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Yunsung Guide by MattRyanPerez

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/11/2003

 /                                                                      \
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Soul Caibur II-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-|
 \_____________________________Yunsung FAQ______________________________/

                               Version 1.0
                      By Matt "SpacePirate" Perez

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Why be Yunsung?
3. What's up with Yunsung...
 a. Profile
 b. Stage
 c. Ending
 d. Quotes
 e. Movelist
4. Weapons/Costumes
5. Tips for fighting with Yunsung
6. FAQs
7. Contact Information
8. Credits
9. Copyright Info

1. Introduction

Hello and welcome to my guide on Hong Yunsung.  If you have played as Hwang in
the previous Soul Calibur then Yunsung will be a perfect fit for you.  He is an
extremely fun character to play as.  He uses a single-handed sword and he 
plays just like Hwang.  He has quick moves and he has powerful moves.

I wanted to play as Yunsung because he looked quick and he looked like Hwang.
I didn't think I would play as him permanetly but I was wrong.  Once you start
playing as Yunsung, you just want to play as him as much as possible.  He's 
just so awesome.

In this guide, I'll tell you Yunsung's weapons, costumes, moves, profile and
everything else you need to know about this fast and furious character.

2. Why be Yunsung?

There are a few reasons you might want to play as Yunsung.  One is if you liked
Hwang in the previous Soul Calibur, you'll feel right at home with Yunsung.  He
plays like him and looks like him.  Another reason to play as him is if you
like speedy characters and you don't want to look cheap (*couph* Kilik) then
Yunsung's a great choice.  He is also pretty strong.

If you want to get some easy ring outs, Yunsung has some throws that'll help 
you to get those ring outs you've been wanting.  If you like to kick people
in the face a lot, Yunsung has a wide variety of kick moves.  That's some of
the reasons you may want to play as Yunsung but the best reason is that Yunsung
is just fun to play as.  He has awesome, fast moves.

3. What's up with Yunsung...

a. Profile

Hong Yunsung

Age: 18
Birthplace: Chili-san, Lee Dynasty Korea
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Birth Date: April 16
Blood Type: O
Weapon: Chinese Sword
Weapon Name: White Storm
Discipline: Seung Style Long Sword + Natural Footwork

Family: Father/Died from illness
        Mother/whereabouts unknown
        Master/Seung Han Myong

Yunsung was well-known in the dojo for his swordmanship, even by his seniors.
Hwang Sung Kyung, whom Yunsung had idolized as a child, was no longer his hero,
but a goal to surpass.  Yunsung wished to challenge Hwang to a deul.

One day, news reached the Seung Dojo that Hwang was returning from his long 
journey.  Yunsung saw his oppurtunity to force Hwang to acknoledge his fighting
skills.  He may even prove to be actually stronger than Hwang.

Hwang, however, did not take Yunsung's challenge, for he had other priorities
such as rejoining the military to help defend the country from the impending 
invasion by Japan.

Seung Mina, the master's daughter, saw the brooding young man and handed him a
single-handed sword.  The weapon she handed to Yunsung was a Seung family 
heirloom.  According to legend, it possessed the ability to reflect the deepest
thoughts of those who held the blade.

That night, Yunsung studied the image of himself in the sword and reflected.
He eventually understood the foolishness of challenging someone for personal
reason when the country was in such peril.  But what could Yunsung do to make
Hwang acknoledge him?  He then relized that if he could obtain the Sword of 
Salvation that Hwang failed to find, Hwang would be forced to recognize
Yunsung's talents and respect him.  A challenge against Hwang would have to

Once Yunsung made his decision, he could not stay put for long.  He immediately
packed his belongings and left the dojo.

b. Stage

Imperial Capital Ayuthaya

The Ayuthaya dynasty witnessed the height of prosperity of the Indonesian 
Peninsula.  This imperial villa is one of the many used by the dynasty to
entertain honored guests.

