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    Hugo by JKuroki

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                           STREET FIGHTER III  2ND IMPACT
                                   GIANT ATTACK
    HUGO strategy guide                                          Version 1.3
                                   by James Kuroki
                 Unpublished work Copyright 1997-1998 James Kuroki
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be
    reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be
    altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice
    appears in full.  This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional
    purposes; this includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides,
    books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way.
    This FAQ was created and is owned by me, James Kuroki <Gundam3108@aol.com>.
    All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically
    mentioned in this FAQ.  Please give credit where it is due.
    The Street Fighter series  is (c) Capcom of Japan and Capcom of America.
    2.  HOW TO PLAY
    3.  HUGO INTRO
      1.   I N T R O D U C T I O N / R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y
    Street Fighter III...not the best in the series that I've ever played,
    really I was disappointed.  Then came 2nd Impact...  "Oh, it's just gonna
    be like the first, fun for the first couple of minutes," is what I thought.
    Boy, was I wrong.  Sure, it's still slow and still below what is should
    be.  But it IS a major improvement over the first.  The overall gameplay
    is sped up and intensified with the EX moves.  "Blocking" (or parrying)
    has been modified so turtling is almost useless.  Gouki (Akuma)is
    back in it.  Overall, I think it's a game worth playing for awhile.
    REVISION HISTORY__________________________________________________________
    Version 1.3
    Initial release.  Hope this is good.  I figure there
    won't be too many updates.
    Version 1.0
    Finished.  Pulled together from Gamest magazines and
    self-experience.  But after some opinions, decided to
    improve format.
    Version 0.5  (XXXXX)
    Originally one FAQ.  Split it up to two FAQs:  General
    Strategy FAQ and Hugo FAQ.
    Construction of Version 0.0 began on December 16, 1997.
      2.    H  O  W       T  O      P  L  A  Y
     O   O   O       Jump Backward         Jump Up      Jump Forward
      \  |  /
     O-- O --O       Retreat/Guard         Neutral      Approach
      /  |  \
     O   O   O       Defensive Crouch      Crouch       Offensive Crouch
    O  O  O         Weak Punch (WP)      Medium Punch (MP)    Heavy Punch (SP)
    O  O  O         Weak Kick (WK)       Medium Kick (MK)     Heavy Kick (SK)
    All the moves in this FAQ are displayed using simple commands shortening.
    If you are on the second player (right) side, you will be facing the other
    way, so reverse all left- and right-based directions.  Use the buttons to
    inflict damage, and the joystick to maneuver yourself around the playing
    field.  Use a combination of joystick directions and buttons to perform
    special moves and other various commands.
    The command shortenings are as following:
    d = down
    u = up
    f - forward
    b = back
    (these four can be combined for diagonal motions)
    qcf = quarter circle forward
    qcb = quarter circle backward
    hcf = half circle forward
    hcb = half circle backward
    joystick 360 = spin the joystick a full circle
    x(N) = (N) times
    WP = Weak Punch
    MP = Medium Punch
    SP = Heavy Punch
    WK = Weak Kick
    MK = Medium Kick
    SK = Heavy Kick
    Weak (move A) = special move A used with the Light attack button
    Mid (move A) = special move A used with the Medium attack button
    Strong (move A) = special move A used with the Heavy attack button
    Jm = Jumping
    St = Standing
    Cr = Crouching
    (move A) --> (move B) = move A followed by move B (doesn't have to be a
      3.    H  U  G  O      I  N  T  R  O
    Let's get started!  First off, I suggest you read my general strategy FAQ
    and practice with the game; I consider it part of the Hugo FAQ.  This
    giant (240 cm, 200 kg) is an ADVANCED CHARACTER.  Some people like to
    say, he sucks.  But I'm usually play these kind of characters so I say
    Advanced Level Character.  You must know how to play to win with him.
