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Ivy Guide by Kvalsternacka

Version: 0.96 | Updated: 12/15/2003

Soul Calibur 2: Ivy - Character guide
Author: Felix Eliasson - kvalsternacka@hotmail.com
Copyright (c) 2003 Felix Eliasson
Created: Oct16 2003
Last updated: Nov19 2003
Version: 0.96

             ____  ____  ____  ____  ____  _     _     ____
             / /  / /// /   / / /// /___/ //    //    /   /
            / /  _| |¯ /__ / / _¯  /_¯/  // _  // _  /__ /
           / /  /// / // // / /// / ¯¯/ / ¯¯/ / ¯¯/ // //
          ¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯  ¯  ¯  ¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯  ¯  ¯
      __ __  ____  _     ____  _  _  _____  ____  _  _  ____
      || // /   / //    /___/ /| // /_ _ /  / /  /| // /___/
      ||// /__ / // _  /_¯/  //|//  ¯// ¯  / /  //|// /_¯/
      | / // // / ¯¯/ / ¯¯/ // |/   //    / /  // |/ / ¯¯/
      ¯¯  ¯  ¯  ¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯  ¯  ¯    ¯    ¯¯¯¯  ¯  ¯  ¯¯¯¯


0 - Version History                                       (SC2.IVY.VER)
1 - Introduction and information.                         (SC2.IVY.INT)
2 - The commands and symbols.                             (SC2.IVY.COM)
3 - Ivy's Soul Charge move property list.                 (SC2.IVY.SCM)
4 - Weapons.                                              (SC2.IVY.WEP)
5 - Ring out guide.                                       (SC2.IVY.ROG)
6 - Licking giude.                                        (SC2.IVY.LIK)
7 - Unlisted moves.                                       (SC2.IVY.ULM)
8 - Summon Suffering and Calamity Symphony.               (SC2.IVY.SSC)
9 - Usefull combos, tactics and stuff.                    (SC2.IVY.CMB)
 9.a - Peoples Combos                                   (SC2.IVY.PEP)
10 - IWS state.                                           (SC2.IVY.IWS)
11 - Fun, useless and weird stuff.                        (SC2.IVY.USS)
12 - Misc. gameplay rules                                 (SC2.GAM.RUL)
13 - Legal stuff.                                         (IRL.LAW)
14 - Submitting info.                                     (IRL.FAQ.ADD)
15 - SoulCalibur Links.                                   (SC2.WEB.URL)
16 - Thanks to.                                           (IRL.TNX)

_/ 0 - VERSION HISTORY - \____________________________________________
   (SC2.IVY.VER)                                                      |
0.96 - *IMPORTANT* More stuff in chapter 13 - Submitting info. Read it
     - Added current chapter 12
     - More stuff in chapters 8, 9.a, 11
     - More/changed/moved/corrected text here and there.

0.94 - Added current chapter 14.
     - More stuff in chapter 7 and 11. You might wanna check them out.

0.93 - Even more stuff here and there. Check out chapter 3 and 8 again.
     - Added current chapter 11.
     - Added the flashy title. Was a pain to make...

0.92 - More/changed/moved/corrected text here and there.
     - Compressed the chapters thus removing most of the subchapters.
     - Added current chapter 10 and subchapter 9.a.
     - More info in chapters 3,8 and 9.

0.9  - Added chapter 8 and subchapters 8.a, 8.b and 8.c.
     - Restructured a bit.
     - Some grammar corrections.

0.85 - Character guide released.

_/ 1 - INTRODUCTION AND INFORMATION - \_______________________________
  (SC2.IVY.INT)                                                       |

Hello and welcome to my Soul Calibur 2 Ivy Character Guide!
I don't know what else to say so here's some stuff to have in mind:

While reading this guide, THINK FOR YOURSELF! Think of new ways to
build combos of the ones thats listed here. The opponents everyone meet
play with different strategys. What works for me and the people that
contributed with moves and combos for this guide might not work on YOUR
opponents. Use this guide for guidence and inspiration.
Also, I trust you are good enough to know what moves and combos listed
here to use for getting to sidesteppers and turtlers. Therefore, there
are no lists for such moves in this guide. It's possible in the future

This guide is written for the gamecube version of Soul Calibur II but
the content if this guide is correct for the PlayStation2 and Xbox
versions aswell.


I don't have a program with a spell check function for the english
language installed so try to ignore any weird buildt sentences and
grammar misses.


Other than that, I hope this guide will be helpfull to you.


_/ 2 - THE COMMANDS AND SYMBOLS - \___________________________________
  (SC2.IVY.COM)                                                       |
The directions:

7 8 9
4   6
1 2 3

These number represent the directions on the control pad. 6 being
right, 2 being down etc. Look on your keyboards Numpad.
The actions:
A = Horisontal attack
B = Vertical attack
K = Kick
G = Guard
Attack properties:
H - High attack
M - Mid attack
L - Low attack
SM - Special Mid attack
AT - Attack Throw
UB - Unblockable
GB - GuardBreak
GI - GuardImpact
GI-h,v - GuardImpact will block horisontal or vertical attacks.
SCUB - Soul Charge Unblockable
[K],[A+B],[4] - This means "hold" the represented button(s).
7_8_9 - 7 or any of the other mentioned directions can be pressed.
* - This means "neutral pad".
WC - While Crouching.
WR - While Rising
WB - While Blocking.
kB - Slide input (from K to B)
{UL} - Unlisted move.
{CH} - Counter Hit. The attack will gain special abilities if it hits
       as an attack or backdash counter. Moves and combos having this
       mark must hit as a counter hit.

Source:"Name" - If the knowledge of a combo/move or whatever was gained
                from anyone or anywhere, it will say there.

_/ 3 - IVY'S SOUL CHARGE MOVE PROPERTY LIST - \_______________________
  (SC2.IVY.SCM)                                                       |

These are the moves that attend special properties during Soul Charge
that I've found.

Location:     Name:                   Command:           Effect:
A.24        - Spiral Punishment     - 4 A+B B          - UB at Lv.3

B.14(38)    - Poison Ivy            - 1[B]             - GB at Lv.1/2/3
B.16(39,40) - Darkside              - 44B              - GB at Lv.2/3
B.20        - Ivy Brambler          - 236B             - UB at Lv.3
B.23(24)    - Embrace of Lust       - 6[B+K]           - UB at Lv.3
B.25        - Fears Void            - 2_1_3B+K         - GB at Lv.1/2/3

Misc.29     - Stinging Souls (long) - During Serpents  - UB at Lv.3
                                      Embrace, 6B+K    

Th.8        - Calamity Symphony     - During Whip      - *Special*
                                      State, 376231 A+K  +15 dmg
                                                         at Lv.3

When releasing the buttons on following moves, Ivy will attack by
pulling the whip up from the ground. That attack becomes a GB at
Lv.2/3 Soul Charge.

