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Ivy Guide by Tyrasibion

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/16/2004

Soul Calibur 2: Ivy FAQ
By Robin Stafleu "Tyrasibion"
E-Mail: robinstafleu@hotmail.com
This FAQ was written using the GameCube version of Soul Calibur 2.
Date Created: October 7, 2003
Last Updated: Januari 16, 2004

Version: 1.0

1. Introduction
2. Ivy
3. How To Use Ivy
4. Basic Moves
 4.1 Horizontal Attacks
 4.2 Vertical Attacks
 4.3 Kicks
 4.4 Throws
 4.5 Miscellaneous Moves
 4.6 Signature Moves
 4.7 Quick Attacks
 4.8 Powerful Attacks
5. Very Powerful Attacks
6. Invisible Whip State (IWS)
7. Weapons
8. Stage
9. Costumes
10. Voice
11. Ending
12. Copyright


Hello everyone, welcome to my Soul Calibur 2: Ivy FAQ! I made this
FAQ because Ivy is my main character, and because she's fun to use.
I'm a 17 year old male. I live in the Netherlands.
Usually I'm not a fighting game freak, but this game really made me
change my mind. The reason I choose Ivy as my primary character is
because she has some great moves, and because of her attitude, which
I really like! Have fun reading my Soul Calibur 2: Ivy FAQ!

2. IVY


Name: Isabella Valentine
Age: 32
Birthplace: Britisch Empire: London
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 128 lbs
Birth Date: December 10
Blood Type: Unknown
Weapon: Snake Sword
Weapon Name: Valentine (Ivy Blade)
Discipline: Unrelated Link

Family: Adoptive Parents: Deceased
        Father: Cervantes
        Mother: Deceased

Ivy's father, Count Valentine, was driven insane by his pursuit of Soul
Edge. By the time of his death, the Valentines -- one of London's most
distinguished family -- was in ruins. The Countess fell ill and passed
away soon thereafter, leaving Ivy with the words that the Valentines
were not her true parents.

Obeying the wishes of her adoptive father, Ivy continued the search for
Soul Edge and studied alchemy. During her investigation, she uncovered
the true nature of the sword, which was an evil blade that feasted on
souls. She vowed to destroy Soul Edge to avenge her father's death.
She invoked strange powers through occult rituals to summon a mysterious
individual who gave life to the mechanical sword she dubbed "Ivy Blade."

When she left on a journey to search for the evil sword, Ivy crossed
paths with Nightmare, the one who breathed life into the sword. She
agreed to assist him in his ritual to summon souls. Little did she
know that it was all part of the demonic weapon's plan.

Ivy found out the truth the day Nightmare was defeated and Soul Edge was
shattered. She realized that Nightmare possessed Soul Edge, and that her
birth father was manipulated by the weapon's wicked powers.

Shaken by the horrifying truth, Ivy returned home and locked herself away
in a dark laboratory.

After months of soul searching, Ivy emerged with renewed resolve. Her
goal was to completely wipe out the sword's existence. She renamed
her weapon, which shared the same fate as herself, "Valentine."


Ivy is a very hard-to-learn character. She has over 10 unblockable
moves, and a wide variety of standard combo's. She possesses power over
defense, and defense over speed. She also has some long range attacks,
but most of her attacks are best used when you're close to an opponent.
Most of the characters only have 1 unblockable move that does around
60-100 damage. Ivy has 13 moves that each can produce more than 100
damage. That's one of the reason she's my favorite character.


The Basic Moves I am going to show you are the same moves as you can
find in the Command List section when you're playing Practice Mode.
Ivy has, to be exact, 151 moves!

Every move has his own directional input. You can see that your Control
Stick and your D-Pad can move into 8 directions. In this move list, the
directions will be shown as follow:

7 8 9
4   6
1 2 3

As you can see the 4 stands for left, which means you have to tap your
Control Stick to the left, etc.

You need to remember something else:

A: Horizontal Attack
B: Vertical Attack
K: Kick
T: Throw
G: Guard

If I say a move can be performed by pressing 4B, I don't mean you have
to press left on the Control Stick plus the B-button. The B only stands
for Vertical Attack, you have to press the button that is assigned to B.
Normally, B is assigned to the Y-button.

