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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kaze Yagami

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 05/10/01

Enter the fantasic world of Swords, Sorcery and Legends of...
                                                           .  .
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (R) .......                             |  |
                                                     \     |  |     /
 .------.--.  .--.------.------. .----..--.--.--.  \  \    |  |    /  /
 |  ----;  `--'  |  --  | .--.  | .--. |  |  |  |   \  \   |  |   /  / 
 `----  ;  .--.  | .--. | `--'  : `--' :  `  '  ;    \  /\      /\  / 
 `------'--'  `--'-'  `-'------' `----' `------'       /  \    /  \ 
     .-----..--. .--.------.-----.                     \ \_    _/ /
    |  .-.  |  | |  |  ----:  --  ;                     \        / 
    |  `-'  :  `.'  :  ----: .-- '.                      \      /
     `-----' `-----' `-----'-'  `-'                       \    /
        .------..--. .--.------.--------.------.-----..------./ 
       |  .  .  |   ;   :  ----:--.  .--:  --  |  --  :  --  |  TM  
       |  |  |  |`:   .'.`---  :  |  |  | .--. | .-- '. .--. |
       `--'--'--' `---' `------'  `--'  `-'  `-'-'  `-'-'  `-' 
            ::::::    THE COMPLETE FAQ (v2.5)    :::::::::::::::::::
                ::::::    By:   -=<KAZE "RAYWING" YAGAMI>=-    :::::::::
D & D (R)
Shadow over Mystara (TM)                    
                            -={  S T O R Y  }=-
    The tale of the heroes after the Tower of Doom...
    After defeating the Arch Lich Deimos, the heroes continued on their
  journey after realising that Deimos is only part of a greater evil plan.
    Deimos is in fact being used by a great evil dragon Synn. Synn was
  scheming to control the Kingdom of Glantri and conquer the humanoids of
  the Republic of Darokin, and the original plan was having Deimos
  controlling the Republic of Darokin and Synn controlling the Kingdom of
  Glantri, and then through Deimos Synn can indirectly control Darokin. But
  now that Deimos has been defeated, Synn vowed to punish the land that she
  desired for...


Contents :
  <Before We Start...>
    <Getting Kaze Yagami's D&D(R): Shadow over Mystara Complete FAQ>
    <Adding to the FAQ>
    <Accurate Information>
    <Copyrights and Disclaimer Notice>
    <What's new in this version>
  <Introduction --- Welcome to the D&D (R) World>
    <Naming your Character>
    <The Different Characters>
      <Magic User>
    <Learning the Basic Moves>
      <<A> Button>
      <<B> Button>
      <<C> Button>
      <<D> Button>
      <Continuous Attack>
      <Charging Attack>
      <Aerial Attack>
      <Desperate Attack>
      <Knock-Down Attack>
      <Ground Attack>
      <Heavy Attack>
      <Check Equipment>
  <Section I --- The Player Characters>
    <Fighter ( Crassus, Jarred )>
    <Cleric ( Greldon, Miles )> 
    <Elf ( Lucia, Kayla )> 
    <Dwarf ( Dimsdale, Hendel )> 
    <Magic User ( Syous, D'raven )> 
    <Thief ( Moriah, Shannon )> 
  <Section II --- Monsters for Conquest>
    <Hell Hounds>
    <Giant Scorpians>
    <Shadow Elves>
    <Giant Beetles>
    <War Machine>
    <Dark Warrior I/II>
    <Man Scorpions>
    <Shadow Elf Tel' Arin & Tel' Eleron>
    <Ogre Master Brothers>
    <Lich Deimos>
    <Displacer Beast>
  <Section III - Items, Equipments and Weapons>
    <Weapon Items>
    <Wand Weapons>
    <Armor Items>
    <Missile Items>
    <Magical Items>
    <Magical Rings>
    <Medicine Items>
    <Decoration Items>
    <Special Artifacts>
    <A note on Missile Combat>
  <Section IV --- Dungeons & Dragons (R) Spell Theories>
    <Introduction to Spells>
    <Plan Your Spells and Usage>
    <Spell Level and Recovery System>
    <Nature of Spells and Unusable Moments>
    <Using Offensive Spells>
    <Sorcery Whole Table>
      <M.User Spells>
      <Elf Spells>
      <Cleric Spells>
    <When Should I use them?>
    <Ultimate Magic: Final Strike>
      <To Perform Final Strike>
      <The Power of Final Strike>
  <Section V --- Along The Way>
    <Treasure Chests>
      <Damages of Chest Traps>
    <Opening a Chest>
    <The Silent Killers>
      <Fire Burner>
      <Ice Burner>
      <Falling Ceiling>
      <Damages of Silent Traps>
  <Section VI --- The Adventure Begins...>
    <A Rough Walkthrough of the Stages>
      <Stage 1 :- Descent from the Broken Lands>
      <Stage 2 :- The Village of Trintan> 
      <Stage 3-A :- Riding a Juggernaut> 
      <Stage 3-B :- Battle on the Vesuvia>
      <Stage 4 :- Skies over Aengmore>
      <Stage 4 (continued)>
      <Stage 5-A :- Forest of Despair>
      <Stage 5-B :- The Riddle of Aensun>
      <Stage 5-C :- Forest Bridge>
      <Stage 6 :- The Battle of Strong Oak>
      <Stage 6 (continued)>
      <Stage 7 :- Grove of Destruction>
      <Stage 8-A :- Forest Labyrinth>
      <Penalty Stage :- BlackWing the Dragon!>
      <Stage 8-B :- Rescue at the Gnome Village>
      <Bonus Stage(?) :- Caverns of Rafael, the Immortal>
      <Stage 9-A :- Land of Fire>
      <Stage 9-B :- Lost World>
      <Stage 9-C :- Underground Water Passage>
      <Stage 10-1 :- Gateway>
      <Stage 10-2 :- Overtures>
      <Stage 10-2 (continued)>
      <Stage 10-3 :- The Arena>
      <Stage 10-4 :- Battle Royal>
      <Stage 10-5 :- Arena Revisited>
      <Stage 10-6 :- Inner Heart, Dark Heart>
  <Section VII --- So What Else?>
    <Party Play Preparation>
      <Job Sharing and Coorperation>
      <Importance of Scenarios and Planning Actions>
      <Who Opens the Treasure Chest and Who Takes the Treasure>
      <Make Your Message Known>
        <Basic Formation I>
        <Basic Formation II>             
        <Basic Formation III>
        <Versus Undead Formation>
        <Versus Missile Formation>
        <Versus Ghouls Formation>
        <2 Player Combinations>
        <4 Player Combinations>
          <Ultimate Muscle Combo --- FFDD>
          <Berserker Army Combo --- CCFD>
          <Balanced Army Combo --- MMFC>
          <Non-Human Combo --- DDEE>
          <Spell Team Combo --- CCMM>
          <Magical Combat Combo --- EEMM>
          <Cool Babes Combo --- EETT>
          <"Definite Death, Anytime" Combo Number 2 --- TTDD>
    <Hints, Tips and Secrets>
      <The Magic-Cancel Trick (Only for party play)>
      <Uncursing Cursed Sword 1>
	<The Infinite Silver/Flame Arrow Trick>
      <The Infinite Wand of Lightning Trick>
      <The Infinite Wand of Paralysation Trick>
      <The Five-Minutes-Wait Trick>
      <The Thief and M.User Bug Trick>
      <The Lich-Fail-To-Summon-Ghoul Trick>
      <Magical Critical Hits>
      <Invincible Mage>
      <The Invincible Glitch>
      <Stage Tips>
    <Mysteries Unsolved>
    <Some D&D(R): Shadow over Mystara(TM) Taglines>
    <Five Great Ways to Kill Newbies>
    <Last Words>

* Before We Start...                                                        *


Man I've been playing this fantastic game with a group of game-crazy
friends for the past few months...and luckily, effort's not gone to
waste(?)...we might have spent (How much, Alex?) about the total of $200
bucks on the local arcades in Singapore...Gosh...

And by the way we still see people play today...I decided to come out
with this FAQ...of course, dun blame me if things dun work and you
waste tons of cash, etc etc...coz' we are just quoting things from 
our experiences! :)

Things might look familiar here in this FAQ...coz' I've grabbed a few 
things here and there from newsgroups and other FAQs... :P

Well...this is the first time I'm writing a FAQ...so please...you
know what I'm trying to say here... ^_-­

Shadow Over Mystara (TM) is the long awaited sequal to the original, Tower
of Doom (TM). It's a scrolling game, like the classic Final Fight. Unlike
other games of this nature, teamwork is extremely important.
Many stages require you to decide as a group as to what to do.
(e.g. navigating a raft). When you finish a level you are sometimes offered
a choice as to which way to go (which stage to select). Every person gets a
vote, but the vote is not decided by majority. It is based on probability.
This means that if 1 person out of 4 selects A, and everyone else selects B,
there is a 25% chance of A and a 75% chance of B. The main emphasis on this
game is teamwork, you won't get nowhere without working together, sharing
treasure, ideas and money (virtual silver coins I mean, not real cash ;) ).


The original authors of FAQs and newgroups whom I grabbed the info from...
especially Bradley Jayakody, for his "Unofficial D&D2 FAQ", which I used as
a guideline to write my own version...Thanks guys. 

My friends and comrades in the game...Alex, Kiwi, Ryukawa, ShiniGami, Eric,
George...and not forgetting Andry, who is not with us anymore...Thanks
pals...for practically forcing me to learn the magic user...  :~~

Kiwi the "Poorest Thief in Mystara", who loans me money to play 80% of the
time when we first started... ^_-­

Alex, for lending his Gamest Mook to me so that I can come up with a
complete FAQ... ^_^

Other experts in the local arcades who were oh so willing to tell us
tips and hints...  ^.^

DarkLancer (lancer@pacific.net.sg), who is willing to let me use his
homepage as a distribution site...

All the others who submitted various information either through
the newsgroup rec.games.video.arcade, or to me personally.

TSR and Capcom...one for creating the original D&D(R) concept, the other
for the most value for money arcade game in the world. :)


Dungeons & Dragons (R) and the game Shadow Over Mystara (TM) itself are 
registered trademarks, and so is acknowledged. Any other trademarks not
mentioned here are still acknowledged.

-=Getting Kaze Yagami's D&D(R): Shadow over Mystara Complete FAQ=-

At the moment the FAQ is only available on World Wide Web, though it will
be placed on ftp when available. You can also requests for the FAQ by e-mail
from Kaze Yagami at yagami@pacific.net.sg.

Web Page :- http://mygale.mygale.org/01/darklanc

-=Adding to the FAQ=-

Any information is appreciated, preferably by e-mail.  Do not send me
the faq as a whole, I know what it looks like ;).  Though small excerpts
will be accepted to clarify certain points, credits cannot be guaranteed,
but any excerpt over a line will generally be allocated credit.

-=Accurate Information=-

I have tried to verify everything that I have included in this
document, but not everything has been.  Those that I am doubtful of,
I have said so. Also if you feel that you do not want your information
to be included in this FAQ or that credit for an article has not been
given to you, let me know, and I'll fix it up for you.

Also, this FAQ was written based on the Arcade version of the game. 
If there were any discrepancies due to playing in rom or home systems,
chances are they are not covered here.

-=Copyrights and Disclaimer Notice=-

This FAQ was a labour of love, made over nights without sleep and rest,
over one of the best arcade games in existence, that gives the regular
fighting games a run in popularity, if not money. This article is
Copyright 1996 by Kaze Yagami. All rights are reserved. You are granted the
following rights:

I: The author is not responsible for the accuracy of the information
   contained. An effort has been made to confirm most of the information
   within this article, but different versions of the game may yield
   different results. Do not blame me for loss of credits ;).

II:  Copies can be made of this work in original form so long as
        (a) the copies are exact and complete;
        (b) the copies include this copyright notice in its entirety;
        (c) the copies include credit to the author, Kaze Yagami;
        (d) the copies include the credits given to contributors;

III:  To distribute this work, or copies made under provisions above, so
      long as
        (a) this is the original work and not a derivative form;
        (b) you do not charge a fee for copying or distribution,
            this includes, but is not limited to charging a fee
            for disks;
        (c) you ensure that the distributed form includes the copyright
            notice in its entirety.
        (d) the distributed form is not in an electronic magazine or
            withing computer software, though prior explict information and
            permission may be obtained from Kaze Yagami;
        (e) the distributed form is the NEWEST version of the article
            to the best of the knowledge of the distributor;

These rights are temporary and are revocable upon written, oral, or 
other notice by Kaze Yagami. This copyright notice shall be governed by
the laws of the Republic of Singapore.

If you would like additional rights beyond those granted above,
write to the author at "yagami@pacific.net.sg" on the Internet.

-=What's new in this version=-

--- More accurate informations adopted from manuals and Capcom released
--- Major change in outlook
--- More statistical information and details
--- Ascii arts all on my own! ^.~m
--- Added some new tips and bugs discovered

* Introduction --- Welcome to the D&D (R) World                             *

-=Naming your Character=-

After the first brief part of the opening stage, you get to type in your
name. This name will be the name registered in the rankings, provided you
are good enough to earn a high score. Depending on what name you type in,
you will be assigned a type and receive an equipment. Here's the formula...

01234 56789  >--- Value
ABCDE 01234  \
FGHIJ 56789  \
KLMNO   !     >-- Characters
PQRST   ?    /
UVWXY   -    /
Z       &    /

  All symbols, space and roman numerals are considered value 7.

When you get a name, just total up the value for all the characters. If the
total is more then two digits, add them together. Repeat this until you reach
a single digit number, then refer to below:

Value --- 0123456789

   The above first discovered by Ryukawa Kaeda(ryukawa@pacific.net.sg), my
   pal. Spend quite some effort wriggling the info out of him. ;)

Type  Item
----  ----
 A    Medal
 B    Boots of Speed
 C    Headgear Armor Item (Depending on character)
      F/D - Battle Helmet
      C - Cleric's Hat
      E - Circlet
      M - Magical Hat
      T - Hood
 D    Ring of Protection
 E    Ring of Fire Resistance
 F    Ring of Spell Turning
 G    Gauntlets of Ogre Power
 H    Accessories I (Depending on character)
      F/D - Anklet
      C/T - Brooch
      E - Earring
      M - Rod of Fire
 I    Accessories II (Depending on character)
      F/D/T/C/E - Bracelet
      M - Rod of Cold
 J    Accessories III (Depending on character)
      C/D/F/T - Orb
      E - Necklace
      M - Rod of Lightning

% - F - Fighter
    D - Dwarf
    E - Elf
    C - Cleric
    T - Thief
    MU - Magic User

For example, "Gideon" -> 1+3+3+4+4+3 = 18 -> 1+8 -> 9 = Type J.

I'll be nice and give you a few names. One guy, one gal. :)

Type A - Akuku, Zapuk  
Type B - Kayin, Sofia
Type C - Jacob, Lynn
Type D - Thor, Jennie
Type E - Seth, Emily
Type F - Ralph, Jess
Type G - Dan, Ann
Type H - Duke, Wendy    
Type I - Axel, Zelda
Type J - Aaron, Rosa

Restricted Names...These names have been unofficially used by us...so don't
use them...when you see someone in the local arcade using these names, it
might just be one of us. :)

Fighter  Cleric  Elf     Thief  Dwarf  M.User
-------  ------  ---     -----  -----  ------
Toral    Senryo  Elfina  Night  Odin   Cyrus
Kaze     Ferrel  Peorth  Irda   Dales  Kron
Altor    Botak   Nei     Reitz         Sorac

-=The Different Characters=-

  Before we start, let's introduce you to the different characters and their

    The battle professional who is expert in toe-to-toe combat. Being able
    to use most weapons, the ability to use dual-weapons and two-handed
    weapons makes him even more powerful.

    A battle saint who seeks his God, his recovery and fighting supplementary
    spells is something vital in a party play.

    Demihuman race with a surprising long lifespan and knowledge. With their
    ability to use sword and sorcery at the same time, their low constitution
    is their only weakness.

    Small but stout and not losing to anybody else, the Dwarf is a tough and
    powerful demihuman. 

[Magic User]
    The magic expert who joins the party this adventure. Strength and
    stamina is not as good as others, but his powerful offensive spells
    is a great fighting power the others can depend on.

    Here is an expert adventurer who can open chests and detect traps.
    To avoid any dangers before they take place is their best technique.
    Not as good in fighting, but this is overcame with their dexterity.

-=Learning the Basic Moves=-

  Below are the explanations to the buttons of the game.

[<A> Button]
  To attack, to pick up items, to rescue hostages, to open/lift chests, to
  close a menu and other actions, use the <A> button.

[<B> Button]
  Jump, sliding, change menu page etc, the <B> button is mainly related to

[<C> Button]
  To open and rotate the menu circle. Take note that you will not be able
  to jump when the menu circle is active.
[<D> Button]
  To close the menu circle and to use the current item/spell.

  Below are the explaination to some basic moves that you should pick up.

[Continuous Attack]
  This is hitting the attack button(<A>) repeatedly. Most characters have a
  4-hit chain (Elf has a 6-hit, and M.User has none), but if you observe the
  enemy characters' graphic well, this chain can be interrupted sometimes.
  For example, a Fighter had delivered a 1-3 hit, but at the motion of the
  4th attack he does a big action and is slowed down. At that moment, a boss
  can recover from its attacked position and block or counter-attack, and
  become a hazard for the Fighter.
  Most of the time this is not a big danger, but bear in mind that some
  bosses (e.g. Ogre Master Brothers, Deimos) can recover and counter attack
  very fast.

[Charging Attack]
  An attack that rushes forward a certain distance. Has a good speed and
  damage, plus high hit accuracy makes it a move often used.
  A down -> down-forward -> forward + <A> will make your character do a
  charging attack. The M.User doesn't have this, however. This move is useful
  to add into a combo to clear monsters in front, and because of its high
  move priority, executing this at the right time might help you react
  to a possible attack faster than a normal one.
[Aerial Attack]
  Down -> up -> attack. Varies from class to class so see specific class 
  descriptions. Has the highest move priority (except for Elf, who can
  cancel this by firing arrows) so it can cancel Charging Attacks and be
  chained into a combo. Also has the highest damage. M.User doesn't has one.
[Desperate Attack]
  Hit <A>+<B> together. All but M.Users have this. This is useful when you
  get surrounded by many monsters, which will clear them away, but will take
  some of your HP, and so you cannot execute this move when your HP is
  extremely low. When the move is being used, the character is in an
  invulnerable state, so you can use the move to avoid attacks such as
  arrows, dead falls, spells and some other attacks as your HP will not be
  reduced unless damage is inflicted on a monster.
  The Cleric's Desperate works a little different from others'. When you
  executes the move, it is a Turn Undead (Ghoul, Skeleton). This does not
  use up any of the Cleric's HP, and so you can use it as many times as you
  like, but take note that although there is a certain degree of
  invulnerability, the Cleric can be knocked out of a Turn Undead motion.

[Knock-Down Attack]
  Hit and hold attack, and if the attack hits it will be followed by 
  a knock-down.  Varies from class to class so see specific class
  descriptions. You can also select no item, and just hit <D> Button to
  execute the move.

[Ground Attack]
  Stand near a fallen monster and hit attack, you will hit them on the
  ground. In some situations, you will have to be directly over the
  monster in order to hit it. A M.User will always have to be directly above
  a fallen monster to hit it.
[Heavy Attack]
  Hit forward and attack together will do a huge swing that will knock down
  a monster. The M.User's heavy blow is jabbing with a small dagger, which
  actually have lower damage than his normal blow, but sometimes it earns
  you a critical hit, which delivers a huge damage.
  Either select Shield in your items and use it (only for Dwarf and Fighter)
  or hit attack, hold the button and tap/hold back. Only for Fighters,
  Dwarfs, Elves and Clerics.
  In a blocking motion, while keeping your <A> button pressed, push forward
  the moment you block an attack, and you can execute a guard counter. The
  guard counter is basically your character's Aerial Attack.

  Hit the <B> button to jump, and holding any up direction will allow you to
  do a high jump. Jumping in the middle of a dash will enable you to jump
  far. While in the air you can still attack. Hitting attack will do a swing
  attack. Pushing down and hitting attack will do a downthrust attack. You
  can change direction in the air once, by moving the joystick in another

  A down -> down-forward -> forward + <B> will make your character slide.
  You will quickly pick up most items in your slide. By holding the jump
  button down you can slide further. Useful for clearing areas with lots of
  items on the floor so you can fight, or grabbing all the money fast after
  killing a boss. Also used for quick moving or escaping from an attack.
  Items that can be picked up are gems, money, scrolls, and potions. Items
  which cannot be picked up by sliding are usable items and equipments such
  as equipments, rings or weapons.
  Sliding can be interrupted by some other moves or actions.

  Tap forward twice and hold in the direction of dash on second tap and your
  character dashes. Hitting the attack button during a dash will make your
  character attack and brake. This will take him/her some time to recover,
  but you can cancel the recovery with another move, such as using a special
  attack. Also, a dash can also knock some monsters down or stun them
  temporarily. A Thief's dash can make a monster drop items.

  Hold down, and hit jump. Player will crouch down. Attacks and movement will
  become slower. Usually done to avoid insects or arrows flying overhead.
  Double tap jump, or tap hit and then tap jump. Varies from class to class 
  so see specific class descriptions. M.User, Thief and Dwarf backsteps can
  be cancelled by other moves.

[Check Equipment]
  Hit Start to check your equipments on your body, such as rings or rods.

  For some funny unknown reason, Sliding/Backstepping/Dashing is slow and
  short near the top/bottom of screen. Note that this can be fatal while
  trying to escape a Dragon Breath.

* Section I --- The Player Characters                                       *

Each class has his/her own characteristics. Use them well to form a powerful
party when combined with other characters.  Each class has two variant
characters, refered to as 1P and 2P. 1P and 2P characters are different
in appearance, and 1P/2P M.User and Cleric uses some different spells.
You can select the 2P characters by hitting Start instead of A when selecting
a character.

*: The 1P character will be referred to with the first name, and the 2P
   character the other.
*: All weapon values are basic values, unadjusted and are still subjected to
   modifications of levels, accessories, special moves etc.

[Fighter ( Crassus, Jarred )] "Yatte yara---!"
    The battle professional who fights with any weapons. Has no talent
    for magic, but having a high attacking and defence, with only weapons
    you can still have a good fight.
    Having a high stamina too, an easy character to use for beginners.

| Fighter Weapon Attacking       |
| Weapon            | Basic Value| Weapon            | Basic Value|
| Normal Sword LV 1 |     8      | Hand Axe LV 1     |     8      |
|              LV 2 |     12     |          LV 2     |     12     |
|              LV 3 |     16     |          LV 3     |     16     |
|              LV 4 |     20     |          LV 4     |     20     |
| Short Sword LV 1  |     4      | Battle Axe        |     20     |
|             LV 2  |     8      | Mace LV1          |     8      |
|             LV 3  |     12     |      LV2          |     12     |
|             LV 4  |     16     |      LV3          |     16     |
| Two-Handed Sword  |     28     |      LV4          |     20     |
| Bastard Sword     |     22     | War Hammer        |     18     |
| Dragon Slayer     |     20     | Morning Star      |     22     |
| Holy Avenger      |     18     +-------------------+------------+
| Sword of Legend   |     32     |
| Cursed Sword 1    |     32     |
| Cursed Sword 2    |     25     |
| Sword of Flame    |     15     |
| Sword of Frost    |     20     |
| Storm Blade       |     18     |

A Fighter can use almost any weapon you can find in the game. Not as much
HP as Dwarf, but is backed up with a good endurance. His Charging Attack is
a forward charge with a swing of his sword, and can be combined with his
Aerial Attack which he executes a jumping upward slash. Tapping the attack
button again during the upward slash will make him do another slash.
Knock-down attack is a forward "kenka" kick. Backstepping is a small hop
backwards, during which you can attack as many times as you hit the attack
button. Desperate move is a spinning attack which is rather fast. Equipping
him with a short sword will let him fight with two weapons.

