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            by : Joe Palanca (JGPalanca@aol.com) & the Cool Creations Crew
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            Why a General Information FAQ?  Well, it seems that many people don't
    know the stories behind the characters, and a lot of questions have arisen
    about the two games.  So, since I pretty much play the game for the story and
    stuff, I figured that I should write out a FAQ to answer all those questions
    out there that pertain to the story of the game.  This is not a game FAQ such
    that it contains move lists or codes or anything of that sort.  If you want
    that FAQ, look for my KING OF FIGHTERS '95 FAQ or KING OF FIGHTERS '96 FAQ
    which is available through me or most other sites that have video game FAQs.
    This is a true FAQ for those who are curious about the story of the King of
    Fighters Tournament...
    Note : The stories are pieced together from various sources which include :
    SNK workers, Gamest Magazines, NeoGeo Promotions, Fatal Fury Anime series,
    Art of Fighting Anime, KoF Mangas, Fatal Fury Mangas, Game manuals, Magazine
    Reviews, Strategy Guides, discussions on mailing list, & various other
    sources.  Some stories needed a bit of filling in, but any fiction was kept
    to a minimum.
    Version History
    The King of Fighters Tournament
    Fighting Styles
    Other FAQs
    Info Lacking/Needed
            For making such cool games
    Cool Creations (INation@aol.com)
            Lots of help in edits, spelling, research, etc.
    Galen Komatsu (gkomatsu@hawaii.edu)
            Some information taken from his KoF'94 FAQ; as well as some other
            info he sent me
    NeoGeo Mailing List (neogeo@dhp.com)
            Some discussions there enlightened me to more information
    King of Fighters Mailing List (KoF-ML@umich.edu)
            Some discussions there gave me more info
    Mark Steven Nunez (nunez@cs.utexas.edu)
            Some great info and criticism
    Scott Fujimoto (sfujimoto@delphi.com)
            KoF'95 mook and guide info
    Raymond Leung (rleung8@ucla.edu)
            Some origin info
    Greg Kasavin (shrike@slip.net)
            Ikari Warriors game info
    Mousse (mousse@netcom.ca)
            Info on Geese and King
    Luis Boix (bfi233t@voyager.uat.mx)
            KoF'96 Stories
    Derek Eung (tenchi97@hotmail.com)
            Background info on Kasumi Todo
    Y. Choe (cmaster@ucla.edu)
            Origin of Heidern
    Sephiroth (gokou@pacific.net.sg)
    Lancer (lancer@pacific.net.sg)
    Moonrun (moonrun@pacific.net.sg)
            Some info from their KoF'97 FAQ
    0.5 - Unreleased; stories of the characters from '94 only
    0.7 - Unreleased; stories of new characters from '95 and old characters
    1.0 - Initial released version; stories fixed and other FAQs added
    1.5 - Stories updated; new information added; technical errors fixed
    1.7 - Minor updates; Land of Origin Section added
    2.0 - Lots of revisions; more details added due to popular demand :)
    2.5 - Final revision (since KoF'95 that is...)
    3.0 - KoF'96 has been released...
    3.2 - Revisions based on KoF'96 info
    3.3 - Fighting Styles section added
    3.5 - Some missing info added; slight revisions
    3.7 - Updated stories...filled in missing info
    3.8 - Minor fill-ins
    3.9 - More Minor Fill-ins
    4.0 - KoF'96 team stories!!!
    5.0 - Long needed update correcting stories, finished '96 stories and adding
          '97 stories
            The King of Fighters tournament started in Southtown, a city ruled by
    crimelords, especially one in particular.  A man named Geese Howard held the
    power and money to introduce such an illegal event.  He himself was a master
    of the art of Hakyokusaken.  The tournament brought in large amounts of money
    which helped him gain his high status in the city.  City officials and police
    officers turned the other way, thanks to large donations from Geese.
            In one of the earliest tournaments (AoF2), Geese had hired a man by
    the name of Mr. Big to handle it.  However, a certain family, by the name of
    Sakazaki, was looking for some payback for past troubles (AoF).  But their
    interference did little to affect Geese's tournaments.
            Everything was working smoothly, until two brothers came looking for
    revenge.  Terry and Andy Bogard showed up with their friend Joe Higashi, and
    demanded revenge.  Geese had been so greedy for power, he had killed Jeff
    Bogard after Jeff had been chosen to learn the secrets of Hakyokusaken over
    Geese.  Now the two brothers wanted retribution for their father's murder.
    In the end, Geese was presumably dead and the tournament ended.
            However, the next year, a man named Wolfgang Krauser reinstated the
    tournament in hopes to find the man who defeated Geese Howard.  Krauser was
    Geese's half-brother, and he was a formidable and tough opponent.  None could
    beat him.  Lone Wolf Terry Bogard was able to take his skills to the next
    level and beat Krauser in the end.  Thus, the tournament ended once again.
            In 1994, invitations went out to all the best fighters in the world.
    It seemed the King of Fighters tournament would continue under a new sponser,
    the mysterious [R].  A new rule was adopted, allowing for three on three
    competition.  It was discovered that a man named Rugal B was behind this, and
    he had sinister plans for the fighters.  But he was defeated, and presumed
    dead after attempting a last ditch suicide attack.
            1995.  Invitations were once again sent out, and old faces returned,
    along with some new ones...a familiar one in particular who stayed at the
    sidelines, watching and waiting for his time when he would return.  Once
    again, it was Rugal, more evil and powerful than ever.  But, like '94, he was
    defeated and overwhelmed by his newfound power.  King of Fighters '95 ended.
            With the end of KoF'95, Geese's reappearance brought about a new
    twist to the plot of the KoF storyline.  The secret scrolls which contain the
    secret to immortality are up for grabs, and the Fatal Fury cast, along with
    some new appearances fight for this esteemed treasure.  This introduces
    Yamazaki, Chon Su, and Chon Rei.  Fatal Fury 3 : The Road to Final Victory
    takes place between King of Fighters '95 and Real Bout...
            The next King of Fighters tournament returns with the original
    sponser.  Geese Howard is back, for the last time.  In his last appearance,
    he holds the tournament one last time, with a slightly different setup, where
    each fighter fights three opponents per match.  Terry and Andy Bogard finish
    this tournament once again, as Geese falls to his death (but somehow survives
            The newest tournament, King of Fighters '96 brings some new faces
    onto the scene, along with some old ones making surprise appearances...A new
    force has arisen, possessing the power of Orochi Yamatano...Iori is back,
    determined to have his final battle with Kyo...Geese Howard and Wolfgang
    Krauser show that they are very much alive...The sponser, Kagura, held the
    tournament to test the fighters strength.  For only the worthy would be able
    to defeat the wielders of the Orochi power and seal off the evil that had
    been set free.  The fighters proved their worth and were victorious, but in
    the process, a secret had awakened within several fighters.
            The year is 1997.  The power of the Orochi is at hand.  Will this be
    the final battle?
    Chronological Order of the KoF tournament and related games :
            Art of Fighting 1
            Art of Fighting 2
            Fatal Fury 1
            Fatal Fury 2
            King of Fighters '94
            Fatal Fury 3
            King of Fighters '95
            Real Bout Fatal Fury
            Art of Fighting 3
            King of Fighters '96
            King of Fighters '97
    Fatal Fury Special is not involved in any way with the KoF storyline, or any
    storyline for that matter.  It's basically just a pure fighter to satisfy the
    fans who wanted more from the series.
    I think the same goes for Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, but am unsure.
    Note : I've divided the characters up into their respective teams.  The
    format is as follows : Name, Original Game character appeared in, Other Games
    character appeared in, Place of Birth, Heritage, Fighting Style, Age, Height,
    Weight, Background Info
    * Age, Height, and Weight are during the KoF'95 tournment; Height is in
      centimeters and Weight is in kilograms *
    Magatama/Orochi note : See explanation after character info for more about
            Kyo, Iori, Saishu, Goenitz, Chris, Yashiro, Shermie, and Rugal, Vice,
            Leona, and Mature's powers.