If you see this: [B], [A], [4] or something, it means you have to
hold the button to make the move work.

Seeing this, A/B or K/B for example, means you can choose which one
of these two buttons you want to use to do the move.

Seeing this, 4(6) or 8(2) for example, means you can choose in which
direction you want to do the move. With 4 being to the left, 2 for
going down, etc.

Name:                                     Command:

1. Biting Raven                           A A
2. Biting Raven~Whip State                A [A]
3. Biting Raven~Spiral Senerade           After A [A], directional input
4. Raven Butt                             6A
5. Raven's Egg                            66A
6. Cross Madness                          3A
7. Cursed Mark                            2A
8. Ancient Wheels                         1A A
9. Menace Slice                           4A
10. Dancing Insanity                      44A
11. Dancing Insanity (Hold)~Whip State    44[A]
12. Serpent's Venom                       214A
13. Serpent's Venom (Cancel)              214A G
14. Spiral Senerade                       A+B
15. Freeze Gaze                           6A+B
16. Insanity Light                        66A+B
17. Insanity Feast                        During Insanity Light [4]
18. Insanity Light (Cancel)~Whip State    66A+B G
19. Eye of Madness                        3A+B
20. Eye of Madness~Spiral Lust            3[A]+[B]
21. Dominance                             2A+B
22. Razor's Bite                          1A+B
23. Spiral Punishment (Cancel)~Whip State 4A+B G
24. Spiral Punishment                     4A+B B
25. Spiral Dominance (Hold)               4A+B [B]
26. Crucifixion                           44A+B
27. Crucifixion (Hold)                    44[A]+[B]
28. God Whisper                           8(7,9)A+B A
29. Royal Huntress                        2A+K
30. Raven's Egg                           [6]A
31. Wolf Lash                             [3]([9])A
32. Insanity Light                        [2]([8])A
33. Insanity Light (Cancel)~Whip State    [2]([8])A G
34. Ancient Wheels                        [1]([7])A A
35. Dancing Insanity                      [4]A
36. Dancing Insanity (Hold)~Whip State    [4][A]
37. Menace                                While rising A
38. Masquerade~Resting Madness            While crouching 3A+B
39. Masquerade~Resting Madness~Spiral Lust While crouching 3[A]+[B]
40. Demented Loop                         While rising A+B A/B

Name:                                     Command:

1. Immortal Gale                          B B
2. Immortal Gale (Hold)~Whip State        B [B]
3. Immortal Gale~Spiral Senerade          After B [B], directional input
4. Squire's Cage                          B 6B
5. Caged Silouette~Whip State             B 6B K
6. Ivy Lash                               6B
7. Ivy Lash (Hold)                        6[B]
8. Biting Ivy Inner (Hold)                6[B]2(8)
9. Serpent's Breath                       66B
10. Serpent's Breath~Spiral Tribute       66[B]
11. Cursed Heavens                        3B
12. Curse Brand                           2B
13. Poison Ivy                            1B
14. Poison Ivy (Hold)                     1[B]
15. Ivy Bite                              4B
16. Darkside~Whip State                   44B
17. Darkside~Spiral Senerade              44[B]
18. Venom Lash                            214B
19. Venom Lash~Serpent's Embrace          214[B]
20. Ivy Brambler                          236B
21. Pleasure Charge (Weapon shape change) B+K
22. Embrace of Lust                       6B+K
23. Embrace of Lust (Hold) (Short distance) 6[B]+[K]
24. Embrace of Lust (Hold) (Long distance) 6[B]+[K]
25. Fear's Void                           2(1,3)B+K
26. Fear's Void (Cancel)~Whip State       2(1,3)B+K G
27. Gnome Huntress (Hold)                 Approach enemy 3[B]+[K]
28. Heel Explosion                        4B+K
29. Heel Explosion (Cancel)               4B+K G
30. Exile~Whip State                      44B+K
31. Exile~Spiral Lust                     44[B]+[K]
32. Ivy Kick~Whip State                   8B+K or 6B8
33. Silhouette~Whip State                 8B+K K or 6B8 K 
34. Serpent's Breath                      [6]B
35. Drowning Madness                      [2]([8])B
36. Drowning Madness~Spiral Tribute       [2]([8])[B]
37. Poison Ivy                            [1]([7])B
38. Poison Ivy (Hold)                     [1]([7])[B]
39. Darkside~Whip State                   [4]([3],[9])B
40. Darkside~Spiral Senerade              [4]([3],[9])[B]
41. Shameless                             While rising B
42. Asylum                                While rising B+K
43. Ivy Masquerade                        While crouching 3B
44. Ivy Masquerade (Hold)                 While crouching 3[B]
45. Pride                                 While crouching 1B

