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Voldo Guide by GANON1025

Version: 1.44 | Updated: 09/18/2003

Soul Calibur II

The Voldo Guide

| Table of Contents:                     |
|1. Legal Information                    |
|2. Version History                      |
|3. Voldo: The Man, The Myth, The Legend |
|4. Voldo's Moveset                      |
| 4.1 Standoard Moves                    |
| 4.2 Andvanced Moves                    |
|5. Voldo's Equipment                    |
| 5.1 Weapons                            |
| 5.2 Accessories                        |
|6. Voldo Tips and Strategies            |
|7. Voldo Combos                         |
|8. Special Thanks                       |

1. Legal Information

This Guide is Copywrighted by me, GANON1025, and is only to be used by 
GameFAQs. If you so wish to put this guide on your site, you can e-mail me at: 

If you try to copy this Guide and put your name on this as "Creator", you will
be hunted down and/or assimilated.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

3. Version History
1.0: (September 6, 2003)- Voldo FAQ is created
1.35: (September 8, 2003)- More strategies, Changed "Voldo's weapons" 
to "Voldo's Equipment" with two sections, added locations to buy 
weapons, added an "Other Equipment" section with costumes with 
pictures and locations to buy them, Exhibition Theater and where to 
buy it, and Voldo's Profile and how to get it
1.41: (September 10, 2003)- Completed Movelist, Better explanation on 
Numbers, fixed a strategy
1.44: (September 18, 2003)- More combos

3. Voldo: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Name: Voldo

Age: 50

Birthplace: Kingdom of Naples Palermo, Italy

Height: 6 feet, 0 inches

Weight: 185 pounds

Birthdate: August 25

Bloodtype: A

Weapon: Katars

Most Famus Weapon Name: Ayus and Manas

Discipline: Self-Taught

Parents Deceased
Master Vercci Long Deceased
Four Brothers Killed Through Warfare

Somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, there was a small island 
said to hold the treasures of a wealthy Italian merchant of death named Vercci. 
His riches were stored in a chasm known to thieves who schemed to plunder it as
the Money Pit. Rumors circulated amongst them about the numerous traps that 
awaited foolish intruders and of the eerie guardian who watched over Vercci's 
fortune deep within the pit. 
Although Vercci was renowned for saying, "There is nothing that I do not 
possess," there was one thing he desired more than anything...Soul Edge. 
Vercci tried everything within his powers to locate the coveted weapon- going 
as far as leading a fleet of his ships on an expedition- but ultimately failed.
During his absence, Vercci lost most of his fortune to a war that broke out 
in Italy.

His possessions were the only things that mattered to Vercci. He took whatever
treasures remained on his fleet of ships and hid it in a pit that he had dug 
with the help of his loyal followers on a small island in the Mediterranean 
Sea. Vercci rigged the chasm with countless traps in order to ward off treasure
-seeking intruders. And for over twenty years, the Money Pit ensnared thieves 
who attempted to steal his treasure, just as Vercci expected.

There was a man who stood watch over the treasure- a guardian feared by all 
who dared to enter the pit. He was Vercci's loyal vassal. The man served Vercci
on his expedition, helped dig the pit, and after his master's death, defended 
the vault faithfully. After years of solitude in darkness, the man lost his 
sight and sanity. He even forgot his name, which was Voldo. All of this must 
have been trivial for him, for his only desire was to serve his master's will 
by protecting the treasure. 

But he had forgotten something. Something was missing.

In the silence broken only by the death throes of foolhardy intruders, Voldo 
slowly began to piece together what he had forgotten- Soul Edge, the treasure 
amongst treasures. 
Voldo ventured abroad in an attempt to fulfill his master's last wish. He 
followed numerous leads, and he returned periodically to the pit to ensure 
the safety of the treasure and the working condition of the traps. The 
guardian focused solely on performing his duties.

One day, after Voldo chased an intruder away, he heard his long-lost master's 
voice. Obeying his master's orders, Voldo followed Soul Edge's aura emanating 
from the female intruder's sword. And after a long journey, he finally 
succeeded in bringing back a single-handed sword that emitted a strange aura.

