disclaimer that it almost definately isn't canon).

What He Did During SFA3:  N/A

Where Is He Now:  Still being a bouncer, most likely.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Eagle is here just so people won't bug me with questions about him,
later, after SFA3 Advance comes out (unless it becomes confirmed that SFA3
Advance is canon, though that's doubtful and probably won't happen).
Officially, even though he exists within the SF universe (SF1), he is not a
part of the SFA3 story, though he's a bonus added character to SFA3
Advance.  SFA3 Advance was ported by a different company other than Capcom,

    Eagle in SF1 was an English bouncer who was hired to beat Sagat.  After
losing the SF1 tournament, he... well, went back to being a bouncer.

    Eagle, after being upgraded for CvS2 (Then ported to SFA3), is most
likely a tribute to Freddie Mercury of Queen.  His win quote, "The show
must go on", is a heavy indicator of this.  I don't believe he was such in
SF1, but when Capcom upgraded him for CvS2, they made him as such.  Freddie
Mercury was gay, thus Eagle is gay, too.  Many of his quotes in the
Japanese version of CvS2 show this, beyond the point where you can just say
he's wierd (He even tells Morrigan that she'll never be able to seduce him
for reasons he's not going to elaborate on, and tells Rock that a young boy
like Rock needs 'all kinds of' experiences' :P).  Course, whether this
Eagle is to be considered canon or not remains to be seen, because CvS2 and
SFA3 Advance isn't to be considered to be canon...

    The sticks Eagle fights with appear to be escrima sticks, but even if
they are, that still doesn't confirm what his fighting style is, at all.

   13 - Edmond Honda

Birthday: 1960 November 3
Height: 185cm
Weight: 137kg
BWH sizes: B212, W180, H210
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Japan
Likes: Bathing, Chanko Nabe (a kind of soup that sumo wrestlers eat)
Dislikes: Indecision
Fighting Style: Sumo Wrestling

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Edmond Honda is the strongest Sumo
Grandmaster, or "Rikishi". He is so powerful, that no other Rikishi can
compete with him. "I'll find worthy opponents and show them the strength of
Sumo!". In the hopes of finding stronger opponents, he begins a journey.

What He Did During SFA3:  He might have fought Ryu and probably got to meet
Sodom again.  And he told Sakura (and maaaybe Juni found out from him, too)
where to find Ryu.  That's probably about it.

Where Is He Now:  He's still a sumo wrestler, as always.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    E. Honda never became the Yokozuna, he made it to the Ouzeki status
(one before Yokozuna), then he left for the world.  Him being the Sumo
Grandmaster must be a mistranslation by Capcom of America.  He constantly
disturbed his neighborhood because of his training.  Rikishi is a general
term for sumo wrestlers, if you didn't figure that out already.

    Edmond's first name is definately Edmond.  Look at his SFA3 Description
and Situation, which is an exact copy from the game.

    E. Honda's students shown during his SF2 ending are Hatonoyama,
Marunoumi, Yasuhanada, and Nishinofuji.  He did not become a sumo teacher
for the dolls, apparently, so you can say his SFA3 ending didn't happen.

    Sodom challenged E. Honda to make E. Honda a member of Mad Gear in
SFA2.  E. Honda in SFA3 refers to this, so you know it happened.  E. Honda
appears to have won that match, though both he and Sodom continue to
respect each other greatly.

    E. Honda likes his fellow countrymen.  Canonwise, he probably met and
fought Ryu during SFA3 as shown by several dialogues, and he gets along
well with Sodom, too, who's almost Japanese... or at least tries very hard
to be:P  Though... E. Honda in general is a very easy going guy who likes
everyone, it seems.  Even when Bison's being all evil, E. Honda remarks
"Don't say things like that!  It makes you sound like a bad guy!"  ^_^

   14 - Evil Ryu (Satsui no Ryu)

Evil Ryu's bio info is the same as Ryu's, obviously.

SFA3 Description and Situation:  There is an evil energy that causes
absolute destruction.... Ryu agonizes, knowing that he cannot control his
power. Will he still become a master, or will his journey end in ruin?

What He Did During SFA3:  He didn't even exist during SFA3.  Evil Ryu is a
what-if as well as the only what-if character.  Well, he did exist for a
brief very brief moment during SF1, but that's about it.

Where Is He Now:  Ryu has decided not to give in to the Satsu no Hadou
after SFA3.  He most likely will never have to make this decision again.
Therefore, Evil Ryu most likely will not appear ever again in future SFs,

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    The symbol on Evil Ryu's back is the Metsu symbol.  It can be
interpreted as some kind of destruction.  Usually 'Great Destruction',
which explains Evil Ryu's SFA3 ending quite well.

    Psycho Ryu is NOT Evil Ryu.  Otherwise, Capcom would have made you
fight Evil Ryu, not Ryu, during those battles (Unlike Noembelu, Evil Ryu
already existed as a character so why would Capcom cop out like they did
with T. Hawk's storyline by using Ryu instead of Evil Ryu?).  Psycho Ryu is
merely Ryu being controlled by M. Bison.  Because Psycho Power also feeds
off negative energy, it's kinda similar to Satsu no Hadou, which is why Ryu
wonders if it's the power Akuma was talking about when he gets possessed by
it, but in actuality, the two are really different things.

    Ryu first became Evil Ryu when he beat Sagat (See Ryu's bio for more
info).  That's when it first awakened in him. He had no clue what it was
then.  He then faced off against Akuma in SFA2 and was told about "Satsui
no Hado". In SFA3 he was still swaying back and forth from being Ryu and
Evil Ryu, but Evil Ryu actually never managed to come into existance during
SFA3, and is there just as a what-if character for the player to play as.
Notice how Evil Ryu never appears in anyones' storylines but his own when
you play as him, and his ending is so extreme that there's no way it could
have happened, since he ends up... KILLING EVERYONE.

    Why Ryu rejected the Satsu no Hadou... well, Satsu no Hadou is killing
intent.  As in killing others.  Ryu finally decided after going through M.
Bison's brainwashing that doesn't really care for killing others and
proving his superiority over everyone.  He just wants to be the best that
he can be.  Obsessively so.  This is why he so looks forward to future
matches with Ken, Sagat, and Sakura.  He doesn't want to crush them.  He
just wants to test his skills and improve himself.  Akuma too sees Ryu's
potential, and now believes Ryu will someday reach it even without the
Satsu no Hadou and eagerly awaits that day so he can have a worthy

    Ryu tells Bison during SFA3 that his goal is to crush worthy
opponents.  Obviously, that goal has changed by the end of SFA3 to just be
all he can be.

   15 - Feilong

Birthday: 1969 April 23
Height: 172cm
Weight: 60kg
BWH sizes: B108, W76, H80
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Special Skill: Using Knunchucks
Likes: Kungfu, self-assertion
Dislikes: Helpless, Indifference, Non-excitement
Fighting Style: Hitenryu kungfu

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Fei Long is a youthful, talented action
star from Hong Kong. He is the master of his own unique style of Kung Fu.
On the street, he seeks a good fight to sharpen his skills.

What He Did During SFA3:  Um... nothing?  He becomes a more popular movie

Where Is He Now:  Still a popular movie star, probably.  Note that Capcom
retroactively changed his storyline.  Him refusing to be a movie star in
his SF2 ending never happens.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Feilong is obviously based after kungfu movie star Bruce Lee, if not
practically directly copied like Balrog (Mike Bison in Japan) was to Mike
Tyson.  Though I probably really didn't have to say that.

    Erm... that's about it.  Feilong is not a very developed character.

   16 - Gen

Height: 166cm
Weight: 61kg
BWH sizes: B106, W75, H80
Blood type: O
Birthplace: China
Special Skill: Making Chinese medicine
Likes: Meat buns, Reading Chinese poems
Dislikes: Lots of people
Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Gen is a wily assassin who uses legendary
fighting techniques. He continues to fight bloody battles, even though he
is ill.What he desires now more than anything is a "death match".... And so
he searches for a worthy foe....

What He Did During SFA3:  Gen continued to seek out Akuma for his death
match in SFA3.  Most likely, he finally found Akuma, too.

Where Is He Now:  Either by Akuma or by his illness (which may have
occurred after he defeated and spared Akuma, or maybe he just never got to
find Akuma in the first place), poor Gen probably died after the end of
SFA3.  There is no ending in SFA3 where Akuma wins, however, while there's
an ending where Gen wins which doesn't necessarily have to be interpreted
as contradictory, so there is a good chance that the outcome of the death
match was Gen winning but not killing Akuma, then finally admitting he's
never going to get that deathmatch, after all.  That still won't save the
poor guy from his illness, though.  Capcom hasn't flat out stated that Gen
is dead, but the chances of him still being alive are very slim.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Gen's fighting style, like Akuma's, is designed to kill.

    Gen beat up lots of Shadowloo members as he was searching for good
opponents, and because he himself seems to have connections to the
underworld.  He is trained in an assassin fighting style, after all.

    Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing to prove that Gen is Yun
and Yang's (of SF3) grandfather, or Lee's (of SF1) father (Lee was Yun
Lee's and Yang Lee's father).  At least, in Japan.  Gen's last name hasn't
been stated to be Lee yet, either, which seems to mean that Capcom's
indicating that he's not supposed to be related to them by blood, either.
Gen did know Lee and thus ended up teaching Lee's children, though, which
is why Yun and Yang have fighting styles similar to Gen's.  Yun and Yang,
judging by timelines, were around 8 - 11 years old during SFA3.  Wow, Gen
teaches the lil' kids at an early age, don't he?

    Gen was a friend of Chunli's father.  For a slight bit more of
information on that, see Chunli's bio.

   17 - Guile

Birthday: 1960 December 23
Height: 182cm
Weight: 86kg
BWH sizes: B125, W83, H89
Blood type: O
Birthplace: America
Special Skill: ?
Likes: American Coffee
Dislikes: Natto (fermented Soy Beans)
Fighting Style: Special Force Techniques

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Guile, an ace air force pilot, received an
BACK. In the hard rain, Guile rushes to the heliport. He knows nothing of
the hardships that await him....

What He Did During SFA3:  Guile was sent to get Charlie back, because
Charlie had gone after Bison on his own.  Eventually, Guile realized of the
corruption within the army, himself, and decided to join Charlie and Chunli
in bringing down Shadowloo.  It turned out that Guile's instinct was right,
and the bombardment of Shadowloo was called off due to Bison's tricks.
With Charlie, Guile blows up the Psycho Drive, but Charlie sacrifices
himself to save Guile's life and hold Bison off while Guile escapes and
everything explodes.

Where Is He Now:  Guile participated in the SF2 tournament upon hearing
that Bison was alive, hoping to avenge Charlie.  However, he is approached
near the end of the tournament by his wife and daughter, who plea with him
to finally go back to his family instead of concentrating on revenge so
much.  Guile realizes his love for his family and agrees, and probably is
still a family man to this day.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Storyline wise, Charlie/Nash is the one that invented the Sonic Boom
and Flash Kick.  He taught it to the other members of the army, but none of
them had mastered it by SFA3.  Guile isn't even supposed to know how to do
it by SFA3, yet he has the moves anyway.  Supposedly, to make up for this
and make it clear that Nash was the superior one, this is why Guile sucks
so much in SFA3 (His sonic boom does like... a pixel of damage Oo).  Guile
DOES tell Charlie "I'm not a hero like you, but I still can not tolerate
injustice" to show how much Guile himself considers Charlie to be above
him.  Of course, though Capcom of Japan has officially stated they made him
suck on purpose for storyline reasons, it's probably more likely that those
guys in charge of balancing Guile in SFA3 just were smoking some strong
drugs while they were doing it or something and Capcom decided to try to
cover it up.  Now if only they can come up with an explanation why Thunder
Hawk sucks so much in SFA3 compared to SF2...

    Guile's daughter is Amy/Chris, and his wife is Jane/Julia.  Two names
are given for each because their names are different in the American and
Japanese versions of Street Fighter, respectively.  An interesting note is
that Jane/Julia is Eliza's sister.  This means that after SF2 when Ken
married Eliza, Guile and Ken became brothers-in-law.  Storylinewise, Guile
and Ken prefer not to talk about it though because Guile doesn't like Ken
since Ken is so brash and playboy-ish.  If you're one of those people that
isn't willing to believe this, then that's okay.  It's another small fact
that I'm really not willing to debate, and I can't prove it unless you read
Japanese and have the book, All About Capcom, anyway.  Basically, all I
have to back this up is that it was officially stated and you'll have to
take my word for that.  Guile has a pet dog named Safu, too.  There is no
actual hard storyline proof whatsoever that Remy of SFA3 is related to him,
and no official statements as such, either.

    Gunloc of Saturday Night Slam Masters is NOT Guile's brother.  That's
just Capcom of America making stuff up.  And even they, themselves, said it
was just a rumour.

    His full name is NOT William Guile.  That's from the Street Fighter
Live Action Movie.  Um... ew.

   18 - Guy

Height: 179cm
Weight: 72kg
BWH sizes: B108, W77, H82
Blood type: O
Birthplace: America
Special Skill: Sprinting (100m: 10.2sec), making Bonsai
Likes: Sneakers, salmon flavoured japanese soup
Dislikes: Horizontol writing
Fighting Style: Bushinryu Ninpo

SFA3 Description and Situation:  He is the ninja who lives in the present.
He is heir to the Bushin style, which has endured for centuries. When a
threat tothe world rises so will the shadow of Bushin. These are the words
Master Zeku left. What do they mean?