[Cleric ( Greldon, Miles )] "Ware ni kago wo!"
A warrior blessed by his God, a priest by nature. Because of his mythos
and rules that binds him, his has a limited selection of weapons, but
there is no one who is better than him at recovery and support spells.
Somebody a party play cannot lack.

+--------------------------------+ +----------------------+  
| Cleric Weapon Attacking        | | Cleric Spells        |
+-------------------+------------+ +----------------------+  
| Weapon            | Basic Value| | Bless                |
+-------------------+------------+ | Hold Person          |
| Mace LV1          |     8      | | Continual Light      |
|      LV2          |     12     | | Striking             |
|      LV3          |     16     | | Cure Serious Wounds  |
|      LV4          |     20     | | Stick to Snakes (1P) |
| War Hammer        |     18     | | Cure Critical Wounds |
| Morning Star      |     22     | | Insect Plague   (2P) |
| Staff of Snakes   |     12     | | Holy Word       (1P) |
+-------------------+------------+ | Earthquake      (2P) |

The holy warrior who serves an immortal. He can fight fairly well, and is
there to heal a wounded character when necessary (provided you still have
enough spells, of course). He can also turn undeads like Skeletons and 
Ghouls away by hitting <A>+<B> simultaneously. Knock-down Attack is a cute
small sexy sideway kick, Charging Attack is a forward charge with an upward
swing of his weapon, and the Aerial Attack is a swing which will knock
a monster into the air followed by jumping up and knocking the monster
down onto the floor. Backstepping is a small hop backwards, during which you
can attack as many times as you hit the attack button.

[Elf ( Lucia, Kayla )] "Seirei tachi yo, chikara wo kashite!"
Guardians of the forest who are skilled with both sword and sorcery.
Because of being the fairer sex, being weaker is natural, but has the
advantage of being able to cast spells and use weapons effectively at the
same time. There is no growth in the later half of the adventure, but
is powerful in the first half of the adventure. Also an easy character
for beginners.

| Elf Weapon Attacking           |
| Weapon            | Basic Value| Weapon            | Basic Value|
| Normal Sword LV 1 |     8      | Hand Axe LV 1     |     8      |
|              LV 2 |     12     |          LV 2     |     12     |
|              LV 3 |     16     |          LV 3     |     16     |
|              LV 4 |     20     |          LV 4     |     20     |
| Short Sword LV 1  |     6      | Mace LV1          |     8      |
|             LV 2  |     10     |      LV2          |     12     |
|             LV 3  |     14     |      LV3          |     16     |
|             LV 4  |     16     |      LV4          |     20     |
| Bastard Sword     |     22     | War Hammer        |     18     |
| Dragon Slayer     |     20     | Morning Star      |     22     |
| Holy Avenger      |     18     +-------------------+------------+
| Sword of Legend   |     32     |
| Cursed Sword 1    |     32     |
| Cursed Sword 2    |     25     |
| Sword of Flame    |     15     |
| Sword of Frost    |     20     |
| Storm Blade       |     18     |
| Elf Spells        |
| Magic Missile     |
| Invisibility      |
| Fireball          |
| Lightning Bolt    |
| Haste             |
| Ice Storm         |
| Polymorph Others  |
| Conjure Elemental |

Fighter/Mage.  Has spells and can use any sword. Knock-Down Attack is
a backward spinning kick.  Spells are mainly same as M.User, up to level 5.
Can use any sword. Sword and sorcery makes a powerful mix. Also has the
added benefit of unlimited arrows! By selecting the arrow and then tapping
on the use item button rapidly you can fire five shots in one go...but you
will have a slow recovery though. Charging Attack is like the Fighter,
and the Aerial attack is a short but powerful forward jab, then a high
flip kick upwards kicking the monster into the air and then knocking
it down with her weapon. The move can be cancelled midway, when she's still
on the ground, by firing arrows. The same goes for her Charging Attack.
Also, her downthrust can be done repeatedly. Backstepping is a small
backward hop, and Desperate is something like Yu Yu Hakusho's Kurama's Fuuka
Enbujin, where leaves rise from the ground and flies around her, forming a

[Dwarf ( Dimsdale, Hendel )] "Kusotawake----!"
A determined warrior who hides great fighting prowess under his small
body. Poor at magic, but is covered by his special attacks and defences.
Being strong and powerful, combos with the Dwarf will render any monster
defenceless. The perfect character for players who love plain power.

| Dwarf Weapon Attacking         |
| Weapon            | Basic Value| Weapon            | Basic Value |
| Normal Sword LV 1 |     6      | Hand Axe LV 1     |     6       |
|              LV 2 |     10     |          LV 2     |     8       |
|              LV 3 |     12     |          LV 3     |     10      |
|              LV 4 |     16     |          LV 4     |     14      |
| Short Sword LV 1  |     3      | Battle Axe        |     16      |
|             LV 2  |     6      | Mace LV1          |     6       |
|             LV 3  |     10     |      LV2          |     10      |
|             LV 4  |     12     |      LV3          |     12      |
| Bastard Sword     |     18     |      LV4          |     16      |
| Dragon Slayer     |     16     | War Hammer        |     16      |
| Holy Avenger      |     12     | Morning Star      |     20      |
| Sword of Legend   |     24     +-------------------+-------------+
| Cursed Sword 1    |     24     |
| Cursed Sword 2    |     19     |
| Sword of Flame    |     11     |
| Sword of Frost    |     16     |
| Storm Blade       |     14     |

A powerful Fighter who is small and stout, and takes much skills to use.
His Charging Attack is a forward charge with a sideway slash, which will
deliver 3 hits and a big damage. Combine it with his Aerial Attack, in 
which he rolls forward a bit and then screws upward, hitting all monsters
close. This delivers a HUGE amount of damage. Done with the right timing,
it can strip off as much as about a half of the HP bar on some bosses.
Backstepping is a backward roll which can be cancel by a slide or a charging
attack. In the middle of a high jump, you can execute the Cannonball Attack
by holding down (or diagonally) and then hit jump again, which will make him
dive and roll down quickly, attacking monsters in the path, like Athena's
(Special thanks to Asamiya Athena-chan, King of Fighters :) Phoenix Arrow.
Take note that during the Cannonball the Dwarf is in an invulnerable
state. Tapping the attack button rapidly will make him perform a classic
E.Honda HyakuResshu style attack. His Desperate Attack is a small, quick
upward jump swinging his weapon and slamming it down on the unfortunate
monster who happens to be standing behind him. Knock-Down is a headbutt.
Another remarkable thing is that when a Dwarf opens a chest, it does not
disappear immediately like usual. You can hit the chest again and sometimes
it will become extra cash or a medal.

[Magic User ( Syous, D'raven )] "Kono zako ga!"
A user of magic who becomes powerful dandling in the forces of the universe.
Weak in physical strength, but compared to the power of the offensive spells
he commands, it does not really matters. Even an army of monsters will not
stand before his powers. The spells he can command increases as he goes up
in levels, and he is one character one can anticipate on.

+---------------------------------------+ +------------------------+
| Magic User Weapon Attacking           | | Magic User Spells      |
+-------------------------+-------------+ +------------------------+
| Weapon                  | Basic Value | | Magic Missile          |
+-------------------------+-------------+ | Fireball               |
| Staff of Striking       |     12      | | Lightning Bolt         |
| Staff of Elemental      |     12      | | Ice Storm              |
| Staff of Magical Power  |     10      | | Wall of Fire           |
| Staff of Wizardry       |     10      | | Conjure Elemental (1P) |
| Wand of Cold            |     6       | | Cloud Kill        (2P) |
| Wand of Fire            |     6       | | Flesh to Stone         |
| Wand of Lightning       |     6       | | Projected Image        |
| Wand of Paralysation    |     6       | | Reverse Gravity        |
+-------------------------+-------------+ | Meteor Sworm      (1P) |
                                          | Power Word, Kill  (2P) |

A Magic User should usually be the calmest person in the party, directing the
others to fight or to support, or other activities. Armed with powerful
offensive spells, he can be the person who saves the day. Casted at the
right time and situation, his spells can prevent a player from being killed,
and even slay big groups of monsters and send a boss to death. He has a
very short HP bar, and he can't block, so care has to be taken when using
the M.User.
A M.User's basic moves are slightly different with the others. Firstly,
because of his inability to do combos (because of the slow attack and lack
of techniques) it's usually difficult for him to handle big groups of
small monsters alone, unless you decide to cast a spell, which usually
should be saved for the boss. The best you can do is to cancel his regular
attacks with his Heavy Attack, with sometimes deliver a critical which could
kill a monster instantly or strip a large portion off the HP of a boss. He
doesn't have any Desperate moves. However, his Backstepping is a special
move --- he warps backwards some distance, in which he is invulnerable
during the warp. But take care not to warp into a position which is
practically begging for a hit from a monster, of course. The Backstep can
also be cancelled with his Heavy Blow. His Knock-Down is a short but quick
forward shoulder charge which has a decent priority, and you can hit the
monster while it is still in mid-air.
Because of the frequent need to switch to different spells within a short
time, you'll need time to master how to change spells effective, what spells
to prepare in advance, what spells to use in a particular situation, etc.
You'll have to be very calm when using the M.User, or you'll find yourself
killed before you even have the chance to finish using your spells (What a

[Thief ( Moriah, Shannon )] "Namen jyanai yo!"
The stealthy professional dungeon explorer equipped with splendid exploring
skills. Attacking and defence is not high, but the high dexterity can help
them to avoid monster attacks. Again, because of her many special abilities,
you are going to lose out on a lot without her in the party.

| Thief Weapon Attacking         |
| Weapon            | Basic Value| Weapon            | Basic Value|
| Normal Sword LV 1 |     9      | Hand Axe LV 1     |     9      |
|              LV 2 |     14     |          LV 2     |     14     |
|              LV 3 |     19     |          LV 3     |     19     |
|              LV 4 |     24     |          LV 4     |     24     |
| Short Sword LV 1  |     6      | Mace LV1          |     9      |
|             LV 2  |     10     |      LV2          |     14     |
|             LV 3  |     14     |      LV3          |     19     |
|             LV 4  |     18     |      LV4          |     24     |
| Bastard Sword     |     22     | War Hammer        |     20     |
| Dragon Slayer     |     20     | Morning Star      |     24     |
| Holy Avenger      |     18     +-------------------+------------+
| Sword of Legend   |     32     |
| Cursed Sword 1    |     32     |
| Cursed Sword 2    |     25     |
| Sword of Flame    |     15     |
| Sword of Frost    |     20     |
| Storm Blade       |     18     |

She is another fun character to play with. Having a good agility and
dexterity to substitute her inability to block with a shield, she can get
herself out of any dangerous situations easily. She can also detect traps
in paths and chests (marked by a blinking red skull) when she is in a party.
She can also open treasure chests without a key. Also, she is the only
person who can double jump, and also jump off walls. She has a sling, which,
like the Elf, has unlimited ammunition and an ability to fire continuously,
and can be fired in the air too. Sneaking up close behind a monster and
hitting back -> forward + <A> will make her climb onto it and start
backstabbing it a few times and kick it away. Her Backstepping is a backflip
which has a bit of invulnerablity, and can be cancelled by her sling, or her
Charging Attack, where she holds another another dagger and charge and
slashes forward, delivering a 2-hit combo. This can also be cancelled by
her Aerial Attack, where she does a Fighter-like upward slash, but she
follows up by dumping a Large Burning Oil down from mid-air, which can hit a
fallen monster. Her knock-down is a jumping back spin kick. Her Desperate is
a small backward jump and dumping Large Burning Oils around her to form a
wall of fire.
Of course, a Thief can't be called a Thief if she steals not. ;) By dashing
and ramming into a monster an item will drop, depending on the monster.
Sometimes it takes more than once to steal successfully. Each monster will
only drop one item. The items that can be stolen are summarized as follow:

Goblins :- Aqua Marine, Onyx, Opal
Kobolds :- Dagger, Silver Dagger
Axe Gnolls :- Burning Oil, Battle Ax
Bow Gnolls :- Arrow, Silver Arrow
Troglodytes :- Orb, Anklet
Hell Hounds :- Large Burning Oil, Flame Shield
Shadow Elves (Sword) :- Circlet, SP x 1
Shadow Elves (Bow/Spear) :- Silver Arrow, Magical Hat
Owlbears :- GP x 10, Egg of Owlbear
Gargoyles :- Earring, Orb
Ghouls :- Orb, GP x 10
Dark Warrior 1 :- Bracelet, Gauntlet of Ogre Power
Man Scorpions :- Ring of Spell Turning, Orb
Harpy :- Boots of Speed, Key
Tel' Arin(First appearance) :- Normal Sword LV 1, Bastard Sword
Beholder :- Necklace, Ring of Spell Turning
Ogre Brother (Yellow) :- Ring of Spell Turning, Tiara
Ogre Brother (Green) :- Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Battle Helmet
Manticore :- Egg of Wonder
Displacer Beast :- Skin of D. Beast, Potion of Speed
Chimera :- Storm Blade, Staff of Snakes
Red Dragon :- SECRET!!!
Flame Salamander :- SECRET!!!
Frost Salamander :- SECRET!!!
Tel' Arin(Second appearance) :- Normal Sword LV 3, Bastard Sword
Tel' Eleron :- Two-Handed Sword, Ring of Protection from Evil
Ezerhorden :- SECRET!!!
Dark Warrior 2 :- Morning Star, Potion of Power
Nagpa :- Staff of Elemental, Medal

* Section II --- Monsters for Conquest                                      *

A fighting game is no fun without ample monsters for you to slay. Here is
a list of most common monsters starring in the game. If I missed out any,
that's because there are not much of them, so I did not mention them. :)

I included bosses. :)

Usually these monsters will leave after a certain amount of time. Also, the
number of monsters appearing will sometimes depend on how many players there
are in the party and how difficult the machine is adjusted to.

*: Most monsters descriptions adopted from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons(R)
   Monstrous Manual(TM), hereby acknowledged.
*: All attack values are basic values, unadjusted and are still subjected to
   modifications to armor items and accessories.

| XP Value           | 200                                    |
| Gold               | SP x 1, SP x 2                         |
| XP Items           | -                                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | -                                      |
| Stolen Item        | Aqua Marine, Onyx, Opal                |
|              Attack             |   Damage    |   Damage    |
|               Type              | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+)  |
| All physical attacks            |     12      |     14      |
| Burning Oil                     |     12      |     14      |
| Stone                           |     10      |     12      |
Goblins are small humanoids that have leathery skin and big, round, black
eyes. Goblins are very cruel, but very cowardly too, and often work for
more powerful monsters such as Gnolls or Ogres. Pesky little guys who can
throw stones and oil if ignored for too long. Too short for arrows to affect
them, unless they are struck off the ground. They will also attack with their
hand axe, or jumping towards you to attack.

| XP                 | 300                                    |
| Gold               | SP x 1, SP x 2                         |
| XP Items           | -                                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | -                                      |
| Stolen Items       | Dagger, Silver Dagger                  |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| All physical attacks             |     12      |     14     |
| Burning Oil                      |     12      |     14     |
| Dagger                           |     10      |     12     |
They behave in general like the Goblins, but are more cute. You'll know
what I mean when you play the game long enough. ;)
Kobolds are very cowardly, and they would never travel alone if they could
help it. They will attack with a short sword and sometimes do a jumping
downthrust. Like the Goblins, they will also throw oils and daggers at you.

Gnolls are large, evil, hyena-like humanoids that roam about in loosely
organized bands. While the body of a Gnoll is shaped like that of a large
human, the details are that of a hyena. They stand erect on the legs and
have hands that can manipulate as well as any human. They have greenish-gray
skin with a short reddish gray to dull yellow mane.
| Type               | Gnoll (Axe)                            |
| XP                 | 500                                    |
| Gold               | SP x 1, SP x 3                         |
| XP Items           | Onyx                                   |
| Magic/Attack Items | -                                      |
| Stolen Items       | Oil, Battle Ax                         |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Toe Kick                         |     14      |     16     |
| Axe Attack                       |     18      |     20     |
| Jumping Knee Kick                |     14      |     16     |
This type of gnoll comes with a menacing looking long axe, but are
generally slow in their attack. Basic attacks are swinging of axe or
a small upward jump.
| Type               | Gnoll (Bow)                            |
| XP                 | 500                                    |
| Gold               | SP x 1, SP x 3                         |
| XP Items           | Onyx                                   |
| Magic/Attack Items | Arrow                                  |
| Stolen Items       | Arrow, Silver Arrow                    |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Toe Kick                         |     14      |     16     |
| Jumping Knee Kick                |     14      |     16     |
| Bow                              |     16      |     18     |
| Arrow                            |     12      |     14     |
They usually appears at one side of the screen, fires some arrows, and
retreats. Can be killed easily. 

| XP                 | 600                                    |
| Gold               | -                                      |
| XP Items           | -                                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | -                                      |
| Stolen Items       | -                                      |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| All Attacks                      |     18      |     20     |
All Skeletons are magically animated undead monsters, created as guardians or
warriors by powerful evil wizards or priests.
Skeletons appear to have no ligaments or musculature which would allow
movement. Instead, the bones are magically joined together during the casting
of an Animate Dead spell. Skeletons have no eyes or internal organs.
Skeletons have no mind of their own. They do only what they are told to do
and the order must be very simple to follow. They move around slowly, but
have a rather dangerous damage. They also block attacks a lot. Usual moves
are sword-slashing and sometimes if the distance too big, a quick jumping

| XP                 | 800                                    |
| Gold               | Pouch(10 SP), SP x 2                   |
| XP Items           | Aqua Marine                            |
| Magic/Attack Items | Short Sword LV 2, Dagger               |
| Stolen Items       | Egg of Owlbear, Pouch(Gold) x 10       |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Punch                            |     16      |     18     |
| Pounce                           |     30      |     32     |
| Dashing Pounce                   |     40      |     43     |
Owlbears are probably the crossbred creation of a demented wizard; given the
lethality of this creation, it is quite likely that the wizard who created
them is no longer alive. Owlbears are vicious, ravenous, aggressive, and
evil-tempered at times.
Owlbears are a cross between a giant owl and a grizzly bear. Even though
Owlbears are not evil creatures, they are very bold and they hunt all day to
satisfy their great hunger.
Basic attacks are pounces and claws. Have a decent damage. The only monster
in the game that drops short swords, so don't miss them if you are a
Fighter! :)

[Hell Hounds]
| XP                 | 1200                                   |
| Gold               | GP x 3, Pouch(100 SP), SP x 3          |
| XP Items           | Opal, Book(A)                          |
| Magic/Attack Items | Rod, Ring                              |
| Stolen Items       | Large Burning Oil, Flame Shield        |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Jump Attack                      |     22      |     24     |
| Body Charge                      |     24      |     26     |
| Bite                             |    3 x 8    |    3 x 8   |
| Fire Breath                      |     30      |     32     |
Hell Hounds are fire-breathing canines from another plane of existance
brought here in the service of evil-beings.
A Hell Hound resembles a large hound with rust-red or red-brown fur and
red, glowing eyes. The markings, teeth and tongue are soot black. It stands
two or three feet high at the shoulders, and has a distinct odour of smoke
and sulphur. The baying sound it makes have an eerie, hollow tone that sends
a shiver through anyone who hears them.
Hell Hounds are native to those extradimensional planes noted for their
hot, fiery landscapes. There they roam in packs of 2-40 beasts. 
Because of it's habitat, it is very resistant to heat attacks. Will attack
with charging, bites, pounces and fire breaths.

| XP                 | 1200                                   |
| Gold               | Pouch(10 SP), GP x 1                   |
| XP Items           | Onyx, Garnet                           |
| Magic/Attack Items | Oil, Scroll                            |
| Stolen Items       | Orb, Anklet                            |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Trident Attack                   |     19      |     21     |
| Jumping Attack                   |     19      |     21     |
| Poison Gas                       |     18      |     20     |
| Trident Swing                    |     16      |     18     |
| Burning Oil                      |     12      |     14     |
Troglodytes are a warlike race of carnivorous reptilian humanoids that dwell
in natural subterranean caverns and in the cracks and crevices of mountains.
They hate man above all other creatures and often launch bloody raids on
human communities in search of food and steel.
Troglodytes stand about 6 feet tall, are covered in roughened leathery
scales, and have a toothy lizard-like head.
Troglodytes in this game are rather cunning. They jump around, sometimes
backflip to move away, and sometimes turn invisible, gets near you and
attacks. Basic attacks are jabbing with their trident, swinging it, or do a
jumping downthrust with it. Sometimes they will throw oil bags at you which
will burn when fell on the ground. Also, they will occasionally let out some
gas which will choke you (and then laugh at you) and render you defenceless
for some time.

[Giant Scorpians]
| XP                 | 100                                    |
| Gold               | -                                      |
| XP Items           | -                                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | -                                      |
| Stolen Items       | -                                      |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| All Attacks                      |     8       |     10     |
Giant Scorpions are vicious predators that live almost anywhere, including
relatively cold places such as dungeons, though they favour deserts and warm
lands. These creatures are giant versions of the normal 4-inch scorpion found
in desert climes.
Annoying little fellows which moves around back and forth, and lunge at
you when you get too close. One hit will be enough kill them, but they
are rather difficult to hit because of the small size. Some might be the
trigger of some other creatures or the turning off of a barrier.

| XP                 | 600                                    |
| Gold               | Pouch(10 SP), GP x 1                   |
| XP Items           | Onyx, Garnet                           |
| Magic/Attack Items | Hammer, Scroll                         |
| Stolen Items       | Orb, Pouch(10 GP)                      |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| All Attacks                      |     18      |     20     |
Ghouls are undead creatures, once human, who now feed oon the flesh of
corpses. Although the change from human to Ghoul has deranged and destroyed
their minds, Ghouls have a terrible cunning which enables them to hunt their
prey most effectively. Ghouls are vaguely recognizable as once having been
human, but have become horribly disfigured by their change to Ghouls. The
tongue becomes long and tough for licking marrow from cracked bones, the
teeth become sharp and elongated, and the nails grow strong and sharp like
claws. A Ghoul's sharp teeth and claws drip with poison which can cause
paralysis. Ugly, menacing and dangerous, they move fast and have the general
habit of trying to move to your back and then attack.