The beautiful white walls of the villa and the abundant nature that can be seen
across the river from the garden make visitors feel as though time stands

Talim came to this place some time after the start of her journey.  Yunsung
passed through this place on his way to India a few days before she arrived.
Ayuthaya is the place Talim first came to learn that there were others 
searching for the evil sword.

c. Ending

"I don't care if the sword is evil... I will protect my country with this

Thus he convinced throughout his battles, but as he reached for Soul Edge, he

Returning quickly to his home, Yunsung toiled feverishly to protect his

He no longer needed the Sword of Salvation, for he believed in himself.

d. Quotes

Quit now if you want to live!
Just what I wanted!
All right, let's do this!
Watch this!
All right, let's start!
You're going down!
Do you seriously want to fight?
All right, I'm itching for a fight!
Any time you're ready!
All right, let's go!
I can't wait to take you down!
Talk is cheap in battle!
I'm not going to lose to fools like you!
It doesn't matter how many of you there are!
Hear the scream of my sword!
Alright!  All's well that ends well.
That was great!
Not quite good enough.
I hardly broke a sweat!
It's a matter of skill!
That's it?
Not too bad.
Come back when you're ready!
Nothing can stop me!
(Laugh 1)
I'm unstoppable!
Still breathing?
That was too easy!  No problem!
How's that?  Still Breathing?
Man, I'm much better looking than you.
Don't make me waste my time.
(Laugh 2)
That was better than the last time!
...I don't believe this.
Oh, come on...
That sword is definetly evil.
I don't care if it's evil.  I will protect my country!
Did you feel my true strength?!
Sorry, but I have to go.
No no, let young people handle it.
I can't handle her.  I'm outta here!
(Attack 1-19)
Take this!
Outta my way!
Nice try!
Don't run!
No use!
I see ya!
Gimme a break!
Feel that?
How's that?
(Damage 1-13)
(Death Cry)

e. Movelist

Here are all of the moves for Yunsung.  A, B, K and the rest of the letters are
button commands like Kick and Vertical attacks.  The numbers are directions.
I explain it below.


Imagine your Control Stick is 5.  If I said do 236, it means push down,
rightdown, right.

+(Plus)- Push buttons simultaneously.  Example: A+G means push A and G at the
same time.
[](Brackets)- Hold enclosed commmands.  Example: [A] means hold A.
()(Parentheses)- Alternate button command.  Example: 1(7) means you can use 1 
or 7.
kK- Quickl tap the first and button and then push the other.  Example: kK means
quickly tap K and then push K.  

A- horizontal attack
B- vertical attack
K- kick
G- guard

Th- Throw
Misc- Miscellaneous
Sign- Signature Moves
Qk- Quick Attacks
Pow- Powerful Attacks

Horizontal Attacks

Blade Song

Blade Song(Delay)

Blade Song~Land Walk

Talon Destroyer

Talon Destroyer(Delay)

Lashing Tiger

Lashing Tiger(Delay)

Lashing Tiger~Land Walk

Lashing Tiger(Cancel)

Lashing Tiger(Cancel)~Wagging Tail

Burning Ember

Leg Cutter

Twisting Coils

Torso Cutter

Illusion Blade

Jolting Blade

Heaven's Path

Waving Flame

Roaring Flame

Forced Divide

Forced Divide(Cancel)

Burning Ember

Viper's Illusion

Viper's Illusion(Hold)

Willow Dance

Willow Dance(Cancel)

Wild Slash

Jolting Blade

Rage Fire Blade
While Rising AB

Rage Fire Blade(Cancel)
While Rising ABG

Waving Flame
While Rising A+B

Vertical Attacks

Burning Sky

Burning Sky(Delay)

Burning Sky~Land Walk

Cyclone Blade Kick

Cyclone Blade Kick(Delay)

Cyclone Blade Kick(Cancel)

Viper Lunge

Tiger Maul

Tiger Maul(Delay)

Tiger Paw

Shattered Wall~Crane

Shattered Wall

Shattered Wall(Delay)

Shattered Wall~Crane

Wall Dance

Wall Dance(Hold)

Forced Flame Divide

Flame Wave

Piercing Thrust

Loin Crush

Loin Crush(Hold)

Vengeful Thrust

Vengeful Thrust(Cancel)

Pouncing Claws

Cresting Wave

Crushing Heel

Fire Storm

Fire Storm(Cancel)

Shattered Wall

Wall Dance

Wall Dance(Hold)