    Without basic skills, you don't stand a chance.  LEARN BASIC SKILLS AND
    AT LEAST SOME ADVANCED TECHNIQUES.  Here are my suggested requirements:
    1)  BE ABLE TO PLAY SFIII: 2ND IMPACT STYLE!  You must be used to the
        gameplay and the general strategies of this game, because Zero (Alpha)
        strategies don't work, especially not with Hugo!
        If you can't parry, you can't play!  Hugo is much too slow to react to
        most situations.  Parrying may be the only means of a chance to
        counter the opponents flurry.  Air parrying will help you dig into the
        opponent's defense.
    3)  LEARN TO ANTICIPATE THE OPPONENT'S MOVE.  This means knowing which kind
        of player the opponent is (good, a turtler, or a spasmastic), and
        figuring out his strategy and his next move.  With Hugo, you must react
        much ahead of time.
    4)  KNOW HUGO'S MOVES AND THEIR ATTRIBUTES.  A requirement for mastering
        any character.
    5)  READ THIS FAQ!  OK, OK, I know this is a bad way to force you to read
        this FAQ but I'm positive it will help you.  This has strategies from
        Gamest and my personal experience, so I know it's useful.
    Here's a little background info on our big buddy:
    He was born in the countryside of Germany.  He also has two little sisters.
    When he was twenty, he aimed for a wrestling career, against
    his mama's will, and left the house.  He said that he would come back a
    splendid man, but so far he doesn't believe he has become one yet.
    After that, he left the country and, even if he returned to Germany, he
    never stopped by his hometown.  Ah, yes, his wrestling manager is a Street
    Warrior:  Poison from the Mad Gear gang of Final Fight.  For all those of
    you who don't know and still are drooling while looking at her ass,
    POISON IS A GUY!!!!  You got that?!  Everyone at my arcade keep staring at
    her (him) and I have to break there hearts by telling them this shocking
    truth.   He's split up with Poison two or three times, but it seems Poison
    is his best partner.  The story for this game is that he is looking for a
    tag team partner, after is old one died.
    He is pretty confident of his own power, and it does not matter if the
    people around him accept him or not.  Because of that, he's taken a lot
    of bashing and gone head-to-head with some varieties, but also because of
    this heroism he has many friends.  But he's surprisingly fragile when it
    comes to feelings and emotions.  As you can tell, he isn't all that
    He's a wrestler, so maybe, um, wrestling?  With his humongous size and
    heavy weight, he can use his body as a weapon with his muscle power with
    ease.  With holds of a pro wrestler, throws of megaton rank destructive
    power, and his long reach, he has more than enough to make up for the
    slowness.  Especially with his muscular arms he confuses the opponent's
    sense of speed with heroic lariats, and put on enough pressure to make
    the opponent stand petrified.
      4.    S  H  O  R  T      M  O  V  E      L  I  S  T
    This basically is a list of moves.  Plain and simple.
    Body Slam:  (close) f or b + SP
    Choke:      (close) f or b + MP, then jam on buttons
    Lever moves:
    Moving Drop Kick:    f or b + SK
    Flying Body Attack:  (in air) d + SP
    Special Moves:
    Giant Palm Bomber*:      qcb + P
    Moonsault Press:         joystick 360 + P
    Shootdown Backbreaker:   f, d, df + P
    Monster Lariat*:         qcf + K
    Ultra Throw:             hcb + K
    Moves with a * means it has an EX version.
    Super Arts:
    I    Gigas Breaker:                             360 x2 + P  (stock:  1)
    II   Megaton Press:                             qcf x2 + K  (stock:  2)
    III  Hammer Mountain (US ver:  Hammer Frenzy):  qcf x2 + P  (stock:  2)
      5.    M  O  V  E      A  N  A  L  Y  S  I  S
    Here's how to read these:
    N:  Name of move (temp - this means that I don't know the "official"
        name of the move so I improvised.)  (SAs use roman numerals instead
        of N)
    C:  Command of move
    D:  Description of what it does
    A:  Analysis of move (how to use it, when to use it, strategies, pros,
        cons, etc.)