A.19 - Eye of madness             - 3[A+B] release buttons
A.38 - Masquerade~Resting madness - WC 3[A+B] release buttons
B.30 - Exile                      - 44[B+K] release buttons

- Using Soul Charge -

Added attack properties:
I can't say I think using Soul Charge for adding properties to attacks
with Ivy is very usefull. Most GB moves take to long to recover from
thus alowing your opponent to regain control of their character, and
the UB moves are easy to avoid.
The only attack that I have had any use for is a fully charged Ivy
Brambler which is a pain to escape from. However, only stupid or
confident opponents let you fully charge a Soul Charge.

Damage bonuses:
So what about the damage bonuses then? Well there are no damage bonus
at Lv.1 Soul Charge so that one is not recomended to use.
Lv.2 only force a Run counter, that's +15% damage but no CH. Now
remember that while in Soul Charge, any attack made ON YOU will be a
forced attack counter, regardless of the Soul Charge level you're in.
Is a Lv.2 Soul Charge worth that? Not in my oppinion. And definently
NOT a Lv.1 Soul Charge!
A Lv.3 Soul Charge is not very likely that you will reach, but if you
do, the first hit by you will force a Back Dash counter (+40% damage
and CH) on your opponent. If you're able to reach Lv.3 it's likely that
you're playing agains a passive opponent that likes to keep their
distance. Good for you that Ivy is good at taking care of those kind of
opponents. And whatever you do to take care of them, it will damage
them greatly due to the forced Back Dash counter you gain.

What else?
There is one thing that you can use Soul Charge for that I can think
of. If you begin to charge, you can stress out opponents and force them
to charge recklessly in an atempt to cancel your Soul Charge. It's a
nice chance to sett up a trap of some sort to counter whatever they are
planning to do, which for me mostly is a glide tackle. It's unlikely
that experienced opponents charge "recklessly" though and it's unlikely
that unexperienced opponents charge at all. But who knows? Try.

_/ 4 - WEAPONS - \____________________________________________________
  (SC2.IVY.WEP)                                                       |

Alot of experiments was used to get these weapon stats. The legendary
weapons was a pain to find out about, and there may be more to be
discovered about them. Those things are whenever the weapon is good or
bad at braking/defending horisontal attacks. I tried to test it but it
is very hard to see. Heck, thats even hard to test when you use a 
weapon that you know have those stats. I did notice a very clear
difference if I used a weapon that was good at breaking horisontal
attacks and gave my opponent a weapon that was weak att defending
horisontal attacks. Hmm... I seem to be off topic... :)

The expression "and falling" means that the boost or drop in stats
will fall back to its normal value within a short amount of time.

No special abilities

+ Moves that are Unblockable at Level 3 Soul Charge are Unblockable at
  Level 2
- Lower attack power than normal. [ -40% = 60% ]

+ Recovers health.
- Lower defense than normal. [ -45% = 55% ]

+ Damages through guard. [ 20% of total damage ]
- Your Horizontal Attacks are easier to Break with Vertical Attacks.

+ Higher attack power than normal. [ +35% = 135% ]
+ Easier to break Horizontal Attacks with your Vertical Attacks.
- Drains health.

+ Higher attack power than normal. [ +30% = 130% ]
- Your Horizontal Attacks are easier to Break with Vertical Attacks.

+ Higher attack power than normal. [ +20% = 120% ]
+ Higher defense than normal. [ +35% = 135% ]
- Take damage even when guarding. [ 30% of total damage ]

+ Attack power increases during Soul Charge [ +40% = 140% and falling ]
- Harder to Break Horizontal Attacks with your Vertical Attacks.

9. SOUL EDGE (Complete)
+ Higher attack power than normal. [ +20% = 120% ]
+ Attack power increases during Soul Charge.
  [ totaly +104% = 204% and falling ]
+ Defence increases during Soul Charge.
  [ totaly +46% = 146% and falling]
  I don't think the % is correct on this one. I belive it's more.
- Drains health.
- Drains health during Soul Charge.

+ Higher attack power than normal. [ +30% = 130% ]
+ Damages through guard. [ 60% of total damage ]
+ Moves that are Unblockable at Level 3 Soul Charge are Unblockable at 
  Level 1
- Drains health when attacking.
  [ 3 damage for every attack ] Kicks are damaging to. Not throws.

+ Funny noice.
- Lower attack power than normal. [ -20% = 80% ]
- Lower defense than normal. [ -20% = 80% ]

_/ 5 - RING OUT GUIDE - \_____________________________________________
  (SC2.IVY.ROG)                                                       |

The following is a suggestion of ring out moves for different 
situations. I will also write a comment on each move describing
possible strengths and weaknesses. Of course, there are many more moves
to use for ring outs but these I use myself and they have proven to
work just fine.

I: Ivy
O: Opponent
X: Edge

- Opponent between you and edge -
  |    X|
  |I O X| 

Naturally the best position for ring outs. Here you got the greatest
variety of moves at your disposal.

K.10 - Raven Catcher - 4B - H
The most commonly used move for ring outs by me along with the
infamous A+G throw. Sends your opponent flying backwards in an instant.
It's extremly quick but can be ducked under.

K.5  - Evil Sparrow - 3B - M
In difference from the Raven Catcher, this kick is a medium attack and
not as quick. A good thing is that you duck while kicking.

K.14 - Ramble Sobat - 8_7_9_[7]_[1]K - M
A jump followed by a kick. Very suprising and perfect for avoiding a
low attack while kicking the opponent out of the ring. Still, you need
to have some idea of your opponents attack pattern in order to predict
the low attack. Also, being hit in the air will send you flying

B.14 - Poison Ivy - 3[B] - L (short range)
                           SM (long range)
An in my opinion underestimated ring out move. Works equally well long
range as short range. Easely avoided with sidestepps since it's slow
to execute though.

