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Mitsurugi Guide by RoyalFlush

Version: 1.12 | Updated: 05/10/2005

Soul Calibur 2- For Playstaion 2, Xbox, GameCube, and arcade
Mitsurugi FAQ guide: version 1.12
By RoyalFlush (shishioh at 1up.com) (edval89@hotmail.com)
Copyright 2003, Edward Valdez.
*Table of Contents*
1. Intro
2. Legend
3. Glossary and Notes
4. Move List
5. Stance Entrances, Mix-ups, Wake-ups, etc.
6. Secret Stuff
7. General Strategy
8. Frame Traps
9. Combos
10. Legal Stuff, Acknowledgements, and Credits

This here is my Mitsurugi FAQ guide. I've written this FAQ because he's my
favorite character and also because I've been playing the game since it came out
in the arcade. I hope that you learn from this FAQ and that you make good use of
it. If there are any errors or things I need to change, please e-mail me at
address above.  I'd also like to hear some feedback or recommendations on what
to add to my FAQ.  Enjoy!

*Legend* (Can also be found at guardimpact.com)

Direction notations (Character Facing right)

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3
7= Up-back   8= Up     9= Up-forward
4= Back      5=Neutral 6= Forward
1= Down-back 2= Down   3= Down-forward

Button Notations

A= horizontal attack
B= vertical attack
K= kick
G= guard

General Notations

FC= while Fully Crouched
WS= While Standing from a crouch
8WR= 8-Way-Run (hold or double-tap the direction)
WL= While Landing from a jump
[ ]=  hold command
+= Press at the same time
_= either/or
( ) = optional input
, = followed by
GB= Guard Break
GB-SC lvl= Guard Break after a certain SC level
GI= Guard Impact (performed by 6G or 4G)
RC= Recovers Crouching
BT= Back turned
*= Delayed input
SC= Soul Charge (performed by A+B+K [Level varies])
AC= Air Control
~= immediately after
xY= roll from button X to button Y(examples: bA, kB)
NC= Natural Combo
RCC= Recover Crouching Cancel
G-cancel= Guard cancel (cancel by pressing G)
SCUB= Soul Charge Unblockable
:= Just Frame timing
iFC= Instant Full Crouch
WJ= Wall Jump ([G]7 when character's back is near a wall)

Hit Properties

RO= Attack can Ring Out enemy
CH= Counter Hit
AT= Attack Throw (An attack that is modified into a throw on hit)
GI-h= Attack will Guard Impact horizontal attacks
GI-v= Attack will Guard Impact vertical attacks
BT= Back Turned
OB= Forces opponent's back to face you
OS= Forces opponent's side to face you
OSB= Forces opponent's side to face you when blocked
FrCH= Forced crouch on hit
FrC= Forced crouch on block
c= CH modifier
co= crouching opponent modifier
cco= CH on crouching opponent modifier


DOS= Double Over StunCS= Crumple Stun
THS= Toe Hop Stun
FS= Fall Back Stun
BN= Bounce Stun
BS= Block Stun/Stagger
uDOS= unbreakable Double Over Stun
LS= Lift stun
QS= Quake Stun
SPS= Spin Stun
TS= Thrust Stun
CFS= Crumple Fall Stun
HS= Hunch over Stun

Hit Ranges

l= hits low
m= hits mid
h= hits high
L= Hits low and grounded opponents
M= Hits mid and grounded opponents
H= hits high and grounded opponents
Sm= hits special mid
UB-h= unblockable high
UB-m= unblockable mid
UB-M= unblockable mid that can hit grounded opponents
UB-l= unblockable low
UB-L= unblockable low that can hit grounded opponents

-Buffer= The act of entering the command for a move during the execution of
another move.
-Wake-up= The art of pressuring a downed opponent
-Mix-up= A simple series of attacks, which is designed
 to keep your opponent guessing.
-Whiff= A failed or missed strike.
-Tracking= A move's ability to stay locked on target.
-Frames= Soul Calibur 2 runs at 60-frames a second. Frames express the speed of
all of animations.
-Counter Hit= Interrupting an enemy's attack with your own attack. CH's inflict
more damage and produce added effects like knock-back ability or stuns.
-Natural Combo= A canned (or guaranteed) string that combos on normal or counter
hit. (Thanks to zigmover21 for definition)
-Clean hit= When an attack hits at very close range.
-Shallow hit= When an attack hits from mid to far range.
-Post Guard Impact= An unsuccessful, missed GI.
-Step= Performed by tapping 1_2_3_7_8_9 once. Sometimes it'll evade incoming
attacks if timed correctly. Afterwards, you should strike with a quick attack.
-Instant Full Crouch (iFC)= A special technique that'll allow you to access the
FC mode by pressing 2G mainly during a G-cancel or right after you're attack has
been GI'd.

-You can only AC after any time you've been hit while in the air.
-DOS: The stun that'll cause your enemy hunch over and then slowly fall to the
ground. It has many good follow-ups, but there's one disadvantage. DOS's can be
escaped by holding G and then inputting five directional inputs.
-Soul Charge properties: Lvl 1 can GB certain attacks. Lvl 2 can GB certain
attacks and will make all attacks more damaging. Lvl 3 can GB certain moves,
SCUB very few moves, make all attacks more damaging, and cause all moves to CH.
-After you GI your opponent, you have the advantage in attacking them first, but
they can still reverse GI your attack. When you are the one being GI'ed, you
cannot immediately block the incoming attack, but can still reverse GI.
-8-Way-Run= There are two different ways to perform an 8WR. You can hold the
direction you want to run or double-tap the direction. Both have the same
animations, but holding it is better suited for the actual movement of running
in the direction, while double-tapping will allow you to both run around faster
and execute 8WR attacks much faster (which adds to the amount of combos you can

*Move List*


Hit Range
Hit properties

A Attacks

13, 16
h, h
NC, 1st hit can be G-canceled
A series of very quick, left-right slashes. This is Mitsurgi's 2nd most
fastest attack(which is 10-frames). This is good for mix-ups and spacing.

Input and hold 1_2_3 to RC during attack
Mitsurugi will sort of crouch down with his back slightly turned, and the spin
around with sweeping slash. During this move, you can go in the crouching
position by inputting a down the crouch direction. This will allow you to strike
after the sweep and go straight to the crouching mode. Sometimes predictable on
standing foes, though. This attack, overall, is probably the best of all of his
Input and hold 1_2_3 to RC during attack
This is a delayed version of the move above. Although it does the same amount of
damage, it's sometimes more predictable.

Cancels 1A, GB
This is a feint version of 1A. For a feint attack, it's VERY slow because
Mitsurugi will spin too much before executing the slash. But if you ever do get
this move to hit, it'll launch the enemy higher than any of his other launchers.
Otherwise, don't use often. You can also hold the A input to delay the attack
longer, but that would make this attack much slower than it already is.

Mitsurugi will crouch down and do a quick horizontal slash. Due to its speed,
it's very useful for mix-ups and interrupting most attacks.

A side-stab attack to the enemy's waist area. On CH, this attack will induce a
DOS. Your main follow-ups during the DOS should be 2K,B (if your opponent knows
how to escape the DOS),  3B (if your enemy doesn't know how to escape the DOS),
or a throw. Good for mix-ups.

Mitsurugi will do a quick spin and then do a horizontal slash during the spin.
Good against opponents that are usually 8WR-ing or stepping around your attacks.
It also makes a good mix-up and has good range.

hOBc, ends in Mist
Same as move above, except that you'll end in the Mist stance. If it connects on
a clean hit, you should follow-up with Mist B. This is one of the best Mist
transitions Mitsurugi has.

16, 23
h, m
2nd hit will cause DOS on CH (1st hit misses), NC on CH
Basically, one fast slash followed by a fairly slow slash. Second slash can be
easily blocked, but sometimes unpredictable and may cause a CH and then the DOS.
It's best just to do the first slash and follow-up with quicker attacks (look at
Combos section).

23, 23
h, h
A running version of the move above, except that the second hit won't cause a
DOS on CH.