    Lever Moves:
    N:  Moving Drop Kick (temp)
    C:  f or b + SK
    D:  His standing SK, but it moves forward or backwards, depending on the
        direction you press.
    A:  This move is slow.  Avoid using this move, for it a useless one.  If
        you try to do the Ultra Throw, it'll turn into this (backwards one)
        often, pushing you way out of throwing range and well into far range,
        an unfortunate thing.
    N:  Flying Body Attack (temp)
    C:  (in air) d + SP
    D:  Hugo opens his arms and attack with his chest.
    A:  Pretty useful.  If you know that the opponent is not going to
        counter you in the air, then use it.  Hard to aim for, but does fair
        amount of damage, stun damage is high, and works as a combo starter.
        Aim for the cross-up as they get up.  This works goods.
    N:  Body Slam (temp)
    C:  (close) f or b + SP
    D:  Hugo picks 'em up and slams 'em down.
    A:  You can control which way Hugo throws his opponents.  Useful for
        setting them up in the corner.  Little range though.  If missed it
        turns into a close SP (elbow), which is slow, but an overhead.  I
        think that this is more bad than good.  So throw only if you know
        that you can throw (point blank).  Otherwise, stick to the Ultra
        Throw or Moonsault Press if you not too sure.
    N:  Choke (temp)
    C:  (close) f or b + MP, then jam on buttons
    D:  Hugo pick up his opponent and chokes them repeatedly
    A:  You can't control the direction on this one, it only goes forward.
        The more you press, the more it wastes.
    Special Moves:
    N:  Giant Palm Bomber
    C:  qcb + p
    D:  Hugo stretches his hands wide out and claps them together.  The
        stronger the punch, the slower the "start-up" is, but also the longer
        the enemy is in his/her "getting-hit motion".  The EX version is
        quicker, but pretty useless.
    A:  You can follow this up with a Lariat.  Other than that, this move is
        one you'll rarely use.
    N:  Moonsault Press
    C:  Joystick 360 + p
    D:  Hugo grabs the guy, jump up (and a little backwards) while spinning,
        the smooshes the opponent with a body press.
    A:  You'll be using this a lot.  This is THE most powerful special move
        Hugo has.  The only problem is the range is VERY limited.  Try to get
        used to his range, because he has a whiff-motion for missing.  Don't
        expect this to help get out of corners, because it goes backwards.
        Also, you can take a small hit and it will still initiate!!  I
        highly suggest you know how to do this move without jumping!
    N:  Shootdown Backbreaker
    C:  f, d, df + k
    D:  Hugo leaps forward, pulling the opponent down (assuming he was
        jumping) behind his neck, backbreaking them, and tossing 'em to the
        side.  The button decides the angle of the jump.
    A:  You can't use this move as a Shoryuken-like move.   You can easily
        be knocked out of this move.  You want to predict your opponent's
        next move and connect as he is coming up or at the peak of his jump.
        Use the strong one as your main.  The weaker ones have less of an
        angle but are somewhat slow.  Still, I never said not to use the
        other ones at all!  But you can use the strong one to get in close,
        because it is quick.  This move can be parryable!
    N:  Monster Lariat
    C:  qcf + k
    D:  Hugo runs (waddles?) forward and swings his arm.  If it hits, he
        catches them on the neck and clotheslines 'em.  EX version is a bit
    A:  This will be your other main move.  The weak one is quick and has
        little openings, even when blocked.  The timing for parrying is off,
        so it makes it hard to parry.  EX doesn't help, too much.  Shortened
        to "Lariat".
    N:  Ultra Throw
    C:  hcb + k
    D:  Hugo grabs the opponent and throws him against the wall.  The
        opponent bounces off the wall.
    A:  You can follow up with several moves, including normal moves,
        Shootdown, and Megaton.  You can also set up for combos.  If there's not
        a good opportunity to waste major damage, stick to the Moonsault.