Name:                                     Command:

1. Ivy Sweep                              K2
2. Raven Knee                             6K
3. Mind Shatter                           66K
4. Mind Shatter (Hold)                    66[K]
5. Evil Sparrow                           3K
6. Charmer Silhouette                     2K
7. Serpent Silhouette                     23K
8. Rage Kick                              1K
9. Rage Kick (Hold)                       1[K]
10. Raven Catcher                         4K
11. Diving Raven                          44K
12. Evil Sparrow                          [3]([9])K
13. Royal Huntress                        [2]([8])K
14. Ramble Sobat                          [1]([7])K
15. Diving Raven                          [4]K
16. Rising Cross                          While rising K
17. Nail Cross                            While crouching 3K

Name:                      Command:

1. Primal Dominance        Approach enemy A+G
2. Dominion Throw          Approach enemy B+G
3. Sweet Dominance         Approach enemy from behind A+G or B+G
4. Heartless Guide         Approach enemy from the left A+G or B+G
5. Sunset Cradle           Approach enemy from the right A+G or B+G
6. Ivy Kick                Against airborne enemy 8B+K or 6B8
7. Summon Suffering        Approach enemy 376231A+B
8. Calamity Symphony       During Whip State, approach enemy 376231A+K

Name:                                     Command:

1. Punishment Change (Weapon shape change) 214
2. Pleasure Change (Weapon shape change)  B+K
3. Punishment Change (Weapon shape change) During Whip State 214
4. Pleasure Change (Weapon shape change)  During Whip State B+K
5. Venom Strike~Serpent's Embrace         During Whip State A+B
6. Lamenting Tail                         During Whip State A+K
7. Eye of Madness~Spiral Lust             3[A]+[B]
8. Spiral Senerade                 During Spiral Lust, directional input
9. Spiral Senerade                        A+B
10. Serpent Slash~Spiral Tribute          During Spiral Senerade A
11. Serpent Whip~Whip State               During Spiral Senerade B B
12. Cross Kick                            During Spiral Senerade K
13. Reeling Mind                   During Spiral Senerade A+B or B+K
14. Raging Flames~ Serpent's Embrace      During Spiral Tribute A
15. Lost Soul~Whip State                  During Spiral Tribute 2A
16. Mistress' Justice                     During Spiral Tribute B B B
17. Mistress' Justice              During Spiral Tribute B 6B 4B 6B 4B
18. Cross Knee                            During Spiral Tribute K
19. Fencing with Flames~Whip State        During Spiral Tribute A+B
20. Violent Spirits                       During Serpent's Embrace A A
21. Lamenting Tail                        During Serpent's Embrace 2A
22. Whirling Exile                        During Serpent's Embrace B
23. Whirling Exile (Hold)                 During Serpent's Embrace [B]
24. Charging Serpent                      During Serpent's Embrace K
25. Charging Serpent                      During Serpent's Embrace 44K
26. Released Souls                        During Serpent's Embrace A+B
27. Stinging Souls (Mid distance)         During Serpent's Embrace B+K
28. Stinging Souls (Short distance)       During Serpent's Embrace 4B+K
29. Stinging Souls (Long distance)        During Serpent's Embrace 6B+K

Name:                                     Command:

1. Summon Suffering                       Approach enemy 376231A+B
2. Darkside~Spiral Senerade               [4]([3],[9])[B]
3. Drowning Madness~Spiral Tribute        [2]([8])[B]
4. Venom Lash~Serpent's Embrace           214[B]

Name:                                     Command:

1. Biting Raven~Spiral Senerade           After A [A], directional input
2. Ivy Bite                               4B
3. Curse Brand                            2B
4. Raven Knee                             6K

Name:                      Command:

1. Calamity Symphony       During Whip State, approach enemy 376231A+K
2. Summon Suffering        Approach enemy 376231A+B
3. Serpent's Venom         214A
4. Released Souls          During Serpent's Embrace A+B

Alright, that was it. All Ivy's moves can be found in this list, but
of course also in the Command List (Which I used to make this list)
when you press Pause during a fight.


