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    Combo FAQ by MHall

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 03/13/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 The Unofficial King of Fighters '96 Combo FAQ
                <insert fancy ASCII artwork that will never be>
                            Compiled by Sie Kensou
                                 Version 4.0
        NOTE: This FAQ is copyright 1996 Matt Hall. All information in
        this FAQ is absolutely free and should not by any means be used as
        a source of profit. All information is free to use, but please
        give credit where credit is due.
    Version 4.0 (March 13th, 1996) - I lied. Added a new section on multi-
    hitting moves, added interruptable jumping moves, modified the CD Combo
    section into simply a Counter combo section, and of course added a couple
    Version 3.5 (January 3rd, 1996) - CD Combo section and a few more
    awesome combos added. Should be the last update unless more combos
    are found.
    Version 3.0 (Dec. 2nd, 1996) - A couple more combos, and decided to
    finish off ALL the damage levels in this update.
    Version 2.0 (Nov. 24th, 1996) - More funky combos. Damage levels for
    Japan team combos added (I'll be doing a couple teams' damage levels
    every update)
    Version 1.6 (Nov. 18th, 1996) - A few more combos added. Notice about
    the bosses added to the Introduction. (I'm still messing around with
    those multi-hit attacks!)
    Version 1.5 (Nov. 14th, 1996) - More combos! Interruptable move list
    Version 1.01 (Nov. 10th, 1996) - Fixed a couple typos. That's it.
    Version 1.0 (Nov. 10th, 1996) - First version! Nowhere near complete
    and missing quite a few combos, mainly due to the fact that I sorta
    rushed this one. Sorry.
    Welcome to the King of Fighters '96 Combo FAQ! Since I received quite
    a few compliments on the '95 Combo FAQ, here I am again spending a big
    chunk of my spare time testing and attempting to discover combos and
    writing this all out so as to help out the fellow KoFers wondering
    about their favorite characters' combos (kind of an ugly sentence
    Much has changed in the transition from KoF '95 to KoF '96, and the
    same could be said for this FAQ. Since many characters have lost their
    long-range projectiles, that section of the FAQ is gone entirely. (If
    there are any combos possible, they will be included with the regular
    combos). Also, with the removal of dodging, that means no more dodge
    combos. So does this mean a shorter FAQ? Not necessarily. It's now
    possible to combo off a CD attack if it counters. The "regular" combo
    amount should be upped, thanks to all the funky combos now possible
    in KoF '96!
    Again, as the compiler, I tested just about every single combo that's
    in this FAQ, and just about every one WILL work. (There were a couple
    I'm having difficulties pulling off, like Kim and Geese's infinites)
    Oh yes... for the record - While combo counters often encourage hit
    inflation a bit too much, I'm glad KoF '96 has one since it makes this
    FAQ a bit easier to write.  :)
    NOTE: Combos for Chizuru Kagura and Goenitz, the bosses, are included
    in this FAQ. You can not play as them unless you have the Neo CD
    version or the MAS modified cart system. The code to use them is the
    same exact code as the boss code for KoF '95 - Hold Start, Up+B,
    Right+C, Left+A, Down+D.
    d = down  u = up  b = back  f = forward
    df = down-forward  db = down-back  uf = up-forward  ub = up-back
    A = A button  B = B button  C = C button  D = D button
    CD = Pesky overprioritized attack (C and D together)
    A/C = A or C   B/D = B or D    etc.
    -Joystick Movements-
    qcf = Quarter-Circle Forward (d,df,f)
    qcb = Quarter-Circle Back (d,db,b)
    hcf = Half-Circle Forward (b,db,d,df,f)
    hcb = Half-Circle Back (f,df,d,db,b)
    dp = Dragon Punch (f,d,df)
    rdp = Reverse Dragon Punch (b,d,db)
    tap = Tap the button until the move comes out, must be done fast
    charge = Charge the direction for a couple seconds, then push the
    other direction specified
    -Combo Modifications-
    + = Means it's possible to get more hits, the number given is just a
    minimum, or the combo counter doesn't register every hit
    * = Desperation Combo. Life meter must be flashing red for the combo
    to work.
    ** = Super Desperation Combo. Life meter must be flashing red AND the
    power bar must be at MAX.
    ! = Corner combo. Only works in the corner (duh)
    # = This means that the combo will work when the power bar is at MAX,
    but instead of a normal jumping attack, you must start it with a
    crossup instead.
    All damage levels are given for how much the combo does unMAXed, and
    are not EXACT, but my own approximations. Some combos work on MAX,
    some don't. There's two important things to keep in mind when you're
    MAXed out - your hits knock the opponent further back and cause them to
    be in slightly longer hit stun. This is why some jump attack, mid-air
    special move combos are exclusive to when you're on MAX, since a normal
    jump attack doesn't cause a long enough hit stun.