Ends in Half Moon Death
This attack the same first slash as the move above, but instead of the second
slash, Mitsurugi will go into the Half Moon Death. Follow-up with HMD~A for a
simple combo.

Knocks enemy down on CH
This is a fairly standard poke attack. He'll do a horizontal slash approaching
from his right.

Knocks enemy down on CH, ends in Relic
Same as move above except that it ends in the Relic stance. The stance entrance
itself pretty safe, even when the attack blocked.

Mitsurugi will do a slight crouch and then he'll push the top of his sword to
the enemy's head.  It's not the most useful poke attack that he has available,
but it has decent speed.

Same as move above except that it's slightly delayed and does more damage.

23, 29M, M
2nd hit may RO if 1st hit misses
Here, Mitsurugi performs 2 vertical slashes from side-to-side. The move itself
is pretty powerful. Although, both hits can launch, DO NOT use this as a juggle
starter. As soon as the second hit hits, any thing afterwards can be AC'ed.
Instead, don't make any follow-ups if the attack launches. It makes a decent
wake-up, but the second hit will usually miss if used as a wake-up. The first
slash is also sometimes mistaken as Mitsurugi's 3B.
A+B, G
G-cancel (cancels 2nd hit)
Same as the move above, but cancels the second hit. Reliable, since second hit
is bad for wake-ups, so you can use a different follow-up.

Ends in Mist
This is Mitsurugi's Mist stance. He brings up the sword and points the tip of it
towards the enemy. This stance offers many offense tools.

Ends in Relic
This is Mitsurugi's Relic stance. He'll take a small step back, put his sword in
his scabbard and turn his back slightly, with his hand still on the sword. This
stance offers several defensive tools and 3 different UB attacks.

This is one of Mitsurugi's more powerful single strikes. He'll do a quick spin,
and then turn around with a downward slam with his sword. Good at mid to long
range, but it can sometimes be easily sidestepped. Pretty good for wake-ups.

66A+B, G
He'll turn around, but won't do the downward slash. Useful for mind games, but
it's a little slow for a G-cancel.

A downward stab to the ground. Good for wake-ups.  Also, it creates a good
Block Stun if the enemy blocks it, so follow up with 66K afterwards.

Shallow hit= 30, Clean hit= 58
RO, AT on Clean hit
At mid to long range, it's a standard forward stab attack. At close range, it
becomes a stab followed by a kick that knock the enemy back. The AT has great RO

Shallow hit= 30, Clean hit= 63
AT on Clean hit, can switch sides with opponent. Basically, the same attack
above, but the AT is different, won't RO, and it'll do a little more damage.

A6 or 4A+K
GI-v (only downward strikes)
A slash attack where he puts the scabbard in from of himself and then takes the
sword out and then does a slash to the face of his foe. The only time it GI's is
when the scabbard is out.

8WR 6A,A
Refer to 66A,A

8WR 6A2_8
Refer to 66A2_8

8WR 3_9A
Slash to the mid-section that starts from Mitsurugi's left and goes to the
right. It's a little slow, but the DOS makes up for it, but still, don't use
this one very often.

8WR 2_8A,A
18, 24
h, h
Mitsurugi will step to the side and attack during the step, doing one slash and
another while spinning. Very useful for avoiding a Ring Out, avoiding a vertical
attack, and striking back or attacking sidestepping foes. Depending on which
direction you press, he will slash and sidestep in that direction.

8WR 2_8A,A6
18, 24
h, h
OBc, ends in Mist
Same as move above, except it ends in the Mist. On when the attack hits,
immediately follow-up with any Mist attack .

8WR 1_7A
Mitsurugi will crouch and do a, somewhat, slow horizontal sweep attack. Good for
wake-ups, but I think 1A is better compared to this.
8WR 4A
Refer to 44A

8WR 4[A]
Refer to 44[A]

8WR any direction except 4, A+B
Refer to 66A+B

8WR any direction except 4, A+B, G
Refer to 66A+B, G

8WR any direction, A+K
Refer to A+K

8WR any direction, A+K6
Refer to A+K6

Pretty much the same as 2A, except that it's slightly stronger and you do it
while in the crouching mode.

A low sweep attack. A little similar to 1A, but he doesn't move up forward. Very
sneaky if used after a Crouch Dash, moving in closer to the enemy.

A rising upward slash. This move will launch just like 1B.

23, 19
m, h
Mitsurugi will stand up and do 2 slashes and sidestep to his right at the same
time. Similar to 8WR 2_8 A,A.
Mitsurugi does a slash to the foe's head as he turns around.

Mitsurugi executes a slash to the opponent's shin while turning around and while

Mitsurugi will hop off the ground and do a high slash.

Mitsurugi will hop off the ground and do a low slash as he lands. For a jumping
attack, I don't think it's that bad, but don't use it a lot.

7 and 8 versions: 28; 9 version: 38
SCUB (9 version only)
Mitsurugi will jump high up into the air and do a downward vertical slash as he
comes down. Flashy and will evade most attacks. However, its biggest weaknesses
are vertical attacks and high attacks. For the 7 version, the jump will move him
back a little bit and will not produce knockdown. The 8 version will make him
jump straight up and knockdown. The 9 version will move him forward as he jumps,
knockdown, and is a SCUB.

B Attacks

17, 19
m, M
NC, 1st hit can be G-canceled
A series of 2 vertical slashes. This move is quite fast and has good range. Also
good for creating space between you and your foe.

17, 19
m, M
NC, Ends in Mist
The same slashes from the above move, but this will end in Mist. A decent Mist

17, 19
m, M
2nd slash is delayed
Same as B,B but the second slash is delayed. The second slash is usually
unpredictable as long as you use this attack in moderation.

17, 19
m, M
2nd slash is delayed, ends in Half Moon Death
Same as the move above, but it'll end in the Half Moon Death. This will add more
to the unpredictability of the next attack, but only if you don't use this
attack very often in battle.

17, 41
m, m
2nd will RO
Mitsurugi will do one downward vertical slash, then wave his sword around, and
then roll forward and get up, stabbing the enemy's stomach. The second part of
the attack can be predictable, but the roll will naturally sneak under high
attacks. B2_8, by itself, will become a part of a Throw Shift if used after any
standing attack (this will be explained in a later section of the FAQ).

Shallow hit= m Clean hit= h
A whack to the enemy's head while running forward. This is a great poking
attack, but it'll become very useful on CH because of the CS. Also, you have the
ability to walk around your enemy right after you hit them with it to avoid
getting punished.

This is one of Mitsurugi's launchers. It launches a bit differently than his
standard launcher (which is 3B). However, on CH it'll launch higher than 3B,
giving you the opportunity to make different follow-ups. It usually hits
stepping foes from his left.

SC lvl.1- GB
A delayed version of the move above. The GB is more useful compared to his other
GB's, but this shouldn't be used to often, other than a post-GI tool.

A downward slash that ends in the crouching mode.

This is Mitsurugi's standard launcher. It is the most reliable and hit very
often. There are many follow-ups after this launcher. Use this attack often.

He'll take a small lunge back and do a forward lunge as he stabs the opponent's
stomach. The step back will sometimes evade some close range attacks from your
enemy. A great defensive attack.

CFS, SC lvl.1= GB
This move is like the move above, but it delayed and will create an inescapable
stun. It is a rather powerful single strike, but the GB isn't useful because it
makes the attack very predictable and very easy to evade.  But, if your enemy
uses a slow attack or an attack with slow recovery, then 4[B] isn't so bad.

Ends in Mist
Mitsurugi will do a lunge back and then enters the Mist. It's safe at mid-to
long range. If you use it at close range, your opponent may attack you while you
try to go into the stance, but the small step back may evade the attack if it's
low on range. Of all the Mist shifts, this is the only one where he retreats

A straight-forward poke attack. It's good for mix-up or for interrupting your
enemy's attack (especially at mid range).

A very quick poke to the enemy's face. This is one of Mitsurugi's best mix-ups
and should be used as a mix-up very often.

A low poke attack to the enemy's feet.  A good mid range mix-up.

Same as move above, but it comes out slightly slower, but it does induce a Toe
Hop Stun and more damage.