    ---JAPAN'S STRONGEST FIGHTERS-----------------------------------------------
                                    KYO KUSANAGI
    Original Game : KoF'94
    Other Games : KoF Series
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Magatama
    Age : 20
    Height : 181 cm
    Weight : 75 kg
    Background Info : Kyo was raised in the Kusanagi Clan, a clan that taught the
    deadly burning martial arts of Magatama.  Their techniques required a focused
    chi to generate awesome fire-based attacks.  He joined the King of Fighters
    Tournament in search of his father who was rumored to have been defeated by
    the sponser.  Learning about his father's death at the hands of Rugal, he
    exacted revenge.  But in '95 his father and Rugal resurfaced, and Kyo was put
    to the test once again.  But a new challenge arose as well.  A face from his
    past had returned.  The rival Yagami Clan had entered its own fighter in the
    tournament.  A childhood rival named Iori was out for Kusanagi blood.  In
    1996, Kyo is badly defeated by an unknown fighter.  He is so badly beaten,
    that he can barely even perform any of his special techniques.  Returning to
    the place of his defeat, he performs a new technique before Benimaru and
    Goro...one that wields massive power.  With this technique, they enter the
    tournament to find the one who humiliated Kyo.  Kyo's power is that of the
                                    BENIMARU NIKKAIDO
    Original Game : KoF'94
    Other Games : KoF Series
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing)
    Age : 21
    Height : 180 cm
    Weight : 70 kg
    Background Info :  Benimaru was trained in the art of Muay Thai.  His quick
    and precise style made him one of the best.  His electric powers are a
    mystery, even to his team mates.  It is rumored that he may be an indirect
    descendant of one of the four main bosses...the master of lightning.  He is a
    vain man who seems to care more about his looks than his fighter's pride.  He
    is a classmate of Kyo, who discovered that he is one of the best fighters in
    Japan, using his skills to charm the ladies, and recruited him to join the
    King of Fighters Tournament in '94.  They were reunited in '95 when the
    learned of Rugal's return.
                                    GORO DAIMON
    Original Game : KoF'94
    Other Games : KoF Series
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Judo
    Age : 29
    Height : 204 cm
    Weight : 103 kg
    Background Info :  Daimon is Japan's powerhouse.  His Judo style makes him
    invincible in grappling matches.  He cares about nothing but training and
    bowling.  Kyo and the big man have been friends since childhood.  Very little
    is known about his past.
    KOF'96 STORY :
            One day, Kyo received a challenge from a mystery man.  He asked that
    Kyo go alone.  Kyo goes and fights, but is defeated.  But before he loses
    conciousness, the mystery man tells Kyo, "You are too weak.  I hope that in
    the tournament you will be stronger and then we can fight again."  When Kyo
    awakens, Benimaru and Goro are there.  He tells them what had occurred, and
    they give him the invitation.  They enter the tournament to find out who the
    mystery man is and what's his relationship to Iori.
    KoF'97 Story :
            Kyo continues to have nightmares of suffering defeat at the hands of
    a mysterious foe.  Benimaru has lately been questioning his existance.  And
    Goro has decided to return to the world of judo.  Together, they enter the
    '97 tournament to each find their own answers.
    ---ALL-FEMALE FIGHTING TEAM-------------------------------------------------
                                    YURI SAKAZAKI
    Original Game : Art of Fighting
    Other Games : Art of Fighting Series, KoF series
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese-American
    Fighting Style : Kyokugenryu Karate
    Age : 20
    Height : 168 cm
    Weight : 50 kg
    Background Info :  She is the younger sister of Ryo Sakazaki.  In Art of
    Fighting, she was kidnapped and Ryo and Robert went to her rescue only to
    find that her abductor was their father, Takuma.  In Art of Fighting 2, she
    joined the battle with Ryo, Robert and her father.  But when Ryo, Robert, and
    Takuma formed their own team for the King of Fighters '94 tournament, Yuri
    felt left out.  She wanted to prove that she was a good fighter, and hooked
    up with King and Mai.  She's out to prove to her big brother and father that
    she's no pushover.  Actually, she's out for the prize money like the other
    two, which is why she hooked up again with her partners in '95.  She has a
    crush on Robert Garcia and is currently dating him.  (See Kyokugenryu Karate
    Team for more...)
                                    MAI SHIRANUI
    Original Game : Fatal Fury 2
    Other Games : Fatal Fury Series after FF2, KoF series, Samurai Shodown
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Shiranui-Ryu Ninjitsu
    Age : 20
    Height : 164 cm
    Weight : 50 kg
    Background Info :  She trained under Jubei Yamada with Andy for a while,
    learning the art of Shiranui-Ryu Ninjitsu.  Her grandfather, Hanzo Shiranui
    was Andy's sensei.  She believes that Andy is her fiance, but Andy is
    reluctant to show his feelings for her.  Like Yuri, Mai felt left out when
    Terry, Andy, and Joe formed their team.  She feels that Andy left her out on
    purpose, and is going to prove that she can fight as well as any man.
    Original Game : Art of Fighting
    Other Games : Art of Fighting 2, KoF series
    Place of Birth : France or England
    Heritage : American (spent her childhood in Thailand)
    Fighting Style : Muay Thai (Thai Kick-boxing)
    Age : 24
    Height : 175 cm
    Weight : 58 kg
    Background Info :  She was a bouncer in Art of Fighting, her Muay Thai style,
    which she learned in Thailand as a child, combined with her speed made her a
    very tough one at that.  During a fight with Robert, she was exposed as a
    woman.  Later, she opened her own club with Duck King (which is their stage
    in '95).  She was approached by Yuri and Mai to join them in winning the
    prize money for both tournaments.  At first she declined, but was eventually
    convinced by her younger brother (who is her inspiration).  But after hanging
    out with them for two years, she thinks that in '96 she'll get new partners
    ...unfortunately, she's still stuck with a pair of airheads...
                                    KASUMI TODO
    Original Game : AoF 3
    Other Games : KoF'96
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Aikido
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info :  She's the daughter of Todo from Art of Fighting.  During
    one time, Todo had disappeared.  Knowing he had fought with Ryo, she joined
    with him to find her father.  King had seen her fight and knew her father, so
    she invited her to join the team after Yuri was forced to join her brother
    and boyfriend.
                                    CHIZURU KAGURA
    Original Game : KoF'96
    Other Games : KoF'97
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : The Ancient Art of Kagura
    Age : 22
    Height : 169 cm
    Weight : 52 kg
    Background Info : (See below for more info.)  With a mysterious atmosphere
    looming over this year's tournament, Chizuru decides to join King and Mai in
    an attempt to seal off the Orochi once more.
    KOF'96 STORY :
            Mai had been very preoccupied because Yuri had been forced to join
    the Kyokugenryu Karate team, King was taking care of her brother, and Andy
    already had a team.  She refused to miss this year's tournament.  Suddenly,
    she felt the presence of someone approaching her from behind.  She evaded a
    sudden attack, and realized that it was a very young a powerful girl who was
    behind it.  "Ha!  Just what I expected.  You are very strong and quick (but
    not as good as me).  Joining forces, we three can win the tournament very
    easy.  Yes, we are three.  King sent me to join you.  Her brother is better
    and she will meet us at the tournament."
    KoF'97 Story :
            All contacts with Kasumi were lost and Yuri is still teamed with Ryo
    and Robert to hold up the Kyokugenryu Karate school's name.  Thus, King and
    Mai had decided not to enter this year's tournament.  But Chizuru needs their
    help and offers to be their third member.  Thus, Team Gorgeous is back again.