    --= Kyo Kusanagi =--
    Kyo's lost a lot of range on his New Wave Kick, making it harder to
    get off his juggles. Most of his combos now focus around his
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, qcf+C, hcb+C, f+C - Rush 5, 60%
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Crescent Slash B/D (hcb+K) - Rush 4, 45%
    Crossup C, Standing C/D, Oniyaki A/C (dp+Punch) - Rush 4, 45%
    Crossup C, Standing C/D, qcb+A/C - Rush 3, 35%
    !Standing C/D, qcb+A/C, Oniyaki - Rush 3, 35%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, qcf+A, qcf+A, B/D - Rush 5, 50%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, qcf+A, qcf+A, CD - Rush 5, 60%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, qcf+A, qcf+A, New Wave Kick B,B,
      Oniyaki C - Rush 7, 70%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, qcf+A, qcf+A, New Wave Kick B,B,
      Jumping CD - Rush 7, 75%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, qcf+A, qcf+A, New Wave Kick B,B,
      Standing C, qcf+A, hcb+P, P - Rush 8
    !**Jumping C/D, qcf+A, qcf+A, New Wave Kick B,B, Serpent Wave A/C
      (qcb,hcf+P) - Rush 6, 70%  (Note - this combo of course only works
      on MAX. When you're doing the New Wave Kick, timing is critical.
      Pushing B twice rapidly will not leave the opponent high enough to
      be juggled by the Serpent Wave. You must pause slightly between the
      two button presses. This combo is very difficult, but looks
      incredibly impressive.
    --= Benimaru Nikkaido =--
    Beni sure is slower, and all 3 hits of his Sando-Geri don't even combo
    anymore! Still, combo-wise, he's not TOTALLY out of it...
    Jumping D, Standing C/D, Shinku Katategoma D (hcb+K) - Rush 8, 55%
    Jumping D, Standing C/D, Benimaru Koreda (hcf+C) - Rush 2+, 40%
    Crossup D, Standing C/D, Iaidogeri (qcf+K) - Rush 3, 40%
    Crossup D, Standing C/D, Raijinken A/C (qcf+P) - Rush 4, 37%
    Crossup D, Standing C/D, Inazuma Kick B/D (dp+K) - Rush 3, 40%
    *Crossup D, Standing C/D, Raikoken (qcf,qcf+C) - Rush 7, 60%
    **Crossup D, Standing C/D, Super Raikoken - Rush 5, 75%
    !**Standing C/D, Super Raikoken - Rush 6, 67%
    Bug Combo vs. Clark only - Benimaru Koreda, Crouching B, Standing B,
      Benimaru Koreda, Crouching B, Standing B, Benimaru Koreda, etc. -
      Rush ?? (Note - infinite bug combo)
    --= Goro Daimon =--
    The big guy is as powerful as ever, and can now pick an opponent up
    off the ground after some moves with hcf+C!
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Stomp Throw (hcf+C) - Rush 3, 45%
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Heaven Drop (hcb,f+C) - Rush 3, 50%
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Chou Ousotogari (hcf+B) - Rush 3, 45%
    Jumping C, Crouching D, Stomp Throw - Rush 3, 45%  (note - you do not
      interrupt Crouching D into Stomp Throw. Wait until the animation is
      finished, then do it. This combo is not guaranteed though, as opponents
      can recovery roll after the Crouching D)
    !Standing/Jumping CD, Stomp Throw - Rush 2, 30% (note - again, do not
      interrupt, instead, wait for the opponent to hit the ground. Then
      pick them back up with the Stomp Throw. This combo is not guaranteed,
      as opponents can recovery roll after the CD)
    *Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Heaven to Hell Drop (hcb,hcb+C) -
      Rush 3+, 70%
    Bug Combo vs. Mr. Big (only works on arcade and cart, doesn't work on
    CD) - !Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Heaven Drop, CD, Stomp Throw
    (note - the following combos only work on "big characters". This can
    only be done against Goro, Chang, Geese, Krauser, Mr. Big, and
    !Standing C/D, Cloud Tosser (hcf+A) - Rush 2, 30%
    Jumping C/D, Crouching A, Cloud Tosser - Rush 3, 33%
    --= Terry Bogard =--
    Standing C no longer combos into all of the special moves it used to.
    Jumping D, Standing C (two hits), Crack Shoot B (qcb+K) - Rush 4, 37%
    Jumping D, Standing C (two hits), Rising Tackle C (dp+P) -
      Rush 10, 47%
    Crossup D, Standing C (two hits), Power Dunk (dp+K) - Rush 4, 35%
    Crossup D, Standing C (two hits), Crack Shoot B - Rush 5, 40%
    Crossup D, Standing C (two hits), Burn Knuckle A (qcb+P) - Rush 4, 40%
    --= Andy Bogard =--
    Has even more combos than before, and can now do some juggling!
