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Ryu by The V

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/22/02

This FAQ is by "The V", 02-12-22, Version 1.1. Copyright 2002. No part of
this document can be reproduced and distributed via means mechanical or
otherwise FOR PROFIT without the consent of the author. Reproduction and
distribution for any other reason is welcome so long as the author is given
appropriate credit.

All games, characters, names, etc. are trademark and property of their
respective company, Capcom.

Comments can be sent to viwong@interchange.ubc.ca

Revision history

02-12-22 : Version 1.1
           -Updated story and bio
           -grammar and spelling revisions
           -some new strategies added throughout document

01-11-06 : Version 1 completed.
                              Street Figher Alpha/Zero 3
                                   A/Z-Ism Ryu FAQ
1 Introduction
  1.1 Biography and background
2 Basic Commands
  2.1 Legend
  2.2 Standard Moves
3 Moves
  3.1 Specials
  3.2 Supers
  3.3 Regulars
4 Combos and Strategies
  4.1 Combos
  4.2 Strategies and Tips
5 Closing

This is an FAQ on the character Ryu for SFZ/A3. This version of Ryu plays
very close to his SFZ/A2 incarnation. He has been given a new super this
time around but largely remains unchanged. Players will have to get use to
the fact that his sweep can't be buffered into at all and the fact that his
Dragon Punch has lost some priority. Ryu, however, remains a great character
to use for anyone beginning to play this game. He is well balanced
defensively and offensively. He is fairly easy to learn but there exists
nuiances that separates a master Ryu player from an intermediate one. This
guide is targetted to beginners and intermediate players.


Name: Ryu
Date of Birth: 64-07-21
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 68 Kg
Blood Type: O
Fighting Style:  Ansatsuken
Place of Birth: Japan
Likes: Youkan
Dislikes: Spiders
Special Skills: Hitch hiking, Able to sleep anywhere


   Ryu is an orphaned child who was adopted and raised by an Ansatsuken
   master named Gouken. Gouken later would accept a student named Ken who
   was left in Gouken's care by his father for training and above all
   else, discipline. Ryu and Ken became training partners and the best of
   friends. After years of training Ryu, but not Ken, enters the first
   Street Fighter tournament where Ryu battled his way to the finals and
   faced the Emperor of Muay Tai, Sagat. Although, the battle was
   competitive, Sagat's experience and strength began to overcome Ryu as
   the match went on. When Sagat sensed that the young warrior was
   exhausted and the battle all but over, he approached to aid Ryu to his

   However, unknown to Sagat, was that while Ryu was slowing losing the
   battle, he became more and more desparate to win to the point that he
   was obsessed with winning. During this moment of weakness Ryu's
   untapped power, the Satsui no Hadou, awakened and overcame him and Ryu
   became Satsui no Hadou Mezameta Ryu (Evil Ryu) for the first and only
   time. As Sagat approached to aid Ryu, the transformation was complete
   and Evil Ryu struck Sagat with his Metsu Shoryuken. The blow was so
   devastaing it not only toppled Sagat but also burned a great wound
   that would heal to a massive scar. Sagat, from that day onward, hated
   Ryu for the way he won (by tapping into the Satsui no Hadou) and for
   scarring him. With Sagat beaten, Ryu became the Street Fighter
   champion, but did not understand what had happened to him when he
   struck down Sagat. Ryu journeyed home to ask Gouken.

   Ryu, however, would return home to tragedy. To his horror, he finds
   his master, slain in a pool of blood. Ryu locates Ken who
   saw the final moments of the Gouken's death and recounts all he
   witnessed to Ryu. Ryu also senses a residue of evil energy which
   lingered after the battle. He learns that this energy belongs to
   Gouki/Akuma, Gouken's brother. Ryu sets off to find Gouki/Akuma for
   answers to his master's death. After much searching, Ryu locates and
   confront Gouki/Akuma on his island of Gouketsutou. During the
   encoutner, Gouki/Akuma noticed that Ryu possesses the Satsui no Hadou
   and is intrigued, as at last he may have a worthy opponent, and seeks
   to awaken the power within Ryu. He informs Ryu about the Satsui no
   Hadou and tells him that once awakened he will be much more powerful
   and he will realize that all his past battles were all too easy. And
   when that time comes, he and Gouki/Akuma can have a true contest. It
   is here that Ryu, for the first time, gained awareness of the Satsui
   no Hadou festering within him. Prior to vanishing, Gouki/Akuma
   demonstrates his power by striking his island with a mighty blow of
   such intensity, the island itself begins to sink.

