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It's back! THQ's 'WWE WrestleFest' arrives in Apple's app store!

You said "Bring It Back!" And today, THQ makes your request a reality, announcing the release of WWE WrestleFest, a faithfully recreated 2-D experience for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad based on the well-known WWE arcade game made popular in the early 1990s.

Faithfully recreated in line with the classic arcade experience, WWE WrestleFest will provide players with a notable roster of current WWE Superstars and popular WWE Legends, including:

* John Cena
* The Rock
* Randy Orton
* Rey Mysterio
* "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
* Undertaker
* Jake "The Snake" Roberts
* "Macho Man" Randy Savage

They will explore arcade-style WWE action across a variety of match types, including Royal Rumble, Tag Team, Gauntlet and Steel Cage, while competing in a number of renowned arenas like Raw, SmackDown, WrestleMania and Saturday Night's Main Event. The Road to WrestleMania progression-style mode will encourage players to select a WWE Superstar or WWE Legend and compete in a series of challenges to win five different WWE Championships, while wireless connectivity through Apple Game Center will enable them to issue multiplayer challenges.

WWE WrestleFest will also update the gameplay experience following launch with the release of 30 additional WWE Superstars and WWE Legends, as well as new arenas, through an extensive downloadable content program. Items currently scheduled for future release include:

* WWE Superstars CM Punk, Triple H and Sheamus
* WWE Legends Shawn Michaels and Big Boss Man
* The classic Survivor Series arena

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