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Move List and Guide by Toxic

Version: 4.4 | Updated: 01/17/2002

	Art of Fighting 3 Path of the Warrior Perfect Guide
                (Ver. 4.4)

Unpubished work by Toxic 17/01/2002
 (also know as Toxic Avanger)

 ICQ number: 146473636

Differences from ver 4.2
 -Fixed code for selecting bosses (thanks to Hero_Fei).
 -Minor Fixs Rody, Lenny, Ryo, Robert histories.

  This guide must be only found on:

   - www.gamefaqs.com
   - http://cheats.de

What's in it:
	- Why?
	- Legal stuff
	- Legend
	- About (Guide Notes, What's new in AOF3)
	- AoF3 Background (Game history)
        - Characters (Includes combo descriptions and histories)
		Rody Birts
		Kasumi Todoh
		Karman Cole
		Jin Fu-Ha
		Lenny Creston
		Ryo Sakazaki
		Robert Garcia
                Wang Koh San
        - Overall (My thoughs on characters, why some times things fail)
	- Stages per Character (CPU order)
	- Moves Names (Names taken from Galen Komatsu FAQ)
        - Special Days, codes (more thanks to Galen Komatsu)
	- What's Needed
	- Thanks
	Art of Fighting 3 Path of the Warrior uses an inovator system of
2D image capture and has beautiful stages, but due to the difficult of the
game and the "odd" chain combo system everyone dislikes the game, with this
guide at least I want you to know a few combos, so if you don't like the game
it will be for personal reasons,  about characters odd order, that was just
inspiration. By all means I think not as a perfect guide, just like the
sound of it.(:P) This guide was writed using DOS edit program, should be
perfect on Edit or WordPad
Legal Stuff:
	AOF 3 and its characters are trademarks of SNK and this FAQ must not
be reproduced in any other way than electronically, you have no reason for
selling or renting this product and never use the info of this Guide without
give credit where it is deserved, note that this game it's called "Art of
Fighting - Ryuuoko no Ken Gaiden in the japanese version and it has 298





D: DIS - may leave you open, the longer the taunt takes, the biger
	 decreases the spirit gauge -


bk: BACK

d:  DOWN

u:  UP

ub, db, uf, df: BETWEEN THE DIRECTIONS - db: down and back -

when close bk + C: HIGH PARRY (Stops high attack throwing the enemy,
        leaving them on the ground, you can be low hitted or throw,
        cause no damage, still it is useful (Galen Komatsu FAQ list
        this move as "Sabaki Motion" -what's that?- and the instruction
        list this as redirection).

when close f + C: THROW - cannot be blocked or parried, cannot escape
                  from it, you can duck throw attempts  -

hold any button: Charging stance -increase spirit gauge, leaves you
		 open -

f, f: Front step or dash.

bk, bk: Back step or back hop.

About : -All characters have 2 colors, one is selected with the A button
         an the other one is chosen with the D button.

        -If something is between () is a move description.

	-If something is between ** is a move PERFORMING description,
	 wich means effects on characters.

        -Advice: you can leave the control neutral while performing a move,
         but you got to be quick, this can help you if you want to perform
         a quarter cirle motion without getting the direction if doesn't
         work (mainky thinked for Karman DM, just hate getting a parry if I
         miss the move...)

        -Your characters stay the longer on the ground if they have been
         damaged badly, while the less damage they recibe the quicker they
         stand up.

	-On the Juggle section a , means a different move, therefore:
		f + A A is perform f + a and its follow up.
		f + A, A is perform f + A and then jab.
			- If you want to perform all Combos you better
			  understand this -

        -If you want to run between the hits but your character has a ff
         move you may try performing ff then back + button, to simplily hit;
             Ryo: df + A, ff bk + A, A, A, f + A A C B

          This combo would be imposible without that method... for some
          strange reason, with Jin you can do ff N + A without getting his
          ff move...

        -They are combos that may sound like sick jokes, but they are ALL
         tested against all or most characters; the harder combos are
         explained in a section at the end of the juggles; there are combos
         hard, but not explainded due to the fact that there are similar
         juggles, thus explained there.

	-Normal moves are moves wich use stick motions plus buttons and
	 DO NOT spend any spirit gauge.

	-Special moves are moves wich use stick motions plus buttons
	 and DO spend spirit gauge.

	-Desperation move is a move that can only be performed while
	 your character is flashing orange AND you have your entire
	 spirit gauge, normally they cannot be block.

        -Kick counter or Punch counter are Normal moves that must be
	 Really hard to perform, yet mostly great damage.

	-Spirit gauge is the green bar under your energy, increased by
	 holding for some time any button or blocking attacks,
	 decreased by performing Special, Desparation moves or by
	 YOU ARE ON THE FLOOR, but remember to release the button BEFORE
	 you get up, or you will end up on the "charging stance" wich
         leaves you open, also remember that espirit gauge raises a little
         gradually, even if you are doing nothing and when you are with
         low or no spirit bar left the special moves may not come out or
         come out very, VERY weak; there are three levels of power on the
         spirit gauge:

             Green = Maximun power
             Light Blue = Medium power
             Purple = Almost no power

         Many moves will act different or may not be available on the purple

        -Just like the others AoF, the longer the taunt, the bigger the
         spirit gauge damage, Kasumi special taunt takes 90% of the spirit
         gauge if you let her finish.

        -Also from others Aof, you can dispel a energy ball by punching it
         with GREAT timming, it does not matter what bunch you use, and it
         does not matter what fireball it is, you may even dispel a
         HaohShokohKen with a jab.

	-Such has Fatal Fury games, you have a short jump (press
	 briefly the stick at jumping) and a long jump (hold the

        -A (Fwd) simbol means HOLD FOWARD DURING THE MOVE.

	-Most combos can be started after a jumping attack.

        -Always perform a PURSUIT (df + A or B) after every combo, characters
         may have different and usually stronger pursuits.

        -Recovery Moves are moves that you use when your are laying on the
         floor to get up a little faster using an attack, usually a normal
         move; I have seen another way of recover wich is a very quick spirit
         charge; performed by tapping C before the character falls to the
         floor, but I'm sure that is not the right secuence for this,
         otherwise I would perform it ratherly often; also there are two
         tipes of knock downs, one from you fall sitting, from wich you
         can't perform any recovery and the on you fall down, from this you
         can properly recover.

	-Almost every attack juggles on Counter, and for those who
         already did, they send the opponent far way more up on Counter,
         note that for same attacks I had experimented differents effects.

        -When the enemy is on the air and falling down you will lose ALL
         df and db movements, its a shame; at least on many Counter hits you
         still can use df moves (like Ryo's counter A, df B C d + A).

	-Overhead means that must be blocked high, Sweep means that
	 must be blocked low.

        -Stun and Feint: Stun means that the enemy is walking back after you
         hit them and the enemy is left standing (You can juggle from this)
         and Feint is the one who stun, but left the enemy on the floor
         (You can combo but it is awfuly difficult to  send the enemy on the

        -A (Stn) means that the overhead attack will stun when blocked low.