[Shadow Elves]
Shadow Elves belong to the family of Elves, but because of their savage
nature they are no longer considered to be a part of the Elf family. Being
afraid of sunlight and loathed by other races on the ground, they dwell
in underground caverns. They are skilled in all aspects of fighting, be it
melee combat or spell fighting, and is very dangerous to the other races 
living under sunlight.
In the Dungeons & Dragon (R) : Shadow over Mystara (TM) game, they basically
appear as three types: Sword, Spear/Bow, and Magic User(on Wyverns).

| Type               | Shadow Elf (Sword)                     |
| XP                 | 1000                                   |
| Gold               | Pouch(10 SP), GP x 1                   |
| XP Items           | Garnet, Aqua Marine                    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Dagger, Silver Dagger, Hammer          |
| Stolen Items       | GP x 1, Circlet                        |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| All Attacks                      |     22      |     24     |
As the type inplies, they attack with a sword. Usually they will
warp away and reappear near you and attack, so look out for their

| Type               | Shadow Elf (Spear/Bow)                 |
| XP                 | 500                                    |
| Gold               | Pouch(10 SP), GP x 2                   |
| XP Items           | Aqua Marine, Diamond                   |
| Magic/Attack Items | Arrow, Fire Arrow, Rod, Ring           |
| Stolen Items       | Silver Arrow, Magical Hat              |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Arrow                            |     12      |     14     |
| Spear                            |     16      |     18     |
The Bow Shadow Elves usually appear and fire arrows for a few times and then
retreats. The Spear Shadow Elves will appear, thorw out their spears and
retreat immediately.

| Type               | Shadow Elf (Wyvern Magic User)         |
| XP                 | 500                                    |
| Gold               | -                                      |
| XP Items           | -                                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | -                                      |
| Stolen Items       | -                                      |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Fireball                         |     28      |    ----    |
They only appear in stage 4 and stage 5-C. They will appear flying in the
background, conjure a fireball, and throw it at one of the players up to
a maximum of 4 times. The fireball can be avoided by jumping or casting a
spell to negate.

[Giant Beetles]
| XP                 | 100                                    |
| Gold               | -                                      |
| XP Items           | -                                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | -                                      |
| Stolen Items       | -                                      |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| All Attacks                      |     8       |     10     |
Giant insects about 1 ft. long. Fly around at head height. You can crouch
under them.  They sometimes go away if you wait long enough. Some might dive
at you. Also, some might be the trigger of some other creatures or the
turning off of a barrier.

| XP                 | 2000                                   |
| Gold               | GP x 3, Pouch(100 SP), SP x 3          |
| XP Items           | Book(B), Sculpture, Diamond            |
| Magic/Attack Items | Ring, Wand, Scroll                     |
| Stolen Items       | Orb, Earring                           |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Claw 1                           |    ----     |     8      |
| Claw 2                           |    ----     |     10     |
| Claw 3                           |    ----     |     12     |
| Sliding                          |    ----     |     18     |
| Somersault                       |    ----     |     18     |
| Pounce                           |    ----     |     22     |
Enchanted creatures created by powerful mages to guard their treasures or
protect them from intruders. They usually appears as statues near important
rooms, but will come alive and attack you if you get too close. The initial
attack will be a bite, and other basic attacks are claws, slides, and kicks
and a few other funny attacks.
As Gargoyles are created magically, they can only be hurt by magical means,
such as spells or magical swords.

[War Machine]
| XP                 | 10000                                  |
| Gold               | -                                      |
| XP Items           | -                                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | -                                      |
| Stolen Items       | -                                      |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Body                             |     22      |    ----    |
| Burning Oil                      |     12      |    ----    |
| Spear                            |     18      |    ----    |
| Catapult                         |     18      |    ----    |
| Burner                           |     26      |    ----    |
The ultimate production of what the goblins could come up with, they attacked
the village of Trintan with it. It is equipped with a catapult, extendable
spears and a burner, and the attacking power of it should not be
underestimated. Most of the time it attacks by charging.
The machine is basically pushed by goblins commanded by a goblin leader on
the top of the machine.

[Dark Warrior I/II]
| Type               | Dark Warrior I                         |
| XP                 | 15000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 5, GP x 3, Pouch(10 SP) x 10      |
| XP Items           | Aqua Marine, Opal                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | Wand, Ring                             |
| Stolen Items       | Bracelet, Gauntlet of Ogre Power       |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Smashing                         |     32      |    ----    |
| Jump                             |     32      |    ----    |
| Dash                             |     32      |    ----    |
| Wall of Thunder                  |     32      |    ----    |
| Thunder Breath                   |     32      |    ----    |
| Earth Dead (Thunder)             |     32      |    ----    |
| Type               | Dark Warrior II                        |
| XP                 | 90000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 3, GP x 3, Pouch(10 SP) x 5,      |
|                    | Pouch(100 SP), Pouch(10 GP) x 3,       |
|                    | Pouch(100 GP) x 2                      |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Aqua Marine    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Wand, Ring, Scroll, Large Burning Oil, |
|                    | Silver Dagger, Silver Arrow            |
| Stolen Items       | Morning Star, Potion of Power          |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Smashing                         |    ----     |     34     |
| Jump                             |    ----     |     34     |
| Dash                             |    ----     |     34     |
| Wall of Fire                     |    ----     |     36     |
| Dark Cannon                      |    ----     |     20     |
| Earth Dead (Fire)                |    ----     |     36     |
Dark Warriors are creatures summoned by the evil sorceror Nagpa from some
unknown world. Standing about 12 ft. tall (about 360 cm), their strong
muscles makes them look even more menacing. Dark Warriors are very hostile
Different types of Dark Warriors exists, and their style of fighting is
different too. The two that Nagpa had summoned, one makes use of electricity
and the other uses the powers of Darkness. They have the ability to teleport,
and one of them uses a gigantic sword (10 ft long) and with their powers they
can be very destructive.

[Man Scorpions]
| XP                 | 15000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 5, Pouch(10 SP) x 2, GP x 3       |
| XP Items           | Aqua Marine, Opal                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | Wand, Ring                             |
| Stolen Items       | Ring of Spell Turning, Orb             |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Body                             |     20      |            |
| Sickle Throw                     |     28      |            |
| Tail Attack                      |     28      |            |
| Jump Attack                      |     24      |            |
| Poison Sting                     |    4 x 8    |            |
| Lightning Bolt                   |     26      |            |
| Flesh to Stone                   |     28      |            |
| Sickle Slash                     |     24      |            |
| Jumping Crush                    |     26      |            |
Man Scorpions are gigantic scorpions with a humanoid upper body. They are
usually found at deserts or mountain areas. A telltale sign that Man
Scorpions might be around is that you can find a lot of giant scorpions in
the area.
Man Scorpions are very hostile and are known to attack any adventurers in
sight without going through any conversation. They like to fight with
gigantic weapons and they have innate abilities of equivilent to Lightning
Bolt and Flesh to Stone mage spell. The most dangerous is the sting at the
end of their tail. Any normal people will die from suffering a single sting,
and even strong adventurers have been known to suffer from the poison.

| XP                 | 10000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 5, Pouch(10 SP) x 2, GP x 3       |
| XP Items           | Opal, Aqua Marine                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | Arrow, Dagger, Healing Potion          |
| Stolen Items       | Boots of Speed, Key                    |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Club                             |     24      |    ----    |
| Wings                            |     24      |    ----    |
| Upper                            |     24      |    ----    |
| Upper Combo                      |     28      |    ----    |
| Body Smash                       |     26      |    ----    |
| Landing Crush (Appearing)        |     16      |    ----    |
| Feathers                         |     16      |    ----    |
Harpies are wicked avian beasts that prey upon nearly all creatures but
prefer the flesh of humans and demihumans.
Harpies have the bodies of vultures but the upper torsos and heads of women.
Their human features are youthful, but hideou, with frayed unkempt hair
and decaying teeth. A foul odour surrounds all harpies and that which they
A Harpy hunts by hypnotizing its prey near with her beatiful singing and
then kill them for food. Flying high and diving onto its prey, grabbing them
and then dropping them from a great height is also one of her favourite
tactics. Also, one must beware of her at a distance, firing her feathers.

[Shadow Elf Tel' Arin & Tel' Eleron]
| Type               | Tel' Arin (First Encounter)            |
| XP                 | 15000                                  |
| Gold               | -                                      |
| XP Items           | -                                      |
| Magic/Attack Items | -                                      |
| Stolen Items       | Normal Sword LV 1, Bastard Sword       |
| Type               | Tel' Arin (Second Encounter)           |
| XP                 | 50000                                  |
| Gold               | GP x 3, SP x 3, Pouch(10 SP) x 5,      |
|                    | Pouch(100 SP) x 2, Pouch(10 GP) x 3,   |
|                    | Pouch(100 GP)                          |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Aqua Marine    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Rod, Wand, Ring, Healing Potion        |
| Stolen Items       | Normal Sword LV 3, Bastard Sword       |
| Type               | Tel' Eleron                            |
| XP                 | 55000                                  |
| Gold               | GP x 3, SP x 3, Pouch(10 SP) x 5,      |
|                    | Pouch(100 SP) x 2, Pouch(10 GP) x 3,   |
|                    | Pouch(100 GP)                          |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Aqua Marine    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Rod, Wand, Ring                        |
| Stolen Items       | Two-Handed Sword, Ring of Protection   |
|                    | from Evil                              |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Charging Attack                  |     24      |     26     |
| Slashing                         |     22      |     24     |
| Jumping Slash                    |     22      |     24     |
| Lightning Bolt                   |     32      |     34     |
| Fireball                         |     28      |     30     |
Tel' Arin, one of the Four Grand Masters of Synn. The Shadow Elf Master
who commands an entire army of Shadow Elves. Being made use by Synn, his
first appearance is at stage 4, where he leads his troop of Shadow Elves
to launch an assault on the skyship where the heroes are on.
Tel' Eleron, unable to pull his elder brother Tel' Arin from his facination
for Synn, sneaked into the enemy territory alone. Once saving the heroes
on the skyship, his second appearance would be the heroes' enemy, being
charmed and controlled by Synn.

[Ogre Master Brothers]
| Type               | Ogre Master (Yellow)                   |
| XP                 | 20000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 5, Pouch(10 SP), Pouch(10 SP) x 2 |
| XP Items           | Aqua Marine, Opal, Book(B)             |
| Magic/Attack Items | Healing Potion, Wand, Ring             |
| Stolen Items       | Ring of Spell Turning, Tiara           |
| Type               | Ogre Master (Green)                    |
| XP                 | 15000                                  |
| Gold               | -                                      |
| XP Items           | Aqua Marine, Opal, Book(B)             |
| Magic/Attack Items | Hammer, Arrow, Oil                     |
| Stolen Items       | Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Battle Helmet |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Punch                            |     24      |     26     |
| Smashing                         |     28      |     30     |
| Dash                             |     32      |     34     |
| Headbutt                         |     32      |     34     |
| Jumping Crush                    |     32      |     34     |
| Stone                            |     16      |     18     |
Ogres are like humans, walking on two feet, but the distinct difference
is the body build. Ogres have an average of 8-10 ft.(apprx. 240-300cm)
and an incredible strength that is as incredible as its low intellegience.
Ogres have a low intellegience but a very brutal and cruel nature. Ogres
seldom come in a group, but they usually lead a group of smaller creatures
such as goblins or kobolds, and plunder villages and towns for food and
other objects, loving the taste of most humans and demihumans.
Well known ogres are the Ogre Master Brothers who plague the City of Aensun.
The younger of the two is extremely aggressive and loves to fight, and will
usually be the first to appear in a battle. The elder loves to fight too,
but will not appear until things starts to get out of hand for his younger

| XP                 | 25000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 5, Pouch(10 SP) x 2, GP x 5       |
| XP Items           | Opal, Book(B)                          |
| Magic/Attack Items | Rod, Wand, Brooch                      |
| Stolen Items       | Necklace, Ring of Spell Turning        |
| Special Item       | Eye of Beholder                        |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Bite                             | 16 + 1 x 16 |    ----    |
| Body Charge                      |     16      |    ----    |
| Cause Serious Wounds             |     32      |    ----    |
| Charm Person                     |     20      |    ----    |
| Sleep                            |     0       |    ----    |
| Flesh to Stone                   |     32      |    ----    |
The Beholder is the stuff of nightmares. This creature appears as a huge
sphere-shaped creature covered by a thick layer of skin, measuring
4 ft.(apprx. 120cm) in diameter. Ten stalks protrude from the top of the
sphere with an eye at the end of each stalk, and each eye has a different
innate ability. Right in the front of the sphere is a single gigantic
eyeball, and beneath it a foul maw of razor-sharp fangs. Among adventurers,
Beholders are known as deadly adversaries.
A Beholder moves around by levitating magically. It uses its small eyes'
different abilites to hunt for preys. Main innate abilities are Sleep,
Flesh to Stone, Cause Serious Wounds etc. The main eye projects an Anti-Magic
Ray which negates any spells within its vision. Any spells an adventurer
casts will not work before the Beholder.
Something to take note of is that even the Beholder's own innate abilities
will not work in the presence of the Anti-Magic Ray, and thus the Beholder
will close its main eye before using its other innate abilities.

Dragons are an ancient, winged reptilian race. They are known and feared
for their size, physical prowess, and magical abilities. The oldest dragons
are among the most powerful creatures in the world. Most dragons are
identified by the colour of their scales.
There are many known subspecies of dragons, several of which fall into three
broad categories: Chromatic, Gem, and Metallic dragons. Chromatic dragons
include Black, Blue, Green, White and Red Dragons; all are extremely evil
and feared by most. The metallic dragons are the Brass, Bronze, Copper,
Silver, and Gold Dragons; these are noble and good, highly respected by
wise people. The gem dragons are Amethyst, Crystal, Emerald, Sapphire and
Topaz Dragons; they are neutral with respect to good and evil, and are very
charismatic and suave, masters of persuasion who delight in riddles.
Though generally smaller and slower than other dragons, Gem Dragons are
often wiser and more intellegient, and have other powers to compensate, like
Although all subspecies of dragons are believed to have come from the same
roots tens of thousand years ago, the present subspecies keep to themselves,
working together only under extreme circumstances, such as a mutual threat.
Good dragons never work with evil dragons, however, though a few neutral
dragon specimens have been known to associate with evil or good dragons.
When evil dragons of different species encounter with each other, they
usually fight to protect their territories. While good dragons are more
tolerant of each other, they are also very territorial. They usually try to
work out differences in a peaceful manner. Gem Dragons often settle
inter-species disputes with riddling contests.
All subspecies of dragons have 12 age categories, and gain more abilities
and greater powers as they age. Dragons range in size from several feet upon
hatching to more than 100 feet, after they have attained the status of Great
Wyrm. The exact size varies according to age and subspecies. A dragon's
wingspan is about equal to its body length; 15-20% of a dragon's body length
is its neck.
During the early part of a dragon's young adult stage it leaves its parents,
greed driving it on to start a lair of its own. Sometimes, although rarely,
juvenile dragons leave their parents to start their own lives. As a pair of
mated dragons age beyond the mature adult age, they split up, independence
and the lust for treasure driving them apart. Older dragons of either sex
sometimes raise young, but only on their own---the other parent leaves when
the eggs are laid.
Dragons, especially older ones, are generally solitary due to necessity and
preference. They distance themselves from civilization, which they considered
to be a petty and foolish mortal invention.
Dragons are fearsome predators, but scavenge when necessary and can eat
almost anything if they are hungry enough. A dragon's metabolism operates
like a highly efficient furnace, making use of 95% of all the food the dragon
eats. A dragon can also metabolize inorganic material, and some dragons have
developed a taste for such fare.
Although dragons' goals and ideals vary among subspecies, all dragons are
covetous. They like to hoard wealth, collecting mounds of coins and gathering
as many gems, jewels, and magical items as possible. They find treasures
pleasing to look at, and they bask in the radiance of the magical items. For
a dragon, there is never enough treasure. Those with large hoards loath to
leave them for long, venturing out of their lairs only to patrol the
immediate areas or to get food. Dragons like to make beds out of their
treasure, shaping nooks and mounds to fit their bodies. By the time they
mature to the Great Wyrm stage, hundreds of gems and coins have been
imbedded in their hides.
All dragon lairs are far from mortal civilization, and they are difficult to
find because the dragons take careful measures to cloak their coming and
going. There is usually little, if any, wildlife around the lairs because
neighbouring creatures fear the dragons, and most dragons eat the few
creatures that are foolish enough to remain.
The location and character of dragon lairs vary based on each subspecies, but
one thing remains constant: Any dragon considers its lair and neighbouring
areas its domain. Any creature which violates or threathens the lair is
threathening the dragon and will be dealt with harshly. Some good dragons
may be more lenient than other subspecies in this matter. All dragons keep
their treasure hidden deep within their lairs, and some dragons create
hazardous conditions within their lair to keep unwary creatures from reaching
the treasure.
In the Dungeons & Dragons (R): Shadow over Mystara (TM) game, there are only
three chromatic dragons: The Black Dragon, the Green Dragon, and the Red

| Type               | Black Dragon                           |
| XP                 | 50000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 5, GP x 3, Pouch(10 SP),          |
|                    | Pouch(100 SP), Pouch(10 GP)            |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Aqua Marine    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Bracelet, Anklet, Ring                 |
| Stolen Items       | -                                      |
| Special Item       | Scales of Dragon                       |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Body Charge                      |    ----     |     30     |
| Claw                             |    ----     |     26     |
| Claw (At River Vesuvia)          |     16      |    ----    |
| Tail Smash                       |    ----     |     26     |
| Dragon Breath                    |     32      |     34     |
Black Dragons are abusive, quick to anger, and resent intrusions of any kind.
They like dismal surroundings, heavy vegetation, and prefer darkness to
daylight. Although not as intellegient as other dragons, a Black Dragon
is instinctively cunning and malevolent.
Black Dragons are found in marshes, swamps, rain forests, and jungles. They
revel in a steamy environment where canopies of trees filter out most of the
sunlight, swarms of insects fill the air, and stagnant moss-covered ponds lie
in abundance.
A Black Dragon is covered with extremely hard scales that normal swords
have problem penetrating. The scales of such a dragon can be made into
a powerful shield which can withstand any type of heat.
Being extremely ferocious, it will attack and eat any human beings in sight.
It walks on ground usually, but will engage in a battle in the air flying.
Despite its big size, it is unexpectedly agile in the air.
The breath of a Black Dragon is a stream of Acid Breath. Coming into contact
with the breath would cause severe pain, and this pain can render even the
strongest adventurer powerless for some time.
| Type               | Green Dragon                           |
| XP                 | 30000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 5, Pouch(10 SP), GP x 3,          |
|                    | Pouch(100 SP)                          |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Aqua Marine    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Brooch, Earring                        |
| Stolen Items       | -                                      |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Tail Smash                       |     26      |    ----    |
| Claw                             |     24      |    ----    |
| Charging                         |     28      |    ----    |
| Dragon Breath                    |     40      |    ----    |
Green Dragons are bad tempered, mean, cruel and rude. They hate goodness
and good-aligned creatures. They love intrigue and seek to enslave other
woodland creatures, killing those who cannot be controlled or intimidated.
Green Dragons are found in sub-tropical and temperate forests. The older
the forest and bigger the trees, the better. The sights and smells of the
woods are pleasing to the Green Dragon, and it considers the entire forest
or woods its territory. Sometimes the dragon will enter into a relationship
with other evil forest-dwelling creatures, which keeps the dragon informed
about what is going on in the forest and the surrounding area in exchange
for their lives.
The Dragon that dwells in the Elven Forest is a Green Dragon. By the
bodysize, the Green Dragon is only a young small dragon. 
Green Dragons are immune to gases.
The breath of a Green Dragon is a cloud of poisonous chlorine gas. Contact
with the breath can cause paralysis.
| Type               | Red Dragon                             |
| XP                 | 700000                                 |
| Gold               | Pouch(10 SP) x 10, Pouch(100 SP) x 5,  |
|                    | Pouch(10 GP) x 10, Pouch(100 GP) x 5   |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Diamond        |
| Magic/Attack Items | Ring, Wand, Silver Dagger, Super       |
|                    | Healing Potion                         |
| Stolen Items       | SECRET!!!                              |
|              Attack             |   Damage    |   Damage    |
|               Type              | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+)  |
| Claws                           |    ----     |     48      |
| Bite                            |    ----     | 16 + 1 x 16 |
| Dead Fall                       |    ----     |     32      |
| Fireball                        |    ----     |     48      |
| Dragon Breath                   |    ----     |    Death    |
Red Dragons are the most covetous and greedy of all dragons, forever seeking
to increase their treasure hoards. They are obsessed with their wealth and
memorize an inventory accurate to the last copper. They are exceptionally
vain and self-confident, considering themselves superior not only to other
dragons, but to all other life in general.
Red Dragons are born immune to fire. 
Red Dragons can be found on great hills or on soaring mountains. From a high
perch they haughtily survey their territory, which they considered to be
everthing that can be seen from their position. They prefer to lair in large
caves that extend deep into the earth.
The Red Dragon in the Caverns of Rafael the Immortal is one of the ancient
huge dragons.
A Red Dragon's horn posesses special powers, and can be made into a powerful
weapon. Being made into a sword called the "Dragon Slayer", it has an
incredibly damaging effect on Dragons.
A Red Dragons' breath weapon is a searing cone of fire. In the Dungeons &
Dragons (R): Shadow over Mystara(TM) game, one struck of the flame would
turn any adventurer into toast, unless some form of extraordinary protection
is offered.

| XP                 | 25000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 5, GP x 5, Pouch(10 SP) x 2       |
| XP Items           | Aqua Marine, Opal, Book(B)             |
| Magic/Attack Items | Healing Potion, Fire Arrow, Oil        |
| Stolen Items       | Egg of Wander                          |
| Special Item       | Skin of Manticore                      |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Punch                            |     20      |     28     |
| Body Press                       |     28      |     36     |
| Dive Attack                      |     32      |     40     |
| Pounce                           |     26      |     34     |
| Tail Smash                       |     20      |     28     |
| Tail                             |     10      |     16     |
| Tail Sting                       |     8       |     12     |
The Manticore is a true monster, with a leonine torso and legs, batlike
wings, a man's head(usually an old man), a tail tipped with iron spikes,
and an appetite for human flesh.
The Manticore stands 6 ft.(apprx. 180cm) tall at the shoulder and measures
15 ft.(apprx. 450cm) in length. It has a 25 ft(apprx. 750cm) wingspan.
A Manticore is very cunning. It loves to slowly approach a prey and then
pounce or attack all of a sudden. Also will fire the spikes on its tail at
adventurers, and sometimes tries to crush the adventurers with its

[Lich Deimos]
| XP                 | 50000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 5, GP x 3, Pouch(10 SP),          |
|                    | Pouch(10 GP) x 3, Pouch(100 GP)        |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Aqua Marine    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Ring, Wand, Flame Shield, Ice Shield   |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Staff Attack                     |    ----     |     24     |
| Staff Attack Rush                |    ----     |     22     |
| Jumping Staff Attack             |    ----     |     26     |
| Robe                             |    ----     |     20     |
| Charging                         |    ----     |     22     |
| Body Contact                     |    ----     |     16     |
| Lightning Bolt                   |    ----     |     34     |
| Fireball                         |    ----     |     30     |
| Wall of Fire                     |    ----     |     26     |
| Meteor Sworm                     |    ----     |     38     |
A Lich is a terrible undead creature that appears to be a skeleton in a robe.
They are evil high-level wizards or clerics (usually lvl 27-36) that turn
themselves into a lich with the help of special spells, and thereby gaining
even greater powers than before.
A Lich retains the knowledge, intellegience and character when it was alive,
and can even cast the spells which it used to know. It will usually dwell
somewhere well protected, and commands lower undeads such as Skeletons
or Ghouls.
A Lich fights casting high-level spells a lot, of course including Fireballs
and Lightning Bolts. Sometimes it will even cast a Metoer Sworm. The touch
of a Lich can drain a living human of his strength and leave him paralysed
and drained.
A Lich, although being an undead, are unaffected by undead turning of low
level clerics. Even high level clerics have difficulty turning a Lich. A
Lich is also immune to spells level 3 or below, and thus unaffected by
Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt and Fireball spells.
Deimos, the Lich in the Stronghold of Great Oak, is a high-level magic user
when it was alive. A permanent Fly spell was casted on itself, and can fly
around all the time at will. Its strongest spell is Meteor Sworm, and it
can teleport a lot, thus making a face-to-face fight difficult.
A Lich is a very dangerous creature, and one should have their spells and
equipment well prepared before they engage in a battle with it.