        Certain characters are lighter than others, so they will fly higher
    Super Arts:
    I:    Gigas Breaker
    C:    Joystick 360 x2 + p
    D:    Hugo grabs the opponent, jumps in the air (like a Moonsault),
          performs a SDB (Shootdown Backbreaker), jumps higher and another
          SDB, them jumps REAL high into a Moonsault.
    A:    "Ichhi geki hisastu!"  "Ipatsu gyakuten"  describe the property of
          this move.  Basically meaning "One-hit certain-death" and "One-hit
          reversal", these explain it all.  Major damage, one chance.  On top
          of that, it has the longest SA gauge.  It comes out quick, and has
          a certain level of invincibility around the leg area.  I recommend
          this one, especially for advanced Hugo players.
    II:   Megaton Press
    C:    qcf x2 + k
    D:    Hugo flies at an angle in the air.  If he grabs his opponent, he
          flies up, and spins in place for a while, then slams the opponent
          down, and finishes with a body press.
    A:    Of all the SAs, this is probably the worst.  It is not bad, but
          when compared to the others it can't contest.  Gigas is powerful,
          and Hammer is practical.  This requires the opponent to be in air
          and does not do the wanted amount of damage.   Thus it is a very
          ineffective SA.  It is, however, fairly useful against those who
          like to jump.  It is harder to knock Hugo out of this than the
          Shootdown Backbreaker.
    III:  Hammer Mountain (Amer. ver:  Hammer Frenzy)
    C:    qcf x2 + p
    D:    Hugo runs forward and releases a flurry of attacks.  (I think
          St WP --> St MP --> close St SP --> Palm (2 hits)) The button
          determines how far he will run before releasing the flurry.
    A:    Shortest bar out of the three SAs.  You should use this as
          short-bar SAs should be used:  use as soon as you get a stock.  It
          may be a little harder, because Hugo's slowness also makes it
          harder to charge up quickly.  Can connect with WPs.  This is the
          recommended novice SA:  easy to use yet powerful.
      6.    C  O  M  B  O  S    /    S  E  M  I  -  C  O  M  B  O  S
    Here are the few combos Hugo has.
    Cl:  Strong Ultra Throw--> Strong Palm (x4) --> St SP  (Corner only)
    If you get the opponent in this combo, it's all over.  It's best that you
    aren't too close to the corner, but a couple steps back.  Use the SK
    Ultra, and time it so the Palm will hit.  Certain characters are lighter
    than others, so the timing will vary.  Immediately input the other Palms
    (all SP) in a row. Follow it up with a St SP.  Be sure you don't jam on
    the joystick too hard, because doing that can turn the Palm into a
    Moonsault or a Gigas.  This will stun anyone!  You can do it again, and
    it will kill them.  I like to rub it in with a Gigas.  Use the Body Slam
    throw (SP) to get them in the corner.  Do not aim for this combo!!  You
    will not get this combo in if the opponent knows what you're aiming for.
    Hugo is not a character that can just force an average player in the
    corner.  You must play a well-planned match, using strategies.  When the
    chance comes, use it.
    C2:  Flying Body Attack --> Cr/St WP (x4 or 5) --> Weak Hammer
    Very simple combo, yet powerful.  Utilizes Hugo's only TC:  repeated WPs.
    While repeatedly pressing WP, just input the command (qcf x2).  The St
    WPs also connects and the Weak Hammer will initiate, completing the combo.
    C3:  Giant Palm Bomber--> Lariat
    A useless combo, but it looks good.  The stronger the punch for the Palm,
    the longer it takes to initiate, but when it hits, it stuns longer, giving
    you more time to input the Lariat.  If you hit at point blank range, use
    the Weak Lariat.  If you hit at the very edge of Hugo's hand, use the
    Mid Lariat.
    Semi-combos are not really combos, but are useful strategies.   If you
    use them, you'll understand what I mean.  These are extremely useful and
    will often be incorporated into your strategies.