        -If a combo seems to difficult you may try dashing or walking
	 between the hits, also combos had different timming depending
	 of the foe, I could separate them in:
		Big: Wyler, Rober, Karman, Rody, Ryo.
		Medium: Jin, Wang.
		Small: Sinclair, Kasumi and Lenny.

	-When you are flashing orange you can perform The Desparation
	 move and your character does more damage, note that Robert and
	 Ryo have a different stance when flashing red.

	-All jabs can be interrupted with a normal B, so if you want to
         input A and then f + B or f + A, you have to wait a little,
         all jabs can be interrupted by C, but I mainly listed the more
         useful ones.

	-On the corner your attacks send you way back, but it allows
	 combos such has Ryo:
	  f, bk+B+C, f+A A, A, A, f+A A C B, A, ff + A, (ground) qcb + A
		* Tested against Karman, started from about half screen
		  from the corner *

	-On the moves when it say d + A it means to press the joystick
	 and the button at the same time.

        -"Ultimate Knock Out" (UKO) will occur if you finish off your foe
         using a Desperation Move when he/she is at 10/05% of energy or less,
         the benefict of this is that the enemy will be eliminated no matter
         if is the first round, when a character is UKOed he "dies" with a
         especial secuence, unless you UKOed using Karman DM.

	-Special Day occurs when your character is in is birth day, the good
	 thing is that he/she can use DM no matter how full his energy is.

	-Finshing the game without losing a round will be rewarded with an
	 unique SD image of your character.

Art of Fighting 3 Background:

	All stories are my own interpetration of the events that happen to
occur in Aof3, I have no SNK sources to back up what I say.

	In this game, most characters are looking for someone and they will
surely find him\her on GlassHill Valley, I'm sure this a Mexican province,
due to the kind of scenarios displayed on the game, but it is may suspition
that this place is the same as south town, I mean, made up from nothing.

        Robert goes to GlassHill Valley scorting a childhood friend, Freia
Lawrence, since Robert disapears from his house not telling anyone his father
send an agent from the "Garcia Fundation" to track him, his name his Karman
Cole; this man contacts Ryo and ask him Roberts whereabouts, hearing word he
is in GlassHill he promptly goes there, feeling trouble Ryo and Yuri also
travel to GlassHill (and if there are not trouble, there is always time for a
good vacations, Huh?).

        In GlassHill they found some strange people looking for Robert, Freia,
Wyler or Ryo so the Kyokugen ryuu lords quickly enter into action.

	How it works:

Name of character: Who he is and what he seeks.

	           In game notes

	- Recovery Moves:

	- Normal Moves:

	- Special Moves:

	- Desperation Move:

	- Juggle starters:

	- Juggles:

        - Combo Description:

        - Playing as Character:
Rody Birts: A private investigator hired by Wyler to look for Freia, he works
            with a beautiful woman named Lenny Creston, also he has a bad
            reputation as a private eye; as a second note, Rody is totally
            convinced that Wyler wants to find Freia for Romantic purposes.

	- Recovery Moves: d + A (Sweep)
			  Hold any button (Spirit Charge)
			  df + A (Sweep)
                          db + B (Sweep, follow up with B)

        - Normal Moves: df + B (Overhead, Stn)
                        A C (You may Press A as many times as you want)
			db + B B (Double sweep)
                        f + B B (first hit Stn and Overhead)
                        f + A A (Can be followed by f+ B B or db+ B)(Fwd)
                        f + A B (Fwd)
			A + B (Can be followed by d + B B or bk + A)
			bk + A (Can be duck)
                        df + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        bk + A (Kick counter, hard to do)
			d + A (Sweep)

	- Special Moves: qcf + A or C
                         f, bk, f + A *
 			 qcf + B

                      * Just like a normal throw, but much better range *

        - Desparation Move: f, bk, f, bk, f + C

	- Juggle Starters: f + A A B    (3 hits)
		      	   bk + A       (1 hit)
		           f + B        (1 hit)
		           df + A       (1 hit)
		           A + B bk + A (2 hits)

	- Juggles: bk + A             	      (+ 1 hit)
		   f + A A, db + B B  	      (+ 4 hits)
  		   A + B             	      (+ 3 hits)
		   A + B d + B B	      (+ 3 hits)
                   A + B bk + A               (+ 2 hits)
		   f + A A f+ B B    	      (+ 4 hits)
		   qcf + B           	      (+ 3 hits)
                   qcf + C                    (+ 1 hit)*
		   f + A, f + A A, db + B B   (+ 5 hits)
		   f + A, f + A A f + B B     (+ 5 hits)
		   f + A, qcf + A	      (+ 4 hits)(Not for Lenny)
		   f + A, A + B bk + A	      (+ 3 hits)(Not for Wang)
                   f + A, A + B d + B B       (+ 4 hits)**
                   f + A A, f + A A f + B B   (+ 6 hits)***
                   f + A A, f + A A, db + B B (+ 6 hits)***
                        * After Counter bk + A or df + A *
                       ** For Wang, Ryo, Karman, 3 hits for everybody else *
                      *** Does not work on Lenny, Todoh and Wang **

Combo Description: Ratherly easy combos for such damage, just focus on high
                   and quickness, don't aproach your foe between the hits
                   Rody can use his combos after all of his juggle starters,
                   the most crappy one his df + A, that is because it has
                   to much range and leave you far away of your foe; but
                   I use it a lot, since it has great range.
                   Hard combos explanation:

                        f + A A db + B B
                            The key for doing this one is the deep of the
                            attacks and the delay of the punches.

                        A + B d + B B
                            This is easy as long as you connect the attacks
                            very deep.

                        f + A A, f + A A B B
                            The trick is to give the two first hits fast and
                            high, that will allow you to land the rest very
                            deeply. Does not work on Lenny, Todoh and Wang.

Playing as Rody: Rody has great range and quick moves, you can either focus
                 on a pocking character or a "reactionary" character (means
                 he strikes back after defending or before been attacked,
                 remember that you have a good variation with his f + A
                 chains, also keep in mind that the f, bk, f + A special move
                 can stop the enemy at certain distance when he is attacking
                 you (like Whip's HCF + P), this is a very flexible character
                 and that make him a good choice, note that when you perform
                 qcf + A or C with low spirit (purple) you will see a taunt
                 like move, leaves you really open but it's an odd thing.
Kasumi Todoh: She seeks Ryo Sakazaki, hoping that he may know her father
	      whereabouts, her father (Ryuhaku Todoh) as vanish since he was
  	      defeated by Ryo and she has escaped home, just like Robert. She
              uses her family fighting style and she has trouble speaking
              English; all the words between " " are japanese, her escape is
              not a happiness matter to her mother Shizuka, note that she
              uses Aikido, I have also heard that she uses "Todoh style
              ancient martial arts"; she was born in Japan.

	      Her parry goes behind the opponent, can be followed by
              presing A, she has a especial taunt aganist Kyokugen ryuu
              users, qcb + A can be countered, also she has a close
              standing A frame (an elbow).