24, 47
m, m
This is just the same thing as 6B followed by 4B. The difference is that he does
the 4B animation immediately after 6B. The 4B input has to be done as 6B hits.

Ends in Mist
Same as the move above, but the 4B is canceled into the Mist stance.

19, 22, 38
m, m, M
66B,B= NC
This is a series of 3 slashes while running forward. All three slashes are
vertical, so you might think that the attack is easy to evade. Sometimes, you
can evade it, but each hit will track the opponent as they walk. Use this when
you're trying to move in for a closer hit and when you have the advantage in the

19, 22, 47
m, m, M
Last hit will GB (if held to the maximum holding time)
This attack is the same as the one above, but the last B can be held. If you
hold to the maximum holding time, it will GB. Although it GB's, it's rather
slow. Instead, hold the last B for a short period and then let go. If you do it
this way, you may get some CH's and inflict more damage.

19, 22
m, m
Ends in Half Moon Death, 66B,B= NC
The first two slashes of this attack are the same as the attacks above, but the
last slash is, instead, replaced with the Half Moon Death stance.

22, 33
M, M
This attack looks like Mitsurugi's B,B attack, but a bit slower. The first hit,
though, will cause the enemy to fall to the ground, allowing the second strike
to hit for free as long as the first hit hits.

22, 33
M, M
This is a slightly delayed version of the attack above. The second strike comes
out a little slower. The only time I think this is useful is when this first
attack misses and you hit you foe with the delayed second strike or if your foe
doesn't expect a second strike.

22, 38
M, M
Second hit will GB if held to max
This is the same attack as the two above it, but the second hit will GB if held
to the max. The GB will usually be successful if the first hit hits.

22, 38M, M
Second hit will GB if held to max
This is the attack as three attacks above it, but the last slash is delayed even
longer because of the actual delay after the first attack and holding the second

SC-lvl.2= GB, Knocks back enemy on CH
Mitsurugi will do a forward thrust attack with the sword, the blade facing the
opponent. The attack is short on range, but it's very dangerous up close. It's
quick for a powerful attack. And after a level 2 SC, it will GB (this is the
best GB that he has because it doesn't require any holding time). To make things
even better, it is the most reliable follow-up after a launcher.

RO, SC-lvl.2= GB
This is the same attack as the one above, but it is a bit stronger and the
execution of the attack is a bit longer. But even, if it's held for a short
time, it'll still inflict the same amount of damage as if it were held to the

Shallow hit= 19; Clean hit= 61
AT on Clean hit
Mitsurugi will slam his sword downward on his enemy. From a distance, it's a
regular strike. But up close, it becomes a powerful AT.

RO, GI-h
Mitsurugi will take a big step forward while putting his scabbard in front of
him, and then spin around, slashing his foe. This attack is most useful when
used from a distance (mid-to-long range). The slash looks almost identical to
the Relic B attack.

CS on CH
Mitsurugi will look like he's about to do his standard B attack, but he swiftly
cancels it into a horizontal slash from his left. Good for tracking side
steppers or for interrupting attacks, but you can use it for a Throw Shift
(will be explained later on in the FAQ). You can also walk around after
executing the attack to avoid getting punished, just like B6.

2_8B+K or 63214A
Ends in Half Moon Death
This is Mitsurugi's Half Moon Death stance. He'll raise up his arms with his
arms still bent. This stance animation will only last for a few second. An
attack during the stance can only be done during the animation. You can slowly
walk up-forward or down-forward while you're in this stance. This should be used
as bait for an incoming enemy attack and then you should counter attack. Because
of this, going into this stance can be a bit risky.

3_6_9B+K or 63214B
Ends in Full Moon Death
Mitsurugi will wave his sword around as it becomes engulfed in flames (UB attack
animation). Because it is in flames, you should expect to some UB attacks. The
stance offer 2 UB attacks and 2 other attacks. However, this is his slowest
stance, but there is a way to make the animation very fast (there will be
explanation on this later on in the FAQ). You can move in any direction while
the stance is still in it's animation.

8WR 6B,B,B
Refer 66B,B,B

8WR 6B,B,[B]
Refer 66B,B,[B]

8WR 6B,B2_8
Refer 66B,B2_8

8WR 3_9B,B
30, 43
M, M
First, Mitsurugi will do an upward vertical slash that will launch the enemy
into the air. Then, he'll follow-up with a slash while the enemy is still in the
air. This is a good, strong combo with great range and it tracks.  Use this
attack often.

8WR 3_9B*B
30, 34
M, M
This is a delayed version of the attack above. The first slash will be the same,
but the second slash will happen a bit slower. It does less damage and the
second slash will usually hit the enemy as they land on the ground.

8WR 3_9[B]
Ends in Relic
This is also the same attack as the ones above, but the second slash is canceled
into the Relic stance. This is one of Mitsurugi's best Relic shifts. After the
8WR 3_9[B], you'll want to follow-up with Relic B.

8WR 3_9 B,B,G
2nd hit is G-canceled
The first slash is the same as the three above attacks, but the second slash is
canceled. I don't see the use of this G-cancel because if you get the first B to
hit, you might as well follow-up with the second B.

8WR 2_8B
Mitsurugi will take a small step to the side and execute a downward slash. It
has good range and makes a decent wake-up if the opponent Tech Rolls backwards.

8WR 2_8B,B
39, 34
M, M
BN, Can only be done after a SC-lvl.2 or 3
Mitsurugi does the same slash as the attack above, but the second B will be the
same slash again and it'll create a Bounce Stun. Even though it creates a Bounce
Stun, I have found any follow-ups.

8WR 1_7B,A,B
23, 22, 47
M, h, M
A combo where Mitsurugi does one upward slash, followed by a slash that looks
like 4A, and then an attack that looks like 66A+B. The first two hits are the
best parts of the attack, but forget about the last part because of its
predictability. The first hit can sometimes sneak under highs is quite fast and
the second hit tracks well against side-steppers.

8WR 1_7B,A,B,G
23, 22
M, h
G-cancels 3rd strike
This is the same as the attack above, but the third slash is canceled before
hitting the enemy. Good to use if your opponent expects the last B.

8WR 1_7B,A6
23, 22
M, h
Ends in Mist
This, again is the same as the two attacks above it, but instead of a third
slash to end the combo, Mitsurugi will go into the Mist stance right after the
second strike.

8WR 4B,B
Refer to 44B,B

8WR 4B*B
Refer to 44B,B

8WR 4B,[B]
Refer to 44B,[B]

8WR 4B*[B]
Refer to 44B*[B]

8WR 4B+KRefer to 4B+K

8WR 2_8B+K
Refer to 2_8B+K or 63214A

8WR 1_3_6_7_9B+K
Refer to 6B+K or 63214B

This is a crouching upward slash. Best when used after the Crouch Dash.

Mitsurugi performs a forward stab attack while slightly crouched. It makes a
good attack from mid-range and is best used after a Crouch Dash.

36, 46
M, M
2nd hit will GB
Mitsurugi will do an upward slash that will launch the enemy into the air and
the then do a downward stab attack right after. This move probably would have
been much better if the first slash launched a bit higher. But here, the second
slash is usually escapable even if the first hit hits. But sometimes, if your
enemy tries to tech-roll the second hit, their guard may sometimes get broken if
it hits.

This attack looks somewhat similar to FC B, but this one will slash a bit

Mitsurugi will do a little hop and execute a downward slash while in the air. It
has okay range and it avoids lows.

Mitsurugi will do a hop off the ground and then slam his blade downward to the
ground upon landing. This attack is a little better the 7_8_9B, but don't use it
very often. Does a unique stun on the opponent if it hits from the sides or

Returns facing enemy
Mitsurugi will turn around and do a downward slash.

RC, returns facing enemy
This move looks like a little but like FC B, but Mitsurugi's back is just
slightly turned while doing the slash.

K Attacks

Attack may be G-canceled
This is an attack where Mitsurugi does a standing kick to the enemy's head. It's
pretty quick, making it useful for mix-ups. Throw in the G-cancel for some post-

Mitsurugi will do a little kick to the side of the foe's feet while crouching.
It's a poor wake-up tool, but it makes one very good mix-up.

