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Juli by Zamuel

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/12/01

JULI-Shadoloo's Silent Assassin of July
by Samuel Lee Gordon II (Zamuel) zamuel01@hotmail.com
Version 1.5

This is a Strategy Guide dedicated to Juli and covers her abilities in A-ISM. 
It assumes that you know the basics of most fighting games and of Street
Fighter Alpha 3 for Sega Dreamcast.  If you don't, then I would suggest that
you read any of the other numerous fighting game FAQs first, especially those
by Kao Megura.

Most of the characters here are copyrighted of Capcom, Co. unless otherwise
specified such as The King of Fighters which is copyrighted by SNK.  I intend
to give other companies full credit for their characters and do not intend to
misrepresent their copyright.  This FAQ in itself is copyrighted by me, Zamuel.
infringe on someone's copyright but it's just not nice.  This also includes
taking portions of the FAQ or altering it in any way.  I'm willing to let you
use it if you ask me but please ask before you take--it's the law.


03/13/01-V1.0 - Yay! I started Juli's FAQ.
03/19/01-v1.1 - Fixed some errors.  Added some things I left out.
03/26/01-v1.2 - Added colors to Basics section.  Added stuff about the Psycho
                Rolling Attack.  Added more to Extra and Special Thanks.
03/30/01-v1.3 - I fixed a few errors in some of the moves.  Added and reworded 
                               stuff here and there.
04/06/01-v1.4 - Beat the game with Thunder Hawk so I now have more info for
                Juli's story.  I now have more combos for Juli.
10/11/01-v1.5 - My DC's been broke all summer (still is...) thus the lack of
                I have managed to find changes to the story info based on
reading info
                about the official Japanese story.  I also found that every one
of her
                normal attacks has a name.  Cancelled the ascii art contest. 
Fixed a
                few more word errors here and there.


This FAQ is broken up into sections to make things easy to find.

[4]-Special Moves
[6]-Strategy and Combos
[8]-Need to Do
[9]-Special Thanks



Welcome to Juli's guide.  You may be wondering why I chose her.  Well, I like
stories and characters.  I like most of the characters in the Street Fighter
universe with one of my older favorites being Chun Li, especially since the
Lighting Kick was the only thing I could pull off.  I remember back in the
Street Fighter 2 days when I was interested in the games but didn't own any for
my console and was always too broke to go to the arcade.  Ah, the memories... 
I watched the SF series from afar and lost track of it over time.  Then
everything changed in 1999.  I had heard of the "Vs." series but like other
games I had never played any.  When taking my younger brother and sister to the
movies over the summer, there was an arcade machine with Marvel vs. Capcom.  I
had some money on me so I played it both against the computer and my siblings. 
I picked Chun Li and Spiderman in easy mode and though I was far from pro
status, I did decent and I enjoyed myself.  We went back many times to play,
trying different characters.  I started searching the Internet and various game
magazines for more info.  And somehow it happened--I was back on the SF scene. 
I had alot of catching up, though.  It took me awhile to read more info on
strategies and characters.  Getting a Dreamcast for Christmas 1999 really
helped.  May 2000 I got a Neo Geo Pocket Color for my sister and started to get
into the King of Fighters storyline since I saw the rivalry between SNK and
Capcom.  By this point, I had become quite knowledgeable on SF and had become
at least a decent player.  I started to get into the "shoto-clone" situation
since I liked Ken and Ryu.  I found it quite interesting the similarities and
differences in the various characters.  I noticed that Alpha 3 brought two
"clone" characters for Cammy--Juli and Juni.  I also saw that despite how cool
Cammy is or how popular she is among her fans, Juli and Juni were practically
ignored.  I felt that these two characters should not be ignored.  Since I now
(finally) own Alpha 3 and its strategy guide, I decided to do FAQs for both of
them starting with Juli since she has a shorter movelist.

Juli is quite similar to Cammy but for some reason, I think she is more
stylish.  It could be the way she does her moves.  It could be the minor
cosmetic changes.  It could even be the fact that I hate Cammy's Shadoloo
outfit (I have two words for her: Delta Red).  At any rate, I'm going to give
you the lowdown on Juli's story and moves.  Maybe this will bring about more
Juli fans.


[2] Story

The SF storyline seems inconsistant but rather, the American version is
mistranslated, edited, and generally messed up.  My sources are a mix of the
American version (so you'll know what you're looking at) and the Japanese
version (so you'll know what really happened).