	- Recovery Moves: d + A (Sweep)
			  Hold any button (Spirit Charge)
			  df + A (Sweep)
                          ff + B (Overhead)

	- Normal Moves: df + A (Overhead)
                        df + B (Overhead, Stn)
                        A C (Not from close standing A) *
			A + B
                        A A + B (Not from close standing A) *
			bk + B (Can be followed with A + B)
                        d + A (Sweep, Feints on Counter)
			bk + A (Punch Counter, hard to perform, Stun)
                        f + B B                                   (Fwd)
                        f + B A B (last hit can be replaced by C) (Fwd)
                        f + A A B (last hit can be replaced by C) (Fwd)
                        f + A B                                   (Fwd)
			ff + A (Can be followed with bk + B or d + B)
                        ff + B (Overhead, can be duck from close)
                           * You may Press A as many times as you want *

	- Special Moves: qcf + A
			 qcb + A (Overhead, stun if hits)

	- Desperation Move: b, hcb + A *
			* Can be belayed by holding A,delay to long and she
                          will fall, can be blocked and has 3 levels of
                          strenght, from the last you cannot combo from *

	- Juggle Starters: f + B	 (1 hit)
			   ff + A bk + B (2 hits)
			   bk + A 	 (1 hit)(If succefuly performed)
                           qcb + A       (1 hit)
			   b, hcb + A    (1 hit)(Desparation move)

        - Juggles: f + A f + B              (+ 2 hits)(After f+B, do it right)
                   A, f + B A C             (+ 5 hits)
                   ff + B                   (+ 1 hit)(Not from f+B, after DM)
                   qcf + A                  (+ 1 hit)(Not from f + B)
                   qcb + A, A, A + B        (+ 3 hits)(On corner)
                   f + B B                  (+ 2 hits)*
                   f + B A B                (+ 3 hits)(After DM)
                   f + B A C                (+ 4 hits)(After DM)
                   bk + B, A + B            (+ 2 hits)
                   A, bk + B , A + B        (+ 3 hits)(Not from f + B)
                   [f + A], A, f + A A C    (+ 5 hits)(After f+B, do it right)
                   f + A, A, bk + B, A + B  (+ 4 hits)(After f + B)
                   f + A, A, f + B B        (+ 4 hits)(After f + B)
                   f + A, A, f + A A C      (+ 6 hits)(After f + B)
                   A, ff + A bk + B, A + B  (+ 3 hits)(On Ryo)
                   A, A, ff+ A b + B        (+ 4 hits)
                * Only after counter d + A or DM *
                ** What is between [] is a follow up wich doesn't hit **
		* After most "Stun" moves you can put a juggle starter
		  and juggle the opponent; the only exception is a
		  counter d + A wich after followed you cannot juggle
		  the enemy *
                * A, A, A + B can combo, also A, A, A, C *
		* Therefore a BIG combo would be:
		  qcb + A, ff + A bk +B (Follow up), A (Jab), f + A A C
                  (8 hits) *

Combo Description: Great combos, but they need practice, and quickness, don't
                   worry on dashing, just worry on the high and the timming.
                   A good thing while comboing with Kasumi is that her attacks
                   leave her close to the enemy, allowing the combos after many
                   Hard combos explanation:

                        bk + B, A + B
                            This is easy as long as the first hit is deep and
                            the second is greatly delayed.

                        f + A, A, bk + B, A + B
                            If you master the other one, this would be easy,
                            but need to catch the enemy close. Not from f + B.

                        f + A, A, f + B B
                            This combo is really easy as long as you delay the
                            follow up the longer possible. After f + B.

                        f + A, A, f + A A C
                            It uses the same principe that the other one.
                            After f + B.

Playing as Kasumi: Kasumi has quick moves and has moves that make her advance
                   a lot, so she doesn't have trouble catching an off guard
                   enemy, but she lacks strong low attacks, so you will use
                   throwing in the high-low mind games, if you manage to
                   master her punch counter Kasumi will be one of the most
                   overpowered fighters of the game, a fact is that her low
                   attacks may be weak, but they are extremely bothersome;
                   note that I have been told that her taunt translates as
                   "Kyokugen ryuu.. that is nothing..". A second note is that

                   I'm sure that she checks a dictionary before talking in
                   english, not acording what says kof96 Joe Palanca's FAQ,
                   this game shows Kasumi having troubles speaking english
                   (She can't talk to Wyler because she doesn't understand
                   what he says). A third note is that I have seen another
                   first celebration, in wich after she laughs she sneezs
                   (only have seen it once, after many years playing, maybe
                   is like to see Tam - Tam's face in his ending in SSI).
Karman Cole: Agent of the Garcia foundation, this man searches for Robert due
             to request of Albert Garcia and his wife, in the past Robert
             where unable to stand a fight with Karman because his
             extraordinary fighting skills, note that he is German.

             He has a especial taunt aganist Kyokugen ryuu users, his pursuit
             can execute an especial action if you catch your foe whit his
             legs towards you, this action has no efect on Sinclair and Wyler;
             and this action can be inputed by d or db + A or B.

	- Recovery Moves: d + A (Sweep)
			  Hold any button (Spirit Charge)
			  df + A (Sweep)
			  Any Special Move

	- Normal Moves: A + B (Can be duck, followed by b + A A f + B)
			bk + B B
			f + B (Overhead)
                        f + A A (Can be followed by f + B) (Fwd)
			bk + B + C (Dodge and kick, can't be hit low)
			bk + A + C (Dodge and punch, can't be hit low)
			bk + A (Kick counter, hard to do)
                        df + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        f + A A B (Fwd)
                        d + A (Sweep, Feints on Counter)

	- Special Moves: qcb, f + A (Counter move for mid and high attacks)
			 qcf + B
                         f, bk, f + A (Overhead, Stn)
			 f, bk, f + B

        - Desperation Move: hcb, hcb + C (Can be jumped)

	- Juggle Starters: A, A, A, A + B (4 hits)*
			   A + B          (1 hit)
			   bk + B         (1 hit)
		* From close, less jabs as further is the distance *

        - Juggles: f, bk, f + A             (+ 1 hit)(From A + B)
                   A, A, C                  (+ 3 hits)(Not from A+B)*
                   A, f + A A B             (+ 5 hits)(Not from A + B)
                   f + A A B                (+ 4 hits)(Not against Lenny)
                   A, qcf + B               (+ 2 hits)(Not from A + B)
                   A, A, qcf + B            (+ 3 hits)(Not from A + B)
                   qcf + B                  (+ 1 hit)(From A + B)
                   f + A A, qcf + B         (+ 3 hits)(From A + B)
                   [f + A], A, f + A A B    (+ 5 hits)(From A + B)**
                   [f + A], A + B f + A A B (+ 5 hits)(From A + B)
                   [f + A], A, qcf + B      (+ 2 hits)(From A + B)
                   A, A + B f + A A f + B   (+ 5 hits) ***
                    * This also works on a standing enemy. *
                    ** [f + A] is a follow up that doesn't hit. **
                    *** Not from A+B, on Ryo and Rody, for others begin from
                        standing A counter ***

Combo Description: Fast fingers are need to combo with Karman, you must not
                   dash between the hits, just worry on catching your enemy
                   at the right high his bk + B may leave you far from the
                   enemy, when using it be sure of been close.
                   Hard combos explanation:

                        A, f + A A B
                            Only after bk + B, you should wait until the
                            enemy reachs the maximum high, you don't have
                            to wait to long, the rest is perfect timming.