23, 28
L, M
2K (without B input after)= RC
This is one of Mitsurugi's best low attacks. The first part of the attack will
trip the opponent. The second slash is an upward slash that will hit the enemy
will still in the air after the trip. This is VERY useful when in close-range.
This attack is also a good setup for quick wake-ups such as 2A+B, 1K, and/or
another 2K. The only downside to this attack is the recovery time when blocked.

23, 28
L, M
Ends in Mist
This is the same attack as the one above it, but this one ends in the Mist
stance right after the B attack. I, personally, follow-up with Mist K or Mist
A+B after the B if the attack is not AC'ed. A decent Mist shift.

A standing kick to the foe's mid section. It has good speed, so it makes another
good mix-up.

24, 30
m, m
Mitsurugi will, first, do a lunging forward kick that makes them fly in midair
and follow-up with a lunging forward downward slash, which will slam the enemy
down to the ground. This is a good combo that should be used in mid-to-close
range. Good for Ring Outs.  Also, this also makes a good wake-up setup for 2A+B,
1K, and 2K.

Knocks enemy back on CH, RO
Mitsurugi does a roundhouse kick. It's a standard poke attack, but on
CH, it'll knock the enemy back, making it useful for Ring Outs.

22, 42
M, M
This is another one of Mitsurugi's good attacks. He performs two cool-looking
downward slashes while moving forward. It's powerful and good when used from any
range or after CH 66K for an easy combo.

22, 19
M, M
This is the same attack as the one above, but although it's much weaker, there's
one thing that makes this version more dangerous: Mitsurugi recovers from the
second slash much faster. When the attack is blocked, he has the advantage in
making the first move, creating a nasty Block Stun, which makes the attack
completely safe when blocked. After the Block Stun, your enemy is forced to
either: take a hit with normal damage, try to block your next attack, or do a FC
or WS attack, but potentially get hit by a CH.  Follow up with 66K or 1B
(preferably 66K).  This attack is best applied for a major offense set-up on an
enemy that constantly blocks.

66K or K6
Knocks enemy down on CH
This is a rising knee attack. It's quick and creates a knock down to the enemy
on CH, which has several follow-ups for combos. This should be used when up
close to the enemy.

8WR 3_9K
Refer at 66K or K6

8WR 2_8K
Knocks enemy back on CH
This is same attack as 6K, but this one's just a little bit stronger.

8WR 1_4_7K,B
Refer to 4K,B

8WR 6K
Mitsurugi will do a "baseball slide kick". This is an attack that's available to
every character.

FC K13
This attack is pretty much the same as 1K, but it is 1 hit point weaker and it
recovers crouching.

This is the same attack as 3K, but it is 1 hit point weaker.

Mitsurugi will do a small hop off the ground and do a jumping kick. It's
OK for a jumping attack, but don't use it very much.  Jumps over lows.

Mitsurugi will do a small hop off the ground and then do a standing kick upon

Mitsurugi will do a kick to the opponent's head while turning around.

Mitsurugi will do a low kick attack while crouching and while turning around.

Relic Attacks

The following attacks can only be done while in the Relic stance:
Mitsurugi will turn around 360 degrees and as he turns, he'll take his sword out
of his scabbard and execute a high horizontal slash that comes from the left,
that'll knock the enemy to his right while step forward a little bit. The
turning part isn't all that slow and the slash can hit the enemy if they try to
8WR or Step out of the way of the attack.

Ends in Mist
This is the same attack as the one above, but this one immediately goes in to
the Mist stance right after the slash. If the enemy gets up immediately after
the attack, you should do the Mist B attack for a clean hit which goes into the
AT. If the enemy gets up a little slower, you should strike with Mist K.

In this attack, Mitsurugi will take a small step to his left and then quickly
take his sword out of the scabbard and do a downward slash that will knock the
enemy back. The attack is among one of the best in this stance because the step
to the left may sometimes dodge some incoming attacks and slash is quick and may
get some CH's.

Mitsurugi will do a small stomp to the foe's feet and takes his sword out right
after the stomp. This is probably the worst attack in the Relic stance because
it's low on range and it isn't very fast either, leaving you open for an attack
from the enemy.

Ends in Relic
This is the same attack is the same as the one above it, but he'll remain in the
Relic stance after the stomp.

Ends in Relic
In this attack, Mitsurugi will take his sword out for a second and then put it
back in the scabbard. When he puts the sword back in the scabbard, he'll turn
his back slightly for a second and then do a slash to the side of the enemy's
head. This is the fastest UB that he has in the stance.

[A+B] (Held to max holding time)
Ends in Relic, RO
Here, Mitsurugi will quickly take out his sword, put back in the scabbard, turn
his back almost fully while charging up the weapon, and then do an upward slash
that'll knock back the enemy. This UB attack has good range.

[A+B] (Held for about 1 and a half seconds and release A+B)
23, 28
UB-l, l
Mitsurugi will take his sword out, put it back in the scabbard, turn his back
half-way while charging up his sword, and then do two low slashes, where the
second slash trips the enemy, while moving forward as he slashes. This is one of
only low UB attacks in the game.

Ends in Mist
Mitsurugi will take his sword out of the scabbard and then enter the
Mist stance. The best follow-up after the shift is Mist B.

A+B+K or 6G
56 (only on successful GI)
GI-h, Ends in Relic if GI is unsuccessful
Mitsurugi will take his sword and scabbard and put it them in front of himself,
with the sword partly taken out of the scabbard. This is Mitsurugi's Auto-
Counter. It's rather risky doing this move, so use this only you see a
horizontal attack or kick attack coming. Otherwise, you shouldn't be using this
attack very much.

Exits Relic
Mitsurugi will remove his sword from the scabbard and return to the regular

Mist Attacks

The following attacks can only be done while in the Mist Stance:

11, 11, 11
h, h, h
NCc, 1st hit (without additional 2nd or 3rd hit)= Ends in Mist
Mitsurugi will do three quick forward stab attacks to the opponent's face. It's
best that you use this attack immediately after you get in the Mist stance so
that it's not as easy to 8WR or Step around.

Ends in Relic
Mitsurugi will do one stab to the face of the enemy and shift into the Relic
stance afterwards.

11, 11
h, h
NCc, Ends in Relic
Mitsurugi will do two stabs to the enemy's face and goes right into the Relic
stance afterwards.

11, 11, 11
h, h, h
NCc, Ends in Relic
Mitsurugi will do three stabs to the face of the opponent and goes straight into
the Relic stance afterwards.

Clean hit=66, Shallow hit=38
AT on Clean hit, RO
This attack looks a lot like Mist A, but here, he stabs a bit farther. It also
has the same properties as A+K. On clean hit, it'll become an AT where he
plunges his sword into the chest area of his enemy and then kick the enemy back
as they struggle.

Clean hit=71, Shallow hit=38
AT on Clean hit, sometimes switches sides with opponent
This is the same exact attack as the one above, but on a clean hit, the
AT is different. Instead of kicking the foe back, he'll do several horizontal
slashes while the sword is still plunged into the foe's chest.

Here, Mitsurugi will turn 360 degrees and then do a crouching, low kick attack
after the spin. This is probably the most unpredictable attack in the Mist

Clean hit=11, 54; Shallow hit=11, 26h, mNCc, AT on clean hit
This attack is a combo version of Mist A and Mist B. Very powerful and very good
up close.

11, 19
h, L
This attack is a combo version of Mist A and Mist K. Good up close.

BN, GI-h/m
Mitsurugi will bring his sword back and then do a downward slash. This attack is
another one of Mitsurugi's launchers and it's pretty good for a wake-up attack.

Ends in Relic
Mitsurugi will put his sword into his scabbard and enter the Relic stance.
I consider this to be one of Mitsurugi's best G-cancels. He'll move forward like
he's about to go into the Mist stance and attack, but cancels the stance
entrance. This sometimes looks like an attack, so sometimes, the enemy may post-
GI, allowing you to hit them for free.

Depends on the throw
Mitsurugi can execute a throw attack during the Mist stance. It's useful because
the opponent usually expects an attack instead of a throw.

