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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr Kelly R Flewin

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    Wonderboy Guide
    Version: Final
    Author: Mr. K. Flewin (Kelly Flewin)
    Email: Tknomncr@Hotmail.Com
    This Guide is for private use only, and may not be reproduced or
    altered in anyway. This may not be sold or used in anyway
    to earn a profit, such as putting it on a CD and selling it
    that way, or ANY Such manner not listed here. I am not associated
    nor affiliated with the creators of this game and system, Sega.
    This Guide was written by me, K. Flewin. I am not associated
    nor affiliated with any copyrights not mentioned in this Guide.
    TknoMncr is Mr. K. Flewin  [Tknomncr@Hotmail.Com]
    This guide is Copyright Mr. Kelly Flewin, 2002
                  Copyright Time Traveller's Inc. 1999-2002
    [Just saving my ass folks]
    Revision History
    v1.00 - This little guide complete. I may TRY to compile a
    	walkthru to accompany this, but it will become
    	monotonous since alot of levels are merely
    	duplicates of previous ones, only with more enemies,
    	more falling ledges/clouds or lack of.. and more
    	cunningly placed Dolls & Letters which this guide
    v0.99 - EUREKA! I beat Area 7-4 WITH all 28 dolls and
    	THERE ARE!!!! More levels! Still missing the
    	Letter for 3-4....
    v0.98 - Found that damned Letter on 6-2! Also corrected 
    	the info on getting the	Letter on 6-1... don't 
    	know how I could've screwed that one up so bad.
            All that's left is a trip back to 3-4 to find
    	the last Letter.
    v0.97 - Slowly getting there! I lucked out and found the
            hidden Letter/1-Up on 4-4 & 5-4. Just 2 more left to 
            find unless I am correct and there's more then 28 
    v0.96 - Made some minor corrections to scoring, added a new item
            & completed the Boss items. Also completed the game at
    	last... but for some reason seem to be missing a doll..
    	or so it said.. I coulda sworn I got all 28... Trying
    	again. [Positive there's more then 28 levels!]
    v0.95 - Now only missing The Letters on 3-4, 4-4, 5-4 & 6-2 and 
            need to write down the items for the next levels past 4
            as I was a complete moron and forgot. :(
     Greetings fellow adventurers! Ready for a nice little island
    adventure where you WON'T be voted off? Well then you've come
    to the right place :) This is my small little guide to the fun
    Adventure sidescroller, Wonderboy.
     Basically in Wonderboy, your goal is simple, collect all the
    Doll's and save your Girlfriend from the clutches of evil. Sound
    easy? It might, but it isn't! You must pass through deadly forests,
    islands and caves and defeat each of the Guardians and their little
    friends, to stand a chance. To be able to advance on to the true
    ending of the game, though, you're going to have to collect all
    32 Dolls.
     In this guide, I will inform you of the location of each and every
    Doll as WELL As pointing out where the hidden letters can be
    found.... well as many as I can. Anyways, let us begin, shall we?
     The items you get from the bosses are [IN ORDER]
    Teddy Bear
    General Items
    Apple =  50 Points
    Banana Bunch = 50 Points
    Date = 100 Points
    Tomato = 100 Points
    Grapefruit = 200
    Hammer = 100 Points
    Skateboard = 200 Points
    Destroying Board = 50 Points
    Doll = 500 Points
    Controller = 500 Points
    Hamburger = 500 Points
    Fudge Sundae: 500 Points
    Pina Colada = 500 Points
    Pointsetta [If you got Doll and Died] = 500 Points
    Milk Jug = 500 Points
    Mushroom = 500 Points
    All Food After Mushroom till You Die = 500 Points
    French Fries = 500 Points [1000 Points with Mushroom]
    Milk Bottle = 1000 Points
    Letter = 1000, 2000 & 3000 Points Consecutively
    Death = 5000 Points [If you get to the goal with the little 
    		     bastard on your tail]
    Full Milk Jug: 10000 Points
    1 Up Doll = 1 Up.... duh!
    Angel = 50 Points for the 1st 4 things hit
            100 Points for the next 4 you hit
            200 Points for the next 3 you hit
            500 Points for the next 3 you hit
            1000 Points for the next 2 you hit
            2000 Points for the next 2 you hit
            3000 Points for the next 2 you hit
            5000 Points for the next 2 you hit
            10000 Points for the next 1 you hit
            Then a lame ass 500 Points for the next
            [4-1 Is a GOOD way to rack up this bonus!]  
