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    Cheese FAQ by AAbraham

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     /   /   /___/ |________/   /      The King of Cheezers '96 FAQ v1.0
     |  /                   |  /     by : Alan Abraham
     |_/ ------------------ |_/ -------------------------------------------------
    As if this was needed...
    OK, since I have learned since my slap-together KoF '95 FAQ, I decided I
    needed to write something. And since Joe Palanca has already written/in the
    process of writing a great regular FAQ, hey this might be usefull. Some of
    you might also take it as one whole piece of humor, but who cares? Anyway,
    due to the flood of "CHEEZE" moves in '96, this will tell you the moves that
    if you do repeatedly you will be caled a Cheezer how best to use them, and
    most importantly how to counter them...
                                                    Break a Cheddar Stick...
    Note: This is NOT a traditional FAQ. Not all moves of all characters will be
    listed in this FAQ.
    Before I get into individuals, almost all force-you-to-take-block-damage-to-
    death moves, can be countered by a well timed guard cancel or super roll.
    Both of these need MAX to get off. For guard cancel, do a special move during
    the blocking animation, for this one timing is more than critical. For the
    super roll, just push f+AB during the block animation for a forward super roll
    or AB during the block animation for a backwards super roll. You are totally
    invulnerable during a super roll.
    Also, it seems that most of the moves listed below, have an element of
    anticipating the move coming. IMO, this very good. For unlike most previous
    fighting games, this is one of the few that focuses a lot on mind games, which
    is probably the key to success in KoF '96. Oh well, just my theory on to why
    there's so many moves that can't be countered after blocking.
    On to individuals...
    --Team Japan----------------------------------------------------------------
    KYO KUSANAGI-Fire fists.
    Cheezability: Both of Kyo's firefists have good range and can be continued on
    for nasty damage. The only catch is, is that for the nasty damage combos, the
    "chaining" firefists also have nasty lag. With out the chains there is
    virtually no lag though. Think of it what you want.
    Most Effective: In combos. Cheesing with this won't get you far.
    Countering: If you're opponent is constantly chaining, hit him. If he is
    consistantly not, either start jumping or rolling a lot.
    BENIMARU-Raijinken (Air Lightning Fist)
    Cheezability: EXTREMELY high air-to-air and air-to-ground priority. Has a
    slight lag after he lands. Can pretty much do it all day, as long as he
    doesn't mis-time his jump. Come's out kinda slow though.
    Most Effective: Uhh...when he's jumping? :). Seriously, if you jump with Beni
    and you don't plan on air throwing (or comboing), use it.
    Countering: As I said above, there is a slight lag after he lands, where if
    you have a quick normal with great range try hitting him afterwards. Or due
    to the short horizontal range of Beni's jump, you can try using a C or D
    uppercut to hit him out of the air before the Raijinken comes out. A
    well-timed DM also might work.
    Vaccuum Kick
    Cheezability: Hard to counter after blocking, yet feasible. Ticks off a nice
    amount of damage. Also does good damage if it hits. It's really not that
    Most Effective: Can be used in juggles. Don't abuse it. I treat it like a one
    time trick for it does have good range, but after that once, your opponent
    will be looking for it and will be ready to block and counter. This move is
    also no longer effective as an anti-air.
    Countering: If Beni misjudges the range and whiffs, jump and combo him. If you
    end up blocking, a dashing attack, or a projectile might do the trick. Or
    maybe even a hyper jump, really quick CD.
    GORO DAIMON: None. This guy is all skill. The only thing that comes close is
    his air CD, which somebody was abusing against me today. I need to check this
    out further.
    --Team Italy----------------------------------------------------------------
    TERRY BOGARD-Power Geyser (DM & SDM)
    Cheezability: Can be done ad infinitum. The only way Terry is at all
    vulnerable during the DM or SDM is if its done too late trying to counter a
    jump attack or if the character is standing right next to Terry (and blocks).
    Trying to roll through it is a risky pain, with a REALLY low cost-benefit
    ratio. The SDM is even worse, for if you block, you're at the other end of the
    Most Effective: Air defense. Can be put into a combo, but that (for me at
    least) is a real pain. Good damage. It is also good at stuffing people who
    dash-roll all day (unless they try to roll behind you).