    Jumping C/D, Standing C (two hits), Hishoken A/C (qcf+P) - Rush 4, 45%
    Jumping C/D, Standing C (two hits), Zaneiken C (db,f+P), Zaneiken
      Finisher (qcf+C) - Rush 5, 60%
    Standing C (two hits), Kuhaadan B (hcf+K) - Rush 4+, 35%
    Standing C (two hits), Shoryudan A (dp+P) - Rush 7, 30%
    Jumping C/D, Standing C (two hits), Dam Breaker Punch (hcf+C), Jumping
      CD - Rush 8, 70%
    Jumping C/D, Standing C (two hits), Dam Breaker Punch, Kuhaadan -
      Rush 9+, 73%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing C (two hits), Dam Breaker Punch, Shoryudan C -
      Rush 13, 75%
    !*Jumping C/D, Standing C (two hits), Dam Breaker Punch, Choreppadan
      B/D (qcb,hcf+K) - Rush 7+, 70%+
    !**Standing C (two hits), Dam Breaker Punch, Choreppadan B/D -
      Rush 19+, 85%+
    (on MAX only) - Jumping D, Genei Shiranui Punch Finisher (qcf+K in
      air, P when hitting the ground) - Rush 2, 30%
    --= Joe Higashi =--
    He can FINALLY combo his DM! Unfortunately, the easiest way to get out
    a combo with him is his button-mash TNT Punch...
    Jumping C/D, Standing C, Slash Kick B (hcf+K) - Rush 3, 35%
    Jumping C/D, Standing C, Hurricane Upper A (qcf+P) - Rush 3, 35%
    Standing C, TNT Punch A (tap P), TNT Punch Finisher C (qcf+P) -
      Rush 13+, 35%+
    Crossup D, Standing/Crouching C, Tiger Kick B/D (dp+K) - Rush 4, 45%
    Crossup D, Standing/Crouching C, TNT Punch A, Finisher C -
      Rush 14+, 45%+
    Crouching B x2, Standing A, TNT Punch, Finisher C - Rush 15+, 40%+
    *Jumping C/D, Standing C, Screw Upper (qcf,qcf+C) - Rush 4, 67%
    **Standing C, Screw Upper - Rush 3, 65%
    --= Ryo Sakazaki =--
    Still has plenty of bitchin combos.
    Jumping C/D, Standing C, Koohken A (qcf+P) - Rush 3-5, 37%+
    Jumping C/D, Standing C, Koho C (dp+P) - Rush 4-6, 43%+
    Jumping C/D, Standing C, Hienshippu-Kyaku D (hcb+K) - Rush 4-6, 50%+
    Jumping C/D, Standing C, Moko Raijin Ko A/C (qcb+P) - Rush 5-7, 40%+
    Crossup D, Standing C, MRK, MRK Koho Finisher (qcf+C) - Rush 6-8, 50%+
    Crossup D, Standing C, Kyokugen Punch Dance (hcf+C), Jumping
      CD - Rush 7-9, 57%+ (note - can be done in the corner too without
      the crossup)
    --= Robert Garcia =--
    Not as many combos as Ryo, but can still hold his own.
    Jumping D, Standing C, Ryuga C (dp+P) - Rush 4-5, 40%+
    Jumping D, Standing C, Hienshippu-Kyaku D - Rush 6-7, 45%+
    Standing C, Ryugi-ken A (qcf+P) - Rush 2-3, 20%+
    Standing C, Kyokugen Kick Dance (hcf+D), Jumping CD - Rush 6-7, 43%+
    !Standing C, Kyokugen Kick Dance, Haohshokohken - Rush 6-7, 50%+
    (only on MAX!) - Jumping D, Flying Dragon Blast Kick B/D
      (qcb+K) - Rush 2, 35%
    --= Yuri Sakazaki =--
    Not changed much, but can now juggle a second uppercut after her C Cho
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Hundred Blows C (hcb+P) - Rush 3, 37%
    Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Yuri Super Spin Kick B (qcb+K) -
      Rush 4, 45%
    Crossup D, Crouching A x3, Yuri Super Spin Kick B - Rush 6, 43%
    Crossup D, Standing C/D, Yuri Cho Upper C (dp+P), Double Yuri Cho
      Upper A/C (dp+P), 50%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing C/D, Koohken A (qcf+P) - Rush 3, 33%
    !Standing C/D, Raioh-Ken B (qcf+K) - Rush 2, 23%
    --= Leona =--
    It's too bad the best way to get a combo with her is to do Cheezeball,
    then pound the buttons like crazy.  :P
    Jumping C/D, Crouching C, Ground Saber B/D (charge b, f+K), Ground
      Saber Finisher (f+D,D) - Rush 4, 53%
    Jumping C/D, Crouching C, Ground Saber B/D, Moon Slasher A/C (charge
      d, u+P) - Rush 4, 50%
    Crossup C, Crouching C, Moon Slasher A/C - Rush 3, 37%
    Cheezeball C (charge b, f+P), CD - Rush 11, 45% (note - for maximum