[Displacer Beast]
| XP                 | 40000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 5, GP x 5, Pouch(10 SP) x 2,      |
|                    | Pouch(10 GP)                           |
| XP Items           | Aqua Marine, Emerald, Book(C)          |
| Magic/Attack Items | Large Burning Oil, Boots of Speed,     |
|                    | Arrow, Silver Arrow, Eye of Displacer  |
|                    | Beast                                  |
| Stolen Items       | Skin of Displacer Beast, Potion of     |
|                    | Speed                                  |
| Special Item       | Skin of Displacer Beast                |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Bite                             |    ----     |    4 x 6   | 
| Tail Whip                        |    ----     |     16     | 
| Fast Tail Whip                   |    ----     |     20     | 
The Displacer Beast is a magical creature that resembles a puma 10-12ft
(apprx. 300-360cm) long, have six legs and two powerful black tentacles
growing from its shoulders. They stay far away from human habitations.
Their eyes glow bright green, even after death. The tentacles are tipped
with rough, horny edges that can inflict terrible wounds. They are also very
long, and can stretch up to 10-12 ft(apprx. 300-360 cm), and so attacking
from a distance is no difficulty. It will also attack by biting anyone who
gets too near with its powerful jaws.
The skin of a Displacer Beast have a special effect on light. It can
displace light to about 3 ft (apprx. 90 cm) from its actual position, and
projects an illusion there. The illusion does not inflict any damage, but
it still makes fighting difficult, and one has to differentiate between the
actual body and illusion.
The skin of a Displacer Beast can be made into a cloak. The wearer of the
cloak will appear to be displaced, and missile attacks will not be able
to hit the wearer.
Displacer Beasts are fierce, savage canivores that hates all forms of life,
And will kil sometimes purely for pleasure. Highly aggressive, the Displacer
Beast will attack on sight. Any creature that ventures into their territory
is viewed as potential prey.

| XP                 | 55000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 3, GP x 3, Pouch(10 SP) x 5,      |
|                    | Pouch(100 SP) x 2, Pouch(10 GP) x 3    |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Aqua Marine    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Silver Arrow, Silver Dagger, Large     |
|                    | Burning Oil                            |
| Stolen Items       | Storm Blade, Staff of Snakes           |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Claws                            |    ----     |     20     |
| Body Press                       |    ----     |     36     |
| Dive Attack                      |    ----     |     40     |
| Pounce                           |    ----     |     34     |
| Tail Smash                       |    ----     |     28     |
| Fire Breath                      |    ----     |     36     |
How Chimerae were created is a dark mystery better left unexplored. The
Chimera has the hindquarters of a large, black goat and the forequarters
of a huge, tawny lion. Its body has brownish-black wings like those of a
The monster has three heads, that of a goat, a lion, and a fierce dragon.
The goat head is pitch black, with glowing amber eyes and long orche horns.
The lion head is framed by a brown mane and has green eyes. The dragon
head is covered with orange scales and has black eyes.
The entire creatures stretches up to 15 ft (apprx. 450 cm). Its many heads
and powerful physique makes the Chimera a deadly foe in combat. The monster
prefers to surprise its victims, often swooping down upon them from the sky.
It can also claw with its forelegs or gore with its horns. If it desires to
do so, it can let loose a stream of flames. The breath might not be as
formidable as one from a true dragon, but is still a great hazard for

Salamanders are natives of the Elemental Planes, and thus they thrive in
extremely hot or cold places. These cruel, evil creatures come to the Prime
Material Plane for reasons known only to them. The Flame and Frost
Salamanders are natural enemies of each other, and so they will not appear
at the same place at once. If so, they would fight each other to death.
| Type               | Flame Salamander                       |
| XP                 | 70000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 3, GP x 3, Pouch(10 SP) x 5,      |
|                    | Pouch(100 SP) x 2, Pouch(10 GP) x 3    |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Aqua Marine    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Ring, Wand, Fire Arrow, Large Burning  |
|                    | Oil, Bottle of Efreet                  |
| Stolen Items       | SECRET!!!                              |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Body Charge                      |    ----     |     16     |
| Spear Attack                     |    ----     |     26     |
| Magma Cannon                     |    ----     |     14     |
| Fireball                         |    ----     |     12     |
| Tail                             |    ----     |     16     |
Flame Salamanders come from the Elemental Plane of Fire. They love to
dwell near highly temperatured places such as volcanoes, and they are
completely immune to any forms of fire, including magical fire. They radiate
flames from their body, and contact with their body can easily cause
severe burning. They can also control fire freely.
Being their nature of fire, they are very weak against water and cold based
| Type               | Frost Salamander                       |
| XP                 | 70000                                  |
| Gold               | GP x 3, Pouch(10 SP) x 5,              |
|                    | Pouch(100 SP) x 2, Pouch(10 GP) x 3    |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Aqua Marine    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Ring, Wand, Silver Dagger, Silver      |
|                    | Arrow                                  |
| Stolen Items       | SECRET!!!                              |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Body Charge                      |    ----     |     16     |
| Spear Attack                     |    ----     |     26     |
| Jump Cannon                      |    ----     |     14     |
| Falling Ice Pillars              |    ----     |     12     |
| Ice Pillars on floor             |    ----     |     10     |
| Tail                             |    ----     |     16     |
Frost Salamanders come from the Elemental Plane of Earth, and love to dwell
in places that are extremely cold, such as ice mountains, snowfields,
glaciers or icy caverns, and is completely immune to cold-based attacks.
The Frost Salamander is extremely savage, and has a surprisingly high
intellegience. Its body emits cold clouds which can affect normal humans
very much. Weakness is against flame-based attacks.

| XP                 | 80000                                  |
| Gold               | SP x 3, GP x 3, Pouch(10 SP) x 5,      |
|                    | Pouch(100 SP) x 2, Pouch(10 GP) x 3    |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Aqua Marine    |
| Magic/Attack Items | Ring, Wand, Scroll, Silver Dagger,     |
|                    | Silver Arrow                           |
| Stolen Items       | SECRET!!!                              |
|             Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage    |
|              Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+)  |
| Bite                            |    ----     |     34      |
| Gnawing                         |    ----     | 16 + 1 x 42 |
| Rocket Punch                    |    ----     |     26      |
| Human Soul                      |    ----     |     30      |
The sorceress Synn has the Four Grand Masters directly under her, namely
the Powerful Monster, the Swift Swordsman, the Magic Advocate and lastly,
the Spectre Master, Ezerhorden.
Spectres are powerful undeads that haunt the most desolate and deserted
of places. They hate all life and light. Spectres appear as semitransparent
beings and are often mistaken for ghosts or haunts. Unlike most undead,
Spectres retain the semblance and manner of dress of their former life and
can be recognized by old friends or though paintings of the person they used
to be.
Being a Spectre Master, Ezerhorden is much more powerful than other spectres.
But he somehow has a great weakness against electricity.

| XP                 | 10000                                  |
| Gold               | Pouch(10 SP), Pouch(10 GP),            |
|                    | Pouch(100 SP), Pouch(100 GP)           |
| XP Items           | Book(A), Book(B), Book(C), Diamond     |
| Magic/Attack Items | Ring, Wand, Super Healing Potion,      |
|                    | Scroll, Earring, Necklace              |
| Stolen Items       | Staff of Elemental, Medal              |
|              Attack              |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               Type               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Lightning Bolt                   |    ----     |     34     |
Nagpa comes from an ancient race with a vulture's head and a body of an
old human. Weak in physical strength, Nagpa is powerful in magic abilities.
Cunning and sly, Nagpa had made himself the adviser beside Synn and make use
of all others that are beneath. He summoned Ezerhorden and the Dark Warriors
to do his bidding.
He will not fight a battle face-to-face, but will resort to despicable means
like summoning a Black Dragon and Manticore to take on the adventurers, and
then sneaking up behind the adventurers to attack them with spells.

| XP                 | 500000                                 |
| Gold               | Pouch(10 SP) x 10, Pouch(100 SP) x 5,  |
|                    | Pouch(10 GP) x 10, Pouch(100 GP) x 10  |
| XP Items           | Ruby, Emerald, Perfume, Diamond        |
| Magic/Attack Items | -                                      |
| Stolen Items       | -                                      |
|              Attack             |   Damage    |   Damage    |
|               Type              | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+)  |
| Claws                           |    ----     |     58      |
| Bite                            |    ----     | 16 + 1 x 16 |
| Meteor                          |    ----     |     40      |
| Fireball                        |    ----     |     56      |
| Dragon Breath                   |    ----     |    Death    |
The final boss of the Dungeons & Dragons (R): Shadow over Mystara (TM)
game. The huge, evil dragon which hungers for control over the land.
Synn appears to be a young sorceress normally, but she commands incredibly
powerful magical abilities.
Synn resides in the Floating Fortress. At the top of the fortress is her
chamber. Adventurers who are able to reach this point will be able to face
the most evil, powerful Red Dragon of all in Mystara...

* Section III - Items, Equipments and Weapons                               *
There are many items you can use, which can become a very great help in the
game, especially when fighting bosses. Also equipments such as rods and
rings can also enhance your attributes. Some you might be able to buy in
shops, but the better ones are usually found in the adventures. Excess items
which you already have the full amount in your possession will become
2000 XP. Items will replace the currently selected item if there is no space.
You will not be able to drop your basic weapons. You can change your shield
but you will not drop the "Guard" icon. An Elf will not drop her Arrow, nor
a Thief her Sling.
Take note that some items such as Boots, Gauntlets and Rings of Protections
can get broken if you get hurt.

[Weapon Items]
Normal Sword :-
       Fighter/Thief basic weapon. Dwarf and Elf can use this too.
       Can go up to level 4, and increase in attacking as wielder's level
Short Sword :-
       Elf basic weapon. Can go up to level 4. If a Fighter equips it he
       will be able to fight dual-weaponed. 
Two-Handed Sword :-
       A large sword that have to be held with both hands. Have a high
       damage, but have disadvantages such as inability to block, unable
       to do a crouching attack, and difficult to combo. Only the Fighter
       can use this.
       Can be bought at the Gnomes' Village at 6000 sp.
Bastard Sword :-
       More powerful than even LV4 Normal or Short Sword(except for Thief),
       Long reach and high damage are its advantages.
       Can be bought at the Gnomes' Village at 1500 sp.
Dragon Slayer :-
       A sword made out of the Horn of the Red Dragon. As the name implies,
       it is extremely effective against Dragons. Take note that this is not
       a magical sword and thus it cannot damage Gargoyles.
Holy Avenger :-
       A holy sword that will kill any undead monsters (Skeleton, Ghoul) with
       a single blow. A pity it doesn't work against Deimos. Take note that
       this is not a magical sword.
Sword of Legend :-
       The most powerful weapon in the game. How powerful it is is for your
       own eyes to witness. :)
       Being a magical sword is another advantage. Will take on the name of
       the highest scorer, and become the Sword of so-and-so (e.g. Sword of
       Can be obtained by removing the curse from Cursed Sword 1.
Cursed Sword 1 :-
       The curse will damage the wielder when he/she swings the weapon.
       Can be uncursed by swinging it 50 times, and it becomes the
       Sword of Legend.
       There are a few tricks to reduce the damage though...see the "Hints,
       Tips and Secrets" under Section VII later.
Cursed Sword 2 :-
       The curse on the sword will cause paralysation to the wielder when it
       is being used. The damage is higher than a Bastard Sword. Can be
       uncursed by letting a Cleric pick it up repeatedly 8 times. When
       uncursed, it becomes the Holy Avenger.
Sword of Flame :-
       A sword that will create an arc of fire with a swing. The attack
       will set any monster on fire and knock it away. Magical sword, so it
       can be used against Gargoyles. Instant knock-down makes combos
       impossible on normal monsters.
Sword of Frost :-
       A sword that will create an arc of ice with a swing. The attack
       will freeze a monster and knock it down. Magical sword. Being the
       highest damaging magical elemental sword and allowance to do combos
       makes it the favourite sword of most.
Storm Blade :-
       A sword that will create an arc of lightning with a swing. The attack
       will electrocute any monster and knock it down. Magical sword. Like
       the Sword of Flame, one hit will cause a knock-down. Damage is higher
       than the Sword of Flame.
Hand Ax :-
       Dwarf basic weapon. Can go up to level 4. Other classes except M.User
       and Cleric can use this too.
Battle Ax :-
       A huge ax that have to be held two-handed. Have a decent damage, but
       you cannot hold a shield or attack crouching. A Fighter can use this
Mace :-
       Cleric basic weapon. Can go up to level 4. Disadvantage is the short
War Hammer :-
       A gigantic hammer that will make a monster or even a boss dizzy when
       hit. Disadvantage is the slow weapon speed. Can be bought at the
       Gnomes' Village for 2500 sp.
Morning Star :-
       Impact weapon with a ball of spikes at the tip. When equiped by a
       Cleric, a Heavy Blow will become a semi-long-range attack in which
       the weapon stretches to hit the monster in front, and an Aerial Attack
       will become a spinning swinging attack which will knock down all
       monsters around.
       Disadvantage is the slow speed.
Staff of Striking :-
       M.User basic weapon. Enchanted with the spell of Striking, it has a
       damage as good as a LV2 Normal Sword.
Staff of Magical Power :-
       M.User usable only. This staff, when equipped, will enhance all spells
       casted. Can be made from the Horn of the Red Dragon.
Staff of Elemental Power :-
       This staff can only be used by a M.User. When this staff is being
       equipped, the damage of the Conjure Elemental spell will increase.
Staff of Wizardry :-
       By far the M.User's most powerful weapon. Will enhance all spells
       casted a great deal when equipped. You'll also need this staff to
       execute the Ultimate Magic, FINAL STRIKE.
Staff of Snakes :-
       Only Clerics can use this. Snakes will bite the monster being hit.

[Wand Weapons]
Wand of Paralysis :-
       This wand will paralyse a monster for a while when hit. Will break
       after using 20 charges.
       Can be bought at Gnomes' Village at 800 sp.
Wand of Fire :-
       This wand releases a fireball which will turn a monster into flames.
       Has a low damage but long range. Has 20 charges. Cannot hit monsters
       knocked down on the ground.
       Can be bought at Gnomes' Village at 1200 sp.
Wand of Cold :-
       This wand releases a short wall of ice which extends forward to
       freeze whatever is in its path. Can also hit monsters on the ground.
       Has a low damage, medium range and can hit a monster easily.
       Has about 20 charges.
       Can be bought at Gnomes' Village at 1200 sp.
Wand of Lightning :-
       This wand is the most favoured wand of the four. It releases a
       wall-like lightning bolt which can hit a monster in the air or on
       the ground easily. Has a low damage, but is extremely protective,
       and can sometimes have multiple hits. Has 20 charges, but you can
       extend it to 256 charges...see the "Hints, Tips and Secrets" under
       Section VII for details.

[Armor Items]
Battle Helmet :-
       Dwarves and Fighters only. 
Magical Hat :-
       M.Users only. 
Hood :-
       Thieves only. 
Cleric's Hat :-
       Clerics only.
Circlet :-
       Elves only.
Tiara :-
       Enhances defence more than Circlets. Elves only.
Boots of Speed :-
       Increases agility. Breaks easily, but especially useful when you
       are fighting certain bosses (especially Red Dragon and Synn).
Boots of Striding and Springing :-
       The Thief always wears these. These are the boots which enables the
       Thief to do her triangle jump and double jumps.
Boots of Levitation :-
       Wearer can levitate. Tap jump twice and hold up will initiate
       levitation. Holding down with make wearer land. Doesn't seems to have
       much practical use. 
Gauntlets of Ogre Power :-
       Increases attacking strength. Breaks easily.
Normal Shield :-
       Protects against physical attacks. Usable only by Fighter, Dwarf,
       Cleric and Elf.
Flame Shield :-
       Protects against flame-based attacks, such as Hell Hound and Chimera's
       Fire Breath, fire from Burning Oils, Fireballs from Flame Salamander,
       and Fireball spells. And no, it does not work against Dragon Breath.
Ice Shield :-
       Protects against ice-based attacks. Supposed to be a powerful shield,
       but in the game guards only against Frost Salamander's attacks.
Shield of Protection from Evil :-
       A holy shield that protects against attacks based on the Dark Powers,
       such as Ezerhorden's Punch and Dark Warrior 2's Dark Cannon.
Dragon Shield :-
       The strongest shield made from the Scales of the Black Dragon.
       Wielder will not die instantly from Dragon Breath from Red Dragon
       or Synn. Will also take less damage from Dragon Breath attacks of
       other dragons.
Ring of Fire Resistance :-
       The holder will be completely immune to flame-based attacks (except
       Dragon Breath) and fire traps.
Ring of Protection :-
       Increases defense a little.
Ring of Protection from Evil :-
       Ensures a 100% turn undead, but since this game is customized to be
       100% turning undead, this ring is totally useless.
Ring of Spell Turning :-
       Protects against spells for a number of times, even Meteor Sworm.
       You are lucky if you can fight Deimos equipped with this. Of course,
       once broken, you have a big problem. Very big. And evil. And grinning
       at your misfortune... ;)
Rod of Fire :-
       Enhances all fire-based spells and magical items.
Rod of Cold :-
       Enhances all ice-based spells and magical items.
Rod of Lightning :-
       Enhances all lightning-based spells and magical items.

[Missile Items]
Burning Oil :-
       A small oil flask which, when tossed and broken, will burn and leave
       a flame for a while. Monsters hit by it will turn into flames and
       fall (except flame-natured monsters). Can also hit monsters on
       the ground. Useful fighting certain bosses.
Large Burning Oil :-
       The most powerful item. When tossed and broken, pillars of fire will
       blast out and set monsters in its track on fire. Extremely effective
       on monsters and bosses on the ground. Some bosses can be killed
       within a matter of seconds with it (AKA Instant Hell). 
Dagger :-
       Weapons that can be fired from a distance. Throwing speed varies
       from class to class. Clerics cannot use these.
Silver Dagger :-
       Daggers blessed holy. Like the Dagger, but extremely effective against
       the Lich and Ezerhorden. Damage is 1.5 times more than that of normal
       daggers. Magical, and so it works against Gargoyles.
Arrow :-
       Can be used by Fighter, Elf, Thief and Dwarf. The Elf has unlimited
       supplies of this. And like the Sling, it can be used continuously
       (only for Elf). Arrows have only half damage on bosses.
Silver Arrow :-
       Arrows enchanted with holy magical blessing. Works extremely effective
       against the Lich and Ezerhorden. Also effective on Gargoyles. Unlike
       the normal arrows, the damage does not reduce when used against
       bosses. Have 1.5 times the damage of a normal arrow.
Burning Arrow :-
       Like the Arrow, but sets a monster on fire to give more damage and
       knock it to the ground. Has a limited amount, and damage is lower
       than a Silver Arrow. Non-magical.
Throwing Hammer :-
       All but the M.User can use this. When thrown, monsters hit will be
       stunned for a brief while of time. A second hit will make the monster
       recover. Can hit twice on certain bosses at close range.
Sling :-
       Only the Thief has this. Has unlimited ammunition, and when used
       rapidly, five shots can be fired in one go.

[Magical Items]
Bottle of Efreet :-
       This bottle, when thrown, will release an Efreet that will release
       flames and roast all monsters and bosses for a great amount of
Ring of Djinn Summoning :-
       This ring, when used, will summon a Djinn which will create great
       gusts of whirlwind that will toss all monsters and bosses around
       for a great deal of damage.
Egg of Wonder :-
       This egg, when thrown, will change into an Owlbear which will help
       you attack other monsters and bosses. It will continue to move
       even when a spell is being casted. Changes back into a egg and
       disappears after a while. Attacking power will be that of the person
       throwing the Egg.

[Magical Rings]
Ring of Magic Missile :-
       Fires a Magic Missile, which will home and hit a monster randomly.
Ring of FireBall :-
       Fires a Fireball, which will hit monsters in area in front.
       Can be bought at Gnomes' Village at 400 sp each.
Ring of Lightning Bolt :-
       Fires a straight bolt of lightning. Unlike the Lightning Bolt
       spell, the angle cannot be adjusted, so careful aim has to be
       Can be bought at Gnomes' Village at 500 sp each.
Ring of Invisibility :-
       Makes the user invisible. User will blink and appear invisible to
       most monsters. Wears out only when user attacks or casts a spell
       or uses an item. Some monsters will still be able to sense and
       attack the user though.
Ring of Polymorph Others :-
       Like the Polymorph Others spell, this ring turns a monster into
       harmless creatures. On Gargoyles it kills them instantly. Does not
       work against bosses.
Ring of Cure Serious Wounds :-
       Like the Cleric's Cure Serious Wounds spell, this ring can be used
       on others and recover a certain amount of HP.
       Can be bought at Gnomes' Village at 1000 sp each.
Ring of Continual Light :-
       Like the Continual Light spell, this spell will turn monsters and
       bosses dizzy for a brief moment.
       Can be bought at Gnomes' Village at 500 sp each.

[Medicine Items]
Potion of Speed :-
       Like the Haste spell, speed of movement and action is increased
       for a short period of time.
Potion of Power :-
       Like the Bless spell, attacking power will be increased for a
       period of time.
Potion of Diminution :-
       Potion used to turn players small so that they can enter the Gnomes'
       Village. Bought from a Gnome, but apparently it doesn't cost
       anything, so just buy it anyway...
Healing Potion :-
       Recovers HP. Takes effect immediately and so cannot be kept in
       inventory. Does not disappear like other items, so you can take your
       time if you still have much HP.
Super Healing Potion :-
       Have the same properties of a Healing Potion, but recovers much more
       HP. Usually appears when a M.User opens a chest, so be careful in
       party plays.

[Decoration Items]
Necklace :-
       Enhances spell resistance.
Brooch :-
       Dummy accessory. No actual use.
Earring :-
       Enhances offensive spells.
Anklet :-
       Enhances Knock-Down Attacks.
Bracelet :-
       Enhances attacking strength.
Orb :-
       Protects against Paralysis and Petrification.