The moves I will tell you about have also been discussed in chapter
4 of this FAQ, but in this chapter I will tell you it more advanced.
Ivy has around 13 (!) moves which can do over 100 damage. Some are
unblockable, some are not. Some can be done from afar, some can be done
when you're close to an opponent. There is only one thing for sure:
No character has this many super combo's! Ivy is the only one.
Before I forget to tell you: Super combo's don't have high, mid or low
levels. Alright, here we go:

This will be the set-up for the move list:

-Name: The name of the move
-Command: How to perform the move
-Damage: How much damage the move does
-Extra Notes: Some extra comments will be shown here
-Unblockable: Tells you if an attack can be blocked by your opponent
-Kind Of Move: This will tell you if it is an Horizontal Attack, etc.

1. Calamity Symphony
   Command: During Whip State 376231A+K
   Damage: 95-110
   Extra Notes: This move is very hard to accomplish. But here's a tip:
                Be sure you're in Whip State and close to your opponent.
                Now turn your Control Stick al the way around like a mad
                man. While doing so, press A+K and here it is.
   Unblockable: No
   Kind of Move: Throw

2. Summon Suffering
   Command: 376231A+B
   Damage: 90
   Extra Notes: This move is very hard to perform, too. Even though it's
                not as hard as the Calamity Symphony, you will have
                trouble learning the move. Do exactly the same thing with
                the Control Stick as with the Calamity Symphony, but
                press A+B at the end, instead of A+K. With this move, it
                doesn't matter if you're in Whip State or not.
   Unblockable: No
   Kind of Move: Throw

3. Serpent's Venom
   Command: 214A
   Damage: 95
   Extra Notes: This move will hit an opponent when he's close to you,
                but also when you're far away. The best time to do this
                attack is when you knocked your opponent on the floor.
                Because this move is unblockable, he must be really fast
                to dodge this move, and because he was down on the floor,
                there is a big change you will hit him. Hard!
   Unblockable: Yes
   Kind of Move: Horizontal Attack

4. Released Souls
   Command: During Serpent's Embrace A+B
   Damage: 95-100
   Extra Notes: Be sure you are very close to your enemy, it's doesn't
                hit your opponent when you're far away.
   Unblockable: Yes
   Kind of Move: Horizontal Attack

5. Whirling Exile (Hold)
   Command: During Serpent's Embrace [B]
   Damage: 97
   Extra Notes: It does the most damage when you're close to your
                opponent. The further away, the less damage.
   Unblockable: Yes
   Kind of Move: Vertical Attack

6. Stinging Souls
   Command: For Short Distance: During Serpent's Embrace 4B+K
            For Mid Distance: During Serpent's Embrace B+K
            For Long Distance: During Serpent's Embrace 6B+K
   Damage: 47-57
   Extra Notes: As you can see this move has three different distances,
                a normal one, one for nearby, and one for far away.
   Unblockable: No
   Kind of Move: Vertical Attack

7. Heel Explosion
   Command: 4B+K
   Damage: 95
   Extra Notes: This is a short distance attack.
   Unblockable: Yes
   Kind of Move: Vertical Attack

8. Gnome Huntress (Hold)
   Command: Approach Enemy 3[B]+[K]
   Damage: 61-67
   Extra Notes: This move only works when you're right in front of your
   Unblockable: Yes
   Kind of Move: Vertical Attack

9. Exile~Spiral Lust
   Command: 44[B]+[K]
   Damage: 101 In Total - The Spiral Lust Does 57 Damage
   Extra Notes: Stand right in front of the enemy for the best effect.
   Unblockable: Yes
   Kind of Move: Vertical Attack

