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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.1.0 | Updated: 09/10/03

Toki FAQ(Arcade game)
version 1.1.0
copyright 2001-2003 by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net

Please do not reprint this for profit. I wrote this document largely to 
help preserve good old memories and interest in classic(and especially 
'retro') games--both for myself and for others. If you really would like 
to post this on your website, please send me a polite e-mail addressing 
me by name and referring to this game specifically. If I don't know you 
I generally give away one FAQ at a time at first.

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My web page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762 




















  As Toki, you must go through six levels and defeat many weird 
monsters(weirder than you!) to defeat Vookimedlo, who has stolen your 
love Miho and changed you into a monkey(thank God he gave you chronic 
halitosis as well!)  Each level has a certain theme and although 
monsters may be cross-level each level is distinctive enough so that the 
game doesn't get boring. I think it can be seen as an improved version 
of Ghosts and Goblins although it has that Karnov flavor to it as well. 
In the arcade, you can continue a game for a quarter until level 6, 
where you have only 5 extra continues after you're killed off first. 
Level 6 is really annoying, especially the final boss, but in fact 
you'll have your hands full until then.

  Toki's a funny little fellow and more detailed than the human he wants 
to turn into. He looks like he appreciates a good fart joke and is just 
waiting to tell several(his death noise also sounds like he's heard a 
REALLY bad joke) and the scenery is amusing, which helps when the game's 
kicking your you know what.

  Moving Toki is pretty simple. You can get him to crawl, but he will 
move slower. He can also duck or jump, and he can change direction while 
he jumps. So if you are trying to jump over a wide pit, remember to 
follow through with your jump, or Toki will stop in midair and plunge to 
his death. Toki can turn and shoot in midair, which is useful. He can 
also shoot diagonally--in the top five of eight directions when he is 
walking left or right. He's restricted climbing down a plane to back-
forward shooting, and on a vine he can shoot five of the eight 
directions(to one side.)

  There are ports of this game to the NES and Sega Genesis systems. I've 
played the NES, and it's a dumbed down version of the arcade(you get 
several lives and a heart counter for health, i.e. a few hits) without 
some of the more exotic backgrounds. The Genesis version is apparently 
similar to the NES in difficulty, but it looks a bit nicer.

  Apparently the ROM translation is imperfect and you need the bootleg 
version(tokib.zip versus toki.zip) to get the sound in there. I think 
sound adds to the game, especially the wicked background tune for the 
second level, so why not get the augmented version if you can find it?


  There are two sorts of power-ups:  firing and non-firing. All power-
ups wear off with time or with Toki's death.

         **** NON-FIRING ****

  Toki can only have shoes or helmet at any one time, never both. This 
award appears as a trophy, and it's pretty clear if getting it will give 
Toki shoes or a helmet just by looking. You just have to remember that 
the shoes may look like wings. They seem to alternate, starting with a 

  Shoes:  Toki jumps higher. These aren't terribly useful. In fact if 
you have the helmet you may want to avoid these.
  Helmet:  Toki is protected from the chest up. "Low blows" will still 
kill him, as will blows from behind. However, he can duck to protect 
himself, but he will move slower. It's also a powerful offensive weapon. 
If Toki runs into something ahead of him, or even jumps, that monster 
will be destroyed immediately. Against the hardier monsters later on 
this is extremely useful.

           **** FIRING ****

  Toki can only have one of these at any time. They last for about 20 
seconds each.

  3-way shots:  Toki can fire three shots, two diagonally(20 degrees 
above and below) and one in the direction he's looking. Actually he can 
have a maximum of four diagonal shots to each angle but only two 
straight ahead. 
  lava:  Toki can shoot bigger shots for twice the damage. He still gets 
50 points for each hit, though.
  scramble:  Toki's shots will bounce up and down. There will be three 
of them. Only one of the shots may connect, but there's a wide range.

  All these are interchangeable, but FIREBALL is a bit different;  
Toki's first shot is usually lethal(10 hits) but he will have normal 
shots until it recharges. A gauge at the bottom of the screen shows how 
long it takes(a second or two, really) but each shot means Toki will 
have to wait the full length of time again. With the fireball, Toki is 
advised to shoot, wait, and shoot.

  1-up:  on levels 3 and 5, trick jumps will net Toki an extra life. 
Given their challenge you deserve something for getting them. The 
challenges disappear if you die and get kicked back.

  Clock:  nets you 50 extra units of time, which should not usually be a 

  Toki can also pick up 50 gold coins from vanquished Shartoesi to get 
an extra life.


  Toki can bounce on enemies to get higher. He bounces a bit higher 
after jumping as opposed to just dropping. This is useful to get certain 
power-ups or even extra lives, although there is a limited window 
because of how deterministically the game spits out enemies. Toki's got 
a good deal of range when he's up in the air, but often you have to 
watch for monsters above, especially ones that may appear as you move 
on. You can also use the bounce from a monster to shoot a bit. Often 
when a monster appears it's safe to pull back and fire. Time shouldn't 
be a factor, so don't worry about that too much. Also sometimes if you 
can jump past a certain point, you can shoot a monster that appears in 
the air, or you can bounce on a monster that's ahead. On the other hand 
you may also crash into it, so you need to have a rough feel for what's 
ahead. I had to take a couple of full runs through the game before I 
learned a good part of what tricks were where, or which were the most 

  You should also get acquainted with diagonal shooting, too. The only 
problem with it is that Toki inches forward as he shoots, which could 
land him in hot water.

  When jumping on a moving platform, your momentum doesn't carry you, so 
you have to steer yourself in the air if you want to stay on. The 
ability to twist in the air is, in general, very useful and if used 
correctly, it can help you sneak by some troubling monsters. In general 
you'll want to stay ahead of a moving platform you're jumping on so you 
can pull up at the last moment.

  Toki gets 100 for jumping on an enemy but only 50 for shooting them. 
Jumping also has the effect of hitting an enemy twice, but there are 
weird 'tie' cases where Toki jumps on an enemy and dies.


  In the bestiary, I describe the character, how many hits it takes, how 
it gets around, and the best way to go about attacking it. Points and 
hits(by fire) before you kill it are located later. 