- You between edge and opponent -
  |X    |
  |X I O|

The worst position you can get yourself into. An experienced opponent
will throw you off the ring in a second if you don't stay on your

Th.1 - Primal Dominance - A+G - Throw (H)
Primal Dominance... well this move surely dominate. Grab-throw-
ring out. Doesn't get any easier than this. Can be avoided by mashing
A or ducking. Also, you need to be as far out on the edge that you can

B.45 - Pride - WC, 1B - M
This move enables you to duck and strike. One mayor disadvantage is
that you need to be as close as you can get to your opponent,
otherwise he will not be thrown over you. However, it's satisfying to
see your opponent slowly fly over your head and out of the ring without
any possible way of air control. It will probably result in you getting
hit on the arm IRL by our opponent :D.

- Edge to the left -
  | I O |

A somewhat neutral position. Not neccesarily a dangerous place to be.
There are not to many moves that throw you sideways. It all depends
on your opponents experience. 

K.3 - Mind Shatter - 66K_66[K] - H
A delayable round kick that will send your opponent flying. Is
extremely qiuck if not delayed. A big disadvantage is that the kick
is high.

Misc.15 - Lost Soul - During Spiral Tribute, 2A - L
This move got range and will take your opponent far away. However,
you need to be in Spiral Tribute stance to do it and it can be seen

- Edge to the right -
  |     |
  | I O |

Just like the previous situation. Not neccesarily a bad place to be.

Not listed - No Name - 8_7_9A - M {UL}
A move that's not listed. Incredibly usefull and suprising. Another
good thing about it is that you jump while doing it. But being hit
while in the air will send you flying instead.


It's quite possible to build a strategy based only on ring outs with
these moves. I would not recomend it if you play against an experienced
opponent however. Still, it works just fine agains AI opponents.


_/ 6 - LICKING GUIDE - \______________________________________________
  (SC2.IVY.LIK)                                                       |

Now you might wonder what the heck I mean with licking giude. Well Ivy
got a move that makes her different from most of the other characters.
Only - as far as I know - Astaroth, Necrid and Cervantes got a similar
move and Ivy's is by far better than theirs. I'm talking about the AT
move named "Ivy Lick". It's an attack throw move that only works if
your opponent is mid-air.

The Ivy Lick is pressed like this: 6[B]8 or 8B+K. I will refer the move
as "lick".

This is a move that's perhaps one of the most usefull moves Ivy got
since she can limit her opponents movements to ground movements only.
The lick does a total of 55 damage in two blows. It's not possible to
avoid the lick by pressing any buttons once it hits. As soon as the
opponent leaves the ground Ivy can "lick" them. That means that she can
lick when the opponent jumps, does a jump attack, stands on it's
weapon, etc. This means that Ivy don't have to force her opponents up
in the air to be able to lick, they can do the mistake to do it
themselves. It's not before then the lick becomes REALLY usefull. All
it takes is lightning reflexes :).

For those who want a move list for launching your opponents into the
air, well here you go. Keep in mind that most of the moves must hit as
attack or backdash counters to work. Also, it's recomended that you NOT
strike your opponents a few times before licking. Why?. Because of the
air-control. you don't want to blow 55 damage for like MAX 20 extra
damage dealt by extra hits. The extra hits you deal must be dealt by
really quick but weak moves. Take that and the fact that you do a small
amount of the original damage (that becomes less and less for each hit)
while keeping the opponent in the air.

The hits that must be an attack or backdash counter will have this
mark: {CH}. This mark means that the attack gains special features if
it hits as an attack or backdash counter.

- Licking move list -

B.11 - Cursed Heavens  - 3B, lick         - M {CH}
A.21 - Dominance       - 2A+B, lick       - M {CH}
{UL} - Jump~Dominance  - WB 7_8_9B, lick  - M {CH}
B.9  - Serpents breath - 66B, lick        - M {CH}

Licking that needs a comment:

B.45 - Pride (close) - WC 1B * G, lick - M
This combo is really hard to do. Don't try it unless you successfully
hit with Pride at close range. The * G only marks that you must press G
to turn around. The lick must come the instant after you pressed G if
you want it to hit. Very very hard to pull off.

B.35 - Drowning Madness - [2]_[8]B, lick - M
This one is a bit hard to pull off. You got to be around one or two
steps away from your opponent when striking the first hit in order to
hit with the lick. Also, the lick must come the split second after
Drowning Madness or you will be to late.

A.28 - God Whisper - 7_8_9A+B A, lick - M
If hes/shes not seen this one before, your opponent will surely be
taken by suprise if you pull this one off, it looks incredibly cool.
You also jump sideways while doing it so you will be dodging and
striking at the same time. However, it can be air-controlled out of
resulting in you missing with the lick.

Misc. 29 - Stinging Souls (long distance) -
- During Serpents Embrace: 6B+K[8], lick - MM GB SCUB {CH} {UL}
The first hit must land unblocked as a CH. If it do and you pressed and
held 8, the opponent will be thrown up into the air and thus giving you
a chance to lick. This combo does AT LEAST 151 damage and if the first
hit lands successfully the rest is sure to hit with minor skills. Now,
it says up there that you should hold 8. That's not true, you're only
supposed to press it but holding it makes it simpler to do. And if
that is not simple enough, press and hold 9 the whole move instead. That
way you press both 6 and 9 at the same time. That's by the way how I
discovered the move in the first place.

- Misc licking tips -

I'm repeating myself here but...

- It's very hard if not impossible to do more damage than a lick whith
  juggling techniqus. At least with Ivy.

- DON'T juggle your opponent, lick instead. You don't want him to
  air-control away.

- Now, if you just HAVE to juggle before licking, do it on big
  opponents like Astaroth or Necrid. There's a bigger chance of hitting
  with a lick after juggling them.

- It's not possible to avoid the lick by pressing buttons once it hits
  like normal throws and attack throws.

- As soon as the opponent leaves the ground Ivy can lick them. That
  means that she can lick when the opponent jumps, does a jump attack,
  stands on it's weapon, etc. It's even possible to lick a glide
  tackle. That's NOT recomended to try in an important fight though :).

- It's possible to lick walled opponents. I don't know many effective
  moves that put your opponent on the wall however.

- If you play agains Kilik or another character that leaves the ground
  alot while attacking, try licking when you know the opponent will
  attack. If the opponent does a jump attack at that time, the lick
  will hit, and if it don't, make sure you pressed K. That will make
  Ivy follow up the lick if it didn't hit in the air.