Upon his return, Voldo found his master's pit flooded with seawater. Voldo sat
quietly, barely moving, on his master's throne in the small chamber behind the
statue of Vercci, which overlooked the treasure vault now covered by water.

Voldo believed he had found Soul Edge. He had obtained the one thing Vercci 
desired. Yet he did not hear the voice of his deceased master.

Four years passed, but it was as if time stood still inside the Money Pit. The
guardian's duty of defending the Money Pit never changed. Voldo felt as though
he would spend eternity in the silence of the pit, waiting to hear his master's
voice once again.

But fate brought Voldo back to the present. When he defeated an 
intruder one day, Voldo found several metal shards that possessed the 
same aura as Soul Edge. And although each piece was merely a fragment, 
they seemed to radiate the same amount of power as Soul Edge itself.

Voldo finally understood why he did not hear his deceased master's 
voice. The sword he brought back was not Soul Edge. The guardian did 
not know whether or not the metal pieces were truly from Soul Edge, but
he knew that the truth would be revealed if he searched for the weapon 
once more.

Voldo collected the fragments, placed them on the throne carefully, and
then ventured outside. His mission was to bring Soul Edge- the weapon 
his master desired to the very end of his life -back to the Money Pit. 
4. Voldo Moveset

Here's th moveset for Voldo. You can find out what the letters (a, g, 
b, k) in the instruction manual.  This moveset can also be found 
in the Sould Calibur II game (Practice Mode). This is just for 
reference while reading this guide (I'll call the Moves by their names,
not by their move combinations). 

Number Explanation:
Numbers correspond to directions. Look at this diagram-


This shows what numbers correspond to which directions. 4 would be 
back, 2 would be down, etc. You can also look at the numbers on the 
far right of your keyboard. This is the same as the diagram.

Symbol Explanation:
[x]- Hold whatever button is in it
x_y- either x or y (or whatever button is on each side)
8WR- 8 Way Run (For of Movement for Voldo and all characters)
FC- Fully Crouched
WS- While Standing
WL- While Landing from jump
CR- Calisto Rush (get into CR by pressing 236 or 8WR B+K)
MC- Mantis Crawl
BS- Blind Stance
LF- Land Fish
HT- Head Towards opponent (MC-HT would be Mantis Crawl- Head Towards 
FT- Feet Towards opponent (so MC-FT would be Mantis Crawl- Head Towards

4.1 Standard Attack Moves:
A Commands-

A        Claw
A,A      Scissor Claw
A,B,A    Dark Shredder      
A,B,4A   Dark Shredder Reverse      
A,K      Side Claw Kick
6A       Jolly Ripper
66A      Elegant Claw
3A       Blind Blade  
2A,K     Rat Chase
2A,A,A,K Rat Cheese
1A       Mouse Cutter
4A       Blind Slash    
4A,A     Blind Spin  
44A      Lunatic Doll   

B Commands-
B        Shreeder
B,B      Stampeed Shredder
OB B,B,B Full Stampeed Shredder 
6B       Blade Nail
6B,B     Blade Nail Elbow   
66B      Demon Elbow
3B       Guillotine Upper   
3B,B     Guillotine Scissors
2B       Power Slave Straight    
2B4      Power Slave Reverse    
2B,B     Power Slave Complete
1B,K     Asylum Mantis 
1B,K,K   Asylum Dance
4B       Power Split
4[B]     Power Split Mantis
44B,A    Hell Chop Blind Claw 
44B,A,A  Hell Chop Blind Claw Extra
44[B]    Hell Digger
bA       Grave Digger

K Commands- 

K        Basic Kick
1K       Scorpion Tail
1K,6     Scorpion Tail Front
2K       Rat Kick
3K       Mute Mid Kick
4K       Mute High Kick
4[K]     Mute High Kick Mantis
44K      Lunatic Flip
66K      Bowing Lunatic Flip