    ---YAGAMI AND HIS TEAMS-----------------------------------------------------
                                    IORI YAGAMI
    Original Game : KoF'95
    Other Games : KoF Series
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Magatama
    Age : 20
    Height : 182 cm
    Weight : 79 kg
    Background Info :  He is a man who appeared out of no where with a personal
    agenda.  Iori is from Kyo's rival clan, the Yagami's.  He has one goal in
    mind, to kill Kyo.  Their families have battled for years, and he feels that
    this will be the last battle.  His chi is focused in his purple flames, the
    flames of revenge!  Most of his past is shrouded in mystery.  Along with his
    quest for vengeance, Iori has discovered that the power of the Orochi is up
    for grabs, and he will make it his at any cost.  Iori's power is that of the
    Moon.  Because of their nature, the Yagami's are easily influenced by the
    power of the Orochi.  Thus, it is more likely that the power of Orochi will
    flow within Iori than in Kyo.
                                    BILLY CANE
    Original Game : Fatal Fury
    Other Games : Fatal Fury series, KoF'95
    Place of Birth : England
    Heritage : British
    Fighting Style : Bo/Staff Fighting
    Age : 28
    Height : 179 cm
    Weight : 77 kg
    Background Info :  Billy is Geese's right-hand man.  Geese sent him to join
    Iori in hopes that he would defeat Terry once and for all.  Even Billy has
    his own reasons for revenge.  Before Terry showed up, Billy was the champion,
    only giving way to Geese, at the King of Fighters Tournament. However, he
    fails to beat Terry, and even gets beaten up by Iori in the end.  Geese
    decides that in '96 he'll be in charge.  Billy, surviving the beating from
    Iori, lets his boss handle the '96 tournament.  (See below for more info.)
                                    EIJI KISARAGI
    Original Game : Art of Fighting 2
    Other Games : KoF'95
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Ninjitsu
    Age : 28
    Height : 172 cm
    Weight : 70 kg
    Background Info :  Eiji joins the team for one purpose.  He is the sworn
    enemy of the Kyokugen School of Karate.  He has his own goals, and Iori and
    Billy are just pawns he's using to get to Ryo and his friends.  It is implied
    in AoF2 that he has a thing for Mai, but cannot seem to get anywhere with
    her.  However, if a relationship ever developed, there could be some serious
    complications since their ninja clans are rivals.  And Eiji believes that the
    Kisaragi School of Ninjitsu is invincible (and he's not too bad either).
    After his severe beating at the hands of Iori, he dissappeared, and his
    whereabouts and status are unknown.
    Original Game : KoF'95
    Other Games : KoF'96
    Place of Birth : ?
    Heritage : ?
    Fighting Style : Combination of Magatama and Orochi
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info :  Rugal had somehow siphoned some of the Orochi power.  So
    she was sent by the Orochi clan to watch him and see what was to happen.  In
    the process, she discovered Iori through the tournament and her mission was
    to now awaken the Orochi powers within him.  Unfortunately, the process made
    him loose control and he turned on her and Mature.
    Original Game : KoF'94
    Other Games : KoF'96
    Place of Birth : ?
    Heritage : ?
    Fighting Style : Combination of Magatama and Orochi
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info :  The Orochi was surprised that Rugal had been able to
    survive a fight with him.  Therefore, he sent Mature to keep an eye on him
    and discover how this was possible.  Through the tournament, she discovered
    Kyo and his father Saisyu.  Both would be valuable to the Orochi.  But she
    was only able to get Saisyu.  To get Kyo, she turned to his rival Iori for
    help (unknown to him of course).
    KOF'96 STORY :
            Iori is visited by two mysterious women, who, without warning, attack
    him.  While fighting one, the other says that he is a good fighter and that
    they know of his rivalry with Kyo.  "We can do each other a favor.  We'll
    help you finish Kyo and you help us win the tournament this year.  How about
    it?"  Iori, who is only seeking revenge [I sense a Genjuro wannabe], tells
    them that the tournament is of no interest to him, but he will help them.
    "But Kyo is mine!"  Now Iori has a new team...the real objectives of his
    partners are unknown...
    KoF'97 Story :
            In the last KoF tournament, the Orochi power was awakened within Iori
    causing him to lose self control.  He himself did not choose to enter this
    year, but rather Chizuru who entered him in the tournament.  His hatred for
    Kyo is his main reason for agreeing to enter...he is determined to finish
    this battle...
    ---THE LEGENDARY TRIO OF GAROU----------------------------------------------
                                    TERRY BOGARD
    Original Game : Fatal Fury
    Other Games : Fatal Fury series, KoF series
    Place of Birth : Southtown, USA
    Heritage : American
    Fighting Style : Hakyokusaken
    Age : 24
    Height : 182 cm
    Weight : 77 kg
    Background Info :  Terry was one of two boys living on the streets picked up
    by a great fighter named Jeff Bogard.  He adopted Terry and another boy,
    named Andy.  (It is unclear whether or not Terry and Andy truly are brothers,
    or just two unrelated kids Jeff picked up.)  He intended to pass on his
    knowledge of the Hakyokusaken fighting style to the two boys, but was
    murdered under the order of Geese Howard, a rival pupil, before he could do
    so.  (In the Anime, it is Geese himself who murders Jeff, but the in the AoF
    game, it is Takuma.)  But his sensei, Tung Fu Rue was still alive.  He
    ordered Terry and Andy, at the time still young boys, to perfect their own
    style of martial arts, then he would teach the better in order to get revenge
    on Geese for the death of their father.  Terry returned, proving to be the
    better suited to learn the ways of Hakyokusaken, and eventually killed Geese.
    But in the process, Tung Fu Rue died while teaching Terry the secret
    techniques.  The next year, Terry was faced with his strongest opponent yet.
    Geese's half-brother, Wolfgang Krauser, was bent on destroying the man who
    would be champion.  Terry proved his worth, and Krauser commited suicide, not
    allowed to live with the shame of defeat.  Now Terry fights to increase his
    skill level.  He is the best there is, and joins Andy and Joe yet again in
    the annual King of Fighters Tournament.  He's glad that he's partners with
    them now, rather than having to fight them in the tournament.  (Incidentally,
    Terry has adopted a kid in the Fatal Fury series, because Jeff did the same
    for him.  Terry's gloves are Jeff Bogard's, which is why he treasures them so
    much.)  Terry's involvement in the KoF'94 tournament was mainly brought about
    through a woman.  She was somehow connected to Rugal, and was being chased by
    some of his men.  Terry saved her, and entered to the tournament to find out
    just what Rugal was after.
                                    ANDY BOGARD
    Original Game : Fatal Fury
    Other Games : Fatal Fury Series, KoF series
    Place of Birth : Southtown, USA
    Heritage : American (but spent much of his life in Japan)
    Fighting Style : Kopoken
    Age : 23
    Height : 171 cm
    Weight : 69 kg
    Background Info :  Andy was the other boy picked up off the streets and
    adopted by Jeff Bogard.  He went to Japan to train under the great Hanzo
    Shirunui in the ways of Kapoken, a deadly close-in technique.  There he met
    Mai, Hanzo's granddaughter.  They trained together as kids, but after ten
    years, he left without a word.  He was unsuited to learn the techniques of
    Hakyokusaken because he could not learn to control his emotions.  Rather he
    was ruled by them, driven by his hatred for Geese.  He developed a rivalry
    with his older brother, always being second to him.  Andy joins Terry and his
    friend, Joe to prove that he is the better fighter.  His rivalry with Terry
    is a friendly one.  He's also coping with his feelings for Mai.  Although he
    tries to deny that he loves her, he easily shows emotions of jealousy and
    concern for her.  In the latest Fatal Fury (Real Bout), they finally get to-
                                    JOE HIGASHI
    Original Game : Fatal Fury
    Other Games : Fatal Fury series, KoF series
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese (but spent much of his life in Thailand)
    Fighting Style : Muay Thai (Thai Kick-boxing)
    Age : 23
    Height : 180 cm
    Weight : 72 kg
    Background Info :  Joe's the fun loving kickboxer who knows how to have a
    good time.  He's a showman, and is determined to show his audience how a real
    fighter fights!  He met Andy during a tournament while Andy was training.