    Countering: If your opponent is doing it one after the other, try hyper-
    jumping. It's quicker than a regular jump and harder to react to. Also a
    projectile or dashing attack might stop the pattern. Another thing to try is
    (supposing you're out of range or the Power Geyser), try powering up. It will
    normally get him to advance, or start charging himself, in which case you can
    start attacking. Make sure he doesn't do the SDM though.
    Crack Shoot
    Cheezability: I personally don't find it that cheezy. A lot of people around
    here are complaining of it's priority against jumping attacks. Frankly, if
    you go back and check in the previous KoF's, it always stuffed jumps pretty
    well, just now, he can no longer Power Dunk or Rising Tackle (bad priority).
    Most Effective: Anti-air. Can no longer put a Power Dunk after it in a combo.
    Countering: As anti-air, you pretty much can't. I think the only thing that
    might is the air projectiles (Kasumi-Todo, Geese, and Benimaru). If anyone is
    stupid enough to use as a ground attack, there's plenty of lag after it.
    ANDY BOGARD: Zaineken (sp?)
    Cheezability: Can be done pretty much mindlessly. Now it also has a secondary
    punch after it that also seems pretty uncounterable (not sure though). Now
    it doesn't even need a charge.
    Most Effective: As a mindless move. Andy has better moves for combos.
    Countering: Keep attacking. Most Andy players won't do this move in close
    raange if you're constantly attacking.
    Cheezability: Counterable after blocking (sometimes). But it must be blocked
    high, the D version goes over projectiles, and while hit out just about
    anything. If the Andy player learns to time/space this properly, he can be
    King Cheddar. This also no longer needs a charge.
    Most Effective: Just space it right and you have got a winner. Takes out air
    moves, D goes over projectiles, also against those *shudder* do nothing
    crouch-blockers (must be blocked high).
    Countering: Throw an occasional projectile to stop the B version, and the D
    version requires more precise timing/spacing. Also try rolling (either way)
    so you won't end up blocking it. If that happens you can counter him.
    Cheezability: Comes out fairly fast, and has very deceiving range. Not really
    that cheezy, just gives Andy a little too much range. Definitely more than he
    Most Effective: Cancelling other fireballs, countering missed sweeps, good
    against characters coming in from a dash. Also very good at pinning people to
    the ground. Use it often.
    Countering: Not much to say. You can try rolling through it, or if he is using
    it to hit you out of your dash, dash-jump occasionally. This is not a lethal
    move, just difficult to avoid. Most of the time an Andy will use it, it will
    hit you, not just force you to block.
    JOE HIGASHI-Bakuretsuken (TNT Punch)
    Cheezability: By hammering on the C button a few times, you get a 13 hit
    combo. Go figure.
    Most Effective: If you're a scrub and have no sense of skillful play (read:
    spaz) then use it anytime you want. Just watch out for those projectiles. :P
    *grits his teeth*
    Countering: Considering how brainless this move is, its hard to counter.
    Instead of pushing you back after blocking, it kinda sucks you in (like Ken's
    Shinryuken). So try rolling back and then sweeping. Be careful though this
    move has good priority.
    --Team Brazil--------------------------------------------------------------
    LEONA-Running Slash
    Cheezability: Tottally 100% uncounterable after blocking. If you're opponent
    gets mindless with the move and starts doing it at full screen, its easy to
    counter. The secondary part of this move, (f+D) can be easily countered. Since
    this move requires a charge, the charge sorta serves as a flag to prepare you
    to counter it. Pretty cheezy, but not mindless
    Most Effective: Short range, as a good poking attack. Extremely hard to react
    to within half-screen range. Goes OK in combos as well.
    Countering: Chuck and occasional projectile at a mid-range, charged Leona. To
    a full screen one, you can just jump up and nail her with a CD as you land.
    If she does it to you at mid-range rather predictably, try rolling behind her
    while she's charging.
    Baltic Launcher A.K.A Cheeze Ball
    Cheezability: The only thing really cheezy about this move is how it can be
    used in turtle tactics and the insane damage it does. If you're awake, you
    can learn to avoid the Cheeze Ball since its so slow coming out.
    Most Effective: If you can anticipate a jump attack well enough, then use it
    there. It can also be used as a push-back move. The nastiest and IMO cheeziest
    way to use this is as follows: Force opponent into corner and make him block
    a C Cheeze Ball. Just as the ball is about to disappear do crouching C into
    C Cheeze ball, repeat. One of the nastier corner traps you will ever see.
    Lastly, if you manage to get a Cheese Ball to hit, you have time to do the DM.