   Ryu returns to shore. Unclear of the implications of what he has
   learned, he returns home where he and Ken meet again. Ken asks Ryu
   what he learned, but Ryu did not wish to talk about it. The two
   friends sparred, with Ken winning the contest. Ken, however, sensed
   that Ryu seemed distracted and, to help, gives Ryu the red headband,
   so that he is reminded of this fight and their friendship. Ryu thanks
   Ken and sets off to train around the globe and to decide on his stance
   on the Satsui no Hadou.

   Word of Ryu's victory over Sagat had spread and Ryu gained a
   fan base. A girl named Sakura, a self-proclaimed number one Ryu fan,
   finds the wandering Ryu after much searching and asks enthusiastically
   if Ryu would train her. Ryu tells her that he is unworthy to teach and
   declined, but did have a mock fight with her and let her win. Sakura
   managed to get a photograph of Ryu and vows to see him again. During
   Ryu's travels, Ryu encounters a mysterious woman named Rose who warns
   Ryu that a man named Vega/M. Bison is seeking him. Rose tells Ryu that
   his fighting skill alone cannot defeat Vega/M. Bison and to overcome
   this challenge Ryu must stay focused and fight with his soul. True to
   Rose's warning Vega/M.Bison tracks Ryu down. Vega/M. Bison tells Ryu
   that he has been chosen to be his next host body and attacks his mind
   with his psychic abilities. Ryu resists but is confused by the wash of
   hateful emotions building within him. He is unclear if this is the
   Satsui no Hadou Gouki/Akuma mentioned. Ryu eventually is overcomed by
   Vega/M. Bison's "Psycho Power" and is under the madman's control.

   Elsewhere, Sakura, in her persistant Ryu seeking encounters Ken and
   asked if he knew Ryu and where he is. Ken did not know but was happy
   to help her search. Sakura then asked Ken to sparr with her so she can
   be a bit better prepared to spar with Ryu. Ken, being a fun loving
   individual complied. Afterwards, the duo went in search of Ryu and
   would stumble upon something serious.

   Some time passed and by now Sagat realises that fighting for revenge is
   a foolish path. Sagat with his new revelation sought to seek out Ryu
   for an honourable fight. Hearing word that Vega/M. Bison found Ryu,
   Sagat immediately sets off to the location but to his dismay
   discovered Ryu under the influence of Vega/M. Bison. Sagat saw no
   honour in battling someone not in control of himself and angrily let
   Vega/M. Bison know this. Sakura accidently stumbled on to the scene
   and demanded Ryu to be released. Vega/M. Bison sent the newly
   recruited Ryu to battle Sagat, while he amused himself with Sakura;
   fortunately, Ken, arrived and both he and Sakura battled Vega/M. Bison
   while the brainwashed Ryu fought Sagat. Sagat defeated Ryu and was
   able to help Ryu overcome his conditioning. Sagat tells Ryu that since
   he was corrupted so easily, he still has much to learn. Sagat awaits
   for Ryu to challenge him again in the future - this time in a fair one
   on one battle with no influence from the Satsui no Hadou or "Psycho
   Power" to see once and for all who is strongest. Sagat would allow the
   back-to-normal Ryu to aid Ken and Sakura in battle against Vega/M.
   Bison, but Sagat would not help. The trio would force Vega/M. Bison to
   flee. Afterwards, Ryu thanks Ken, Sakura, and Sagat for helping him
   overcome Vega/M. Bison and at the same time apologizes for being too
   weak and not overcoming Vega/M. Bison's mental manipulations sooner.
   He decides at this time that the Satsui no Hadou is not the way and
   seeks the path of a "True Warrior". He also tells Sakura that he
   notices much potential in her and looks forward to their next meeting.