                        A, A, qcf + B
                            This combo is easy, but make sure that you don't
                            tap the buttons or there will be three punches;
                            this is also from bk + B.

                        [f + A], A, f + A A B
                            Make sure that the follow up doesn't hit, but
                            don't delay it to long; that's about it.

                        [f + A], A, qcf + A
                            Same as before.

Playing as Karman: Counter attack character, his main strengh is the ability
                   to stop your enemy when attacking you, he got a poor low -
                   high hitting game, but his f, bk, f moves can go under
                   many attacks while dashing, I think this character is
                   much like Rody and Kasumi but less combo oriented; he may
                   lack combos, but he has a great strenght. Note that his
                   A + B may not work at all on Kasumi, unless she taunts or
                   is doing somethig that makes her stand straight. Second
                   note: I use a lot his df + A because is on of his few mid
                   attacks, other can be usually crouched; this moves juggles
                   on counter.
Jin Fu-Ha: This persons was Eiji Kisaragi disciple, but for some reason Eiji
           betray him (that may explain his chest and back scars), he wants
           to know if he is tough enough to kill Eiji so he thinks an ideal
           test: defeat the sworn enemy of Eiji, the one Eiji has never been
           able to overcome -Ryo Sakazaki-; Jin has developed a very special
           gift, the ability to sense the ki from people, he uses this to
           trace the greatest ki he can find...

           This character has double jump, C button his Overhead and Stn.

	- Recovery Moves: d + A (Sweep)
			  Hold any button (Spirit Charge)
			  df + A (Sweep)
			  f f + B (Overhead)

	- Normal Moves: bk + A
                        bk + B (Overhead, Stn)
                        ff + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        ff + B (Overhead, Stn, leaves you on the floor)
                        A + B (Overhead, Stn, hit laying enemies)
                        d + A (Sweep,Feints on counter) *
			d + B (Sweep, can be followed by f + A)
                        df + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        df + B (Overhead, Stn)
			d, u + A (only on laying opponent)
                        f + A A (Can be followed by f + C)(Fwd)
                        f + A A (Can be followed by f + B)(Fwd)
                          * Can be followed by d + B *

        - Special Moves: qcf + A (Reflects fireballs)
                         d, bk, db + B (Makes you invisible)*
			 qcb + A
			 f, hcf + C (High/mid counter attack)
			       * Invisibility last about 4 seconds and
				 gets cancel if you are hit, continues
                                 if you block, though. *

	- Desperation Move: d, d + C (Can be block, cannot be hit)

	- Juggle Starters: bk + A (1 hit)
			   ff + A (1 hit)
			   C      (1 hit)

	- Juggles: A, qcb + A          (+ 2 hits)
		   A, f + A A B B      (+ 6 hits)(Works not on Ryo)
		   f + A A C	       (+ 3 hits)
		   A, ff + A           (+ 2 hits)
		   bk + A, A, qcb + A  (+ 4 hits)(Works not on women)
		   qcb + A 	       (+ 1 hit) (Only after C)
		   bk + A, ff + A      (+ 2 hits)
                   bk + A, qcf + A     (+ 2 hits)(Very difficult)
                   bk + A, f + A A B B (+ 6 hits)(Very difficult)
                    * Necesary to dash between bk + A and next hits;
                     but within the juggle, not as a starter *

Combo Description: Along Ryo, Jin's Combo are the hardest, beacuse of his
                   short hand range; it is crucial for you to dash after you
                   begin the combo, that's why you will be using his ff + A
                   so much, because it leaves you close to the enemy; bk + A
                   is the best, but it leaves you far away of your enemy and
                   has the shortest range.
                   Hard combos explanation:

                        bk + A, A, qcb + A
                           Not from C; the trick is to hit the enemy the
                           closest and the highest with the bk + A.
                           Works not on women.

                        bk + A, qcf + A
                           I have only get this twice, so no tips to help
                           you out.

                        bk + A, f + A A B B
                           I can only perform this after the bk + A, as
                           before, the key is to hit at the best high and
                           distance (The more high and closest distance).

Playing as Jin: This is the toughest character along Wyler, he may lack
                range but have powerfull mind moves (d + B f + A, ff + A)
                and his short range disadventages are his throwing potencial;
                he also posses the strongest pursuits, so make the most of
                it; note that he can be very nasty character if when you are
                invisible you vary low or high (just like speed Zantetsu);
                also rely on his counter. Note that Jin means men, or so I
                have heard.
Lenny Creston: Private investigator and partner of Rody Birts, their asignment
               is to found Freia and promptly deliver her to Wyler, there it
               seems to be a "Romanic Tension" between Lenny and Rody; please
               do note that she is totally convinced that Wyler wants to find
               Freia for romantic purposes.

	- Recovery Moves: d + A (Sweep)
			  Hold any button (Spirit Charge)
			  df + A (Sweep)
                          ff + B (Overhead, juggle starter)

        - Normal Moves: bk + B (Overhead, Stn, may hit twice)
			bk + A + B
			A + B (Dodge)
		       	bk + A
			ff + A (Can be followed up by f + B or bk + B)
			ff + B (Can be followed up by A)
			d + A (Sweep, hit ground enemies)
                        f + A A B (Last hit can be f + C or bk + B)(Fwd)
                        df + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        f + B B (Fwd)
                        f + A B (Fwd)
			df + B
                        crouched B, bk + B (Second hit overhead, Stn)

	- Special Moves: qcb + A
                         f, bk, f + A (Last hit overhead, Stn)
			 qcf + A

	- Desperation Move: f, hcf + C

	- Juggle Starters: bk + A + B	   (1 hit)
			   ff + B	   (1 hit)
			   ff + A,  ff + B (2 hits)

	- Juggles: A, A, f + A A C             (+ 5 hits)
		   f + A, A, ff + B            (+ 3 hits)
		   f + B B                     (+ 2 hits)
		   f + A A C		       (+ 3 hits)
                   f + A A bk + B              (+ 4 hits)
		   qcb + A                     (+ 5 hits)
		   A, A, ff + A B              (+ 4 hits)
		   f + A A, A, A, ff + A B     (+ 6 hits)
		   f + A A, A, A, A, f + A A C (+ 8 hits)
		   qcf + A, f A A C	       (+ 4 hits)
		   qcf + A, ff + A B           (+ 3 hits)
                        * No need of dashing before the hits *

Combo Description: Lenny's combos are easy, but you need to catch your foe at
                   the right high, you need to dash after the qcf + A.
                   Hard combos explanation:

                        f + A A bk + B
                           If you want the four hits better perform this
                           close and deep (Usually dash before performing).

                        qcf + A, f + A A C
                           The two ploblem is to make the projectile very
                           early and the dashing very quickly.