      hits during a Cheezeball combo, wait until the 10th hit before
    Cheezeball C, Crouching C, Moon Slasher A/C - Rush 12, 57%
    Cheezeball C, Crouching C, Ground Saber, Ground Saber Finisher -
      Rush 13, 60%
    */**Cheezeball C, V Slasher A/C (qcf,hcb+P) - Rush 2, 65%/85%
    */**(on MAX only!) Jumping D, V Slasher C - Rush 2, 57%/67%
    --= Ralf =--
    His combos are of course not as damaging as '95, but still plenty
    Jumping C/D, Crouching A, Gatling Punch C - Rush 6, 37%
    Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching A, Vulcan Punch A/C (tap P) -
      Rush 3, 27%
    Jumping C/D, Standing C, Super Argentine Backbreaker D (hcf+D) -
      Rush 3, 53%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing C, Vulcan Punch A/C - Rush 3, 35%
    !*Standing/Crouching C, VariVari Vulcan Punch A/C (qcf,hcb+P) -
      Rush 14, 70%
    !**Standing C, VariVari Vulcan Punch A/C - Rush 25, 75%
    (on MAX only) - Jumping D, Mid-air Blitzkrieg Punch A/C (qcf+P) -
      Rush 2, 32%
    --= Clark =--
    Most of his combos focus on his throws. Remember to tack on the Elbow
    Drop Finisher on his special throws.
    Jumping D, Standing C (1 hit), Super Argentine Backbreaker, Elbow Drop
      Finisher (qcf+P) - Rush 4 (counter says 2), 55%
    Jumping D, Standing C (1 hit), Rolling Cradler A/C (hcf+P), Elbow Drop
      Finisher - Rush 4 (counter says 2), 45%
    Jumping D, Standing C (1 hit), Vulcan Punch C - Rush 10, 37%
    Crouching B, Frankensteiner (hcf+B), Elbow Drop Finisher (this isn't a
      real combo, but right next to the opponent it's unescapable, even if
      you block.)  27%
    *Jumping D, Standing C (1 hit), Ultra Argentine Backbreaker -
      Rush 3+, 60%
    An alternative to the Standing C is to do his multi-hitting Standing B.
    --= Athena Asamiya =--
    Her moves usually aren't intended for comboing, so her combo total is
    still rather low.
    Standing C/D, Psycho Sword C (dp+P) - Rush 7, 33%
    Jumping C, Psycho Sword C (in mid-air) - Rush 6, 30%
    Crouching A, Standing B, Psycho Sword C - Rush 8, 23%
    !Reflector B (hcb+K), Crouching A - Rush 5, 20%
    !*Jumping C, Shining Crystal Bit A/C (b,hcb+P) - Rush 2, 33%
    (on MAX only) Jumping C, Psycho Ball C (qcb+P in mid-air) -
      Rush 5, 40%
    --= Sie Kensou =--
    One of the strongest characters in '95 goes to one of the weakest. He
    can no longer combo his DM, either.
    Jumping C, Standing C, Earth Dragon Fang A (hcf+P) - Rush 5, 43%
    Crossup C, Standing A, Heaven Dragon Fang C - Rush 5, 33%
    !Standing/Crouching C, Chokyudyan C (qcb+P) - Rush 2, 25%
    The following combos MUST be done while you're a full screen's
    distance away from the opponent, and the opponent is in the corner.
    Highly unlikely that these will ever come out in the heat of battle,
    but you never know...  :)
    Chokyudyan A, Run in, Crouching A, Heaven Dragon Fang C - Rush 5, 35%
    Chokyudyan A, Run in, Crouching C, Earth Dragon Fang A - Rush 5, 43%
    --= Chin Gentsai =--
    Can still get high numbers of hits with his Drunken Spin.
    Jumping C (two hits), Standing C, Gourd Attack A (qcf+P) - Rush 4, 33%
    Jumping C (two hits), Standing C, Flying Punch Thing (hcf+P) -
    Rush 4, 30%
    Standing D, Flying Punch Thing C - Rush 4, 35%
    !Jumping C (two hits), Standing C, Gourd Attack C - Rush 5, 37%
    !Standing D (two hits), Drunken Spin C (dp+P) - Rush 15, 43%
    !Jumping C (two hits), Standing C, Drunken Spin C - Rush 16, 45%
    *Jumping C (two hits), Crouching C, Fire Belch A/C - Rush 4, 57%
    */**Standing D (two hits), Fire Belch A/C (qcf,d,df+P) - Rush 3, 53%
    --= Kim Kaphwan =--
    It's a bit harder to combo with him now, probably due to his weird new
    normal moves. DM is too slow to combo now too.