10. Eye of Madness~Spiral Lust
    Command: 3[A]+[B]
    Damage: 76 In Total - The Spiral Lust Does 57 Damage
    Extra Notes: Exactly the same attack as the Exile ~ Spiral Lust,
                 only this one is a little easier to accomplish.
    Unblockable: Yes
    Kind of Move: Vertical Attack

11. Masquerade~Resting Madness~Spiral Lust
    Command: While Crouching 3[A]+[B]
    Damage: 105 In Total - The Spiral Lust Does 57 Damage
    Extra Notes: The third and strongest Spiral Lust attack, the only
                 negative thing about this attack is that you need to
                 crouch to make it work.
    Unblockable: Yes
    Kind of Move: Vertical Attack

12. Crucifixion (Hold)
    Command: 44[A]+[B]
    Damage: 80
    Extra Notes: Be sure you're close to your opponent, it isn't a
                 attack for far away enemy's.
    Unblockable: Yes
    Kind of Move: Horizontal Attack

13. Spiral Dominance (Hold)
    Command: 4A+B [B]
    Damage: 116
    Extra Notes: This move takes very long to charge, so your opponent
                 could already have done a counter move by the time
                 you're finished charging.
    Unblockable: Yes
    Kind of Move: Horizontal Attack

This is it. Maybe I will add some more if I forgot some... Doh!


When your sword is in Whip State, press G+K or slide kG very quickly.
Pressing G+K will perform her weapon blocking motion, while changing
her whip back into a sword. Sliding kG will simply change her whip back
into a sword. 

The glitch is that her weapon only appears to be a sword, but your
weapon is still actually a whip. You can still do Whip State moves
like A+B into Serpent's Embrace or her Calamity Symphony. 

If you do any move that normally cancels your Whip State back into a
sword, your Invisible Whip State (I'll call it IWS) will also cancel
back into a sword. If you do a kick move, her IWS will cancel back into
normal Whip State. If you hold G+K or slide input and hold G to block an
attack, she will still remain in IWS after blocking.

If you press G+K at the same time, it helps to press the K a split
second before the G, but it isn't necessary. If you use a slide input,
slide from K to G and do it very quickly. If you slide from K into
holding G to block, make sure you slide over the K incredibly fast,
a split second too long and she won't go into IWS.

The thing to pay attention to is the *ching* sound her whip makes
when changing back into a sword, because it doesn't make this sound
when going into IWS. So if you see Ivy go from Whip State to
Sword State without making that noise, she is really in IWS.

Now it's time to show you the weapons Ivy can use. All weapons can be
bought in the Shop when playing Weapon Master Mode. To buy these weapons
you have to earn gold. Everytime you play a match in WMM you'll get
gold, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose. You will earn more
gold when you win the match, of course, but even losing will give you
some pocket change. Alright, here are the weapons with a description.

Ivy's standard weapon. Other call it the "Snake Sword" because it can
extend and become a whip. This is her basic weapon which she will have
from the start of the game.

- Lower attack power than normal.
+ Moves that are Unblockable at Level 3 Soul Charge are Unblockable at
  Level 2.

- Lower defense than normal.
+ Recovers health.

+ Damages through guard.
- Your Horizontal Attacks are easier to Break with Vertical Attacks.

+ Higher attack power than normal.
- Drains health.
+ Easier to break Horizontal Attacks with your Vertical Attacks.

+ Higher attack power than normal.
- Your Horizontal Attacks are easier to Break with Vertical Attacks.

+ Higher attack power than normal.
+ Higher defense than normal.
- Take damage even when guarding.

- Harder to Break Horizontal Attacks with your Vertical Attacks.
+ Attack power increases during Soul Charge.



Egyptian Crypt

This crypt lies underneath the old ruins that house the murals
surrounding Soul Edge. The ruins have many mysteries, such as the
Pharaoh's tomb, shrine of worship, and a seal to lock away evil being,
but the true goals of these structures remain unknown.

One thing is certain, however -- the entire structure, including the
shrine at the entrance, was created using the very best technology
available to ancient Egypt. It is clear that these ruins were of vital

Future generations have named this place 'crypt' out of convenience,
but this structure has numerous features that warrant such a name.


Ivy has, like almost anybody else, three costumes to choose from. But
she only starts with two costumes. You need to buy the third one from
the shop in Weapon Master Mode.