                        qcf + A, ff + A B
                            Same as before, remember to dash before ff + A B,
                            so you have to input foward pour times.

Playing as Lenny: Lenny can make many things at a really far distance, her
                  throw has the longest range and her mind moves are weak but
                  long ranged; her easy juggles makes this character very
                  dangerous when wrongly blocked an overhead.
                  This character can be very cheap or very fun.
Ryo Sakazaki: He feels uneasy and desperates looks for Robert feeling
              troubles, he has come to GlassHill with his dear sister
              Yuri Sakazaki; Ryo stands for the tiger as a symbol of
              his strenght, note that this man uses Kyokugen-ryuu Karate,
              I have been told that Kyokugen Ryuu is a true martial art
              and that Ryo was born in Japan; Kyokugen Ryuu means "Extreme
              Style Karate", and the true karate style is called "Kyokushin"
              ; and as a final note remember that Ryo is half american, his
              mother name was Ronnet and she died a little before AoF1.

	      This character has triangle jump by presing A or B on the corner
	      (A just jump and B Jumps with kick) C button on air his
              backwards (like Iori's bk + B), just as AoF 1, though you may
              only get a few kick hits afterwards.

	- Recovery Moves: d + A (Sweep)
			  Hold any button (Spirit Charge)
                          df + A (Sweep)
                          ff + B (Overhead)

	- Normal Moves: f, bk + B + C
			B + C
			A + B (Dodge)
                        A C (You may Press A as many times as you want)
			bk + B
                        ff + A A (Overhead on both hits, Stn)
                        f + B B (Fwd)
			ff + B (Overhead, most character can duck it)
                        df + A (Overhead, Stn)
			d + A (Sweep)
			df df + A (Sweep)
                        df + B (Overhead, Stn, can be followed up by df + B)
                        df + B C d + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        df + B C (Overhead, Stn)
                        f + A B (Fwd)
                        f + A A B (Fwd)
                        f + A A C C (Last hit can be f + B)
                        d, u + A (Overhead, Stn)

	- Special Moves: qcf + A or C
			 f, bk, f + A
			 db, f + B (Overhead)
			 f, d, df + A or C
			 qcb + A (Special pursuit)

	- Desperation Move: f, hcf NEUTRAL B
			* NEUTRAL means that you have to wait between
			  the motion and the button press *

	- Juggle Starters: df + A        (1 hit)
			   f, bk + B + C (1 hit)
			   d, u + A      (1 hit)

        - Juggles: A, A, C                           (+ 3 hits)*
		   A, A, f + A A C B                 (+ 6 hits)
		   f + A A C C                       (+ 4 hits)
                   f d df + C                        (+ 2 hits)**
		   A, A, f d df + A                  (+ 3 hits)
		   A, A, f bk f + A                  (+ 3 hits)
		   ff + A A                          (+ 2 hits)
		   f + B B                           (+ 2 hits)
                   A, A, A, C                        (+ 4 hits)***
                   A, f + A A C B, C                 (+ 6 hits)**
		   f + A B, f +	A A C B              (+ 6 hits)
                   f + B B, f + A A C B              (+ 6 hits)****
		   f + A A C B, f + A A C B          (+ 8 hits)
		   f + A A C B, f + A A C B, f + A B (+ 10 hits)
                   f + A A, A, A, f + A A C B        (+ 8 hits)*****
                    * Works even if foe is standing *
                    ** Not from df + A **
                    *** Can combo on floor ***
                    **** Only from f, bk + B + C ****
                    ***** Not against womens *****
		    * remove AT LEAST one hit if your juggle begins
		      with df + A instead of f, bk + B + C *

Combo Description: Ryo's combos are the toughest to properly master, just rely
                   on d, u + A and be quick; always try to walk between the
                   juggle starter and the first hit, the other it is just
                   quickness and right high, tapping buttons will not always
                   work; it took me for about three weeks of game play to
                   perform all combos on all character.
                   Hard combos explanation:

                        A, f + A A C B, C
                           There is an ideal high in wich you can catch a foe,
                           there is also an ideal timming for the follow ups;
                           the combos I will list are nearly impossible, but
                           they have such a bad ass estetic; if you see them,
                           you are lucky. Not from df + A.

                        f + A B, f + A A C B
                           Same as before but easier; could be mastered.

                        f + B B, f + A A C B
                           The first part must be done DEEP and close, so the
                           two hits succeed and leave you at the distance to
                           apply the rest. Only from f, bk + B + C.

                        f + A A C B, f + A A C B, f + A B
                           Same as the first one, but more difficult.

Playing as Ryo: Flexible character and many destructive combos, Ryo doesn't
                have long range, but when rightly timmed he can quickly
                connect d, u + A even at far distance, if the enemy fails a
                long range attack; one tip I think usefull is always keep
                some distance from your enemy, enough to provoque him to
                attack and miss. If you rather be offensive you must know
                well this character and use accuratly his moves; he is like
                Karman, great power but less range and more combos.
                Althroug he is not the main character, I think he is far
                more tough than Robert, as the AoF history line suppose.
Robert Garcia: He meets a Childhood friend Named Freia Lawrence, hearing she
               goes to GlassHill he follows her after hearing her worries
               about a man called Wyler; the fact is that Wyler request some
               special data from Freia; data to complete a drug wich has an
               strange effect over the human body, Wyler says he as corrected
               the drug mistake and he has make it estable, Freia fears
               because the drug killed Wyler's dad; Robert stands for the
               dragon, not as the opening of the game shows it; I belive that
               in japanese culture the tiger and the dragon are the worst of
               enemies, he also uses Kyokugen-ryuu and is the best friend and
               rival of Ryo Sakazaki, note that I belive that Kyokugen Ryuu is
               a true martial art, also note that Robert is from Italy;
               Kyokugen Ryuu means "Extreme Style Karate".

               The C button hits ground enemies, plus is an Overhead and Stn.

	- Recovery Moves: d + A (Sweep)
			  Hold any button (Spirit Charge)
			  df + A (Sweep)

        - Normal Moves: A + B (Overhead, Stn)
			bk + B B B (Hold back during move, last hit overhead)
			d, u + B (Overhead)
                        df + A (Overhead, Stn)
			d + A (Sweep)
			bk + A
                        df + B B B (Overhead, Stn, no need of holding df)
                        f + A B (Fwd) *
                        f + A A B (Fwd)
                        f + A A C B (Fwd)
                        f + A A C bk + B (Fwd)**
                        f + B B (first hit stun)(Fwd)
			f + B d + A
                              * Random chance of stun on last hit, similar to
                                critical hits *
                              ** Last hit overhead, Stn and wastes spirit
                                 gauge **

	- Special Moves: qcf + A or C
			 f, d, df + A or C
			 df, f + B (Overhead)
			 f, bk, f + B
			 in air qcb + B (Overhead)
			 f, hcf + C

	- Desperation Move: f, hcf NEUTRAL B
			* NEUTRAL means that you have to wait between
			  the motion and the button press *

	- Juggle Starters: bk + A	 (1 hit)
			   A + B	 (1 hit)
			   f + B, bk + A (2 hits)

	- Juggles: A, f bk f + B          (+ 2 hits)
                   Qcf + A or C           (+ 1 hit)(From bk + A)
		   f + A A C C            (+ 4 hits)
		   A, A, f + A A C bk B   (+ 6 hits)
		   A, A, f d df + A       (+ 3 hits)
		   f + A A, f bk f + B    (+ 3 hits)
		   A, f + A A, f bk f + B (+ 4 hits)
		   bk + B B               (+ 2 hits)
                   f + A A C B            (+ 4 hits)*
                   A, f d df + C          (+ 3 hits)**
                        * From f + B, very difficult *
                        ** Works not on Ryo, Wang and Robert **
			* A + B is his worst juggle starter *
                        * A, df + A can combo on standing opponents *

Combo Description: Robert's combo are somewhat difficult, just give them
                   proper timming and be quick, always begin combos with
                   bk + A, his combos are easier and shorter version of
                   Hard combos explanation.