   Training Five years later, a resurected Vega/M. Bison founds the World
   Warrior tournament. Ryu enters the tournament to fight worthy
   challengers and to further learn the path of the "True Warrior".
   However, Ryu did not win the tournament. Ryu would enter the Street
   Fighter 3 tournament for the same reasons as the World Warrior one.
   Ryu did not win the Street Fighter 3 tournament, as he was eliminated
   by a contestant, a strange old man, named Oro. After the Street
   Fighter 3 tournament Ryu travelled to the USA to seek more challengers
   and to have a friendly match with Ken, who was about to enter the USA
   national championship (Ryu wins the match with Ken). During his stay
   in New York, Ryu stumbles upon the Street Fighter 3 tournament winner,
   Alex, and has a match with him. Ryu wins this battle and is very
   impressed by Alex's fighting spirit. Ryu, however, realises that he
   himself still has much to learn and so long as his body is able, he
   will continue fighting, training, and seeking new challenges.


Much of what I know of Ryu's storyline comes from Tiamat's Street Fighter
Plot Canon FAQ found at www.gamefaqs.com. What I present above, according to
the FAQ, is the official storyline from Capcom Japan.

2.1 LEGEND - These abbreviations will be used.
Control positions


Combo shorthand (where X is a button).
lv# - Level of super


GUARD - When attacked high, hold B. When attacked low, hold DB.

AIR GUARD - When attacked in the air, hold B or DB.

GUARD METER PROTECTION - Perform a GUARD or AIR GUARD just before an attack
hits. If done properly, your character will flash blue.

ZERO/ALPHA COUNTER - When blocking and attack hold F and press HP and HK
together (not available in X-ISM).

THROW - When close to opponent hold F or B and press PP or KK

TECH THROW - When opponent attempts to throw, hold F or B and press PP or
KK. If done correctly, you will receive a "Tech hit" message.

AIR RECOVERY - When knocked into the air, press PP. Hold F to recover
slightly towards the opposition and hold B to recover slightly away from the

GROUND RECOVERY - Press KK when knock down or after an AIR-GUARD. Hold F to
roll a further distance. (not available in X-ISM).

TAUNT - Press start buttton (not available in X-ISM).

COUNTER HIT - Hit an opponent while before they finish the animation for a
move. When done correctly the screen will pause, a loud hit sound occurs,
and a "Counter Hit" message appears. Counter hits deal more damage and often
set up juggles. Sometimes high priority moves will "force" through even
though you are hit
If this occurs your character will flash red will completing the move.

DAMAGE REDUCTION - Hold the controller in any direction and press a button
while hit. Repeat for further damage reduction. If done correctly, your
character will flash red.

DAMAGE REDUCTION (HOLDS) - Hold the controller in any direction and press a
button while in a hold. Repeat for further damage reduction. If done
correctly, your character will flash red (not available in X-ISM).

STUN OPPONENT - Repeatedly get successful hits on your opponent. When
stunned the opponent will have "birds" around his head and is completely
helpless for a period of time.

STUN RECOVERY - Hold the controller in any direction and press a button
while stunned. Repeat for faster recovery.

DAMAGE INCREASE (HOLDS) - Wiggle the controller and rapidly press the button
while you are performing a hold. If done correctly, your character will
flash white.

GUARD CRUSH - Repeatedly force your opponent to block to decrease his guard
meter to zero. When this occurs the opposition is momentarily open for

3 MOVE LIST - Some translations are my own, but many are from Keo Megura's
excellent SFZ/A3 move list FAQ found on www.gamefaqs.com
NAME: Hadou Ken (Wave Fist)
DESCRIPTION: Ryu puts his hands together and generates a blue energy ball
which he releases by stepping forward and extending his palms outward.
FUNCTIONS: Full screen attack, combo finish, block damage, projectile
COMMENTS: This is the move most associated with Ryu. The best way to utilise
this move is to use it wisely and not to overuse it. Most of the time you
want to use this move in combos only and to counter a projectile or two. If
you want to get some block damage from a distance, then make sure you are at
least 60% of the screen away from your opponent before using a Hadou Ken.
Any closer can leave you open for counter attack. Have a plan for what you
want to do if the opponent jumps towards you. Note that most experienced
players will be able to evade Hadou Kens quite easily from a distance so it
is important you have a plan on what to do when they evade. Sweeps,
air-retailation, and Shouryuu Kens are traditional choices to counter
jump-ins and rolls.

NAME: Sankunestsu Hadou Ken (Scorching Heat Wave Fist)
DESCRIPTION: Ryu puts his hands together and generates a red energy ball
which he releases by stepping forward and extending his palms outward.
FUNCTIONS: Full screen attack, combo finish, block damage, knock down
attack, projectile nullification.
COMMENTS: This move is very similar to the Hadou Ken, but it is a bit
slower and deals a bit more damage. When close enough this move will knock
down in one hit. Make sure you always use this instead of the regular Hadou
Ken when you are doing close hitting combos because the extra knock down is
favorable. Follow up the knock down with a cross up or another combo to put
pressure on the oppponent.

