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General FAQs

Character FAQs

Aijm 06/05/98 CTan 15K
Apharmd B 09/24/02 Rolander 0.95 149K
Bal 12/24/98 ATan 1.0 16K
Balbados/Balbaros/Balkeros Move List Anonymous 3.2 10K
Balbados/Balbaros/Balkeros Techniques 05/28/98 KenBanYa 23K
Cypher 06/28/98 ATan 10K
Dordray friction 1.0 15K
Specineff (DC) 11/24/00 OtakuDude007 0.5 22K

In-Depth FAQs

Basic Operations FAQ 05/14/98 RDeLoura 1.1 13K
Close Combat Guide 08/01/00 Quad 29K
Special Moves FAQ 06/06/98 CTan 1.0 19K
Vs. CPU Guide (DC) 06/27/00 GFredrick 1.0 75K

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