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    Geese by Basel

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    Geese Howard
    A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
    What you will read down is my strategy, which means..
    it might not be workable with you as it is with me and
    may be yes. I really do not need any E-Mail(s) asking:
    "What is good or bad" since I will fully talk about
    everything about him (including combination attacks).
    Hope it will somehow be useful to you and lead your
    play or skills to a higher level.
    Why Geese?
    Easy and simple... because he is the coolest of all.
    This time the main villain and bad@$$ is here and you
    really MUST try him, at least. You will fully enjoy...
    yary yary... 
    Name: Geese Howard
    Wife's Name: Maire R.
    Son's Name: Rock Howard
    Brother-In-Law's Name: Kain R.
    Half Brother's Name: Wolfgang Krauser
    Most Trustworthy Bodyguards: Billy Kane, Hopper and
    Also Known As: "Ruler of Southtown", The Conqueror of
    the Underworld, "Don of the Dark Organization", "The
    Ultimate Self-Made Badguy" and "Lone Wolf Killer
    He Is: The Main Villain in SNK 
    Weapon: Bare Hands
    Style: He trained under every Martial Arts master, so
    he is pretty damn expert with everything
    Age: Above 45
    Birth Date: 1953.1.21 
    Birthplace: America
    Height: 183cm
    Weight: 82kg
    Blood Type: B
    Hates Most: Those who get in his way.
    Likes Most: To be the only ruler.
    Favorite Sport: None
    It is the Boss Team background. For Geese, Mr. Big and
    Krauser. Like a place in the underground for the rich
    and well-known people to gather and see the fights.
    You will see some dudes like Geese's bodyguards,
    Billy, Hopper and Ripper. Krauser's bodyguard, L.
    Blood and Mr. Big's bodyguards. The stage moves around
    the underground in the second round and you can notice
    some guys on a boat following you with a TV camera so
    that your fights could be seen to others. Pretty cool,
    Geese N. The famous and well-known music that makes
    you feel hot and just want the match to start so that
    you could attack your opponent madly. It is by far the
    best BGM in the game with no doubt. That is why Geese
    is so special... many good things come along with him.
    Storyline, BGM, stage, hatred, cool special moves,
    neat super moves, great quotes, bad@$$ looks, crazy
    outfit, sweet old inrto with Terry and some wanted
    fellas like Wolfgang Krauser and Mr Big.
    Tease Quote:
    Moves Quotes:
    2)Reppu Ken (Wind Slice)
    3)Double Reppu Ken (Double Wind Slice)
    4)Janeken (Evil Shadow Smasher)
    5)Shippu Ken
    6)Hmp... ha (Flying Sawblade Slicer)
    7)Raising Storm
    Intro Quotes:
    8)You... hehe. (points his finger at his opponent then
    squeezes his hand with a pure evil smile... as if he
    is saying: "you will be easily crushed")
    Winning Poses:
    13)He, heh!
    14)Ha, ha, ha... ha ha ha.
    Winning Quotes:
    16)Hmph! I'll break anyone who blocks my way to world
    17)How does it feel to be ruled by overwhelming power?
    18)Do you want the power to live again? Sorry, your
    time has run out!
    Special Intro Quotes:
    Terry: GEEEEEEEEESE!!!
    Geese: C'moooon! 
    A - Light Punch 
    B - Light Kick 
    C - Hard Punch 
    D - Hard Kick 
    Command List:
    1)Reppu Ken: Down, down/forward, forward + A 
    2)Double Reppu Ken: Down, down/forward, forward + C
    3)Evil Shadow Smasher: Half circle back + A or C
    4)Upper Body Blow: Half circle forward + B
    5)Middle Body Blow: Half circle forward + D
    6)Flying Sawblade Slicer: Forward, down, down/forward
    A or C
    7)Shippu Ken: During jump... Down, down/backward,
    backward + A or C 
    8)Raising Storm: Down/backward, half circle back,
    down/forward + A or C
    Special Normal Attacks:
    9)Get Lost: Standing CD
    10)180 Kick Degree: CD in the air
    11)Katate Nage (One Hand Blow), also called, "Anvil
    Bash" and "Dunk Toss": Near Opponent, forward or
    backward + D
    12)"See The Clouds" Toss: Near Opponent, forward or
    backward + C
    Normal Attacks that can connected to Special moves:
    1)Standing A
    2)Crouching A
    3)Standing B
    4)Crouching B
    5)Distance A 
    6)Standing C
    7)Crouching C
    8)Get Lost 
    9)Standing D (first hit)
    10)Crouching D
    Normal Attacks that cannot be connected to Special
    1)Distance B
    2)Distance C
    3)Standing D (second hit)
    4)Distance D
    Normal Air Attacks that can be connected to Special
    1)Up C
    Normal Air Attacks that can be connected to Special
    1)180 Kick Degree
    Normal Additional Attack:
    Crouching C: Down/backward, half circle back,
    down/forward + C
    P.S.: Normal Additional Attack means there are some
    Normal Attacks that can be cancelled to another Normal
    Attack. Like twice standing CC or air DD or crouching
    CC and can be connected to a combination attacks, but
    the life bar must not be at red or you are charging.