_/ 7 - UNLISTED MOVES - \_____________________________________________
  (SC2.IVY.ULM)                                                       |
Sorry folks but this will be a pretty puny list. Help to fill this
chapter is extremely appreciated. I'm not sure if theres much more to
fill it with though. It apears that Ivy don't got as many unlisted
moves as I though.

- The standard jump moves -

I can't understand why these moves didn't get a section in the command
list, they are so very usefull. It was the same in Soul Blade and SC1.
Well anyway, each character - as far as I know - got two jump attacks
for each attack button, A, B and K. One attack when the attack is
pressed at the same time as one of the directions 7, 8 or 9 and one
when you press an attack and already are in the air. The former have a
few exeptions for some characters. As for the later ones, to jump hold
G and press 7, 8 or 9 and when you are in the air, press an attack

Type 1 jump attacks. - From the ground -
No name      - 7_8_9A         - M
No name      - 7_8_9B         - SM - {CH}
Ramble Sobat - 7_8_9_[7]_[1]K - M

Type 2 jump attacks. - In the air -
No name        - WB 7(8,9)G,A - L
Jump~Dominance - WB 7(8,9)G,B - M - {CH}
No name        - WB 7(8,9)G,K - H 

- The wall-jump moves -

It's possible to wall-jump and attack. The attacks made will be the
same as the type 2 jump attacks. To wall jump, jump back at the wall
and press and hold [8+G]. I think it was at least... It's possible to
jump over high horisontal attacks with a wall jump.
After the wall jump, press:

No name        - A - L
Jump~Dominance - B - M - {CH}
No name        - K - H 

- Unlisted moves -

- Stinging Souls (long), 2 hit version -
  During Serpent's Embrace, 6B+K8 - MM GB SCUB {CH}
  The second hit only occurs if the first hit hits as a CH. You'll
  notice if you succeded if the opponent is thrown into the air.

- Stinging Souls (long), short 2 hit version -
  During Serpents Embrace, 6B+K - HL GB SCUB
  The long version of stinging souls can hit at close range. If it
  does, it will take the opponent with it and have a chance of hitting
  an extra time when it goes down in the ground. The first hit will be
  a Guard Brake. This move can be used for ring outs but it's riscy.
  I'm always blocked when I try. Note that if you hit at close range,
  the move becomes a different move than the normal long range one.
  Just look at what height the hits lands. HL, not MM.

- Ivy Sweep AT - K2 - L
  The Ivy sweep turns into an AT move if you hit a downed opponent with
  it. It doesn't do much damage but it's always fun to stepp on your
  opponents. Ain't that the reason why we love the stampede king,
  Nighmare? :)

- Biting Raven AT - A,[A] - HH-AT {CH}
  The second hit will turn into an AT if it is a CH. You must hit at
  medium/long range.

- Dancing Insanity~Spiral Serenade - 44A,B
  Pressing B while preforming Dancing Insanity (44B) will force Ivy to
  enter Spiral Serenade stance. If you hit with 44B there will plenty
  of time to continue attacking after entering the stance. Not enough
  time to attack before the opponent regains control of it's character

- Wall moves -

- Sorry, haven't found a single one and oh I have tested, belive me.
  I'm sure there got to be some though.

- Soul Charge moves -

- Same here, havn't found any and havn't recived any.


I could use some help here. If you know any moves that should be here,
please email me.


_/ 8 - SUMMON SUFFERING AND CALAMITY SYMPHONY - \_____________________
  (SC2.IVY.SSC)                                                       |
There is a lot to write about these two throws. To bad I don't know
alot about them. Sorry. I'll cover what I know though. Most of the
stuff in this chapter is for new or average Ivy users.

I will start with the most important; how you press them.
Th.7 - Summon Suffering  - 376231,A+B - Throw (H) (From any direction)

Th.8 - Calamity Symphony - During Whip State,
                           376231,A+K - Throw (H) (From any direction)

- Learn to press them -

- For starters, don't try to press them SUPAH FAST!!!11. You got plenty
  of time to press all the needed directions, about 4-5 seconds

- Start with just tapping the directions slowly like, tap ,tap, tap,
  tap and then A+B. That's right, start with Summon Suffering, not the
  Calamity Symphony. The directions are the same but the Summon
  Suffering don't got the "whip state" requirement so I guess it makes
  it easier to do. When you feel that is no problem, increase the
  speed, and keep doing that everytime you feel that you got it. In my
  opinion, you need to get down to about 1 to 1.5 second before you
  even think of using them in combat.

- Keep in mind that you need to learn to do it reverse to in case you
  end up on the other side. I must admit that I'm having trouble doing
  them as P2 so you could say I know what I'm talking about :).

- A trick to press them. Rotate the control stick a few times and press
  A+B. Rotate it CCW if you're on the left side and CW if you're on the
  right side. It's not recomended to do on a GameCube controller since
  it's very noicy and will alarm your opponent of what you're up to.
  Doing them the "real" way is alot faster if you learn it so I
  recomend using that techique instead. It's harder to learn but it
  pays off big time.

- How I press them -  (Super Speed?)

It's kinda hard to tell without showing but I'll try. First press the
two first directions, 37. Those two use to be the most critical for me
because I sometimes miss them. After 37, press 6 and slide to 2
(37 - 632). Make sure you hold 2 from here on. After that slide from 2
to 3 and from 3 to 1.

Here's the whole move: 3,7 - 632,3,21 A+B_A+K.

If you press it in reality, you would probably press it like this:
37-6321,23,21. It works equally good and is just as quick. I know it
looks hard and slow to press but in reality it's really simple and
quick. I do the 110dmg Calamity Symphony without using a buffer move
like this. I won't say its easy, but I don't have any trouble doing
it either.

And again...

The whole move:       3,7 - 632,3,21 A+B_A+K
The move in reality:  3,7 - 6321,23,21 A+B_A+K


I use a GameCube controller and it's Dpad while doing this.

The advantage of the GameCube controllers Dpad is it's size. It's
true! It's small size is an advantage! Well, I think that at least...
Here's why: you don't have to slide around on the Dpad to input the
directions. I just place my thumb on the middle of the cross and tilt
the cross in the needed directions without sliding. You don't have to
tape your thumb after a few hours of playing and moves are, in my
opinion, alot easier to press that way.


- Using them in battle -

I am not very experienced here but I'll tell what I know.