    Quick Notes: For Maximum Bonus Points, try to get all the fruit you
                 can to max out your bar. Full Bar = Full Bonus. Full
                 Bonus = 10000 and a 10000 Doll Bonus as the bar is
                 reflective on your Doll Bonus.
                 If you manage to keep your skateboard all the way to
                 another egg with a skateboard in it, you end up getting
                 a 1000 point Milk Jar in its place.
                 You get an extra man at 30,000  120,000  210,000  
                 300,000 and so forth.
    Area 1 Round 1
     The First Sega Letter can be found after the second Egg and before
    the first Mosquito. Keep shooting the ground before the mosquito
    arrives and it will reveal itself.
     The First Doll of the game is very obvious. Right after the small
    ledge with 2 Rocks and 2 Sneils, you can jump onto a springboard
    and snag the Doll.
    Area 1 Round 2
     The next Sega Letter comes fairly early in this level. On the Second
    Island, after you beat the 3 Sneils, hammer the far Right edge and it
    will reveal another letter. :)
     The Second Doll is also right in the open. It is in Section 4 of
    the level, shortly after the sign post. You will find a cloud moving
    from Side to Side and the Doll will be waiting for you via a simple
    jump to the next Cloud.
    Area 1 Round 3
     In the ice Area of Part 3, you will encounter a speckled egg. Usualy
    you should avoid these, as they contain the evil devil who will stay
    till your health is near gone... but if you leap or hit beside the egg,
    you will find your 3rd Sega Letter in the middle of the egg. Grab it
    and wait till it's gone and then run like mad and get all the food
    you can. Sometimes it will appear before the egg, so approach with
    caution of the icicles above.
     The 3rd Doll is a bit trickier here though. At the near end you will
    come to a platform going down and an egg before it. The Platform goes
    into a pit before coming out of the ceiling and the doll is at the
    bottom. Time your leap so the platform just reaches the doll and then
    jump out on to the safety of the ledge.
    Area 1 Round 4
     The 4th Doll comes really easy in this level. Almost right at the
    beginning, you will find it at the last Moving Spider of the first
     Now, if you've collected all the Letters to this point, you will
    end up getting a bonus life. You can find this a short distance
    after the first Coyote and between the 2 fires.
    Area 2 Round 1
     You fill find the first new Letter in the middle of the second
    Island, right after the falling Cloud.
     You will find the 5th Doll in Area 3 near its end. You will have
    to navigate 2 moving clouds carefully, but it's an easy snag.
    Area 2 Round 2
     The 6th Doll is into Area 2 of the level and is attained easily
    enough by taking a quick leap on the springboard to also reach the
    next ledge.
     You'll find the next Sega letter hidden away almost right after the
    2 rising ledges. After you fall to the next level, shoot or jump right
    before the bat comes and you will find it.
    Area 2 Round 3
     The next Sega letter is found in Area 2, just after the 2 Green
    Frogs and before the Blue Pygmy. Shoot around and you will find it. :)
     The 7th Doll Is in plain view right after the 2 tricky frogs. You
    need to time your jump though, as the moving ledges can be tricky.
    Area 2 Round 4
     Your extra life is here, if you've been nabbing the letters :) You
    will find it after the Crimson Flower [Where the Coyote comes and
    jumps over you].
     This is also the first stage where the Doll is HIDDEN! It's not
    an easy find, believe me, especially when you have no Hammer.
    Right after the spring board jump, run into the first rock and you
    will find the doll. :)
    Area 3 Round 1
     As you get to the rising Platform, there is a solitary rock before
    the cliff. Run into it for your Doll.