  Monsters are predetermined and appear when you pass a certain 
scrolling point. You get points for monsters dying even if you don't 
kill them, so if one jumps in the lava, you get points for it. Which is 
fair as they are possible to trick.

  If you're wondering where I got all these names, they appear at the 
end of the game. I've arranged them in the order they appear in the 

--Herbamo:  the green shell thing that crawls around. One hit and it 
dies. It can be useful as a springboard.
--Garnidare:  crablike thing that can climb up vines. You can wait for 
it to get to the top and fire if there's a vine to climb down.
--Webstamite:  buglike thing that hovers in the air, shoots red bullets, 
and explodes again on death. The more you hit it, the faster it will go. 
It has several arcs it sprays bullets in so try to keep a distance from 
it, or jump and shoot at it just after it releases.
--Ivor:  anteater-looking thing that crawls around. Not as pokey as it 
looks, but not too hardy either.
--Timagon:  fire-breathing lizard with bug-eyes that pops out of a 
green-and-red shell, which also can be a nuisance, since the shells take 
hits. The Timagon also roughly seems to know where you are, and your 
best bet is to run/jump/fire away at it, preferably with power-ups.
--Shartoesi:  flying tadpoles that drop coins. They fly back and forth, 
getting a bit lower each time as they wrap off the screen and back on.
--Killer harna:  brown bird that flies in a figure eight. 
Often useful for jumping on, and it coughs up a power-up which isn't 
always useful but can be nice.
--Flying shardu:  green and red thing which dives from the top of the 
screen. Combined with other monsters it can put you in a squeeze. Best 
to jump on it in those cases. There's also a small version with 
satellites. It twirls around randomly. Kill the center one and get 100 
for the remaining satellites, which get 50 if you shoot them.
--Thorpedo:  brown bird that often leaves power-ups(powers-up?)
--Wobalin:  blue devil that appears above you and chucks spears 
downward. 3 hits.
--Kalgatrobe:  square thingamabob that stands around and pauses when he 
swipes at you. If you don't run into him he won't have the 
range to kill you. More for shock value than anything else. Jumping on 
him often allows you to reach a power-up or a protection.
--Bellzador:  winged animal with a spear that swoops at you. It's taken 
aback if it hits you but has an annoying spear it thrusts right after. 
It can also go off the screen to the left, which is annoying, so you 
want to shoot diagonally at it up/right, then up, then watch for the 
spear off screen to the left to fire.
--Armorel Kemin:  the guys with the swords that shoot energy fields at 
you on the sixth level. They often do so just as they appear, or when 
you start a life. So you need to know where they appear.
--Galartor:  Annoying *** that looks like a brown-and-white prehistoric 
animal head and bounces up and down off the side of the screen, then 
bounces toward you. It also breathes flame missiles that act like 
curveballs. The best strategy is to use a helmet to crush it or to jump 
on its head. Sadly you can't run under it as it catches up to you, and 
in one situation if you don't use your power up you're reduced to 
jumping, firing, and hoping.
--Gabranha:  red fish with blue spots that appears on the water 
levels. Small ones are 100 points and take 1 hit--large ones are 300 and 
take 2. The large ones tend to follow you around but the small ones are 
more numerous and gum up narrow passageways. Neptuna also belches them 
--Mortoise:  underwater turtle that can turn into spikes. It has a 
circular path until it rises to the surface quickly, straight up.
--Cupper:  green froggy thing underwater. It travels in a figure eight 
but does not fire.
--Blastums:  land-based goldfish that fly horizontally at you from an 
enclave once they "see" you. However they're killed if they run into a 
wall and miss you, and they only take one shot.
--Pengafin:  penguin that runs away from you and leaves power-up when 
--Bungataras:  dumb bird on level five that you can shoot and get 3000 
from if you pick up the resulting bonus chicken breast that flies up as 
it dies.
--Raktura:  fire breathing bird that swoops down, fires a swaft of three 
bullets, and loops some more.
--Creepavore:  crawler guy who sticks out his tongue, loops three 
bullets in the air, moves in, and repeats.
--Shoshanu:  fish that go in the four angular directions. They can nip 
you from behind if you don't expect.
--Vipus:  octopus-like fish that breathes the smaller goldfish(100 
--Gate of Moornah:  flying fortress on first level that two Geeshergam 
operate. There are four steam breathing thingamabobs on each side that 
require 2 hits(8 total) and plungers that also require 2 hits on the 
bottom. The Geeshergams making energy for it on top take 5 hits and are 
don't give special points when you're killed.
--Geeshergam:  the petulant monkeys that somersault out at you with a 
springy noise and yelp and die amusingly. They take two hits and give 
300 points. Jump when they're in the air, and you'll nail them.
--Katyerows:  Trees that appear when a ball falls from the sky. They 
drop balls that bounce toward you that you must shoot or duck. The balls 
take two hits and give 100 points. You can also shoot the ball that 
falls before it reaches the ground for 50 each time but it delays the 
--Catecormos:  nasty jumping tulips that usually appear in pairs and 
jump to seemingly random heights. Your best bet is to run away when you 
see them and jump after one makes a weak jump. The first bounce is the 

  There are also bosses. Many of them give no points beyond the many 
times you hit them, but the challenges are entertaining.

--Boloragog:  level 1 boss, big black guy with big head and earrings. He 
has several moves:

  1. Summon two waves of four Geeshergam(only 100 points here) to fly in 
at you
  2. Two bounces from one side to the other
  3. Move to the center and just sit there
  4. Big leap from one side to the other(toughest to deal with, head for 
the other side of the middle, turn and shoot the Geeshergams that come--
diagonally to be sure)

--Neptuna:  level 2 semi-boss, this giant scaly mer-man turns colors 
when you hit him and not his shield, which protects all but the lowest 
part of his body. He belches out gabrahna to distract you. Sucked into a 
vortex when killed. You'll want to follow his nether region and fire 
away. When he starts moving his shield up and down, you'll hit him, and 
he'll flash. You may want to dispose of gabranha near you before 
dropping down--you'll also want to stay away from Neptuna as far as 
possible although the chamber is a bit crowded.