    SC1:  Cr WK --> Cancel Weak Lariat
    This will be your main form of attack.  The opponent often will try to
    react to the WK and will be knocked down by the Lariat.  The WK Lariat
    has very little opening, so most times you can repeat this semi-combo
    over and over without fear of a counter attack.
    SC2:  Weak Lariat --> Moonsault OR Gigas
    Combine with SC1 to make SC3.  This is an important combo to remember.
    The opponent must know what's coming up after the Lariat in order to
    jump to dodge it.  If they are slow to react or try to attack after the
    Lariat, they will be sucked in.  Only quick release moves (like a
    Shinryuken) can intercept between the Lariat and Moonsault or Gigas.
    After pulling this off two or three times try replacing the Moonsault
    with the SDB, WK for people jumping straight up, and SK for those who
    jump back.
      7.    S  T  R  A  T  E  G  I  E  S
    At the start of the round you have four choices:
    (1)  Use SK SDB
    (2)  MK Lariat
    (3)  Backstep and start from there
    (4)  Parry oncoming attack and counter
    (1)  is a great thing to pull off against people who love to jump in at
    the start of the round.  If they jump in at the beginning, there is a
    very high chance that you will get them.  This is also useful for those
    who stand there at the start.  Often they try to attack, but usually too
    early, so you land behind them.  Use a Moonsault or, if you have it, a
    Gigas.  Don't use this every round, because of the opening it leaves
    when you miss.
    (2) is another great way to get in close to the opponent.  The reason for
    using the Mid Lariat is because it is just the perfect range from the
    starting point.  It can catch many off guard.  Although recovery time is a
    little slower than the WK Lariat, you should still try to suck them in
    with a Moonsault.
    (3) is a basic strategy.  I don't use this often because I want to damage
    the opponent as soon as possible.  But it is something you should consider
    constantly, just in case.
    (4) is a great strategy against aggressive players.  Anticipate the move
    and timing and parrying it.  From there --you guessed it-- a Moonsault or
    Gigas is the recommended.
    During Battle
    Use all the SCs, they are extremely useful during battle.  Make sure on
    SC2 and SC3 to switch to a Shootdown once in a while.  If you have
    Hammer, then use C2.  If your in the corner, throw the opponent into it
    and use C1.  Make sure you know how to parry.  It is essential for when
    you jump in.  It allows you to get a chance to give heavy damage to the
    To Finish It
    Use a close Weak or Mid Lariat.  It's quick and should do the trick.  A
    close to mid range EX Lariat works well.  The SCs also work good here.
    If they don't have a stock of a quick-release move, then use the Strong
    Shootdown often in SC2 and SC3, because most of the time they want to
      8.    A  C  K  N  O  W  L  E  D  G  E  M  E  N  T  S
    Here are the people and magazines I would like to thank:
    Kao Megura                          Helped me on my first FAQ (this) and
    <kmegura@yahoo.com>                 gave me a base to structure my FAQ
    Gamest                              THE greatest arcade magazine there
                                        is.  It gave me moves, strategies and
                                        combos.  Couldn't have done it w/o
      9.    N  O  T  E      F  R  O  M      T  H  E      A  U  T  H  O  R
    This is one of my first FAQs.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you have any
    suggestions, corrections, or opinions then send'em to me, James Kuroki,
    at <Gundam3108@aol.com> and make sure you title it good, because I erase
    real quick.  I need opinions, so please send any comments, especially
    about the format, the buttons, and the terminology.  I like almost any
    type of game, so if you want to talk, then feel free to email me on that
    and I will give my opinion.
    Use this document freely, and I hope you get some useful information
    from this FAQ.  No one plays SFIII: 2nd Impact lately because of the
    other new games.  Oh, well.  I still play it (and everything else  ^_^;).
    Have fun!
    Unpublished work Copyright 1997-1998 James Kuroki

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