Half Moon Death attacks

The following attacks can only be executed while in the Half Moon Death stance:

Mitsurugi will do a very quick slash to the side enemy's head. It's good because
your enemy will usually anticipate a slow attack instead of a fast one. This is
Mitsurugi's fastest attack, but it isn't the most reliable one. Instead, stick
will his regular A,A.

25, 38
h, h
NC, CS (on 2nd hit)
Mitsurugi do one horizontal slash from the right to the opponent's head and then
another horizontal slash from the left to the opponent's face. The first slash
happens a couple seconds after you enter the stance.

25, 38
h, h
NC, CS (on 2nd hit), Ends in Relic
This attack is the same as the one above it, but this attack ends in the Relic
stance. The timing of the 4A+B is very tricky though. There's a little trick I
noticed for this (don't laugh at this): when Mitsurugi executes the two slashes,
he yells out two battle cries. Input the 4A+B right after the second battle is
over. The stance entrance is very quick and allows him to enter the Relic while
the enemy is still in the Crumple Stun animation, so you can do Relic B
immediately after the stance entrance, while the enemy is still in the CS,
adding up to some major combo damage.

19, 26
m, m
NC, CS (Only if both strikes hit)
Mitsurugi will first slam the hilt of the sword down on the enemy and follow-up
with an upward stab attack. This attack happens faster than Half Moon Death A,A
attack, so it's more reliable.

Mitsurugi will do a stomp to the opponent's feet. This attack can be
unpredictable as long as you don't use it very much.

Mitsurugi will do a forward roll on the ground and then execute a stab attack to
the mid-section of the enemy. The stab will knock the enemy back. Also, the roll
can be done only immediately after he gets into the stance. Sometimes it's easy
to evade, but it does sneak under high attacks.

Ends in Mist
This is sort of like a Half Moon Death cancel because it cancels any attack from
the Half Moon Death stance and Mitsurugi will go into the Mist stance instead.
Input the 6A+B after he says "Ready."

Ends in Relic
This has the same properties as the attack above, but instead, Mitsurugi will
end in the Relic stance.

Full Moon Death attacks

The following attacks can only be executed will in the Full Moon Death stance:

Mitsurugi will charge up his sword, do a 360 degree, and then do horizontal
slash from his right while stepping forward a little bit. The slash is
moderately slow, but has some good range.

Mitsurugi will charge up his sword, bring his sword up, and then do downward
slash. This attack is a bit slower than the Full Moon Death A.

Mitsurugi will charge up his weapon, but instead of attacking will his sword,
he'll do a stomp to the enemy's feet.

[B+K] or [B]
Mitsurugi will charge up his weapon and then whack his opponent on the head.
This attack looks exactly the same as B6, but unlike B6, it doesn't do a CS on
CH or doesn't require the weapon charge, making this one a mere poking attack.

Front throw, RO, Break command: A
Mitsurugi will slam down his foe and do an upward slash will their still on the
ground. This attack will Ring Out if the edge of the ring is facing Mirsurugi's

Front throw, Break command: B, switches sides with foe
He'll leap high up into the air and do a flip behind his enemy. During the flip,
he'll do three slashes: one to the chest during the jump, one to the head while
in mid-air, and one to the back of the enemy upon landing. And since the throw
switches side with the enemy, it'll save you from getting rung out.

Left throw, Break command: A_B (Depends on command chosen)
Mitsurugi will do a low sweep attack to the enemy's feet, which will trip them.
When the hit the ground, he'll stab his sword into the back of his foe, twist
it, and then remove it. This is the throw that will usually happen during a
successful Throw Shift (Check out what a throw shift is later in this FAQ).

Right throw, Break command: A_B (Depends on command chosen)
Here, Mitsurugi will make a quick 360 degree spin, make a quick body check, and
the stab the opponent's stomach area while his back is turned, then remove his
blade, and turn back around.

Back throw, Break command: A_B (Depends on command, can only be broken by Voldo
or Astaroth)
Mitsurugi will do a heavy stomp on the back of the opponent's ankle, which will
make the enemy fall to the ground. Afterwards, he'll do a quick 360 degree spin
and slam his blade on the fallen foe. This is his most powerful throw.

Wall Jump

Basically the attack as WL A, but Mitsurugi leaps off the wall before the slash
and stays in the air for a long amount of time.

Identical to WL B with the same side stun properties, but Mitsurugi leaps off
the wall before executing the slash, and stays in the air longer.

Pretty much the same as WL K, but Mitsurugi leaps off the wall before kicking
and stays in the air longer.

The same slash as [G]7_8_9A+B with the same properties, but Mitsurugi jumps off
the wall and gets slightly less air than the regular version.

Crouch Dash

RC, Special Movement
First, I'll tell you all the characters that have this special ability:
Mitsurugi, Cassandra, Sophitia, Lizardman, and Heihachi (Don't know about Link
or Spawn, though, so if you know, come tell me). This is a special movement
where your character will dash forward and crouch simultaneously (That's why's
it called a Crouch Dash). It's another (and easier) way of crouching. Now, here
are the many things that you may do during a Crouch Dash: -You can execute any
236 attack (For Mitsurugi, 236B and 236A)
-Hold down 1_2_3 to recover crouching (RC) and execute any fully crouched (FC)
-Hold the 6 command (23[6]) or stay in neutral for a second and then tap
6(23656) and execute any 66-based attacks or just run forward. Note that the
running animation will happen much faster than normally, so that means that you
can execute 8WR 6K at any distance.
-Stay in neutral for a second and then do any WS (While Standing from a crouch)
-Cancel Crouch Dash movement by pressing 6_4 during the Crouch Dash.
-Execute another Crouch Dash (236, 236...) and then do any of the above.

*Stance Entrances, Wake-ups, Mix-ups, etc.*

Ways to enter the Relic Stance
-4A+B_8WR 4A+B
-44[A]_8WR 4[A]
-8WR 3_9[B]
-Half Moon Death:4A+B
-Relic [K]
-Relic A+B
-Relic [A+B] (Max holding time)
-Mist B+K
-Mist A,B+K
-Mist A,A,B+K
-Mist A,A,A,B+K
-Half Moon Death A,A:4A+B

Ways to Enter the Mist Stance
-Relic A,B
-Relic B+K
-Mist A
-8WR 2_8A,A6
-8WR 1_7B,A6
-Half Moon Death:6A+B

Ways to Enter the Half Moon Death Stance
-66B,B2_8 or 8WR 6B,B2_8
-66A2_8 or 8WR 6A2_8

Ways to Enter the Full Moon Death Stance
-8WR 1_3_6_7_9B+K
Best Mix-ups
-2A or FC A
-3K or WS K
-FC 3B

Best Wake-ups
-1A (Best for all situations)
-8WR 2_8B (For those that Tech-Roll to the sides or back)
-Mist A+B (For those that Tech-Roll back)
-66A+B or 8WR (any but 4)A+B (For those that Tech-Roll back)
-8WR 1_7A (For those that get back up immediately)
-kB (For those that Tech-Roll back)
-FC 1A+B (For those that Tech-Roll in any direction)
-8WR 3_9B,B (For those that don't move at all while on the ground)
-Mist B (After Relic A,B) (For those the get back up immediately)

-3B (Best overall)
-1B or WS A+B
-Mist A+B
-8WR 3_9B

Natural Combos-A,A
-B,B-Half Moon Death A,A
-Half Moon Death B,B
-66A,A or 8WR 6A,A
-66B,B or 8WR 6B,B
-8WR 1_7B,A
-Mist A,B (NCc)
-Mist A,K (NCc)
-Mist A,A,A (NCc)
-8WR 2_8 A,A (NCc)
-WS A,A (NCc)
-kB (NCc)
-kB2 (NCc)

Ring Out attacks
-4K (in front)
-A+K on clean hit (in front)-Mist B on clean hit (in front)
-Mist A,B on clean hit (in front)
-Relic B (in front)
-6B4 (in front)
-CH 66K or K6 or 8WR 3_9K (in front)
-236[B] (in front)
-CH 236B (in front)
-A+G front throw (Mitsurugi's left)
-CH 6K or 8WR 2_8K (Mitsurugi's left)
-Relic A (to Mitsurugi's right)