    Countering: The Cheeze Ball has a HUGE flag on the C version, and Leona is
    vulnerable while hopping up to drop the Cheeze Ball, making it near
    impossible to time against jump attacks. The A version has little range, and
    is too low to counter anything except a very deep jumping attack. To get out
    of the above corner trap, just block until you get MAX! then super roll out.
    There's not much else you can do, and since the power bar is probably full
    after blocking one or two Cheeze Balls, I wouldn't do much anything riskier.
    Besides, you can probably have time to hit Leona after super rolling.
    RALF-Vari Vari DM
    Cheezability: Ticks off a lot of damage. Not always counterable. The only
    thing cheesy about this is the block damage.
    Most Effective: Can it be put into a combo? Well if it can then use it then.
    I mostly use it to go through sweeps, CD's, etc.
    Countering: It normally is counterable with just about anything you want
    (after blocking).
    Ralf Kick
    Cheezability: At long range, there isn't much you can do about it. It has
    priority over most jumping attacks, and will go over projectiles. If blocked
    you also can't do much. The one thing to stop a scrub from using this
    mindlessly is the charge, and the flag at the begining.
    Most Effective: At long range. It pushes you soooooooo far back after blocking
    that he can do another one pretty much with out any worry.
    Countering: Play offensive. This move can't be used as a DP, due to its start
    up time. If someone does start doing it mindlessly, roll behind them. Having
    to charge the other way will mess up the trap.
    CLARK-If you think he's cheap, get a life. Grappling takes skill and if you
    ended up losing to a Clark bad, it's because the Clark had skill. If you
    think his Rolling Cradler is cheap, just do a ducking A or B.
    --Team Mexico---------------------------------------------------------------
    YURI SAKAZAKI-running Hundred Slaps
    Cheezability: For any backwards jump you do, Yuri can catch you with the
    running HS. (note: I'm talking about the C version, not the A). She will grab
    you right out of whatever you come down with.
    Most Effective: Combos, and as listed above.
    Countering: If you want to jump backwards, don't kick, so you can air-block.
    Hyper-jumping also throws off her timing. CD's (depending on the character)
    might work.
    Phoenix Kick (DM/SDM)
    Cheezability: Can be done over and over, cause Yuri is pushed so far back
    after doing this move. Great damage, hard to counter, hard to hit her out of,
    what else does a scrub need?
    Most Effective: Going through sweeps, other normals.
    Countering: Extremely hard to time a roll properly, if you can great, I never
    have managed to. If she does it at close range to mid range, not much you can
    do. So when you get MAX!, super roll and escape to the other side of the
    screen. If she does it at far range, like a good scrub will, jump backwards
    and CD. Since the range of Yuri's super is just a tad more than 1 screen, she
    will stop just in front of you, so you can CD her.
    RYO SAKAZAKI-Mo-ko Raijin Ko (Fierce Thunder Tiger God's Might)
                 a.k.a. Cheezy Sliding Uppercut
    Cheezability: Will take out ANYTHING, and can pretty much be used over, and
    over, and over again. Not only that but it pushes you sooo far back, you can't
    counter it. It can also add on a Koho at the end of it. And you have plenty of
    time to tell, whether or not the uppercut will hit to decide if you want to
    risk the Koho.
    Most Effective: Deadly in combos. But almost as good as a mindless move. :(
    Countering: These are the type of moves that makes me put Kasumi or Geese on
    my team :). Other than using those two, go to the other side of the screen.
    Dash in then roll behind. They will probably do the sliding uppercut. If you
    timed your roll properly, you should have time to hit him in the back.
    Ryuko Ranbu (DM/SDM)
    It's the same as Yuri's so just look up there.
    ROBERT GARCIA-air Diving Kick
    Cheezability: If you hadn't been complaing about this move since KoF '94, (I
    don't play AoF) there's something wrong with you. Almost uncounterable, high
    priority against both ground and air attacks.
    Most Effective: Do it about as often as you jump, and you will be in good
    shape. (you'll also be the biggest scrub on the block)
    Countering: Don't jump, and if you jump, make it a hyper-jump CD. That pretty
    much takes care of the air problem. On the ground, some anti-air moves, will
    take it out, if you don't have one, he kinda bounces up after you block it,
    making there a little bit of time to counter it with a really fast, long
    ramge move.
    --Team China----------------------------------------------------------------
    (this will take a long time!)