       Decoration Items do not break.

[Special Artifacts]
Eye of Displacer Beast :-
       Dropped by the Displacer Beast. Supposed to be able to "show hidden
       paths and objects", but doesn't seems to have any practical uses.
Skin of Displacer Beast :-
       Dropped by the Displacer Beast. You can exchange it for the Cloak
       of Displacement in the shop right after clearing. Easier to obtain
       when you dash into the Displacer Beast when its HP is low.
Cloak of Displacement :-
       Protects the wearer from ranged attacks such as arrows and spears.
Skin of Manticore :-
       Dropped by the Manticore. Makes bosses drop Skin, Horn and Scales
       easier. Don't "exchange it for information" if you want to keep it.
Eye of Beholder :-
       Dropped by the Beholder. Can be exchanged for a pair of Boots of
       Levitation in the shop right after clearing the stage.
Horn of Dragon :-
       Dropped by FlameWing the Red Dragon. Can be exchanged in the next
       shop for (1) A Dragon Slayer if picked up by a Fighter, Elf, Dwarf
       or Thief, (2) A Staff of Snakes if picked up by a Cleric, or (3) a
       Staff of Magical Power when picked up by a M.User.
Scales of Dragon :-
       Dropped by BlackWing the Black Dragon. Can be exchanged in the next
       shop for a Dragon Shield if picked up by a Fighter/Cleric/Dwarf/Elf,
       or a Cloak of Displacement if picked up by a Thief or M.User.
Medal :-
       The first item you buy will be free of charge(exchanged). Limited
       only to simple items such as potions or missile weapons.
Key :-
       Used to open locked treasure chests.

       Special items that bosses can drop, such as Skins, Horn, Scales,
       have a higher chance of being knocked out when you use special
       attacks (Charging, Aerial, Desperate). Combinations also increases
       the possibilities. Whether Eyes gets knocked out depends on how fast
       you finish off the boss.

-=A note on Missile Combat=-

Missile weapons can help a lot when fighting some bosses. Some class can
use certain missile weapons better than the others. Refer to chart below.

       C D E F M T
Dagger - x * * * *
Hammer o x o o - *
Arrow  - * x x - *

Fighter/Elf/Mage should use daggers first.
Dwarf should use arrows first.
Thief can use anything.
Anyone who can use hammers, use them.

Symbols :* - Good, o - Normal, x - Poor, - - not usable

* Section IV --- Dungeons & Dragons (R) Spell Theories                      *

-=Introduction to Spells=-

Spells are important in a world of fantasy. Spells and magic are something
beyond the reach of science, and are invoked by the powers of Gods, nature,
Elementals, runes and the like. Using spells is something you need a high
knowledge and wisdom to do.
In this game, only three classes casts spells: The Magic User, the Elf, and
the Cleric.
Below will be introductions and explanations to characteristics, important
points to note and basic knowledge of all spells.

[Plan Your Spells and Usage]
Plan what spells to use before you move on. Set the spells to use in advance
in the various menu circles so that you can access to them quickly. This
would ensure that even in cases of emergency when speed is an important
factor determining life and death, the right spell can save the day.
Planning the usage of spells, such as more important spells for emergency
or bosses will make your game much easier too.

[Spell Level and Recovery System]
Another thing that you must not forget about is the "Spell Level" system.
For example, Magic Missile is LV1, Bless is LV2, Haste is LV3...all spells
have their own level definition.
There exist on the same character spells of the same level. In such a case,
the spells share the same amount of usage. For example, you have 5 LV5 spells
(Lightning Bolt, FireBall) left. Using either of this will result in leaving
only 4 Lightning Bolts and FireBalls.
Do not confuse character levels with spell levels.
Below is a chart with the various classes' spells and corresponding levels.

|      | Magic User        | Elf               | Cleric               |
| LV 1 | Magic Missile     | Magic Missile     | -------------------- |
| LV 2 | ----------------- | Invisibility      | Bless                |
|      | ----------------- |                   | Hold Person          |
| LV 3 | FireBall          | Haste             | Striking             |
|      | Lightning Bolt    | FireBall          | Continual Light      |
|      |                   | Lightning Bolt    |                      |
| LV 4 | Ice Storm         | Ice Storm         | Sticks to Snakes     |
|      | Wall of Fire      | Polymorph Others  | Cure Serious Wounds  |
| LV 5 | Conjure Elemental | Conjure Elemental | Insect Plague        |
|      | Cloud Kill        |                   | Cure Critical Wounds |
| LV 6 | Flesh to Stone    | ----------------- | -------------------- |
|      | Projected Image   | ----------------- | -------------------- |
| LV 7 | Reverse Gravity   | ----------------- | Holy Word            |
|      |                   | ----------------- | Earthquake           |
| LV 8 | ----------------- | ----------------- | -------------------- |
| LV 9 | Meteor Sworm      | ----------------- | -------------------- |
|      | Power Word, Kill  | ----------------- | -------------------- |

Used spells can be recovered by two ways.
One is to get scrolls from slaying monsters and opening chests. One scroll
recovers one spell. The colour of the scroll indicates the spell level,
from lowest to highest would be Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Red. The stronger
the spell, the darker in colour. Scrolls comes in LV 1-8. In party-play, it
is important sometimes to decide who gets what scrolls. Non-magical classes
such as Fighters, Dwarfs and Thiefs will not "take the scrolls by accident",
so that isn't something to worry about.
The second way is to go through a level raise. As your level goes up, your
parameters will rise, such as learning new spells, weapon level increases,
or your maximum HP increases. All spells are also recovered to their level
usage. Spells that have been specially saved beyond the level usage are
retained. For example, at LV14 a M.User have 5 LV1 spells and 4 LV3 spells
to start with, but later in the game he collected 2 more LV1 spells and used
up all LV3 spells. So, when he gets to LV15, he gets to keep the 7 LV1 spells
and recovers 4 LV3 spells. The Elf will not advance beyond LV10, but she
still gets her spells back after finishing certain stages.
The maximum number of spells of the same level you can collect is up to
9 spells.
Below is a chart that depicts player level, bosses and spell usages.

|   | Player | Spell           | Spell Level and Usage             |
|   | Level  | Recovery        +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
|   |        | Checkpoint      | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |
| M |  LV14  | Game Start      | 5 | - | 4 | 4 | 3 | 2 | - | - | - |
| A |  LV15  | Dark Warrior OR | 5 | - | 4 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | - | - |
| G |        | Man Scorpion    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | - | - |
| I |  LV16  | Ogre Master  OR | 5 | - | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 2 | - | - |
| C |        | Beholder     OR |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
|   |        | Green Dragon    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
| U |  LV17  | Lich Deimos     | 6 | - | 5 | 4 | 4 | 3 | 2 | - | - |
| S |  LV18  | Chimera         | 6 | - | 5 | 4 | 4 | 3 | 2 | - | - |
| E |  LV19  | Red Dragon      | 6 | - | 5 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | - | - |
| R |  LV20  | Ezerhorden      | 6 | - | 5 | 5 | 4 | 4 | 3 | - | 1 |
|   |  LV21  | Nagpa           | 6 | - | 5 | 5 | 5 | 4 | 3 | - | 1 |
|   |  LV8   | Game Start      | 4 | 3 | 2 | 2 | - | - | - | - | - |
|   |  LV9   | Dark Warrior OR | 4 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | - | - | - | - |
|   |        | Man Scorpion    |   |   |   |   |   | - | - | - | - |
| E |  LV10  | Ogre Master  OR | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | - | - | - | - |
| L |        | Beholder     OR |   |   |   |   |   | - | - | - | - |
| F |        | Green Dragon    |   |   |   |   |   | - | - | - | - |
|   |        | Displacer Beast | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | - | - | - | - |
|   |        | Red Dragon      | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | - | - | - | - |
|   |        | Ezerhorden      | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | - | - | - | - |
|   |        | Nagpa           | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | - | - | - | - |
|   |  LV12  | Game Start      | - | 4 | 4 | 3 | - | - | - | - | - |
|   |  LV13  | War Machine     | - | 5 | 4 | 3 | - | - | - | - | - |
|   |  LV14  | Dark Warrior OR | - | 5 | 5 | 3 | - | - | - | - | - |
| C |        | Man Scorpion    |   |   |   |   | - | - | - | - | - |
| L |  LV15  | Tel' Arin       | - | 5 | 5 | 3 | 1 | - | - | - | - |
| E |  LV16  | Manticore       | - | 5 | 5 | 4 | 1 | - | - | - | - |
| R |  LV17  | Displacer Beast | - | 6 | 5 | 4 | 2 | - | 1 | - | - |
| I |  LV18  | Red Dragon      | - | 6 | 5 | 4 | 2 | - | 1 | - | - |
| C |  LV19  | Flame OR Frost  | - | 6 | 5 | 4 | 2 | - | 2 | - | - |
|   |        | Salamander      |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | - | - |
|   |  LV20  | Ezerhorden      | - | 6 | 5 | 4 | 2 | - | 2 | - | - |
|   |  LV21  | Dark Warrior 2  | - | 6 | 5 | 5 | 3 | - | 2 | - | - |
|   |  LV22  | Nagpa           | - | 6 | 5 | 5 | 3 | - | 2 | - | - |

Sometimes there are bosses that you may skip. In such cases you will not
undergo a level raise.

   The above chart is drawn customized to the upgraded version of the game.
   In older versions some checkpoints will not have a level raise.

[Nature of Spells and Unusable Moments]
Take into considerations the effects and nature of different spells to
decide what spells are best to use at a particular moment. A spell doesn't
just damage monsters. Sometimes it can help you avoid attacks such as
Deadfalls or Fireballs, or special attacks from monsters, because at the
moment a spell is being casted, the entire party becomes in an invulnerable
Best examples are the Fireballs from Shadow Elven Mages and the Red Dragon.
When timed well, a Magic Missile can prevent the party from being toasted.
Note that different spells last different durations.
Something you have to be careful of is situations where all spells fail,
best example (only example :P) is the Beholder. No spells, including any
magical items, works before its central eye.
There are certain situations you will find that your <D> button does not
work. This happens only at some bosses, namely Tel' Arin, Lich, Red Dragon,
Tel' Eleron, Nagpa, and Synn. Situations are Tel' Arin/Tel' Eleron casting
a FireBall/Lightning Bolt, Lich casting a Meteor Sworm, Nagpa using
Lightning Bolt, and Red Dragon/Synn using Dragon Breath. In such situations,
hiding and taking cover would be a better choice.
There is a way to negate the abovementioned effect. At moments when it is not
possible to use the <D> button, the Cleric can immediately negate this effect
by doing a Turn Undead (A+B button). As soon as Cleric has done this,
everyone in the party will be able to use their <D> button again.  Especially
good when the dragon is breathing fire in the centre, after everyone runs to
one side, Cleric turns undead, and Elf/Magic User can start casting spells
straight away while the dragon is still breathing away in the centre, taking
damage from the spells.

   The negation above was discovered and made known to me by Kenneth Hsu
   <e3321942@student.uq.edu.au>. Discovered while playing with a frantical
   Cleric trying to get himself out of a Dragon Breath :)
   Thanks dude. :)

[Using Offensive Spells]
Timing is very important when you are using some offensive spells, especially
those spells which misses easily, like Lightning Bolt or FireBall. Watching
the range is also important sometimes. Take note of what spells working
against what monsters and bosses.

[Sorcery Whole Table]
Below are descriptions of all spells.

*: Columns of boxes at left lower part of each spells are damages of
   offensive spells. 
*: Left side of column is player level range, and right is damage.
*: All spell damages are basic values, unadjusted and are still subjected to
   modifications of levels, accessories, boss weakness/resistance etc.

[M.User Spells]
Spell             Lvl  Description
-----             ---  -----------

Magic Missile     LV1  Depending on the caster's level, a number of magical
                       missiles fires out and homes in on monsters.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  14   | 18 |  14   | 10 |
| 15-19 | 20 | 15-19 | 12 |
|  20+  | 24 |  20+  | 14 |

Fireball          LV3  Caster conjures a fireball over his head and dumps it
                       near front and explodes.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  14   | 30 |  14   | 26 |
| 15-19 | 34 | 15-19 | 30 |
|  20+  | 44 |  20+  | 40 |

Lightning Bolt    LV3  Caster fires a lightning bolt. The angle of the bolt
                       can be adjusted to about 45 degrees to the original
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  14   | 34 |  14   | 30 |
| 15-19 | 40 | 15-19 | 36 |
|  20+  | 46 |  20+  | 40 |

Ice Storm         LV4  A blizzard occurs on the screen, freezes all monsters
                       and knocks them down. Effective against all bosses
                       except for Frost Salamander. 
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  14   | 30 |  14   | 30 |
| 15-19 | 36 | 15-19 | 36 |
|  20+  | 44 |  20+  | 40 |

Wall of Fire      LV4  A fire forms at the feet of the caster and shoots out
                       forward. The joystick can be waggled in a circular
                       motion to make it form a wall before shooting out.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  14   | 32 |  14   | 32 |
| 15-19 | 40 | 15-19 | 38 |
|  20+  | 50 |  20+  | 45 |

Conjure Elemental LV5  Conjures an Elemental to attack all monsters on
                       Depending on the direction faced during casting,
                       different Elementals will be summoned. Elemental
                       summoned can be decided by facing different directions
                       when casting spell.
                       Left - Fire Elemental, Right - Water Elemental
                       Syous uses this.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  14   | 32 |  14   | 32 |
| 15-19 | 38 | 15-19 | 36 |
|  20+  | 46 |  20+  | 44 |

Cloud Kill        LV5  Caster jumps to the centre of the screen and releases
                       a poisonous green cloud which chokes the life out of
                       living monsters, and can kill them instantly.
                       Especially useful when surrounded by armies of
                       monsters. Doesn't kill a boss instantly though...only
                       takes some damage. Doesn't work on undeads, Lich, and
                       D'raven uses this.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  14   | 34 |  14   | 28 |
| 15-19 | 44 | 15-19 | 38 |
|  20+  | 54 |  20+  | 48 |
Flesh to Stone    LV6  Caster releases a beam which will turn all flesh into
                       stone. Doesn't work on Gargoyles. Can give damage to
                       a boss, but is not advisable, as bosses and monsters
                       killed by the spell would usually leave little cash,
                       gems or items.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  14   | 34 |  14   | 28 |
| 15-19 | 38 | 15-19 | 32 |
|  20+  | 44 |  20+  | 38 |

Projected Image   LV6  Caster becomes invulnerable for some time. Especially
                       useful when situation becomes a mess and you need time
                       to equip items or arrange spells.

Reverse Gravity   LV7  Reverses the gravity of areas nearby. Sends nearby
                       monsters into the air and slams them back onto the
                       ground *HARD*.
                       Ezerhorden, Lich and Dragons are not affected.
                       Works terrific on Synn.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
| 14-19 | 40 | 14-19 | 36 |
|  20+  | 50 |  20+  | 46 |

Meteor Sworm      LV9  Sends meteors flying at monsters. Damage is large,
                       but usually unstable.
                       Syous casts this.
| Monsters  | Bosses    |
| 20+ | 160 | 20+ | 160 |

Power Word, Kill  LV9  Caster points at targets and kills them instantly.
                       Gives large damage to bosses.
                       D'raven uses this.
| Monsters | Bosses   |
| 20+ | 70 | 20+ | 70 |

    It is rumoured that Metoer Sworm gives the greatest damage when casted
    together with a Staff of Magical Power instead of a Staff of Wizardry.
    A bug in the earlier version of the game prevents one from casting
    the level 9 spells even when they reach level 20 or above. The bug is
    fixed in a newer version. If you can't cast the spell even by the time
    you reach Synn, then most probably you are playing an older version.

[Elf Spells]
Spell             Lvl Description
-----             --- -----------

Magic Missile     LV1 Depending on the caster's level, 2-3 magical missiles
                      fires out and homes in on monsters.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  8-9  | 16 |  8-9  | 10 |
|  10   | 18 |  10   | 12 |

Invisibility      LV2 Makes the caster invisible. Caster will blink and
                      appear invisible to most monsters. Wears out only when
                      caster attacks or casts a spell or uses an item, or be
                      hit physically. Some monsters will still be able to
                      sense and attack the caster though. Can be casted on
                      another player.

Fireball          LV3 Caster conjures a fireball over his head and dumps it
                      near front and explodes.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  8-9  | 24 |  8-9  | 20 |
|  10   | 30 |  10   | 26 |

Lightning Bolt    LV3 Caster fires a lightning bolt. The angle of the bolt
                      can be adjusted to about 45 degrees to the original
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  8-9  | 28 |  8-9  | 26 |
|  10   | 34 |  10   | 30 |

Haste             LV3 Makes the entire party move and do actions much faster
                      than normal. Very much faster.

Ice Storm         LV4 A blizzard occurs on the screen, freezes all monsters
                      and knocks them down. Effective against all bosses.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  8-9  | 24 |  8-9  | 24 |
|  10   | 30 |  10   | 30 |
Polymorph Others  LV4 Turns the poor monster in front into small helpless
                      creatures like birds, frogs, foxes or pigs. Kills
                      Gargoyles instantly.

Conjure Elemental LV5 By far the Elf's most powerfull spell. Like the
                      M.User's, but summons different Elementals. Elemental
                      summoned can be chosen by facing different directions
                      when casting spell.
                      Left - Air Elemental, Right - Earth Elemental
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
|  8-9  | 24 |  8-9  | 24 |
|  10   | 30 |  10   | 30 |

[Cleric Spells]
Spell                lvl Description
-----                --- ------------

Bless                 2  Enhances party's strength by 1.25 times.

Hold Person           2  Holds up to three humanoid creatures for some time.
                         Effective against Tel 'Arin and Ogre Brothers.

Striking              3  Enhances damage by 1.5 times. Can be casted on
                         another player. Can be used combined with Bless.

Continual Light       3  Blinds and makes monsters and bosses dizzy for a
                         brief while. The closer the enemy is to the caster,
                         the higher the success. Have to be facing the target
                         to work.

Sticks to Snakes      4  The caster throws sticks on the ground and the
                         sticks turns into snakes which chases and clings
                         onto monsters and bosses and start biting.
                         Greldon casts this.
| Monsters     | Bosses      |
| 12-14 | 4x6  | 12-14 | 4x6 |
| 15-19 | 5x10 | 15-19 | 2x7 | 
|  20+  | 6x12 |  20+  | 2x8 |

Cure Serious Wounds   4  Recovers a certain amount of HP. Can be casted on
                         another player.

Insect Plague         5  The caster releases a plague of insects which will
                         damage monsters in their path. Does not work on
                         Miles casts this.
| Monsters    | Bosses     |
| 12-19 | 16  | 12-19 | 12 |
|  20+  | 18  |  20+  | 14 |

Cure Critical Wounds  5  Recovers a large amount of HP. Can be casted on
                         another player.

Holy Word             7  Casters mumbles a Holy Word and beams appear to hit
                         monsters from the heavens above. Weaker monsters
                         have the higher priority of being hit.
                         Greldon casts this.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
| 12-19 | 38 | 12-19 | 32 |
|  20+  | 48 |  20+  | 40 |

Earthquake            7  Caster creates an earthquake that will damage and
                         fall all creatures or bosses on the ground.
                         Miles uses this.
| Monsters   | Bosses     |
| 12-14 | 40 | 12-14 | 34 |
| 15-19 | 45 | 15-19 | 38 |
|  20+  | 50 |  20+  | 44 |

[When Should I use them?]
There is no exact time that you should use them...it all depends on how you
play, how many spells you've saved, whether the next level recovers spells,
situation etc. You'll have to learn all these through experiences. :)

-=Ultimate Magic: Final Strike=-

There exist in the game a spell that is far more destructive than even
Meteor Sworm and Power Word, Kill, namely, FINAL STRIKE. The destruction
caused can send any monsters to hell instantly. This spell is extremely
dangerous, and should not be used easily.

Here, we will explore the most powerful, destructive and sinister black
magic. Complete Chaos. Indefinite Destruction. Savour the charisma of the
Ultimate Magic, FINAL STRIKE.

[To Perform Final Strike]

To perform this ultimate magic you'll need to first satisfy the below three

1) At least 3 players
2) At least a total of 2 million XP
3) A M.User must be equipping the Staff of Wizardry

When all these three conditions are met, the Staff will glow, and you are
ready to perform it.
This is how : At least two other players hit and hold their ABC buttons down.
The M.User holding the Staff of Wizardry will take aim and hit ABC too, and
the spell will take effect. Be very careful! All players' HP will drop to
only 1 HP, so if the boss isn't killed, you probably will be <BFG>.
Also, your Staff of Wizardry will be sacrificed in the event.

   If you want to use Final Strike you cannot miss the Red Dragon, as
   the Red Dragon itself contribute to 1 million XP alone.

[The Power of Final Strike]
It will reduce 1 and a half bar of HP of Synn, but will kill any other bosses
instantly. How does the magic looks like? Try it yourself! Some things are
more fun when you experience them yourself. :)

* Section V --- Along The Way                                               *

-=Treasure Chests=-

In a world of adventure, treasure chests are something adventurers sought
after. They often contain valuable objects, such as poewrful weapons or
valuable gems. Some are wooden chests, which can be smashed open, and some
are iron chests, which might require a key or a Thief to open. But as many
as these chests appear, they contain lethal traps and can be fatal to an
unwary adventurer. The below are common traps in a treasure chest :-

     Arrows flies out in four diagonal directions. Can be blocked, or jump
     to avoid. Thiefs and M.Users can backstep to avoid. A Cloak of
     Displacement will prevent any harm.

     Rocks fall down from the ceiling, hitting anyone close to the chest.
     Can be avoided by moving upwards or downwards (i.e. on a different
     dimension). The deadfall can hit monsters as well.
     Fire falls out slowly and burns anyone nearby. You can get out of the
     fire in time jumping out or sliding away. A Ring of Fire Resistance
     will prevent any harm. The fire can hit monsters as well.

     Choking gas bursts out and chokes anyone close to the chest. Skeletons
     will appear after that.

     A beam shoots out, turning anyone in a horizontal path to stone. If
     hit, waggle joystick to prevent complete petrification, or the player
     will die instantly. Damage will still be taken. An Orb will prevent any

[Damages of Chest Traps]

Damages of chest traps are summarized below.
| Trap Type     |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|               | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Arrows        |     12      |     12     |
| Dead Fall     |     22      |     24     |
| Fire          |     12      |     14     |
| Gas           |     12      |     12     |
| Petrification |     32      |     34     |

[Opening a Chest]
When you open a chest, the name of the trap (if any) will flash, and the
trap will spring. However, if you set off the trap by some other means such
as lifting it or smashing it, the trap will go off without any warning, so
be very careful.
If a chest is a wooden one, you'll be able to smash it either by hitting it
or lifting and throwing it. If the chest is an iron one and is locked, you
can open it by lifting it up and setting off the trap inside, provided the
chest is trapped. Be careful, because it will not be easy to avoid an instant
All trapped chests can be opened by lifting.
Throwing a chest at a player hurts, so be careful where you throw it (unless
that's exactly what you want to do.  ;) )
Anyone except the M.User will have enough strength to lift a chest.