A+B      Praying Mantis
6A+B     Katar Gore
66A+B    Gate Opener
66A+B,K  Gate Pryer
3A+B     Blind Dive
3[A+B]   Blind Dive Extreme
2A+B     Evil Bow
4A+B     Guillotine Clap
4[A+B]   Guillotine Shredder
B+K      Super Freak
8_2B+K   Super Freak Inner / Outer
[8_2]B+K (G) Super Freak Mantis
6B+K     Super Freak Stretch
6[B+K]   Super Freak Stretch Mantis
4B+K     Super Freak Avoid
4[B+K]   Super Freak Chaser
A+K      Death Rose
[A+K]    Death Rose Extra
4A+K     Web Weaver 
66A+K    Insane Flip
66A+K,K  Insane Freak
1_2A+K   Mantis Crawl
3A+K     Mantis Crawl Reverse
FC A     Mouse Cutter
FC B     Chop
FC 3B    Rat Drill
FC K     Rat Kick
FC 3A+B  Blind Dive
FC 3[A+B]     Blind Dive Extreme
FC 1_2_3B+K   Rat Bounce
FC [1_2_3]B+K Rat Bounce Mantis
WS A     Scorpion Claw
WS B,B   Bat Taste
WS [B]   Bat Taste Mantis
WS [B],A+B (G) Bat Taste Roll
WS K     Lunatic Spin
WS K6    Lunatic Spin Front
Jump A   Brain Robber
Jump B   Floral Callus
Jump K   Rat Drop Kick
WL A     Suspended Gears
WL B     Suspended Pendulum
WL K     Rat Slaughter Kick
236      Caliostro Rush
214      Blind Stance
FC 123   Rat Chaser


A+G      Swinging Umbrella
B+G      Knee Drop Spin
A+G or B+G  Fool's Inquest
A+G or B+G  Bush Whacker
A+G or B+G  Sadistic Spider
K+G      Bloody Drill
BS B+G   Blind Ownership
1[B]     Death Lift  
CR A+G   Lunging Spider Claw
CR B+G   Centipede Nightmare

4.2 Advanced Moves:

Blind Stance (When you have your back to the opponet by pressing 

A        Blind Claw     
6A       Madness Spin
66A      Lunatic Wheel
4A       Mute Elbow    
4A,B     Mute Elbow Rush
B        Shredder    
6B       Rat Straight
66B      Red Stitch
4B       Ensnare
4B,5B    Death Ensare
4B,4B    Mute Blade Rush
66bA     Scarecrow
K        Blind Kick
3K       Blind Low Kick
2K       Blind Drop Kick
1K       Scoprion Tail 
4K       Mute Kick     
A+B      Freak Roll    
A+B[2]   Freak Roll Spasm     
A+B[G]   Freak Roll Mantis     
2A+B     Reverse Evil Bow     
B+K      Super Freak
8_2B+K   Super Freak Inner / Outer
[8_2]B+K Super Freak Mantis
4B+K     Super Freak Stretch     
4[B+K]   Super Freak Stretch Mantis
6B+K     Super Freak Avoid
A+K      Death Rose
[A+K]    Death Rose Extra
2A+K     Mantis Crawl Reverse

Mantis Crawl (when you are lamost lying down, with your hands and feet
up and you can walk around like that by pressing 1_2A+K)- 

G        Mantis Break
2_8      Mantis Option
24_26    Mantis Switch Up switch
84_86    Mantis Switch Down Switch
8_2G     Mantis Break
4_6      Mantis Walk
66       Mantis Fire Dance
66B+K    Mantis Fire Dance Hump
MC-FT A  Twisted Salute Reverse
MC-HT A  Twisted Salute
MC-FT B  Asylum Breakout
MC-HT B  Asylum Breakout Reverse
MC-FT K  Scorpion Kick
MC-HT K  Bowing Lunatic Flip
MC-LF-HT A Fish Slice
MC-LF-HT B Centipede
MC-LF-HT K Scorpion Kick
MC-LF-HT B+K Shark Attack
MC-LF-FT A   Fish Slice
MC-LF-FT B   Centipede
MC-LF-FT K   Fish Flip
A+B Lunatic  Wheel
B+K Mantis   Dry Hump
MC-FT dash into wall- Wall Mantis
MC-HT dash into wall- Wall Mantis