Rising Cobra

Eclipse Blade

Opening Void Thrust

Vengeful Thrust

Vengeful Thrust (Cancel)

Forced Heaven
While Rising B

Flame Wave
While Crouching BB


Shredding Fangs

Shredding Fangs~Crane

Shredding Fangs~Crane

Cobra Divide

Raging Panther~Crane

Raging Panther

Raging Panther~Land Walk

Raging Panther(Delay)

Raging Panther(Cancel)

Raging Panther(Cancel)~Wagging Tail

Pursuing Cobra Divide

Triple Circular Heaven Assault

Circular Heaven Kick~Crane

Double Circular Heaven Kick~Crane

Circular Heaven Cutter

Circular Heaven Crush

Circular Heaven Fangs

Double Circular Heaven Cutter

Double Circular Heaven Crush

Double Circular Heaven Fangs

Ripping Fang

Viper Sweep

Warrior Dance

Warrior Step

Warrior Step~Crane

Warrior Divide

Double Hawk Kick

Tiger Cannon Kick

Striking Fangs

Striking Fangs~Crane

Raging Talons

Roundhouse Kick

Leg Sweep

Tiger Cannon Kick

Rising Hook Heel
While Rising K


Meteor Throw
Approach enemy A+G

Pinwheel Kick
Approach enemy B+G

Spine Destroyer
Approach enemy from behind A+G or B+G

Burning Cradle
Approach enemy from left A+G or B+G

Drac Slayer
Approach enemy from the right A+G or B+G

Death Blade
Approach enemy B+G4


Circling Wing
During Crane A

Circling Wing~Crane
During Crane [A]

Wings of Flight
During Crane B

Talon Kick
During Crane K

Talon Kick (Additional Attack)
During Crane K, during hit, K

Crane Rage
During Crane 2KA

Crane Rage~Land Walk
During Crane 2KA4

Crane Shredder
During Crane 2KK

Crane Shredder~Crane
During Crane 2KK6

Crane Talon
During Crane 2kK

Stone Cleaver
During Crane A+B

Wagging Tail
During Crane 44B

Crane Swoop
During Crane 66

Rage Fire Blade
During Crane Swoop AB

Rage Fire Blade(Cancel)
During Crane Swoop ABG

Rising Crane
During Crane Swoop B

Rising Phoenix Kick
During Crane Swoop K

Land Walk

Crane Swoop
During Land Walk 6

Diving Viper

Silent Arc

Lightning Kicks

Lightning Kicks(Delay)

Coiling Viper Thrust

Coiling Viper Thrust(Cancel)

Signature Moves

Shattered Wall

Double Circular Heaven Fangs

Forced Divide

Raging Panther

Quick Attacks

Blade Song

Burning Sky~Land Walk

Shredding Fangs

Viper's Illusion

Powerful Attacks

Fire Storm

Loin Crush(Hold)

Roaring Flame

Wall Dance(Hold)

4. Weapons/Costumes

1. White Storm
Most familiar and well-balanced weapon for him
Description: The White Storm was given to Yunsung by Seung Mina.  The blade 
itself has a silver-white tone to it.  The handle is red and the ends of the 
handles are colored gold.
Background: A sword passed down as a family treasure in the Korean Seung 
family, famous for its martial arts.  It is said that its blade shows the
reflection of the deepest parts of the wielder's heart.  After re-examining his
own heart, Yunsung decided to go out in search of the Soul Edge.  As 
appropriate for a Seung family treasure, it is an exceedingly well-balanced 
How to get it: Default weapon

2. Machete
Penetrates defense, but lacks defense
Description: The machete looks just like... a machete.  If you look closely,
the blade looks like a pocket knife.  The handle is taped and bent.
Background: A type of blade used by the indigenous people in the land beyond
the Atlantic Ocean.  Most the people encounter are actually replicas made in
Europe, but this particular one is a rare and authentic one brought back by 
sailors.  It's heavy blade can cause impact damage even when blocked.
How to get it: Chapter 1/600 Gold

