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Reviewed: 05/26/02 | Updated: 05/26/02

Find one. I dare you.

Something that you have to realize about Batman is that it is an exceptionally hard game to find and it is much like every other side scrolling beat down game that you’ll play. You take control of the Dark Knight and lead him through several stages of fighting and driving action before you go toe to toe with the Joker and his myriad toy box of lethal goodies! Once into the game, the challenge is what will drop kick you into the continue screen on a regular basis, so be ready to take to the Streets of Gotham and kick some ass.

The Game Play

The game play that you find here is split up into two different sections with both of these sections having some challenge and difficulty to them that I’ve come to find with any Batman game. You play as Batman and work your way through the streets after the Joker to stop him from poisoning Gotham City and along the way, you’ll beat up numerous thugs and criminals using a wide variety of weapons that you’ll find at your disposal.

The game is a one-player only format, with the side scrolling action sequences really taking up most of what you’ll play. You can punch, kick and throw different items at enemies for different effects. Though the game really doesn’t seem like it has all that much to it, the driving stages require you to be good with your driving and damn near perfect with the aiming crosshair in order to complete them!

Control isn’t much of a problem here and you’ll find that if you’ve played games like Streets of Rage or Final Fight, then you should have no problem fitting in here. Most of the combinations that you fight with are automatic and require that you merely hammer on the buttons long enough to keep the enemies at bay and allow yourself the ability to hit and run. Once you’ve made it that far, the game twists into taking on different boss characters, all of which take time, practice and strategy to defeat!

The Visuals

The streets of Gotham City are dark and moody, as the game should be. Batman and other various characters that you run into are well animated and drawn with plenty of frames of action to back you up. Even though the game really doesn’t have much else going for it in that respect, the driving stages are in first person with the interior of the Bat-Mobile being your most detailed portion of the game!

The Audio

As with the visuals, the music that you find throughout the stages is moody and dark to give you that sense of urgency and suspense. Most of the music that you find throughout the game really does match what the game is supposed to represent, so you’ll be looking at a definite positive there. However, the sound effects are only a key element when you have either Batman or the Joker speaking, so you’ll have to be on the lookout for it in order to getting some true-to-life lines straight from the movie!

Why you might not like this game:

It’s insanely difficult, even if you have a good record with the side-scrolling fighting games and you can work the simple to learn controls. The enemies never let up on you and they come from all directions, so you may need to have your quarters out in order to continue. Another small problem is that the game seems to missing some sort of light quality, with the darkness setting the mood, yet detracting from it at the same time!

The Verdict

Batman is a rare game to find and play, but if you’re able to play it, then it is worth taking a look at based solely on its rarity factor. The challenge that you find here though will quickly drain your patience and your money, so be on the lookout for enemies that come from all sides. With the dark atmosphere that you can find here in the game, there are several different ways that you can interpret the game, though Final Fight fans will find this game to be all too familiar!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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