Calisto Rush (236 or 8WR B+K)-

A,A     Katar Slap
A,3A    Slap Behind Claw     
A,4A    Blind Slap      
A,4A,A  Blind Slap Attack     
B,B     Shredder Rush     
B,[B]   Shredder Mantis   
B,B,B   Mad Shredder     
K Rat   Slaughter Kick
A+B     Snake Eater
B+K     Lunging Rat Bounce
[B+K]   Lunging Rat Bounce Mantis    
A+G     Lunging Spider Claw
B+G     Centipede Nightmare

8-Way-Run (8WR) Attacks- 

6A      Elegant Claw
3_6_9B  Demon Elbow
6K      Sliding     
3_6_9A+B   Gate Opener      
3_6_9A+B,K Gate Pryer       
any B+K    Caliostro Rush CR        
3_9A    Silent Embrace
3_9K    Demon Tail      
2_8A    Blind Blade     
2_8B    Despair 
2_8K    Mute Low Kick
2_8A+B  Crazy Legs
1_4_7A  Lunatic Doll     
1_4_7B,A   Hell Chop Blind Claw      
1_4_7B,A,A Hell Chop Blind Claw Extra   
1_4_7[B]   Hell Digger 
1_7K    Scorpion Tail   
1_7K,6  Scorpion Tail Front     
1_4_7A+B   Guillotine Clap     
1_4_7[A+B] Guillotine Shredder
4K      Lunatic Flip

Wall Attacks-

WJ A    Suspended Gears      
WJ B    Suspended Pendulum      
WJ K    Rat Slaughter Kick 
MC-FT dash into wall   Wall Mantis      
MC-HT dash into wall   Wall Mantis

5. Voldo's Equipment

Just for reference, "WMM" means "Weapon Master Mode".

5.1 Weapons:

Manas and Ayus


Where You Can Buy it in WMM: 
Default weapon, already have it.

A pair of katars from Vercci's collection, that Vercci himself found
when leading his fleet in search of the Soul Edge. Scince his death, 
they have been used by Voldo. They are valued not only as works of art,
but also as excellently balanced weapons.

Effect Description:
Most familliar and well-balanced weapons for him.

Cat Claws


Where You Can Buy it in WMM: 
Chapter 1: Regulus

Weapons long favored by assassins. They consist of several sharp claws 
fixed in parallel on a pair of gauntlets. Striking the enemy with these
weapons cause wounds as if clawed by an animal. They excel in 
delivering damage but are somewhat fragile and ill-suited for defense.

Effect Description:
Good offense, but easy to lose balance.

Tofana Scissors


Where You Can Buy it in WMM:
Chapter 2: Thuban

Unusual weapons shaped like pairs of scissors. As appropiate for 
weapons named after the famous Tofana poison water, the blades are 
imbued with poison. But, perhaps as some sort of malicious joke on the 
part of the designer, the poison soaks through the hilt and reaches the
wielder as well.

Effect Description:
Good offense, but required energy to wield.

Shame and Blame


Where You Can Buy it in WMM:  
Chapter 2, Thuban, Chapter 3: Banetnasch

A pair of katars obtained by Vercci on his journy across the seas. 
Voldo used them to defeat intruders, but even when stained with blood
they remain stunning works of art. Their heavy blades are sturdy and 
well-suited to defense.

Effect Description:
Good defense but lack offense.

Iron Ram


Where You Can Buy it in WMM: 
Chapter 4: Mizar, Chapter 5: Altair

Giant iron spikes used for torture and execution. Spiral patterns are 
engraved into the surface, but they are not for decoration-- upon 
piercing the enemy, they allow the blood to flow freely. They are 
constructed so that the killing power increases with applied force.

Effect Description:
Offense increases with Soul Charge, but defense decreases.

Heavy Jur


Where You Can Buy it in WMM: 
Chapter 4: Mizar, Chapter 6: Aldebaran, Chapter 7: Rigel, Chapter 9: 
Agol, Subchapter 3: Pollux

Jurs are made of metal and resemble animal horns. These ones are unusually 
large variants that make a powerful impression worthy of their names.

