Review by DA J DAWG

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

A good fighting game with quite a few good characters and super moves

This game does not have the most original characters in the world, but it is entertaining. It has a lot of cool looking super moves and interesting and innovative characters. Such as Zankuro, Gore and Saturn. Some of the cooler super moves are very funny.A must see move is Saturn's Showtime! Saturn dizzies his opponent then yells showtime and the two start dancing, then he stops and smacks hisopponent!!! It is also very damaging also. Some other cool moves are June booty bumping, Gore thowing a meteor from the sky, Lucca pulling out a flamethrower, Blood doing his multiple upward slashes with his sword and B. Hayato's phycho-green-energy-sword attack. But some moves are repetive and boring like June's energy ring explosion looks like Chun-li's Kikoshen. A few charactershave super moves that are just combos.

Another cool thing about this game are the hitting-people-on-the-groundattack. The best one is Rain jumping in the air landing on the opponentsticking her really cool looking wand in her opponent's face and smacking him/herwith it. Then she does a evil laugh!

One problem is the ammount of characters, with the exception of Zankuro andRain each character has a strikingly similar counterpart. The only thing differentabout them are the super moves. This really causes too many characters. One good thing is if you don't like how one character looks you can switch to the other.

Another cool feature is the plasma field. It is like a custom combo. Each characterhas a different effect. One of the coolest is Blood's time stop. The other character freezes and you can pummel his butt 6 ways to sunday.

Here are some of the pros and cons.
PRO: Rain's costume CON: June's costume
PRO: Saturn's Yo Yo's CON: Zankuro's claws
PRO: B. Hayato CON: Bilstein

Overall the game is really good.

Rating: 8

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