     Shortly after the Doll, you'll take a nice plummet down. Shoot nearby
    and you will uncover the letter. :)
    Area 3 Round 2
     When you come to the first Green frog, just after a fire, let it jump
    3 times and into the fire and POOF! You got the Doll. :)
     You will find the Letter by shooting around just as your invincibility
    Angel runs out and just before the goal.
    Area 3 Round 3
     Right after the 2 octopi, you will find the letter at the very
    beginning of the new island.
     The doll is a bit trickier to get. Just into Area 4, you will see
    the doll... and a nice stack of clouds rising. You have to make
    sure you don't go to far forward and can eek your way Left and land
    on a newly rising cloud, to ensure you get the Doll.
    Area 3 Round 4
     After the 2 bonfires in Area 4, and just before you go uphill, the
    first stone contains the Doll.
     In Area 2, you'll come across a frog between 2 roaring fires. Start
    shooting after the fires, between the high and low fruit that appear,
    and you will find the elusive Letter or 1-Up.
    Area 4 Round 1
     As this is basically Area 1, Round 1 only harder, the doll is very
    close in position. Near the end of the level, you will come across
    3 rocks and 2 sneils. The 3rd rock contains the doll.
     You'll find the Letter after the 1st frog and just before the
    Area 4 Round 2
     After Area 2 begins, climb up the ledges and the rock at the top
    contains the hidden Doll.
     After the boulder in Area 2, on the top level, you'll find the
    Letter between a rock and 2 fires.
    Area 4 Round 3
     The first rock into Area 3 contains your prized Doll :)
     In Area 1, the first ledge you come to, shoot the Left corner
    and the Letter is yours.
    Area 4 Round 4
     After the second spingboard, you'll find the Doll between the
    2 fires.
     In Area 4, after you go uphill, you'll come across a Sneil and 
    a fire. Right after the fire, you'll find the doll between
    the 3rd and 4th stone. [You may have to jump around.. but
    the Extra Man or Letter may get into the 4th stone :( ]
    Area 5 Round 1
     Run full tilt into the last Sneil on the first island and you
    will nab the Doll.
     To find the Letter, start shooting just before the Goal sign.
    Area 5 Round 2
     To get the doll, run into the First native girl.
     The Letter is in Area 3, in the middle area of the island
    after the 3 skulls.
    Area 5 Round 3
     There are 3 rocks just before Area 3. Simply hop onto the middle
    one and poof! You got the next Doll.
     Near the end, you'll come to a drop with 3 fruits and a raising
    platform. Before you take the plunge, shoot the edge for the
    Area 5 Round 4
     To find the hidden Doll, run into the Sneil just before the Area
    4 sign.
     The Letter [Or 1-Up] is located JUST AFTER The Area 4 sign post. 
    Just behind the sign and it's yours.
    Area 6 Round 1
     When you're almost to Area 3, you'll see a Cobra spring forth.
    Make like the Crocodile Hunter and poke it in its ey... er.. run 
    into it and nab the Doll. ^^;;
     The Letter is found at the end of the island with all the boulders
    native girls and frogs.
    Area 6 Round 2
     In Area 3, just over the springboard. The trick here is to make
    sure the icicle drops first.
     In Area 2, after the frog, shoot around the end area of the
    platform to get the Letter.
    Area 6 Round 3
     Just as your invincibility is running out, quickly dash into the
    fire and you'll luck out and get the Doll.
     To get the Letter, you're going to have to get tricky. See that
    First speckled egg of doom? The Letter's hiding just beyond it.
    Area 6 Round 4
     To grab the Doll, quick and easy, run into the first native girl
    in Area 2.
     Just before the top of the hill in Area 4, start shooting and the
    next Letter, or extra life as the case maybe, will be found.
    Area 7 Round 1
     Springboard over the Chasm for the Doll, but be warned... it comes
    with a nasty price tag, in the form of the speckled egg, if you 
    aren't careful. I usually make it go down, get a good running
    leap and the pounce it and pray I clear the egg. 