Effect Descriptions:
Lon reach, but vulnerable to impact.

Karma and Mara


Where You Can Buy it in WMM:
Chapter 6: Aildebaran, Chapter 8: Merak, Chapter 9: Agol, Subchapter 3:

A pair of katars obtained by Vercci on his journey across the seas. 
They are valuable works of art, but from the fact Voldo chose to fight 
with them, it is safe to say that they are also quite effective as 
waepons. The blades are heavy, and the overall design is robust and 

Effect Description:
Good defense, but have weak single strikes.

Full Moon


Where You Can Buy it in WMM: 
Chapter 10: Antares, Subchapter 3: Pollux

Eastern Weapons consisting of iron rings with bladed outer edges. Their
ring shape actually gives them good defensive capabillities. They are 
better suited for slashing than thrusting Weilding them effectively 
tajes significant skill.

Effect Description:
Long reach and strong against impact, but lack offense.

Soul Edge (Complete)


Where You Can Buy it in WMM:
Extra Chapter 1: Castor

An evil blade with a reputation for devouring souls. This weapon is 
also known to be a shape-shifter-- which for it takes depends on it's 
current owner. The forms it has taken are legendary as are the souls of
the renowned warriors it has consumed. Only those with great mental 
discipline can retain tehir will while wielding this weapon. The 
instable blade will inevitably consume all the souls around it.

Effect Description:
Fersome demonic weapon said to penetrate defenses... (Very good 
offense and defense, but slowly consumes health)



Where You Can Buy it in WMM: 
Extra Chapter 2: Cepheus

Lerge pendulum-sized guilotines. The areas behind the blades are shaped
conveniently for gripping, and they can be used as-is like a weapon, 
but they are heavy and require strength to handle. They are 
appropriate weapons for one such as Voldo whose duty is to deliver 
justice to intruders.

Effect Description:
Legendary weapons. Weild them to discover their true power! (Very good 
offense and defense, but not as good as Soul Edge. Takes health away
for each attack, though not as much/frequent as Soul Edge)



Where You Can Buy it in WMM: 
Supchapter 2: Aloith

Thw tambourine has a very long history, and drawings of it that date 
back to the birth of Christ look lttle different than modern ones. 
These particular tambourines, a part of Vercci's collection, are 
presumably extremely old and valuable. They are not weapons, but 
perhaps it might lead opponets to let their quard down.

Effect Description:
Old, antique instruments treasured by Vercci.

5.2 Accessories:


Picture- http://www.felixmcli.org/sc2/voldo-1p.JPG
Where You Can Buy it in WMM- Default, Already Have

picture- http://www.felixmcli.org/sc2/voldo-2p.JPG
Where You Can Buy it in WMM- Already have

Picture- http://www.felixmcli.org/sc2/voldo-3p.JPG
Where You Can Buy it in WMM- Chapet 3: Banetnasch


Voldo's Exhibition Theater:
Where To Buy In WMM- Subchapter 1: Schedar

Voldo's Character Profile:
How to get it- Complete Arcade Mode with Voldo

6. Voldo Tips and Strategies

1. The one thing I tink is most important (not only for Voldo, but all 
characters) is to lern to use Guard Impact (Forward + G) effectively. 
This maybe even more important iwth Voldo, sense due to his weapons and
attacks he has to get up close for most of his moves. This will also be 
good againts new players who only button mash. Now, you probably won't 
be able to GI an experienced player all the time, but anything that can
 give you an edge is good to learn.

2. Learn to use all 3 Stances seemlessly. You should be bale to know
what attacks lead to a change in stance, and what attack you should be 
using in that stance. Something I have seen with new users who use 
Voldo is that they don't know what to do during Blind Stance or Mantis 
Crawl and they try to get out of it as soon as they can. But, learning
to effectivlely use the different stances is very important.