It's possible to press the needed directions while doing another move.
If you begin to press them just like that, Ivy will spasm around a bit
before the throw comes. Your opponent will see what you are trying to
do and avoid it with ease. But if you press the directions while under
another move, Ivy throw the instant your done with the move. Doing so
will alow a nice move flow without you spasm around a bit before the
throw comes.

The Summon Suffering can be pressed doing any move since the move don't
have to end in Whip State to succeed in difference of Calamity
Symphony. Just try pulling it off at the end of a combo or something.
To buffer the Calamity Symphony, you need to know what moves that end
in Whip State. A list of usefull moves can be seen below.

- Calamity Symphony buffer moves -

Ancient wheel - 1A - L
To easy to avoid after you've done it a few times and/or if your
opponent is experienced. Don't like this one much but it works.

Pleasure change - B+K - GI-h
Almost as easy to avoid as Ancient Wheel. What makes this move
different from Ancient Wheel is that you can GI horisontal moves with
it and thus buy some time to recover.

Spiral Punishment (cancel) - 4A+B,G - M GI-v
This one is the best one I've found so far. The first hit is medium and
will force your opponent to stand to block. When Ivy cancels the move
she will recover from it very fast, so fast it almost looks like a
natural combo when the Calamity Symphony comes. It can hard to counter
attack between 4A+B,G and Calamity Symphony.

During Whip State, Kick
Most kick moves will work as buffer moves for Calamity Symphony as long
as Ivy's sword is in Whip State. The kick move won't cancel the weapons
Whip State when preforming the move.

Try to use blocking as a buffer. This is very riscy since you might
jump and crouch since you hold G while inputting the directions. But to
counter with a Summon Suffering or Calamity symphony will prove quite

I've been trying this alot since I wrote it, and guess what? It works
very very good on my opponents. Weird stuff can happen when doing this
though. Sometimes when I finish pressing the move with the final A+B or
A+K and I'm still blocking, Ivy won't preform the move until shes free
to move again after the block animation. What happens is that after I
press it I can actually leave the pad neutral just when I block the
last hit and wait for Ivy to attack. It's a strange feeling to see her
preform the throw without you doing anything. Feel kinda like... lag :)

Guard Impact
Try using a Guard Impact as a buffer. If you guard impact a move it's
likely that your opponent will guard impact back and thus give you more
time to press the throw.

- Command studies -

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Before you mail and tell me, yes I know that the soulcalibur.com forums
have loads and loads of stuff on these two throws. They even have a
thread meant for studying them. However, it's so damn HUGE that I
havn't had the patience to even begin to read it. Is what I'm going to
say already known there? Well is there something that AIN'T known there
regarding these throws? You don't end up with a thread that big without
getting somewhere. Now with that out of the way I'll tell you about my
small discoverys :).
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 

A few things first:
Trigger command: The command that triggers the move after the
                 directions are pressed. (A+B or A+K)

If you use very slow moves like 6B+K to buffer, here's a tip. You know
that you can be to quick when buffering? Well if you press the
directions in the beginning of the buffer move and mash A+B or A+K
until the move is done, Ivy will preform the throw even if you pressed
it to quick. I found this out when I was using 6B+K to practise
buffering. This worked on other moves to. Maybe you think that that's
obvious but I needed to test it. However when I tried to use this in
the beginning of WR B+K the throw could fail anyway. So in other words,
you can't keep a Summon Suffering alive in the move as long as you
want. I't should be enough in "normal length" moves though. I'll call
this the "incubation trick" for short since it's mentioned below.

Another thing I've noticed that they can be pressed incredibly slow in
difference of normal moves. As a result, you can input commands after
inputting the directions and before the trigger command A+B or A+K, as
long as the trigger command comes within the time limit for how slow
you're alowed to press it. This I belive is used to preform the flaming
Calamity Symphony. What you do is pressing the directions 376231 and
then inputting 214 to change form of the sword to the whip and THEN
press A+K. The game alowes you to change the form of the sword before
triggering the throw with A+B or A+K because you're within the time
limit. I belive this can be used to buffer a Calamity Symphony even if
the weapon doesn't end in whip state after the move. I'll name this
"trigger delay".

I also found out that you can hold G while inputting the directions,
let go of G and use the trigger command to preform the throw. After
discovering that I tried holding attack buttons and it worked equally
well. After that I tried mashing random buttons while inputting the
command and I ended up with pretty wild dance that SOMETIMES threw in
a Summon Suffering in the end. However, if you use the incubation
trick the "dance" always end in a Summon Suffering.

You can use the trigger delay and incubation trick in tandem to
preform a Summon Suffering in a stance. Enter a stance and press the
directions, exit the stance with G and quickly mash A+B. Ivy will
prefom the throw when shes free to move after the "exit stance"

I think this is all the "special" stuff I've found out. If I ever can
be assed to read the SS/CS study thread at soulcalibur.com I'll put
that info here to.

- Secret Stuff -

Yep, one of the throws - Calamity Symphony - hides a little secret. If
it's pressed under a certain time limit, Ivy will laugh insted of
saying something and the throw will do an extra 15 damage. Kind of a
way to reward those who can press it with inhuman speed. 15 damage
might not seem to be very much and I pretty much agree. But still,
it's a kinda fun detail. I don't know how fast you must be but we are
talking about a few tenth of seconds here. For you who don't own a pair
of demon possessed thumbs, just charge to level 3 Soul Charge instead.
The same thing will happen.

There's people who think that the 110dmg Calamity Symphony can't be
pressed without using a buffer move for reasons unknown to me. Well
sorry, but I have to pop that bubble. I've done it and I can do it

_/ 9 - USEFULL COMBOS, TACTICS AND STUFF- \___________________________
  (SC2.IVY.CMB)                                                       |
- Wolf Lash~Throw - [3]_[9]A, throw - HH 
  The wolf Lash will stun your opponent and give you a free chance to
  throw. However, the opponent will knocked away from you and thus
  sometimes end up to far away for a throw. That seem a bit random to
  me, I'm not sure how to control it. Use it if your fighting next to
  a wall or edge. You won't knock them to far away if there's a wall in
  the way. Also, the taller the opponent the better chance of grabbing
  him. It's true actually :). So don't try this on midgets like Link.
  Does between 90-125 damage depending on the circumstances.

- Double a Fears Void - 2_1_3_B+K - SM
  If you hit with Fears Void, do it again at the same range. The first
  hit will stun your opponent and give you a free hit with another
  Fears Void. Yay for free damage! :). Does 79 damage as lowest.