    ATHENA ASIMAYA-Phoenix Arrow
    Cheezability-High priority, ticks off tons of damage, and really fast. This
    is THE scrub's move.
    Most Effective: Use it as often as you would use Beni's air Raijinken and
    Robert's Dive Kick. (read: all the time). You already are the biggest scrub
    on the block for picking Athena though.
    Countering: Hit her out of the air before she breaks in to the Phoenix Arrow.
    Using the C version of your characters anti-air, will normally do the trick.
    Try super-rolling whenever you can.
    Cheezability: The D version does 7 hits and has good range, and the B version
    does 4 hits and has OK range. The fact that it hits 7 times, also means, it
    ticks of 7 ticks of damage. Spaced correctly it is also uncounterable.
    Most Effective: When your opponent is waking up, do it so the sphere of
    psycho power is just over your opponent. NOTHING can knock you out of it, and
    most of the time, you friendly scrub will even attempt a wake up move, getting
    him nailed. Oh yeah, it also reflects fireballs.
    Countering: On the D version, hit her out of the short hop in the begining.
    In the B version, you have to block, but since it has not that much range,
    it won't be that much of a problem. Super-rolling also works.
    Shining Crystal Bit DM/SDM
    Cheezeability: Can do over and over. Not much can stop her.
    Most Effective: I think it can go into a combo. Other than that, jump towards
    your opponent and do it so whatever anti-air move he does, he'll get hit.
    Countering: There's a short lag after the move finishes, there you can nail
    her. If she's holding the fireball, or about to throw it, dash-roll, or just
    SIE KENSOU-Earth Dragon Fang Nibble
    Cheezability: Can be done over and over. But then again Sie needs it. So who
    Most Effective: Combos. Hopping over sweeps.
    Countering: Block low. If you block low, the last kick will miss. Giving you
    time to counter.
    Dragon Talon Tear
    Cheezability: Needs more timing/spacing than Athena's Phoenix Arrow. Can be
    countered if mis-timed. Other than that, same problem as Athena's Phoenix
    Most Effective: Suprising opponents. It has (I think) better priority than
    Athena's Phoenix Arrow.
    Countering: Same as Athena's Phoenix Arrow. Also this can't be used as a
    cross-up like the Phoenix Arrow, because there's no last kick at the end.
    CHIN GENTZAI-Full Moon Drunker (that lie down drunk move)
    Cheezability: Virtually invulnerable while lying down, except for an attack
    that travels right on the ground. Normally these attacks have very little
    range and so Chin can just do the up + D move, if he sees it coming. Also the
    up + B move beats everything and anything with no timing required.
    Most Effective: What I wrote right up there.
    Countering: While lying down Chin is vulnerable to all attacks that travel on
    the ground. That's almost all crouching B's, at the proper range, with
    certain characters their crouching D. Some projectiles might work. I'm sure
    about Iori's. Any info about Terry's?, Bigg's? Geese's? Joe's?. Now these will
    only work if you're playing a very sorry scrub. A "good" scrub, while do it
    close enough to be able to do the up + D after you do one of the above moves.
    I can't really say much about countering it after you block one of the
    secondary moves. If the Chin is just getting close and doing the 100%, sure-
    as-fire, up+B, the way I try and deal with it, is make sure I trade a little
    in the first round I play the Chin, so he has only half energy going into the
    next round and then I just sit in the corner blocking till he gets sick of
    doing the up+B, and realizes he's going to lose by time. Boring as hell, but
    it works.
    Drunken Moon Dance
    Cheezability: Ticks LOADS of damage, has good priority. Only counterable if
    blocked low. Sometimes that doesn't even work.
    Most Effective: Combos. If you think about how much it ticks, think about how
    much it damages for.
    Countering: This move has insane priority considering how drunk the guy looks.
    If the Chin scrub pulls this off sweep range away from you, do not, I repeat
    DO NOT, try to sweep or jump kick. You WILL get hit. If you're blocking,
    super-roll if you can, and if you can't block low, in which case Chin will
    fly over you, giving you enough time to hit him.
    --Boss Team-----------------------------------------------------------------
    GEESE HOWARD-Shipuuken (air Wind Slash)
    Cheezability: Can be done all day when jumping backwards or straight up. If
    he's jumping forward, sometimes Geese can be hit as he lands. Will hit another
    Geese or Kasumi out of their block-counters.