    Andy was the only one to beat the champion kickboxer.  A legend in his time,
    he's out to prove he's the hero and the best of the best.  He is still the
    current Kick-boxing champion.  After a fight with Axel Hawk, he announced his
    partners for the KoF'94 tournament to be Andy and Mai...unfortunately, Mai
    didn't agree with his reasons for her being on the team, so Terry ended up in
    her place...;)
    KOF'96 STORY :
            Terry at last arrives at the port where he will meet Andy and Joe for
    the tournament.  Far away, he sees two people waiting for him.  But they are
    not who he expected.  Instead, they are Geese and Billy.  "Very well, Terry.
    This time I will be in the tournament and nothing will save you from your
    destruction.  Warn your brother and that Muay Thai exhibitionist!"  After his
    warning, Geese and Billy leave.  Terry relates the incident to Andy and Joe,
    and they agree that they will finish Geese once and for all. [The only
    explanation I can give is a comic I saw relating to Geese surviving his fall
    in Real Bout.  This is not official, but funny nonetheless.  As he drops, he
    sommersaults and throws his air fireball, slowing his fall (and killing a
    guy on the street), and lands safely on the roof of a car as Billy watches.]
    KoF'97 Story :
            Learning from Blue Mary that Geese is still around and somehow
    connected to this year's tournament, Terry joins with the eager Joe Higashi
    and his not-so-enthusiastic brother, Andy once more.
    ---THE KYOKUGENRYU KARATE TEAM----------------------------------------------
                                    RYO SAKAZAKI
    Original Game : Art of Fighting
    Other Games : Art of Fighting series, KoF series, Fatal Fury Special
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese-American
    Fighting Style : Kyokugenryu Karate
    Age : 24
    Height : 179 cm
    Weight : 68 kg
    Background Info :  While he was still a child, his father suddenly
    disappeared, leaving him in the care of Robert Garcia.  His little knowledge
    that his father did teach him in the ways of Kyoku-Gen Karate was enough of a
    foundation for Robert to continue his training.  But his sister, Yuri was
    suddenly abducted, and he and Robert set out to rescue her.  In the end, they
    learned that it was Ryo's father, Takuma, who was behind it all.  He was
    working for Geese Howard, and had been the one to murder Jeff Bogard.  He now
    trains with Robert and Yuri under his father, and is determined that training
    is the only way to be the best.  But his father's training techniques leave a
    lot to be desired.  Takuma has decided that the tournament will be good for
    his training.  Unfortunately, Ryo doesn't think so.  But, father knows best!
    His symbol is a tiger.
                                    ROBERT GARCIA
    Original Game : Art of Fighting
    Other Games : Art of Fighting series, KoF series
    Place of Birth : Spain (although Mr. Big thought he was Italian)
    Heritage : Spanish (but spent a lot of time in Italy)
    Fighting Style : Kyokugenryu Karate
    Age : 24
    Height : 180 cm
    Weight : 85 kg
    Background Info :  A son of a rich man, he was sent at an early age to learn
    discipline through the martial arts.  Takuma trained Robert in the ways of
    Kyokugen Karate.  But he suddenly disappeared, leaving Ryo and Yuri in his
    care.  The rest of his story is that of Ryo's.  Dragged along with his friend
    Ryo, Robert has a bad feeling about this training stuff.  His symbol is a
    dragon.  He's currently going out with Yuri.  Although in the latest Art of
    Fighting (Gaiden), his relationship becomes questionable when a face from his
    past (a woman's to be precise) shows up to interrupt a date he's having with
                                    TAKUMA SAKAZAKI
    Original Game : Art of Fighting
    Other Games : Art of Fighting 2, KoF series
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Kyokugenryu Karate
    Age : 50
    Height : 180 cm
    Weight : 70 kg
    Background Info :  To motivate his two students, Mr. Karate joins them in the
    tournament to prove that Kyokugen Karate cannot lose.  (His story can be
    pieced together from Ryo, Robert, and Yuri's.)  In '96, he is tired, and
    forces Yuri to join the team, so that they will prove once and for all that
    Kyokugenryu Karate rules.
                                    YURI SAKAZAKI
    Original Game : Art of Fighting
    Other Games : Art of Fighting Series, KoF series
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese-American
    Fighting Style : Kyokugenryu Karate
    Age : 20
    Height : 168 cm
    Weight : 50 kg
    Background Info : (See All Female Fighting Team as well.)  After Takuma's
    attempts to further train Robert and Ryo, the two students have decided to
    finally accept Yuri as their third team member.  However, the questions that
    arise are -- Can brother and sister stand each other long enough to gain
    victory?  And can Robert and Yuri keep their feelings from affecting their
    fighting abilities?
    KOF'96 STORY :
            "Very well, Robert and Ryo.  As I told you before, I am too tired to
    join the tournament this year, but I have found someone to take my place,"
    says Takuma to his students.  "And that person is your sister, Ryo."
    "What?!?  I don't want to team up with her!" Ryo exclaims.  "Don't worry,"
    replies Takuma.  "She didn't want to either, but I forced her.  You two and
    Robert must prove that Kyokugenryu Karate is the best in the world.  When you
    have finished with the tournament, you can solve your problems."
    KoF'97 Story :
            A mysterous man attacks the Kyokugenryu Dojo, defeating everyone.
    Takuma decides to go after this mysterious man, but before doing so, he
    orders Ryo, Robert, and Yuri to uphold the Kyokugenryu Karate school's name
    and win the tournament this year.
    ---THE PSYCHO SOLDIER TEAM--------------------------------------------------
                                    ATHENA ASAMIYA
    Original Game : Athena
    Other Games : Psycho Soldier, KoF series
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese (but spent some of her life in China)
    Fighting Style : Wu Shu
    Age : 18
    Height : 163 cm
    Weight : 50 kg
    Background Info :  During a journey through China, Athena came across a fight
    involving Kensou and an odd-looking fighter (so odd, that Kensou couldn't
    stop laughing).  Using this distraction, the other fighter began to easily
    beat Kensou, at which point, Athena stepped in and showed her stuff.  She was
    introduced to Kensou's master, Chin.  Later, she recieved an invitation to a
    fight tournament.  However, it required teams of three.  Immediately she
    thought of Kensou and Chin and the three began their quest to bring justice
    to the world.  She was Kyo's classmate in high school by the way.
                                    SIE KENSOU
    Original Game : Psycho Soldier
    Other Games : KoF series
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese (but spent some of his life in China)
    Fighting Style : Combination Kung Fu and Wu Shu
    Age : 19
    Height : 172 cm
    Weight : 61 kg
    Background Info :  Claiming to be Athena's boyfriend (she doesn't agree), he
    joins with her and Chin in their quest for justice.  An orphan, he was raised
    by Chin, and taught to focus his chi into psychic forces.  Meeting Athena by
    chance at a tournament, he has since fallen for her.  After meeting her, he
    began going to the same school as her and Kyo.
                                    CHIN GENZAI
    Original Game : KoF'94
    Other Games : KoF'95
    Place of Birth : China
    Heritage : Chinese
    Fighting Style : Kung Fu
    Age : 89
    Height : 164 cm
    Weight : 53 kg
    Background Info :  Athena and Sie's sensei, this drunk old man hopes to
    defeat evil in time to eat dinner with his wife.  His chi is focused through
    his sake jug!
    KOF'96 STORY :
            While Athena and Sie are training for the '96 tournament, Chin is in
    a nearby bar...training his own way.  There he overhears a conversation of
    some people.  "This year the tournament is going to be very popular.  There
    are more people and all fights are going to be televised.  Everyone says that
    all the best fighters in the world are going to show up."  After hearing all
    this, Chin wonders who the sponser of this year's tournament is, since Rugal
    destroyed himself.  "I better go train with the kids...something tells me
    that this year something bad is going to happen..."