CH modifiers
-3A (DOS)
-4A (OB)
-4A6 (OB)
-6A,A (DOS on 2nd hit)
-44A or 8WR 4A (Knock back)
-44[A] or 8WR 4[A] (Knock back)
-4B (DOS)
-B6 (CS)
-6K or 8WR 2_8K (Knock back)
-1B or WS A+B(launches higher)
-1[B] (launches higher)
-66K or K6 or 8WR 3_9K (Knock back)

Soul Charge enhancements
-1[B] (lvl.1= GB)
-4[B] (lvl.1= GB)
-236B (lvl.2= GB)
-236[B] (lvl.2= GB)
-66A+B or 8WR any (but 4)A+B (lvl.3= SCUB)
-[G]9A+B (lvl.3= SCUB)
-WJ A+B (lvl.3= SCUB)-8WR 2_8B,B (lvl.2= attack is available)

Unlisted Moves
-Mist B6
-Mist A,B6
-Half Moon Death A,A:4A+B
-Half Moon Death~ bA
-Half Moon Death:4A+B
-Half Moon Death:6A+B
-SC lv2~ 8WR 2_8B,B

Attacks that RC
-2A or FC A
-Mist K
-Mist A,K
-8WR 1_7A

-K~G-66A+B~G or 8WR any (but 4) A+B~G-8WR 1_7 B,A,B~G
-6A+B~G (Best overall)
-8WR 3_9 B,B~G
-8WR 3_9 B*B~G

*Secret Stuff*

-Throw Shifts-
Throw shifts are attacks that give you the option to perform a throw
(A+G_B+G) right after the attack hits and/or with additional inputs.
Mitsurugi has 3 attacks that may be linked into a throw: B2_8, bA, and 8WR 2_8A.
For his Throw shifts, the throw he usually ends up doing is the left throw.
Throw Shifts also make great Block Stun traps.

-B2_8: First, you do any attack (CH B[6] is recommended). Then, you do B2_8 and
then ~A+G_B+G.

So it goes like this: Any attack, B2_8~A+G_B+G

-bA: Like before, do any standing (I recommend 6A). Then do bA~6~A+G_B+G. For
this one, if the bA hits as a CH, you can grab them before they crumple to the

Flow chart: Any attack, bA~6A+G_6B+G

-8WR 2_8A: Like the other two throw shifts, you first have to do any standing or
WS attack.  Then do 8WR 2A (when facing right) or 8WR 8A (when facing left)
Immediately after that do 6A+G_6B+G.

Flow chart: Any attack, 8WR 2A (when facing right) or 8WR 8A
(when facing left)~6A+G_6B+G

-Mist A: This is unique Throw Shift.  You don't have to do any certain attack
before initiating Mist A~throw.  However, the timing for the throw input is a
bit tricky. My trick: First, do Mist A, quickly pause (almost neutral), then

Commands: Mist A~G:A+G_B+G

-Crouching Full Moon Death-
The Full Moon Death stance is probably Mitsurugi's worst stance because of how
long it keeps you open for an attack from your opponent, even if you 8WR while
in the stance. The crouching mode may help you avoid high attacks, but it's
still a little risky doing. First, hold G. Then, while G is held, input 23B+K
and then you're in the Full Moon Death stance crouching. It's probably best that
you use Full Moon Death K or Full Moon Death [B+K].

The commands are: [G]2:3B+K

-Fast Full Moon Death Movement-
Like I said before, the Full Moon Death is probably Mitsurugi's worst stance.
But with the use of this, maybe it'll change your mind about it. Usually, when
you do a regular Full Moon Death, you do an 8WR to probably dodge incoming
attacks from your enemy, but they always end up hitting you. But if you do [6]
(increase 3_9 running speed), 8WR 3_9B+K, you can walk in all the directions
(other than 6) at an incredibly fast pace. The best thing for you to do is,
then, retreat back and then do Full Moon Death B or Full Moon Death A (this
attack benefits from this the most). Or you can do 8WR 1_3_7_9B+K to stay in the
fast Full Moon Death movement to easily avoid enemy attacks.

(restated version) Basically, all you have to do is get Mitsurugi to 8WR [3]_[9]
at a really fast walking speed, then 8WR 3_9B+K, and then retreat in any
direction at an incredible pace. Also, you can string multiple FMDs by pressing
1_3_4 (yes a 4 version is available)_7_9B+K immediately after one FMD is
finished. Really good for gaining a lot of space or to try to win the battle by

Commands: [6], 8WR 3_9B+K, any 8WR movement but 6
Or: 8WR [3]_[9]B+K, any 8WR movement (except 6), 1_3_4_7_9B+K...

-Jumping Full Moon Death-
This is another Full Moon Death special movement.  This one, of course, is a
jump ending in Full Moon Death.  First of all, you need to have mastered the
Crouching Full Moon Death because it's the first step of the Jumping Full Moon
Death. During a successful Crouching Full Moon Death, hold G and jump in your
desired direction.  After landing from the jump, Mitsurugi will end in the
standing Full Moon Death.  You should jump back if you want to do FMD A or
FMD B.  Lastly, the only attacks you can do are FMD A, FMD B, and FMD K.

Commands: 2G:3B+K, [G]7_8_9, land, FMD A_FMD B_FMD K

-GI during Full Moon Death-
Simply put, all this is a GI that cancels the FMD stance.  Again, you need to
know how to do the Crouching FMD.  During the early frames of the Crouching FMD,
do 4G (for lows and mids) or 6G (for highs and mids).

Commands: 2G:3B+K:4G_6G

-Full Moon Death to Wheel Slash-
During the Crouching Full Moon Death, hold G and then press 7_8_9A+B to do the
Wheel Slash.

Commands:  2G:3B+K~[G]7_8_9A+B

-Full Moon Death to Jumping Attack-
During the Crouching Full Moon Death, immediately press G, then press 7_8_9A_B_K
to do a jumping attack

Commands: 2G:3B+K~G,7_8_9A_B_K

-Immobile Full Moon Death-
You may not want use this in the heat of battle, but I'm only posting this just
so that you are aware of it. First, do 2G to crouch. Immediately afterwards, do
9B+K. During a normal FMD, you have the freedom to do an 8WR. Unfortunately, by
doing 2G:9B+K, you'll just stand there in place in the FMD stance (you can still
do any FMD attacks, though). In other words, you're in big trouble.
Commands: 2G:9B+K

-Relic [A+B] (Held to Max) Cancel-
Mitsurugi has no unblockable attacks that can be G-canceled. But this is the
only one that can actually can the attack. The timing for this is rather tricky:
it's Relic [A+B] (held to max):66A+B. It's not the best
UB cancel in the game, but will confuse your opponent.

Commands: Relic [A+B]:66A+B

-Relic [A+B] to Relic A+B-
The Relic A+B UB attack is the fastest UB attack in the Relic stance.
However, you can cancel Relic [A+B] (held to max) or Relic [A+B] (held for 1 and
a half seconds) into the Relic A+B simply by tapping 4 any time during the
holding animation. If you're confused, look at the flowchart.

Commands: Relic [A+B], 4

-Mist JF Guard-
You can guard while in the Mist stance, but only for a quick second.  All you
have to do press 2G while in the stance, but you can only guard your enemy's
attack right as it's about to hit Mitsurugi.

Commands: Mist:2G

-Relic JF Guard-
You can also guard while in the Relic stance, but also only for a second.  Just
press 2G while in the stance.  You can only guard your enemy's attack right as
it's about to hit Mitsurugi.

Commands: Relic:2G

-Mist A+B JF Guard-
Mitsurugi can also guard during his Mist A+B attack.  Press 2G once you see the
purple in the weapon, indicating that the attack GI's.  This is a useful
technique because it can GI or guard if the GI fails.

Commands: Mist A+B:2G

-Soul Charge Cancels-
Soul Charge Cancels immediately cancels certain attacks into a Soul Charge.
Here's a list of Mitsurugi's Soul Charge Cancels.
-1[B] to Soul Charge: 1[B] can be canceled into a SC.  All you have to do is
1[B]A+K.  A+K must be inputted during the first frames of 1[B] (before Mitsurugi
actually attacks), so the input must be quick.