What He Did During SFA3:  Hearing it from his master Zeku, Bushin is
destined to fight against evil like Shadowloo.  Guy went after Shadowloo,
but found Rose.  He wanted to join Rose in the fight against Shadowloo, but
she refused.  He goes after her and finally comes across her seriously
wounded.  It is here that Guy stops going after Shadowloo so he can take
Rose to a hospital.  He hears about Shadowloo being taken down (by Chunli,
Guile, and Charlie), and realizes that there was no way Bison could have
survived and that the world is free of Bison, yet as he holds Rose, he
feels this unexplainable chill.  Guy most likely ran into Cody during SFA3
too.  For more on that, see Cody's bio.

Where Is He Now:  A while after SFA3 (and FF3), Guy went missing.  Maki is
currently looking for him.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Guy's girlfriend is Rena.  Rena is Maki's older sister.  Both appear in
the game, Final Fight 2.  You can also find Maki in Capcom VS SNK 2, as
well as Street Fighter Alpha 3 Advanced for the Game Boy Advance.  See
Maki's bio for more info.

    Guy's master is Zeku.  Guy defeated him in order to become the 39th
Bushin Master, for there can only be one Bushin master at any one time.
However, the battle was NOT to the death.  Zeku stating to put their lives
at stake in Guy's SFA2 ending was because as a Bushinryu warrior, they must
always stand against anything that disrupts the flow of nature (M. Bison,
Akuma, etc, etc). But considering that people who can disrupt the flow of
nature have in-human powers, they could die trying to stop them. That's why
Zeku asked Guy that question to Guy, because he wanted to see if Guy was
ready to take on the role of 39th Bushinryu master.  A Bushinryu warrior
must be ready to die during any battle.  After the battle, Zeku

    He was a arrogant and cocky kid before. Zekuu picked him up and raised
him and trained him to be what he is now. He's the 39th Bushinryu Ninpo
master, Zekuu was the 38th and Genryusai (Maki's dad) was the 37th.

    For more on Maki and Genryusai, see Maki's bio.  On a random side note,
back when FF2 came out, it used to be said that Genryusai was Guy's master,
then Capcom accidentally forgot this when they created Zeku to be Guy's
master.  When they realized this, they retroactively changed Genryusai to
be the 37th Bushin Master instead of Guy's master like he used to be
because Zeku now took up that position.

    The line in SFA2 where Rolento hints at Guy being a Mad Gear member is
a mis-translation. Guy was never a member of Mad Gear.

    During Final Fight, Guy is the one that defeated Sodom in the ring (The
boss battle with Sodom).

    The ending to FF1 where Guy beats up Cody so that Jessica can catch up
with Cody indicates that maybe Guy realizes that Cody and Jessica were
meant for each other, but he himself is bitter about it  Oo  This isn't
confirmed, however.  Guy later on gets his own girlfriend, Rena, anyway.
Guy also probably beat up Cody just so that, well, Jessica could catch up
with him (in Guy's own ending in Final Fight Guy, Guy himself is nice
enough to wait up for Jessica after she calls his name, unlike Cody).  I
think Jessica was once Guy's girlfriend and left him for Cody, too, but the
smaller details of Final Fight are hard to remember when that game is so
old (as well as not covered in All About Capcom for the most part, since
that book only covers fighting games).  Guy did seem to have some feelings
for her, though again, he did eventually get his own girlfriend later on,

    If you didn't realize it yet, Guy feels a sudden chill during Rose's
ending because he's sensing that Bison isn't really gone for good at all.
What Guy doesn't realize is he's holding Bison in his arms at that very

    When I think about it, there's a reasonable chance that Guy went
missing because after he rescued Rose, Rose, who was now one with Bison and
evil, as well as knowing that Guy is opposed to Bison, later on hunted down
and killed him  Oo  Or at least knocked him out of the picture.  That's
conjecture, but it's true that he went missing (and I would be pretty
surprised if Guy was dead and also if that was the way that Guy were to
die.  What a horrible way to go).  If Guy did die, it WOULD pave the way
for the only slightly younger Maki to become the next Bushin master,
though, so if Capcom decided to make Maki a Bushin Master, I imagine this
would be a likely way for poor Guy to go, in which case... yea, poor Guy

   19 and 20 - Juli and Juni (and the other dolls)

Juli's Bio
Height: 164cm
Weight: 49kg
BWH sizes: B92, W59, H84
Blood type: B
Birthplace: Germany
Special Skill: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Fighting Style: Shadowloo elite special force techniques

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Enhanced soldiers are created by
Shadaloo's demonic technology.... Juli, one of these soldiers, receives an
order from Bison.... "Find and destroy the enhanced soldier named Cammy!".

What She Did During SFA3:  Juli, most likely along with her partner, Juni,
was ordered to eliminate Cammy.  When they finally found her, Cammy told
them that she had realized her self-conscious and managed to convince Juli
and Juni not to kill her.  Juli and Juni realize that Bison doesn't care
about the dolls anymore and wants them all to die, and their will to
survive overrides their brainwashing.  Together, with the rest of the
dolls, they all turned against Shadowloo, realizing that to Bison, they are
nothing but expendable dolls.  However, it's discovered that with Bison's
death, they'll all die, too, but Cammy was able to save Juli and the rest
of the dolls by using the Psycho Drive to restore them even though they
were cut off from Bison's psycho energy, then Cammy stayed behind to
transport the rest of the dolls out of the base.

Where Is She Now:  Upon Bison's death, Juli and the rest of the dolls
completely lost all their memory and where transported to who knows where
via the psycho drive.  Odds are that Juli woke up somewhere in the world
not knowing where and who she was.  Were the other dolls with her?  Or were
they all transported away to various parts of the world?  At any rate,
somewhere, out there, are twelve genetically enhanced psycho powered
memory-less girls wondering around... hopefully poor Juli at least found
her partner.

Juni's Bio
Height: 162cm
Weight: 46kg
BWH sizes: B84, W56, H83
Blood type: AB
Birthplace: Germany
Special Skill: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Fighting Style: Shadowloo elite special force techniques

SFA3 Description and Situation (Note that Juni seeking out Ryu is most
likely what-if):  Enhanced soldiers are created by Shadaloo's demonic
technology.... Juni, one of these soldiers, receives an order from
Bison.... "Pursue a warrior named Ryu and collect his data as a sample!".

What She Did During SFA3:  Most likely, Juni was with Juli searching out
Cammy.  However, there is a small chance that she spent the beginning part
of it seeking out Ryu to help Bison find him.  Because Ryu's part of SFA3
happens significantly earlier than the rest of SFA3, it's possible that
both of these events occurred, though she most likely never got to fight
Ryu or Ryu even see her at all if that's the case (probably just pinpointed
his location for Bison or something).  At any rate, for what happened once
Juni found Cammy, see Juli's description.

Where Is She Now:  Upon Bison's death, Juni and the rest of the dolls
completely lost all their memory and were transported to who knows where
via the psycho drive.  Odds are that Juni woke up somewhere in the world
not knowing where and who she was.  Were the other dolls with her?  Or were
they all transported away to various parts of the world?  At any rate,
somewhere, out there, are twelve genetically enhanced psycho powered
memory-less girls wondering around... hopefully poor Juni at least found
her partner.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

    The dolls are an elite Shadowloo unit under Vega's personal command.
They are a group of 13 females who are all sixteen years old that were
kidnapped from around the world, brainwashed, and genetically enhanced then
filled with psycho power.  The exception being Doll Number Zero, Cammy, who
was created sixteen years ago as a clone (though a better term would be
next-in-line body) of M. Bison.  For more, see her bio, and note that never
ever in SFA3 does Bison tell Juli and Juni that they are clones, because
they aren't.  The other twelve dolls appear to all be a unit, though it's
also possible that they were high ranking officials within Shadowloo, too
(if that robo-speak thing they all do in SFA3 really is meant to be canon,
I'll go out and say right here that I'd be freaked if I had a freaking
ROBOT be my commander, though).  All of them were highly trained in the
arts of killing, and developed their own fighting styles based on the
weapons they used.  Due to their weapon styles, their fighting styles are
mostly distinct, though they all heavily rely on kicks, too.  My guess is
that if they were all playable in a fighting game, their kick moves would
all be the same though their punch moves would all be different for the
dolls that had weapons.  If you want to see the dolls in SFA3, they all
fall down during Juli and Juni's introduction, with the exception of Jianyu
and Enero, who can't be found in the game.  Their names all correspond to
the months of the year in the language of the country or area the doll
generally came from.  The dolls don't have their weapons and accessories in
the game, either, and much of the info here is garnered from the one very
cartoony official art of them that is known.

    Enero is Spanish and the doll of January.  Her trademark accessory is
the microphone.  One can specialize in communication and still be
classified as an assassin.  In fact, no assassin unit is complete without a
member that manages communications.  Enero has pink really big curly hair
and is the only doll that you could say has long hair, not including tails.

    Fevrier is French and the doll of February.  She specializes in fire
arms, and has a gunbelt where she can keep her ammo as well as her gun.
Her gun appears to be either a pistol, or some sort of small handgun with a
barrel that curves inward then outward again which makes it seem sorta like
a ray gun.  It's hard to tell from her only official art, which is also
very cartoonly drawn.  Fevrier has pink short hair.

    Marz's name is German, though she really looks Japanese to me.  She's
the doll of March.  Her trademark accessory is a laptop computer with the
Shadowloo logo on its back.  Marz's right glove also has a red wire that
plugs into her arm brace for some reason.  Like the disclaimer for Enero,
one can specialize in information and still be classified as an assassin.
In fact, no assassin unit is complete without a member that manages
information.  Information and recon is VERY important to pulling off a kill
in places with heavy security.  Marz has neon short hair with straight
arrow twin bangs (straighter than Juli's).  Her hair in her art is blue,
but in the game it's purple.  I suspect she dyes it.

    Aprile is Italian and is the doll of April.  She carries around a white
bag first-aid kit as well as wears a white backpack.  Unlike the other
dolls, her arm brace is supposed to be a white one with a red cross
(first-aid) instead of the usual brown one (though like most of the other
doll accessories, this isn't in the game.  Would require too much sprite
editting for lazy Capcom to do, I guess).  Every military unit including
special forces and assassin ones always has a medic in it.  As stated by
Capcom, Aprile also has a (no-name stated) brother that went to see Rose to
ask about her whereabouts, and I wouldn't be surprised if in actual
officialness, Aprile was the doll that Bison had fight Rose instead of Juli
and Juni (who were most likely hunting down Cammy at the time).

    Satsuki is Japanese and is the doll of May.  Her weapon is a sword that
she keeps in a sheath on her back.  The official art has the sword sheathed
so I can't tell you what kind of sword it is, but obviously it's most
likely a Japanese one.  There is a chance that Shadowloo intended that the
girl who was to be Satsuki was supposed to be Sakura (See Sakura's bio),
but this is mostly conjecture (not completely, though).

    Juni is German and is the doll of June.  She doesn't use a weapon but
seems to have a high amount of psycho power, able to do the mach slide at
will (whereas Juli and most likely the other dolls can only do it as an
Alpha counter) as well as sporting a Psycho Shield. She is described by
Capcom of Japan put through Alta Vista translator (IE, one funky online
translator) as "Level-headed Silent Killer".  Wow, I really didn't know
that someone who looked so... cute would be level headed Oo  Maybe that was
a mistranslation.  She is extremely close to her partner, Juli, though
there is no solid proof that the relationship is a yuri one (if you don't
know what yuri means, you probably don't need to know for this instance).
Juni's ending just shows closeness, though I suppose that Psycho Rolling
team-up super they have DOES raise a few eyebrows... *cue Saturday Night
Live's Ambiguously Gay Duo music*  *Watch Tiamat duck the rabid fanboys
now.  Hey!  I'm a Juli Juni fan, too!*  From Juni's ending, I gather that
Juli is the one she confides in and Juli is the more leaderly of the two.
Oh yea, Juni and Juli are not twins (they really don't look that much
alike), and there's no official statements even implying that they're

    Juli is German and is the doll of July.  She is described by Capcom of
Japan put through Alta Vista translator (IE, one funky online translator)
as "The Assassin Doll of Cold Heartedness".  Juli's real name is most
likely Julia, as shown in T. Hawk's storyline.  Even including the fact
that in T. Hawk's official storyline, Juli is supposed to be the Native
American doll, Noembelu.  Juli, too, is really close to her partner, Juni.
Again, note that the girl T. Hawk looks for in SFA3 is supposed to be the
doll Noembelu, not Juli.  Juli is German.  Not Native American.  Though her
official bio sometimes lists her as Mexican just to reconcile the
difference.  She really is supposed to be from Germany, though.

    Santamu's name is Vietnamese, though she looks African to me (Dark skin
tone).  She's the doll of August.  Santamu has a yellow leg brace over her
boot on her right leg, unlike the other dolls.  Her weapon is the spear,
but she also seems to have a pet golden lion tamarine (a small monkey)
which has its own backpack as well as a collar wire that can connect to
Santamu's glove.

    Xiayu is Chinese and is the doll of September.  She has a blue sash
around her waste, and her weapon is the nunchuk.  There is so far nothing
to show that she and Jianyu are partners like Juli and Juni, besides the
similar names and ethnicities.

    Jianyu (or Yanyu, depending on how you spell it due to language
differences) is Chinese and is the doll of October.  Her weapon is a
quarterstaff, I believe.  She looks like... a younger Chunli, but not
quite.  For one thing, her two hairbulbs don't seem to be as big.  Also,
she has two braided tails from said bulbs.