Juli is one of thirteen different girls that were kidnapped by Shadoloo,
brainwashed, and experimented on.  They were given part of M.Bison's DNA and
were trained as assassins in close distance methods.  The British girl, Cammy,
received the highest amount of DNA and was considered by those within the
organization to be his clone.  She was assigned to be his bodyguard while the
others were named after months in the language of their origin and served as
backup or were sent on other missions.  Over time, Cammy started to snap out of
brainwash and ponder her real identity.  M.Bison could not have such a thing
happen since it could lead to the other girls coming out of brainwash, too. 
Despite the fact that she was one the best in the organization and a serious
asset, he felt that she should be disposed of.  He sent one of the two German
girls, Juli, to assassinate Cammy.  On her quest, Juli meets Thunder Hawk who
calls her "Julia" and shows concern for her present condition.  Juli, under
influence of the brainwash, simply attacks.  She eventually catches up with
Cammy but fails to kill her.  Upon returning to base, she encounters the fight
between M.Bison and Ken, Sakura, and Ryu.  Somehow, she and all the other
brainwashed girls  snapped out of the mind control and turned on M.Bison.  The
resulting attacks are to much for M.Bison's body to handle and it explodes due
to an overload of negative energy.  M.Bison's "death" (his scientists revive
him for SF2) is wreaking havok on her cells due to the link of Psycho Power he
had on all the girls.  Juli and the others feel like their bodies will explode,
too.  Cammy, who survived Juli's assault and was near dead from M.Bison,
managed to rescue Juli and the other girls.  Seeing the drastic conditions
M.Bison's death had on them, Cammy figured that the only way to save the others
would be to use the Psycho Drive to boost the small portion of Psycho Power
they had, thus saving them.  Thunder Hawk eventually finds her and takes her
into his arms.  He looks at his "Julia" as he takes her back to the Mexican
plains of his homeland.  Looking at the sunset as he stands on a rocky cliff,
he hopes that someday she recovers from Shadoloo's brainwashing and she will be
able to live a normal life.

-T.Hawk is not supposed to take Juli.  In the actual storyline, he is looking
for Noembleu, the Native American girl (who can be seen in Juli and Juni's
intro; look for the arrow).  Capcom got too lazy to make another sprite so (in
game) they changed it to be Juli.  Juli and T.Hawk do not know each other.-

It can be assumed that Juli is alive during the later parts of the SF series,
though we don't know what her condition is.  It is known that she and her
partner, Juni, have an unspoken rivalry.  It is also known that Juli has an
extremely silent nature about herself.




You can't start to beat down on your opponent until you are sure you'll be
looking good when you do it.  Here you'll see the stuff that makes our assassin
Juli "dressed to kill" (sorry, I couldn't help it).

Button Used/Bodysuit/Gloves
X/Dark Green/Dark Red
A/Purple/Dark Red
Y/Black/Red (default color)

Now we will dive deep into how to deliver pain to your opponent.  Alot of
Juli's moves are similar to Cammy's so alot of combos can be interchanged. 
Juli is good at poking so you should can stay slightly away from the opponent
with some of her moves.  Each of her normal attacks has a name.

Standing Normals

LP - Hooligan Jab - A quick punch to the face.
MP - Lift Upper - An upward chop motion that can serve as a good anti-air
attack.  Almost useless against standing opponents.
HP - Swing Knuckle - Juli interlocks her fingers and does a forward double
handed swing.
LK - Knee Shock - A quick knee attack
Mk - Mighty Leg - A kick to the face.  This move is cancelable into other
HK - Steel Slicer - Juli will duck slightly as she kicks to the opponent's

Crouching Normals

LP - Rapid Fire - A quick punch to the shin of a standing opponent
MP - Right Grenade - Quite similar to her crouching LP
HP - Torpedo Shell - Juli stretches forward for a chop that is aimed at a 45
degree angle.  Can be used as an anti-air, but only when the opponent is away
from you since she doesn't stand up like most crouching HPs.
LK - Stun Rapier - A quick kick to the opponent's ankles.
MK - Toe Buzzsaw - Juli swipes the floor with one foot.
HK - Ground Sweep - Juli rest on both hands as she sweeps both feet in a circle
like a gymnast.  This move causes knockdown.

Aerial Normals

LP - Dagger Shot - A downward tap to the opponent's head.
MP - Arm Blade - Similar to LP but it is more of a swipe.
HP - Fist Bomb - Similar to MP but has a more powerful swinging motion.
LK - Power Detonator - A reverse kick that aims slightly down.
MK - Sniping Heel - An aerial split.  One leg aims up-forward while the other
aims down-back.  Looks like it would be good for crossups but I have not been
able to test it.
HK - Critical Strike - A reverse kick that aims straight forward.

Command Attacks

Falling Arc - Forward+MK - An overhead.  Juli lifts one leg up and drops her
heel on top of her opponent.  Hits twice when opponent is standing.


Suplex - Forward/Back+PP

Juli grabs the opponent with both hands and slams them over her head.  Puts a
little distance between you and your opponent.

Flying Neck Hunt - While in the air, Forward/Back+PP

Juli grabs them by the neck and falls with them.