Commands: 1[B]A+K or 1[B]~A+B+K

-1[A] to Soul Charge: 1[A] can also be canceled into a SC.  It's done just like
the 1[B] SC cancel.  Just do 1[A]B+K. While holding A, press B+K to cancel into
a SC during the early frames of 1[A].

Commands: 1[A]B+K or 1[A]~A+B+K

-44B to Soul Charge: This Soul Charge Cancel is just a little bit different to
the ones above it. To cancel 44B into a Soul Charge, you have to hold the B
instead of the normal tap. Then, while the B is held down, press A+K.

Commands: 44[B]A+K or 44[B]~A+B+K

-JF Back Turned-
A JF Back Turned is where you end with your back turned for few quick frames
after a certain attack (mostly G-cancels). This will allow you do any back
turned attacks. The following attacks end in a Back Turned when done correctly.

-8WR 1_7B,A,B~G: This attack is probably the easiest of Mitsurugi's attacks that
easily end in a JF Back Turned. Press 4_7_8_9_6A_B_K right after before
Mitsurugi is facing his enemy.

Commands: 8WR 1_7B,A,B~G:4_7_8_9_6A_B_K

-8WR 3_9B,B~G or 8WR 3_9B*B~G: This attack is quite easy to end in a JF Back
Turned. Press 4_7_8_9_6A_B_K immediately after pressing G to G-cancel.

Commands: 8WR 3_9B,B~G~4_7_8_9_6A_B_K
Or: 8WR 3_9B*B~G~4_7_8_9_6A_B_K

-66A+B or 8WR any (but 4) A+B: Probably the most difficult of Mitsurugi's
attacks to end in a JF Back Turned. I have figured out when you press
4_7_8_9_6A_B_K, but if your enemy is walking around you as you do this, chances
of getting a JF Back Turned are more likely.

Commands: 66A+B:4_7_8_9_6A_B_K
Or: 8WR any (but 4):4_7_8_9_6A_B_K

-JF Back Turned Fully Crouched-
This is the same thing as the JF Back Turned, but you can do Back Turned Fully
Crouched attacks here. The attacks for these are the same, but you press
1_2_3A_B_K instead.

-8WR 1_7B,A,B~G: Read description for JF Back Turned.

Commands: 8WR 1_7B,A,B~G:1_2_3A_B_K

-8WR 3_9B,B~G or 8WR 3_9B*B~G: Read description for JF Back Turned.

Commands: 8WR 3_9B,B~G~1_2_3A_B_K
Or: 8WR 3_9B*B~G~1_2_3A_B_K

-66A+B or 8WR any (but 4) A+B: Read description for JF Back Turned.

Commands: 66A+B:1_2_3A_B_K
Or: 8WR any (but 4) A+B:1_2_3A_B_K

*General Strategy*

Mitsurugi is a fast character that excels most at mid-rangeand close-range.
He's got some incredible wake-ups, several Block Stun traps, nice mix-ups, and
powerful combos.  He's very good when on the offensive, which has its merits and
perils, but his defense is somewhat lacking, though.


This is a somewhat dangerous place to be if you can't control Mitsurugi well,
but despite its dangers, it offers several advantages.  Any mix-up at this range
works well.  The best attacks that you'll want to use here are 66K and 3B.  66K
is good because of its CH stun that offers some follow-ups that lead to some
powerful combos.  3B, however, is offers some better and more reliable combos
that doesn't require a CH to combo.  Also, 2K,B is very good because it crouches
against highs and its damage is always guaranteed as long as you get the first
hit to make connection.

You don't have many options here.  If you want to attack, try to move in closer
for better opportunities to attack at mid- or close-range or use 4B+K, Half Moon
Death bA, 66A+B, 4B, and/or long range mix-ups like 6B and 6B9.  If you're
trying to play defensively, don't let any of these attacks out abruptly or
mindlessly or else you're giving you enemy easy opportunities to hit you as you
close in, thus giving them a CH, so don't act carelessly.

This is where should fight most of the time.  He can contain his enemy with many
of his attacks at this range.  It is somewhat a blend of long-range and close-
range, but you can fight bit safer here compared to the other ranges.  Here are
a few attacks should be used here, such as: 66B,B,B, B6, 3B, any in the Mist and
Relic, 4K,B, 8WR 1_7B,A, 8WR 3_9B,B, kB2, and mid-to-long-range mix-ups.

-Playing Defensively (A.K.A. Turtling)-
This is one of Mitsurugi's weak points, but you can still do a few things.
Although you fight to win the battle, turtling focuses more on surviving the
battle.  For one, Mitsurugi has a few evasive attacks: 4B, Relic B, 6B4, 4B6
(for switching to Mist) and 4A+B (for switching to Relic).  Maintaining your
distance from you enemy is a good idea, so when in close range knock you're your
enemy and try to stay at mid-range.  Evading attacks can be useful, but not 100%
safe.  Time the attacks well and don't pull them out of nowhere.  Also, add
step-and-guard to play even more defensively.  When timed correctly, you may
dodge certain attacks.  Whenever you see an attack from your enemy about to hit
you, it's safer to block instead of trying to get yourself a CH. Block often to
prevent damage and attack at the right time, afterwards.  And avoid attacks by
stepping or 8WR-ing out of its way or crouching against high attacks.
Immediately after avoiding an attack, quickly strike back with your own attack
to gain the upper hand.  GI is a risky factor.  Only GI attacks which you can
anticipate its range.  GI the wrong range on post-GI'ing will likely get you

-Playing Offensively (A.K.A Pitbulling)-
This is what Mitsurugi does very well.  Many of his attacks are based on this.
To play offensively, there are several things you can and should do.  First,
mix-ups are a good way to keep your enemy guessing where you'll hit them.  Be
sure to add variety to this by attacking different ranges.  Also, poking attacks
(B6, 66A+B, A6, 4B+K, 44A, etc.) aren't a bad choice.  These are probably a bit
slower than mix-ups, but they dish out more damage.  Also, for guaranteed
damage, add in Natural Combos, juggles, and other attacks (like 2K,B, 4K,B, 8WR
3_9B,B, 44B,B, A+B, etc.) that always inflict guaranteed damage as long as you
get the first hit to hit.  And after anytime you knock down your enemy, always
pressure them with wake-ups.

-Against Enemies That Play Defensively-
There several options you have for when you play against an opponent that often
turtles to win.  If they block many of your attacks, try to setup some Block
Stun traps.  There are four Block Stun traps that I recommend: the two Throw
Shifts, 2A+B, and kB2.  For either one of the Throw Shifts, if they block
against the second part of the attack links to the throw (bA~6 after any
standing attack or B2_8 after any standing attack), you can go for a throw right
after they block that part of the Throw Shift.  And for 2A+B and kB2, when they
block either one of those attacks, they'll be forced to either attack after the
block or just take the attack.  After the Block Stun, do 66K to most likely get
a CH with it and combo afterwards.  And if they try to Guard Impact your
attacks, you can do one of the following. Use delayed attacks (B*B(2_8), 8WR
3_9B*B, and 44B*B), hold down an attack (1[B], 236[B], 236[A], and 4[B]) and/or
do G-cancels to make your enemy Post-Guard Impact, where they'll unsuccessfully
GI your attack and get punished by your next attack.

-Against Enemies That Play Offensively-
If your opponent recklessly plays aggressively, you can either fight back with
your own attacks, avoid-and-counter, or block-and-counter.  Fighting back with
your own attack can be risky if the attack you use is either: too slow or just
not safe, so go for fast attacks or attacks with long-or-mid-range and time them
well.  8WR or step around the attacks to make your game more defensive and yet
still offensive by using an 8WR attack or any attack after well-time step that
avoids the enemy attack.  Blocking and attacking can be good only if your enemy
is not trying to do a Block Stun trap on you, but you won't always know, so be
sure to interrupt the attack is you see one coming after you block the attack.