    KoF'97 Story :
            The trio had no plans of joining this years competition.  However,
    Athena recieved a letter from a fan who moved deeply, making her realize that
    her efforts brought courage to other people.  With (an easily convinced)
    Kensou, they go to their master, Chin, to pursuade him in taking part in this
    year's tournament.
    ---THE LEGENDARY WARRIORS OF IKARI------------------------------------------
    Original Game : Ikari Warriors III (appears briefly to give Ralf and Clark
            their mission)
    Other Games : KoF'94, KoF'95
    Place of Birth : Hell...er...Germany
    Heritage : Unknown (he has no accent, and where he spent his life training
               and who he owes allegiance to is undocumented)
    Fighting Style : Green Beret Training
    Age : 43
    Height : 192 cm
    Weight 90 kg
    Background Info :  Heidern had been fighting Rugal, when Rugal sliced out his
    eye.  Trying to stop the fight, Heidern's wife, Sandra, and daughter, Clara,
    stepped between them.  Heidern watched in horror, as Rugal slaughtered them.
    After learning of the KoF tournament, being held under the sponsorship of
    Rugal, he went in search of two former mercenaries who had worked for him,
    and asked them to join his battle.  With the death of Rugal, there is no
    longer a reason for him to be in the tournament, so he assigns Leona in his
    Original Game : Ikari Warriors
    Other Games : Ikari Warriors series, KoF series
    Place of Birth : Brazil or Argentina
    Heritage : Brazilian or Argentinian
    Fighting Style : Armed Forces Training & Native American Wrestling
    Age : 39
    Height : 188 cm
    Weight : 90 kg
    Background Info :  Ralf and Clark had been on a mission in Brazil, when their
    helicopter when down (their stage in '94).  While they were working their way
    out of the jungle (and after a brief incident with Clark revealing Ralf's
    distaste for snakes), a leopard attacked them, but was stopped by Heidern.
    He gave them an invitation to join him in the KoF tournament.  The Brazilian
    soldier of fortune agreed to join up with  Heidern and his partner Clark on
    their toughest mission yet.  He has learned to focus his chi into fists of
    flame.  He owes allegiance to no country, but rather works as a mercenary for
    Original Game : Ikari Warriors
    Other Games : Ikari Warriors series, KoF series
    Place of Birth : America
    Heritage : American (but may have spent time in Brazil or Argentina)
    Fighting Style : Armed Forces Training & Native American Wrestling
    Age : 34
    Height : 187 cm
    Weight : 89 kg
    Background Info :  He goes along with his partner Ralf in helping Heidern get
    revenge.  The combination of his Armed Forces Training and Native American
    Wrestling Style make him a formidable opponent.  "Hey!"  Like Ralf, he owes
    allegiance to no country, and works as a mercenary for hire.
    Original Game : KoF'96
    Other Games : KoF'97
    Place of Birth : Brazil (?)
    Heritage : Amazonian
    Fighting Style : Combination of Green Beret Training and Amazonian styles
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info :  At the age a young age, her Orochi blood was awakened, and
    she wiped out her entire family.  Later, she was found in the jungle by
    Heidern who took it upon himself to train and raise her.  Now, she undertakes
    the role as the third team member, replacing her mentor, in the latest King
    of Fighters tournament.  The blood of the Orochi flows in her veins.
    KOF'96 STORY :
            With the new invitations to the KoF tournament, and the imminent
    participation of Geese Howard, the Legendary Warriors of Ikari prepare them-
    selves to go to the competition and see why Geese is there.  But Heidern
    tells them, "I'm sorry, boys, but with Rugal's destruction, I have no reason
    for joining the tournament.  Yes, I know the tournament requires teams of
    three, so I have called a trusted friend.  Her name is Leona, and I have
    trained her personnally."  The idea of a woman in the team does not sit well
    with Ralf or Clark.  But Heidern says, "Don't underestimate her 'till you
    see what she can do..."
    KoF'97 Story :
            During a mission, Leona comes across a child which awakens memories
    within her.  This leads to the failure of her mission and she gets
    temporarily suspended.  Ralf tries to get her mind off it by entering them
    into this year's tournament.
    ---KOREA'S STRANGEST TEAM---------------------------------------------------
                                    KIM KAP HWAN
    Original Game : Fatal Fury 2
    Other Games : Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout, KoF series, Samurai Shodown 2
    Place of Birth : Korea
    Heritage : Korean
    Fighting Style : Tae Kwon Do
    Age : 30
    Height : 176 cm
    Weight : 78 kg
    Background Info :  Out to show the world justice, the Korean way, Kim
    recruits two former convicts and trains them for the tournaments.  After his
    sons received the invitation for the KoF'94 tournament, he was stunned to
    learn that it required a team of three members.  However, his sons had been
    watching television at the time, and reports of a Korean, "Jack the Ripper"
    and a ball and chain bearing convict had just escaped from prison.  Of course
    his first thoughts were to improve their much lacking skills and train them
    on his quest for Korean justice!  Much to their reluctance, Kim (ever so
    forcefully) recruited them and brought them into his home...much to the
    dismay of his wife and kids.  His championship Tae Kwon Do skills are
    unmatched.  He is a good friend of Terry Bogard, and looks forward to
    fighting him in the tournament.  Of course Joe Higashi believes that he's the
    champ, and he has to be defeated first!!!  He's looking to show his sons that
    his father can fight the best.  In the '95 tournament, he further improved
    his teammates' skills.  And after they almost ran away, they have now earned
    their uniforms in the '96 tournament.
                                    CHANG KOEHAN
    Original Game : KoF'94
    Other Games : KoF series
    Place of Birth : Korea
    Heritage : Korean
    Fighting Style : Variation of Tae Kwon Do
    Age : 39
    Height : 227 cm
    Weight : 203 kg
    Background Info :  After escaping from prison, he was invited into Kim's home
    to join him as a teammate in the KoF'94 tournament.  After a brief flick of
    nasal blockage on the part of Chang followed by a sound beating from Kim,
    Chang was conviced, unhappily, to join the team.
                                    CHOI BOUNGE
    Original Game : KoF'94
    Other Games : KoF series
    Place of Birth : Korea
    Heritage : Korean
    Fighting Style : Variation of Tae Kwon Do
    Age : 36
    Height : 153 cm
    Weight : 44 kg
    Background Info :  Terrorizing the streets of Korea as their version of "Jack
    the Ripper," Kim found him and (after a quick bonk on the head) brought him
    into his home to train along with Chang.  Unconvinced of Kim's abilities, he
    challenged the Tae Kwon Do master and received a painful proof (as did Chang
    who has no idea why he was beat up for Choi's defiance).  Now he (unwilling-
    ly) joins Kim's crusade...
    KOF'96 STORY :
            Chang and Choi have suffered like no one in the last two years.  Both
    prefer to be in prison rather than continue training with Kim.  "That lunatic
    never lets us rest.  Day after day, we do nothing but train.  I hope that
    this will be over soon."  Suddenly, Kim arrives and tells them about the
    invitation to the tournament and says, "This will be our last tournament
    together.  We have been training very hard and this year, we will show them
    the power of Tae Kwon Do.  I hope that doesn't make you feel bad to know that
    when the tournament is over, we will seperate."  (Of course not!  That news
    makes them very happy...and makes Kim wonder.)
    KoF'97 Story :
            Kim, still unconvinced that his two students are cleansed, continues
    to train them.  However, a TV station comes and asks to do a documentary on
    them.  Kim decides that the upcoming KoF tournament would be a perfect place
    to demonstrate his success with the two.