     Just before the 3rd ice bridge in Area 2, jump around in front of
    the statue and you will come across the next Letter.
    Area 7 Round 2
     Run into the 1st native girl, just after the fires and skateboard
    and the next Doll is yours.
     You'll find the next Letter right after the last fruit and octopi
    on the begining island.
    Area 7 Round 3
     Just before Area 4, there's a falling ledge... but there's also a
    VERY fast boulder.. so grab the Doll and run fast!
     Just after the skateboard and the 2 boulders, shoot around and the
    last Letter, if you've gotten them all to this point, it will be 
    Area 7 Round 4
     To get the FINAL Doll of the game, run into the last native girl,
    just before the Area 4 sign post.
     To get the FINAL 1-UP, if you've gotten all the Letters, is yours
    by shooting around just after the top of the hill and the 3 fires.
    This pretty much concludes the guide. At this point you save Tina 
    if you beat the big bad ass... and dear god is he tough! I usually
    botch up and miss 1 Doll on my path to glory, but! If you do manage
    all the dolls, then READ ON ^^ Be warned... these levels.. dear
    Lord... it's like the nightmare levels from before... on Crack!
    I mean... take 8-2... not only are the jumps needing to be 
    flawless... but the Octopi and Marlin ARE EVERYWHERE!!!
    Area 8 Round 1
     The First Letter is located in the valley just after the 3 Native
    Girls go by and just before the Flaming Skulls. Shoot in here and 
    you'll find it.
     Shortly after, as you weave through the Flaming Skulls of Hell 
    maze, shortly after the letter, you'll see a bit of deep 
    hurting in the form of 2 rocks [after a fruit or pina colada]
    on the small land you hope would have been free. But worry not,
    for all you need to do is simply smash into the second rock and
    the doll is yours.
    Area 8 Round 2
     To find the Second Letter, shoot just before the Native Girl
    comes out, just before the tree and Area 3 Sign.
     The Doll is in plain view in Area 4... but you're going to have 
    to do some serious hammer throwing and jumping to nail this
    one without dying.
    Area 8 Round 3
     The Doll on this level is hidden and believe me, it's VERY!!
    Welcome. After the INSANE and most death defying leaps and
    precise hammer throws to date! [In Area 4] You end up at
    the end... only to see a roaring FIRE! Worry not though,
    for all you need to do is warm up to the idea and the Doll
    is yours.
     In Area 3, After the treacherous moving ledge and bat hammering 
    leaps, when you finally see the safety of the long platform,
    start shooting as the moving ledge brings you inwards and the
    Letter will be found right at the edge.
    Area 8 Round 4
     Most likely the EASIEST! To find Letter in the entire game...
    From the beginning... start shooting. Just underneath the first
    Spider is the Letter or 1-UP. 
     The TRULY FINAL! Doll is into Area 4. At the top of the hill 
    there are 4 roaring fires. Walk into the first one and it's all 
     Beat the final boss... who is truly nasty with his Double Fireballs!
    And you will rescue Tina. At this point you gain 10K for every Doll
    collected and an additional 500K bonus for beating the game... BUT
    That's it... no bloody ending or ANYTHING! Just a big fat GAME
    OVER Screen :( But hey.. you made it this far.. you got like 2
    million points or so now. ^^
     And that's all for my little guide :)
     If you want to distro it, be my guest. As long as you don't edit this in
    any way, unless permission is granted. You MUST ALSO Inform me of
    which website you wish to add it to so I may add the link to future
    updates and give my official OK. It MAY be editted to be displayed
    on a web page only if my name is intact and I am notified so I may come
    and marvel. :)
     It may be printed out... not like I could stop you :) Just please keep it
     This solve/walkthrough and any subsequent updates can always [Hopefully]
    be found/available at the following sites: [Updated as often as possible]
     Game Faqs  [http://www.gamefaqs.com]
     Wonderboy is copyright Sega [Under the Escape License] 1986
     This Guide is Copyright Mr. Kelly Flewin, 1999-2002
                  Copyright Time Traveller's Inc. 1999-2002

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