Sometimes it is also important that you decide who will open the chest,
because the contents might change according to the character opening the
chest. As you play on you'll remember who should open which chest, so don't
worry about it. Don't be afraid to try. :)
Also, some items you get from a chest is random.
Also, when a Dwarf opens a chest, the chest doesn't disappear immediately. He
can hit the chest again, turning it into different objects.
A Thief would be able to identify a trapped chest.
Note that the above is very important in the game, or you'll miss out a lot
of good stuff.                                    

-=The Silent Killers=-

Many a times adventurers face the attacks of humanoids and monsters. Most
expert adventurers overcome these, however strong the threat can be.
But often adventurers forgot about a very silent but dangerous enemy, which
sneaks an attack when you least expected it...they are, namely, Traps.

Sometimes in your path there are various spots which are trapped. Some
traps are set off when a character moves onto a specific spot, and some
are active all the time. It is important to learn about these silent killers.
     These are boulders that fall from the ceiling onto an unwary
     adventurer's head. They occur sometimes when you stay at a spot for
     too long, or they can be active all the time.

[Fire Burner]
     These barriers comes in different forms. They are always identified by
     a small round hole on the ground. Some of them are active all the time,
     and are often barriers to important chests. Some shoots geysers of
     flame occasionally. Some are mines which will be activated when stepped
     on. All these will set any adventurers into flames. A Ring of Fire
     Resistance would prevent any harm.

[Ice Burner]
     These barriers comes in different forms. They are always identified by
     a small round hole on the ground. Some of them are active all the time,
     and are often barriers to important chests. Some shoots geysers of
     icy gas occasionally. Some are mines which will be activated when
     stepped on.

     These are often activated when someone moves backwards. Can be blocked.

     These are often trapped near spots on the ground, which are activated
     when you get too near. Thiefs would be able to identify spots trapped
     by arrows, marked by a blinking red skull.

[Falling Ceiling]
     These ceilings are spiked, and will fall down to crush adventurers.
     After which they will be withdrawn back, awaiting for another strike.
     They are sometimes activated when someone steps on a specific spot,
     and some are active all the time. Some are controlled by switches.
     A Thief would not set the first type of Falling Ceiling on.

[Damages of Silent Traps]

Damages of the above silent traps are summarized below.
| Trap Type       |   Damage    |   Damage   |
|                 | (Stage 1-5) | (Stage 6+) |
| Dead Fall       |     22      |     24     |
| Fire Burner     |     12      |     14     |
| (Fire Mines)    |             |            |
| Ice Burner      |     12      |     14     |
| (Ice Mines)     |             |            |
| Spears          |     22      |     24     |
| Arrows          |     12      |     12     |
| Falling Ceiling |    ----     |     8      |
| Fire/Thunder    |    ----     |     8      |
| Doors           |             |            |

* Section VI --- The Adventure Begins...                                    *

-=A Rough Walkthrough of the Stages=-

Below are rough walkthroughes of all the stages in the game. I did not
provide a detailed one mainly because it's too long and troublesome. Anyway,
exploring the stages is a fun thing too, right??? If everything is given to
you therre would be no fun left. Don't be afraid try out new strategies or
routes, etc. Afterall, it's the communication between players makes the game
more fun.

[Stage 1 :- Descent from the Broken Lands]
    A short stage, with a few goblins and two Riyakaas. After destroying the
    Riyakaas and saving the kidnapped folks from the cart you'll be prompt
    to enter your name.

[Boss :- None]

[Stage 2 :- The Village of Trintan] 
    In the very start there will be a 500 sp bag of gold at the direct bottom
    of the screen. There's also a hidden room a few steps ahead, at the top
    of the screen where you can see a gap. Goblins, Kobolds and Axe Gnolls
    will appear first. You can find two wooden chests and two iron chests in
    the room, but they will be guarded by Skeletons. After you slay more
    monsters and go further the boss will appear.

[Boss :- War Machine]
    The War Machine will charge at you, use the spears to attack you, use
    catapults, or use a flame. Be careful not to stay in front of it,
    because that's where most of the attacks are. Be careful of goblins
    that appears occasionally to attack you too.

    The War Machine is propelled by four goblins at the back so killing them
    will stop it from moving, but new supplies of goblins will appear to 
    replace the previous batch. Elves and Thiefs should stay behind and fire
    arrows and slings at it. M.User's should use their Magic Missiles at the
    right timing to knock off the goblins pushing the War Machine. Clerics
    should get ready to use their CSW spells as their level will rise after
    the stage. Fighter, Dwarf and Cleric can also use burning oil to stop
    the Machine and then kill off the goblins pushing. Use your shields to
    block the War Machine's charge. Thief can double jump or backstep to
    avoid, and the M.User can use his backstep to avoid the charge.
    There is a position of dimension slightly above the War Machine when it
    fiirst appears, which you can stand and attack the War Machine, hitting
    it and it will not be able to hit you. That height can be identified
    as slightly higher where the first bottle of Burning Oil falls when the
    War Machine appears. Get used to that position.

    There will be a route choice after this stage.

[Stage 3-A :- Riding a Juggernaut] 
    The stage will start with the players "hitch-hiking" a monster 
    battlecraft Juggernaut. Basically all the fighting are in confined
    areas. There's nothing much to get in this stage, and the boss is rather
    difficult to fight.

[Boss :- Dark Warrior 1]
    The Dark Warrior is a menacing looking gigantic humanoid. Basic attacks
    are a wall of thunder that spreads out from it, a jumping attack, and
    charging. These attacks can be blocked. Sometimes it will also punch
    the ground, and some lightning will strike from under some characters'
    feet. It will sometimes spit lightning sparks at you too. Two skeletons
    accompanies it.

    All characters can throw all missile weapons on hand on the Dark Warrior.
    Clerics can cast Bless or Striking to avoid the lightning wall. M.Users
    and Elves should use all their spells, as there's a level rise after
    this stage. Elves can choose to cast Haste too. Cast any spells to negate
    the Wall of Thunder.
    Maintain a pattern of Spell -> Ground Attacks -> Spell -> Ground Attacks.

[Stage 3-B :- Battle on the Vesuvia]
    The first part of the stage will be on a raft. There will not be monster
    encounters unless you steer the raft into one. Lots of cash to collect
    in the raft section of the stage (about 6000 sp). If you go too slow
    a small black dragon will appear and chase you, which you wouldn't be
    able to fight. After the front half of the raft part you'll enter a
    waterfall, where an Immortal will speak to you and give you information.
    After you come out of the waterfall, you'll have to go through a raft
    part again, and will come to a place where you go on land.
    On the land, if you stay on the same spot for too long rocks will fall
    from above to hit you. Moving backwards will trigger spears to fire at
    you. Lots of Giant Scorpions around, and more will fall from above. A
    little distance further up will make rocks fall from above, which can be
    avoided by casting a spell. And even more further up, the boss appears.

[Boss :- Man Scorpion(s)]
    If you are playing a one player game, only one red Man Scorpion will
    appear. But if you not, then another green Man Scorpion will appear too.
    Along with the Man Scorpions are some Troglodytes. When the Troglodytes
    are slain a fresh batch of Ghouls appear, and if these are slain new
    Troglodytes replaces them, and the loop repeats.
    The Man Scorpions basically attacks by jumping on you, attacking with
    their tails, attacking with their sickles, grabbing and stinging you
    with their tail, charging at you, attack you with a petrification beam
    or a lightning beam. Sometimes it will jump upwards and create an
    explosion when it lands. Most dangerously, throwing out their sickle
    which flies around and hitting everyone in a boomerang track.

    If there is a M.User or Elf around, cast an area-effecting spell such
    as Ice Storm to make them fall first. Try to keep the two Man Scorpions
    together, as it will be easier to fight then. Kill the green one first,
    as it is weaker. Finish all the Lightning Bolt spells first. Use the
    remaining area-effect spells only when necessary, or only when you are
    sure you have enough to kill them. Don't hesitate to use your M.User/Elf
    spells as there will be a level raise after this stage. If there's a
    Cleric, turn undead when the Ghouls appear and hold the Troglodytes.
    Fighters, Dwarfs, Clerics, Thieves and Elves can get close to the Man
    Scorpions to attack them. If necessary, use the Bottle of Efreet you
    found in stage 2. If the Man Scorpions jumps upwards, jump upwards and
    downthrust to avoid the explosion and keep attacking at the same time.
    Thieves can use their Backstep to avoid, and use their Charging Attack
    to get back to attacking them. M.Users can use their Backstep or cast
    an area-effect spell (likewise for Elves) to bring them down. Watch your
    backs for the Ghouls and Troglodytes. Stay on a slightly lower or higher
    dimension to avoid being hit.

[Stage 4 :- Skies over Aengmore]
    After the previous stage you'll be given a chance to shop. Stock up
    on Burning Oils, Daggers and Hammers. Dwarfs should stock up on Arrows
    instead of Daggers.
    You'll start the stage on an airship, with some Shadow Elves attacking
    you. Advance to the extreme right to open the chest there (if you have a
    Thief or a key), where there is a potion and sometimes a Ring of CSW.
    When part of the Shadow Elves are killed one will appear on a Wyvern
    and cast fireballs at you. You can knock it down with a Magic Missile,
    or jump or slide away to avoid the fireballs. A total of two batches of
    Shadow Elves will appear, and after that the boss will appear.

[Intermediate Boss :- Harpy]
    After killing the last Shadow Elf it will appear from above and land on
    the skyship, which can hit you if you stand too close to where it's
    landing. It will basically attack you by swinging a club, charging at
    you, flying up and firing feathers, diving at you, or lifting you up
    and dropping you. Sometimes it will fly up, flap her wings and make it
    difficult for you to move.

    Get your Daggers (Arrows for Dwarf) ready before it lands. When it
    lands, give it all the Daggers/Arrows you have on your hands. When you
    finish your Daggers/Arrows, switch to Hammers and continue throwing.
    As an option, you can also throw Hammers periodically, so as to keep
    the Harpy from escaping. Those who have used up their missile weapons
    should keep attacking it and keep it in a corner. The M.Users can cover
    the others' back, as Shadow Elves will appear to attack you. Cast a
    Magic Missile or Ice Storm to bring the Harpy back onto the ground if
    it breaks the attacks. Don't hesistate to use Desperate Attacks when

    If you plan to fight the Green Dragon afterwards, then you should try
    your best to save your spells and Hammers.

[Stage 4 (continued)]
    You'll start at the hemm of the skyship. Tel' Arin will be seen riding
    on a Wyvern, summons four Skeletons, laughs, and flies away. After
    killing the Skeletons, Tel' Arin will appear and fight you.

[Boss :- Tel' Arin]
    Being a Dark Elf, he can fight well with a sword and cast spells. He can
    also summon Skeletons. Try to kill him before he has a chance to cast
    Haste, or the party will be in trouble.

    When he appears, attack him and make him fall. If he blocks the attack
    move away upwards or downwards as he might counter the attack. When he is
    on the ground, dump a Burning Oil on him, attack him, and repeat dumping
    and attacking. That way you can trap him. Decide among yourselves who
    should throw first and who's next to throw. You will come to a point
    when all Burning Oil are used. He will then recover from the fallen
    position. Attack him where he stands up. He will leave after you had
    delivered enough damage.
    If, by any chance, you did not manage to trap him, and he manages to
    get up and cast Haste, congratulations - you are in hot soup. It's not
    too bad if you have a Cleric around --- cast Hold Person to hold him. If
    M.Users are around don't hesitate to cast your spells --- a dead M.User
    will not be able to cast spells later.
    You will have a route choice after you defeat Tel' Arin. If you took too
    long you will not be able to go to the City of Aensun. You can only
    choose the third route if there is an Elf in the party.

    The route choices appears as follows:
    1) Go to the City of Aensun (stage 5-B) <-<*>
    2) Go through the Forest of Despair (stage 5-A) <-<*>
    3) Go through the Forest Bridge guided by Elf (stage 5-C)

[Stage 5-A :- Forest of Despair]
    This stage can be a very short or long stage, depending on where and how
    you move through the stage. I had chosen the route we always used to put
    down in this FAQ, but things could be different if you chose different
    At the very start Giant Beetles will start to fly at you, so dash to the
    right, jump down and enter a cave. If you are not confident enough you
    can crouch and wait until all the Giant Beetles have cleared and then
    enter the cave.
    In the cave will mostly be Goblins, Kobolds, Gnolls and some Owlbears.
    One of the chests, when opened by a Dwarf/Fighter/Thief/Elf, will contain
    a Sword of Flame. Let the Fighter or Thief take it, if possible.
    Upon exit of the cave crouch down. A swarm of Giant Beetles will fly
    about. There's a Super Healing Potion nearby. Be careful not be move too
    much to the right, or the boss will appear.
    After the beetle swarm clears, enter the cave that appears to be a big
    rock, a little to the left from where you appeared. There will be lots
    of Ghouls in the cave. The iron chest in the room contains the Cursed
    Sword 2. Let a Cleric pick it up 7-8 times, and it turns into the Holy
    Avenger. The chest in the lower right contains a headgear.
    After you exit the cave, continue to move left, and jump up. You'll
    see a big rock. Get anyone but the M.User to push the rock from left to
    right (tapping the button will enable you to push faster) to reveal
    yet another cave. The lower wooden chest in the cave contains a level
    3 scroll if opened by M.User. Only Goblins in the cave.
    After you exit the cave return to the very starting point of the stage.
    Hold down at that position and you'll drop into a secret passage.
    In the secret passage there are lots of Goblins, Kobolds and Gnolls.
    The chest at the top of the screen will contain a Storm Blade when opened
    by Fighter, Elf, Dwarf of Thief. If you haven't took the Sword of Flame,
    or the wrong guy took it then don't miss this. A Fighter or Thief must
    carried either sword or you'll have trouble fighting the boss.
    Upon exit from the passage move leftwards. You'll see a cave. Inside
    the cave are two wooden chests, guarded by Giant Beetles. When the Giant
    Beetles are killed Skeletons will appear. After all the monsters are
    slain, let the Cleric open the top chest. It will contain a Ring or
    Protection from Evil, perhaps the only one you can find in your quest.
    After you exit the cave, move to the extreme left. There will be two
    chests. The wooden one contains a Super Healing Potion and the iron one
    contains a Ring of Djinn Summoning.
    Now is the time for showdown. Remember the last cave we went in? You
    can jump up from there. Yes, that's the first cave we went in. Jump
    up again and yes, that's the place where the cave containing the Holy
    Avenger is. Move rightwards and the boss appears.

[Boss :- Beholder]
    The Beholder is a big floating creature with a big eyeball in the center
    and many small eyes on the top. You cannot cast spells when it is looking
    at you. Basic attacks are biting and charging. Occasionally it will fire
    a brown beam that looks like triangles and other funny shapes. That's
    Flesh to Stone, so be careful. The bubbles from the small eyeballs makes
    you fall asleep, unable to do anything. It will also fire a green beam in
    a circular motion 360 degrees around it (Cause Serious Wounds). When it
    is trapped, sometimes the small eyes above will fire rings that hits
    people closeby.

    If there are at least 2 players and one is a Fighter or Thief holding
    the Sword of Flame or the Storm Blade, things are easy. First, get
    someone to stay on the extreme left before encountering the Beholder.
    The guy holding either magical sword should run to the extreme upper
    right corner. By this time, the Beholder should not appear yet. The guy
    at the left should move right a little bit by a little bit, until you can
    see the HP bar of the Beholder, then stay there. Let the Beholder fire
    the petrification beam from beyond the screen first. After the beam, the
    guy carrying the sword (and an important responsibilty) move downwards
    to the bottom right corner and keep tapping the attack button. This will
    trap the Beholder there, and all you'll see is a little of the Beholder
    beyond the screen.
    If the Beholder manages to break the trapping, cast spells the moment
    the Beholder's back is turned to towards you, or slide to its back to
    cast one. Keep in mind that spells does not work in its front. It is
    possible to cast when it is suffering from another spell and the big
    eye is closed. When it uses Cause Serious Wounds, if you are far, jump,
    and if near, crouch. The M.User can backstep, and Thief can double jump.
    If you kill it fast enough it may drop the Eye of Beholder, with can be
    exchanged at the next shop for a pair of Boots of Levitation.
    And don't forget to hammer the pathetic Fighter or Thief wimp if they
    failed to trap the Beholder.
    Another strategy, is to have at least one player(fighting class) on each
    side of the Beholder, crouching slightly above where the Beholder's
    shadow is, and keep slashing. The others can follow suit, but it's best
    to let the sword-using classes to do the job. Following and adjusting
    position to the Beholder's shadow is important. In that position, most
    of the Beholder's attack will miss you.

[Stage 5-B :- The Riddle of Aensun]
    At the beginning of the stage two can see two signboards. Near these
    signboards is an Earring and an Anklet. Take them before they disappears.
    At the top of the screen near the start is a secret room. In the room you
    can see a door, which leads to another secret room. Lots of Hell Hounds
    in this stage. Further up front a another hidden room like the first,
    and after that the boss appears.

[Boss :- Orge Master Brothers]
    A yellow Ogre Master will come charging out from the right center of the
    screen, so don't stay there. It's basic attack is club swinging and
    charging. When it's HP goes down to about 1/2 of a bar it will charge to
    the center of the screen and yell for its brother, another green Ogre
    Master. The green Ogre Master can throw large rocks at you.

    Use all your Magic Missiles on the first Ogre Master. M.Users should
    keep a distance from it. Elves and Thieves can fire their Arrows or
    Slings from a safe distance. Cleric, Fighter and Dwarf can attack it,
    but be careful when it blocks, because it will retaliate with club
    When the second Ogre Master appears, the M.User and Elf can use up all
    their spells. Generally the green Ogre Master behaves like the yellow
    one, but it tends to throw rocks if the distance is big.
    If there is a M.User in the party it is possible to kill the yellow Ogre
    Master before it has the chance to call its brother. To do this, you must
    have enough spells. When the Ogre Master falls with about 3/5 HP left,
    use all your spells continuously, not letting the Ogre Master to recover.
    If a Cleric is around he can help by casting Hold Person. If you miss,
    or does not have enough spells, too bad, the Ogre Brothers' HP bar will
    be refreshed.
    All missile weapons can be used here, there will be a shop afterwards.
    As a general strategy, attacking from a lower dimension is most
    effective. When the Ogre Master falls, slide to its back and attack it
    from the back, as it will not recover and charge as fast.

[Stage 5-C :- Forest Bridge]
    This is a short stage. You will appear on a forest bridge, and troops
    of Shadow Elves appears. Occasionally Shadow Elves on Wyvern appears
    from behind to throw fireballs at you. Some Shadow Elves may also appear
    from the side of the screen to fire arrows at you. A little distance up
    there will be some swarms a Giant Beetles along with Shadow Elves. And
    a little more further you will encounter the boss.
    You can only come to this stage if you have an Elf in the party.

[Boss :- Green Dragon]
    One of the most difficult bosses in the game. Basic attacks are claw,
    diving, charging, and dragon breath. Hard to hit and combo because it is

    Best strategy only applies for party play. This strategy would require
    a stock of hammers.
    Get all Hammers prepared before fighting the Green Dragon. Split the
    party into 2-3 groups, and decide which group to throw Hammers first.
    Slide to under the Green Dragon's belly in the very beginning, as it
    will attack with its breath weapon. The first group will keep throwing
    their Hammers and the other group keep doing Aerial Attacks. When the
    first group is about to finish their Hammers, the other group will take
    over and the two groups switch roles. If everyone have used all their
    Hammers, then use up all spells. If the whole event went smoothly,
    the spells should be enough to finish off the Green Dragon. Note that
    Cloud Kill does not work on the Green Dragon.

    The theory behind this strategy is because Green Dragon woould breath
    thrice---once in the start, once when HP goes down to about 1 bar, and
    lastly when HP goes down to half a bar. So as the damages keep
    increasing, all it'll ever do is Dragon Breath. You can also, as an
    alternative, if you are good enough, keep watch on the Green Dragon's
    HP and use a spell or two to force it into a Dragon Breath, and then as
    it continues to breath, let the others do their Aerial Attack.

    If you cross stage 5 by the Forest Bridge, you will skip the first
    half of stage 6, including the Manticore.

[Stage 6 :- The Battle of Strong Oak]
    You'll start the stage immediately fighting the intermediate boss.

[Intermediate Boss :- Manticore]
    The Manticore looks like a giant lion with wings, a spiked tail and a
    human face. Basic attacks are claw and charging. Sometimes it flies up
    and fires stings at you (jump to avoid) and sometimes fly out of the
    screen and dives at you or worse, land on you.

    You can choose to use the Burning Oil trap (like when fighting Tel' Arin)
    or you can just fight it slowly and carefully, if you want to save your
    Burning Oils for the Displacer Beast later.
    Fighter/Dwarf/Cleric will take the job of directly fighting it. Block or
    move away when it blocks, because it will counter with a charge. When it
    flies up, see whether it flies only a little or out of the screen. If
    flies up and comes down a little, it's going to fire stings, so get ready
    to jump. The M.User can choose to bring it down with a Magic Missile. If
    it flies out of the screen, block. M.User and Thief should backstep to
    somewhere with space.
    Like the Ogre Master Brothers, attacking from a lower dimension is easy.

[Stage 6 (continued)]
    After you defeated the Manticore, a big rock will slide away to reveal
    a cave. You will automatically enter it.
    In the cave is a long passageway with two chests. The wooden one contains
    a Super Healing Potion and the lower one an Earring. A litte further up,
    and Skeletons appear. If you have have a Cleric around, turn them, but if
    not, run backwards to where you started out and move to the little gap
    at the bottom of the screen. That is a safe spot where they will not be
    able to hit you.
    After the Skeletons left, you will continue to move to a clearing where
    Axe Gnolls and Kobolds appear. After you defeat them, synchronize and
    dash forward all the way to the next room, and leave the Skeletons alone.
    In the next room are all Hell Hounds. If D'raven is around you can choose
    to use Cloud Kill, since they don't work on the boss and there will be
    a level raise. The first chest contains an Egg of Wonder and the next
    a potion. 
    In the next room, slowly move forward until Shadow Elves appear. Do not
    move too far. After you kill all the Shadow Elves, dash all the way to
    the end. The Gargoyles will chase after you. If you have a magical weapon
    or Magic Missiles or extra spells you can choose to kill them. Or, as
    a complete alternative you can choose to dash all the way into the next
    room right from the beginning. If you fight the Green Dragon you will
    start from this room.
    Upon entering the next room you will see two Kobolds guarding a chest.
    They will usually run, but still be careful. Let the M.User or Elf 
    open the chest, and there will be a Super Healing Potion. A Thief opening
    it there would still be a Healing Potion, but a regular size. If there is
    a M.User in the party with at least 4 Lightning Bolts, dash all the way
    to the end and use the Lightning Bolt spells to kill all the Ghouls and
    Shadow Elves. If not, you can choose to stay at the bottom of the end
    of the room to fight the Ghouls and Shadow Elves, as they cannot get in
    that position to attack you easily.
    After you kill all the Ghouls and Shadow Elves, decide who's going to
    open the chests. Let a Dwarf, Fighter or Thief open the top chest, and
    you'll get a Key, a Super Healing Potion and a Ring of Lightning Bolt.
    Let the M.User open the center chest and there will be a regular Healing
    Potion. Let a Dwarf, Fighter or Thief open the last chest, and you will
    get a Ring of Lightning Bolt, a Diamond and a Perfume.
    The next room will be the boss.