    Noembelu's name is Latin American, but the exact area she comes from is
Mexico.  She is the doll of November.  She used to be a member of the
Thunderfoot tribe until she got kidnapped and made into a doll of
Shadowloo.  She wears a brown vest, and has a stereotypical feather bandana
which you can see in the game, which makes her the easiest doll to spot in
Juni and Juli's battle intro besides possibly Marz with her neon hair and
Decapre with her black mask.  Noembelu fights using twin hatchets, which
has ropes that she ties around her gloves that allow her to use the
hatchets as projectiles then reel them back in.  Her official art has her
throwing one downwards.

    Decapre is Russian, and is the last doll, the doll of December.  She's
also the most intriguing, because she looks exactly like Cammy.  Except she
has a black mask, so you can't see her face.  She also seems to have darker
skin tone and hair color than Cammy, at least in the game (though the
official art doesn't seem to indicate it).  What's up with that?  Who
knows?  There's absolutely no info on her other than her name.  Perhaps the
mask has something to do with Vega, who obviously paid attention to Cammy
and probably the other dolls since Balrog and Bison are so damn UGLY.
Vega's mask is white while Decapre's is black.  Decapre may be a clone of
Cammy, but I find this doubtful.  I mean, even Capcom wouldn't be so silly
as to make a doll a clone of a clone, would they?  Then again... at any
rate, there's also the fact that Decapre is Russian while Cammy's
birthplace is "???" but as shown by Noembelu and perhaps Santamu, the
doll's name doesn't necessarily completely correspond to where they
originally came from, but it comes close at least.  My GUESS is that when
Vega saw Cammy get that scar on her beautiful face, he decided to give
Decapre a mask so that Decapre herself would never have her face scarred.
If Vega himself was the one that gave Cammy her scar (most likely by
accident.  See Cammy's bio), then he probably would give Decapre the mask
out of feeling guilty for scarring something beautiful.  That's ALL
completely a guess, though, with absolutely no basis to it whatsoever.
Another theory with no basis whatsoever that's popular is that she's
related to Gill's organization (of SF3) somehow.

    The official bios for each of the dolls besides Juli and Juni (and
Cammy) only lists what language their name is in, really.

    The 12 dolls can't live without Bison because their bodies, souls, and
minds were so corrupted by Bison's brainwashing that without M. Bison, they
would collapse.  They were *fixed* with the Psycho drive by Cammy because
the Psycho drive sent in the remaining Psycho power into the 12 dolls so
they could at least survive for the time being.  So in that sense, if all
12 dolls survived after SFA3 (which they probably did), they too have
partial abilities of Pyscho Power.

    Did Bison use the dolls for *ahem* other things besides assassins?  He
calls them his 'beautiful dolls', but he might just be referring to them as
such because they really are supposed to be beautiful.  The dolls have
shown that they aren't complete femmebots that listen to EVERY order
necessarily.  Juli and Juni in their storylines turn against Bison not
because they are becoming independent, but because their survival instincts
kicked in and they'd prefer living to dying even if Bison commanded it, and
this might apply to *ahem* other types of commands, as well.  I personally
doubt that Bison used the dolls for anything besides assassination since
I'm pretty sure that if he cared to use them for 'other' things, he
wouldn't... erm, decide to throw them away so quickly I imagine.  Besides,
twelve girls to one man?  I don't think Bison has THAT much... erm...

    No clue how Bison managed to coincidentally get thirteen (fourteen if
you subscribe to the belief that Sakura was to be one of the dolls) girls
that had the spirit/drive/fighting-skill/whatever-he-used-as-doll-criteria
that all just happened to be the same age.

    There's a reasonable chance that the dolls (including SFA3 Cammy) were
inspired by the two novel series, "Cammy History", by Yuka Minakawa.
However, because this is just an inspiration and not a direct port (unlike
Karin Kanzuki, who was taken directly from the manga she first appeared
in), this can't be proven, and Capcom has made no official statements
(again, unlike Karin).  The book itself was made after Super Street Fighter
2 but long before SFA3 and had the concept of Cammy being one among a
number of Shadowloo girls, as well as a character named Anne who looks very
similar to Juni and had a partner named Bess (probably Juli) in her past
when she was one of the Shadowloo girls, and Anne also utilized a Vega-ish
mask which might have been the inspiration for Decapre (her mask was white,
unlike Decapre's, though).  Again, there is no proof or official statements
that this is the case, though it's plausible.  Even if it is the case,
obviously Capcom changed a significant amount of things from the novel
series (Cammy herself is very different from the rest of the dolls, for
example, unlike the novel) and the series itself shouldn't be taken for
canon at all.

    The dolls appear to all talk and act like robots, with the possible
exception of Cammy.  .....BAH.  This is a canon fact that is popular to
ignore in fanfics, and I'm sure no one minds when it's ignored, too.  I
like the dolls a lot, but sheesh, I hate hate HATE that aspect of the dolls
and am really hoping Capcom was just trippin' and they weren't supposed to
talk like that.  On a side note, they don't talk 100% like robots all the
time, too.

    For some more random doll info, see Cammy's bio.

   21 - Karin Kanzuki

Height: 162cm
Weight: 48kg
BWH sizes: B83, W57, H85
Blood type: B
Birthplace: Japan
Special Skill: Various Kanzukiryu Ougi's
Likes: Total victory
Dislikes: Minds of a commoner
Fighting Style: Kanzukiryu kakutoujutsu

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Karin Kanzuki is the only daughter of a
corporate family. She must honor her family motto. "Be the winner of
everything". To do such, she must battle the one girl who has defeated
her.... To find Sakura, she will travel the world....

What She Did During SFA3:  At most, Karin found Sakura again, fought her,
and lost (or won by luck and acknowledged that Sakura was better than
her).  At worse, nothing.  Karin... did not have a very big role in the
SFA3 overall story.

Where Is She Now:  Either way, Karin is still training to defeat Sakura
after SFA3.  By the time of SF3, who knows?

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Karin was a rich girl who was taught Kanzaki-ryuu kakutoujutsu. She
went around thinking she was the strongest high school girl. When she heard
about Sakura, she challenged her. When she did, she got beat by Sakura with
ease. Now she goes around thinking she and Sakura are eternal rivals

    Karin belongs to a very rich family.  She is well aware of Ken's rich
family, and she doesn't like Shadowloo because they pressure her family a
bit (though her family's rich and powerful enough to at least resist a
pretty good amount).

    Karin first appeared in the noncanon manga, Sakura Ganbaru.  Capcom
liked her so much that they decided to make her an official character (note
that this does not mean the manga is official, though).

    Karin's rotund butler seen in some of her battle intros during SFA3 as
well as victory poses is Ishizaki.  There is no known name for Karin's pet
dog, yet.

   22 - Ken Masters

Birthday: 1965 February 14
Height: 175cm
Weight: 72kg
BWH sizes: B110, W82, H86
Blood type: B
Birthplace: America
Special Skill: Cooking (Pasta's)
Likes: Skateboarding, Pasta's
Dislikes: Umeboshi, Soap Opera's
Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Ryu's eternal rival, Ken Masters.... His
title of "U.S. martial arts champion" proves his strength. Yet his mind has
become unsound. His friend's focus urges him. Now he sets out to find the
answer just beyond his fist....

What He Did During SFA3:  Ken sought out Ryu but found Psycho Ryu instead!
Together with Sakura, he held off Bison as Sagat fought Psycho Ryu.  Ryu
thanked Ken afterwards, and their friendly rivalry continues.

Where Is He Now:  Still has his friendly rivalry with Ryu.  Ken
participated in the SF2 tournament, but eventually was approached by his
girlfriend, whom he finally ended up marrying and settling down.  He had a
son, but he continues to practice and train, too.  He took up a student and
his son is training to be a fighter just like his dad.  And of course,
Ken's rivalry with Ryu continues.  Can he keep up despite having an actual
life to handle, too?

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Ken's only 1/4 American. He's 3/4 Japanese. His mom is a Japanese and
his dad is half American and half Japanese. He isn't blond in reality, it's
dyed. This is why his hair has been orange, gold and blonde.

    He wears a red gi because when he trained with Ryu under Gouken, he saw
that Ryu was better so he wanted to stand out more and took on a red gi.

    Ken's girlfriend in Alpha series is Eliza.  He marries her after SF2
and they have a son named Mel, who's training to be a fighter like his
dad.  He later gets a student, Sean, who's a character in SF3, but you
probably already know that.  Sean might seem Brazilian, but he's also half
Japanese, by the way.

    I don't think I need to say it, but just in case you didn't know
already somehow, Ken's family is a very wealthy family.

    A long time ago, officially, Ken used to not have a last name at all.
But when the action figure Ken came out, Mattel (makers of Barbie dolls)
sued Capcom for copyright infringement because Barbie's boyfriend is named
Ken, so Capcom had to make up an official last name for their own Ken in
order to differentiate Ken from Barbie's boyfriend.  :P

    For miscellaneous facts about Ken becoming Guile's brother-in-law after
SF2, see Guile's profile.  Eliza and Jane/Julia are sisters.

    Ken did NOT fight in the SF1 tournament.  This is why you never fight
him in the one player game.  He is just there for the 2nd player to play as
in Versus matches.

    Gouken was a friend of Ken's father.  This is why Ken was sent to train
under Gouken.  His father wanted Ken to have some more discipline.  It
looks like his father's plan was only partially successful  ^_~  For more
about Gouken, see Akuma's bio.

    Why does Evil Ryu exist as a playable character?  Why has Capcom never
considered an Evil Ken?  Why do they consider a Dark Sakura over an Evil
Ken even considering that Dark Sakura appears in some of the noncanon VS
games?  The reason is to give in to the Satsu no Hadou, one must give in to
desperation and be willing to win the fight at all costs, even if it means
killing the opponent.  Ryu lives for the fight.  Sakura too has shown that
on her current path, she is really focused on the fight (not enough to
canonly have a what-if Dark Sakura character, but enough for Capcom to
throw a Dark Sakura into the VS games to show it could happen).  Ken, on
the other hand, fights mainly just to keep up with Ryu.  Thus he would
never have the energy fighting drive that would make the Satsu no Hadou
claim him.  At least, not unless Ryu gave in to the Satsu no Hadou, first.
Even then, Ken just has too many anchors to keep him tied to the real world
and realize there are other things to life besides fighting.  His
girlfriend and later on wife, Eliza, his son Mel that he gets after SF2,
his student Sean, etc.  Ken didn't even bother to participate in the first
Street Fighter tournament.  Psycho Ken never happened, either.  Ryu was
actually the one that got brainwashed by Bison, not Ken.  Ken doesn't get
that desperate to win the fight, really.  He has other things to think
about in life.

    Extra 2 - Maki

Height: 164cm
Weight: 51kg
Birthplace: Japan
Fighting Style: Bushinryu Ninpo
Maki's birthdate is probably around 1968, since she herself is 20 in Final
Fight 2.  Her hobby is Street Fighting.

SFA3 Description and Situation:  None right now.  Even if there is one when
SFA3 Advance comes out, it probably won't be canon but I'll put it here,
anyway (with the disclaimer that it almost definately isn't canon).

What She Did During SFA3:  N/A

Where Is She Now:  Maki is searching for Guy, who dissappeared.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Maki is here just so people won't bug me with questions about her,
later, after SFA3 Advance comes out (unless it becomes confirmed that SFA3
Advance is canon, though that's doubtful and probably won't happen).
Officially, even though she exists within the SF universe (FF2), she is not
a part of the SFA3 story, though she's a bonus added character to SFA3
Advance.  SFA3 Advance was ported by a different company other than Capcom,

    Maki first and only appeared in Final Fight 2 before she was made a
playable character in CvS2 then ported over to SFA3 Advance.  She fought in
Guy's place (Guy was too busy in SFA2 going after Bison and training to
battle Zeku to help Haggar in FF2) to save her sister.

    Canonwise, Maki is the younger sister to Guy's girlfriend and fiance,
Rena.  Maki is also a bushin fighter like Guy, and her father was
Genryusai, the 37th Bushinryu Master.  He's also really really old, despite
having a young daughter like Maki  Oo  His old age would explain how he
could be Bushin Master before Zeku, though.  Note also that while there can
be only one Bushin Master in the world, the previous Bushin Master does not
have to die for a new one to take his place as Bushin Master.

    On a random note, you can see that Maki was born in Japan, unlike Guy,
who was born in America.  Not that that probably matters, much.

    Rena has black hair while Maki is blonde.  Genryusai has white hair and
is balding.  But that's because he's old.

    For a little more on Maki and her dad, see Guy's bio.

   23 - M. Bison (Mike Bison.  Vega in Japan)

Birthday: Unknown April 17
Height: 182cm
Weight: 96kg
BWH sizes: B133, W90, H92
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Unknown
Special Skill: Mind control
Likes: World domination
Dislikes: Useless soldiers
Fighting Style: Psycho Power

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Bison is the leader of the secret
organization "Shadaloo". His inner power is about to exceed what his body
can hold. Psycho Power needs a host that can trap it's demonic strength. A
new body that only the strongest of warriors possess....

What He Did During SFA3:  Cammy was engineered and created to be the
ultimate warrior and thus Bison's new body, but her gaining independence
and such made her worthless to Bison, and he thinks Ryu is better, anyway,
so he seeks out Ryu.  That plan didn't work out so well.  Eventually he had
to settle for the woman who shared the same soul as him anyway, Rose, when
his body and the Psycho Drive got blown up by Charlie and Guile.

