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Time Release Schedule by Ozman

Version: 2.69 |

---TimeRelease FAQ---
                          TIME RELEASE SCHEDULE
                BY -THE- ()zman!! and -THE- |\|atm@n!!
                                 version 2.69
         Whats New
V.0.69 - First one.. All new!!
V.1.69 - Tiger added!!  Changed to come section!
V.2.69 - Added info. about nothing more to come and code possibility and
         added something to the Hacked Chip section!

Life Sux without mono-space...  EDIT.COM or Courier New, Excalibur Mono-Space
or NotePad/WordPad or it's eqivalents!!


Fixes or info for us??  Email us at gazman@cyberspace.net.au !!

1. What's time release?!?!
2. Info. on Coming Soon etc..!!
3. The time release order!?!?
4. What else is to come???
5. Conditions for Time Release!!
6. The hacked chip situation!!
7. Thanx to the following jolly chappies!!!!

< What's TimeRelease??? >

Tekken3's big thing was the time release mechanism built into every machine!
All over the world characters have ben popping up after the time designated
by Namco into the machine!!  So far their are only 18 (20) character's know
confirmed in time release!!  And we thought it about time there was an FAQ
devoted to this ALONE... so here we go.........

< Coming Soon Screens etc... >

OK, A "Who is it" screen is a screen that has a shadow of a character and 
says WHO IS IT???  A "coming soon" screen is the screen that says 
COMING SOON...(Character Name) and has a picture of them!  
Both of these screens pop-up in the attract or demo mode of the game!!
A "Who is it???" screen only comes up for a short time just after a character
is released!  Within 2 days it is gone and a coming soon screen is in it's 
place!  When a coming soon screen is showed the character can be played 
against but special requirements must be met.  They are different for all 
chars. I will go through them all later in the FAQ!!

      ------------IF PRINTING ADD PAGE BREAK HERE!------------


The Time release order and the times are as follows, this includes all
characters uniforms, sub-characters, stages and anything else released!!

<TIME (DAYS)| WHAT HAPPENS...                  | NOTES...                >

|    28     |       KUMA FIRST SIGHTED!!       |                       |
|    49     |          KUMA PLAYABLE!!         |                       |
|    49     |      JULIA FIRST SIGHTED!!       |                       |
|    59     |         JULIA PLAYABLE           |                       |
|    59     |       GUN-JACK FIRST SIGHTED     |                       |
|    69     |        GUN-JACK PLAYABLE!!       |                       |
|    74     |       MOKUJIN FIRST SIGHTED!     |                       |
|    74     |        JINS THIRD OUTFIT         |START ON JIN           |
|    74     |       LINGS THIRD OUTFIT         |START ON XIAOYU        |
|    84     |        MOKUJIN PLAYABLE          |                       |
|    84     |          ANNA PLAYABLE           |START ON NINA          |
|    89     |       BRYAN FIRST SIGHTED        |                       |
|    99     |         BRYAN PLAYABLE           |                       |
|    99     |       HEIHACHI COMING SOON       |                       |
|    104    |        HEIHACHI PLAYABLE         |                       |
|    104    |        OGRE COMING SOON          |                       |
|    109    |          OGRE PLAYABLE           |                       |
|    109    |     ENHANCED OGRE COMING SOON    |                       |
|    114    |       ENHANCED OGRE PLAYABLE     |                       |
|    129    |         TIGER PLAYABLE           |START ON EDDY          |

This is the full CONFIRMED so far time release schedule!!
It will be updated as more characters are released or if some one says some
of the times are wrong!!

< What else is to come??? >

Tiger is here and now there is no more confirmed "STUFF!" to come out!!  
So I'll keep you posted!!

To come...  Well IMHO, nothing is to come.  It's been 3&1/2 weeks since we
got Tiger and nothing has happened!  If there is anything else characters
or other.  They (i don't beleive) won't be Time Release.  Code is possible
like on Tekken2 v.A!  The codes to play as Sub-Bosses.  So I don't know
what to expect.  

Baek, Wang, Kazuya, Willy Wiliams (Pauls 3rd), Rally Jackson, Mokujins 3rd,
Kings 3rd (Maskless), Yoshimitsus 3rd, Leis 3rd, Bryans 3rd, Hwoarangs 3rd
and RAGE!!  Are all just rumored to be released.  If anyone's interested the
supposed release dats for them are:
3 weeks after Tiger - Baek, Hwo's 3rd, Lei's 3rd, Paul's 3rd, Yoshi's 3rd,
                      Mokujins 3rd all released!

4 weeks after Tiger - Wang, Rally Jackson, Bryans 3rd, Kings 3rd all released!

5 weeks after Tiger - Kazuya and RAGE released!

If anyone's machine has any of this TAKE PHOTOZ AND PUT THEM ON THE 
It's been 6weeks and nothing has happened.  Nothing will, end of story!
Thanx guys, leave us at 18 then...

< Conditions for time-release >

Well, conditions to play against characters anyway!!
OK, to play against a character their COMING SOON screen must be being 
displayed and then you must follw these simple instructions!!

For Kuma - Kuma appears at stage 4.  If you select your character with top
buttons you fight Kuma, bottom you fight Panda.

For Julia - Win 3 two player games then 1 one player game after stage 2 and
before stage 8.  And Julia will appear!

For Gun-Jack - Get to stage 3 in 50s or stage 4 in 1.10 mins and Gun-Jack'll
appear at either 4 or 5!!

For Mokujin - Lose a game, continue and beat the person you lost to and the
next character you fight'll be Mokujin!!

For Bryan Fury - On the deciding round of a fight get a perfect victory and
your next challenger will be Bryan Fury!!

For Heihachi, Ogre and Enhanced Ogre - You cannot fight against them any other
way except to get up to stages 9, 10 and 11!

< The hacked chip's situation!! >

OK, the hacked chip situation as far as I know is pretty much over.  Namco
took all the hacked boards and replaced them with new ones (NOT EVEN KUMA!!)
And most of us now don't really need the hacked board anyway.  Most of the
machines now have almost all except Tiger and some even have him!
How the Hacked chip worked was to give instant access to all (most) of the
2nd row, and Anna and Tiger!  It didn't do anything to the clock!!
Let me explain.  The clock counts time from the time the machine is turned on,
not from the last character released!!  So when the chip was on, the people
using them still had to wait the full time to see more!!
Namco's time release only releases characters after the right amount of time.
This was why hacked chip users didn't get more characters after almost 2
months of waiting!  In a sence it put them behind, or to a disadvantage, to
everyone else.  They didn't get "more" characters (as in after 18) before
anyone else, and they missed out on the surprise aspect of the first 8 to
be released!  In my opinion the hacked chip was almost a waste of time!!
And now they've been caught there's nothing to worry about!!
And the people that reckon they hacked their own boards and had 30 something
characaters and 3 full rows... TAKE PICS!!!  Not like I beleive you anyway!?!
The hacked chips are all gone.  None remain.  Namco have confiscated all!
I'm not expecting to see these pics...


=-= Faceless Master, He's a complete legend!!  Wicked Nina FAQ too!!
-=- Catlord, Best FAQ I've read!!
=-= SurfBard, another great FAQ!!
-=- Sanger, Replying to all my Emails!!
=-= Namco!!  Gee ... I wonder why!!
-=- Crimson, did a really good Julia FAQ!!
-=- Crimson & CHaith, they did an even better Julia FAQ, updated!!

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