[Boss :- Arch-Lich Deimos]
    The Lich is very dangerous. it was the same guy who is the last boss of
    the previous episode, Tower of Doom. Basic movement is circle moving to
    your front, and sometimes teleport to somewhere else on the screen.
    Attacks are staff swinging, jumping, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Wall
    of Fire. When it's HP is reduced by about one bar it will summon Ghouls.
    When it has about 1/2 a bar of HP left it will cast Meteor Sworm. Be
    careful not to get too near, as it will paralyse you if it touches you.

    The Thief can open the chest at the right lower corner of the room, and
    you'll find a potion of healing. Before this stage you should try to
    steal more Silver Daggers from Kobolds.
    Let the M.Users use Projected Image to fight and trap the Lich in a
    corner first. Try to get criticals. When it is trapped the others can
    get close and keep attacking it. If possible, jump when he summons
    Ghouls. That way you will not fall on the ground and you can continue
    trapping it, and sometimes prevent the Ghouls from appearing! When it
    casts Meteor Sworm move to the top or bottom of the screen --- those
    are the blind spots for the meteors. If situations gets out of hand
    cast all your Ice Storm and Conjure Elemental spells.
    The Lich will tend to lock on to a particular player, so try to stay on
    the same rank as a party so that it will not break away by making a
    detour towards him/her.
    Use all Silver Daggers you have on the Lich. If things gets out of hand
    you can also use the Egg of Wonder, Bottle of Efreet or the Ring of
    Djinn Summoning.
    Take note that when the Lich casts Meteor Sworm, you will not be able
    to use items, but the Ghouls will still be active. A Cleric still can
    execute a Turn Undead though, and breaking the "No <D> Effect".
    Before you reach here, the Thief in the party (if any) should try to
    stock up on Silver Daggers (by stealing from Kobolds) and Large Burning
    Oils (by stealing from Hell Hounds). They will come in handy.
    An Orb will be useful for fighting the Lich. You can try to steal some
    from Troglodytes and Gargoyles.

    A simple strategy would be to go to the bottom of the screen, move to
    where you can hit the left lower corner even when crouching, and crouch
    down, face the left, and keep hitting attack (except for M.Users). Don't
    move right into the lower left corner completely...that position is
    reserved for Deimos.
    |                |
    |                |
    |      Somewhere |
    |  X <- Here     |
    It should keep the Lich trapped in the left lower corner, and the
    earthquake will not affect you. The trap is broken when it casts a Wall
    of Fire knocking everyone down(unless someone is equipped with a Ring of
    Fire Resistance), or when it teleports away. If this happens, return to
    the original strategy, or try to force it to go into a corner like above
    Reason why above states "except for M.Users" is because M.Users attack
    slow and will not be able to trap someone fast like Lich. But still,
    be cafeful when the Lich summons Ghouls, or you'll find yourself falling
    into its body and gets hurt.

[Stage 7 :- Grove of Destruction]
    The stage will start with the party waking up on a forest floor. As you
    move forward you'll see some Goblins and Kobolds guarding a chest. Let
    the M.User open the chest and there will be a spell, a Super Healing
    Potion and sometimes a CSW Ring. Be careful, because the chest is trapped
    most off the time. Continue to move front and you'll see another chest
    at the bottom. It contains a regular Healing Potion and sometimes a CSW
    Ring. After you kill all the Kobolds, Goblins and Axe Gnolls the boss

[Boss :- Displacer Beast]
    The Displacer Beast appears by zooming around the screen, settling down
    on the right side, and displaces itself. Basic moves are biting, tail
    whipping, jumping around and displacing itself. The real one is the one
    with a shadow.

    The M.User can use all Reverse Gravity and Lightning Bolt spells on the
    Displacer Beast, unless you want to save them for the next boss (which
    isn't quite necessary). Fighters, Dwarfs, Thiefs, Elves and Clerics can
    use all the Large Burning Oils and Hammers on it. You can also use the
    Burning Oil trapping on it. Try to combo it, as it increases the chance
    for it to drop the Skin of Displacer Beast. Also the Thief can try to
    steal an extra skin from it. Let someone with a weak endurance such as
    M.User, Elf or Thief take the skin. The Elf and Thief can also choose to
    fire Arrows or Slings from a distance. Get someone to take care of the
    Goblins. When the Displacer Beast jumps to the other side, everybody
    in the same ranking as it jump towards it and downthrust, to avoid its
    tail whipping and attacking it at the same time. The Dwarf can use the
    Phoenix Arrow -> Aerial Attack combo. 
    Another easy strategy is to have two person standing at one end of the
    screen each, on the same height, like below:
    |                 |
    |o <-         -> o|
    |                 |
    |                 |
    The Displacer Beast can only move in the screen and have to attack from
    a distance, so the players can face each other and keep attacking. To
    attack a player, the Displacer Beast would have to jump to where the
    other player is, and thereby making itself a target. Don't chase after
    it, but instead let it come after you and gets hit. This is the best
    strategy for party play.

    Don't forget to make the Cloak of Displacement in the shop if you picked
    up the Skin of Displacer Beast.

    There will be a route choice after this stage.

[Stage 8-A :- Forest Labyrinth]
    In the stage all the routes will have a fork. There will be a signboard
    indicating the right direction, but a Kobold will destroy it. The right
    direction is 1) If the signboard is not destroyed, the direction pointed
    by the signboard is the right one. 2) If the signboard is destroyed, the
    direction where the Kobold makes its escape is the right direction.
    Moving in the right direction 4 times will bring you out of the forest,
    whereas moving in the wrong direction 4 times will bring you to a penalty
    stage to fight a nemesis.

[Boss:- None]

[Penalty Stage :- BlackWing the Dragon!]
If you moved by the wrong course in the Forest Labyrinth, you would end up
with a nightmare here.

[Boss :- Black Dragon]
    One of the most difficult boss to fight. Attacks with claw, tail, bite,
    and Dragon Breath.

    You'll have to get Large Burning Oils and Throwing Hammers prepared
    before you fight the Black Dragon.
    Can refer to the strategy for fighting the Green Dragon. Would be
    easier, since you have Large Burning Oils. Split into two-three groups.
    Dash or slide right from the start to the extreme right as it breathes,
    and throw all Large Burning Oils. When it recovers from the Dragon
    Breath, force it into another Dragon Breath with spells. When its HP
    goes down to about 1 bar it will breath again, and you can slide
    all the way to below its belly and throw Hammers at it. Repeat the
    sequence. It will breath again when it has about 1/2 bar of HP left.
    Slide all the way to below its belly, and keep using your Aerial Attack
    (Elf as exception, because you'll be hit by its breath). When the breath
    is over, cast all your spells.

    Don't forget to pick up the Scales of Dragon to exchange for a Dragon
    Shield or a Cloak of Displacement.

[Stage 8-B :- Rescue at the Gnome Village]
    Stock up on your Large Burning Oil before you leave the shop.
    This stage is rather short. Goblins will appear, followed by Skeletons
    and then Axe Gnolls. The two chests on the left should be opened by a
    M.User for spells. The one on top has a gas trap. The one on the right
    contains a Super Healing Potion. At the bridge there will be some
    Gnolls. After you come down from the bridge you will encounter some
    Troglodytes and further up, Ghouls. Further up, the boss appears.

[Boss :- Chimera]
    The Chimera behaves rather much like the Manticore, except it breaths
    fire instead of firing stings. It also comes with Hell Hounds.

    Everyone get Large Burning Oil ready first. Being equipped with Rod of
    Fire would be even better. When you knock it down on the ground, throw
    all your Large Burning Oil on it continuously. It should take not more
    than ten seconds to kill it.
    Of course, there are chances that you might wiff. In that case, fight it
    like that Manticore. The flames from the Chimera can be blocked with
    a Flame Shield. Surround it so that its backside is open for attack.

    If you rescue the Gnomes, they will let you into their village. In the
    village you will see two buildings. Enter the second one first, then
    you'll be able to enter the first. The first is actually a shop. Click
    on the panels to open menus. The first panel (from left to right) are
    wands : Paralysis, Fire, Cold, Lightning. Second panel are weapons :
    Bastard Sword, War Hammer. You can click on the Two-Handed Sword and
    Morning Star in the background, and they will appear on the menu as well,
    but they are very costly. The last panel are rings : CSW, LB, FB and CL.
    Price list are as follows :

    Wands               Price (all units in sp)
    -----               -----
    Paralysis           800
    Fire                1200
    Cold                1200
    Lightning           1200

    Bastard Sword       1500
    War Hammer          2500
    Two-Handed Sword    6000
    Morning Star        8000

    Cure Serious Wounds 1000
    Lightning Bolt       500
    Fire Ball            500
    Continual Light      250

    Characters without spells can buy some Ring of LBs. The others can choose
    to invest on CSWs. Try to save about 300-500 sp each for future usage,
    or you'll find yourself running out of cash. You can, optionally, stock
    up on Hammers and Large Burning Oils if you are fighting the Red Dragon
    later, and Large Burning Oils if you going the underground water passage
    to fight Tel' Arin and Tel' Eleron later.
    It's best to decide beforehand who should be the ones using Ring of LBs
    at Ezerhorden, as you'll have a hard time sharing cash. It's best to let
    someone, preferably a fighting class, to keep the ring of LBs first,
    then let weak classes such as M.User or Elf keep ring of CSWs.

[Bonus Stage(?) :- Caverns of Rafael, the Immortal]
    You start the stage by floating down a cavern. There are three caves you
    can enter as you drift down: two on the left, then one on the right.
    The first cave, when you go in, you will be obstructed by a wall of fire.
    You can get pass it by killing two Giant Scorpions, or by using the
    M.User or Thief's backstep. Killing the top Giant Scorpion will make
    three Hell Hounds fall down, so leave it alone if you don't not want
    them to appear. As you move in towards the right you'll find two Hell
    Hounds guarding a chest. That chest contains Cursed Sword 1. Uncursing
    it will turn it to the Sword of Legend. To uncurse it, you will have to
    swing it 50 times, but you might be attacked by the curse. (To uncurse
    it without spending too much healings, see the "Hints, Tips and Secrets"
    under Section VII.)
    The next room contains lots of treasures. It is also where you get a
    chance to fight the Red Dragon. When it asks you questions, answering
    No, No, Yes will allow you to fight it. Dash to the right after you
    answer the questions, as there will be a dragon breath until you reach
    the end of the cave. Don't go in first. The top chest is a Flame Shield.
    The center one is a Bastard Sword. The last contains a Bottle of Efreet.
    You will only be able to enter the last cave if you decide not to fight
    the Dragon. The Giant Scorpion at the bottom is the trigger to three Hell
    Hounds. The chest, depending on the character opening it, will give you
    a Storm Blade, a Staff of Snakes or a Staff of Elemental Power.
[Boss :- Red Dragon]
    One of the most difficult(?) but fun boss to fight in the game. Basic
    attacks are :

    1) Dragon Breath (three types) :-

       Center Breath :-
           It will draw in a deep breath before breathing fire out. Slide
           or dash away from its suck.

       Sideway Breath :-
           You will be sucked to one side, and it will appear on that side
           to breath fire at you. Move along with the suction to avoid.

       Full-Screen Breath :-
           It will appear from the background and breath a full screen fire
           breath at you. Hide behind the rock on the left or right to avoid

       Take note that you cannot cast any spells or use items when it is
       going to breath, so it can be an indication that it is going to
       breath. Also, one breath will kill you, no matter how much HP you
       have (unless you are holding a Dragon Shield).

       Also, it will only breath up to three times, like all the other
       dragons, depending on the HP level.

    2) Bite :-
       It will sort of open its mouth, rise a bit, lock on one of the players
       then bite. Slide to avoid. A character being bitten can be released
       by having someone hit the dragon.

    3) Fireball :-
       Light will collect in its claws, and it will drop fireballs that will
       sweep up and downwards like a wall. Cast a spell or slide away to
       avoid. Ring of Fire Resistance is OK.

    4) Claws :-
       It will lower its claws, and sweep you. Use Desperate Move to avoid.
       M.User use Backstep to avoid. Cleric can turn undead(not too reliable)
       or block.
       Or simply move away upwards or downwards to avoid (but you have to be
       A more dangerous way to avoid...slide towards the head of the Red
       Dragon. If you go far enough, the claws would not be able to hit you.
       Refer the diagram below.

                        | |
                     \  | |  /
                    \ \ | | / /                 
                     \/\   /\/
        ||||          \~   ~/                 
        \||/           \   /        
         \/             \_/         
         || _   o    
   ``--  \/<_  /|\   \o/  
  ~=--;~  \<_  / \    `-<    
`~`` `-`                  __ 
               /^\       |\
                |          \
             Will get hit   Will not get hit        
    5) Dead Fall :-
       It will fly upwards, and create a deadfall. Hide at the top of the
       screen to avoid. If you are not fast enough, cast a spell to avoid.

       Fighting the Red Dragon can be very easy. I have summarized it as
       follows :

       Fighters :-
           Throw all Hammers and Large Burning Oils, and keep attacking.

       Dwarves :-
           Same as above, and you can use Aerial Attack which is extremely

       Thieves :-
           Same as Fighters, but can try to steal the secret item from the
           Red Dragon.

       Clerics :-
           As Fighter, but try to heal injured players, and cast some
           spells such as Striking, Bless etc to avoid fireballs and assist

       Elves :-
           Like Dwarfs, but you can choose to cast spells as well to negate

       M.Users :-
           Use your Lightning Wand to trap it. Cast spells to negate its
           fireballs. A Cloud Kill would be able to hit it even when it
           flies out of the screen.

       As a combined strategy, surround its head at all times to attack it
       continuously. Do not try to be funny and use Charging or Aerial
       Attacks (unless a Dwarf/Elf). It can be trapped easily.
       When it flies away without creating deadfalls, you know it is going
       to use Dragon Breath. Hide behind the big rock (on either side of
       the room) first. If you seems to be sucked to one direction run to
       that direction, for that will be the blind spot of the breath.
       If, when fighting, you are suddenly sucked to the center, quickly dash
       or slide away --- it is going to breath (centre breath).
       If you are still holding Cursed Sword 1, draw it out before the Red
       Dragon is about to die, switch to Bottle of Efreet (which could be
       obtained before the entrance to the inner chamber to fight the Red
       Dragon) and use it to finish it off.
       Fight it a few more times and you will get used to its pattern. :)
       This is the boss with the most XP in the game (yes, 700000 XP, even
       more than Synn!) so don't forget to fight for it! ;)

    If you do fight the Dragon, there will be a shop after the stage. Stock
    up on LBOs if you are going through the underground water passage to
    fight Tel' Arin and Tel' Eleron later.
    Don't forget to change the Horn of Dragon into a weapon.
    After this stage you will be given a route choice.

[Stage 9-A :- Land of Fire]
    A short stage with mainly Hell Hounds and a few Goblins and Kobolds.
    The fire burners can be removed by killing the Giant Scorpion beyond.
    The first chest contains a Sword of Frost when opened by a Fighter,
    Thief, Elf or Dwarf. The second will contain a spell if opened by M.User
    or Cleric, or a CSW Ring when opened by others. It will also contain a
    Super Healing Potion. The last chest contains a Flame Shield if opened
    by classes that carries a shield.    

[Boss :- Fire Salamander]
    A lizard-like creature in flames. Will attack you with its fork, and
    cast some funny fire spells. Also will charge at you and set you on
    fire. Hell Hounds are present.

    Let someone holding the Sword of Frost attack it. Trap it at the end
    of the screen, and let the others take care of the Hell Hounds. A M.User
    holding a Wand of Lightning can help trap the Salamander too. Players
    who are idle can open the chests around.
    If you did not take the Sword of Frost a Storm Blade will do as well.

[Stage 9-B :- Lost World]
    A short stage with mainly Troglodytes and Shadow Elves. The ice burners 
    can be removed by killing the Giant Beetle beyond. The first chest
    contains a Sword of Flame when opened by a Fighter, Thief, Elf or Dwarf.
    The second will contain a spell if opened by M.User or Cleric, or a CSW
    Ring when opened by others. It will also contain a Super Healing Potion.
    The last chest contains an Ice Shield if opened by classes that carries
    a shield.

[Boss :- Frost Salamander]
    A lizard-like creature in ice. Will attack you with its fork, and
    cast some funny ice spells. Also will charge at you and freeze you.
    Sidekicks are Gargoyles.

    Try your best to knock it down first, and then dump LBO on it
    continuously, as it is not advisable to fight it long with the Gargoyles
    around. You can trap it the same way with the Fire Salamander, using a
    Sword of Flame or Storm Blade.
    It is especially weak against fire-based attacks, so you can inflict a
    large damage with your Conjure Elemental, Fireball and Wall of Fire
    spells. Large Burning Oils and Bottle of Efreet works well, too.

[Stage 9-C :- Underground Water Passage]
    You can only come here if there is a Dwarf in the party. The moment you
    can move, start sliding forward continuously as rocks will start falling
    from above. There are no monsters or treasures in this stage. Synchronize
    when you dash together, or some other players going to get into trouble.
    Go as fast as possible, and after some distance you will start fighting
    the boss.

[Boss :- Tel' Arin and Tel' Eleron]
    Yes, the green Shadow Elf was the same one who saved you on the skyship.
    Now he is your enemy. Good at swordplay and countering, as well as
    casting Fire Ball, Lightning Bolt and Haste.

    Use some area-effecting spells or Hold Person spells to get near to
    Tel' Arin first. A Continual Light would work fine too.
    Yes, you don't have to bother about Tel' Eleron. Knock Tel' Arin onto
    the ground, and throw all your LBOs on him. Someone should keep
    Tel' Eleron busy or held at this time. If after this Tel' Arin haven't
    died he should be dying (unless someone somehow wiffed), so finish him
    with Reverse Gravity, Cloud Kill or Magic Missile. Try to save your
    Lightning Bolt, Ice Storm and Conjure Elemental spells for Ezerhorden
    Be careful not to dump your LBOs on the wrong guy.
    Keep blocking when they cast Haste, find a chance to retaliate, and
    good luck. -_- ...
    If you defeat Tel' Arin without killing his brother, you'll get to see
    some "show" when you fight Nagpa. ;)

[Stage 10-1 :- Gateway]
    Stock up on LBOs before entering this stage.
    This stage is rather complicated. All the gates can be opened by having
    someone step on all the small diamond-shaped pads on the floor. Also,
    pushing a statue over the pad will have the same effect. All except the
    M.User will be able to push the statues.
    The first room (from left to right) are lots and lots of undeads. If you
    want a chance to get spells you can consider going in. Also the lower
    chest inside will contain a Ring of CSW if opened by a Thief, and a Ring
    of Lightning Bolt if opened by a Fighter.
    The second room leads to another hall.
    The third room is filled with Hell Hounds and Troglodytes. Moving all the
    way down and all the way left is a chest containing the headgear of
    whoever opens it. If opened by an Elf it will contain a Tiara.
    The first room in the next hall contains some money and chests. Lots of
    Ghouls and Shadow Elves inside. Be careful of falling ceiling traps. You
    can turn the trap off by the switches on the wall.
    The next room at first look contains nothing, but you can move to the end
    and move downwards into a larger clearing. As you advance further down
    you'll find an Ogre and some Goblins and Kobolds guarding three chests.
    The lowest chest contains a Staff of Magical Power when opened by a
    M.User, a Battle Ax when opened by a Dwarf, Morning Star when opened
    by a Cleric, and a Bastard Sword if opened by anyone else. You can
    cast a Magic Missile or other utility spells to bring the Ogre up from
    the upper room, where the fire burners are. That way it will not get in
    your way. You can also kill it with a Flesh to Stone.
    The last room contains arrow traps and some Giant Scorpions. The chest
    contains a Super Healing Potion and sometimes a Ring of CSW.

[Boss :- None]

[Stage 10-2 :- Overtures]
    You start the stage fighting Tel' Arin. If you went through the
    underground water passage Tel' Arin would have been dead then, and will
    not appear here, so it will become a keep-going stage with Goblins and
    Hell Hounds like Battle Royal.

[Boss :- Tel' Arin]
    Good at swordplay and countering, as well as casting Fire Ball,
    Lightning Bolt and Haste spells. When his HP goes down by half
    Shadow Elves will appear and assist him.

    Use some area-effecting spells or Hold Person spells to get near to
    Tel' Arin first. Knock him onto the ground, and throw all your LBOs
    on him. If he haven't died he should be dying (unless someone somehow
    wiffed), so finish him with Reverse Gravity, Cloud Kill or Magic Missile.
    Keep sliding away when he casts Haste until his spell wears out, find a
    chance to retaliate, and good luck. -_- ...

[Stage 10-2 (continued)]
    Two Gargoyles guards an entrance to a room. Upon killing the Hell Hound
    two batches of Goblins will appear. The room contains two chests and many
    ceiling traps. There are two chests in the room. The lower one, opened
    by Elf/Thief/M.User would be a Healing Potion, and the others a Ring of
    CSW. The top one, opened by a Cleric, would be a Staff of Snakes.
    Be careful of mines and ceiling traps as you move further down. There you
    can see a window. Hold up beneath the window and you will enter a hidden
    In the room you can see a chest surrounded by flames. The weapon inside
    will be a Staff of Wizardry when opened by a M.User, Battle Ax when
    opened by a Dwarf, a Two-Handed Sword when opened by a Fighter, a War
    Hammer if opened by a Cleric and Storm Blade if opened by a Thief or an

[Boss :- None]

[Stage 10-3 :- The Arena]
    Boss fighting stage.   

[Boss :- Ezerhorden]
    A ghost flying around. Attacks basically by biting, and firing its hands
    to attack.

    Ezerhorden is extremely weak against Lightning attacks, so you should
    try to equip yourselves with Rods of Lightning beforehand. The M.User
    with the Staff of Wizardry should equip it and cast Lightning Bolt
    spells as a priority. Magic Missile, Ice Storm and Conjure Elemental
    works too, but not as good as Lightning Bolt. Do not cast your Lightning
    Bolt right after it is hit, as it will most probably miss. When someone
    is being bitten, do not hit it! Your comrade will take the damage
    instead! Save your friend by casting an offensive spell, or attacking it
    with a wand or Elemental Sword.
    Lightning Bolt Criticals can be most easily achieved when the caster
    is on the same level as Ezerhorden.
    Silver Arrows and Silver Daggers will work on Ezerhorden. Lightning Bolt
    Rings will hit it twice, if fired at the right timing.

[Stage 10-4 :- Battle Royal]
    You will enter a shop after you defeat Ezerhorden. Stock up on LBOs and

    [Scene 1]
    You will be running up a tower, with lots of encounters.