- Throw of Lust - 6[B+K] - M
  Hitting with Embrace of Lust at close range in the sides and
  sometimes in the back will force a normal throw instead. The forced
  throw will have an added 36 damage because the opponent took a hit
  before the hit turned into a throw. Note that this move is medium,
  becomes SCUB and does shit loads of damage.

- Turning Ivy Brambler - 236B - M
  This move makes Ivy turn to her opponent while shes in the air. I
  actually hit a buddy in the back when he ran under me. Ivy just
  turned 180 degrees and struck. A medium vertical attack that can't be
  strafed around and turns SCUB baby!. Try it and you'll see.

  Please read "Move Weirdness" in chapter 11 - Fun, useless and weird
  stuff (SC2.IVY.USS). There are info there that might be of some
  intrest regarding this move.
- Pleasure Change - B+K - GI-h(H,M and actually L)
  You knew that the Pleasure Change is a GI move. It repells high and
  medium horisontal attacks. But did you know that it can GI low
  horisontal attacks to? It's very hard to do and I'm not sure if it's
  supposed to work, but apparently it sometimes do.

- 9.a -----------------------------------------------------------------
- Peoples Combos -

Combos I recived by Ivy users. All combos is tested/mesured/valued by
me before it's put here. That is because I'd like to add a few words of
my own about them. The combo might not be as totaly awsome as stated by
you. Sorry but there's disadvantages in all combos. The combos will be
tested on different AI characters set to Extremely Hard.

- Source: Evil Ken (recived from zigmover21)
  Evil Ken's Wolf Lash Combo - 33A, 22B, 6B8 - HM,AT
  Good stuff, really good stuff. This combo does around 123 damage
  depending from which side you hit with the two first hits. If the
  first hit connects the rest will hit most of the times. I
  experienced a little trouble connecting the third hit. That was
  because I used 8B+K instead of 6B8 which seems to be quicker. The
  double numbers in the 33A and 22B move shows that you have to force
  a quick sidestepp by double tapping. This move stops/makes you a

- Source: Raektis
  Raektis Darkside Combo - 44[B],B,B - MMM
  A nice "1st hit, rest hit" combo. Not extremely damaging but the
  fact that it's a good soul charge GB combo and three clean and free
  hits if the first hit connects makes up for it. Keep in mind to
  hold B and input a direction under the first attack to enter Spiral
  Serenade Stance. Three vertical attacks so watch out for

- Source: Raektis, I
  Charging Serpent Combos - During Serpent's Embrace:
                            66K, A,A  - MHMH
  Variations:               66K, 4B+K - MM
  Two good "1st hit, rest hit" combos. Quick and damaging. Can be
  dodged by sidestepping. Can be hard since the first hit is very

- God Whisper Combos -

I've recived alot of combos based on the God Whisper move. Only a few
that's very relyable in battle though. However, the number of good ones
that I know and have recived are enough to be put in it's own section.

God Whisper - 9A+B,A - MLM
The L hit MUST connect for the combos to work. It's not possible for the
opponent to begin to block if the first hit connects.

- Source: zigmover21
  9A+B,A, 66A - MLM H
  Always hit and got good range if you for some reason would need it.
  Totaly foolprof. Around 65-70 damage if you start the combo with a CH.

  9A+B,A, 66[K] - MLM H
  Better damage than 66A but you might not always want to max hold 66[K]
  if you want it to hit. Around 80 damage if the combo starts whith a
  CH and you max hold the kick.

- Source: Baker
  9A+B,A, 44[B] - MLM MM
  Follows air-controling opponents, belive it or not. The second hit in
  44[B] might not hit if the opponent air-controls backwards. Ends in
  Serpent's Embrace stance if you want it to. From there there are a
  number of good moves to continue stomping from, good ones even though
  they ain't connected to the actual combo. Baker recomends 2A and I
  can only agree.

- 9A+B,A, 88_22[B] - MLM M
  This one enables you to end up in Spiral Tribute stance after the
  combo. There is one problem though. If the opponent air-control there
  is only, I'd say 50/50 chance that you hit. It depends on how the
  opponent tumbles in the air after you connected God Whisper. Hitting
  or not, there are a number of good follow-ups from there. Why not a
  full length Mistress Justice?

- Show-off follow-ups.
  9A+B,A, WR B+K   - MLM MMMM
  9A+B,A, WR A+B,A - MLM MMH
  Like the title says, these two follow-ups is only for mad stylish
  show-offs. They are kinda hard to do since you must crouch and "while
  rise-strike" after the third and last hit in the God Whisper natural
  combo. There's not time to do that. They don't do damage propotional
  to their difficulty to press and for every hit you land there's a
  greater chance that the opponent escape the combo.


If you want to submit a combo, please read Chapter 13 "Submitting Info"
before emailing me. Also, if you think I'm wrong somewhere here, don't
hesitate email me about it.


_/ 10 - THE IWS GLITCH - \____________________________________________
  (SC2.IVY.IWS)                                                       |
First of all. Thanks to Tyrasibion for letting me have this info in my
guide. How the heck did you come up with this? :D

IWS stands for Invisible Whip State. IWS is a glitch that enables you
to move around with Ivy's sword in sword state while it's in reality in
whip state, hence the name Invisible Whip State.

Entering IWS:
When your sword is in Whip State, press G+K or slide input kG.
Pressing G+K will make her block while changing her whip back into a
sword. Sliding kG will change her whip back into a sword with a small
spasm. The thing to pay attention to is the *ching* sound her weapon
makes when changing back into a sword. It doesn't make this sound when
she go into IWS. Also, same thing if you don't see any effects on her
weapon when it changes. So if you see Ivy go from Whip State to Sword
State without the weapon glowing or making any noise, she is in IWS.

Keeping IWS:
- If you hold G+K or slide input and hold G to block an attack, she
  will remain in IWS after blocking.
- If you do any move that normally cancels your Whip State back into
  a sword, your IWS will also cancel back into a sword.
- If you do a kick move that don't change her weapon to sword state if
  it already is in whip state, her IWS will fall back into normal Whip

If you slide input to enter IWS, do it extrememly quickly.

Fun Stuff:
During whip state, quickly slide input kG over and over again to enter
IWS. Doing so will make Ivy's whip behave stupid. The faster you input
kG over and over again, the more stupid the weapon behaves.