Where Is He Now:  Shadowloo, or what was left of it, eventually constructed
a new body for him by SF2, which he held to get revenge on Guile and
Chunli.  There, he finally got killed when Akuma used the Shun Goku Satsu
on him.  However, is Rose with a part of his soul still alive?  Can he
still come back through Cammy?  Will Capcom once again retroactively change
their canon and state that he didn't die, after all?  It's very possible
that he isn't gone for good.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    He used to be a martial artist who wanted to be the best and
strongest.  He was trained under someone, who at the time was the only
Psycho Power user.  He also trained along-side two other students.  Bison
killed his master and went on a rampage. It's unknown what happened to the
other two students.  This is a fact that Capcom seems to have forgotten
about (you can't find this fact except in oooooold Capcom official
storyline guides) and thus will probably never resurface.

    Bison still wants to be the best and the strongest.  In his storyline
in SFA3, he tells Ryu that his goal is to be honored as the mightiest
warrior of all time.

    From what I can see, M. Bison DOES NOT LIE when he is taunting you.  He
didn't lie to Cammy in SF2 when he told her that she once worked for him
(Japanese version.  Though I guess you can say they were lovers in the
American version if you're not willing to believe her American ending was a
mistranslation).  Capcom gave a red herring there by making it LOOK like he
lied by having Delta Red basically say "He has to be lying!" but SFA3
proves he was telling the truth.  Sneaky Capcom.  This means you can
believe Bison when he says that Rose and he share the same soul, and that
Cammy is a clone of him (He never refers to Juni and Juli as clones,
because they're not).

    Random Shadowloo Statistics During SFA3 (note that I believe much of
Shadowloo was shut down after SFA3)

    4000 members, 2000 of which are trained martial artists at least at the
same level as Chunli
    50 bases around the world
    150 jet fighters
    200 tanks
    5 subs
    1 satelite

    Shadowlaw was fully formed by thirty years before SFA3.

    The mad scientist seen in M. Bison's SFA2 ending is apparently Senoh,
who also appeared in the Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie.  Capcom probably
took him from that (though like all other animes, the Street Fighter
Animated Movie isn't canon).

    The satellite apparently can give the Psycho Drive long distance
capabilities, as shown in various SFA3 endings.  So far, the location of
only two Shadowlaw bases has been revealed so far.  One is in Brazil, and
one is in Thailand.

    The Psycho drive isn't Bison's source of power.  It's used to channel
in all the negative energy of the world.  M. Bison then uses his shoulder
plates to transfer the energy from the Psycho drive to his body.  This
might be a reason why the doll uniform has shoulder patches, too, but that
aspect of the doll uniform is conjecture.

    The Psycho drive can channel any negative energy or emotions.  But
Bison can get more from fighters.  Bison blows up because his current body
couldn't handle any more Psycho Power.  When the Psycho Drive blows up, all
the energy stored in there gets released.  The released energy goes to
Bison's body, Bison's body can't take it and *BOOM*

    Considering that he managed to get Shadowloo fully developed by thirty
years ago, and thus must have been at least in his high teens to early
twenties then in order to do that, Bison is probably around his late
forties to early fifties.

    For more on Bison and Rose, see Rose's bio and the Miscellaneous
Questions section.  No clue why he's so obsessed with sixteen year old
girls.  Maybe he just wants to find his feminine side again after Rose
split off from his soul and is overcompensating.  Or maybe he's just one
big ol' pedophile.  Who knows?  Should we ask?

    M. Bison is weaker during SF2 (no teleports or flight, etc.
Storylinewise, not gameplaywise) likely because by having his soul whole
again instead of just the evil half, his psycho power isn't anywhere near
as powerful as during SFA3.  Psycho Power relies on negative energy.
Because Bison merged with Rose at the end of SFA3, he's no longer fully
negative since Rose was his soul's good half.  He's also weaker probably
because he doesn't have the Psycho Drive anymore, what with it being blown
up and all.

    There's a chance that Bison has had many bodies throughout history
before his Alpha incarnation, but no official statements.  He hints at
something that could be interpreted as such, however.  If it's true, it
wouldn't have required Psycho Power, which Bison learned to use later.
Bison wants Ryu to give in to Psycho Power because he wants his next body
to have Psycho Power to make it stronger/invincible.  This is why Cammy was
created with Psycho Power control in mind.  Akuma manages to kill him in
SF2 because the Shun Goku Satsu attacks the soul, not the body.

    Bison refers to an ancient one who didn't dare to challenge him in his
SF2 ending.  The only candidate for who that could be that most anyone can
think of is Gill, the final boss of SF3.  However, Capcom doesn't seem like
it planned out SF3's storyline very much at all so most people don't think
they could have planned for Gill and SF3's story in advance as early as
SF2.  My guess would be Akuma, myself, though this has its own set of
holes, too (such as Bison stating it even if you manage to fight and defeat
Akuma with Bison).

   24 - Rainbow Mika (Mika Nanakawa)

Height: 168cm
Weight: 62kg
BWH sizes: B97, W72, H93
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Japan
Special Skill: Eating alot
Likes: Thinking about Zangief wrestling
Dislikes: Younger people without manners
Fighting Style: Wrestling

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Rainbow Mika is ready to make her debut as
a pro wrestler. She thought of the perfect promotion to make her a star....
She would travel the world and fight famous Street Fighters! Mika takes her
first step to becoming "Star of the Ring"!

What She Did During SFA3:  At most, R. Mika finally did get to meet the
great Zangief, and now continues to train as a pro wrestler so that she can
finally meet him again someday.  At worse, erm... nothing.

Where Is She Now:  Either way, R. Mika still trained to be a pro wrestler.
It's been officially stated that she did finally become one.  She probably
to this day still hopes that she'll get to see Zangief again.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    R. Mika's large and in-charge scary female trainer is Yoko Harmegeddon.

    Her age is most likely around 22 to 26 during SFA3.

    Supposedly, female wrestlers in Japan actually wear outfits like
those.  Course, female pro-wrestlers in America aren't much different from
that too, when I think about it...

   25 - Rolento

Height: 180cm
Weight: 91kg
BWH sizes: B122, W86, H90
Blood type: O
Birthplace: America
Special Skill: Making/Setting up traps, Ambushes
Likes: Order, discipline,
Dislikes: Weaklings, idleness, laziness
Fighting Style: Special Force training

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Rolento's goal is to build the most
powerful military nation. He realizes he needs powerful allies to
strengthen his cause. He remembers a man named Cody, a fighter who was once
his enemy. Will Rolento fulfill his idealistic ambitions?

What He Did During SFA3:  He probably spent SFA3 looking for Cody, saw that
Cody was in no way an idealistic man, then looked for Shadowloo's
armaments.  He eventually realized that they weren't conducive to his
goals, and made-up with Sodom.

Where Is He Now:  Probably still working for his idea utopia, along with

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Rolento was a member of the US Army before he snapped, went renegade,
and joined Mad Gear.  There is no canon official confirmation that he ever
attacked or ran into or even knew Guile at all  (Street Fighter EX
storyline doesn't count and is not official).

    There is no official confirmation from Capcom of Japan that his last
name is Schugerg.

    Rolento's henchmen that are with him in SFA3 (in his victory pose) are
from Final Fight, too.  They were generic enemies in that game named El
Gado and several other names that specialized in knives and flaming
torches.  In Rolento's victory poses, they often raise their knives in
celebration.  Rolento's factory stage in Final Fight was filled with the
annoying guys.  El Gado was playable in Final Fight Revenge.  There, he
worked for Rolento, but secretly desired revenge against Rolento because
Rolento apparently killed his family and friends a long time ago (Dunno if
Rolento even realizes this).  In El Gado's ending, he threatens Rolento at
knifepoint, but Rolento quickly stops him with a plea that he can make a
deal with El Gado.  Well, as seen by Cody and Rolento's ending, FFR took
place before SFA3 (probably right around the same time as SFA2, almost), so
apparently El Gado took Rolento up on that deal because he's still working
for Rolento in SFA3 (if you want to take FFR for canon.  Not that it really
matters).  Another one of Rolento's men is Holly Wood (basically an El Gado
pallete swap without the facial hair).

El Gado's (really sparse) bio
Birthplace: Arabia
Fighting Style: Souo-katsuken (Double Scorpian Tail techiniques)

    No, I don't know how to reconcile the timeline fact that Rolento is in
SFA2 AND FF2 despite how those two games took place at roughly the same
time.  Maybe Rolento jumped ship to SFA2 right after FF2 ended and Mad Gear
finally totally went down just in time to be considered a part of SFA2.
Who knows?  There's a reasonable chance that Rolento wasn't in SFA2 at all,
considering his funky ending there...

   26 - Rose

Height: 178cm
Weight: 54kg
BWH sizes: B96, W57, H86
Blood type: Unknown
Birthplace: Italy
Special Skill: Reading Tarot cards
Likes: Sherry wine, bathing
Dislikes: UV rays, Waking up early
Fighting Style: Soul Power

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Rose is a mysterious woman who wields the
mystic "Soul Power". She feels that Doomsday is fast approaching.... She
must seal Bison's power away even at the cost of her life.... What fate
awaits her in the end...?

What She Did During SFA3:  Rose finally hunted down Bison and found him.
However, while she at first had the upper hand, Bison began to turn the
battle and dominated her mind.  His other two plans for a new body (Ryu and
Cammy) failing miserably, Rose gets to be the unlucky one who finally does
get to become Bison's new body.

Where Is She Now:  As hinted by an official artwork of Rose holding Bison's
hat, Rose, with Bison's soul (which is her soul too since they share the
same soul), took over control of Shadowloo and led it until Shadowloo
scientists were finally able to construct a new body for Bison, which his
soul was able to migrate to.  Did Akuma fully destroy both Bison's soul and
Rose's, or was only Bison's half within the body when Akuma destroyed it at
the end of SF2?  Who knows?  Capcom has NOT officially stated that Rose is
dead, yet, so somewhere out there Rose herself could still be around.  Odds
are she might still be heavily corrupted by having Bison's and her soul
finally back in one piece for so long, again...  for more, see the
Miscellaneous Facts and Notes .  It's... really complicated.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Bison taught Rose soul Power.

    What's up with Bison and Rose?  Well...

Bison and Rose share the same soul.  Actually, they ARE the same soul.  The
reason Bison is so 'hes evil' is because Rose is supposed to be the good
side who somewhere along the line split off from him without him realizing
it as he got more and more into the negative energy powers of psycho
power.  Thing is, Bison really was never a very nice guy in the first place
so when Rose came along, she was more morally apathetic than good, but she
still had the whole "Kill Bison!" thing going on.  She didn't realize it
all her life until Alpha when she finally began to hear about and meet
Bison though.  That's also why Bison's older than Rose (Bison is probably
at least 45 years old.  He killed T Hawk's father 30 years before SFA3
Oo).   Basically, if Bison got Psycho Power around then which he probably
did to kill T Hawk's father, Rose would be around 25 to 35 or so which
seems about right.  In Rose's SFA3 ending as well as that Freudian official
art where Bison's holding her, that's actually supposed to represent Bison
finally taking over her mind and merging with her again or something.  Or
at least planting the seeds for it.  Basically, after Charlie finally
killed Bison by blowing up the psycho drives... well, Bison's soul had to
go SOMEWHERE while Shadowloo scientists constructed him a new body for

So, as it turns out, the reason Rose is twirling around Bison's hat in the
official art that came after the official art with Bison dominating her is
because in between that interval between SFA3 and SF2, she really DID get
to be the High Lady of Shadowlaw.  Of course, by then, it could be argued
that that wasn't Rose... or maybe it could be argued that it was because
she and Bison's soul are one and the same.

When Shadowlaw finally got his new body ready, his soul transferred over to
that.  And he got killed by Akuma in SF2.  So the likely scenario now is
that his soul got killed (and thus Rose) too (or Rose's body somehow
mutated into the M. Bison you fight in SF2.  Either way, the Shungokusatsu
targets the soul, though, so...).  There's still a small chance that Rose's
soul remained within Rose's body and is now camatose, as Capcom has not
officially stated that she's dead.

On a side note, one of the reasons why Rose is weaker than Bison and Bison
was able to dominate is again because Bison wasn't even a very nice guy in
the first place.  Psycho Power feeds off negative energy, so by ditching
what little good he had, he was able to become extremely powerful.  The
merging with Rose is another explanation why he was weaker during SF2
because now he was no longer pure evil and psycho power... well, relies on
evil (unlike soul power, though otherwise the two are one and the same).
Bison himself doesn't take Rose seriously because he sees her as so weak
compared to him.  He didn't even care to use her body which was why he
created Cammy to be his back-up body, instead, even though he knew that
Rose was naturally a possible back-up, anyway.  That's also probably why
Rose was so insulted when he sicked Juni and Juli on her, because the whole
doll project mocks Rose that way.  It's basically Bison saying "I know I
could use you as a back-up body, but you suck so much so I'm going to
genetically engineer someone else to be it."  Bison in his pre-fight
dialogue to Rose in SFA3 doesn't take her seriously either.  He basically
says "I have an appointment with someone else.  Go away.  You annoy me."
before saying "Whatever.  Play with these two dolls.  I'm busy." and sends
J&J after her (though canonwise, it might have been some other dolls
besides Juni and Juli.  Juni and Juli substitute for all doll conflicts in
SFA3, I believe.  Which is why all twelve fall down with them in their
intro).  Wouldn't be surprised if she fought Aprile, instead.

Whew... that's... quite a lot, huh?  ^^  As you can see, Bison does possess
Rose finally in her SFA3 ending.