--Rambacha:  level 2 boss, this eyeball splats out three eyeballs that 
may die by themselves but are probably better off shot ASAP. You can 
jump on them or run under when they bounce, or shoot them. I prefer the 
third way as Rambacha can disappear and reappear right where you're 
jumping--R.I.P. Toki.

--Mogulvar:  level 3 boss, an intestine with arms and legs that kicks 
out you and occasionally launches the letters for the word "burp."  
Melts when killed. Your toughest part is figuring when to do what. First 
you'll want to stay on the left and fire right. When Mogulvar gets close 
you'll want to jump straight up and keep firing, as he kicks out at you 

--Zorzamoth:  level 4 boss, this green elephant tries to nail you with a 
springy beady trunk and red boomerang tusks. Then he comes crashing 
toward you. Ee e's a big 'un. But he falls pretty easily. When the first 
tusk comes, jump as it goes almost all the way off the screen, then jump 
again immediately. Then start firing. When he flexes his trunk, it will 
spring at Toki. Jump when it comes at you. It may do so three times. You 
have to watch for the third but if you jump reflexively you should still 
be able to nail Zorzamoth as he bounces towards you.

--Bashtar:  level 5 boss, a pair of feet, two bobbing fists, and a 
heart(fists sometimes close around it)--shoot the feet to hold them 
off(or they'll bounce all the way to the left,) then shoot the heart 
when you've got a free view to kill it. It's best to shoot diagonally. 
Often when a hand dips in front of you, you'll want to walk into the 
space where it was. If you run away you may get cornered, and the hand 
bobs up and down high enough that you'll have time to sneak to where it 
was. The other hand will be circling the heart, and eventually you'll be 
in near(shooting the feet whenever there's nothing better to do) and the 
heart will be unguarded, and you'll get some shots in.Bashtar drops off 
the screen when killed, but if he drops on you he, uh, gets a rematch.

--Vookimeldo:  level 6(final) boss starts out in a robe and throws 
rainbow boomerangs, then sheds it and turns into a rib cage with a heart 
and a springy neck. The hand 
will also fly off and seek you out. Very nasty.


--The circular spinning things on level five. They get you 100 for 
jumping on them.
--The spiked cones require two hits and give 100 points. Be sure to jump 
out of the way of the spikes that result.
--There are some sinking platforms that will only rise when you jump on 
them. Often there are treasures beneath them. Timing shouldn't be too 
much of a problem.
--There are 16 ton weights that you can use to jump high up(the see-

Name           |Levels|Hits|Points|
Herbamo        |1  4  |   1|   100|
Garnidare      |1   5 |   1|   100|
Webstamite     |1 3   |   4|   300|
Ivor           |  3 5 |   2|   200|
Timagon        |1 3   |   5|  1000|4/500 shell
Shartoesi      |12345 |   1|   100|
Killer harna   |12345 |   3|   300|
Flying shardu  |123456|   2|   300|small 2-5
Thorpedo       |12 4 6|   1|   100|
Wobalin        |      |   2|   300|
Kalgatrobe     |1 3 5 |   6|  1000|
Beilzador      | 2 4 6|   6|  3000|
Armorel Kemin  |     6|   5|  1000|
Galartor       |  3  6|  24|  3000|
Gabrahna       | 2 4  |   2|   300|
Mortoise       | 2    |   3|   500|small 1/100
Cupper         | 2 4  |   3|  1000|
Blastums       |1  4  |   1|   500|
Pengafin       |   4  |   2|   100|
Bungataras     |    5 |   6|  1000|
Raktura        |  3   |  10|  3000|
Creepavore     |    5 |   8|  1000|
Gate of Moornah|      |    |      |2x4+2x8+2x5
Geeshergam     |1234 6|   2|   300|
Katyerows      |    5 |  12|  3000|(seeds 2/100)
Catecormos     |    5 |   6|   300|
Shoshanu       | 2 4  |   4|  1000|
Vipus          |   4  |  24|  3000|
Boloragog      |1     |  30|  7000|
Neptuna        | 2    |  40|  3000|
Rambacha       | 2    |  40|
Mogulvar       |  3   |  40/60
Zorzamoth      |   4  |  40/52
Bashtar        |    5 |  40/60
Vookimedlo-1   |     6|  20|
Vookimedlo-2   |     6|  40|  7000|

  Other points:

--You get 1000 points for each coin you pick up whether from a 
shartoesi, a spike, or just lying around. 
--Apples, bananas, and strawberries occur at fixed points and get you 
500 points but are not good for much otherwise.
--You get an extra Toki at 70000 points or when you clear 50 coins. 
There doesn't seem to be an extra Toki beyond 70000. I played through a 
game (with save states, I admit!) and got 250000 without having to 





  This is not an easy introduction--I know I got killed very quickly the 
first time I tried this game. Two herbamos block your way at first. 
Crouch to shoot the second although for fun you can also run up to it 
without dropping off the edge. Fire up rapidly to nail the Shartoesi but 
save a couple shots for the first Geeshergam--jumping on it is bad as 
the Shartoesi will come back and get you while you're vulnerable. You 
can pick the Shartoesi off on the return to be safe. Make sure to get 
the firepower increase and hit/jump on the kalgatrobe and then fire 
straight up if necessary to tackle the killer harna, which drops a Wavy-
firepower box.

  Try to wait until you're at the bottom to jump and kill the spikes 
ahead. Then jump up and let the platform sink until you get 
the helmet. You'll need to position yourself in the center here and you 
may want to run around a bit as you descend--you have more time than you 
think and you can always jump, wait, and run a bit more.

  Go right and wipe out the birdies before and while jumping on the 
Kalgatrobe--you'll want to go fairly quickly so that the helmet is still 
effective. You can jump or shoot or use your helmet on the blastum to 
your left, and jump again to use the see-saw. Wait until parallel with 
the platform above, go left in the air and run into the Timagon if your 
helmet is active. If it's not you may have to jump again--bounce on the 
shells and Timagon to get rid of things.