    ---THE SPORTS HEROES TEAM---------------------------------------------------
                                    HEAVY D
    Original Game : KoF'94 (supposedly an SNK boxing game, but I haven't seen it)
    Other Games : none
    Place of Birth : Bronx, USA
    Heritage : American
    Fighting Style : Boxing
    Age, Height, Weight : '95 Stats. unknown
    Background Info :  Heavy D was approached by Lucky to join him in the King of
    Fighters '94 tournament.  His boxing career was heading no where, and the
    streets weren't enough of a challenge for him.  He agreed and joined the
                                    LUCKY GLAUBER
    Original Game : KoF'94 (he's from an early SNK basketball game, but I can't
                    remember the name)
    Other Games : none
    Place of Birth : Harlem, USA
    Heritage : American
    Fighting Style : Karate/Basketball
    Age, Height, Weight : '95 Stats. unknown
    Background Info :  A great basketball player, he trained himself in karate,
    and took up street fighting in his spare time.  Recieving an invitation for
    the tournament, he called up his two friends to join him.
                                    BRIAN BATTLER
    Original Game : Football Frenzy (he wears the uniform of one of the teams)
    Other Games : none
    Place of Birth : USA
    Heritage : American
    Fighting Style : Street Fighting/Football
    Age, Height, Weight : '95 Stats. unknown
    Background Info :  His football skills are unmatched.  And from them, he
    learned to fight.  However, his love was still in football, and after the
    KoF'94 tournament, he went back to football.  Unfortunately for the team, his
    team was in the Superbowl and was unable to take part in the KoF'95
    tournament, preventing the other two from entering for lack of a third
    Note : These three don't really come from a previous game, but rather are
    representatives of some of SNK's sports games.  The original game listed is
    the game which they represent.
    KoF'97 Note :
            The team makes a surprise appearance in one of the backgrounds.
    ---HISTORY'S MOST EVIL TRIO-------------------------------------------------
                                    GEESE HOWARD
    Original Game : Fatal Fury
    Other Games : Fatal Fury Special, 3, Real Bout, KoF series, AoF series
    Place of Birth : Unknown
    Heritage : American
    Fighting Style : Hakyokusaken
    Age : 43 (KoF'96 info)
    Height : 183 cm (KoF'96 info)
    Weight : 82 kg (KoF'96 info)
    Background Info : Geese makes his first real appearance (FFSpecial does not
    tie into the stories) since his supposed death in Fatal Fury.  In KoF'94 his
    brief appearance acknowledges the fact that he's back and wants revenge on
    Terry and Andy.  In '95, he sends Billy to do the dirty work, but Billy fails
    leaving Geese to clean up.  Geese implies that he will be in charge, and
    does take charge as sponser in Real Bout, and as part of the new team in KoF
    '96.  Secretly, Geese is just using Mr. Big and Krauser to find out the
    secrets of the power of Orochi.
                                    MR. BIG
    Original Game : AoF
    Other Games : AoF series, KoF'96
    Place of Birth : ?
    Heritage : ?
    Fighting Style : ?
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info : He works as one of Geese's main men.  An underworld boss,
    yet still under Geese's power.  He is known for the many women who serve him.
                                    WOLFGANG KRAUSER
    Original Game : Fatal Fury 2
    Other Games : Fatal Fury Special, KoF series
    Place of Birth : Germany
    Heritage : German
    Fighting Style : House of Stroheilm (sp?)
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info : One of the most ruthless men to ever sit at the head of his
    family, Krauser is the half-brother of Geese.  He killed his own father at
    the age of 15 and took over the family.  Nearly killing Terry Bogard and Joe
    Higashi, he became known as one of the strongest fighters.  But Terry fought
    back, and unable to live with the disgrace of losing, Krauser supposedly
    commited suicide.  But his cameo appearance in KoF'94 showed him to be very
    much alive and hungry for revenge.  He now joins his half-brother and Mr. Big
    in the latest tournament.
    KOF'96 STORY :
            Billy Cane wasn't very happy that his boss, Geese, decided to take
    part in this tournament with Mr. Big and Krauser.  "You know that I want to
    avenge myself from that @$$ Iori, boss."  Geese tells Billy not to worry, he
    will have time for revenge, after he has achieved his plans.  Once united,
    the three most feared fighters agree.  "Okay," says Mr. Big.  "We will help
    you finish off the Bogards, but I hope you will at least give me the pleasure
    of finishing off the Sakazakis."  Geese smiles, "With pleasure."  He laughs,
    but not because he will be free of the Bogards, but because he is using Big
    and Krauser to achieve an even more perverse goal...
    ---OROCHI'S POWER TEAM------------------------------------------------------
                                    NANSAKE YASHIRO
    Original Game : KoF'97
    Other Games : None
    Place of Birth : ?
    Heritage : ?
    Fighting Style : Orochi - Power of Earth
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info : A descendant of the Orochi user of Earth.
    Original Game : KoF'97
    Other Games : None
    Place of Birth : ?
    Heritage : ?
    Fighting Style : Orochi - Power of Lightning
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info : A descendant of the Orochi user of Lightning.
    Original Game : KoF'97
    Other Games : None
    Place of Birth : ?
    Heritage : ?
    Fighting Style : Orochi - Power of Flame
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info : A descendant of the Orochi user of Flame.  It is unknown
    whether he has the power of the moon or sun.  It is rumored that he has both
    and is the most powerful in the bloodline of the Orochi (which may explain
    why he is the one to become Orochi in the final battle).
    KoF'97 Story :
            Their concert was cancelled as a result of a red-haired man in a
    rival band.  As they were discussing this, a commercial for the KoF
    tournament came on and showed a picture of the same red-haired man entering
    the tournament.  Stealing entries for the KoF tournament, they enter with
    revenge on their minds.
    ---'97 TEAM SPECIAL---------------------------------------------------------
                                    BILLY KANE
    Original Game : Fatal Fury
    Other Games : Fatal Fury Series, KoF'95, KoF'97
    Place of Birth : England
    Heritage : British
    Fighting Style : Bo Fighting
    Age : 28
    Height : 179 cm
    Weight : 77 kg
    Background Info : With Geese's interest in the power of Orochi ressurected,
    he sends Billy once again to observe Iori.  But this time, he sends him with
    Yamazaki and Blue Mary.  Billy, however, is none too thrilled about this.
                                    RYUJI YAMAZAKI
    Original Game : Fatal Fury 3
    Other Games : Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, KoF'97
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Ware-Ryu Kenka Karate (Self-styled Fighting Karate)
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info : A bodyguard for the Chon Shu twins, he helped them try to
    acquire the secret scrolls.  They were unsuccessful.  Later, striking out on
    his own this time, he once again made the attempt to gain the knowledge held
    in the secret scrolls.  He failed again.  He has a slight hatred for Geese,
    because both times it had been Geese Howard who stood in his way.  At first
    reluctant to join a team under Geese's "dog," he changed his mind with plans
    of his own.
                                    BLUE MARY
    Original Game : Fatal Fury 3
    Other Games : Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, KoF'97
    Place of Birth : ?
    Heritage : ?
    Fighting Style : Sanbo
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info : On a mission of her own, she joins Billy's team to discover
    what Yamazaki is up to.  Within the tournament, there is another target she
    must contact.  She has some interests in Terry Bogard.
    KoF'97 Story :
            Geese, still intrigued by Iori's powers, sends Billy to enter the
    tournament again.  This time, he sends him to join Ryuji Yamazaki and Blue
    ---KYO'S PUPIL--------------------------------------------------------------
                                    SHINGO YABUKI
    Original Game : KoF'97
    Other Games : None
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Magatama (unperfected)
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info : As a second year high school student, Shingo witnessed an
    awesome display of power from an elder student.  Asking to become his pupil,
    he was at first rejected, but later, that senior changed his mind.  The
    senior decided it would be a good way to kill time and to have someone run
    his errands for him.  Months later, Shingo witnessed another display of moves
    which he jotted all down in his notebook.  He vows to someday become as
    powerful as his his senior, learning all the techniques.  His main goal is to
    be able to throw the same powerful flames used my his senior, Kyo Kusanagi.