    Rose could be some metaphysical creation from Bison's good energy that
he ditched when he mastered Psycho Power... though that wouldn't explain
how she managed to manifest in a physical form.  It hasn't been confirmed
that she's a metaphysical creation from it so it is probable that some
random poor pregnant girl just got slammed with Bison's good side after he
began dabbling in Psycho power and Rose was born from her.  Note:  This was
NOT similar to sex.  Rose is not Bison's daughter.  At any rate, this is
highly likely since Rose has a birthplace and ethnicity.  Since Bison is
significantly older than Rose, I imagine she came about as Bison began to
master psycho power more and more and his negative energy became so strong
that it booted what was good in him out to who knows where.  Neither Rose
nor Bison knew the other existed until SFA1/SFA2.  The first time they met
(Shortly before SFA2), Rose was obedient towards Bison.  Which is why they
talk about thus in SFA3.

    Rose has become her own personality, now.  In fact, she was born a
different person, as you can see by the fact that she has a birthplace (as
opposed to Cammy, who's birthplace is '???').  She may share the same soul
with Bison, but Bison himself said they are two different lives.  Those of
you who drooled after Rose then were struck silly by finding out that she
and Bison were one and the same may breathe a sigh of relief, now.
Especially since all hints point that Rose was born a female and always was
one.  >:P  She just shares the same soul as Bison.  My guess is that when
Bison's good side got booted out of him, it flew into some nearby pregnant
(or soon to be pregnant) mother then, or something like that.

    Rose looks significantly younger than M. Bison.  This would most likely
be because she was born after Bison began mastering Psycho Power which
caused his soul to split.  Odds are pretty good that Rose is in her late
twenties to early thirties during SFA3.

    According to official statements, Rose was visited by Aprile's brother
to ask about where Aprile was.  The name of Aprile's brother wasn't given
(Aprile herself is Italian).  This is probably what clue'd Rose in on the
dolls of Shadowloo, which is why she knew who they were in her storyline
after she beat them (J&J in the game).

    Technically, because she's the first female side of Bison ever and all,
you could call Rose "The First Doll".

    There is a good amount of circumstantial evidence and speculation that
Rose could be the little girl, Anita, of the Darkstalker series.  However,
the time lines don't completely fit, but Capcom never was very good with
timelines, anyway.  Of course, there also isn't any confirmation that the
Darkstalkers series takes place within the SF universe (I don't think the
stage background cameos in SFA2 really count), unlike other game series
which have glaring evidence such as Final Fight or even Rival Schools.  The
circumstantial evidence that Rose is Anita is very convuluted though and I
don't recall all the details, but it's there.  Anita, if you include the
fact that she and Donovan weren't supposed to be in Darkstalkers 3, would
be semi-close to Rose's estimated age in SFA3 (given the estimated time
that Darkstalkers 2 occurs and judging by Lei Lei and Lin Lin's nonKuang
Shi ages in the two games depending on how you interpret their endings
and... argh, yea, this is convuluted).  She has latent mysterious psychic
powers, and she even has an obsession with her doll (Rose doll connection
and all).  Of course, there's no actual official confirmation that Rose is
Anita whatsoever.  Nor any truly tangible or hard evidence.  I'd be rather
surprised if it were true, myself.

Clarifications:  I heard from multiple sources and people that DarkStalkers
2 takes place in the 80's.  This has NOT been confirmed, but I heard from
enough people and sources for it to be really really plausible and likely,
I feel.  At any rate, if Anita were in Darkstalkers 3, she'd be just a bit
too young to be Rose by the time SFA3 takes place.  However, Anita is not
supposed to be in Darkstalkers 3 (Donovan, whom Anita is with, isn't in
Darkstalkers 3.  He's in Chronicles, but Chronicles is supposed to be a
combination of all the DS games, I thought).  Darkstalkers 2, on the other
hand, when you take a look at Lei Lei and Lin Lin's real life counterparts,
were born as babies right at the end of Darkstalkers 2, and by Darkstalkers
3 (which takes place in 1990 according to Jedah's birth timeline or
something like that), they are (official part of the storyline) sixteen
years old.  This would make the timeline nearly perfect for Anita to be
Rose's age by Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Darkstalkers takes place mostly in an alternate Dimension called Makai and
Majiden (Majiden is a third alternate dimension that Jedah created).
However, the real world dimension does exist, as shown by several endings
(Anakaris grabs a human from the real world to be one of his chosen
subjects in the demon dimension, and Lei Lei and Lin Lin have alternate
reincarnated selves that live in the real world, etc).

Bison and Rose couldn't be parts of Donovan's soul because the timeline for
the much older Bison just doesn't fit.

..whew.  If some of this doesn't fit in exactly, sorry about that.  I'm
not a Darkstalkers storyline guru by any means^^

   27 - Ryu

Birthday: 1964 July 21
Height: 175cm
Weight: 68kg
BWH sizes: B110, W81, H85
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Japan
Special Skill: Can sleep anywhere, Hitch hiking
Likes: Youkan
Dislikes: Spiders
Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Ryu is a man following the path to become
a true martial artist. What is the meaning of the "evil intent" building
within him? He continues his journey to find the answers, and new

What He Did During SFA3:  Wavering between giving into the Satsu no Hadou
or not, Ryu finally fell into Bison's hands for a bit and was brainwashed
with Psycho Power.  Thanks to the combined efforts of his friend and rival,
Ken, admirer Sakura, and rival Sagat, he was contained and he eventually
overcame his brainwashing to smack Bison.  Ryu has realized that giving in
to the want to just win is not the way, and gives up the Satsu no Hadou,
eagerly looking forward to his future matches just to test his skills and
for the excitement of the fight.

Where Is He Now:  Still always looking for new challenges.  Ryu is always
training and improving himself.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Official statement by Capcom now regarding SF1:  Ryu didn't beat Sagat
fairly.  Sagat actually had a BIG upper hand. When Ryu was about to faint,
Satsui no Hado awakened.  Sagat was actually giving his hand out to help
Ryu up because he was confident he already won. Sagat was caught off guard
with Satsui no Ryu's Metsu Shoryuken.  This is also shown in Evil Ryu's
SFA3 ending.  Evil Ryu recalls when he nailed Sagat with the Metsu
Shoryuken as he comments about how invincible he is.

    For more info on Ryu's master, Gouken, see Akuma's bio.

    For a hefty chunk more info on Ryu's character and his dealing with
Satsu no Hadou, see Evil Ryu's bio.

    Ryu dislikes spiders because one night while hiking, he took up camp
and went to sleep, and the next day woke up with a spider in his mouth  Oo
This happens to campers often, I hear.

    Ryu's full name is NOT Ryu Hoshii.  That's from the Street Fighter Live
Action Movie.  Um... EW.

    For a little look at Ryu's nonexistant relationship with Chunli, see
Chunli's bio.

   28 - Sagat

Birthday: 1955 July 2
Height: 226cm
Weight: 109kg
BWH sizes: B140, W87, H95
Blood type: B
Birthplace: Thailand
Special Skill: Diving under water(able to stay for over 20min)
Likes: Strong opponents
Dislikes: People who do small things
Fighting Style: Muei Thai

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Sagat is known as the "Emperor of Muay
Thai". The scar upon his chest serves as a reminder of his defeat... ...to
Ryu and his Shoryuken! He fights for vengeance alone.... But, he's begun to
realize that the power of hatred is limited.

What He Did During SFA3:  At the end of SFA2/Pre-SFA3/beginning of SFA3,
Sagat found Dan, saw the hate in Dan's eyes, and realized that vengeance
and rage isn't right.  He lets Dan avenge Go Hibiki by purposefully losing
to Dan, then he goes back to Shadowloo and finds to his horror that Bison
has brainwashed Ryu with psycho power and rage.  Sagat fought Ryu while Ken
and Sakura, who also arrived at the scene, fought Bison.  Winning against
Psycho Ryu, Ryu then gets up, overcomes his brainwashing, and hits Bison
who has to retreat.  Ryu tells Sagat that he still needs to train before
they can have their final match, seeing as to how Ryu wasn't strong enough
to resist Bison, and asks Sagat to wait for him.  Sagat sees Ryu leave and
is filled with excitement and waits for the next match.

Where Is He Now:  He participated in the SF2 tournament, hoping to finally
have his match with Ryu, but he didn't get it.  Sagat still eagerly awaits
for when he and Ryu can finally test their skills against each other and
see who is better.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    He became the Muay Thai god when he defeated the previous god, Nuah
Kahn.  When he did that, he was only a teen.  Sagat was never a Street
Fighter champion.  Just the Muei Thai God.  He hosted the first SF1
tournament, though. (in general, it's the host of the tournament that's the
final boss battle in Street Fighter games, not the champion.  There can't
be a champion if the tournament didn't happen yet, after all).

    Although, he lost to Adon when he unstable, the move "Tiger Genocide"
actually damaged Adon enough that Adon had to go to the hospital for four
months.  Sagat himself no longer really minds that he lost to Adon, because
he realizes he was filled with rage at the time and after SFA3, he has
matured considerably beyond hating someone just because he lost to him.

    Sagat has gradually been twisted over time by Capcom to be more of an
goodguy honorable fighter than the badguy "MUST GET REVENGE ON RYU!"
fighter that he used to be.  A good example of this is how Capcom went back
and twisted established canon and how officially, he now wasn't a member of
the evil organization Shadowloo in SF2.

    From Clay:  Sagat was temporarily a member of Shadoloo. He was
approached by M. Bison and did join. I think that Sagat also wanted to use
Shadoloo’s resources to help him track down Ryu for his rematch. However,
after Sagat came to terms with his defeat and regained his ideals (also a
true warrior’s spirit), he decided to separate himself from M. Bison. He is
an honorable man and their isn’t any room for honor within Shadoloo. Sagat
realized that he didn’t fit in with M. Bison’s evil intentions and that he
was being used by M. Bison.

    Note: Sagat’s initial joining of Shadoloo illustrates just how lost he
actually was (as mentioned in the previous statement). Sagat was so blinded
by hatred and his desire for revenge that he allowed himself to join an
international crime syndicate. Sagat was very vulnerable and beat-able (as
Adon proves) during this time. This shows all of the character flaws and
personal weaknesses that Sagat eventually overcame in his SFA2 ending and
SFA3 storyline.

    To resummarize:  Capcom of Japan has officially stated that Sagat is no
longer a lord of Shadowloo in SF2. If you play Super Street Fighter 2
Turbo, there are no references whatsoever there of him being a member of
Shadowloo. The official storyline now is that he joined after SFA2, then
quit Shadowloo FOR GOOD after he realized there was no honor in being a
member, most likely when he saw what Bison did to Ryu in SFA3, therefore he
is not a member of Shadowloo for SF2 (Bear in mind that Super Street
Fighter 2 Turbo overrides all previous SF2 storyline with its latest
storylines and outcomes. All other SF2 versions before it never happened
now, according to canon).

    For how Sagat lost to Ryu in SF1, see Ryu's bio.  This is why Sagat was
filled with so much hate for Ryu.  It was a cheap shot.  Sagat overcame
this hatred and beat Ryu in SFA3, but that's because Ryu was brainwashed.
Neither Sagat nor Ryu have a clean win over each other, yet.

    Go Hibiki challenged Sagat because Go was a Muey Thai fighter and Sagat
was the Emperor of Muey Thai.  Go gouged out Sagat's eye during the battle
then Sagat killed him in a fit of rage.  This is why Sagat wears the
eye-patch.  And this happened before SF1, since Sagat has the eye patch
there.  And since Dan was Gouken's student before Ryu and Ken were.

    Sagat's full name is NOT Victor Sagat.  That's from the Street Fighter
Live Action Movie.  Um... EW.

    For more info on Sagat and Adon, see Adon's bio.

   29 - Sakura Kasugano

Height: 158cm
Weight: 42kg
BWH sizes: B80, W60, H84
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Japan
Special Skill: Speaking english, cooking
Likes: Gym class(track & field), white rice
Dislikes: Math, playing videogames with her brother
Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Sakura is a young girl who is fascinated
by street fighting. "What is a street fighter?". She asked herself one day.
"I want to see him, and fight him again! I want his answer!". She sets off
on a journey of new meetings and old reunions.

What She Did During SFA3:  Sakura sought out Ryu and finally found him...
while he was under Bison's control!  With Ken, she defended Bison from
getting to brainwashed Psycho Ryu as Sagat fought off Psycho Ryu.  After
that, Ryu apologized for losing to Bison's mind control, and both Sakura
and him say they'll train harder and eagerly look forward to the day they
can have a real match.  There's also a high chance that she got to see the
friend of her not so-sensei sensei Dan, Blanka.

Where Is She Now:  After SFA3, Sakura continued training to make herself
even better.  However, nothing has been stated beyond that.  Did she
finally decide to live a normal life, which Capcom hinted they might be
thinking for her in some noncanon VS games, or is she still training now?
She didn't participate in any of the future Street Fighter tournaments.
Who knows?

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Sakura's not-so-violent schoolmate friend seen in SFA2 is Kei Chitose.
Kei is... very disturbed by Sakura's tendency to beat up other students.
I'd be, too, if I were in her shoes Oo  ....hey, stop wishing you were in
Kei's shoes, Sakura fanboys!

    Her brothers name is Tsukushi Kasugano.
    Sakura's High School is Tamagawa Minami Koukou (Minami High, for short,
I believe).

    Sakura participated in fighting against Justice High during Rival
Schools.  She is close friends with Natsu of Gorin and Hinata of Taiyo.
She did not fight in Rival Schools 2 for some reason...

    For a little bit of info on why there is a Dark Sakura in the VS games,
see Ken's bio.  Note that in canon actual SF universe, during SFA3, it's
just a weeee bit too early for Sakura to be getting into the Satsu no Hadou
just yet.