  The gate of Moornah, the next part, is big but not so hard. Just knock 
out the feelers on the bottom while you're still climbing the 
vine(diagonal shots.) Then at the top, fire up a bunch, and before 
taking the next rope, do the same. That will knock off the steam-
breathers(you can shoot diagonally on the rope,) and when you get to the 
platform at the top, move left a bit, then crouch and shoot the 
Geeshergams operating it until the thing crashes.

  Run across to get the fire, then duck a bit down the rope and kill the 
garnidares. Climb down the vine and nail the shardu. Jump off the vine 
and jump again immediately to avoid another blastum--or turn and fire if 
you want the points. Go to the edge before the diagonal drop and duck 
and shoot the geeshergam. Start down the hill, fire, and move back to 
the right to avoid the spikes from the cone. Once you're down the hill, 
there are two Wobalins to dispose of. Activate them, move back, turn 
left, fire up. Fight them one by one. The webstamite, next, is a bit 
annoying, but shoot it diagonally or jumping from a distance, and 
eventually it's toast. Next you'll meet a Kalgatrobe but instead of 
killing it immediately wait for it to get left of under the power-up and 
jump on top of it. Swerve in the air for the helmet. Go to the edge of 
the spiked pit, nail the geeshergam, and jump over the pit. Don't stand 
on the ledge as it will crumble. Nail the kalgatrobe, jump to the next 
ledge, and shoot up and to the right until you've knocked the 
troublesome webstamite out. On the third ledge, wipe out the killer 
harna above, then on the top ledge, fire up and to the left until you've 
got the next webstamite. Remember to jump out of the way of debris if 
necessary. Get the shoes, fire up, and climb up.

  You are in the home stretch now. When you get to the top there will 
be a Wobalin. DO NOT JUMP HERE. You'll jump into him. Just fire up and 
you'll get him. Go left a bit more to fire up at another Wobalin. Only 
then, jump on the see-saw and go left at the height of your jump, then 
jump again to get the helmet. Shoot the cone(helmet will absorb spikes) 
and head right when the scenery opens a bit.
  Shartoesi will appear, but first the shardu and a kalgatrobe, which 
shouldn't be too hard, especially if you have the helmet. The Shartoesi 
should be easy when they come back lower. The waterfall to the right is 
easy to pass. Although it pushes you to the left, a couple of quick 
jumps will get you over. It's more risky to jump on the killer harna, 
but it's a bit more fun.

  Soon after that, there is the boss. You'll want to be a little left 
of center so that it will probably order geeshergams to come flying in 
at you. Just wail away at the fire button, and you will nail a bunch of 
them. Now, Boloragog, the boss, has four things it can do.
--continue to summon monkeys(you just shoot)
--jump to the other side of the screen and summon monkeys(go center 
right and shoot)
--bounce up and down(the toughest. You need to gauge his jumps)
--it may also move to the center(knock out folks who get too close) and 
sit there, which is good for you, because you have open season on it 

  Boloragog shouldn't be too tough, and you're on your way to level two. 
Just avoid the outright edges fighting him, or you'll have to put up 
with his ridiculous grin.





  Nail the cannon guy. Easier said than done--the cannon balls seem 
uniform and drop right in front of you, but after a few you should 
either be able to 1) run past them, turn and fire or 2) jump, fire, hit 
the Geeshergam while on the start of the slope, and have clear sailing. 
This is actually the only time where you'll be delayed without a 
firefight, so don't feel bad taking time to get it right. Then wipe out 
all the birds as you climb up the right rope, firing left. (Note--you 
can get onto the cannon ledge by using two ropes, but there's nothing 
really to do there.)

  Pick off the small flying shardus(always fun to try for the center one 
first) and jump to the next ledge. You won't be able to help picking up 
the flame, but again, as you go up the vine, wipe out the airborne 
enemies. With a big jump off the platforms near the top and a few shots, 
you can nail a few shartoesi, but the more immediate problem is the 
bellzador. Move right quickly and try for the thorpedo first--jump in 
the air if necessary to prevent the helmet from falling down and left 
out of reach. Because with it the Bellzador will be toast. Just run into 
him. If you can't get the thorpedo then fire up and right as quickly as 
you can. Fire straight up and be prepared to shoot up/left as the 
Bellzador ducks off screen. Don't climb the ledge yet but make sure the 
geeshergam gets hit in the crossfire at some time.

  You have now fallen into the water. Toki's a bit vulnerable here as 
he's rather laid out--maybe that's why he's frowning. Don't worry about 
surfacing for air, which is unnecessary. A rule of thumb when you see a 
big sea monster is not to go left or right but to track them until you 
can blast them. Observe the sharp turns of the shoshanu and cupper's 
figure-eight motions and sneak in when you know their patterns. Try to 
avoid mortoises. Note bigger monsters all have pre-ordained paths except 
for gabranhas which follow you slowly. You're not too fast either but 
you can reverse and flee. Also, going diagonally unless you've got a 
good reason(i.e. no monsters are present) is usually deadly. Don't do 
it. There's no time pressure.

  Eventually you'll hit a big wall on the right if you stay low, which 
gets you 3-shots. Go up top to see a thorpedo that you can jump out of 
the water and shoot for a helmet. It's not that useful against Neptuna, 
as the gabranhas spit out may get the back of you.

  When you get to Neptuna, the mini-boss, move Toki up and down and stay 
as far away as possible. Stay near its bottom and don't worry if you hit 
its shield with most of your shots. Fire away. There's a small tunnel 
behind you with goodies and the baby gabranhas shouldn't cause you much 

  Watch out for the killer harna when you exit the water and don't jump 
on the moving ledge until it's gone. After jumping on the moving 
platform and down a ledge there will be a wobalin(stop when it appears,) 
and then you face Rambacha. I find that diagonal shots work best. 
Although it seems much safer to get to the opposite side and jump and 
shoot, Rambacha may regenerate over you in that case as well. You 
usually have just enough time to sneak under any eyeballs that Rambacha 
may throw at you as well. Be ready to move when you shoot at it and 
don't get points and it seems a little blurry;  Rambacha is about ready 
to teleport. Try to kill off remaining eyeballs and then stand in the 
center when this happens. You can jump on the eyeballs to fire at 
Rambacha, but you just have be be aware that when it vanishes, it can 
reappear right where you are, killing you. Only do so just after 
Rambacha appears.