    Most Effective: Countering air attacks. Hitting somebody out of their air
    defense. Due to this moves excellent horizontal speed/range, its good for
    jumping so you would land a good distance away (too far to jump kick), and
    then hit your opponent out of whatever move he tries to counter with on the
    ground (normally a sweep, a fireball or dashing attack)
    Countering: If the Geese is cheezing and is only doing the jump backwards
    Shipuuken, don't worry the move doesn't have that much range. After he jumps
    backwards, he will probably jump forwards with another Shipuuken. Use this
    opportunity to hyper-jump CD him. BTW, due to the underpowering that Geese
    went through to get in to KoF '96, you won't see too many scrubs playing
    Geese. Which means, not too many people abusing the Shipuuken.
    KRAUSER-DM/SDM (kaiser...WAVE!)
    Cheezability: The easiest to execute and most devastating Krauser tactic: get
    the opponent at full screen distance, get yourself in the red, and Kaiser
    Wave ad nauseum. Very hard to counter. And if you think that's bad, wait
    'till the Krauser starts mixing up the speeds, virtually guaranteeing that
    you won't have the reaction/timing to roll or jump through it.
    Most Effective: Whenever you want. Just make sure your opponent isn't in
    jumping range. *stamps his feet in rage*
    Countering: Buy the Krauser a soda. Seriously, if you're at full scren, I have
    yet to figure out a way to consistently get around this tactic. Super-roll
    after each wave until your in jumping distance is all I can say.
    MR. BIGG-Nothing really. The only thing that comes close is the Crazy Drums,
    which is plenty counterable even if you get hit.
    --Team Korea----------------------------------------------------------------
    KIM KAPHWAN-Comet Cruncher
    Cheezability: Good priority, extremely hard to counter after blocking, and it
    hits low, what else do you need? The only drawback to this move is that it
    needs a charge. This is also the move that I blame SNK for making Kim into
    turtle/scrub bait.
    Most Effective: A push-back move. It really forces the opponent back into the
    Countering: Try to prevent him from charging. Roll behind him a lot. If you
    have a projectile try to anticipate the Comet Cruncher and chuck it before he
    pulls the Cruncher off.
    Cheezability: Hard to counter after blocking. Has good priority as he's doing
    the split kick. Doesn't need a charge. OK damage.
    Most Effective: Hopping over sweeps, annoying opponents, grounding opponents,
    can be used in a lot of situations.
    Countering: Give him a quick standing B, before he goes into the split. Time
    it so the kick hits him before he goes in to the split. If you blocked it,
    try to give him another move to block. That is, unless he's anticipating this
    and does a Hienzan.
    CHANG KOEHAN-Spinning Iron Ball
    Cheezability: Don't tell me this hasn't happened to you before: A Chang scrub
    lets of the Spinnning Ball a full screen away. So as he gets close you try to
    throw to sweep and...Boom! you're on the floor! At least it's not the most
    eliable move in the world. It ticks loads, it has outrageous priority, it
    eats projectiles, will knock anybody and anything out of the air, it will tick
    you from behind if you super roll and it now lasts longer than in '95.
    Most Effective: In all the things I listed above, the only thing it does
    consistently (as in 100% of the time) is anti-air, ticking, and eating
    projectiles. Use it for that. The other things (eating sweeps) has only
    (ONLY?!?!?) an 80% success rate (about). :(
    Countering: Don't let Chang get close in. It's that simple. If he lets it off
    from full screen, power up, and when he gets near super roll toward his back,
    and then super roll again, so he's about sweep range away from you with his
    back toward you, then stay that range until that split second after Chang ends
    the Spinning Ball and hit him then. Hard to do but possible.
    CHOI BOUNGE-Monkey Slash
    Cheezability: Think of Wolverine. Now imagine if he didn't bounce up after
    having the Drill Claw blocked, but could reverse his direction after getting
    it blocked, or go for another blocked Monkey Slash. Its worse than annoying.
    Most Effective: To annoy the opponent until he runs across the street to get
    some Advil. If you manage to catch your opponent in the air you can juggle
    with it for up to 3 hits.
    Countering: Hope Choi concentrates on the jumping C more :(. I have yet to
    figure out how to stop this.
    --Team Gorgeous-------------------------------------------------------------
    KASUMI TODO-None. All skill, no cheese. Air Todo Wave/ground Todo Wave comes
    close but is too easy to get around to be called a Cheezer.