_/ 11 - FUN, USELESS AND WEIRD STUFF - \______________________________
  (SC2.IVY.USS)                                                       |
This is the chapter where I will collect all the strange and probably
usless stuff that you can do with Ivy. The information here is mostly
coding misses that causes weird stuff to happen in certain situations.

- Lightning Sword
  To transform Ivy's sword into a bolt absorbing lighning sword, press
  214aG. The sword will begin to glow and draw lightning bolts to
  itself for a second or two. Repeat it quickly over and over again for
  more and more lightning. What you do is just doing Serpent's Venom
  and cancel it. The bolts that should be in the move itself is not
  canceled along with the move. This is a thing that most characters
  can do. Now, it might not be ENTIERLY useless since it may piss your
  opponents off because it's very noicy and flashy if you do it

- Unblockable Spiral Serenade
  Source: c e (?)(you didn't really say!)
  More Serpent's Venom fun! How about making the Spiral Serenade
  stance look unblockable? It's of course usless but hey, it looks
  cool! Preform Serpent's Venom and cancel it: 214A,G. Don't slide
  input aG like when doing the lightning sword thingy. After pressing
  G, press A+B to enter Spiral Serenade. That's all. As long as you
  don't use the weapon to attack the flames will stay for a short
  while. The faster you cancel and press A+B the longer the flames
  will stay.

  How I think it works: Read the following point to find out.

- Unblockable kicks
  This is just a version of already mentioned stuff really. Instead
  of preforming Serpent's Venom, preform Heel Explotion and cancel it.
  What happens is that all kick moves with Ivy's right leg will look
  unblockable (she uses her right leg in most of her kick moves). To
  activate this, press: 4B+K,*,G and then the kick move. Do the kick
  move the split second after pressing G. The kick will now look
  unblockable, with flames and lightning. To bad it ain't....
  How I think it works: When preforming Heel Explotion, flames and
  lightning effects that are "tied" to Ivy's right leg are created.
  When canceling the move the flames are forced to "grow back" into
  Ivy's leg and dissapear. The trick is to preform the kick move
  before the flames grows back into the leg and thus are turned off.
  The longer you wait before pressing G the longer the flames will be
  when canceling and therefore take longer time to grow back, which
  gives you more time to preform the kick.
  A kick to try when doing this is 44K. It might even be usefull for
  confusing people.

- Unblockable Calamity Symphony
  Source: the soulcalibur.com forums
  Thanks to the soulcalibur.com forums for this. I did this by accident
  a while back but I though I must have seen wrong. I was pretty
  dissapointed when I found out that it was a useless glitch...
  Again, it sounds cooler than it is. Sure, the Calamity Symphony looks
  unblockable and stuff but that's really all. To preform this one,
  press the final A+K in "376231,A+K" while changing the form of the
  weapon to or from whip state, it doesn't matter. To do this press
  376231 and then 214 to change the form of the weapon and when the
  weapon glows due to the change press A+K. The glow thing seems to be
  important, remember that. It's a bit tricky but you will get the hang
  of it eventually.

  Read the "Command studies" in this chapter for more details:

- Lying numbers
  If you do the Calamity Symphony in practise mode you can see the
  damage that every hit in the throw do. You know, the ones that fly in
  from the left or right when the opponent takes damage. When
  preforming Calamity Symphony, following number will be displayed:
  19,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,14,24. Ok, so we add that together,
  19+(4*10)+14+24 = 97. 97!? That throw is supposed to do 95 damage!
  And guess what, in reality it only do 95 damage. The thing is that
  two of the 4,4,4,4 etc. damage numbers only do 3 damage.
  The same goes for the 110 damage Calamity Symphony, only that in that
  case it's the opposite way. Four times it does 5 damage instead of 4
  and the second last hit does 17 instead of 16, which it says it do.
  Oh, and the numbers on Summon Suffering lies to. They say:
  10,10,10,10,10,10,10,21. That's 91, not 90!
  Why is that?: *whew*... beats me... makes you wonder how relyable
  the calculator in practise mode really is.

- Fears Void weirdness - 1_2_3B+K
  Ok, first of all, start practice mode and chose Ivy to play with and
  Mitsurugi to beat the crap outta. When practise mode starts, don't do
  ANYTHING. If you did, select "Reset Positions" in the menu. Now
  preform Fears Void at medium range. See what happens? The weapon
  doesn't even HIT mitsurugi and yet he is hit by the attack. To
  explain why he is hit I must draw some ugly ASCII maps:

  0 = Ivy.
  X = Where the whip goes up through the ground.
  ¤ = Special point.
  |       |  Here's a nice top view of the arena. On the special point
  | 0  X¤ |  the top link of the whip breaks through the ground first.
  |_______|  That event is only 1 frame long but enough to hit what
             stands there. After that frame the whip moves to the X
  which is the point where you will see the rest of the animation. To
  make it easier to see if you want to try it out for yourself, select
  the Chained Flail weapon instead of the normal one, preform Fears
  Void and pause the game when the - now a bit bigger - tip breaks
  trough the ground. The two other Fears Voids will also break through
  the ground in wierd places and also them only on the first frame.
   ________   ________   _______   Look at the long range version btw.
  |        | |        | |       |  Now that's really weird. It breaks
  | 0¤X    | | 0  X¤  | | 0   X |  through to the right of the correct
  |________| |________| |_____¤_|  spot. Why it strays like that I have
    Short      Medium     Long     no idea.
  How I think it works:
  Now, to find out why the tip breaks through at those spots we need to
  play on a stage that let's you see what happens underground. I don't
  know the name of the level but select the one where you fight at the
  gate of a ruined chinese palace, it works well. Also, it lets you see
  more than the windmill stage. Push your opponent to the edge and back
  off to make the camera zoom out. Now preform Fears Void at, let's say
  medium range and pause on either the frame where the tip breaks
  through or the frame before. As you can see, the whip is animated to
  save links when traveling underground so as many links as possible is
  visible when the whip has finished it's journey up. It looks cooler
  in the end so why not? All I can say about this is that the animation
  is pretty crappy done and makes the whip break through in weird ways,
  however not very visible. But what the heck, it makes it easier for
  us Ivy players to hit with the move so why complain? :D
  Note that all this is just guesses from me. It all makes sense

- 50/60 hz framerate difference
  This must be the most weird - not to mention most anoying - shit I've
  discovered so far. This THING forces two of Ivy's moves to behave
  different depending on which framerate setting you play with. This is
  not just a visual thing, it have an actual impact on the gameplay.
  Note that I play on a gamecube which alowes you to select 50hz or
  60hz when you start up the games on it. I know this thing exists on
  the Xbox to since I've seen it myself, though I don't really know how
  the framerate is set on it.