    [Scene 2]
    The stage starts with you entering a hall. Directly down are two treasure
    chests and some gems and cash, and of course, traps. The room at the top
    is blocked with flames, and the second with lightning, which can be
    turned off by moving to the right end of the room and opening the chests
    there. Be careful of arrow traps between the two small flames. The two
    rooms contains Bottle of Efreet, Ring of Djinn Summoning and Egg of
    Wonder. You can see 4 Gargoyles as you proceed. If you do not have a
    magical weapon or spells or rings you can lure them to the ceiling trap
    and let the trap hit them. Behind the wall of ice between the Gargoyles
    is a hidden room. Inside the room you can find a chest surrounded by ice
    cones. That chest contains a Shield of Protection from Evil. Further down
    the room are 3 Gargoyles guarding 4 chests. At the end of the hall is a
    Super Healing Potion and a chest. The chest contains another two small
    Healing Potions and a ring at random. Get your spells and LBOs ready
    before you go in to fight the boss. If someone is holding hammers, let
    one of them use it first.

[Boss :- None]

[Stage 10-5 :- Arena Revisited]
    Boss fighting stage.

[Boss :- Dark Warrior 2]
    Behaves basically like Dark Warrior 1, but more lethal, faster, and

    Use a spell to bring it onto the ground and start bombing it with LBOs.
    If he haven't die yet, use your Hammers and some spells to finish him
    As an alternative, you can get someone to throw hammers at it first
    before it starts to move, whcih will bring it down on the floor, then
    use LBOs.
    Note that when you come to the 5-7th LBO it will recover but still get
    toasted into the air. Pause just for a second, wait for it to fall back
    on the floor before you continue.
    Beware of Ghouls and Skeletons around.
    After fighting the Dark Warrior 2 there will be a shop. Buy whatever
    you want here, 'coz it's gonna be last one you can find.

[Stage 10-6 :- Inner Heart, Dark Heart]
    Boss fighting stage. If you came by the underground water passage and you
    did not kill Tel' Eleron, you will see some show here, and you don't have
    to fight the boss, but that meanings no XP and no level up and no spell
    recovering too...

[Boss :- Nagpa]
    Nagpa has a short HP bar, but is assisted by a Black Dragon and a
    Manticore. He attacks by casting Lightning Bolts, and teleports so
    that it is difficult to hit him.

    Slide to the right at the start, so as to avoid the Dragon Breath.
    Use all your area effecting spells or items continuously. When a M.User
    has emptied the current spell on the menu, give him a break to change
    spells by letting someone else cast something. A Continual Light would
    work fine here too.
    If possible, open the chests at the top left and right of the stage.
    Top left is a Healing Potion plus a Scroll/Ring of LB, and right is
    a Healing Potion.

[Final Boss :- Synn]
    Basically Synn behaves like the Red Dragon, but there are a few
    differences though. Firstly the fireball is different (but still can be
    negated with a spell). Also, the big rock which you use to hide from
    the background Dragon Breath will now have to be activated by stepping
    on a differently coloured slab on the floor in the lower left or right
    corners. Dead fall becomes falling meteors, where there is no safe
    spots. Use spells to avoid or use Desperate Attacks, or Backstep, or
    dash/slide to the other direction together. Also, Synn is especially
    weak against Cloud Kill and Reverse Gravity. Cloud Kill can still damage
    Synn when she flies up to drop meteors. Lightning Bolt criticals still
    Use all you have with you...this is the final battle. :)

    Rumour is that there is a hidden last boss, the Fiend. We have't found
    any source of information for that though.

* Section VII --- So What Else?                                             *

Talk to one another. Yell for a heal. Look out for others' back. Follow the
lead of the more experienced players because they (should) know what
they are doing. Explain what to do next to newbies. Decide among yourselves
on what stages to go. Search for secrets. Most importantly, it's a game so
don't take it too seriously. Don't let the game spoil a friendship. Don't be
a spoilsport by sweeping all the cash, grabbing all the rings and scrolls,
etc. Such are the worst kind of players, however good their skills are. :(

However, if by tough luck you come to face with such players, ruin the game altogether.
Just stay there and don't move after the enemies are cleared. Die together with the time 
running up. The bugger's going to ruin your game anyway.

-=Party Play Preparation=-

Party Plays makes the D&D(R) game much more fun and diversified. You will
need to take care of your comrades, make decisions together and coorperate.
Party Play can give you fun much more than solo play would ever bring, if
you play with the right people. Form teams of different characteristics
with your friend. Try out new combinations. You will discover many more
things that are new and fresh to solo play. :)

[Job Sharing and Coorperation]
  Every character have their strength and weaknesses. But in a party play,
  you can cover each other's different weaknesses with your own unique
  strength. Developing coorperative strategies, and the game would be a
  breeze, whether fighting an entire band of monsters or to handle Gargoyles
  without magical weapons.
  Fighters and Dwarfs can take the front line, Thiefs can support with
  Slings from behind, M.Users can wait to collect scrolls or cast spells
  when there is a danger, and Elf and Cleric can cast supportive spells
  such as Bless or Haste to help...This is only one example. Develope
  strategies of your own and experience the feeling of being a real adventure
  Yes, I agree sometimes anarchy could be more fun, but limit it to trivial
  issues such as XP or extra cash. :)

[Importance of Scenarios and Planning Actions]
  Planning is very important in a party play. Let someone lead, give
  commands and organze the party. Unity is strength.

[Who Opens the Treasure Chest and Who Takes the Treasure]
  Sooner or later you'll come to points where you have to decide who opens
  what chests and who takes what items. By experience you will be able to
  identify which chests to be opened by whom and who to keep the contents.

  You can also share your cash on hand with others. Just move to another
  players' hand icon in a shop and press <D> button to pass 100 sp at a time.

[Make Your Message Known]
  On top of the above three points, for them to work, you must be able to
  give clear, brief commands fast, such as "Take that Lightning Bolt Ring",
  "Ice Rod, Mage take", "Grab your life", "I want that Efreet Bottle" etc.
  Make your messages clear so that others can follow and act accordingly
  quickly. Warn others of traps nearby or when you are opening a trapped
  chest. Etc.
  You can also make things easier "making noise" sometimes, like counting
  down on your Burning Oils in a Burning Oil Trap or synchronizing for
  Final Strike.
  Lament sometimes as you play the game. Imagine yourselves as the
  characters in the game. Communication and role-playing improves the
  fun on the game, definitely. :)

The above four points are the pillars of Party Play.

Make use of the party's different characteristics to form different and
powerful formations. Below are 5 basic formations you can consider.

[Basic Formation I]
.---------------------.            M - Magic User
|                     |            C - Cleric
|       Fc #          |            F - Fighter
| M          Fc #     |            E - Elf
|       Fc #          |            T - Thief
|                     |            D - Dwarf
`---------------------'            Fc - Fighting Classes (F/T/D/C/E)
*: All facing right                Mc - Magic Classes    (M/E/C)
                                   Ac - Any Class
                                   # - Monsters
[Basic Formation II]               % - Monsters left to move
|                     |  
|# Fc                 |  
|         M           |  
| # Fc          Fc #  |  
|                     |  
*: Left FCs guards left, right FCs guard right, Mage stays in centre

[Basic Formation III]
|                     |  
|  # A            A # |  
|                     |  
| #A              A # |  
|                     |  
*: Take a corner each

[Versus Undead Formation]
|                     |  
| #     Mc     #      |  
|# # Fc C Fc  #       |  
|       Mc      #     |  
|                     |  
*: All classes cover Cleric, especially fighting classes beside Cleric

[Versus Missile Formation]
| %                 % |  
|                     |  
| # FcMc        McFc #|  
|                     |  
| %                 % |  
*: Party splits into two groups, covering each other's back on the same line

[Versus Ghouls Formation]
|                     |  
|      %   %      Fc  |  
|        % %%    FcMc |  
|         %       Fc  |  
|                     |  
*: Hide in extreme right/left, cover weaker classes


[2 Player Combinations]
In a two player game, you might find some combinations more difficult than
others. They can be summarized in the below chart in three rankings, 3 as
easiest to 0 as very difficult.

|         | F | D | C | E | M | T |
| Fighter | 2 | - | - | - | - | - |
| Dwarf   | 2 | 2 | - | - | - | - |
| Cleric  | 3 | 3 | 3 | - | - | - |
| Elf     | 2 | 2 | 2 | 1 | - | - |
| M. User | 3 | 2 | 3 | 2 | 3 | - |
| Thief   | 2 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 0 |

Obviously Double Thief is the "Definite Death, Anytime" combo. :)

[4 Player Combinations]

Try out different party combinations for 4P parties.

[Ultimate Muscle Combo --- FFDD]
  All characters are high in stamina and strength, and gets their way
  around by brute force.

[Berserker Army Combo --- CCFD]
  Attacks with mainly Charging Attacks, Bless and Striking makes it more

[Balanced Army Combo --- MMFC]
   Theorically the easiest combination. Balance in both fighting monsters
   and bosses, able to recover with spells, such a team would complete any
   difficulty levels.

[Non-Human Combo --- DDEE]
   Demihuman team. Especially two races which rather dislike each other. :)

[Spell Team Combo --- CCMM]
   Combination which does not use any swords. Goes around by spells.
   Going to have a hard time sharing scrolls.

[Magical Combat Combo --- EEMM]
   Lowest fighting prowess and stamina, but a frightening offensive spell
   ability, a bane to any boss. Like above, going to have a hard time
   sharing scrolls.
   Directly opposite of Ultimate Muscle Combo. :)

[Cool Babes Combo --- EETT]
   The combo with all feminine powers...dangerous roses. ;)

["Definite Death, Anytime" Combo Number 2 --- TTDD]
   Might not even survive the Man Scorpions...and there's still Harpy, the
   Lich...enough said. Going to be the richest team if they make it, though.

Try out your own combos, and send me any remarkable results or jokes. :)

-=Hints, Tips and Secrets=-

The below are a few tricks and secrets we have found. 
[The Magic-Cancel Trick (Only for party play)]
When someone is doing an action you can cancel it by casting a character
effecting spell on him. The following spells will work : Invisibility,
Striking, Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds. Ring of CSW works
as well. This trick is especially useful when you are trying to release
the curse on Cursed Sword 1. When the character is being hurt by the curse,
cast the spell on him. That way damage will not be taken! You can also
do it to someone using an Egg of Wonder. The Egg will turn into an OwlBear,
but you will still have an Egg of Wonder in your menu.

[Uncursing Cursed Sword 1]
[Trick 1]
Sometimes you are playing a character that can use a sword --- alone, and
you wanted oh so much to get that Sword of Legend, but find that you can't
because there's no one there to cancel the damage as explained above, and
you simply don't have enough CSWs and potions...here is one trick you can
try, but it is not easy. If done well, it is possible to uncurse the sword
WITHOUT ANY DAMAGE TAKEN. The trick is this: jump directly upwards, and hit
the attack button only when you are very very very close to landing. When I
say close, I mean REAL CLOSE. Sometimes you'll see a skull flash as you
attack (indicating the curse) but no damage is taken, because you have
cancelled it with the animation to land on the ground. You have to be really
close when you attack, that you can't even see your sword swing fully. All
you will be able to know is to hear the swinging of the sword. This technique
doesn't seems to work with Thieves, though. Extremely cute with Dwarfs. :)

[Trick 2]
Another alternative, though more troublesome, is to draw out the yet cursed
sword to attack when a boss is about to die, when you know there will be a
shop with enough potions to spare after the battle. That way you won't waste
the excess potions sometimes available. Only trouble is you must be sure
there is enough potions for the others, if you are not playing alone.

[Trick 3]
Another way to uncurse the sword without any spells. Fighting the Salamander
(Flame or Frost), a player need to get the Boots of Levitation, and someone
else other than the player with the Boots of Levitation needs to kill the
Salamander. But before delivering the killing blow to the Salamander, the
player with the Boots should levitate (by pressing jump twice) and move
himself all the way to the upper-right corner and continue to push the
joystick in upper-right direction, the person with the Cursed Sword 1 should
take it out. Now, kill the Salamander, player levitating should not let go of
the joystick (which should still be in the upper-right direction). At this
point, the game will be paused. Everyone will not be able to move as long as
the player is still levitating in the upper-right corner. The person with the
Cursed Sword should then start hitting the attack button. You will see skulls
appearing at the top of the character holding the Cursed Sword, but he/she
will not take any damage from it. Keep on pressing the attack button until
the Cursed Sword is uncursed :)
After getting the Sword of Legend, the levitating player then can let go of
the joystick and then the stage will finish and the game continues as normal
(no this won't affect the game at all, only that now you have a Sword of
Legend ^_^)

   The Tip 3 above was discovered and made known to me by Kenneth Hsu
   <e3321942@student.uq.edu.au>. Thanks dude. :)

[The Fighter's Infinity Combo]
Against the dark warrior, a fighter can infinite combo him with the 2 hit
Aerial attack and slide into another Aerial as the warrior is landing. This is
actually tricky and tough to do... if you want to make it easier, after the
2 hit Aerial, throw a hammer which will hit the warrior as he falls..
then swing and anti air (2 hits) and then repeat - this will work on both
dark warriors.

 Thanks to Jyh-I Lu <halister@uclink.berkeley.edu> for the above info.

[The Infinite Silver/Flame Arrow Trick]
Just jump up and shoot them, they will not be used up from your inventory.
Note that this trick only work on Elves.

 Thanks to Jyh-I Lu <halister@uclink.berkeley.edu> for the above info.

[The Infinite Wand of Lightning Trick]
Do not pick up any Wand of Lightning in the entire game. Only buy the one
available at the Gnome Village. You will be able to use the wand for about
256 charges instead of only 20 charges. Fantastic weapon for the M.User. ;)
Take note that this effect will be broken the moment you pick up any Wand
of Lightning, including the one you bought.

[The Infinite Wand of Paralysation Trick]
This requires you to pick up the Wand of Paralyzation from the City of Aensun
or the Forest of Despair. Do not use the Wand at all until you have reached
the Grove of Destruction. Take it out then and the wand should be flashing
just like the 256 charged Wand of Lightning. Then ONLY during the Displacer
Beast stage is this wand supercharged. It is pretty useful against the
Displacer Beast  :)  Sometimes the wand stays charged after this stage
but this has only happened to me once.

   The above was discovered and made known to me by Kenneth Hsu
   <e3321942@student.uq.edu.au>. Thanks dude. :)

[The Five-Minutes-Wait Trick]
This trick will work only at the Harpy and the Displacer Beast stage. It
allows you to fight them without having to deal with the annoying Shadow
Elves on the airship or the Goblins when you fight the Displacer Beast.

Before you fight the Harpy there will be two batches of Shadow Elves. Leave
one Shadow Elf of the second batch alive. Avoid its attacks, and stay that
way for about 5 minutes. It will leave by itself, and the Harpy will appear
The same goes for the Displacer Beast. Leave one Goblin or Axe Gnoll alive
for 5 minutes. The Goblin would most probably run away, but you have to kill
the Axe Gnoll after approximately 5 minutes. If you find it difficult to
avoid their attacks, try dashing into them instead, as that will knock them
down without inflicting any damage on them. You can block as well, but be
careful of burning oils the Goblins throw, unless you are holding a Flame

Fighting the bosses would be very much easier without the interference of
those little guys...except that this trick is troublesome. Fantastic trick
for one player game, and tremendous pleasure bullying the bosses without
their sidekicks in a four-player game. ;)

[The Thief and M.User Bug Trick]
Exchange their headgear. A bug in the game makes it that they will not die
from minor attacks when a M.User is wearing a Hood or a Thief wearing a
Magical Hat.

   Not confirmed if the bug has been removed in the newer version.    

[The Lich-Fail-To-Summon-Ghoul Trick]
Just as the Lich is about to summon the Ghouls, jump up and the Ghouls will
not appear. Being in a crouching position works too.

[Magical Critical Hits]
Sometimes you'll find that a particular spell suddenly causes a much greater
damage than it should. This is a critical hit.
The spells with criticals are Conjure Elemental (Fire) and Lightning Bolts.
Lightning Bolts have especially high chance of criticals when used on
Ezerhorden, Dark Warrior 2 and Synn. Sometimes there is a critical on Red
Dragon, too.
The above includes the Ring of Lightning Bolts and Bottle of Efreet.

[Invincible Mage]
If you use a spell that you don't have any left of, you are invincible for 
a second as you pull out that scroll. Subsequently, you can cancel that scroll 
pulling out into his teleport. You can then cancel the teleport to pulling the 
scroll out again. If you continue doing this, you can be invincible indefinately.

The basic thing is.... press spell use, then jump very quickly (almost
simultaneously - like the Tekken tilda moves where you hit buttons rapidly,
almost simultaneously) - during your teleport do the rapid 2 button press
again to re-teleport. you can keep doing this to stay invincible.

 Thanks to Jyh-I Lu <halister@uclink.berkeley.edu>for the above info.

[The Invincible Glitch]
The glitch is a bug in the game which allows many special things like 
unlimited magic missile spells for some characters(not mage or elf), 
invulnerability and lots of other cool stuff. The reason it is not 
included in this faq is that if used incorrectly it hangs the machine.  
Personally I get totally pissed off when someone hangs the machine.  Also 
even if the glitch is used correctly many weird events happen until that 
machine is reseted. So if you want to find out about the glitch ask 
someone else. Also upgraded version of the game fixes the glitch. Don't bug
me for how to use the glitch, I won't tell you. I've got sick of lame
players, playing the game with the glitch (What challenge?). Or
playing after a group has used the glitch (weird things happen, man).

[Stage Tips]
There is also a way to open the 4 platform door in 10-1 Gateway if you are
playing solo as anyone besides mage. Just place the statues on the bottom
two platforms, stand on one of the upper ones and fire a lightning bolt
across the other platform and the door will open.

if you want to be tricky about it, you can use one of those kobolds and
knock it down onto the platforms, BUT that takes time and a bit of luck to
do it.

 Thanks to Jyh-I Lu <halister@uclink.berkeley.edu> for the above info.

-=Mysteries Unsolved=-

1) "Bastard Sword" is actually labelled as "Bastard Sword 1". We never did
   found "Bastard Sword 2" or whatsoever.
2) The ending shows an "END?"...yes, what might the question mark means?...
Anyone who might have found the answers to the above mysteries...or thought
of one...oh please tell me...

-=Some D&D(R): Shadow over Mystara(TM) Taglines=-

"Don't worry, be our turn soon, he's playing solo as the mage" {Mage
 finishes game}
"Final Strike needs to be done when Staff of Wizardry is glowing? Cleric,
 cast a Striking on me"
"He's playing thief solo, he'll be dead soon" {Thief used glitch, when
 glitch first discovered, finished game}
"Heal! I need a Heal! Heal me you stupid Cleric!"
"How could I die on the War Machine?!?"
"I'll just Lightning Bolt the lich to death."
"I'll just turn the Lich"                                               
"I'll prove it to you, if you have Dragon Scale shield you can survive
 Dragon Breath." {Survived Dragon breath, Dragon ate him, died}
"I can't be bothered casting Hold Person on Troglodytes." {Cleric got stuck
 in a two Troglodyte combo, one on each side, that kept on hitting him till
 he died}                                   
"I'm being swallowed by ghost!  Fighter hit the ghost to free me!" {Fighter
 armed with Sword of Legend hits the ghost. Player dies}
"I've been waiting for an hour to play...the guys in front of me are
 still on their first credit"
"I've got the Displacer Cloak" {Forgot to click on shopkeeper after picking
 up skin, got peppered by arrows}
"I've got the Ring of Fire Resistance, Dragon Breath can't hurt me"
"Ice Storm! Reverse Gravity!! Meteor Sworm!!! FINAL STRIKE!!!"
"If the Fire Salamander escapes, cast Conjure Elemental" {Said to newbie
 mage who had no Ice Storms. Mage kept facing left}
"If you don't give me all your silver, I won't heal you." {Cleric to rest
 of party}
"Is it closing time already?"
"Is it lunch time yet?"
"It just took you 2 hours to finish it...and you want to have another game!?"
"It took me $50, but I finished the sucker!"
"It's okay, I've still got the Ring of Fire Protection." {Didn't have it,
 forgot to check, walked through fire, dies}
"Just hit the Beholder with spells when he closes his eye" {The party
 couldn't time it right}
"Let's see...I've had at least 50 games of D&D2, each game on average an hour
 long...that's over 2 days real time!"
"Only the fighter takes those blue potions, they don't do zip for anyone
 else" {Fighter says to newbie cleric, also said only cure rings worked on
"Oops." {Final Strike missed Synn}
"Quick game...got a test in an hour..."{Lost track of time, arrived late
 for exam}
"Run to the right!" {Player didn't know his left from his right and run
 into Dragon Breath}
"Shit! I died."
"STOP!!! STOP RIGHT THERE!!! STOP!!-----" {Dwarf swallowed by Ezerhorden,
 helpful Fighter kept throwing Silver Dagger...}
"That chest is never trapped" {Chest trapped, 2 characters petrified}
"They'll be dead soon, no cleric" {Party of thief and two mages finished
 the game}
"Thief is baggage"           
"Turn undead! Quick!!!"
"Where did my spells go?" {Elf got drained of spells from ghost}
"Which machine is finishing?"
"Wonder what happens if you hit a monster with the cursed Sword of
 Legends?" {Fighter dies from curse}

   Adopted from Bradley Jayakody(s337186@student.uq.edu.au)'s Unofficial
   D&D2 faq, section "7.2  Famous sayings around the D&D2 machine".
   Credits and thanks buddy. :)

-=Five Great Ways to Kill Newbies=-

1) Buy up all the potions in the shop.
2) When you see a potion of healing and they needed that, slide at it and
   shout, "XP!!!"
3) When Ezerhorden's biting them, swing your Morning Star, shouting, "Let
   go of my friend!!!". Using the Sword of Legend gives an even better
4) When Ezerhorden's biting them, fire all your Silver Arrows at them and
   pretend to be desperately trying to save them.
5) Tell them to take care of the Black Dragon and Manticore while you go
   after Nagpa.

-=Last Words=-

"At last, I finish the damn thing. Took me a whole month to write. Phew."
The above was spoken when the first version was release. The new version
from v1.4 to v2.1 took me another two months of sleepless nights...

Feel free to distribute this, but I am in no way responsible for any losses
incurred. If you find any mistakes in this FAQ, do let me know, but please,
I don't entertain crap such as "#*#$!!! This doesn't work at all!!! What the
bloody @#$$ are you writing?!?!"...get the idea?

If you have something to contribute that is not on this FAQ, let me know,
and I'll add your name and information on the next version. Please share
your valuable information, for without the contributions from others, you
wouldn't be reading this too. :)

Are there anyone else who are willing to let me use their homepage or BBSes
as distribution sites?!?!

Email me at yagami@pacific.net.sg.

No. No more. This is the end. Bye bye. :)
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---"Ahhhh don't bother me with History anymore."
---Finished updating FAQ from ver 1.3 to ver 2.1 on 23-11-96, 6:05 a.m.
---Updated from ver 2.1 to 2.2. More tricks and bugs discovered by Kenneth
   Hsu. Finished on 17/12/96, 1.43 p.m.
---Further updates started on 04/05/2001, after 5 long years. Thanks to 
   Jyh-I Lu <halister@uclink.berkeley.edu> for the pack of info that I decided 
   to update this.
   Update finished on 05/05/2001.

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