    Every character has its own. Geese can do crouching CC
    then Reppu Ken for example. See the combos below for
    further demonstration. 
    Here, Geese is very fast... he can jump, defend or do
    anything freely but with a deep focus, of course. 
    Okay, his standing and distance As are not that much
    of a big deal, but you can use his distance A when you
    want to keep the "I Like To Jump A Lot, Mr."
    charactets away and give yourself some distance. His
    crouching A is really GREAT, use it when you want to
    play fast and finish it with a distance B. That would
    be very save. Also, it helps against big characters
    like Goro and Chang. The standing and crouching Bs
    won't be used that much since you have some other good
    options. But use them with a combination attack or use
    his crouching B to cancel some characters' Normal
    Attacks, like Ralf's standing C and when you want to
    use his Reppu Ken. But I advice you to use his
    distance B only after his crouching As... like three
    Light Punches then the distance Light Kick. Because
    the opponent can attack you when he defends the
    distance B and you really do not won't to be attacked,
    but instead, you want to only keep on attacking until
    you win. 
    His standing and crouching Cs are there for combos,
    Reppu Ken and Evil Shadow Masher + A not C (be fully
    careful). Same exact case goes for his standing and
    crouching Ds. His distance C and D are great to deal
    with guys like Choi and Chin. Three Cs or Ds are more
    than enough to let them think again and not attack or
    they will get another one and then they will get dizzy
    and see the clouds in a very shameful way. Distance C
    comes out pretty fast and the recovery is kind of fast
    and there is some lag though. His distance D comes out
    not that fast and there is a little lag but do it from
    a distance. I mean, be sure that when you do it,
    Geese's finger will hit the opponent. (not the leg).
    But it does not matter that much, because if the
    opponent is fast and got Iori, he can get you with his
    Deadly Flower + A. So, stick with the distance C. It
    is much saver and better but the distance D has got
    more range for your very good information, stud.
    Always remember that his crouching B will come in
    handy very much when you play with some characters,
    like Clark, Iori, Mature, Ralf and Chin. It has some
    power and it can cancel their Normal Attacks! And his
    crouching C has got the same case. We call it "The
    Invincible Punch" and I call it "The Invincible
    Shoryuken". If you do it in time before you get up
    from the ground and master the timing with the other
    Normal Attacks, you will be much stronger. Its
    invinciblity is not by just pressing the C button,
    no... its invinciblity comes in the first three
    frames. Pretty hard but if you master it, it will be
    pretty damn easy. I have been playing this game from a
    very long long long time and until now (K.O.F'2002)
    and still, I did not see anyone could hit me when I do
    it. Sometimes it trades hits but most of the time I
    hit, but being hit? Never...
    His Air Attacks are all great this time. His A and B
    are pretty fast and when you play fast do them when
    you are going backward. His A is good because if the
    opponent is defending low then it will hit him or her.
    Also, his up C is great because it has the same case
    as his A, but his up C is more damaging and also fast
    but it needs to be done when you are near the opponent
    so that you can get him or her and you can do after it
    Shippu Ken, but with the high jump not low. But his A
    can be done anywhere... you can jump forward,
    backward, up or anywhere to do it. Every attack has
    its goodness and badness. Like the Special Moves, they
    have their good and weak points. His D is good for
    combos or when a character jumps a lot then jump
    backward and D. His C is the most second good Air
    Attack. Four painful punches then decent combos.
    Pretty good. You can even do Shippu Ken after it but
    you must jump backward to perform the Shippu Ken,
    because it cannot be performed in low jumps or low air
    attacks. It is pretty fast and it breaks the guard in
    no time, but it has one major weak point, which is the
    character can crouch and hit you when you do it, but
    not to worry, if you understand the good distance
    between you and your opponent, then you should have no
    problems. Besides, not all the characters do so. If
    you do it from a distance and with a low jump then
    they cannot hit you, you will hit them and do a very
    painful combo so that next time they won't risk their
    lives with their stupidity. 