Costume one is her primary costume. It's a leather suit which fits
perfectly with her nice body! It's very naked, and you can see a lot
of 'private' things. Nice!

Costume two is somewhat more smart. Ivy is dressed in a blue suit with
highly pulled white socks. This is the only costume where Ivy has her
hair combed to the back. This suit is, in my opinion, less beautiful
than the other two.

Costume three is the best costume ever!! Ivy is dressed in a very
tight red dress with roses drawn on her tights. To get this costume
you must go to the shop in Chapter 6 of Weapon Master Mode. It will
cost 22500 Gold. Believe me when I say it's worth every piece of
Gold you pay for it!


This chapter will display everything Ivy can say in the game. You can
find this yourself after finishing Arcade Mode with her. Go to Museum
and press Character Profiles, and then Ivy. Click on voice and voila!

1. Give up already.
2. You're next!
3. It's time to die.
4. (Laugh 1)
5. Go away!
6. I like that.
7. You won't suffer much.
8. Be careful, or you'll feel te pain.
9. Do you have any last words?
10. Where shall I cut first?
11. This sword is my destiny.
12. No one can escape from me!
13. This sword...
14. You're revolting!
15. It's useless to resist me.
16. Do you want more?
17. I can never go back to my old life.
18. Go ahead, hate me.
19. You're all talk!
20. (Laugh 2)
21. Be still!
22. There, are you satisfied now?
23. I'm not here to play with you.
24. You're pathetic.
25. This can't be!
26. (Breath 1)
27. (Breath 2)
28. Begone, evil!
29. Silence! I can change my own destiny!
30. This is the end of my cursed journey.
31. You die first... I will join you some day.
32. (Attack 1)
33. (Attack 2)
34. (Attack 3)
35. (Attack 4)
36. (Attack 5)
37. (Attack 6)
38. (Attack 7)
39. (Attack 8)
40. (Attack 9)
41. (Attack 10)
42. (Attack 11)
43. (Attack 12)
44. (Attack 13)
45. (Attack 14)
46. (Attack 15)
47. (Attack 16)
48. (Attack 17)
49. (Attack 18)
50. (Attack 19)
51. (Attack 20)
52. (Attack 21)
53. Extend!
54. Be...
55. ...still!
56. There!
57. Dance!
58. Strangle!
59. Go there!
60. Go!
61. Entwine!
62. Squirm!
63. Don't move!
64. Scum!
65. Behave!
66. This is the end!
67. How's this?
68. (Laugh 3)
69. Is that painful?
70. Does that hurt?
71. I got you!
72. (Damage 1)
73. (Damage 2)
74. (Damage 3)
75. (Damage 4)
76. (Damage 5)
77. (Damage 6)
78. (Damage 7)
79. (Damage 8)
80. (Damage 9)
81. (Damage 10)
82. (Damage 11)
83. (Damage 12)
84. (Damage 13)
85. (Damage 14)
86. (Death Cry)

Credit Voice: Renee Hewitt


After beating Arcade Mode once with Ivy, you'll get an ending movie.
I will write down the story that has been told in the ending movie.

Her oath her destiny, Ivy killed everything that stood in her way.

At the end of her bloody, infernal journey, she destroyed the loathsome,
evil blade.

Now, only she and her beloved sword possessed the cursed blood.

Forsaken others, she chose a life of solitude to wither away in
obscurity, accompanied only by her sword.


Copyright Robin Stafleu "Tyrasibion" 2003-2004

You'll need my permission if you want to put this Soul Calibur 2:
Ivy FAQ on your website, or to use it with other purposes.
Copying or stealing things from this FAQ is not allowed!!

Where to find this FAQ?
-www.gamefaqs.com (GameFAQs)
You found this FAQ somewhere else? Please contact me:

Thanks to:
-CJayC for posting this FAQ on his website; GameFAQs
-Namco and Nintendo for making this fantastic game
-All the people on the Soul Calibur 2 (GC) Message Board on GameFAQs
-All the people who are using this FAQ


Feel free to contact me by E-Mail if you have any questions about the 
game or my FAQ.

~Tyrasibion~ (robinstafleu@hotmail.com)

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