Frankenstiener - Forward/Back+KK (air)

Juli leg locks the opponent's head and flips, slamming them to the ground and
leaving some decent distance between them.


[4]-Special Moves

Juli may not have many moves but to be honest, she doesn't need many.  The
moves she has serve her well, you just have to use them at the right times.

Cannon Spike - F,D,DF+K - Available in all isms

Juli twist her leg in a way no guy could manage as she does an upward jump
kick.  As you may have guessed, this is an anti-air move and a direct
copy/paste from Cammy.  The stronger the kick button used, the more damage she
delivers and the higher she jumps.  Only the LK and occasionally the MK
versions should be used for anti-air since the HK version has long recovery. 
HK version should be used as a combo ender.

Sniping Arrow - QCF+K - Available in all isms

For some reason, I just love the name of this attack.  Not only that, but this
is a move that Cammy doesn't have.  Unlike Cammy's Spiral Arrow which leaves
the user with one of those nasty rug burns, Juli's Sniping Arrow is a graceful
forward jump kick.  LK reaches half screen, MK goes 3/4ths, and HK goes full
screen.  All versions cause knockdown.  It does not go under fireballs like the
Spiral Arrow but it has MUCH faster recovery.  The nice thing about it's
recovery is that with proper timing you can put a Cannon Spike onto the end of
it, something Cammy can't do with her Spiral Arrow.  At the same time, it is
slightly slower than a Spiral Arrow.

Spin Knuckle - HCB+P - Available in all isms

Another move that was copy/pasted from Cammy (I guess M.Bison likes
consistentcy when training his assassins).  Juli will spin and hop forward,
ending with an outstretched fist to the opponent's face for two hits, nice
damage, and decent guard break abilities.  The hop will go over some low
attacks while the spin will pass through fireballs.  These are really the only
times that you should use this move because though it has high priority and
good evasiveness, you can see it coming from a mile away if you just throw it
out at any time leaving you open for retaliation.

Psycho Charge Beta - Press and hold 3 Punches - Available in all isms only
(Only in Dramatic Battle when teamed with Juni)

In a style similar to The King of Fighters, Juli stands in place with glowing
energy around her as she pumps up her super bar.  One complete charge will
automatically fill 1/4th of your super bar but you will be immobile so be
careful of when you use it.  This move would really help Juli's arsenal if she
could do this at any time rather than restricting it to Dramatic Battle.



Finally, we have the weapons of mass destruction for the Street Fighter series,
the Supers!  Crush your opponents with these then taunt mercilessly.  Juli's
supers are good when used properly so practice them well.

Spin Drive Smasher - F,QCF,D,DF+K - Available in A-ism only

I don't know why Juli would want to give herself rug burn.  She does an
enhanced Spiral Arrow followed by an enhanced Cannon Spike.  The stonger the
super, the farther she goes.  This move is good in combos and does decent
damage.  You don't EVER want this move to miss or get blocked.  The recovery is
horrible, leaving you open to whatever brand of abuse the opponent wants to
dish out.

Reverse Shaft Breaker - QCB,QCB+K - Available in A-ism and X-ism only

This move is stylish and should be used when possible.  Juli will duck down to
the ground, do a brief breakdance style spin, and then she will do an upward
vertical spin--a sort of vertical Spiral Arrow.  Mashing buttons gives more
hits and more damage.  Use this to end close combos or stop air attacks though
takes a bit of timing to use it on airborne foes.  A Level 3 Reverse Shaft
Breaker does more hits than the X-ism version but oddly less damage.  Like the
Spin Drive Smasher, the opponent will be able to hit you with everything but
the kitchen sink if you don't connect.

Psycho Rolling - QCF,QCF+P - Available in A-ism only
(Only in Dramatic Battle when teamed with Juni)

Capcom must have been really trippin' out when they came up with this move. 
Juli and Juni hug each other as they..um...roll.  It doesn't look all that bad
when you connect because they do a sort of double Cannon Spike.  Sadly, the
move does saddening damage for a super so for most cases, you'll want to avoid
it.  Thanks to my brother for playing with me in Dramatic Mode.

Death Cross Dancing - LP,LP,Forward,LK,HP - Level 3 only - Available in A-ism
(Only in Dramatic Battle when teamed with Juni)

Juli will dash forward and if she connects, Juli and Juni bust out with some
massive beatdown on their opponent.  A nice way to finish them off.  Go ahead,
drop the controller and start taunting your real life opponent as if you were
Dan if you finish them off with this.  Sadly, this move also does pitiful
damage.  Not only that, all three fighters must be standing on the ground for
it to work.


[6]-Strategy and Combos

I'm still practicing with Juli so I don't know everything about her.  However,
I will let you in on what I know so you can improve.  As I learn more, you
shall learn more.  Practice makes perfect grasshoppa.