NAME: Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Tornado Whirlwind Kick)
COMMAND: QCB + K (available in the air)
DESCRIPTION: Ryu takes to the air and performs multiple spin kicks.
FUNCTIONS: Pressuring, combo finish, knock down attack, projectile evasion,
COMMENTS: This is a very good move. It is very safe to use in the air and
its one hit knock down property is very useful. It can be used to evade
projectiles and used to run away from the opponent. Many of Ryu's most
potent combos will use this move as well. Use it as a subsitute for a jump
in as well, especially if you anticipate that your opponent will block the
attack. This will allow you to score some block damage and if not blocked
the opponent is knocked down so you can follow up with another attack
(provided they don't roll, if blocked in the air).

NAME: Shouryuu Ken (Rising Dragon Fist)
DESCRIPTION: Ryu steps forward and performs a jumping upper-cut.
FUNCTIONS: Anti-air, combo finish, counter attack.
COMMENTS: One of the best anti-airs in the game. It is a great way to stop
predictable pokes because of its priority and power. Do not always use it
for jump ins though sometimes the opponent will be jumping behind you and
you may miss. In these cases the HP is a good choice. Always try to hit deep
with the Shouryuu Ken; otherwise it can be air-blocked. Be aware that some
moves can trade and even beat the Shouryuu Ken.

NAME: Hadou no Kamae (Pretend Wave)
DESCRIPTION: Ryu puts his hands together and steps forward and extending his
palms outward.
FUNCTIONS: Fake opponent out.
COMMENTS: Many North American players are puzzled by this move. When playing
someone else at the arcade reaching over and hitting the start button seems
to be a dead give away that you're using this move. Of course that is true
because of the way North American machines are set up, but in Japan, arcade
machines have two screens and are back to back, so the opponent can never
see your hand movements. In that type of setting the Hadou no Kamae can fake
the opponent. Tricking them into blocking or committing to an attack.

NAME: Shinkuu Hadou Ken (Vacuum Wave Fist)
DESCRIPTION: Ryu puts his hands together and generates a large multiple
hitting blue energy ball which he releases by stepping forward and extending
his palms outward.
FUNCTIONS: Combo finish, wake-up attack, projectile nullification, anti-air,
counter attack.
COMMENTS: The most versatile of Ryu’s supers. This move can do anything a
regular Hadou Ken can and more. The best way to use it is in combos, but if
timed right it can be an anti-air (have the opponent land on it). It can
cancel opposing projectiles hit the opponent with the remaining hits. If the
opponent is too close and misses and attack (like a sweep), this move is an
excellent counterattack. The only downside to the move is it can be easily
jump over if used like a Hadou Ken and the damage could be higher.

NAME: Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Vacuum Tornado Whirlwind Kick)
DESCRIPTION: Ryu does a stationary but continuous Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku for
a short time.
FUNCTIONS: Combo finish, wake-up attack, anti-air, counter attack.
COMMENTS: The most damaging of Ryu’s supers. This move has the special
property of vacuuming the opponent into it if the opponent is too close. It
is an excellent wake up move and a good anti-air. It can be used in combos
with devastating effect.

NAME: Metsu Shouryuu Ken (Rising Dragon Fist of Destruction)
COMMAND: QCF X 2 + K (level 3 only)
DESCRIPTION: Ryu slides forward striking with his elbow and then does a
Shouryuu Ken.
FUNCTIONS: Combo finish, counter attack.
COMMENTS: For a level three only move the Metsu Shouryuu Ken does very poor
damage. It is not versatile either. The only redeeming property is its range
since Ryu slides forward a short distance. It can be useful after you roll
behind the opponent and surprise them with it and it can be put in combos.

NAME: Shin Shouryuu Ken (True Rising Dragon Fist)
COMMAND: Connect a Metsu Shouryuu Ken at the approriate distance.
DESCRIPTION: Same as Metsu Shouryuu Ken except Ryu throws in a standing HP
in the middle of the  Shouryuu Ken.
FUNCTIONS: Same as Metsu Shouryuu Ken.
COMMENTS: See Metsu Shouryuu Ken. This move is more damaging but almost
to connect.