                        f + A A, f bk f + B
                           Be close, and hit highly; the rest is easy.

                        A, f + A A, f bk f + B
                           Be close and a ideal high, just as Ryo's this is a
                           Godly kind of combo.

Playing as Robert: This is the first game on where Robert and Ryo are
                   scentialy different, the principal difference is that
                   Robert can send the enemy on air more easily; this could
                   be described as a "plain fighter", he only wants to beat
                   the crap out of you using fast reflexes and big combos,
                   not using weir high - low tactics (He does have, but you
                   need to be very constant to get the most of it - because
                   no one fears a weak low strike wich doesn't event knock
                   down, so you may not follow up with a pursuit-)
- Wyler: Wyler belives he has perfected a powerful drug that in the past took
         his father life, the problem his that escential data for the drug is
         missing, but he knows who has it: the daughter of his father partner,
         Freia Lawrence. The true background is that when the drug proved been
         unsucceful, Freia's father feels that Wyler father has no salvation
	 so he took his daughter and the data of the drug and he took of,
         leaving Wyler's dad to his luck (he didn't have much, because he
         didn't survived).

	 This character cannot be thrown, cannot stop his spirit gauge Charge
         and he is more heavy than others characters.

	- Recovery Moves: d + A (Overhead)
			  Hold any button (Spirit Charge)

	- Normal Moves: bk + B
                        A, C *
                        d + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        f + B B (Overhead, Stn)(Fwd)
                        df + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        f + A A C (Overhead on last hit)(Fwd)
                          * Push A as many times you want,
                            C is an Overhead and Stn *

	- Special Moves: qcf + A
                         d, u + A *
                         f, bk, f + A (Overhead, Stn)
                           * It can bounce fireballs, such as Ryo's
                             Koh ken, it also Feints on counter *

	- Desperation Move: None

	- Juggle Starters: d + A        (1 hit) *
			   f + B	(1 hit)
			   f + A A	(2 hits)
                           being thrown (0 hit, -Feints-)
		* Sometimes hit twice, when it does you cannot juggle
                  if you performing while crouching with A it will hit
                  only one time and will always juggle *

        - Juggles: A, A, A, A, A    (+ 5 hits)
                   B                (+ 2 hits)
                   qcf + A          (+ 1 hit)(From f + B and throw attempts)
                   bk + B           (+ 1 hit)
                   f + B B          (+ 2 hits)*
                   f + A A          (+ 2 hits)(From f + B)
                   f + A A, A, A, A (+ 5 hits)(Not from f + B)
                   f + A A, d + A   (+ 4 hits)(Not from f + B)
                   f + A A, d u + A (+ 3 hits)(Not from f + B)
                        * Can be from throw attempt or f+B *

Combo Description: Wyler combos are easy, just make sure to walk if you input
                   f A A and hit your enemy the highest posible.
                   Hard combos explanation:

                        f + A A, d + A
                           The best high is required for this, walk before

                        f + A A, A A A
                           Same as before.

Playing as Wyler: This character is good pissing off people, been in front
                  of you giving so many quicks attacks, I think Wyler is a
                  offensive character due to the fact that is dash his quick
                  and he is to cheap as a defensive, I said that because not
                  fearing most throws destroy some character mind games.
                  I love being a doctor Jekill that wants to become Mr. Hide.
- Sinclair: In the surface she helps Wyler to complete his experiments, but
            in fact she does not want him to succeed and she is looking for
            someone who can convince Wyler of desist of his ambition, wich is
            fulfill his father dream.

	    This character cannot throw.

	- Recovery Moves: d + A (Sweep)
			  Hold any button (Spirit Charge)
			  df + A (Sweep)

        - Normal Moves: f + A (Follow with bk + B or B) *
                        df + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        bk + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        A C (You may Press A as many times as you want)
                        bk + A + B
                        bk + B (Second hit overhead, Stn)
			d + A (Sweep)
			d + B (Sweep)
                          * Last hit Overhead, Stn *

	- Special Moves: f, bk, f + A
			 qcb + A
                         d, u + A (Overhead) *
                            * Feints on Overhead and hits on floor *

	- Desperation Move: f, hcf + A

	- Juggle Starters: d, u + A (1 hit)
			   f + A B  (3 hits)
			   bk + A   (2 hits)
			   B        (1 hit)

	- Juggles: A          (+ 2 hits)(from d, u + A)
                   bk + A, A  (+ 3 hits)
		   qcb + A    (+ 4 hits)
		   A, qcb + A (+ 5 hits)
		   A, A, C    (+ 3 hits)
                     *input always d, u + A after every combo*

Combo Description: These combos are simple and easy, just do it quick, if you
                   input bk + A as juggle starter you have plenty of time to
                   run; if bk + A doesn't hit twice, quickly input qcb + A or
                   standing C.
                   Hard combos explanation:

                        bk + A, A
                           Be the closest and do it early, thats all.

                        A, A, C
                           Dash and do it quick.

Playing as Sinclair: She got very anoying low attacks and overheads, but they
                     may leave you open if blocked, my advice is to be careful
                     and focus on landing her strong combos; 2 notes, if you
                     are wondering what f, bk, f + A is good for I say is good
                     to thick damage when your enemy is about stand up, the
                     other note is that sometimes when you finish combos with
                     d, u + A the enemy will recover before you can block, but
                     I always input that motivated by it's insane damage; If
                     you want not to take risk, use note 1.
- Wang Koh San: This person is going to participate in a drawing contest,
                therefore he travels seeking inspiration for his draw, that
                leads him to GlassHill, hearing word of a person who is
                working on a drug he belives that a new sample would be
                interesting to his friend the doctor Lee Pai Long, this
                person uses the lost art of Shin-Roku-Goh Ken.

                Pursuit hits twice, the CPU has performed on me his pursuit
                twice while I was on the floor; in his ending he shows a draw,
                I've seen him pick four differents; f, bk + A + C throw works
                on Wyler, jumping C and jumping A + B hits grounded enemies.