    For a little bit about Sakura's relationship with Dan, see Dan's bio.

    A bunch of Shadowloo henchmen were sent to retrieve her as well but
Sakura fought them off. Most likely she was planned to be a doll as well.
Had Shadowloo succeeded, maybe the doll known as Satsuki would have been
Sakura instead of the current girl who's the doll of May during SFA3,
perhaps?  Satsuki and Sakura do sound similar to each other when
pronounced, and Juli shows that the month names the dolls get isn't exactly
the same as their real names.  Oh yea, this is also an indication of
Sakura's age (16 during SFA3.  All dolls are 16 years old), though I
believe there was an official statement that she was 14 during SFA2, also
(SFA3 takes place 2 years after SFA2 for the most part).

    Capcom has indicated in several VS games that Sakura had to have given
up fighting (Marvel Super Heros vs Street Fighter and her ending in Capcom
vs SNK 2 talked about how she might not be able to keep up a training
program and do well in college at the same time), but obviously VS games
aren't canon.  Still, Sakura hasn't entered any future Street Fighter
tournaments ever nor did she even fight in Rival Schools 2... though I
imagine that if Capcom flat out stated that Sakura gave up fighting, Sakura
fans would EAT them or something.

   30 - Sodom

Height: 208cm
Weight: 108kg
BWH sizes: B148, W98, H103
Blood type: A
Birthplace: America
Special Skill: Water performances, driving big trucks
Likes: Collecting japanese items
Dislikes: Guy
Fighting Style: Self taught martial arts

SFA3 Description and Situation:  The Kabuki Fighter, Sodom, seeks to
achieve true "Japanism". How will he reach a higher level of cultural
worship? He now wanders the world, in search of his "brothers".

What He Did During SFA3:  Most likely, he tried to stop Rolento, seeing as
to how Rolento seemingly only wanted power and forgot about their true
ideals, but upon seeing that Rolento realized the wrong of brainwashing a
populace into submission via the psycho drive, saw that Rolento still held
onto those ideals, after all.

Where Is He Now:  Probably still with Rolento working for the perfect
utopia.  As well as still trying to be Japanese ^_~

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    In the censored versions of FF1, Sodom's name was changed to Katana
because Sodom is a mean mean icky word that will corrupt the nation's

    Sodom is very envious of Guy because Guy is Japanese, and also because
Guy defeated Sodom in the ring during Final Fight.  Sodom himself is a
Caucasian who wishes he was Japanese.  ^_~

    Sodom was a member of Mad Gear, but you probably already know that.

    Sodom tried to start a new Mad Gear and E. Honda was one of the people
he tried to recruit for it, as stated in E. Honda's bio.

   31 - T. Hawk (Thunder Hawk)

Birthday: 1959 July 21
Height: 230cm
Weight: 162kg
BWH sizes: B114, W98, H112
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Mexico
Likes: Hair accessories, animals
Dislikes: Lies
Fighting Style: Thunder Foot martial arts

SFA3 Description and Situation:  T.Hawk is the greatest warrior of the
proud Thunderfoot tribe. Recently, many villagers have disappeared
mysteriously. Sensing something ominous, Hawk leaves the village....

What He Did During SFA3:  He looked for Shadowloo to try to stop them from
kidnapping his tribe members.  One of these members was the doll,
Noembelu.  It is unconfirmed whether or not he actually found Noembelu,

Where Is He Now:  After SFA3, Bison eventually came back and used Shadowloo
to boot all of T. Hawk's tribe off their homelands, just because he could.
T. Hawk participated in SF2 hoping to bring down Bison once and for all.
Eventually Akuma killed Bison and Shadowloo collapsed and now T. Hawk seeks
to rebuild his homeland.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Thunder Hawk is a member of the Thunderfoot tribe, as you can see from
his SFA3 description.

    Thunder Hawk's father was Arroio Hawk, who was killed thirty years ago
by M. Bison.

    T. Hawk's relationship to the doll, Noembelu, is unknown, besides that
she's a member of his tribe.  Because T. Hawk's father was killed by Bison
30 years ago, sixteen year old Noembelu can't be his sister.  She's too
young to be his girlfriend.  Odds are quite good that Noembelu was simply a
member of his tribe.  Being a member of his tribe would be more than enough
to explain his quote that she had sacred blood running through her veins in
T. Hawk's ending, and also, T. Hawk's dialogue with Noembelu in SFA3
(remember, for T. Hawk, you should switch out Juli for Noembelu) doesn't
indicate anything beyond her being a member of his tribe.  It's really
rather passive dialogue.

   32 - Vega (Balrog in Japan)

Birthday: 1967 July 27
Height: 186cm
Weight: 72kg
BWH sizes: B121, W73, H83
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Spain
Special Skill: Climbing walls, being vain
Likes: Beautiful things, himself
Dislikes: ugly things, getting the blood of his opponent on himself
Fighting Style: Arranged Ninjitsu

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Vega is a masked noble with blood red eyes
of insanity. By order of M.Bison, the leader of the Shadaloo organization,
he must find a girl named Cammy, and report on her experiences.

What He Did During SFA3:  He most likely ran into Rose while searching for
Cammy, where he couldn't understand why someone so beautiful would just go
to Bison and thus go to their death.  Vega finally found Cammy, but she
either defeated him or he threw the match.  Vega was disgusted when he
learned from Bison why Bison wanted to kill her.  While Vega didn't betray
Shadowloo directly, he did end up finding Cammy unconscious in the Psycho
Drive room.  Realizing the potential for a beautiful opponent like Cammy as
well as mad at Bison for wanting to kill Cammy just because she had a mind
of her own, he rescues her from there and brought her to Delta Red, where
she could start a new life and his beautiful rival would live on.

Where Is He Now:  Vega participated in the SF2 tournament, most likely
officially because Bison ordered him to, but within his heart probably
because he wanted to see Cammy again.  He most likely did see her there and
realized that she's still doing just fine.  Odds are very good that after
the downfall of Shadowloo, Vega went back to his old 'noble by day,
murderor by night' routine, and most likely he still thinks about his
beautiful rival Cammy from time to time.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Vega was born in a noble Spanish family.  His mother is also from a
noble family but they went under (everyone in this family was beautiful).
The tattoo on his body represents his mother’s side of the family.
Anyways, an ugly nobleman picked her up.  Despite his ugliness, he was
loaded so she married him and had Vega.  Since Bull Fighting's a common
tradition in some Spanish families, Vega began to develop a taste for it
and became a skillful matador.  However, he decided to take a twist in his
hobbies and went to Japan in order to learn Ninjitsu, a style that went
perfectly with his agility and speed.  He took part in many street fights
and soon became one of Spain's best cage fighters.  Angry that his wife
lacked respect for him, Vega's father killed Vega's mom in secret.  This is
what made Vega snap and turned him into a psychotic killer.  In the public,
he was just an honorable nobleman.  At night he went around killing ugly
street beggars for fun.  This is what made M.Bison like him and recruits
him into Shadowloo.  Contrary to popular belief, his full name is NOT Vega
Fabio de Cerna.

    Vega doesn't tell just anyone that he's a member of Shadowloo.  He
denies it to Zangief in SFA3, and only lets Rose on because he knows that
Rose won't bother telling anyone else and will go to die at Bison's hand,
anyway.  Honorable noble by day, sadistic killer by night, after all.

    Poor Vega.  I can see why a lover of beauty like him would be so
frustrated within Shadowloo.  Balrog and Bison aren't exactly the most
handsome guys around.  No wonder why he took such an interest in dolls
(particularly Cammy, who canonwise is supposed to be the prettiest of them
all, too.  Genetically cloned for perfection will do that, ya know?  Even
an ugly guy like Bison appreciates some aesthetics :P).  For more info on
Vega and the dolls, see Juli and Juni's bio and Cammy's bio.  Another
interesting thing to note is that Vega is an assassin of Shadowloo, too,
which probably put him into direct competition with the dolls for who was
the best assassin within Shadowloo.  This is another reason why he probably
knows Cammy so much (and probably the rest of the dolls, too, though
officially, Cammy's supposed to be the most beautiful).

    Vega and Cammy is one of the cooler pair-ups, I feel. It'd probably
remain love-hate all the way, but I always liked those types of
relationships, myself. Basically, one of the better ways to describe his
feelings for Cammy is 'really @#$@#ed up love for her'. This may or may not
translate to romance, which is cool IMHO because it makes the
relationship's future prospects suspenseful and filled with potential for
exploration. Cammy of course doesn't like Vega much at all, though. I doubt
Vega would ever be willing to tell her her history, either... which would
actually probably be for the best for both of them.

    For a bit more about Vega and Cammy, see Cammy's bio.

    A well-liked rumour is that Geki, the claw-wielding ninja of SF1, was
the one who taught Vega ninjitsu.  It seems rather plausible (but not too
much since Vega and Geki have significantly different moves), but so far
there is nothing to prove it.  It is however true that it was a ninja that
taught him.

    Vega's original design used to be an English knight with a sword.  Some
concept art of him in that fashion might still be around on the net
somewhere... I know I've seen some, before, but I forget where.  I believe
that the Vega we have now though is much better than the sword one.

    A Balrog is an ugly demon, by the way.  The main reason I go by
American names for the Shadowloo lords is because Vega having an oxymoronic
name like that just seems too... ick to me.  That and the fact that Capcom
of America will probably never change them back anyway lest Mike Tyson sue
them.  Vega's a Spanish name, anyway.

    His full name is NOT Vega Fabio de Cerna.

    Extra 3 - Yun

Yun doesn't have a bio.  Most SF3 characters don't for some reason.  Capcom
sure got lazy, there.  It's known that Yun's Chinese, though you probably
already know that.

SFA3 Description and Situation:  None right now.  Even if there is one when
SFA3 Advance comes out, it probably won't be canon but I'll put it here,
anyway (with the disclaimer that it almost definately isn't canon).

What He Did During SFA3:  Yun was a weeeee lil' eight to ten year old
during SFA3!!!  Isn't he cute?

Where Is He Now:  In SF3, Yun and his brother Yang are the heros and
guardians of their home village and such.  Mostly living a normal happy
life, though, I imagine.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Yun is here just so people won't bug me with questions about him,
later, after SFA3 Advance comes out (unless it becomes confirmed that SFA3
Advance is canon, though that's doubtful and probably won't happen).
Officially, even though he exists within the SF universe (SF3 in this case,
obviously), he is not a part of the SFA3 story, though he's a bonus added
character to SFA3 Advance.  SFA3 Advance was ported by a different company
other than Capcom (Crawfish), so...

    Yun is a character from SF3.  Canonwise, he'd only be 8 years old (11
years, tops) during SFA3.  If SFA3 Advance is made canon, it'd probably
have to explain Yun's storyline by Yun dreaming about 'what if he were
alive during SFA3 to fight great warriors of history in the past' or
something like that.

    Yun and Yang's girlfriends are Hoimei and Shaomei.  I don't know which
girl is paired up with which guy, though.  Neither of the two girls enjoy
Yun and Yang fighting each other.  Yang likes Hoimei, Hoimei likes Yun, and
Yun seems to just want to get away from it all.  And I think Shaomei likes

    For more miscellaneous facts on Yun (and his brother Yang), see Gen's

    I don't think I really need to point out that Yun and Yang were
probably inspired by anime characters Duo and Trowa.

   33 - Zangief

Birthday: 1956 June 1
Height: 214cm
Weight: 121kg
BWH sizes: B172, W133, H154
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Russia
Special Skill: Drinking Vodka, enduring the cold
Likes: Wrestling, Kosacs dance
Dislikes: projectiles, young beautiful women
Fighting Style: Wrestling

SFA3 Description and Situation:  Known as the "Red Cyclone", he is the
Russian hero, Zangief. He targets the secret organization "Shadaloo".... A
power that threatens the security of his country.

What He Did During SFA3:  He most likely just... opposed Shadowloo.
Nothing really big though, I imagine.

Where Is He Now:  Zangief is still a Russian hero.  And wrestling bears as
always.  Dunno if he still works for the government though.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Zangief wrestles bears for sport.  That's how he got all the scars on
his body.

    Zangief and Mike Haggar (of Final Fight and SlamMasters and lots of
other games.  Pro Wrestler who went on to become mayor of Metro City) are
rivals, though they have yet to meet in person.

Haggar's bio, if you want it.
Height: 202cm
Weight: 140kg
Birthplace: America
Likes: Curry Rice, Hamburgers
Dislikes: Crime
Fighting Style: Wrestling

    Haggar and Zangief purposefully copy moves from each other all the
time, which infuriates the other :P  Zangief stole Haggar's spinning
clothesline and Haggar stole his spinning pile driver in return.  Zangief
was inspired to learn the spinning piledriver one day when he got caught in
a cyclone while piledriving a bear.

    He has one scar on his back which he got when he protected Gorbachev
(President of Russia) in his ending.

    Zangief does lots of muscle man posturing in his win quotes, but it's
just that.  Posturing.  He really isn't a big dumb oaf, unlike what a
certain live action movie portrays him as.  Just because someone is a tank
doesn't mean they're stupid.

    Regarding a certain Zangief dislike:  I have no comment.

    ....well, okay.  Got the official confirmation.  Yes.  Zangief IS gay.
Makes me look at his SF2 ending at... quite a new light, now.  "You dance
very well, Mr. Ex-President."


VI.  Miscellaneous Questions

When did SFA3 happen compared to SF2?  I thought that SFA3 was a different
way of retelling how SF2 happened.

