Review by ThisisD7

Reviewed: 11/13/06

Great game but the other 2 are much better

Aero Fighters

A superb vertically scrolling shoot-em-up in which the player chooses an ace fighter pilot from a selection of four countries (USA, Japan, Denmark and Britain) and takes to the skies to destroy enemy jets, boats, helicopters, gun emplacements and huge end-of-level bosses. Features colorful, detailed 2-D graphics and a good level of challenge.

-Game Play- 7/10

You will spend a good chunk of your quarters figuring out which fighter has the best weapons. The enemies have fairly good aim and sadly most of the time more then half the screen is filled with enemy fire. The levels get harder and more frustrating with harder enemies, better aim by the enemies. This game does have it's fun parts but it falls into the "basic shoot-em-up" genre with nothing really special or anything that really stands out.

-The Audio- 8/10

The music for this game is pretty good, there is no cheesy midi tunes. The music changes every single level. It also tends to match the level theme with the type of music it plays. I found myself humming some of the tunes long after I was done playing the game. Overall I think the music is one of the better parts of this game.

-The Visuals- 8/10

The visuals themselves are really good for a game made in 1992. The backgrounds are very rich in color and detail. Even the enemies and your planes are very detailed. My only complaint is that sometimes the enemy fire blends into the background and you get killed without even really seeing it. But other then that it looks pretty good.

-The Verdict- 8/10

This game has all the aspects of being a great shoot-em-up but sadly the lack of game play really puts this game down. The visuals and audio are very good and stand out in this game. This game as very little to almost no playback value, it's still a classic in my mind but not one I'd play often if other machines were around. There are better shoot-em-up games out there. Aero Fighters just doesn't match up to the rest of them.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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