    His 180 Kick Degree is the best Air Attack with no
    question asked. It has great invinciblity and range.
    Also it can hit high, middle and low. And it beats
    almost all other Air Attacks. May be there will be a
    trade hit with Chin's air CD or Chang's air CD, but it
    hits most of the time, especially when he spreads his
    left leg up (the frames 15 frames I think)... its
    invinciblty comes here. But sometimes Mature's
    standing CD can hit it if you are jumping high. Stick
    with low and short jumps, not high and long jump
    (short and long mean slow and fast, hero). Also, there
    is no lag, so when you counter anything, jump again
    and 180 Kick Degree. Unfortunately, his Get Lost does
    not have good range, and it is not like the one in
    Capcom Vs. SNK 1 or 2... it is good to be used when
    the opponent is cornered... so that when it counters,
    you can do the Raising Storm and anything else... like
    Reppu Ken.
    Throw your opponent with the Katate Nage when you want
    to keep some distance between you and your opponent,
    but NEVER throw him or her at the corner when he or
    she is cornered, because they can roll your throw and
    then attack! You will be pretty close. So, when they
    are cornered at the right side, throw them at the left
    side. And when you want to keep on attacking and want
    the opponent to be near you, then use his "See The
    Clouds" Toss. It is easier to escape this throw than
    the Katate Nage, though. 
    As for his Special Moves, I say almost... all his
    moves and Super Move have some bad recovery so they
    should be used after the Normal Attacks or combos...
    His Reppu Ken is good when it hits from a distance and
    time comes out fast and it will come in handy
    sometimes... against Chin when he does Mochizuki
    Intoxicator. And if he gets up fast then use your
    crouching B. His Double Reppu Ken is pretty damn slow
    and it does not reach the opponent as before... you
    have to get near the opponent and perform it, just
    like his Reppu Ken (I do not understand why they made
    Geese like that!). Just do the Reppu Ken when you get
    the opponent with the standing D, otherwise do not use
    it at all. Because it has a very damn bad recovery,
    really bad. And it is really not worth it. Same case
    goes for his Flying Sawblade Slicer... it is not like
    the one in Art of Fighting 2 at all. It is pretty much
    bad but more damaging. And it does not reach low. Only
    mid and high... even Chang can defend when he is at
    low position. So you have to do it after standing D.
    Evil Shadow Smasher is good and the best... it is
    damaging and with a little lag (very damn little) and
    good range. Do it with the A button because if you do
    it with the C button then you are history, dummy. None
    could hit me when I did it except Iori's Deadly
    Flower. And not many times, only when he was cornered.
    And if you do it after a combination attack, the
    opponent will surely yell: "DAMN"! His Middle Body
    Blow is good when someone like Ralf playing from a
    distance and mashing the C button endlessly. But I
    advice you to use his crouching B if that is the case.
    It breaks out Ralf's standing C easily. But the Upper
    Body Blow is very great because it can counter all Air
    Attacks, Special Moves and Super Moves... but there is
    some exception for others of course, it depends on
    what move or super you want to counter. So, go home
    and try to counter everything to see what does Geese
    capable of countering and not. 
    Unfortunately, his normal Raising Storm is not good at
    all, because it is not invincible at all. But if the
    opponent is jumping from a distance and high jump,
    then you have to do it with the A button and before he
    or she gets a little near you. And there is some
    lag... the max Raising Storm is deadly and so painful,
    especially if counters the opponent. It is great, but
    still... not that dependable, it has some invinciblity
    though. Still there a good thing about it. You won't
    be thinking of using the Raising Storm this time
    because this game DEPENDS a lot on the Normal Attacks
    and Special Moves.
    If you want to play perfectly good... start with jump
    backward and forward with the normal Attacks, but it
    does not have to be near the opponent. Just to confuse
    your opponent and see what he or she would do. Also do
    not do any move just like that, do it after for a
    combo. There is exception for his Shippu Ken of
    course. His Shippu Ken can be pretty handy to you when
    the opponent is jumping, just backward jump and Shippu
    Ken. Always stay focus and push the buttons for a
    purpose. From time to time use his standing C or D so
    that you can let your opponent at defense position.
