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Reviewed: 02/20/01 | Updated: 09/03/02

Welcome to the Fantasy Zone.. Get Ready!

Space Harrier was a great hit on the Sega Genesis, but it's the Arcade version that go it started. The machine itself was excellent for its time. It seemed that the creator, Yu Suzuki, was more than a game creator for arcade machines and consoles, but he was also an inventor of new forms of arcade machines. In Space Harrier, Suzuki develops an amazing arcade classic with full movement.

Story (9/10)
Space Harrier is a game that takes place in a land known as ''Dragon World.'' It was a perfect time, until the year 6226, the world was at its worst years. A earthling with superhuman powers steps up to the challenge the bring the Dragon World to its old ways. Space Harrier has an extremely original story line. Yu Suzuki really put his imagination into this one and pulled it off. This section gets a 9 out of 10, considering that the story isn't really that believable..but if you use your imagination..why does it have to be?

Graphics (10/10)
For its time (developed in late 1985) the games graphics were simply astonishing! Suzuki developed graphics that would actually take you to his imaginative world with amazing 3D graphics. It's perfect! I can say nothing more than ''perfect'' for this game's graphics. The 3D style that seemingly allowed you to go anywhere around the world, be it south, east, west, or could do it!

Audio (10/10)
The catchy tune is do you say...catchy! It fits in perfectly with the game, and it's quite original itself! Sega went the right path with taking time to combine the great graphics with excellent sound to create kind of a world that would really get you into the game!

Game Play (10/10)
The game play was simple, easy to get used to, yet still hard in its own ways. You take on the role of this boy who must go through very maneuverable stages and dodge the enemies attacks and smash 'em when they don't expect it! You have the power to do absolutely anything with the gameplay, which is greatly enhanced with the astonishing graphics.

Buy It or Rent It
Like all games, you will most likely want to rent the game before purchasing it, but if you can get it for $15.00 or under and enjoy a good shooter that keeps you on your toes, this game is absolutely perfect!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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