    KoF'97 Story :
            Hoping to put what he's learned to use and to hopefully come one step
    closer to Kyo, he is able to gain entry into the KoF'97 tournament as a
    single entry.
    ---KOF'S FINAL CHALLENGERS--------------------------------------------------
                                    RUGAL B
    Original Game : KoF'94
    Other Games : none
    Place of Birth : Unknown
    Heritage : Unknown
    Age, Height, Weight : See Omega Rugal
    Fighting Style : Combination of Geese (Hakyokusaken), Krauser, and Orochi
    Background Info :  Rugal claims to be the best fighter, making trophies out
    of those that he defeats.  However, he is defeated by a mysterious foe.  He
    is somehow able to survive with but the lost of one eye.  Trying to regain
    face, he holds a tournament, inviting the best fighters in the world.  He
    tries to make trophies out of those that enter the KoF Tournament.  But fails
    and tries to kill his foes by commiting suicide (blowing up his ship).
                                    SAISHU KUSANAGI
    Original Game : KoF'94
    Other Games : KoF'95
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : Magatama
    Age : 50
    Height : 177 cm
    Weight : 68 kg
    Background Info :  Saishu is Kyo's father, and the current head of the
    Kusanagi clan.  He challenges Rugal, but is defeated and supposedly killed.
    He comes back in '95 under Rugal's control.  After being defeated, he
    disappears, still alive and back to himself.  He leaves Kyo to find his own
    destiny, for their greatest battle is still to come.
                                    OMEGA RUGAL
    Original Game : KoF'95
    Other Games : none
    Place of Birth : depths of revenge
    Heritage : Unknown (possibly demonic)
    Fighting Style : Same as Rugal B
    Age : ?
    Height : 197 cm
    Weight : 103 kg
    Background Info :  With his approaching death, the Orochi power within him is
    awakened, and allows him to survive his suicide attempt.  It turns out that
    he was only able to survive his fight with the mysterious man because he was
    able to siphon some of the power.  With this new found power, he looks to
    vengeance and once again holds the KoF tournament.  However, he is unable to
    control his new power and is overwhelmed and destroyed by it.
                                    CHIZURU KAGURA
    Original Game : KoF'96
    Other Games : none
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Heritage : Japanese
    Fighting Style : The Ancient Art of Kagura (see below)
    Age : 22
    Height : 169 cm
    Weight : 52 kg
    Background Info : She and her twin sister were the guardians of the seal of
    Orochi.  However, a man named Goenitz killed her sister and the seal was
    broken, freeing the power of the Orochi.  Now, eight years later, the power
    has grown and must be sealed off once more.  Kagura decides to hold a
    tournament to find the most powerful fighters to aid her in sealing off the
    Orochi once more.  Her fighting style, the Ancient Art of Kagura, finds its
    origins in the Ancient Art of Yata, protector of the Mirror of Yata.
    Original Game : KoF'96
    Other Games : none
    Place of Birth : Unknown
    Heritage : most likely Japanese
    Fighting Style : Power of Orochi - User of Wind
    Age : 41
    Height : 193 cm
    Weight : 88 kg
    Background Info : At the age of 18, he killed Kagura's twin sister in order
    to free the power of the Orochi and use it himself.  However, Rugal was able
    to steal some of the power as it was released.  Goenitz was curious to see
    what the power would do to a normal human.  So he let him live with only the
    loss of an eye.  To keep an eye on him, he sent Mature and Vice as spies.
    Now his time has come to show the world what the power of the Orochi truly
    Original Game : KoF'97
    Other Games : Mentioned throughout the KoF series
    Place of Birth : ?
    Heritage : ?
    Fighting Style : Orochi
    Age : ?
    Height : ?
    Weight : ?
    Background Info : A powerful being, he looks to speed up the desire of the
    human race...their self-destruction.  Every ten years (a hundred to him), he
    comes to the physical plane of the Earth to fulfill this duty.  However, the
    greatest fighters have always been there to stop him.
    ---GENERAL INFORMATION------------------------------------------------------
            Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting are two of SNK's popular fighting game
    series.  Currently there are five FF games and three AoF games.  Athena
    (described below) is an early SNK shooter (before NeoGeo) as is Psycho
    Soldier which is a sidescroller.  Ikari Warriors games are described below as
            Athena : This is a side scrolling platform game (translated to the
    NES) where you control the goddess Athena.  She has grown tired of her life
    on Olympus and decides to do some adventuring in the "Fantasy World."  In
    this realm she can pick up various weapons (bows and arrows, swords, morning
    stars, etc.) and armor, and special items (that give her wings or turn her
    into a mermaid) and she fights mythological creatures.  She looks nothing
    like her KoF counterpart, nor does she act like it, but if you have seen some
    of the load up screens for the NeoGeo CD Special, some of the pictures are of
    her from the Athena game.
            Ikari Warriors : There were three parts released..the first was a
    long game, lasting several hours of intense shooting.  Hop into tanks, toss
    grenades, nail frogmen under water...and the game might have been the first
    to implement a twist-top controller, allowing the player character to swivel
    independently of his movements.  The sequel was called Victory Road.  In the
    third installment, the game was changed to a side scroller, with big
    character graphics, and an emphasis on close-combat punching and kicking.
    Incidentally, the true Japanese translation of the names of the two warriors
    were Vince and Paul.  But were changed to Ralf and Clark in the American re-
    lease.  Also, both looked like Ralf, but for the KoF game, the second players
    appearance was changed, to give Clark a better seperate identity from Ralf.
    Magatama/Orochi powers : The style of fighting used by Kyo, Iori, Saishu, and
    Goenitz is an ancient art with secret techniques, all numbered.  Within these
    styles, are four basic styles, which are further broken up into more styles.
    Goenitz and Saishu are two of the four masters.  Goenitz is the master of the
    Wind, while Saishu is the master of Fire.  Kyo and Iori are both students of
    Fire.  Their powers are derived from the contrasting Sun and Moon.  Kyo's
    basis is the Sun, while Iori's, the Moon.  The other two techniques are Earth
    and Lightning.
    Some of you are probably curious as to know a little bit more about the style
    of fighting each character uses, so here's a brief description of these
    * Kung Fu : There are many styles of Kung Fu, from monkey to tiger to preying
    mantis to eagle.  Developed by Shaolin monks in a secluded monastery, this
    fighting form borrows much from the wisdom of animals and human sages.  Kung
    Fu draws philosophies and styles from the vast panorama of Chinese history
    and myth.
    * Muay Thai : The power of this art is in the legs, and kickboxers develop
    powerful legs indeed.  While this style is not very mobile, it has blindingly
    fast combinations.
    * Native American Wrestling : This art was developed as a wrestling game
    among Native American tribes.  It relies on physical prowess and a spirit
    attuned to nature.
    * Shotokan Karate/Kyokugenryu Karate : A style involving hard blows and
    kicks, they are deadly fighting arts developed in Japan.  Their moves are
    straightfoward and deceptively simple.  Most practitioners wear a gi, a sort
    of loose jacket and pants.
    * Special (Armed) Forces Training : This is commando training, designed to
    incapacitate an opponent quickly.  It evolved from a hodgepodge of arts,
    including boxing, jiu-jitsu, karate, etc.  It involves many surprise blows.
    * Wu Shu : A wild, acrobatic and showy art developed in China.  There are
    many substyles of Wu Shu, and many practitioners enter the Chinese Olympics
    to compete.
    * Ninjitsu : Unlike Karate, Ninjitsu does not train a fighter to take down an
    opponent with one powerful punch.  Ninjas work their opponents into fatigue,
    and expose them to telling blows.  Using techniques to baffle and confuse
    their targets, fighters often lose sight of their ninjitsu opponents.  Weapon
    training is also a large part of ninjitsu skills.
    * Tae Kwon Do : This art involves powerful kicks above all else.  Power,
    grace and speed are all combined to make this art both deadly and beautiful.
    Aerial displays are often the trademark of a style born in Korea.