    You are thinking of some many good ways to make your
    opponent dizzy. It is pretty easy to do so but you
    have to stay focus and change your play. If you see
    the opponent at attacking position, jump C... with
    some characters like Chang, there is no way out. You
    should keep on the same method, but you will make his
    Super Bar at charge. No problem... just focus while
    you are procceding the jumps with the C, if you see
    him rolls forward or backward, fast go to the way he
    is in and do the same. He will be very confused. And
    you can hit him with your distance D if he does his
    Spinning Iron Ball. Just see the ball and when it goes
    back, hit him. If it is hard, then listen to the sound
    of the wind the ball makes, the sound comes and goes
    fast... when it goes off, hit him. Also, Iori's Deadly
    Flower are so easy to hit, just after the two hits,
    push the C button. Whether he contiues the last one or
    not, it does not matter since you are going to hit him
    either way. The same case goes for Choi's Hisho
    Kuretsuzan. Do some tricks, when you always repeat on
    the air C, once do not attack... instead, throw or
    crouching B then the opponent will defend low, then
    just low jump up C or high up C then Shippu Ken. 
    When you are cornered, just depend on the Light
    Punches and Kicks. And when you are keeping some
    distance, do distance C. Do not think of only doing
    combos, just think how to keep yourself a live three
    rounds. Think of making your opponent's attacks all in
    complete waste. Geese is so fun to use, and most of
    Capcom fans in here like to see us playing him because
    some of them like his BGM and some like his play. It
    is hard to see the fellas play and enjoy with them
    nodays because now, the games are not like the old
    good days. 
    Normal Combos:
    I will only write the names of the moves (not the
    commands), I have always been so... so if anybody is
    not good with it, you can see the command list above
    and then check here again. I will list every good,
    bad, short, long, easy and hard combos. I really will
    not bother to look for sites to put any of their
    combos in here. I like to see my work completely
    original, but you might know all the combos... I will
    put it just for Geese's fans' sake. N.A.A. means
    Normal Addtional Attack.
    1)Jump C, crouching C, N.A.A. C, Evil Shadow Smasher
    2)Jump C, standing D, Flying Sawblade Slicer
    3)Jump C, standing D, Double Reppu Ken
    4)Jump Up C, Shippu Ken
    5)Jump backward C, Shippu Ken
    6)Jump B, Crouching A, crouching A, crouching A,
    standing B
    7)Jump Up C, Shippu Ken, Crouching A, crouching A,
    crouching A, standing B (opponent must be cornered)
    8)Jump Up C, Shippu Ken, crouching C, N.A.A. C, Evil
    Shadow Smasher (opponent must be cornered)
    9)Jump Up C, Shippu Ken, standing D, Flying Sawblade
    Slicer (opponent must be cornered)
    10)Jump Up C, Shippu Ken, standing D, Double Reppu Ken
    (opponent must be cornered)
    11)Jump C, Jump C, crouching C, N.A.A. C, Evil Shadow
    12)Jump C, Jump C, Jump backward C, Shippu Ken
    13)Jump D, standing C, Reppu Ken
    14)Shippu Ken, crouching C, N.A.A. C, Evil Shadow
    15)Jump C, Jump C, standing D, Flying Sawblade Slicer
    16)Jump C, Jump C, standing D, Double Reppu Ken
    17)Jump C, Jump C, Crouching A, crouching A, crouching
    A, standing B
    Counter Combos:
    18)Get Lost, Flying Sawblade Slicer (opponent must be
    19)Get Lost, Reppu Ken (opponent must be cornered)
    20)Get Lost, Double Reppu Ken (opponent must be
    21)180 Kick Degree, 180 Kick Degree
    22)180 Kick Degree, Evil Shadow Smasher
    23)180 Kick Degree, Normal Raising Storm (opponent
    must be cornered)
    24)Get Lost, Max Raising Storm (opponent must be
    Infinite Combo:
    25)Charge... Low jump C and repeat until the opponent
    gets dizzy
    Questions And Answers:
    This section is for those who E-Mailed me and asked
    about a thing or two. Instead of E-Mailing them back,
    I will answer hear so that nobody would asked the same
    questions again.
    Q: Iori has got two infinities. One in the corner and
    the other one anywhere. The question is: "can I keep
    my butt save?"
    A: Tariq, you suck and that is about it. No really ^_^
    the first infinity must be done in the corner and
    while you are jumping so that is something hard to
    get. When you are cornered you have to keep on using
    the Light Punches and Kicks and when Iori does his
    Deadly Flower, after you defend the two hits, fast
    push standing C. If the first hit did not hit you,
    that is. And if it did then roll forward. Or if you
    really do not want to get beaten up real good then try
    to do as I said about the As and Bs and when you see a
    chance, jump. Also, never do a Shippu Ken when you are
    cornered against Iori. He will easily get you. So,
    just play save and stick with the Normal Attacks, the
    opponent will feel scared because if your punches and
    kicks get through then he or she will soon get dizzy
    and that is where you will own the match. As for the
    Scum Gale infinite, just do not let him get near you,
    or do not let him have the time to even do it. Keep on
    confusing him. Is this hard to do?