    Crouching C, Hienzan D (charge d,u+K) - Rush 5, 33%
    Crouching C, Sandblaster C (charge d,u+P) - Rush 4, 30%
    Crossup A, Crouching B x2, Crouching A, Sandblaster C - Rush 7, 37%
    Crossup Hishokyaku D, Crouching A, Hienzan D - Rush 9, 35%
    Jumping A, Hishokyaku D, Jumping A, Hishokyaku D, etc. - Rush ??
    !Jumping B, Standing C (1 hit), Comet Cruncher B/D (charge b,f+K) -
      Rush 4, 33%
    !Jumping B, Standing C (1 hit), Hangetsuzan B (qcb+K) - Rush 4, 37%
    VS. tall characters only - Hop Jump D, Standing C, Hangetsuzan D -
      Rush 7, 60%
    If the opponent is in mid-air when Kim does a Hishokyaku, he can
    juggle with a Hienzan or Sandblaster.
    --= Chang Koehan =--
    Still more focused on strength than combos.
    Jumping D, Crouching/Standing B, Hien Zan B (charge d,u+K) -
      Rush 3, 40%
    Standing D, Wrecking Iron Ball A/C (tap P) - Rush 2, 35%
    Standing D, Big Destroyer Toss (hcb,f+C) - Rush 2+, 35%
    Crouching C (multi-hit), Wrecking Iron Ball C - Rush 3, 40%
    Crouching C (multi-hit), Big Destroyer Toss - Rush 3+, 40%
    --= Choi Bounge =--
    The annoying little bastard has his fair share of combos.
    Crouching C, Flying Monkey Slice B (charge b,f+P) - Rush 2, 27%
    Crossup C, Crouching A x2, Hurricane Cutter C (charge d,u+P) -
      Rush 10+, 43%+
    Crossup C, Crouching C, Hurricane Cutter C - Rush 10+, 53%+
    Against big characters - Crossup C, Jumping towards C, Hishokyaku D -
    Rush 7+, 50%+
    His Crossup C can score up to three hits against big characters.
    --= Kasumi Todo =--
    A weak character in AoF3 turns into a strong character with damaging
    combos in KoF '96.
    Jumping C (two hits), Standing C/D, Pile Hitter A (qcf+P) -
      Rush 4, 45%
    Jumping C (two hits), Mid-air Pile Hitter A/C - Rush 3, 33%
    Crossup C, Standing C, Whirlwind Spear Hitter (hcb+C), Jumping CD -
      Rush 7, 60%
    Crossup C, Standing C, Whirlwind Spear Hitter, Mid-air Pile Hitter
      A/C - Rush 7, 53%
    !**Super Pile Hitter (qcf,qcf+P), Super Pile Hitter, Jumping CD -
      Rush 10+, 90%  (note - this is the SDM with a DM juggling right
      after, followed by a jumping CD)
    --= Mai Shiranui =--
    Has barely changed at all. She has the most damaging non-infinite
    combo in the game. (well, if you don't count Kagura's)
    Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching C, Ryuenbu C (qcb+P) - Rush 4, 45%
    Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching C, Deadly Ninja Bees D (hcf+K) -
      Rush 4, 47%
    Kachosen A (qcf+P), Deadly Ninja Bees D - Rush 2, 30% (note - this
      combo must be started from all the way across the screen)
    !Jumping C/D, Crouching C, Flying Dragon Blast D (dp+K) - Rush 4, 40%
    *Jumping D, Standing/Crouching C, Super Deadly Ninja Bees
      (qcb,hcf+B/D) - Rush 7, 63%
    **Crossup D, Crouching C, Super Deadly Ninja Bees - Rush 15/16, 90/95%
    --= King =--
    Her new special moves are actually quite good for comboing, although
    Double Strike can only be comboed in the corner now. (she's becoming
    one of my favorite characters too, thus the reason for all the
    Standing D (two hits), Surprise Rose C (dp+P) - Rush 6, 35%
    Standing A/B, Trap Shot B/D (dp+K) - Rush 6, 25%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing D (one hit), Venom Strike D (qct+K) -
      Rush 3, 33%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing D (one hit), Mirage Kick B (hcf+K) -
      Rush 7, 40%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing D (one hit), Tornado Kick D (hcb+K) -
      Rush 8, 40%
    !Jumping C, Standing D (two hits), Double Strike D (qcf,qcf+K) -
      Rush 5, 35%
    !Jumping C/D, Standing D (one hit), Surprise Rose C, Tornado Kick D -
      Rush 12, 60%
    !*Standing D (one hit), Illusion Dance B (do it the modified way - d,
      hcb+K) - Rush 15, 55%
    Most corner combos can be done as simply a Standing D then the attack
    anywhere on screen.