    Alpha 3 takes place 3 years before Street Fighter 2.  Look at Cammy's
age.  She's 16 in SFA3 and 19 in SF2.  And why would SFA3 be a different
way of telling how SF2 happened?  Sure, I can see the parallels, but Capcom
already refined the SF2 storyline like FIVE times (Street Fighter 2, Street
Fighter Championship Edition, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Street Fighter
2, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo).  If they really wanted to retell the
storyline of Street Fighter 2, they'd re-release yet another rehash of
Street Fighter 2 instead of using an Alpha game to retell it.

    Anyway, here's the time line.

    Slam masters/Muscle Bomber (Haggar was a wrestler)
    Slam Masters 2: Ring of Destruction (Haggar still a wrestler)
    Street Fighter/Final Fight (1987: Haggar is now the Mayor.)
    Final Fight 2/Street Fighter Alpha 1&2 (1988: Guy wasn't in FF2 because
he was training and chasing down Bison.)
    Rival Schools (possibly.  Hard to figure out exactly where this fits,
but this seems most likely due to Sakura being Highschool age)
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1990)
    Rival Schools 2 (This could take place shortly before, during, or
shortly after SFA3.  Doesn't matter either way since there aren't any
characters/events related to other Street Fighter games here)
    Final Fight 3
    Street Fighter 2 series (1993)
    Street Fighter 3 New Generation and SF3 Second Impact (1998.  Second
Impact replaces new generation)
    Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (also probably 1998.  A little look at
most storylines and deductive reasoning should show you that this takes
place after the Street Fighter 3 tournament)

    Why does Final Fight 1's intro state it took place sometime during the
90's?  That's Capcom retroactively changing canon again.  It should be
obvious by the various Final Fight characters' storylines in SFA2 that SFA2
took place after FF1, though.  Also, note that Capcom probably did
eventually account for the collapse of the USSR, after all, because Zangief
calls Gorbachev in later versions of his SF2 ending "Mr. Ex-President"
instead of "Mr. President".  More proof that the dates fit in like this is
that Cammy was born in 1974, and she's 16 during SFA3 (All the dolls are

Any other games/series/movies/anime that are canon within the Street
Fighter universe?

    Final Fight Revenge might be.  It was made by Capcom of USA and not
Capcom of Japan, though, but so far, unlike all the other games, Capcom of
Japan has yet to declare that it isn't canon, and until they do, it's kinda
a grey area... does Capcom of USA count as Capcom if Capcom of Japan
doesn't oppose?  At any rate, if canon, probably crams in with SFA2 and FF2
somewhere there (possibly at the same time, as Rolento's ending is the same
as his SFA2 ending, or possibly a bit earlier, as Guy fearing being
corrupted at the end of FFR would make him seek out training in Bushin more
like he does in SFA2).  There are some possible time holes there, but
there's really messy time book keeping with Rolento being in both FF2 and
SFA2, anyway.  Notably absent from this timeline are any crossover VS
games, Pocket and Puzzle Fighter (those are just goof-off for fun games),
and Cannon Spike (made by a different company, too), which aren't canon.
Ditto with the craptacular NES game Street Fighter 2088.  Um... EW (That
game was not called Street Fighter 2088 in Japan).  Also absent is Street
Fighter EX, which currently has no place within the SF universe, either.
That game was made by a different company than Capcom (Arika), and Capcom
has stated as thus.  There has yet to be an officially endorsed manga or
anime storyline for Street Fighter, also, so you can't take any of those
for canon (This includes the SFA anime, the SF2 animated movie, even though
that officially was what inspired the SFA series, Sakura Ganbaru, even
though that officially inspired quite a few things in SFA3, the oh so
wonderful perfection piece of art known as the SF2 Live Action Movie,
etc).  Please let me repeat.  THERE ARE NO OFFICIAL ANIMES OR GRAPHIC
CANON!!!!!  The only officially endorsed storyline info for Street Fighter
is from books that got their information directly from Capcom.  All About
Capcom is the most well-known and biggest of these.  Note that official
strategy guides generally don't get their storyline info directly from the
company (their purpose is game strategies, not game storylines) so they
don't really count, either.

    Also note that as of currently, the game SFA3 Advance doesn't count as
canon.  It's being ported over to the Game Boy Advance by a company other
than Capcom (Crawfish), so anything there doesn't belong as part of the
official storyline unless Capcom says so.  Like how the same thing goes for
the Street Fighter EX series (made by Arika).  It's basically the same
thing as the Street Fighter Anime Movie or the Street Fighter Live Action
Movie (Ewww....).  Capcom handed over the trademark to another company but
anything that other company does doesn't count as canon.

    There is currently no official statements or even hints whatsoever that
the Darkstalker series takes or doesn't take place within the SF universe
(Easter egg cameos in character backgrounds of SFA2 don't really count).
Timewise, Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior 2 takes place in the 1980's, and
Darkstalkers 3 takes place in the 1990's or so (when you analyze various
statements and put two and two together... multiple times).  There is
nothing to really connect it to the Street Fighter storyline at all, anyway
(with the possible exception of Rose being Anita, but there's absolutely no
hard evidence regarding that whatsoever.  See Rose's bio for a bit more

Why is Alpha not a Tournament while all other Street Fighters were?

    It's because it's Street Fighter ALPHA, not Street Fighter.  Note that
while it takes place within the Street Fighter universe, just as Final
Fight does (Hugo and Poison in Street Fighter 3, Haggar being Zangief's
official rival), it is in fact a separate game series from Street Fighter.
That's why it's Street Fighter Alpha 1, 2, and 3.  Not Street Fighter
Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha Champion Edition, and Street Fighter Alpha
Turbo.  Street Fighter Alpha series isn't bound by the rules of having to
be a tournament like Street Fighter series is.  It still takes place within
the Street Fighter universe, however.

Why doesn't Ryu have his red ribbon even though Ken gave him it at the end
of SFA2?

    Capcom was too lazy to change his sprite.  Hey, they've been using the
same sprite of Morrigan for almost a decade now.  Change Ryu's sprite even
if all they had to change was just a head band?  Nah!

What about Rose's Psychic Society?

    Rose in SFA2 tells Bison that 'they' sent her to kill him.  This is
actually a mistranslation.  In the Japanese version of SFA2, Rose never
says 'they' and actually went after Bison by herself.

Clones!?  Alternate female bodies!?  All This Stupid Stuff is too

    Your point?  That's supposed to prove that SFA3 couldn't possibly have
happened, how?  Hey, if you don't like it, I'm sure Capcom of Japan has an
e-mail posted somewhere on their website that you can rant to them about.
Ranting about it to a lil' FAQ maintainer who mostly just transcribed stuff
from a discussion thread ain't gonna do much.  ^_^  Sadly, just because
it's crap, contrived, pulled out of the ass out of nowhere, just plain
STUPID, and whatever you'd like to call it, etc, doesn't mean that it isn't

    Grumpy Tiamat version of the answer to this question:  Just because
it's insane or really bad or whatever does not mean it's not the official
canon. Just because Capcom was smoking some heavy crack when they came up
with it does NOT mean that it is NOT official canon. You can accept it or
you can stay in your wonderful magical fairy world of denial where what the
official company that makes the official storyline for the official game is
somehow MAGICALLY NOT official.

Quit giving me this crap about 'official' statements regarding SFA3's
endings!  I want PROOF.

    Well, okay.  Here, I shall attempt to prove that each of the endings
that I stated happened in this FAQ actually happened.  If you don't accept
this proof, fine, whatever.  I can only go so far without the official
statements (Bleh, darn Capcom).

    Ryu's Ending (and Sagat's and Sakura's, too)

    He's Ryu.  Do I really need to say more?  ^^  How could Capcom NOT let
their main character's storyline not happen?  Well, okay, whatever.  There
really isn't any proof that this one happened besides official statements.
Which is fine with me.  Since until Capcom actually gets off its lazy arse
and progresses Ryu's storyline instead of making him wander off into that
friggin' sunset all the time, it currently really doesn't change the
overall storyline much whether it happened or not, anyway.  So if you don't
want to believe this happened and won't take my word for the official
statements, I definately ain't stopping you here.  As for Sagat not being a
lord of Shadowloo in SF2 because he quit during SFA3... well, again, there
is nothing to indicate he's a member of Shadowloo in the latest version of
SF2 (SSFT2).

    Rose's ending

    Rose is alive at the beginning of SFA3.  This right here means proves
that her SFA1 ending where she died never happened, since SFA3 takes place
after SFA1 (never mind the fact that SFA2 replaces SFA1 in terms of
storyline anyway.  Note that all grudges and beginning situations in SFA2
are the same as SFA1) and Rose is obviously alive during SFA3.  Rose has
devoted her life to going after Bison.  She is not going after Bison in
SF2.  This can only mean that she must be dead or so before SF2, because
Rose would never pass up a chance like that to go after Bison if she could
help it.  The ONLY ending where Rose 'dies' in SFA3 is her own ending.
This leaves no other alternate way for her to have died.  Thus Rose's
ending must have happened and until Capcom goes back and change their
already established canon (which they probably won't, since SFA3 was
declared to be the last Alpha game), then it shall remain that way.

    Cammy's and Juli's Ending

    Again, no proof besides official statements.  And again, it doesn't
change the overall storyline anyway.  However, there's the fact that
Cammy's ending is further emphasized by Juli's, as well as seems to go hand
in hand with Vega's ending, and Vega's ending has it's proof that it
happened below, so even ignoring official statements, the chances of Cammy
not saving the dolls is very VEEEERY slim.  The only ending which
contradicts as such is Juni's.  Now thinking about it, the chances of
Capcom letting one doll's ending contradict the main doll's (Cammy's) and
taking precedent over it by itself is pretty slim, nevermind the fact that
Juli's ending supports Cammy's ending, too.  Juni's ending, if interpreted
as her and Juli dying in the end, is a good what-if tragic look at if Cammy
wasn't there to save the poor dolls, though.  Of course, Cammy WAS there,
luckily for the other dolls.

    Vega's Ending

    Cammy, with amnesia, was found by Delta Red in SF2 three years ago and
in SF2, fights to find out about her past until Bison finally does tell her
it.  SFA3 took place three years ago.  SOMEHOW, Cammy had to have been
rescued from Shadowloo during SFA3.  There are only two endings where she's
'rescued' in SFA3 (note that in both her ending and Juli's ending, Cammy
stays behind while transporting the rest of the dolls away).  And that is
Vega's ending and Chunli's ending.  Both of which are very different.
Ignoring the fact that everything Cammy does supports that Vega's ending
happened and that Cammy's ending contradicts Chunli's, there's also the
fact that if Chunli knew that Cammy worked for Shadowloo, don't you think
she would have TOLD Cammy during Street Fighter 2 instead of let poor Cammy
enter that entire tournament just to find out, herself?  Or told her unit,
Delta Red?  Delta Red didn't believe Bison's remark that Cammy worked for
him (or was his lover.  The Japanese version supposedly has Bison just
telling Cammy in SF2 that she worked and killed for him, not that they were
lovers) so obviously they didn't know the truth and Chunli, if she was the
one that rescued Cammy in SFA3, would definately at least have told them
about it if she felt that she couldn't tell Cammy about it because it would
have been too traumatizing.  Thus Chunli's ending couldn't have happened.
Thus this leaves only one ending left where someone rescued Cammy and that
is Vega's ending.  Thus Vega's ending had to have happened.  Again, note
however that Vega did not fight Bison.  Otherwise, he wouldn't have been a
Shadowloo lord during SF2.  The official statement is that Vega is the one
that put her on Delta Red's footsteps.  The proof besides that that he did
doesn't really exist, but it is very plausible.  In Vega's ending, he is
shown that he WANTS Cammy to be his opponent.  He talks of a beautiful
opponent for him then comments that Cammy has many possibilities.  So what
better way to prepare his beautiful opponent by putting her on the doorstep
of something which opposes Shadowloo, ringing the doorbell, then running
off before he can be seen? Guess that doorstep he ended up deciding on was
the British Government.  Why?  Maybe he picked a lottery out of a hat or
something to figure out where to deliver Cammy.  Who knows.  Does it really
matter?  Whatever.

    Guile's Ending as well as proof that Bison's old Street Fighter Alpha
body died in SFA3

    Charlie is alive at the beginning of SFA3.  This proves that his ending
in SFA2 where he dies couldn't have happened, because SFA3 takes place
after SFA2.  Charlie is dead in SF2 and Guile wants revenge for him dying.
There is only one ending in SFA3 where Charlie dies and that is Guile's.
Thus Guile's ending in SFA3 is proven to have happened (until Capcom
changes established canon, otherwise, which they probably won't, since they
declared SFA3 to be the last Alpha game).  In Charlie's ending, he blows up
the psycho drive.  Thus there's proof that the psycho drive is destroyed.
Charlie's ending is the most sure way that Bison died, because he wouldn't
have blown up the psycho drive if Bison weren't there for him to grab.
Bison might have survived Ryu's attacks or Rose's attacks, but I don't
think his body could survive the psycho drive blowing up with him right
next to it.  Thus there's the proof that Bison's body died during SFA3 and
he had to get a new one.  Which he did prepare.  During Rose's ending.
Which has already had its proof above.

Shadowloo, Shadaloo, or Shadowlaw?

    Well, Shadowlaw would have made the most sense... as it is, though,
there really isn't much way it could be translated to be Shadowlaw.  There
are multiple ways to translate it, and Shadowloo and Shadaloo seem to be
the most popular.  I use Shadowloo within this FAQ, though I believe that
Capcom of USA referrs to it as Shadaloo, so you might want to call it
that.  I'm not sure, though.

Who destroyed the Psycho Drive?