-Juli has decent range and high priority.  Stay just outside your opponent's
range and chip away.
-She ties with Juni for having the lowest defense and smallest guard meters of
anyone in the game (with the exception of V-ism Cody).  This leads to one of
the most obvious tips of all time--don't get hit...
-...which leads to the next thing about Juli--she's fast.  Don't block moves
but instead you should dodge them.  Spin Knuckle should get you past the
fireball problem and simple practice can teach you how to dodge other stuff.
-Since Juli is an underrated character, you have an advantage.  People will
expect you to play exactly like Cammy, thus you can fool them with your subtle
-Her legs are longer and thus has more range than Cammy.
-Even with button mashing, Reverse Shaft Breaker does slightly less damage than
the Spin Drive Smasher.  Only use it for anti air or those select few combos
that the Spin Drive Smasher won't connect to.
-The Sniping Arrow's recovery time is a massive asset.  The knockdown of the
Sniping Arrow has minor juggling affects which can set the opponent up for
damage.  As I already mentioned, you can stick a Cannon Spike at the end of it
if you time it right.  Heh, with proper timing you can stick almost anything
after a Sniping Arrow with the major exception of the Spin Drive Smasher.
-Toxic Skull sends this simple yet effective combo:
Jump in HK, low MP, Sniping Arrow



These are just little things about Juli or SF that I find interesting.

Juli's Stats
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Blood Type: B
Bust: 36 in
Waist: 22.8 in
Hips: 33.6 in

-You may be under the impression that I hate Cammy from my comments.  This
isn't true--she's actually one of my favorite characters.  It just happens to
be that I like a few things about Juli and I'm trying to support her.  Also,
though I think that Juli and Juni's suits are cool, I always have and always
will hate Cammy's Shadoloo outfit.  Always.

-Juli can charge her bar while Karin has Geese Howard-style counters. 
Something tells me that Capcom has been "borrowing" some ideas from their
rivals at SNK.  Oh well, it's fine as long as the Orochi menace doesn't
"coincidentally" show up in the next Street Fighter game.

-Juli can do the Mach Slide, Juni's teleport style dash.  The player can't
activate it but you can see her do it in one of her victory poses.  Perhaps
Capcom will make it player controllable in a future game.

-Juli means July in German and Juni means June.

-I made up this guide's subtitle, Shadoloo's Silent Assassin of July, based off
of other poetic sounding nicknames I have seen for characters in other games
programmed in Japan.

-Some of Juli's normal attacks sound more dangerous that some characters'
specials or supers.  I mean "Stun Rapier" versus "Vertical Rolling"

-Is it just me, or do Juli and Juni directly parallel with Mature and Vice from
The King of Fighters?  Two females with similar moves working for a world
dominating psycho.  Hm...

-Since Capcom decided to replace Noembleu with Juli, I feel I have to state
this.  Thunder Hawk isn't Mexican.  M.Bison ran the Thunder Foot tribe off
their reservation and they fled to Mexico.


[8]-Need to Do

I need to practice with Juli more so I can improve the guide.  I intend on
adding stuff for her other two ISMs as I practice in them.  I need to replace
my DC and get back into the swing of things.  I want to do a v2.0 of this guide
with damage listings.


[9]-Special Thanks

You should always credit those who support you.

-God, for the blessings that have been bestowed upon me in my life.

-My parents for raising me and supporting me.

-My younger brother and sister my eternal sparring partners.  They serve as my
competition since I don't visit the arcades that much.  Their gloating over
some (but thankfully not all) of their victories has prompted me to improve. 
They also taught me that a simple victory, like a grab, is better than a flashy
demise, like a missed super.

-Capcom - www.capcom.com - Um, because they made SFA3 of course.  Lots of other
cool games, too.  I think that the Japanese branch is infinitely better than
Capcom of USA but that's another matter entirely...

-SNK - www.snk.co.jp - For providing an alternate fighting experience with
unique characters and gameplay.

-Toxic Skull for his support and the combo he submitted.

-Kao Megura for making really good FAQs for other fighting games that caused me
to get better in this one.

-CammyFan - www.cammyfan.com - His Cammy info and info of the Shadoloo fighting
dolls helped me write the story section of this FAQ.

-Dash Taisen - www.dashtaisen.com - Where I got Juli's normals from.  Has some
interesting fighting game stuff such as translations of common Japanese
fighting terms and pictures of Ibuki's (SF3) cancelled super.

-Saiki, Fat Dave, True Warrior, etc. - Starting a massive post about the true
SF story.  It is currently available at:

-GameFAQs - www.gamefaqs.com
-NeoSeeker - www.neoseeker.com
-The Street Fighter Grand Archive - www.geocities.com/liquidfists
All of these places currently host my guide.  I especially thank Ken from SFGA
since it is a personal site full of SF goodies and info.




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