	- Recovery Moves: d + A (Sweep)
			  Hold any button (Spirit Charge)
			  df + A (Sweep)
                          ff + A (Sweep)

	- Normal Moves: bk + A
			bk + B
                        d + A (Feints in Counter, Sweep)
			A + B
			B + C
			dbk + B (Sweep)
			In air A + B (Hits on floor)
			close f, bk + A + C (Throw, can't crouch it)
			df + B (Overhead)
                        df + A (Overhead, Stn)
                        f + B B (Fwd)
                        f + A A (Can be followed by f + B B)(Fwd)
                        f + A B B (Fwd)
                        f + A C
                        f + A A C (Last hit Overhead, Stn)(Fwd)
                        d + A + B (Sweep, can be followed up by f+B or f+A)
                        df + C (Overhead, Stn, can be followed up by d + B)
			ff + A (Sweep)

	- Special Moves: d, d + A (Hits Low)
			 f, d, df + A
                         HCF + B (Overhead) *
                           * Has a follow up that I cannot discover;
                             if you not follow up after it you can
                             combo bk + A *

	- Desperation Move: bk, f, f + C

	- Juggle Starters: bk + B
			   f + A A
			   A + B

        - Juggles: f + A B B        (+ 3 hits)
                   f + A A B B      (+ 3 hits)
                   bk + A           (+ 1 hit)
                   d + A, bk + A    (+ 2 hits)*
                   f + A A, bk + A  (+ 3 hits)*
                   f + B B          (+ 2 hits)
                   d + A + B, f + A (+ 2 hits)
                   bk + B           (+ 1 hit)
                   A + B            (+ 1 hit)
                   f + B B          (+ 2 hits)
                   ff + A           (+1 hit)(Not on Karman or from bk + B)
                        * Works not on Jin, Kasumi, Wang and Wyler *           
                           * You can finish your combo with jumping A + B *
			* f + B B won't juggle on Wyler *

Combo Description: Nothing great here, ff + A will not work at all on Karman,
                   no matter wich juggle starter you use, if you want to start
                   combos with f + A A you must run after it; you can't combo
                   ff + A on Rody after f + A A; also any f + A A f + B B
                   juggles won't work on Wyler.
                   Hard combos explanation:

                        f + A B B
                           This combo is challenging if you begin with
                           f + A A, then give a big dash and catch the enemy
                           at good high.

                        f + A A B B
                            Same as before but needs better high.

Playing as Wang: Many overheads and many sweeps to keep the enemy awake; a
                 friend of mine can dispatch a player winthin a few seconds
                 just reling in his strong variations, this character lacks
                 good combos but he gets great charisma with is db + B taunt;
                 also got a sexy dis and a real note is the fact that the CPU
                 uses a follow up after his hcf + B move, dunno how its done.
                 If you pursuit with jumping A + B or jumping C the enemy
                 shall recover faster than you, though both attack do good
Overall: A odd thing when playing vs in Aof 3 is that the characters can play
         much a like (Kasumi can play as Jin, but not so daedly variations);
         but playing against a charecter is very especific (focus on range;
         weight, high and other stuff); I'm praying that SNK comes with Aof4,
         in wich they correct some mistakes (Knowing wich combo to perform on
         different characters could be a bore unless you like the game, also
         combo df and db moves would have been nice, altrough machine does


                Am I dreaming on new fixed games? The new and spectacular
                Sengoku 2001 gives me hope.

                That will not happen if SNK remains in bankruptcy.

        I could say this games is like Savage Regin; there are not many
        character that ecxeeds on style, in fact many lack it, and that's
        why you like them (Think of Ramon, he thinks the stylish person in
        the earth and he is not; that is his "charisma").

        I say Seth from KoF 2k is a clone of Karman Cole, the both are
        dressing elengantly and the both sturdy.

        I also say Venessa is a clone of Rick Strowd, due to their dodging
        techniques and their front and back teleports (Rick has a back jump
        punch and a dashing combination - close enough - ).

        The seiyuus (voice actor) on the game are (dunno who is who):

                Atsushi Maetsuka
                Masaki Usui
                Manjaro Koich
                Eiji Yano
                Harumi Ikomada
                Kumi Ishida
                Masae Yumi
Stages per Character:
How it works:

  Name1                		  Name 2
1 Stage Name1			1 Stage Name2
2 Stage Name1			2 Stage Name2
3 Stage Name1			3 Stage Name2
4 Stage Name1			4 Stage Name2
5 Stage Name1			5 Stage Name2
6 Stage Name1			6 Stage Name2
7 Stage Name1			7 Stage Name2
8 Stage Name1			8 Stage Name2
9 Stage Name1			9 Stage Name2

  Robert:         Ryo:             Rody:          Lenny:          Wang:

1 Rody            Rody             Robert         Wang            Lenny
2 Wang            Wang             Jin            Karman          Robert
3 Jin             Lenny            Kasumi         Kasumi          Ryo
4 Sinclair        Sinclair         Ryo            Ryo             Jin
5 Kasumi          Jin              Sinclair       Rody            Kasumi
6 Lenny           Kasumi           Karman         Jin             Rody
7 Karman          Karman           Lenny          Robert          Karman
8 Ryo             Robert           Wang           Sinclair        Sinclair
9 Wyler           Wyler            Wyler          Wyler           Wyler

  Kasumi          Jin              Wyler          Sinclair        Karman

1 Rody            Rody             Wang           Lenny           Jin
2 Lenny           Robert           Kasumi         Robert          Lenny
3 Jin             Karman           Karman         Ryo             Rody
4 Robert          Kasumi           Ryo            Jin             Sinclair
5 Wang            Wang             Rody           Kasumi          Kasumi
6 Sinclair        Sinclair         Jin            Rody            Wang
7 Karman          Lenny            Lenny          Karman          Ryo
8 Wyler           Wyler            Sinclair       Wang            Wyler
9 Ryo             Ryo              Robert         Wyler           Robert

Move Names:

 Rody Birts:
            A + B          Rapid Rod
            Db + B         Slide Low Kick
            Bk + B         Dodge Knee Kick
            Bk + A         Over Swing
	    Pursuit        Bounding Rod
	    Throw          Hook Throw
            Qcf + B        Middle Impact TT
            Qcf + A        Revolving Rod
            F, bk, f + A   Descisive (?) Impact *
	    DM             Hyper Tonfa
            * (Galen Komatsu listed this with ?)