Ryu ties his headband.

Ryu Fixes his gloves.


Z/A-ISM - Shoryuu Ken

V-ISM - Low HK

NAME: Seoi Nage (Shoulder Throw)
COMMAND: When close to opponent, F or B + PP
DESCRIPTION: Ryu clutches the opponent and flips the opponent over his
shoulder away from himself.
FUNCTIONS: Knock down attack, anti-blocking.

NAME: Kuuchuu Seoi Nage (Mid-Air Shoulder Throw)
COMMAND: While in air and close to opponent, F or B + PP .
DESCRIPTION: Same as Seoi Nage but while airborne.
FUNCTIONS: Knock down attack, anti air-blocking.

NAME: Tomoe Nage (Comma Throw)
COMMAND: When close to opponent, F or B + KK
DESCRIPTION: Ryu grabs the opponent and does a monkey flip throw.
FUNCTIONS: Knock down attack, anti-blocking.

NAME: Sakotsu Wari (Collarbone Splitter)
DESCRIPTION: Ryu does a double hit downwards punch.
FUNCTIONS: Over-head attack.
COMMENTS: This can be a very useful move. Most people block low
instinctively. However, it is important that you do not become predictable
otherwise it will be blocked or worst yet countered because of the lag at
the start of the move. Mix up this move with low attacks to keep the
opponent guessing. Use it in conjunction with a jumping HK as you
have the option to perform a low attack after the jump in.

NAME: Senpuu Kyaku (Whirlwind Kick)
DESCRIPTION: Ryu hops forward with a spin kick.
FUNCTIONS: Cover ground, Low attack evasion, Counter jumps.
COMMENTS: This is an excellent little move that is often overlooked. It has
the special property of being able to evade low attacks and best of all it
is an attack itself. This means you hop over a low attack and hit the
opponent. Be aware, though, that not all low attacks can be evaded. Most low
punches can't be evaded.
You can use it as a pseudo dash to cover ground as well because the range of
the hop is has good range. There is some lag on the move but it is small.
One other trick you can use this move with is to stop jumps. Not as an
anti-air but to stop the initial take off. If you are close and anticipate a
jump, do this move. Just as the opponent is leaving the ground the Senpuu
Kyaku should hit disrupting the jump (note this can be air-blocked, but your
opponent must be very quick), keeping the opponent grounded.


LP (Far) - Ryu does a quick jab. The priority of this move is good but the
range is short. Most useful as a combo starter. If it connects and you are
close enough, you can perform a crouching jab and buffer into a special or a

LP (Close) - A quick elbow to the face of the opponent. Functions almost the
same as the far standing light punch as you can link this into several
crouching LP or LKs then buffer to a special or super. This move can be used
as an anti-air because it is angled upwards slightly. However, Ryu has
access to much more effective tools for stopping jumpers.

MP (Far) - A standing straight punch. Used for a quick counter strike
against missed moves and for stopping some initial jumps or jump ins. Ryu
has much better moves for those situations though.

MP (Close) - Ryu does a body punch. This move can be buffered into special
moves. The range is low but the priority and speed is pretty good. Damage is
not high though. Might be a viable attack option during a cross-up.

HP (Far) - Ryu does a straight punch then follows through arcing his arm
across to his opposite shoulder. Primarily used for counter hits. The range
exceeds the LP and is slightly less than the MP. The damage and priority is
good but if missed will leave you open for a counter attack. It can't be
buffered into any special moves.

HP (Close) - Ryu does a standing uppercut. Excellent combo move, Ryu can
link any of his special moves from this punch. This is a good anti-air move
and it has very high priority often scoring you counter hits. You can juggle
up to three times (if opponent does not air recover) in the corner. The
power is also very good. Can be utilised in

LK (Far) - Ryu does a standing kick to the ankle of the opponent. This move
can end a standing LP, crouching LK, standing LK chain. It might be used as
an in close poke or a tick followed by a throw.

LK (Close) - Same as the far standing LK.

MK (Far) - A standing kick directed at the head of the opponent. Some
anti-air capability and can be used as a counter attack. Ryu has much better
moves for those situations though.

MK (Close) - Same as far standing MK.