    There are many endings in which the Psycho Drive is destroyed, but the
only one that's really big and climactic enough to take seriously is
Guile's, I feel.

    Balrog destroys the Psycho Drive in his ending.  In a very hilarious
manner.  I'm pretty sure Capcom would rather the psycho drive have been
destroyed in a more climactic way than a joke.

    Blanka destroys the Psycho Drive in his ending.  In a semi-hilarious
manner.  Even if it's not completely ridiculous, and even ignoring the fact
that it would require you believe that DAN had a hand in destroying the
psycho drive, there's the simple fact that this ending just isn't very

    Karin destroys the Psycho Drive in her ending.  She has her family
satellite nuke it.  This may or may not be a stupid way to destroy it, but
either way, it's not a very climactic way.

    Charlie destroys the Psycho Drive.  Charlie also lives in his ending.
Since SFA3 is the last Alpha as declared by Capcom, Charlie must be dead by
the end of it.  Thus Charlie's ending couldn't happen.  Nevermind that this
ending was perhaps the cheesiest way to kill the Psycho Drive and Bison in
all of SFA3 (So cheesy that this is one of my favorite SFA3 endings for
sheer hilarity factor).

    Guy and Cody destroy the Psycho Drive in Cody's ending.  This ending...
is just pointless in general.  Sure, Guy's conversation with Cody might be
seen as serious and all, but it's still not nearly as climactic as Guile's
ending.  Though I suppose this one would have the best chance of happening
besides Guile's ending.

    Guile and Charlie destroy the Psycho Drive in their ending.  Charlie
does a valiant sacrifice to save Guile then the Psycho Drive goes up in
smoke taking Bison and him with it in a grand climactic finale?  YES!  And
of course the fact that Guile's ending had it's proof that it happened,

Who actually fought the dolls? (IE, Juni and Juli boss battles, though I
imagine they could represent any of the dolls in the actual official

    Surprisingly, not many people.  M. Bison has a whopping thirteen of
these girls and only a few Street Fighter characters ever ran into them
before the doll project abruptly ended.  Go figure.

    In Balrog's ending, Birdie and Balrog kick the crap out of a couple.
This didn't happen because Balrog never directly betrayed Bison in SFA3.

    In Cody's ending, Guy and Cody kick the crap out of a couple.  This
obviously didn't happen because Guy was never able to get that close to
Bison (his actual SFA3 ending is Rose's, after all).

    Cammy fights Juli and Juni before Bison.  The dolls she fought most
likely were in fact Juli and Juni, since Juli's storyline which parallels
Cammy has her hunting down Cammy.  For more on this, you can see the Doll
Saga part of the Endings That Happened section.

    Charlie fights Cammy as his first midboss battle then takes her into
custody.  Of course, this is just one of many things in Charelie's
storyline when you play as him that completely contradicts everything that
did actually happen.  Obviously, Cammy's ending or Vega's ending couldn't
happen if this fight ever did.

    Chunli fought them in her storyline.  Of course, this is just one of
many things in Chunli's storyline when you play as her that completely
contradicts everything that did actually happen.  Therefore, Chunli meeting
the dolls (besides that brief moment in Cammy's ending) never happened.
With further proof being... well, Cammy's ending.

    E. Honda has them in his ending.  E. Honda's ending is also a joke
ending that never happened, and there are no signs of him having female
students ever anywhere in SF2.

    Juni fights and beats Ryu in her storyline.  However, her ending is
contradictory, so there's a good chance her storyline when you play as her
is against the actual canon, too.

    Karin fights them.  Karin's storyline in SFA3 is also sadly remarkably
pointless and most likely didn't happen in any way, shape, or form, with
the exception of her deciding she still needed to train more to beat
Sakura.  Which... is still pointless.

    Dhalsim fights them.  His storyline when you play as him didn't happen,
but it's shown in Cammy's storyline that he probably played a role in
making Cammy realize her self-conscience.  It's possible that he met and
talked with Rose as shown by his own storyline, too, and since Rose is
involved with the dolls... I guess that's representative of how Dhalsim in
SFA3 did in fact have some interaction with the dolls (most likely that
being Cammy's mid boss battle with him where he makes her realize her

    Rose fights them.  Bison sicks them on her because he has another
appointment and doesn't want to be bothered.  Odds are very good that the
one he had fight Rose was Aprile, so that Rose could identify Aprile as a
doll because she heard about Aprile before from Aprile's brother.  For
more, see again the Doll Saga part of the Endings That Happened section.

    Thunder Hawk fights Juli.  Of course, this was meant to be Noembelu.
It's questionable if Thunder Hawk's ending and storyline happened at all
(See his ending description for more details).

    Vega played a large role with Cammy during SFA3 in general.

    And... that's about it.  As you can see, the only confirmed
confrontations with the dolls are Vega, Cammy, Dhalsim (well, at least his
is really really really likely), and Rose.  Not much. I'm not going to
bother with a "Who fought Balrog?" question since that's especially

Can you give me some Street Fighter 2 story clarifications?

    Well, this is supposed to be a Street Fighter Alpha 3 story FAQ and not
a Street Fighter 2 FAQ, but okay.  Bison has a new body in SF2.  Capcom
officially stated that Shadowloo scientists made him a new one, which he
must have transferred to from Rose (the proof that Rose's ending happened
is above). Or, if you won't believe me when I say Capcom officially stated
that, you can just curse yourself with having to believe that Rose's body
mutated into that of a man by the time of SF2 which is scary.  The reason
for the SF2 tournament now is that Bison held and hosted it to get revenge
on Guile and Chunli for oh... I dunno, BLOWING HIM UP in SFA3.  ^_~  He
actually sent out a lot of personal invitations to many (but not all) of
the SF2 participants.  At any rate, the official way that SF2 ended was
that Akuma killed Bison using the Shun Goku Satsu from out of nowhere.
Capcom has never stated who actually won the tournament itself, though, or
even who was fighting Bison at the time Akuma jumped in to kill him, if
anyone.  It's hinted that it's Chunli who won (Urien refers to her fighting
skills as legendary in SF3, and what better way to become legendary than to
win something prestigious like say, an SF tournament?), and if I had to
guess who won it, I'd say Chunli with very very high certainty due to that,
but there's no one-hundred percent hard proof.  So to answer the question
of who won the SF2 tournament, I'll say I'm almost positive Chunli won it
and leave it at that.

    Side note.  Capcom mutated a lot of SF2's storyline when they made the
Alpha series.  Saiki stated that he's surprised that Capcom didn't make one
last version of SF2 to reconcile the differences that Capcom retroactively
changed (Blanka knowing his real name before meeting his mother probably
would be one of them).  I guess Capcom figured that players would just
disregard those small details, since most of those details aren't really
that important to the big picture, anyway.  Still... How... sloppy.  I
suppose it's to be partially expected, seeing as to how Capcom didn't even
plan on having an Alpha series at all for quite a while after SF2 was made,
until later.

Why do characters know moves in Alpha that they don't know in SF2?

    Who said they didn't know those moves in SF2?  Maybe it was just that
you couldn't use those moves while playing as them.  ^_~  Seriously, it's
all just for gameplay reasons.  SFA series came after SF2, so of course
Capcom's going to ADD moves because games are supposed to evolve over time,
not devolve over time.  Heck, Guile isn't even supposed to know HOW to do a
sonic boom or flash kick in SFA3 fully, yet, but Capcom let him do it
because otherwise he'd be unplayable (though he still sucks:P  Which Capcom
also came up with a reason for, though I myself feel that reason's an
excuse they made up ^_~).

What is this about Bison being weaker in SF2 than he is in SFA?

    Bison is weaker during SF2.  Capcom stated as such.  Why?  There are
lots of reasons that could possibly be why.  The most sure one probably
being that there's no psycho drive, though other possible reasons are
simply that his new body is inferior, or his psycho power is weaker after
his soul became one again (see all that stuff in Rose's bio).  You can see
how Capcom wanted Bison to be weaker not by his movelist (though that super
psycho crusher that is full screen and the teleport are pretty drastic
moves to add to his arsenal) but by how his walking animation in the Alpha
series is him flying.  Walking animation has nothing to do with gameplay,
and none of the other characters have had their walking animations changed
so drastically.  The only reason that Capcom made Bison's walking animation
in the Alpha series flight is to show how Bison was weaker beyond just a
gameplay reason.

How did Akuma kill Bison?

    It hasn't been confirmed whether Akuma killed Bison before whoever was
up against him (nearly positive it was Chunli) fought him (killing Bison
right before the match started right in front of his opponent's face), or
after whoever was up against him (again, nearly positive it was Chunli)
beat him, THEN he woke up and Akuma was there and killed him.  It was one
or the other, though.

Is there any proof besides official statements that the SFA series actually
did happen within the SF universe?

    Not much that I can think of right now, probably due to how SF3 had
such an all new cast and SF2 was made before SFA series was conceived, but
there is one bit.  Dan is an SFA only character.  Sean in SF3 mentions
Dan.  Thus SFA must have had existed at some point if Dan existed.

Who are the most beautiful Street Fighters?

    Vega!!!  Oh, you mean women?  Hey, I was joking!  I think.  I imagine
that officially, Vega most definately is supposed to be the most beautiful
guy, at least.  Anyway, while beauty is a matter of opinion, officially,
within the Street Fighter universe, at the time of Street Fighter Alpha 3,
according to Capcom, the most beautiful women are supposed to be Chunli,
then Rose, then Cammy in that order (Chunli is officially supposed to be
the most beautiful).  I guess Rose comes before Cammy as some
representation of how a copy isn't supposed to be more beautiful than the
original.  As for Chunli... well, she's the token female character of
Street Fighter, so of course she'd officially be number one on the beauty
chart.  Well... erm, at least, Chunli USED to be the token female character
(Come on, her being the only female character in SF2 for the longest time
and that "I'm the strongest woman in the world!" win quote?  It doesn't get
more blatant than that) though I suppose at least these days now it's
debateable whether she is, anymore.  Remember, this is the official order
it's supposed to be in.  They do not reflect my own opinions, though.  On a
side note, Vega likes Cammy instead of Rose or Chunli simply because he met
Cammy first, as well as probably actually like, knew Cammy for a long
time.  And Rose's suicidalness confuses Vega.  :P


VII.  Credits and Special Thanks.

A list of people that helped me out a lot with figuring out what's official
and what isn't, whether it be by discussion or by pointing out and giving
info from Capcom's official statements.  The discussion generally mostly
took place on the shoryuken forums (http://www.shoryuken.com).  Many of
these people also collabarated together in the writing of this FAQ, too.

Saiki (for whom without, this FAQ wouldn't exist at all.  Also All About
Capcom info and official bios.  Ah, to be able to read Japanese...)

FistsOfFury (who started the thread)

Clay (lots of various details, tons of discussion, kept the thread very
active and alive so that eventually...)

Golden Hell (Golden Hell could come along:P  Besides the storyline
discussion, also invited and showed Saiki the thread)

Golden Dragon (general thread participation and details.  Woke me up about
FF2 details)

Siegfried (Also Fighter Mania.  http://www.tekken.nu/fightermania/
Siegfried's awesome website was very good for reminding me of the finer
details to include.  You can go there for many pics of miscellaneous and
nonmiscellaneous fighting game characters, too.  This FAQ is also hosted
there [or will be once it's done])

Ultima (general thread participation, discussion, and details and a good
chunk of it)

Azrael-Sama (ditto)

Tiamat (The loser who's mooching off everyone else to make this FAQ.  He's
a guy if you didn't figure that out from various points in this FAQ,
despite how Tiamat is a female name ^^;  Oops.  Well, I didn't know when I
took the moniker up... oh yea, and I go by TiamatRoar on most boards cause
the name Tiamat is usually already taken:P)

Special thanks also to Gilgamesh (from another thread.  Various
miscellaneous details I accidentally forgot about.  http://www.kikouken.com

Ansatsuken (from that same thread with Gilgamesh.  Various corrections,
miscellaneous details, lots of stuff on Gen, making me realize just how
much I fubarred some parts of this FAQ... hey, it's a big FAQ.  :P)

And that's it for the list o' credits.

Special Thanks to Lantis, even though he probably doesn't know I exist,
because looking up dialogue in an SFA3 Ending FAQ is soooooo much easier
than replaying the darn game over and over again.  You can find Lantis'
ending FAQ at http://www.gamefaqs.com/  Go there for the specific dialogue
for each character and ending because I'm too lazy and I'm not sure if it's
ethical for me to steal them from Lantis and plop them here.  Another good
place to go for SFA3 endings is the video game museum archive at
http://www.vgmuseum.com/  They have screenshots of all the SFA3 endings in
their PSX endings section.  Now if only they could get SFA2 and SF3 there,
too.  ^_~

Oh yea, and special thanks to Capcom.  Because in the end, even though the
presentation was odd, and the SFA3 storyline convuluted to the point where
most people didn't even see it as canon, and the whole idea of clones and
all very very wierd, in the end, I LIKED SFA3's storyline.

Tiamat's e-mail is sonofbahamut@hotmail.com.  I recommend you don't bother
e-mailing him questions or such though because, as mentioned, he's mostly
just the transcriber who wrote the stuff down and the data here comes from
other people.  And that goes for e-mailing him attempting to start up a
debate, too.  Don't shoot the messenger, they say.  This document Copyright
2001 James Chang.  Oh yea, if you want to use this FAQ to post on a site or
something (in its original form, please), just ask (guess the e-mail addy
given does serve some purpose after all).  This FAQ has been submitted to
and thus can be found at (unless it got rejected during the submission
process somehow) GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com) and Fighter Mania

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