    * Judo : This style of fighting involves many throws and holds.  Often the
    practitioner will use the opponent's momentum against them.  Tumbles and
    rolling strikes are also common techniques.
    * Boxing : Classic heavyweight boxing is a favorite American sport.  It
    relies on devastating punches to knock an opponent into submission.  Boxers
    have very fast hands and can deliver punishing blows.  They've also learned
    how to protect themselves from similar injury.
    * Bo/Staff Fighting : A combination of Karate with the use of a Bo or staff,
    this style is great for long range attacks.  Keeping distance between the
    practitioner and opponent is to the advantage of the practitioner.
    * Kopoken : A deadly close-in technique that requires quick, forceful move-
    ments.  The users of this art must be fast, often using multiple open palm or
    ridge-hand strikes at close range.  Quick KO's are a trademark of this style.
    * Hakyokusaken/House of Strolheim : This technique requires the user to be in
    perfect harmony with his surroundings.  The focus of the user's chi is an
    essential part of the fighting style.  Powerful energy attacks are part of
    art's usage.
    * Magatama : A mysterious form developed by the Kusanagis and Yagamis.  This
    art combines elements from Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and the use of
    dark chi.  It has many techniques, each numbered.  No single fighter has
    mastered them all.  The fiery chi produced from the attacks are its
    signature.  A very deadly form.
    * Which characters come from another game, and which game?
            See the above descriptions of each character.
    * Did Rugal die at the end of KoF'94?
            Technically, yes, he did.  He tried to kill his opponents by
    commiting suicide by blowing up his carrier.  But in KoF'95 he is ressurected
    with cybernetic parts.  He is also possessed by the Orochi power he was able
    to siphon, but he could not control the power, being overwhelmed by it and
    eventually destroyed by it.
    * Did Rugal kill Saishu in KoF'94?
            Yes, he did.  In the intermission before the fight with Rugal for
    Japan's team, Kyo finds his dad utterly defeated by Rugal.  But Rugal
    ressurects Saishu in '95 and uses some form of mind control to control him.
    He is still alive, but his whereabouts are unknown.
    * What's the Kyo/Iori story?
            1800 years ago, the evil Orochi Yamatano was silenced by the fists of
    Kusanagi, Hasshaku and the power of Magatama.  In a bitter dispute, the
    Hasshaku family broke legion with the Kusanagi clan.  660 years of battle
            The Hasshakus, seeking domination and a life of earthly pleasure,
    allied with the Orochi family in a blood contract, rising in terror under the
    name of Yagami.
            Behind the scenes, the dreaded Yagami clan manipulated the power
    holders of time, buffeting all good souls with winds of chaos.  In the
    shadows of history, the Yagamis collided with the Kusanagis continuously.
    And now, the final battle is set to take place......
            1995 Kyo and Iori meet to battle it out!
            Japan's legendary myth of the Yamata no Orochi is a story where an
    eight-headed dragon trys to destroy the country.  But the true fact is, it
    was not an eight-headed dragon that was endangering all of Japan, but eight
    fierce warriors.  Thank god for the country, the power of the demonic
    warriors were entrapped by three brave clans, the Yagami, Kusanagi, and Yata
    (Kagura).  The Orochi power was then sealed into the bodies of the Yata clan,
    whom from then on were always born as twins.
            Even up to the modern day, the seal has been guarded by the three
    clans, or so everyone thought.  Eight years before the KoF'96 tournament,
    Kagura Chizuru's twin sister was killed, and in the process, the power of the
    Orochi was released.  The killer was an 18 year old named Goenitz, one of the
    decendants of the four fiercest bosses of the eight Orochi warriors.
            Unfortunately for Goenitz, a 25 year old by the name of Rugal stole
    some of the Orochi power as it was freed.  Goenitz, being a cool man, even at
    his age, decided to see what would happen if a normal human being possessed
    the Orochi power.  So he let Rugal live with but the loss of an eye.  In
    order to keep an eye on him, he sent two other decendants of the Orochi clan
    to spy on him.  Their names were Vice and Mature.
            Around the same time, a green haired little girl who also carried the
    Orochi blood suddenly went ballistic and wiped out her entire family.  She
    was later adopted by a tall, one-eyed soldier named Heidern.
            Eight years after the massacre, Chizuru opens a tournament to find
    the fiercest fighters of the world in order to stop Goenitz and the rest of
    the Orochi clan.  After a bloody fight, Goenitz returns to the skies.  But
    this is not the end, only a new beginning.  There is more to come as three of
    the Orochi bosses carry on their ambition to rid the world of the sinful
    * Which characters have air specials in '95?
            Only two are confirmed, Ryo and Kim.  But in the All-About King of
    Fighters '95 Book, they have Robert, Mai, and Sie doing theirs as well.  This
    has yet to be confirmed.  I have actually done Robert's barely off the ground
    but have been unable to do the other two's.  Check out my game FAQ to find
    out how to do theirs.  Ryo's and Kim's POW specials are done the same way in
    the air as on the ground.
    * What's in the gamest mooks?
            KoF'94 Mook -> 206 pages; gives character info, art, background,
    stats, moves (damage levels, execution time, scoring), voice transcriptions,
    dialogue, strategy, tricks (i.e. abbreviated motions), planning info (reject-
    ed team designs, character design ideas, intro storyboards), fan art, poster.
            KoF'95 Graphic Manual -> 144 pages; stats, stories, photos of every
    possible move, play system, relationship chart.
            KoF'95 Mook -> 352 pages; fan art, play system, stats, stories,
    design art, demo storyboards, voice transcriptions, text, attack levels,
    scoring, execution, movement speeds, distances, info on just about every form
    of movement and attack.
    * What's in the All-About King of Fighters '95 Book?
            I don't know since I don't have it.
    * What's in the Guide to King of Fighters '95 book?
            Screenshots of special moves, lots more info than the gamest mook,
    stats on every special move (damage, speed, etc.), stats on characters, lots
    of tips, sketches of characters laid out during design, and interviews.
    * Is there an anime out?
            It is rumored that one is in the works, but isn't officially
    confirmed.  It would be nice if it was done by Masami Oobari (Fatal Fury
    animes; Gowcaizer game and anime).
    * Are there any mangas?
            There are a lot, but I hear that most have only average artwork and
    terrible stories.  I have the King of Fighters '94 mangas which were put out
    by Kadokawa Comics.  It's decent art...don't know about the story, but it
    seems pretty entertaining from the pics.  There are also some doujinshi's
    (which are unofficial, humorous stories based on the characters) out in
    collected volumes labelled KoF'94, '95, '96 Anthology.
    * What happened to King of Fighters Remix?
            I haven't got a clue...
    * What other FAQs are out?
            I have a FAQ out for KoF'95, which should be found at most of the
    usual sites or through me.  The KoF'94 FAQ is in multiple parts, done by
    Galen Komatsu (gkomatsu@hawaii.edu).  There's this FAQ, which you're reading.
    A combo list and Team China FAQ from BBH (lordbbh@aol.com or kensou@aol.com).
    And I have seen at least two other game FAQs floating out there...but I'm
    sure there are a lot more.  I also did a speech translation list with all the
    start, taunt, win, and lose character speeches.  Currently, I'm working on
    the KoF'96 FAQ.  There's also a KoF'96 combo FAQ.  I've got a KoF'97 FAQ and
    there are quite a number of other KoF'97 FAQs out as well.
    1. Which five fighters all attended the same school at one time?
    2. How many people in the game have or are rumored to have Orochi blood in
    3. The legendary myth of the Yamata no Orochi is also used as a basis for
            another popular SNK series.  However, they are eight devils rather
            than warriors.  Which game is this?
    4. What kind of outfit does Kyo wear?
    5. Which characters have been in all but one King of Fighters tournament?
    - Anything you care to contribute will be helpful.
    - Anything missing or that you think is necessary.
    I'll give them with the next update, or you can e-mail me for them.
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