HK (Far) - A spinning kick directed about 45 degrees. Great anti-air move.
This move has priority and power. Unfortunately, outside of an anti-air
function, the move has few other uses. It might be tried as a poke to a
standing opponent, but because of its recovery time that often is not a
great choice.

HK (Close) - A double hit axe kick. Good push away move with a lot of
priority and has good speed. Try it with jump ins and in the opponent is
getting too close. Can be an anti-air if timed properly.

LP (Far) - Ryu does a quick punch to the stomach of the opponent. This move
is more useful than the standing version. You can link this move into a
super or special.

LP (Close) - Same as above, but better as you can link several of these
together then buffer to the super or special of your choice. Best used
during a cross-up or jump-in. Can also link with crouching HP, MK, HK.

MP (Far) - Ryu does quick crouching punch. This move can link into any
special or super. Useful in juggles for advanced combos. For standard combos
it is better to use the low MK as it has added range and the property of
hitting low.

MP (Close) - Use to begin some advanced combos but otherwise same as far
standing MP. Can be a good anti-air normal attack.

HP (Far) - Ryu does a an uppercut from a crouch. The range of this move is
low but the priority is high often scoring counter hits, knocking the
opponent into the air. Can be buffered into specials and supers. Excellent

HP (Close) - Identical to the far crouching HP. Like the far crouching HP,
slow recovery time. Can mess combos up because of its high priority will
give you counter hits knocking the opponent into the air. But if you are
aware of a counter hit you can take advantage of it and juggle the opponent.

LK (Far) - Ryu does a quick striking kick. Useful as a push away moves and
linking to his low MK for combos.

LK (Close) - Same as the crouching far version. Most useful in close as a
push away move becuase it has quick recovery time. Good for linking with LP
for combos. Especially after a deep hitting jump in. Link several of these
then buffer to a special or super.

MK (Far) - Ryu does a low striking kick. This is a bread and butter move.
You will use it to begin combos and for low pokes. It can be buffered into
any special or super and has fair range and damage. You can chain this move
from a low LK.

MK (Close) - Same as far version.

HK (Far) - Ryu does a foot sweep. This move has been changed greatly. It is
no longer bufferable at all. This makes the move much riskier to use do to
its high recovery time. Best used for opponents jumping in front of you and
as a counterattack for missed moves. Try to use it at its max range for the
best recovery.

HK (Close) - Identical to the crouching far version. If in close and
blocked, you will be wide open for a counter attack. Best to use LK and LP
in succession when at close range.

LP (Towards) - A leaping punch that retracts quickly. It has high priority
but short duration. Best used immediately after a jump. The punch is very
quick and can surprise standing opponents and some crouching ones. Can be
used to juggle a jumping opponent. You need to hit the opponent in mid air
(remember to hit the button immediately after you jump). You will land first
then do the attack again.

LP (Vertical) - Same animation as jumping towards LP, but used mostly to
deter jumpers.

MP (Towards) - Ryu jumps and strikes with an uppercut. This move hits twice
and is very hard to start combos with. It is best used as an air retailation
move or to finish of juggles. The priority is not great and the damage is

MP (Vertical) - A leaping punch that retracts quickly. Same uses as the jump
towards HP. Seldomly need this move.

HP (Towards) - A leaping punch that has high damage and priority. Best use
as a combo starter or as an air retaliation move. This move is not on a
steep angle like the jump towards HK so it is easier to counter attack. The
jump attack of choice for most people.

HP (Vertical) - Same as the jump towards version, but Ryu jumps straight up
has the same properties. Could be use ful over a fallen opponent who likes
to retaliate with sweeps. Just go right next the opponent then jump straight
up and land with this punch when they sweep.

LK (Towards) - Ryu does a diving knee. Similar to the jump towards light
punch, but with less priority and the angle of descent is not as favorable.
Might be useful as an air retailation move.

LK (Vertical) - Ryu does a aerial front kick. Can intercept jumpers.

MK (Towards) - Ryu does a standard jump kick that is not on steep angle like
the HK version. Fair damage and good priority. Best use as a combo starter
because the move allows a good amount of time to link to another move. Use
this move in cross-ups as well.

MK (Vertical) - Same as light kick version but a bit slower and more damage.

HK (Towards) - Ryu does a standard jump kick that is on a steep angle. High
damage and great priority. Best use as a combo starter, but be aware that
the timing is tight after the move hits, you will need to link to another
move quickly. Not so great as and air retaliation move as if blocked you are

HK (Vertical) - Ryu does a heavy kick that is useful for intercepting
jumping opponents and to start combos. Used in close against people who
attack low frequently. It can intercept jumpers but with air blocking
available it is not that useful.

