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Ryu by YMinako

Version: 1 | Updated: 11/03/98

   version 1
   7:18 PM 11/3/98
   Author: yinako minako

   This is the new style of using Ryu for SF3, in this
   faq it is assume you know about moves and combos for
   Ryu. The "opponent" referred many times in this faq
   usually applies to Ryu, Ken, Akuma, after all this is
   about professional SF3 challenge. The strategies are
   written in numbered form and in order of importance!
   So the first point is the most important point!! The
   [brackets] act as heading help you to memorize the
   notes, so you know exactly what to do in the arcade,
   when think of those headings. The rest are additional
   notes, by the way non of this faq is written with
   jab, strong, fierce etc., because it don't make sense.
   The original acronym should be LP, MP etc. (low punch,
   medium punch.)


   Ryu should be always played slow never rush a game, I
   personally always play until time runs out opponent
   will rush at the end. Ryu is build based on a confident
   martial artist, he's moves are robust and combo should
   only be used at the right time in the right place. (By
   the way i didn't just make this up, its in the official
   capcom SF guide.)

     *  *  *
      \ | /      LP  MP  HP
   *==     ==*
      / | \      LK  MK  HK
     *  *  *
1. [HK up, HK down]

   use the jump HK, trip HK allot why? Because they are far
   powerful then those jump in 3 hit combos. Capcom kept
   this powerful move as original as SF2. (This also annoy
   the opponent a lot, since some stupid kid did a 2 hit
   and 1/4 of their blood is gone.)
2. [no fireball fight]

   Don't play fireball followed by dragon punch it doesn't
   work anymore, Even if you try play this style carefully
   you'll still get kicked by the professionals. If opponent
   use this style on you, pretend to jump in when he throws a
   fireball, when he do the dragon punch do a low air parry
   so you land in front of him, now I would do a HP-HK chain
   combo. Try playing without any fireball, it will sharpen
   your close counter abilities.
3. [parry fireball]

   Parry all fireballs or projectiles, is not worth parrying
   trips unless you are really, really, really good at it!
   You must have the rhythm when parrying akuma's 3 hit
   fireball, you don't need to tap the joystick really fast,
   also if the opponent dash forward or back while you parry,
   it can skip frames a little and makes it harder, so do that
   while your opponent is parrying. If Akuma's air fireball
   land beneath you feet, you must do a low parry. practice
   parry a few times once you get that right you can also
   parry ryu's super fireball etc.
4. [jump HP]

   IF opponent do a jump HK, and you don't have a dragon punch
   do an early jump HP it is way faster then the HK.
5. [stunt fireball]

   The best super is stunt fireball, use it when you are far from
   opponent and hold the button, if opponent jump release it were
   he will land. If he is waiting for you just keep on holding it
   down until it charged up to max. speed and will automatically be
   released. It takes 1/2 a second for this haddoken to travel
   across the screen!! No one have ever jumped over this as soon
   as they see it. And many people don't know you can't block this
   move, and of cause after dizzy do a super jump forward do what
   ever you like now.

   Additional notes on Ryu
   IF you want to do overheads try use the normal --* MP instead
   of | | HP, this move is a poke not a combo starter I
      * *
   personally don't recommend it, it leaves you open after strike.
   Don't use overhead more than once in a round. The dragon punch
   is no longer invencable now, you can tap the HP early in a jump
   and the dragon punch would just clash with this move. I use the
   HK instead, it is a lot more stylish anyway.

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