  Some timing is required to help Toki take out eyeballs, although they 
tend to go splat on their own. But when you do manage to kill a few, 
you'll be able to get several hits in a row in on Rambacha. Otherwise 
there'll be a bit of bad luck.





  Time the jump on the moving platform so you don't jump in the fire, 
i.e. well before it gets close to you. Then jump on the Kalgatrobe and 
get the power-up. Jump across the fire to the other side and note that 
there are two places in the ground where flames sprout up. Between them, 
two wobalins will come up. So wait for the left flame, walk in, get the 
two wobalins to show, run back left and blast them easily.

  Your first Raktura awaits below. It will be an easy one if you use the 
helmet, but you can also shoot it twice with full flame. You can jump 
when it starts coming down, or you can peg it while on the left edge and 
then when you recharge. You won't even have to worry about its three-
pronged flame missile. Get the key in the middle. Now if you're quick 
you can just drop down the shaft, get the bellzador to run into your 
helmet, as you run right, and drop down. Fire at the spikes to get them 
out of the way and crouch.

  Otherwise, drop down and blast the bellzador to the right. Try to nail 
the Shardu as you go back up the elevator--you'll want the power up 
here. You'll have to deal with the spikes below one by one: fire, jump, 

  After this you'll meet your first ivor, who should not be a hassle. 
Then duck to nail the webstamite and let the Kalgatrobe come to you. 
Wait until he's to the right of the helmet and then jump forward and 
move backwards when you've picked it up.

  Then there is another ivor followed by a wobalin. A large flying 
shardu is on next, and then Geeshergams guard the hill going up, 
although they are not too tough. Then you climb down the vine and kill 
the harna, shooting from above. Don't worry about the clock on the 

   Fall off to left, nail the webstamite from afar, use the platform to 
get over the lava, fall to right, kill the small shardus and get the 
power-ups. Jump down into a chamber where you'll fight a Raktura. Fire 
away for all you're worth. You'll have to duck bullets here. Remember to 
shoot it as it loops into the upper left. Then it will swoop down, and 
you need to duck. Then it will fire, and you should be left-center. Jump 
to avoid the three shots. You should then be able to bombard it to death 
and get the key.

  From there jump on the stairs that are revealed and fall down. The 
next webstamite is tough--jump after the bullets have gone past, stay at 
the right and fire left, being prepared to jump when it's killed--but 
fortunately if it kills you it won't be there when you regenerate.

  Now, fall down the slope and get on the platform moving right. There 
is a way to jump on the harnas to get the 1up but survival is more 
practical here. As the lower harna starts coming back, jump and hold 
right. You'll bounce through to get the 1up. Too soon and you'll run 
into the third harna you're supposed to jump on. There'll be a shardu to 
shoot and some geeshergams and spikes. Shoot right in the air, up/right 
on the ground.

  Playing without the elusive 1up, you need to jump off the rock just 
before it breaks up and you should be able to bounce off the shardu and 
the Geeshergam(unless it's already fallen into the lava pool) and are 
ready to face the Hill of Four Spikes, as I call it. Shoot the spikes 
one at a time.

  The first two can be nailed with upper-right shots. Then when Toki is 
peeking over the plateau, take out the third and run back. The fourth is 
a bit trickier. Get Toki to start down the slope and fire twice. If he 
goes hard right in the air, he will be safe.

  Then to jump across the lava pit. This isn't too bad. Just don't go 
too far right when you jump off the rope. Start inching forward, and 
there will be shartoesi that appear. Get rid of them(this is for safety 
more than points, actually--the Timagons that appear will be tough, and 
you don't need something random flying by and killing you once you're 
through the worst and things reset) before doing anything else.

  It is very important to get through the three Timagons the first time 
through, or it will be much tougher without power-ups. Basically you 
will want to jump forward and blast away every chance you get for the 
first Timagon, then run to the edge and jump onto the second, and from 
there fire at the third. Hide against the right wall and jump up and 
fire when it's at the right edge.

  However, if you are killed, you may wish to bait the Timagon(s) into 
breathing, jump away and turn forward and fire in 
mid-air. The second Timagon is best dealt with when it is halfway on 
the platform, facing away, and the third is best dealt with like the 

   Now after bouncing on the Geeshergam beyond you need to jump across 
two ropes in a row. Beware that the ledges will fall if Toki stays too 
long. However, jumping from a ledge to the rope to a ledge to a rope 
will be good if you have your timing correct--you can jump from rope to 
rope but I generally just drop on the left of the ledge, wait, go right 
and jump onto the second rope. The right part will take longer to fall 
off that way.

  Then there is a Geeshergam followed by a Shardu. Jump and shoot 
diagonally. Run to the edge and jump full right and shoot. Hopefully 
you'll hit the Thorpedo which will give a useful power up against 
Mogulvar. If not then just settle for bouncing on the Timagon twice to 
get rid of that nuisance and veer left after the second bounce to try 
for a shot on the Thorpedo.

  Another gold to jump for, some spikes, and after a brief walk you 
should run into Mogulvar and the final battle of the 
third level.

  Mogulvar is the only really nasty boss before Vookimedlo. Go to the 
left edge of the screen and fire away. When Mogulvar comes at you, jump 
and shoot, as his kicks are deadly. If he fires "BURP" into the air, 
shoot above yourself before jump-shooting. If he fires one letter at 
you, jump to shoot it. Although there are only three things he can do, 
timely execution may be a bit sticky, especially when he does two in a 





  Leve four seems a bit easier than level three, even if the monsters 
are a bit more exotic here. The boss is probably easier, too. But do 
enjoy the backgrounds of the ice caves on the way.

  Jump on the first herbamo. It's possible but dangerous to get the 
thorpedo, but you don't really need to as it gives the flame weapon and 
you'll be picking up lava as you jump on the blocks anyway. Make sure 
you jump continually from one platform to the next(they have a habit of 
sinking and disappearing) and once you are back on solid ground, fire to 
the right continually and then up and to the right when you see stairs. 
Be careful of Geeshergams falling down. Some can come down the stairs 
but others get trapped.