Ryu posesses some devestating combos but many of them are quite difficult to
do. My advice for putting supers in combos is to do the super motion while
you are still air-borne then hit the button for the regular attack then hit
the super combo activation button. If the activation button and the regular
attack button are of the same class (i.e., both kicks or punches), hold down
the regular attack and then hit another button to activate the super.



-j.HP/HK + s.HK

-c.HP -> Shouryuu Ken

-j.MK + c.LK + c.MK -> Hadou Ken

-j.HP/HK/MK + c.MK -> Hadou Ken or Sankunestsu Hadou Ken or Tatsumaki Senpuu

-j.HP/HK/MK + s.HP -> Hadou Ken or Sankunestsu Hadou Ken or Tatsumaki Senpuu

-j.HP/HK/MK + c.HP -> Hadou Ken or Sankunestsu Hadou Ken or Tatsumaki Senpuu

-j.HP/HK/MK + c.MP -> Hadou Ken or Sankunestsu Hadou Ken or Tatsumaki Senpuu


-(corner only) j.HP/HK -> Shouryuu Ken + (juggle with) Shouryuu Ken

-j.HP + c.MP -> HK Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku + (juggle with) s.HP

-j.HP/HK + c.LP + c.LK + c.LP -> Shinkuu Hadou Ken (any level)


-j.HP/HK + c.MK -> lv3 Shinkuu Hadou Ken

-j.HP/HK + c.MK -> Metsu Shouryuu Ken

-(corner only) j.HP/HK + c.MK -> lv3 Shinkuu Hadou Ken + (juggle with)
HK Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

-j.HP/HK + c.MK -> lv3 Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

-(corner only) j.HK + d.HP -> lv3 Shinkuu Hadou Ken + (juggle with) d.MP ->
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

-(corner only) j.HK + d.MK -> lv2 Shinkuu Hadou Ken + (juggle with) d.MP ->
lv1 Shinkuu Hadou Ken

-j.HP + c.MP -> HK Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku + (juggle with) s.HP -> HK
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

-j.HP + c.MP -> HK Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku + (juggle with) s.HP -> Shouryuu

-j.HP + c.MP -> HK Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku + (juggle with) s.HP -> lv3
Shinkuu Hadou Ken

General approach: Ryu is a versatile character. He can be played effectively
aggressively or defensively. His move set is variable enough to cover any
situation, but one should decide to be aggressive with him. Practice your
combos as these are Ryu’s most dangerous weapon.

When in close poke with the low MK, MP, LP and LK and follow with combos.
These are all bufferable moves and many of them link with one another (e.g.,
c.MP links to c.LP). To get in close utilise Senpuu Kyaku. When it is
blocked you can often sneak in one of the above pokes or a s.HP. A couple of
good poke strings are c.LK + c.LP + c.MK -> Hadou Ken and c.LP + c.HP ->
Hadou Ken. Also upon being knocked down roll towards the opponent. The air
Tatsumaki senpuu kyaku is a good attacking move. Try to time it so the foot
just hits the ground opponent, this is hard to counter.

To down the opponent utilise the Sankunestsu Hadou Ken when doing in close
combos, and c.LP + c.HK along with throws and Shouryuu Kens (as anti air or
in basic combos). Cross up when the opponent is down, especially larger
opponents and follow with hard hitting combo. If the opponent likes to block
a lot use s.HP on cross up along with the second poke string above. You'll
find the the guard meter will deplete rapidly.

Follow up jump ins with a good mix of safe combos and the Sakotsu Wari if
blocked. Don’t
overuse the Hadou Ken but if the opponent is pure turtling go a safe
distance and
fire away and win by time if you want.

On defense, the Shouryuu Ken is your main weapon but do not underestimate
Ryu’s standing HP and HK both are very good anti-air moves and the close
standing HK is an excellen push
away move. Don't forget that air throws are univeral in Zero/Alpha 3.

If an opponent tries to use a sweep or slow poke attack on you and they are
just out of
range for the animation to connect, step in and immediately sweep or dragon
punch, you will catch them as they are momentarily open. You can also use a
high level Shinkuu Hadouken.

Thanks for reading!

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