    MAI SHIRUNAI-Ryu-en-bu (Dragon Flame Dance)
    Cheezability: Great keep out move, will hit for 2 hits FLAWLESSLY every time.
    Can even be used as air-defense if timed right. Too much range, pushes
    opponent too far back to counter, and very good priority.
    Most Effective: Keep out and combos. It will work as air-defense, but the
    timing is so precise, why bother? The Flaming Flip (name?) has great priority
    and needs less timing.
    Countering: Don't let Mai use it. Unfortunately, it will combo after just
    about anything. Try to jump over whatever normal move she will put out and
    then try to combo with (normally a crouching C). You will nail her after the
    lag of the Ryuenbu.
    Squirrel Dance
    Cheezability: Wanna see something cool? Jump backwards with Mai, if opponent
    tries to jump after you, do the Squirrel Dance. WOW! It hasn't failed me yet!
    *GRRR!* It will beat anything and everything. The good thing is, that it has
    a (albeit slight) lag at the end of it (if use against ground opponents).
    Most Effective: The ground one, seems to fool opponents a lot, for some
    reason. If your opponent seems to start uppercut it, do the A one (kinda like
    Adon's Jaguar Tooth). The air one, has 100% priority over air attacks.
    Countering: If you're trying to jump after a turtle jumping Mai, super-jump.
    It comes out a lot quicker, and she either takes the hit or air-blocks, which
    forces her down to the ground. If she is constantly doing the ground one, it
    has considerable lag, so just block until she messes up with the C one and
    nail her.
    KING-Suprise Rose, Suprise Rose, Suprise Rose (ie. what the King AI does)
    Cheezability: Not hard to break out of, but if used properly can cause some
    nasty traps. Also it seems that it can be used to juggle infinitely in the
    corner, if she hits you with the first two hits. Then again, King doesn't
    have much else, so she should at least be able to preform one move somewhat
    Most Effective: Corner infinite combo, and ticking away like a mad-man.
    Countering: It isn't that hard to counter. Just get a nice distance away,
    (basicly outside sweep range), and if you here that familiar "Suprise Rose",
    just jump backwards with a jump kick or a CD, either will work fine.
    Illusion Dance (DM/SDM)
    Cheezability: Zero, I repeat ZERO lag on it. The only thing to stop a King
    from doing it over and over and over, is that it doesn't tick off damage. So
    there's nothing to stop you from just blocking (unless you have less life than
    Most Effective: As noted above, it will counter just about anything: jump-ins,
    sweeps, missed uppercuts, fireballs (with the right timing), you name it, it
    Countering: First of all, unless you have less life than King, just block. Its
    that simple. Nobody is forcing you to attack, for this doesn't tick off block-
    damage. In case you feel like countering it, give her a quick Jab when she's
    about even with your characters head (the timing is kinda hard to explain, but
    easy to learn). As for jumps, sweeps etc.: make sure what ever you do is fast.
    If you jump in, use either a low jump or a super jump. If you dash in, watch
    King very carefully for the blue flash.
    --Team Cheeze..er..Orochi---------------------------------------------------
    IORI YAGAMI-Just about all of his moves have zero lag. To list 'em: DM/SDM,
    A-uppercut, Sliding Punches, Scum Gale, Catch 'n' Purple :), and Fireball.
    Most of these your best bet is dash roll and hope he whiffs one. If you get
    him to whiff a move, you're in good shape. That's the general rule, now the
    specifics. Iori deserves this little introduction because he is THE King of
    Cheezability: The move LOOKS like you can hit him after the move easily. But
    any Iori player knows that you can follow up with an A-Uppercut after a
    blocked DM/SDM without a fear in the world. The only drawback to this move is
    the range which is also longer than it looks.
    Most Effective: Countering jump attacks, sweeps, and the A-DM can be followed
    up after a Scum Gale in the corner. The SDM will eat anything and everything.
    Besides its one of the coolest moves in the game.
    Countering: The range is not much more than a full screen, so if its being
    used mindlessly, go full screen and jump backwards or straight up and CD. In
    close, just block the A-Uppercut and make sure he doesn't throw you. While
    you're at it, convince your opponent that Iori is one nasty hunk-of-cheese.
    Cheezability: Can fireball trap with it. Again, no lag.
    Most Effective: Do it when ever you want to do it. Just make sure your
    opponent isn't in the middle of a jump. You can use it in the old push back:
    CD into Fireball.