  Now there is another set of steps to play stepping-stones with, but 
first you should really take all the small shardus out. The two herbamos 
guarding the ledge can be nasty, but if you shoot them on the jump 
without trying to get on the ledge and then retrace your steps back up, 
there is little risk. As usual, you have plenty of time to solve this 

  Assuming you axed all the baddies, you'll be on an elevator up, and 
you'll want to go close to the right edge of the plateau. When the 
wobalin appears, fire up. Now, below are a pengafin and two herbamos 
that shouldn't be a problem. The main thing to worry about is that the 
shoes may be a curse;  shartoesi will shortly appear overhead, and if 
you jump at the wrong time to avoid the blastum in the next gully, you 
may hit them. Jump vertically if you can.

  But first there's a large shardu. Nail it, jump right, and on the 
slope blast up to get the shartoesi easily.

  After another short drop you will have a blastum, two herbamos, and 
another pengafin. With a shardu coming down. Best bet is to jump on a 
monster. Then you can shoot the shardu, and the blastum will go crunch 
against the stairs to the right. Wipe out everyone and get the 
pengafin's helmet. Now you can just run into the bellzador but if you 
want to play fair then use the standard up/right fire, retreat, shoot up 
if you have to, face up/left as a las resort.

  Take the elevator down and jump or duck or turn and shoot to 
neutralize the blastum--with the helmet you don't have to worry just 
don't face away or it'll get you. A nasty surprise awaits ahead as the 
game starts scrolling to the left:  your first Galartor!

  I've found encounters with this Galartor to be random and merciless 
without the power-up--the one on level six is much easier. With the 
helmet, you can just drop off the bottom of the elevator and run under 
the Galartor. It will drop into your helmet. Next please!

  Assuming you didn't make it, the strategy is generally to fire 
and jump a lot and try to time things so you hit it before it bounces 
toward you. Very first thing to do is shoot the Pengafin and get the 
power-up. At first you can shoot diagonal/up and then you'll jump/fire. 
If you don't, you're in big trouble, but don't let up. I don't believe 
you can jump on the Galartor, but if you're cornered you might as well. 
BTW forget about running under it. It changes direction and you don't 
have time to shoot while it does.

  After that, there is the relative ease of the Wobalin and the 
Herbamos--just avoid standing over the flame pits. Be prepared for the 
Geeshergams somersaulting down the hill and before you fall down be sure 
to calculate the jump so that you fall right, jump on the herbamo(more 
bounce that way) and pick up the protection. Get the key(right side, in 
fact move that way after getting the helmet) to go underwater.

  Side note--if you've moved quickly, jump in the water and just go hard 
right. Bust through everything. You can even get through the Vipuses 
that way but be sure Toki's made it to the right end of the ledge below 
the Cupper before zooming in diagonally to take out the second Vipus.

  If you moved slowly, though, the second underwater is less exotic than 
the first. There are a couple of Shoshanu but no mortoise or big 
giranhas. You just need to know how to beat the Vipus. Basically you'll 
want to keep as far left as you can and fire at its center. Be warned 
that fish the Vipus breathes moving diagonally can hit you with a 
grazing blow, so stay far back to make the "diagonal fish" moot. The 
second Vipus is a good deal tougher than the first. You will want to get 
a bit below his center and move up and down quickly while firing. This 
is because the fish the Vipus spits out that go downward diagonally will 
bounce off the ocean floor, and the fish that go left can clip you from 
above. If you ignore one set of fish, they'll get you. If you focus on 
them too much, the other fish will get you. So you need to move up and 

  Pick up the gold coins and power-up and nail the Cupper(wait til he's 
going left) and jump out onto solid land. After the group of small 
shardus, you will walk a bit and reach Zorzamoth. As an aside here, you 
should have gotten an extra Toki around now for collecting fifty gold 

  Zorzamoth is not too tough to defeat. You won't need to move Toki 
once combat starts. The tough part is figuring out when to jump. Go to 
the left of the screen and fire away(to the right, of course.) You 
won't hit him much--his trunk protects him--but you may want to prepare 
for the rapid-fire session ahead. When a tusk comes, jump before it 
hits you(when it's as far left as it can go,) and jump again. Fire away 
for a bit, and when his trunk 
starts to move, jump. After it retracts, jump again and a third time. 
While you're not jumping, be sure to fire, because Zorzamoth will start 
jumping toward Toki, who will be in trouble unless he's hit Zorzamoth a 
lot already. Enjoy how Zorzamoth gets diced up.




  Toki is probably pretty far underground by now, but it's still 
raining. This next level's pretty stop-and-start, and it's definitely 
tougher than the previous two. You also have your first encounter with 
a Bungatara here. If you want to kill it right away, no problem--notice 
how it zigs and zags sharply up and down. When it's at your level, a few 
shots will paralyze and kill it. Every Bungatara coughs up a turkey 
after it's shot, and if you can get to it, it's three thousand points. 
No big deal if you can't--just a note FYI. Often when you kill one right 
away its 'carcass' falls into the pit.

  Which is nasty to jump over. You have to run next to it before you 
jump over it. After that, there's a creepavore. Creepavores are nasty 
because they'll stick their tongues out to lick you and fire three red 
balls in the air. So when one appears, back up slightly and fire away. 
You'll just get it.

  From there, you will face, in order, spikes, a killer harna, spikes, a 
killer harna, spikes, a wobalin, and spikes. Don't worry about the 
power-up. Just go slowly and surely. Especially when you see a banana.

  Because next, you will face Catecormos. These guys may jump nastily, 
and if you face them both the key is to wait until they are both about 
to land and jump on top. But they don't always cooperate. So just crawl 
across the bridge until one appears. You can back up if you need to. 
Firing at them doesn't work as they are very quick. So crawl until you 
release one, back up, and jump when it's about to land. No matter how 
quickly it jumps back up you'll be all over it. Just bounce on it until 
it's dead, go right, and repeat again.