3. Khanjar
Powerful single strikes, but has short reach
Description: The Khanjar has a small and thin blade attached to its purple and
gold handle.
Background: Originally created in twelfth century Turkey, it is now widly used
everywhere from Persia to India.  Its sharp, curved blade which matches its
name (meaning "meat cutting knife" in Arabic) makes it easy to attack while 
knocking aside the enemy's attacks.
How to get it: Chapter 2 and 3/900 Gold

4. Xiao Lian
Long reach, but wielder receives damage
Description: The Xia Lian has a long, glowing blade with a handle that is T
shaped and it has a red and silver coloring to it.
Background: One of the three Shang dynasty treasure swords.  It is said that
during the day, only its shadow can be seen, and during the night, only the
light that it radiates allows you to find its location.  It is said that the 
sword can partially change its shape at its wielders will, but it is also said 
that it is difficult for a normal human body to withsatndthe sword's power.
How to get it: Chapter 3 and 5/1200 Gold

5. Giant Butcher Knife
Good offense, but has a short reach
Description: The Giant Butcher Knife is large compared to a normal butcher
knife but pretty small compared to Yunsung's other blades.  The knifes handle
is red, bronze, and it is squared with a small tail on it.
Background: A simple sword designed for mass production.  It was designed 
expressely for soldiers and was used on the battlefield.  It was given the name
'Giant Butcher Knife' by the soldiers, but ofcourse it was not use for cooking.
Its heavy blade, designed for killing, has a short reach but packs a punch.
How to get it: Chapter 6/1600 Gold

6. Cheng Ying
Easy to SC, but lacks offense and defense
Description: The Cheng Ying has a spiky blade but its invisible.  The handle is
unique likes its blade.  It has three horns that look like a W at the top of 
the handle.  It has a red and blue middle and a small rigid, gold ball at the 
Background: One of the three Shang dynasty swords.  It is said the its blade
can only be seen, barely, at dusk and dawn, and even only if the sword is 
pointed northward.  The blade's very existence is unstable, making it difficult
for an enemy to block, but likewise, it is difficult to use it to guard against
the opponent's attacks as well.
How to get it:  Chapter 6, 7, and Subchapter 3/2200 Gold

7. Ramdao
Long reach and absorbs health, but guard is penetrable
Description: The blade is silver and the side of it is red.  The balde also has
an eyeball drawn on it.  The silver handle is not in the middle of the blade
the left.
Background: A widely used sacrificial sword from Nepal.  It has a 
characteristic eye-motif decorating at the end of the blade.  It has the power
to sap the life away from enemies and heal the body of it's wielder.  As a 
result of its long reach, the shock when absorbing enemies attacks is 
increased, making it difficult to guard effectively.
How to get it: Chapter 8, Subchapter 3/3000 Gold

8. Blue Thunder
Powerful single strikes, but lacks offense
Description: It's the US sword!  On its handle are the colors red, white, and
blue.  Coincidence?  Anyway, the blade is thin and silver.
Background: A sword that Korean General Lee Sun Shin received in his younger 
days from his closest friend, Seung Han Myong.  When the Korean national hero,
Hwang, went out on his second quest for the Sword of Salvation, the admiral
himself presented the to him.  It does not do to much damage with each hit, but
its weight breaks the opponents stance.
How to get it: Chapter 8, 9, 10, and Subchapter 3/4000 Gold

9. Soul Edge (Complete)
Fearsome demonic weapon said to absorb life
Description: This Soul Edge looks just like the other ones, green, pointy, and
Background: An evil blade with a reputation for devouring souls.  This weapon
is also known to be a shape shifter -- which form it takes depends on its
owner.  The forms it has taken are legendary, as are the souls of the renowned
warriors it has consumed.  Only those with great mental discipline can retain
their will while wielding this weapon.  It is an evil weapon which saps the
strength of the enemy it wounds and rends the soul of the one who holds it.
How to get it: Extra Chapter 1/7800 Gold

10. Han Guang
Legendary weapon.  Wield it to discover its true power 
Description: This legendary weapon has a wavy and T shaped handle and an 
invisible blade.  Why?  Because this thing is huge.  Its true power is being 
extremely long.
Background: One of the three Shang dynasty treasure swords.  Its balde has no 
physical presence, and it is said that those cut by it do not even relize that 
they have been hit.  It boasts a suprising lightness and long reach, but it
saps the life of its wielder with every swing.  It is unlikely that any human
can handle it.
How to get it: Extra Chapter 2/9800 Gold