    --= Iori Yagami =--
    The overpowered bastard. The below combos are just a start, they can
    be modified in many ways, including adding in Scum Gales.
    Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching C, Burning Demon A (dp+P) -
      Rush 3, 37%
    Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching C, Dark Crescent Slash D (hcb+K) -
      Rush 4, 47%
    Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching C, Deadly Flower A/C x3 (qcb+P) -
      Rush 5, 50%
    Standing C, Scum Gale (hcf+C), Standing C, Scum Gale, Standing C,
      Scum Gale, etc. - Rush ??  (note - Infinite combo!)
    !Jumping C/D, Standing Crouching C, Deadly Flower A/C x2, Burning
      Demon A/C - Rush 5, 53%
    !Deadly Flower A x2, pause, Deadly Flower A x2, pause, etc. - Rush ??
      (note - another infinite combo)
    --= Mature =--
    Who needs combos when you have CD/Metal Massacre?  *sigh*
    Jumping B (two hits), Standing B (two hits), Standing A, Metal
      Massacre B/D (qcb+K) - Rush 8, 35%
    Jumping B (two hits), Standing C (one hit), Deceaser A (hcf+P) -
      Rush 4, 33%
    Jumping B (two hits), Standing C (one hit), Despair A (qcf+P) -
      Rush 4, 30%
    Standing C (one hit), Death Downer C x2 (qcb+P), 25%
    Standing B (one hit), Death Downer A x3 - Rush 10, 25%
    Standing B (multi-hit three hits), Standing B (three hits),
      Crouching A, Metal Massacre B/D - Rush 10, 37%
    --= Vice =--
    Although she doesn't look like the type who would focus on throws for
    her combos, she does. And they look stylish, too!
    Jumping B (two hits), Standing B (two hits), Gore Fest (hcb,f+C) -
      Rush 4+, 33%
    Jumping B (two hits), Standing C (two hits), Da Cide C (hcf+P) -
      Rush 4, 40%
    Standing C (one hit), Outrage D (qcb+K) - Rush 9, 27%
    Jumping C, Rave Fest (qcb+K in air) - Rush 3+, 16%+
    *Jumping B (two hits), Standing B (two hits), Negative Gain
      (hcb, hcb+C) - Rush 7, 53%
    *Standing C (two hits), Negative Gain - Rush 5, 60%
    **Standing B (two hits), Negative Gain - Rush 7, 70%
    --= Geese Howard =--
    Has a good number of combos, despite being more underpowered than
    Geese should be.
    Jumping C, Standing/Crouching C, Reppuken (qcf+A) - Rush 3+, 30%
    Jumping C, Standing/Crouching C, Jaeiken A (hcb+P) - Rush 5+, 43%
    Jumping C, Standing D (one hit), Double Reppuken (qcf+C) -
      Rush 4+, 35%+
    Jumping C, Standing D (one hit), Flying Buzzsaw Slice C (dp+P) -
      Rush 4+, 37%+
    When MAXed out - Hop Jump C, Hop Jump C, Hop Jump C, etc. - Rush ??
    Crossup B, Standing D (one hit), Flying Buzzsaw Slice C - Rush 4, 35%
    Special Chang-only combo! - Jumping A (at top of Jump), Shippuken A/C,
      Hop Jump C, Hop Jump C, Standing D (1 hit), Jaeiken - Rush 14, 65%
    Note - to get maximum hits out of his Jumping C, do a hop jump C as
    close as possible. The bigger the opponent the better.
    --= Wolfgang Krauser =--
    Not much at all. Most special moves are too slow to combo.
    Standing C/D, Kaiser Kick B/D (dp+K) - Rush 2, 35%
    Standing C/D, Kaiser Suplex (hcb, f+C) - Rush 2, 37%
    Crossup C, Standing A x2, Standing B, Kaiser Suplex - Rush 4+, 50%
    From 3/4 of the screen away - Blitzball A/B (qcb+button),
      Kaiser Kick D - Rush 2, 30%
    --= Mr. Big =--
    Da pimp has a fair number of combos as well.
    Jumping C (two hits), Standing C/D, Kalifornia Romance C (dp+P) -
      Rush 8, 55%
    Jumping C (two hits), Standing C/D, Cross Diving A (hcb+P) -
      Rush 4, 45%
    *Standing C/D, Blaster Wave A/C (qcf,qcf+P) - Rush 5, 43%
    **Standing C/D, Blaster Wave A/C - Rush 8, 60%
    --= Chizuru Kagura =--
    Has a scary 100%, but other than that, nothing to write home about.