  Your first katyerow is next, and it should be pretty easy. Don't get 
too close, but just keep firing at it, and even if it starts shooting 
balls, you can jump on them while firing. An easier three thousand 
points than shooting a Galartor.

  After this, don't overlook the ivor before you need to jump over 
another pit. A webstamite is next, and you should just stay away from 
him and fire. If you get too close, a creepavore will appear, and the 
combination will be deadly.

  This is often a place where you get kicked back after you die so I 
think I should point out the best strategy in detail. Stay back to take 
out the webstamite. Jump when Toki's just left of the helmet. Bounce on 
the creepavore and go back left. Crawl right to axe the creepavore. From 
here you can run with the helmet a while--up to the pit with the rope on 
it, making sure to let the Catecormos land on you on the way and to 
crawl by the spikes.

  If this is too blunt for you, jump the next pit, wipe out the 
katyerow, jump another pit, and when the creepavore and Bungatara both 
appear at once, move back and fire to take out the creepavore. You can 
duck under the Bungatara as it goes to the top, butbe prepared to either 
duck under again or fire upward left very quickly. Then you have spikes, 
spikes, catecormos and spikes. If you have problems with the catecormos 
I think it is possible to run at them, get killed, and start where you 
die--only you are past the spot that triggered the catecormos. Then you 
have more catecormos followed by a Bungatara and then a vine you need to 
use to jump across a pit.

  Once at the vine, swing back and forth once before jumping or you will 
get killed by the shartoesi. You might as well pick off the shartoesi 
afterwards even if you don't really have a chance at another extra man. 
You also probably want to shoot 
the kalgatrobe and not jump on him(a wobalin appears to kill you if you 
go for the power-up, and I don't know how to get around that or what use 
it could serve) before there's a group of small shardus.

  Now we're going in for an easier '1up' then in level 3. Fire up/right 
to kill the upper harna, and jump on the lower one to bounce for the 
helmet. Use the 16 tons to jump all the way up. Drop right when the 
harna below heads right. It's toast. You can jump between the pillars 
for goldand then kill the next harna and jump for the 1up. You can 
actually jump on the harna without shoes and get the 1up, but this 
requires timing--just as it's coming back. Planning ahead works so much 

  Next is a rope up. Shoot the garnidare and run up when the Catecormo 
appears. It's nasty--it can go up to the top of the screen or go under 
you. If it goes up, fire away up, but if down, you need to run up post 

  There will then be a plateau with a sort of island to the left. A 
spiral will spin around the island, and you can get far enough behind 
the spiral to drop down and pick up the shoes and gold coin. Then you'll 
have to jump on the up/right spiral and stay jumping on it until you 
reach a ledge to the right.

  Up the rope and Next comes a nasty part wherer a webstamite is in an 
excellent defensive position. You can go under to get the shoes but they 
in fact may make you jump wildly.

  Now there is a moving platform that you must jump on, and when you do, 
DUCK. If you can get to the other side, shoot up and left at the 
webstamite and don't be scared to jump off to avoid the shots it 
releases, especially if you've just killed it, or if you feel you need 
to wait to time your jump onto the moving platform. Feel free to jump to 
the bottom. You can always come back. You can also fire when underneath 
the Webstamite and duck quickly.

  From your moving platform, jump onto a ledge up and to the right. Kill 
the garnidane and then get the apple if you want. After jumping onto a 
see-saw you will soon approach a three-part pit where platforms bounce 
up and down. It is not too bad. Just remember that no two platforms go 
to the bottom(and spikes and death) at the same time, so you should be 
able to jump on one as it is going up. It is also possible to collect 
the power-up to the left of the third platform and still be able to jump 
right to where you can face Bashtar. Although Bashtar will have more 
life, your increase in firepower will more than make up for it as it is 
a quick enough fight.

  By the way, if you happen to die fighting Bashtar, you can pick off 
the power-up by moving to the left and jumping onto the vertical 
elevator block. Stand on the left edge and you'll get the firepower, and 
then you can move back to the right. It doesn't seem like you have much 
time, but in fact it will take 5 seconds to do something that will mean 
ten less hits in the boss fights.

  Now Bashtar can be a bit of a pain. Don't let the one hand going off 
screen fool you; it will come back on the side where it went out in its 
bobbing pattern. To start I recommend going to the middle of the screen 
and firing away at the feet to keep them at bay. If they box you into 
the corner, one of the bobbing hands will get you eventually, and you'll 
be relegated to jumping/firing to hit the heart. Once the hands release 
the heart, and you manage to get to the middle, fire diagonally up and 
right to get the heart. The hands bob up and down every two-fifths of 
the screen, so beware. Also, you'll need to keep the feet in check by 
firing at them constantly, a good thing to do if a hand squeezes and 
protects the heart. Also beware that, for a split second after you kill 
the boss, you are still vulnerable, so don't celebrate too soon once you 
seem to have won.





  Parts are too easy, parts are unfair. It's a depressing climax to an 
otherwise very strong game even with the neat city background. To make 
things worse, you only can spend five continuation quarters on this 
level(unless you're cheating with MAME and infinite lives!)

  Start off by firing IMMEDIATELY(you'll need to do this a lot after 
you've died, too so beware) to take out the Armorel Kemin, who are 
stunned when hit, and when you get to the pipes banging down, wait until 
just after one starts to go up. After the second and fourth pipes, a 
herbamo and shardu will try to converge on you. Stay as far left as you 
can, and either jump so you land on the shardu, which is less risky than 
shooting the herbamo and quickly firing diagonally up and right to get 
the shardu(that may slide you forward so you hit the pipe.)  Again, time 
is no issue, so don't worry about rushing through the pipes. Once you're 
through there will be a geeshergam among other things to greet you.