  Ok, here's the thing.
  On 50hz these two moves behave different in following ways:
  1. Spiral Punishment - 4A+B,B
  As you know, the second last hit is a guard brake. That hit will
  be animated different thus creating a huge and cool looking cresent
  weapon trail when it strikes. I have not had a chance to test it but
  it could maybe be used to get sidesteppers since it moves a bit to
  the side. I don't think it's something that you take advantage of
  easely however, and that is IF it works.

  2. Ivy Brambler - 236B
  Playing on 50hz will force the Ivy Brambler to follow sidesteppers
  with a +90% chance of hitting. Ivy can even turn 180 degrees in the
  air and strike.

  Other moves and things I've noticed to be different.
  The Calamity Symphony seems to be preformed faster than on 60hz.
  Also, naturally the gameplay is sometimes a bit jerky. However the
  game seems to run just as fast as on 60hz. The timing for the moves
  is the same to me. So I guess that the game running as fast as on
  60hz comes at the cost of some kind of frameskip since the screen
  updates slower.

  Why the moves change is phukking weird if you ask me. It just doesn't
  any sense whatsoever. I don't doubt there are moves for more
  characters that will behave different if you change the framerate. I
  don't know any since I have not played any other character enough to
  see a difference and I rather play on 60hz for smoother gameplay.

- Anchor Whip
  Try to preform any of these moves while in whipstate:


  They just don't work. very strange indeed. Maybe the whip is so heavy
  that Ivy can't do a jump attack... or maybe not. Hey, don't ask me
  why, I'm clueless.

_/ 12 - MISC. GAMEPLAY RULES - \______________________________________
  (SC2.GAM.RUL)                                                       |
Here's some gameplay facts that can be worth knowing.


There are four different kinds of counters in this game but only two of
them counts as Counter Hits or CH. The specs for the counters are as

Attack Counter   - +20% damage - Counter Hit
Run Counter      - +15% damage
Sidestep Counter - +18% damage
Backdash Counter - +40% damage - Counter Hit


Damage bonuses will be added if you hit an opponent in the sides or in
the back.

Side hit - +5% damage
Back hit - +10% damamge


- In the air -
For every hit you take while in the air, your defence will increse.
However, it will stop increasing with the fourth hit at +55%.

1st hit   - +30% defence
2nd hit   - +40% defence
3rd hit   - +50% defence
rest hits - +55% defence

- On the ground -
While you're in the ground your defence will increase with 30%.


Mixed info.

- Taking a hit while in Soul Charge will cancel the Soul Charge, the
  hit being blocked or not.

- Hitting an opponent while in Soul Charge will cancel the Soul Charge,
  the hit being blocked or not.

- SCUB moves can be Guardimpacted. "Real" unblockable moves can NOT.

- Guard Impacts can be used to block attacks AND keep the Soul Charge.

Soul Charge counter specs.
        |Forced Counter|Forced Counter |
        |on attack     |if taking a hit|
Level.1 | -            | Attack        |
Level.2 | Run Counter  | Attack        |
Level.3 | Backdash     | Attack        |


Damage info convertion:

100% = 1.00
70%  = 0.70
135% = 1.35

Calculated like this:

The hit is an attack counter and hits an opponent who is in the air.
- Attack counter = +20% damage
- Opponent is in the air = -30% damage (70%)

1.20 * 0.70 = 0.84 = 84%

The hit is an attack counter and hits the opponent in the back.
- Attack counter = +20% damage
- Back hit = +10% damage

1.20 * 1.10 = 1.32 = 132%

Note that the damage bonuses is NOT added together but multiplied

_/ 13 - LEGAL STUFF - \_______________________________________________
  (IRL.LAW)                                                           |
Copyright (c) 2003 Felix Eliasson "Kvalsternacka"

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal or private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
distributed publicly without my permission. The only website thus far
that has permission to use this guide is gamefaqs.com. Use of this
guide on any other website or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright and may result in you
waking up one morning only to realise your balls have been gnawed off.

You'll need my permission if you want to use this guide on your website
or whatever else. Ask and I'll consider it.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

_/ 14 - SUBMITTING INFO - \___________________________________________
  (IRL.FAQ.ADD)                                                       |
If you would like to add/correct my info, like to submitt a combo or
just have some thought about this guide, email me. Now, if you want to
give me a combo, PLEASE read the following first:

- Submitting a combo - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When mailing me a combo, I will first look your mail through. Already
there I can probably say if the combo is good or not.

If the combo have a to low chance of succeeding, I won't post it. With
that I mean if the opponent have a chance of blocking, dodging or worst
of all, countering between the moves in the combo. The best would be if
it is IMPOSSIBLE to do any of those between the moves. It's omly then
the combo actually is a combo. Otherwise it's just a string of normal
and unconnected attacks.

Combos thats only tested on AI opponents might not work in "reality",
have that in mind. AI opponents doesn't think, they are programmed to
block and dodge a certain percent of the times and at certain
situations. Human opponents think and will therefore block stuff 100%
of the times when AI's block it 40% of the times.

If a combo requires a special weapon to work, or a special weapon at
any given situation, I won't add it to the FAQ.

And finaly. DON'T expect me to add your combo, and don't get
disapointed if I don't. However, if I don't add your combo, I will let
know why so you can "defend" it. I'm open for your ideas.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Thank you!

_/ 15 - SOULCALIBUR LINKS - \_________________________________________
  (SC2.WEB.URL)                                                       |
Check out these links for shit loads of info about SoulCalibur II.

- www.soulcalibur.com  or  sc.soulcalibur.com

- www.guardimpact.com

_/ 16 - THANKS TO - \_________________________________________________
  (IRL.TNX)                                                           |
- Namco for the incredible Soul Calibur II and previous parts of the

- GameFAQs.com for letting me share this piece of information.

- Tyrasibion for accedently discover and ask about the Calamity
  Symphony secret, and thanks to that other guy who told me that it
  was a time based issue. Sorry man, can't find/remember your name!

- Tyrasibion again for the IWS glitch.

- Everyone in the "Peoples Combos" subchapter.

- Everyone that have contributed with stuff.


                 - Felix Eliasson - "Kvalsternacka" -
                 -    kvalsternacka@hotmail.com     -


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