11. Child's Sword
And what am I suppose to do with this?
Description: Cool, a plastic sword.  Hey, atleast its not a broom.  It's plain
and plastic.
Background: A sword that Seung Mina once gave to Yunsung.  Upon close 
examination, the words 'For little kids' have been engraved onto an 
inconspicous place.  In other words, she'd been treating him like a child when
she gave it to him.  It is completely ineffective as a sword, but perhaps it
will cause oponents to let down their guard.
How to get it: Subchapter 2/12500 

Costume 1: Yunsung has red hair and is wearing a red, white, blue, and yellow
halter top.  The top has a circle with three little circles in it on it.  His
pants are white and have designs on them.  He also has a belt on his waist with
two long parts hanging on the sides of his legs. 

Costume 2: Yunsung looks like he has a t-shirt on that has 3/4 of it cut off.
The shirt is red, blue, and green.  He has blue pants, brown boots, he has a
with fabric hanging off of it. 

Other Unlockables:

Profile: Defeat the Arcade mode with Yunsung

Exhibition Theater: Subchapter 1/4000 Gold

5. Tips for fighting with Yunsung

-      Yunsung's Meteor Throw is a great throw to get ring outs with.  Have 
your opponents back toward the and of the stage and execute the throw.  It'll
throw you opponent straight out of the stage.

-      If your opponent is next to the end of the stage (he/she has his or her 
side toward the end of the stage) try the Pinwheel Kick throw.  It'll easily 
throw your opponent out of the ring.  You can also use the Spine Destroyer but
getting your opponent in the back is tough.

-      Using Crane and Crane Swoop combos is essential to kicking your 
opponents crapper!  Doing moves like Rising Phoenix Kick give you an enourmous
opportunity to juggle your opponent crazy.  And moves like Rage Fire Blade hurt
your opponent a lot and it gets them on the ground.

-      When opponents are on the ground, its time to beet the crap out of your
opponent without breaking a sweat.  Use strong, and low vertical and kicks.

-      Yunsung has some awesome kicks.  So use them to your advantage.  Double
Circular Heaven Fangs inflicts almost 100 damage, gets the opponent on the
ground, and your evading while you attack.  And you can combine kicks with 
sword attacks like the Warrior Step.  And inflict quick damage with the Double
Hawk kick.  Without kicks, Yunsung would be an average character.

-      There are a lot of vertical and horizonta attacks you can use.  There's
the Opening Void Thrust which doesn't look to comfortable, there's the Jolting
Blade or you could use a combination of vertical and horizontal attacks and do
attacks like the Rage Fire Blade or the Willow Dance.

-      Yunsung's best signature move is definetly Raging Panther.  Two kicks in
the face and when your opponent thinks your goin to do another kick, you do
some horizontal attacks and one of them trips your opponent.  It's a high,
medium and low attack to die for.

-      Yunsung's best quick moves are Blade Song for its very quick 
maneuverings and Vipers Illusion for being quick and deadly.

-      All of Yunsung's powerful moves are good but they require timing.  For
Fire Storm, you have to be far away from your opponent and have them standing
still.  The best time to do Loin Crush(Hold) is right after someone gets up.
While they're getting up, excecute the move.  Roaring Flame is the same as Loin
Crush(Hold).  Once they get back on their feet, they'll be off their feet.  And
for Wall Dance(Hold), just make sure your opponent stands still.

6. FAQs

There haven't been any FAQs yet.  If you have any, email me them.

7. Contact Information

You can email me at Nintendomaster@comcast.net

If you have a question, please make sure that its not in the guide.  And try to
include the question in the topic.
If your going to send me emails with complements, try to include a question or
a trick in the game that'll make the guide better.
Send all the hate letters you want.  They're hillarious.  By the way, can you
not send a virus in your email just to make me mad.
I never look at spam or chain letters so don't send me them.
Don't send me emails that make no sense at all.

8. Credits

Thanks to:

CJayC for making GameFAQs
Namco for making the greatest fighter ever

9. Copyright Info

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
Copyright 2003 SpacePirate

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