    Standing D, 100 Heaven God's Truth A/C (dp+P) - Rush 7, 30%
    Standing D, Tamayura's Wonderful Sound A (hcf+P) - Rush 2, 30%
    Crossup D, Crouching A x2, 100 Heaven God's Truth A/C - Rush 9, 40%
    *Second Super (hcb,hcb+K), Tap C/D - Rush ??
    **Second Super, Tap C/D - Rush ?? (note - on both of these combos, you
      can just push buttons and get free hits, much like Leona's
      Cheezeball. The SDM lasts a LONG time and you can take off up to
      100% of the life bar if timed right.)
    --= Goenitz =--
    Only one thing will actually combo with him, and that's his grab.
    Crouching C, Yamidoukoku (hcb,hcb+C) - Rush 2, 40%
                             STANDING      CROUCHING     STANDING FAR
    Kyo Kusanagi               ABCD           A CD           A C
    Benimaru Nikkaido          ABCD           AB D           A
    Goro Daimon                ABCD           A  D           ABC
    *Terry Bogard              ABCD           A CD           A
    *Andy Bogard               ABC            ABCD
    Joe Higashi                A C            A C            A
    Ryo Sakazaki               ABCD           A CD           A
    Robert Garcia               BC            A CD
    Yuri Sakazaki              ABCD           A CD           A
    *Leona                     ABCD           A C
    Ralf                       ABC            A C
    *Clark                     ABC            AB D
    Athena Asamiya             ABCD           ABCD           A
    Sie Kensou                 ABC            A CD           A
    *Chin Gentsai              ABCD             CD           ABC
    *Kim Kaphwan               ABC            A C
    Chang Koehan               ABC            ABCD            B
    Choi Bounge                ABC            A C            AB
    Kasumi Todo                ABCD           ABCD           A
    Mai Shiranui               ABCD             CD
    King                       ABCD           A CD
    Iori Yagami                ABC            ABC              C
    *Mature                    ABCD           A  D           A
    *Vice                       BCD           A  D
    *Geese Howard              ABCD           A CD
    Wolfgang Krauser           ABCD           A CD
    *Mr. Big                   ABCD           A C              C
    Chizuru Kagura             ABCD           A CD
    Goenitz                    ABC            A C
    * - has a double-hit move.
    Interruptable air attacks (all done during a jump of course):
    Andy Bogard - D
    Robert Garcia - B, D
    Leona - A, B, D
    Ralf - C
    Athena Asamiya - C
    Sie Kensou - A, B
    Kim Kaphwan - A, B
    Choi Bounge - C
    Kasumi Todo - C
    Mai Shiranui - C, D
    Vice - A, C
    Geese Howard - A (Geese's Jumping A is kinda weird. You have to time it
    at the peak of his jump, and can only be done against big characters)
    Double-hit moves that MUST be interrupted on the first hit -
    Leona Standing C, Leona Standing D, Clark Standing C, Kim Standing C,
    Mature/Vice Standing D, Vice Crouching D, Geese Standing D,
    Mr. Big Standing Far C
    Double-hit moves that can be interrupted on either hit -
    Terry Standing C, Andy Standing C, Chin Standing D,
    Mature/Vice Standing B, Mature/Vice Standing C, Mature Crouching D
    Supposedly though, Clark's Standing C can be interrupted on the second
    hit... I can't get the timing down just right though.  :(
    Maybe they're a bug, maybe they're supposed to be in there... at any
    rate, several characters in KoF '96 have "multi-hitting" moves. These
    should not be confused with the double-hit moves above. A multi-hitting
    move is almost always done by doing the first part of that character's
    simplified DM motion, a regular move, then doing the rest of the motion
    immediately after. This only works when the life bar is NOT in the red
    or the power bar is at MAX.
    Sound confusing? That explanation probably was. Here's another way of
    looking at it -
    Robert has a full life bar and unpowed meter. He can get two hits off
    his close Standing C by doing:
    Tap Down, Standing C, Half Circle Back, C.
    Tap Forward, Standing C, Half Circle Forward, A.
    Either way works. Why? Because Robert has two DM motions, and they can
    be done with either button. Here's another, for Leona:
    Jump Forward, Tap Down, CD, Half Circle Back, C.
    This of course is done in the air since Leona's DM is only do-able in
    the air. Another example, this one for Ryo:
    Tap Down, Standing C, Half Circle Back, Hold C.
    Ryo can get three hits off his multi-hits, and consequently, he has
    the most, too. To get the third hit, you must HOLD down the C button,
    instead of simply tapping it. One last one, this one is Clark:
    Standing B, BCD (Dodge).