  Eventually you'll see a raised metal plateau with a pipe. Time your 
jump(go right a bit) so the torch doesn't hit you, as if you can shoot 
past the pipe and hit the bellzador on the other side, you have an edge 
over the two bellzadors it will split into. Don't be scared to back up 
and fire at them to keep them each on the right of you, because if one 
goes to the left without the other being dead, you're through. Too tough 
to fend off attacks from both sides. Then you'll have to time a run past 
another pipe. Then drop on a ledge, crouch and shoot because more 
Armorel Kemin are waiting. The first one's right there, but for the 
second, drop back to the bottom, wait until he appears, and jump back 

  After these guys, there is a hill with flame jets. Wait till each of 
the first three dies down and go past it. Just past the fourth one, a 
Galartor will appear, so don't jump down the slope just yet. If you can 
only see half the Galartor's face, you are in the right spot. Just keep 
shooting, and this will help to tip the odds in your favor. If the 
Galartor starts bouncing at you, retreat over the flame(you should have 
time) and try to jump on his head(running jump right.)

  When done, jump over the last gas jet if need be. Then there will be 
stairs up. Crouch and wait for the first two Armorel Kemins to come at 
you, then blast away. For the third, you can probably get away with 
firing diagonally at the edge of the stairs, but you can just wait, duck 
and fire.

  From there it is on to the carts. You'll run into the power up and can 
jump for gold. The next one will be across a gap. There's a helmet above 
the cart--don't strain too hard to get it but if you don't it's one life 
lost(not as bad as trying it a few times.) You can move hard right once 
you get the helmet and get on the cart but it's at least 50-50 you'll 
fall off.

  After this there are some gold and spikes, pretty easy jumping. Just 
don't move as the cart tracks your momentum. On the next gap, you can't 
stop the Armorel Kemin from firing so you'll want to try to jump at him 
without a helmet, but you can run at him--and his pal above--with one.

  IF you still have the helmet, super bonus! Make quick work by running 
right and onto the next cart. Jump through the spikes for the oneup, 
then over some spikes. Otherwise just jump over the spikes.

  Back to the 'main line' so to speak. There'll be two spikes high up. 
You NEED to jump over them to get the helmet. Then for the next jump you 
need to push right with all your heart. Duck under the shoes(you don't 
want them,) jump for the flame, and make the jump to the final area.

  Push right on the jump, and when you land, get past the pillar, fire 
at the Armorel Kemin and take a shot up at the thorpedo for the new 
power up which will last a bit for Vookimedlo. Run into the Bellzador 
and then don't worry about the next thorpedo(useless time bonus) but 
bust through to Vookimedlo for the final fight.

  Vookimedlo, though, is tough. First, don't worry about your helmet 
wearing off. There's no way to stop that. Vookimedlo has two stages, a 
guy with a robe and a dragon skeleton. For the first bit you need to get 
a body length or so away and fire. When he sends out boomerangs, jump 
and keep firing. The aerial maneuvers require you to run a bit back 
left, jump left, and pull right at the height of your jump, as the 
boomerangs are rather smart. Note that fire will not do extra damage 
here, so if you have it, don't wait between shots. Just pop Vookimedlo 
as the boomerangs return to him.

  After a while he will lose his robe, and you need to try to hit his 
rib cage. The only nice thing about all this is that Vookimedlo's 
stamina is 40 whether or not you have a power up. The process is still 
painfully slow, however. You'll need to beware of his moves, and 
sometimes he won't leave himself open--his neck and hands deflect fire 
from the heart in the exposed rib cage. The safest of his attacks is 
when he starts shooting cannonballs(you can stay left, jump and fire) 
but there are three moves and you have to watch for him to tip his hand 

--hand reaches out to grab you
--head reaches out to grab you
--he starts firing cannonballs all over the place

  Watch what he does while things seem idle. If the hand clenches and 
opens, it will aim for where you are when it starts moving. Best to 
prepare to jump over it, sneak near the dragon, and fire up/right to try 
to hit it. If the hand is not headed to the left edge, then you will 
just have to retreat to the left and jump and fire and hope you hit 
something. In any case, cowering in the corner is bad.

  If the head shakes, it will protract on its spine and go after you. In 
this case you will need to jump pretty much anywhere, although if you 
aren't in the left corner you have some timing and space leeway as you 
can use some space to the left to jump. The head retracts so slowly that 
you can get close and fire diagonally for a few hits.

  If the dragon gives neither of these but rocks in general then you 
need to watch for cannonballs. Retreat to the left and jump and fire 
right. A few shots will get through. You just need to get to the edge, 
though, as the steam from where cannonballs land will kill you, and 
though they start on the right side they eventually cover the left.

  This is very nasty even if you have infinite lives on MAME, so I 
recommend you just switch to "max lava"--be sure to fire sparingly when 
Vookimedlo loses his robe--and give yourself infinite lives and you 
should have less of a problem beating him.

  On winning, Toki is zapped by a ray and turned back into a quite 
frankly less interesting he-man and he and Miho go frolicing off into 
some scenic vista with a tree nearby and a lovely field laid out below. 
Then you get to see the monsters and their names, which I found cooler, 


  If you shoot a shartoesi at the very top, it may leave the coin to be 
embedded in the ceiling--the coin won't fall down!

  Toki jumps in the air after finishing levels 2 and 4. To get him stuck 
in midair before the next scene begins, just jump a second or two after 
the boss dies.

  Monsters disappear if they go too high up off the screen. This can be 
to your considerable advantage.




1.1.0 sent to GameFAQs 9/10/2003. Plowed through the game, lots of new 
tips, about the best I can do, probably. Feels very complete now. And it 
only took two years! I now feel less sheepish about the award for a FAQ 
that I felt I could spruce up.
1.0.1 sent to GameFAQs 8/26/2003. I needed to reformat and added some 
tips I'd overlooked. Some silly oversights but I already spent the FAQ 
of the Week money CJayC bestowed on me for this so I feel no great 
compulsion to mail him and say he shoulda picked another of my guides 
for that :).
1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 8/4/2001. Basic walkthrough written, but not all 
points are tracked. I still need to determine the number of hits and 
points scored for certain monsters and to complete the chart as well.


The usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, too, 
because they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, 
daremo, falsehead, RetroFreak, Snow Dragon, and others I forgot.
CJayC for giving this FAQ of the week--thanks for the extra writing 
encouragement--but even without that, for conceiving and maintaining 

The US Naval Academy for putting this game by the laundry room where I 
discovered it.

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