 Kasumi Todo:
             Bk + B                         Shiranamai
	     Parry, then A                  TsuyuBarai
             Bk + A (Countering Punchs)     Sakken OnUchi
             Bk + B (Countering Kicks)      Sassho OnKyaku
	     A + B                          Gohsen
             Ff + B                         Hisou
             Ff + A                         SouShoDan
             Ff + A, d + B                  SouShoDan, Kusanagi
             Ff + A, bk + B                 SouShoDan, SoushoYaritotsuKyaku
             Pursuit                        Kanwari
	     Throw                          MochiMawashiZen- Otoshi *
             Qcb + A                        Todo-ryu: RaihoHoh
             Qcf + A                        Todo-ryu: KasaneAte
	     DM                   	    Todo-ryu: Hiden ChoKasaneAte

*(I don't know if Galen Komatsu listed this with "-" because he lacks the
  space or if it's writed with that)*

 Karman Cole:
        A + B                             Standing Back Knuckle
        Bk + A (Countering high kicks)    Cut Straight
        Bk + A (Countering medium kicks)  Cut High Kick
        Bk + A + C                        Dodge Straight
        Bk + B + C                        Dodge High Kick
        Bk + B                            High Point Heel
        Special pursuit                   Surroto Knuckle
        Pursuit                           Under Straight
        F, bk, f + A                      Quick Under Straight
        F, bk, f + B                      Quick Back Knuckle
        Qcb, f + A                        Hefutigaa Shuutohsuaguria
        Qcf + B                           Gebarutigaa Fuusutoritto Fon Oopen
        DM                                Aofoi' Nandaaforugente Byurufe

 Jin Fu-Ha:
            Ff + A                              Head Thrust
 	    Bk + A				Body Thrust
	    Bk + B				SokutaiGeki
	    A + B				Kaikyaku KakatoOtoshi
            Ff + B                              Fuha-ryu TatsumakiKeri
	    B, u + A pursuit			TenchuuRaku
	    Pursuit				TenshinDan
	    Throw				TengekiSatsu
	    Qcb + A				ShinkuuZankubiToh
	    Qcf + A				Ryueijin
            D, bk, db + B                       Shinobikakure
            F, hcf + C                          MougoRyusatsujin
	    DM					TohshinShoh

 Lenny Creston:
		Bk + A				Over Swing Long
		Bk + A + B			Over Swing Shot
                Ff + A                          Bush Impact
		Bk + A				Low Somersault
                Ff + B                          Chest Bump
                Ff + B, A                       Chest Bump, Impact to Bump
		Pursuit				Squash Kick
		Throw				Twine Throw
		F, bk, f + A			Whip Rush
		Qcb + A				4 Swish Rave
		Qcf + A				Flick Shot
		DM				Flick Break

 Ryo Sakazaki:
		Bk + B				FuusatsuKeri
                Ff + A A                        TorageUchi
                Ff + b                          KakuGyakuSho
		Df, fd + A			Fumikomu Kadan Seiken
		F, bk + B + C 			High Spin Kick
		A + B				Step Back Sway
		B + C				AteKeri
		D, u + A			Tsurabe Uchi
		Df + B B			Mid level Kick, Driving Kick
		Df + B C C			Mid Level Kick, Knee Storm
		Pursuit				KimeUchi
		Throw				Shoulder Throw
		Qcf + A				KohKen
		F, d, df + A			Kohoh
		Db, f + B			Hienshippuu Kyaku
		F, bk, f + B			ZanretsuKen
		Qcb + A pursuuit		KohGeki
		F, hcf + C			HaohShokohKen
		DM				RyuukohRanbu

 Robert Garcia:
                A + B             Burning Knuckle
                Bk + A            Back Blow
                Df + B B B        Mid Level Kick, Double Middle, Raging Kick
                Bk + B B B        Triple Kick
                D, u + B          Jumping Heel
                F A A A, bk + B   Rush 3 hits, RyuuZanshoh
                Pursuit           Yankee Kick
                Throw             Shoulder Throw
                Qcf + A           RyuuGekiKen
                F, d, df + A      Ryuuga
                Air qcb + A       HienRyuujinKyaku
                Db, f + B         Hienshippuu Kyaku
                F, bk, f + B      GeneiKayku
                F, hcf + C        HaohShokohKen
                DM                RyuukohRanbu

	Bk + B					Akousu Kick
	Pursuit					Buster Hip
	Throw					Buster Throw
	F, bk, f + A				Red Shoulder
	Qcf + A					Black Out
	D, u + A				Bounce Back

        Bk + A + B                              Turning Stab
	Bk + B					Switch Back Sword
	Bk + A					Turning Edge
	Pursuit					Guillotine Swing
	Qcb + A					Spinning Sword
	F, bk, f + A				Vision Cutter
	D, u + A				Dive Sword
	DM					Hyper Aura Slash

 Wang Koh San:
		BC				Left-side Kick
		Bk + B				Right-side Kick
		Bk + A				HakuhjaTojin
		Db + B				Ifuoh
		Jumping A + B			Flying Butt Strike
		Df + C, d + B			Head Charge, Leg Sweep
		D + A + B, f + A		Whirlwind Rush, KohbokuSho
		D + A + B, f + B		Whirlwind Rush, Head Charge
                Ff + A                          Jikottsu
		Pursuit				???
		Throw				YanagiHou
		F, bk + A + C			Backroll Jab
		D, d + A			Kyoretsu Jirai Shiri kun
		F, d, df + A			Hisho Ishi Atama kun
                Hcf + B                         Muteki Ranbu kun
		DM				KyuukyokuOgi Randa kun

Special Days:
	Rody 			24 July
	Kasumi			29 March
	Karman			13 Juny
	Lenny			20 May
	Ryo			2 August
	Robert			25 December
	Wyler			????
	Sinclair		????
        Wang                    17 April

	I have heard that Wyler and Sinclair are time released Characters
that goes unlocked after the April 27.

	Galen Komatsu submits a code in order to select them; wich is:
                For Sinclair: Put the cursor on Jin, press B, move left B,
                              move left B, keep like that until Robert.

		For Wyler: Put the cursor on Robert and press C, right C,
                           right C, keep it up until Jin.

        Upon success, you will heard the taunt voice of the characters and
        an arrow pointing the corner will appear... follow it and select

What's needed:
	Constructive critics (this is just my fifth actual FAQ, altrought
        they never meet the net).

	Character Speechs

        I'm thinking about include character speechs, but I only got those
        from KoFs FAQs, dunno about the rest of the characters.

        I didn't put many details on the moves because it is a pain to read a
        lot on a FAQ of a game that as low popularity (I even heard SNK is
        ASHAMED of the AoF series; altrough I found this game to be
        interesting -but needs work-).

	At last is done, but it could not be here without:

        Galen Komatsu            gkomatsu@hawaii.edu
                Info on move names and some corrections; God of all mens
                along Geese Howard and Shinishi Kudou.

        Mr. Karate               Dunno his adress
                Some histories from his "SNK buttons file"

        Kao Megura               kmegura@yahoo.com
                Inspiration. I've noticed that there is no FAQ
                without listing this person; talking about acurracy

                Making an interesting but not faultless game
                and many other games. "The mother of all fighting
                games companies"

                Fixed Sinclair selecting code and support.

        Toxic                 el_baron_toxico@hotmail.com
                Juggles, opinions, propierties and adds.

                For being Insane and a Dodge Ball player.

        Mad Man's Cafe
                Good news site and nice board.

                There is also many people who indirectly
                helped me out due to contributions to others AoF3
                FAQs, can't remember them all, but they recive
                credit on the FAQs in wich they participate;
                therefore thanks to everyone who has write a AoF3 FAQ.

 "Hey!!, You are not up to Dodge Ball!!"

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