Mitsurugi's two primary stances are the Mist and the Relic.  Many of his attacks
can enter the stances right after striking and the stance can be switched while
in the other stance by pressing B+K while in one of the stances.  Mist offers
more offense abilities, which most of the attacks go in a straight motion.
While in the Mist stance, mostly Mist A+B for a launcher and wake-up, Mist A,B6
for a powerful AT combo, and Mist A,K for a combo ending with a sneaky low
attack.  Relic, compared to Mist, offers more defensive attacks and more
variety.  Relic A tracks well against side-steppers, Relic B evades and has good
range, and all of the Relic's UB attacks have different hit ranges.  For both
Relic and Mist, don't stay in either stance for a long time and make your
strikes quick.  Half Moon Death is Mitsurugi's secondary stance.  It's riskier
than the other stances because the first few frames of the stance leave him open
for attack.  When the stance, use HMD~A for a very quick strike, HMD K for an
unexpected low attack, HMD A,A and HMD B,B for a NC's that leave the enemy in
CS, and HMD~bA at long range.  Full Moon Death, however, is the stance you'll
want to avoid using.

*Frame Traps*

Here are a few frame traps that will prove to be useful in the heat of battle.

-2A, 66K
-2A, throw
-8WR1_7B,A, 6B9/66K
-AA, 6B9/66K
-6B9, bA~Throw shift
-6A, 6B9/AA/BB/66K
-B, 3A/66K
-66K, AA/BB


Start-up attack
-Follow-up attack(s) (Damage amount)

-236B (66)
-236[B] (73-75) Hold B for 1 second, then release.
-6B9, 4A (64)
-6B9, 44B (58) Great wake-up set-up.
-6B9, 66B (58)
-8WR 1_7B,A (62)
-8WR 1_7B,A6 (62) Ends in Mist.

1B-66K (55)

-236B (70)

-A,A (48)
-2A (31)

-66A+B (73)

-236B (81) Opponent is left standing.
-B,B  (70) Opponent is left standing.
-A+G_B+G (100) Only works B6 hits opponent's left.  Throw can be escaped.
-3K (54) Opponent is left standing.
-3A (55) Opponent is left standing.
-B[2]_[8]~A+G_B+G (111) Throw Shift. Damage varies with throw. Throw can be

8WR 3_9B
-236B (63)
-6B9, 44B (61) Great wake-up set-up.
-6B9, 4A (61)
-6B9, 4A6 (61) Ends in Mist.

-66A+B (94)

8WR 3_9[B]
-Relic B (56)

CH 66K or K6 or 8WR 3_9K
-kB (82)
-8WR 2_8B (61-62)
-1B (60)

66A+B or 8WR any (but 4) A+B
-2A (64) Opponent is left standing.
-2K (69) Stronger, but less wake-up options afterwards.
-1K (62) Weaker, but more wake-up options afterwards due to faster recovery.

66A2_8 or 8WR 6A2_8
-Half Moon Death~A (47)

-66K (60)

-236B (75)

Mist A+B
-236B (81)
-236[B] (92) Hold B for 1 second then release.
-44[A] (79) Ends in Relic.

Relic B
-8WR 3_9B (57) Unreliable on shallow hit.
-1K (46) Reliable on clean hit.

Half Moon Death A,A
-:4A+B, Relic B (101) Requires just frame timing.
-8WR 2_8B (87)

Half Moon Death B,B
-8WR 2_8B (72)
-2A+B (67)
-236B (69) Will only work if enemy's back is near wall or edge.
-2A (34) Will only work if enemy's back is near wall or edge.
-1K (36) Will only work if enemy's back is near wall or edge.

-66A+B (90)
-1B (75) Good for ring-outs.
-4B (81)

-FC K (48) Reliable on clean hit.
-FC B (51) Reliable on clean hit.
-FC 1B, FC K (89) Side or back hit only.
-8WR 3_9B,B (103) Side or back hit only

-8WR 3_9B,B (91) Side or back hit only.
-3B, 6B9, 4A6 (96) Side or back hit only, ends in Mist.
-3B, 236B (97) Side or back hit only.
-4K,B (76) Side or back hit only.
-2K,B (74) Side or back hit only.

-3B (53) Works only on a clean hit.

8WR 2_8B
-2K (52) Stronger, but less wake-up options afterwards.
-1K (45) Weaker, but more wake-up options due to faster recovery.

*Legal Stuff, Acknowledgements, and Credits*

-Notable websites-

soulcalibur.com- You'll learn a lot from this website for just about any
character, so go there.

guardimpact.com- This is still under heavy construction, but you can still find
the complete Legend and move lists for most of the characters.

sc.relaxism.com- This is a Soul Calibur video archive website. It has some great
videos from various tournaments like the Nationals.


zigmover21- zigmover21 helped me out the most in the making of this FAQ.
He contributed by giving the NC definition and allowing me to use all of the
Mitsurugi combos from his great Combo FAQ. He's also one of the only people that
you'll ever see around this board who is also a well-known member from
soulcalibur.com, so listen to whatever he has to say.

Sou Chan- He gave me information on the iFC.

Servbot15- Probably one of the only people I ever get to play against at home
when he visits and have major competition.

Dr.Hell- Thanks for suggesting a Frame Trap section. Feel free to contribute
more if you like.

Kageh, fLoE, XCTU, Fury, FetZ, and Chipper (all from soulcalibur.com)- If it
weren't for these guys' strategies for some of the characters in the
September 2003 issue of GameNow magazine and also at www.1up.com, I'd still be a
major NooB at SC2.

WCMaxi- For running soulcalibur.com.

TooHectic- For running guardimpact.com.

Ai-Uchi, Youngworld, Aris, Tharon_Mortis and the other people from the Mitsurugi
Soul Arena forum at soulcalibur.com.  Without them, I wouldn't know very much
about Mitsurugi and my Secret Stuff section would be possible either.

CJayC- For posting this guide on gamefaqs.com.

Namco- For creating this incredible game.

All of the other great people at soulcalibur.com.

All of the great people at the gamefaqs.com message boards.

And you for taking the time to look at my FAQ.

Copyright 2003 Edward "RoyalFlush" Valdez

Soul Calibur 2 is Copyright of Namco.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Any unauthorized use is a violation of copyright law.  This guide is exclusive
to gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com and 1up.com, and may not be publicly distributed.

*Revision History*

0.20: Finished A attacks (10/20/03)

0.30: Finished B attacks (10/30/03)

0.40: Finished K attacks (11/7/03)

0.50: Finished Throws and Stance attacks (11/9/03)

0.60: Finished Stance Entrances, Mix-ups, Wake-ups, etc. (11/14/03)

0.70: Finished Secret Stuff (11/17/03)

0.80: Finished Combos (11/21/03)

0.90: Finished Legal Stuff, Acknowledgements, and Credits (11/23/03)

0.95: Added more combos and other stuff.  Began most of Strategies section, but
I think it's still a little rough around the edges.  If you think you know what
to add or know any way to make it better, please contact and e-mail. (1-14-04)

0.97: Changed descriptions for some attacks and added another Throw Shift. Will
work on Strategies section later. (2-22-04)

0.98: Added Wall Jump attacks this time around, more attack data, and several
more combos. (7-22-04)

0.99: I've begun a new section that will contain information on how to utilize
some of Mitsurugi's good attacks and how to use them in battle. It's still under
construction, but I'll my best to do whatever I can whenever I can. (8-19-04)

1.0: Restated the Fast FMD movement because I've been playing around with it and
never mentioned these things in my FAQ. Will work on in-depth section later...

1.02: I just fixed a couple of typos, but otherwise, there's nothing really
new... (9-12-04)

1.05: I fixed some data for the Throw Shifts, added a Soul Charge Cancel, and
added Unlisted Moves. I'll try to work on the next section once I finish my
English book report. That's all for now... (9-18-04)

1.07: Fixed some things in the combos section and added some combos. (9-19-04)

1.10: Added JF Back Turned and JF Back Turned Fully Crouched stuff, some combos,
and fixed more errors. (9-20-04)

1.12: Added Frame Traps sections in replacement for the In-depth attacks
section. Sorry! (5-10-05)

For 1.2, I'll add some new stuff every once in a while.

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