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Reviewed: 09/05/01 | Updated: 09/05/01

Are you Bad enough to play?

Along the machines of a local arcade, you'll see a dark corner where most of the older games have gone to slowly collect dust and eventually malfunction so they're never used again, only to spend their remaining existence in some warehouse to be forgotten. Among such machines, you'll find a Frogger, a Karate Champ, maybe a Killer Instinct machine and then one of these, a Bad Dudes cabinet.

The game itself is set in the future, or rather now with the date, the past. Playing as one of two tough guys, you battle through several side-scrolling stages kicking the crap out of whatever comes you way from generic street thugs, to the ever popular ninja. With the premise of the game, you have to save the President, who has been kidnapped by a ruthless terrorist, but boiling down to it, it's mainly a game of beating down, or getting your ass handed to you on a plate!

-Game Play 8/10-

Ah, the good ole days of side scrolling and kicking the crap out of bad guys is slowly coming to an end. The refreshing theme of just mindlessly beating on a hapless enemy is a starting to become a long lost art in today's market. With several different stages to roll through, ranging from streets, to the top of a train, and into a sewer, you have a wide variety of things to smash on and crush before you.

The play is simple. You move from one area to another, while trying not to get yourself killed in the process. Along the way, you take on street thugs, ninjas and hitmen who will try and stop you by circling and then rushing you en masse. Your main concern, isn't really the amount of baddies you have to fight against, but the fact that you move so slow! It seems as though you're stuck in slow motion when you punch or kick, so be prepared to have those quarters out.

-Control 8/10-

Basic and to the point, you have a punch, kick and jump button, all of which you use to attack with. The control is set up so that anyone of any caliber can play through as long as you can get used to the damned speed! Advanced moves aren't really a factor, in which you advance towards an enemy, punch them a few times, and then move away until they get back up.

-Audio/Visual 8/10-

The music selection is a rock-type soundtrack that keeps the action at a normal pace. With the speed of your characters, you have to listen to the tracks and see that the music is one tempo above the action on screen which creates more of a fluid game. The music tracks don't really variate from the rock tempo, but do throw in some minor variations on that tempo for a slightly wider selection. The sound effects aren't quite first rate, with your basic thuds, grunts and yells, even though listening to the seemingly gurgling death throw of your character is hiliarious!

The visuals on the other hand are as good as they get for a machine of this age. With clean character designs, detailed stages, and a variety of enemies to fight through, Data East made a pretty good stand with Bad Dudes. The major problem here though, is the fact that the game moves so slow, that it seems like a slow motion button was pressed, then taped, glued down with a board nailed over the top of it!

-Quarter Crunching: 5/10-

An average amount of quarters will be used here, with continues coming every ten minutes or so depending on your skills. With the enemies moving one or two frames faster than you are, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a monster ass beating and then staring at a continue countdown!

-Replay 2/10-

The replay value here depends solely on the person playing. If you're into side scrolling beat-em-ups, then you're looking in the right direction. With two players, at least you'll be able to get through the game without much more than a few credits, but you're not really looking at secrets, scores or any sort of variation. It's just a beat down game that has a slightly addictive quality.

-Overall 8/10-

While not the most premiere game in the arcades, you'll still have a good time playing through. With the brainless game play of kill or be killed, and the simple to use control, Bad Dudes is a game of gamers of any age and any skill level. A classic game, it shines with some imperfections that revolve mainly around the game's speed, but can be easily overlooked once the action really starts. Question is...are you Bad enough?

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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