    Q: Hey, man... thanks a lot. I did not play the game
    on its time but I and my friends are playing it every
    once in a while on the Playstation and I really was
    surprised on what you said about the N.A.A.! I tired
    it but it did not work and may you tell me if Ryo has
    A: You have got to do it fast. Be sure your Life Bar
    is not at RED or you are not charging. In other words,
    you have to be without Supers. Go to your opponent and
    do the Raising Storm command + C and then keep on
    holding the C button. Then you will see Geese punches
    the opponent twice with his crouching C. And this faq
    is not about Ryo... only Geese but I will answer this
    question this time. Ryo has got three. 1)Standing C,
    2)Standing CD and 3)Standing B.
    Q: Don' ya think dat ya wrote da faq in da 'rong time?
    I mean da people no' 're playin' K.O.K'2002 w'hile ya
    stil' on da old games! Oh 'n hi! :)
    A: Long time no see! ^_^ I pasted what you said
    because that style makes me laugh a lot. Pretty nice.
    Well, yes... the game is kind of old but we still have
    the game at the Arcade in here, you know! Believe it
    or not, and we are still playing it. So I thought I
    should write a faq about my so favorite character. And
    I could care less about K.O.F'2002, you know...
    K.O.F.'96 still rules. And anyone who says otherwise
    should be shot in head, I am afraid to say. And old is
    Q: Hey, Bos-bos... now answer this as friends. Why
    when I jump C to hit you, instead you get me with
    crouching C when I play Geese and you Clark and when I
    take Clark and you Geese it works on me? And do you
    still write "How To Play Against" or stopped? Because
    I might ask for some. Thanks, dude.
    A: Because you are jumping high, long and pressing the
    C button way to early... that is why, Roro. In order
    to prevent this usual mistake to happen, you have to
    jump low, short, from a distance and press the C
    button in time. This is nothing, really. Practice man,
    you have been playing this game for about seven years
    now and you still do not know how to time everything?
    If it is that hard then try his air B, it could hit
    Clark easily and there is no good timing needed. And
    about the other question... yes I do write "How To
    Play Against", but instead of only writting it... I
    wait for the E-Mail(s) and if anybody wants me to
    write how to play against one or two characters, then
    I will happily do so.
    Tony AL:
    Q: Nice work, really! I like old games and I was
    shocked when I saw your faq. Good to know there is
    someone in gamefaqs likes to write about old games. I
    just wanted to tell you that you misspelled Geese's
    wife name!
    A: Huh! You will find many guys here like old games...
    like music. And I always call her Marie... it is
    easier and funnier. No wonder I call Choi: "Chai" (it
    means Tea).
    Q: Yo, Basel. Isn't Geese's Super Move called Raging
    Storm? Are you sure Geese's famous throw called Katate
    Nage? Because I like to use official names and
    everybody is naming the moves as if they really know
    anything about Geese!
    A: Hmph! It is called "Raising Storm", not Raging
    Storm. I have all the manuals, books and games that
    Geese appeared in (Neo Geo I mean), and it is ONLY
    named as Raising Storm... I see a lot of guys say
    Raging Storm, but I do not blame them... I blame it on
    Shoryuken and Capcom. Raging Storm... this name
    stinks. And I have no pleasure or honor to use it. And
    the throw called Katate Nage since it is first
    appearance in Fatal Fury: Special. Also, SNK changed
    it in Fatal Fury 3 to "Anvil Bash" then in Real Bout
    Fatal Fury 2: The New Comers to "Dunk Toss". And this
    is pretty damn official, if you ask me. I am a BIG fan
    of Geese (since Fatal Fury and Spuer Spy) and mark my
    word, when I say official then it is official.
    Last Word:
    Okay, Finally... it is finished. Hope I was helpful
    and useful to you. If anybody wants to use anything,
    by all means do so, but tell me so first before you do
    that. And if anybody have any doubts about any
    combination attack or cannot perform any, kindly,
    E-Mail me and I will explain it more clearly to you.
    Remember, do not stick with the rules a lot... Screw
    The Rules.
    Special Thanks:
    1)To SNK from this very great game.
    2)To Gamefaqs.
    3)To all Geese's fans. 
    4)To all my friends for the encouragement. 
    King of Fighters'96 is Copyright SNK Corporation and.
    This document Copyright 2003 Basel
    If you need to contact me to add or ask me about
    anything, E-Mail me at Mr_Basel@yahoo.com or
    Credits for GameFAQs and SNK company.

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