    Since Clark's DM motion doesn't have a simplified version, for some
    reason or another his Dodge acts as a multi-hit.
    So now you know how to do them... but why exactly would you want to learn
    these multi-hitting moves? Obviously, they do more hits and damage. CD
    multi-hits don't hit twice except on Counter (see below), but blocked
    multi-hits add up to a Guard Crash. Take the time to practice and master
    them, as they can come in very handy! Each multi-hit is interruptable on
    the second/third hit, except for Yuri's Standing C I think (?)
    Here's a list of all the multi-hitting moves I know of. If you have any
    that I missed, email me.
    Kyo    - Ground CD (2 hits)
    Ryo    - Standing B (3 hits)
             Standing C (3 hits)
             Standing D (2 hits)
             Ground CD (3 hits)
    Robert - Standing C (2 hits)
    Yuri   - Standing C (2 hits)
             Ground CD (2 hits)
    Leona  - Jumping CD (2 hits)
    Clark  - Standing B (2 hits)
    Chang  - Crouching C (2 hits)
    Mature - Standing B (3 hits) (remember, her regular Standing B is 2)
    Iori   - Ground CD (2 hits)
    CD attacks have annoying priority in KoF '96, but there's one neat
    thing about them. If a CD attack lands on a Counter, you can juggle with
    any other attack while they're in the air. Heck, two CD's in a row can
    often be done, but juggling with a special move is more impressive.
    Similarly, most knockdown moves have juggling ability on Counter. An
    example of this is Ryo/Robert/Yuri's Haohshokohken and Krauser's Kaiser
    Wave. Normally they hit only once, but if they counter two hits will be
    So how do you land a Counter? A Counter is often registered when a CD
    attack hits someone in the first half of the animation frames of a
    move. For instance, to get a Counter on someone throwing a fireball,
    they must be hit before the fireball is actually thrown. Multi-hitting
    special moves will usually register all hits on a Counter too. One
    oddity is that CD Counter into Rising Tackle with Terry gets Rush 11 -
    that's right, 10 hits off a Rising Tackle.
    So how do you practice CD combos if no one's around? Well, if you own
    the game, it's not too hard. Set up the 1st Player as whoever you want
    to practice, and the 2nd Player as Ralf. Charge up Ralf's Power Bar
    and when it's at MAX, do to Vari Vari Vulcan Punch. Immediately push
    Pause and switch over to the 1st controller. Ralf will be starting to
    move, so push Forward+AB to roll right through him. He will then be
    punching mid-air. Do a CD attack and it lands as a counter, follow
    into any special move or super!
    Here are some of my favorite CD Counter combos, experiment and find
    Goro Daimon - CD Counter into Cloud Tosser
    Terry Bogard - CD Counter into Triple Geyzer
    Ralf - CD Counter into Rushing Super (qcf, hcb+K)
    Sie Kensou - CD Counter into Dragon God Drubbing (D version)
    King - CD Counter into Illusion Dance
    Wolfgang Krauser - Jumping CD Counter into Kaiser Kick (same animation
    If you want to tell me how much you love or hate my FAQ or if you have
    any combos you want to send to me, just send mail to either
    kensou@ix.netcom.com or lordbbh@aol.com (doesn't matter to me, really)
    The newest version of this FAQ can always be found on my much-in-need-
    of-an-update web page, located at the following URL. If you have no
    web access, email me and I'll send you the newest version.
    I couldn't do this FAQ alone - so many people have posted awesome
    combos that would have taken me quite a while to find  :)   A BIG
    THANK YOU to the following, who have provided me with combos or posted
    them  to newsgroups or the Neo-Geo and KoF Mailing Lists! (if I missed
    you, sorry! It's hard to keep up with all the combos that get posted
    and who posts them)
    Jayson King Villamor (jaysonv@uclink3.berkeley.edu)
    Manny Han (manpower@uclink2.berkeley.edu)
    Andrew Seyoon Park (asp@uclink2.berkeley.edu)
    Greg Kasavin (shrike@slip.net)
    Joe Palanca (jgpalanca@aol.com)
    Lionel (lvilner@planete.com)
    Jeff Nussbaum (deuce@scsn.net)
    Harry Chang (hchang@rohan.sdsu.edu)
    Kenneth Hsu (e3321942@student.uq.edu.au)
    Yin Ket Pang (pang@satech.net.au)
    Vincent Radford (vincent@utkux.utcc.utk.edu)
    Olivier Vilayphiou (ovilayph@icor.fr)
    Ken Yagami (kusanagi@pacific.net.sg)
    Sheila Khosla (melulumai@aol.com)
    Thus marks the end of the FAQ. Hope you enjoyed it and hope it's
    beneficial to your game play!
    -Sie Kensou-
    Fave Team - Geese/Vice/Daimon

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