    Countering: Getting the timing to roll through it isn't that hard. Other than
    that, jump straight up then walk forward a little and repeat. While you're at
    it, convince your opponent that Iori is one nasty, overpowered, hunk-of-
    Cheezability: I think this move wins the cheeze award: incredible priority
    over everything, hits instantly, and can't be countered if blocked.
    Most Effective: Again, use it whenever you want, you don't have much to lose.
    Use it against jumps, against dashers, against anybody close in, against high
    attacks, against low attacks, against taunts, against some "stupid scrub"
    trying to counter one of your cheezy moves, against cross-ups, against rolls,
    against (S)DM's, against EVERYTHING.
    Countering: Lots of Iori players do A-uppercut (which you block), and then
    do another one right afterwards to counter whatever move you you're "stupid
    enough" to try and counter them with. If you block the first one and don't
    try to counter it, the second one will whiff, giving you enough time to
    counter with your fastest, most-long ranged (excuse the English) move
    (normally a rushing attack or sweep). Also if you dash in and could swear on
    your life that the Iori will try the uppercut, you can roll through it,
    giving you enough time to stab him in the back (YEAH!). While you're at it,
    convince your opponent that Iori is one nasty, overpowered, no-good hunk-of-
    Sliding Punches
    Cheezability: Very fast, long-ranged move. Again, zero lag. Nice damage. The
    priority isn't that good, but its so fast it doesn't matter.
    Most Effective: Combos. This is Iori's combo move. Again, you can also use it
    for all the push-back tactics, and mindless mashing that you want.
    Countering: If you're playing very offensively, Iori players tend to be
    rather reserved about pulling it off in close due to its priority. But then
    again, it only takes one A-Uppercut to put Iori on the offensive. In all
    honesty, you have bigger problems to worry about when you play against Iori.
    Trying to base your whole game around trying to counter this move is stupid,
    cause its not even Iori's nastiest tactic, but if all you're seeing is a
    bunch of Sliding Punches, a few air CD's should stop that. While your at it,
    convince your opponent that Iori is one nasty, overpowered, no-good, no-skill,
    Catch 'n' Purple
    Cheezability: Very fast, good damage, good priority, and pushes you too far
    back too counter. Anything else? Oh yeah, Kyo's is cooler.
    Most Effective: After a full screen fireball, do this to push your opponent
    back and to keep him grounded. It doesn't do that well against jumps so it
    can't be used as mindlessly as the Sliding Punches. It has great priority
    against ground attacks though.
    Countering: If your playing against an Iori, you will have bigger problems
    than this move. If your opponent is like a Beevis or something and does this
    over and over just because it looks cool, jump CD's will take it out easily.
    If your opponent is always doing full-screen fireball than the Catch 'n'
    Purple, try to jump forwards or backwards or straight up (depending on how he
    spaces/times the fireball and Catch 'n' Purple), and come down with a CD.
    While you're at it, convince your opponent that Iori is one nasty,
    overpowered, no-good, no-skill, scrubby hunk-of cheeze.
    Scum Gale
    Cheezability: Here's the deal: normally I don't call throws, no matter whether
    used in tick-throws or not aren't cheap. This is the only exception: he can
    use this for an infinite combo, can follow it up with a super, can lead it in
    to a 50% combo (unMAXed)!
    Most Effective: Endless, damaging, painful-to-watch combos.
    Countering: Stay out of throw range and give your opponent the "throws are
    cheap" speech (even if you don't believe in it). Either that or buy your
    opponent lunch. While you're at it...ah screw it! If he isn't convinced yet
    he isn't human.
    MATURE-Running Slash
    Since I want to keep this FAQ within a reasonable size, just look at Leona's
    with these few changes: Mature doesn't have to charge, making Mature a bigger
    pain. Mature also has the long-ranged CD which she can cancel it into, making
    Mature a bigger pain.
    VICE-None. Closest thing is that Chun-Li wanna-be kick, which has no range.
    Alan Abraham                    Writer, creator, anti-cheezer, originator
                                    and most importantly ME!
    KoF ML                          Some insights, and also what types of Cheeze
                                    can be seen outside of my low-skill arcade.
    Oh well, I hoped you all enjoyed/got help from this thing, feel free to
    e-mail me, Alan Abraham, at: 72604.551@compuserve.com.
    ---a local scrub after hearing about me writing this FAQ :).

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