3. Remember that the C-Stick is a short to some combinations. C-Up is 
A+B+K, C-Down is A+K, C-Left is A+B, and C-Right B+K. This makes going
into Mantis Stance more simpler (3 C-Down), as well as other commands.

4. Voldo is effective because he is hard to guess what he'll use. 
Therefore, using the same attacks over and over again won't be a good
idea. A good Voldo is one that uses many different attacks to catch the
opponet off-guard. This is also why it is hard to use Voldo when you 
are beginner: Voldo doesn't have allot of moves that can used 
constantly to win (though he does have some).

5. Two good effective attacks toRing Out the opponet is the Demon Elbow
and the Swinging Umbrella.

6. If none of these help, try your own way of playing. Just because I 
I tihk this is an effective way of using Voldo doesn't mean you will. 

7.Like I said before, it'll take some time to get good with Voldo. 
Don't get discouraged when CPU keeps on beating you in the beginning. 
If stick with him and practice allot, you'll be good with him in no 

8. farfetchd says: "And I can't stress enough the usefulness of Blind 
Dive Max and Super Freak independently when not in stances. Death Rose
can even be used during Blind Stance, so that should mix things up. And
Calisto Rush~Mad Shredder: simplistic yet satisfying."

LordLockeRA gives a few strategies
9. "I play Voldo somewhat of a mix between a speed character and a reach 
character- while his Katar have pretty short reach, his arms to NOT- 
it's not apparent just how much reach Voldo has until you start 
reliably zoning people out with moves like his 6B and 8WR 2_8A, or use 
the 1K to launch Nightmare after ducking the tip of his sword on the 
basic A.

With that in mind, Voldo tends to lend himself to a poking/whittle 
strategy, since he both has the reach and speed to excel at it, and he 
also has a number of good, if short, combos, many of hwich can be 
started at that range. Voldo also has a number of great lunge-in 
moves- the A+K and it's chargable variants, the 66A+B or 66A+B~K, 6BB, 
66K, A+B, 2A+B and 4B. Since Voldo has both a naturally-long reach AND 
he steps in to do many of his attacks, this gives him a much-greater 
range of threat then he first appears. When stuff like the 66A+B, 66K, 
and A+K are hitting from three full steps away from the opponent or 
more, that's simply huge."

10. "Entering Voldo's stances is a tricky art- his Blind Stance is a 
horrible stance to just mash into, because if your opponent gets an 
opening, you get back-thrown. Not good. My all-around favorite 
entry-move for it is probably 4A- a fast high attack that leaves 
Voldo at a minimal disadvantage if blocked. The 1K gets a special 
place in my heart, with it's high-ducking, launching, can go into 
Blind or not goodness. Another favorite is using the Life Drinker 
(A+G in the Rush), since it leaves Voldo in Blind Afterwards, where 
Voldo has a better mid-low wakeup game. 

Once I'm in Blind Stance, I like to keep my opponent guessing- 2A+B, 
6B, 4BB. 1K, and 66A all have useful applications from there, as does 
A+B and A+B~2 wheel attacks, and the ever-present A+K. Blind Stance 
isn't a place to remain- your opponent shouldn't even realize you've 
gone into it half the time until it's too late to recognize that 2A+B 
swinging at their ankles. Be quick about getting in then out in a 
similar fashon.

The Rush is a move I use mostly to extend combos, but it's got other 
applications. CR A+B is one of the best surprise moves in the game, 
and CR B can hop lows, something that's surprisingly lacking in Voldo's
 arsenal (It's the CR A+B and the 66A+K is just about it, I believe). 
Also, the leaping Grabs gives Voldo a forward-moving unblockable that 
can add a bit more threat into his impressive-but-blockable ranged 
game. Also CR [B]+[K] is a better way to quickly get into the Mantis 
Crawl then 2A+K.

Although, outside the CR B+K, the best way into Mantis (Perhaps even 
better thnen the CR [B]+[K]) is the 4[K]- it flows smoothly from the 
kick into the Mantis Crawl feet-first, instantly able to do something. 
Head-first, the options are a 4[B] or bust- you must enter the MC as 
part of a mixup, cause like the Blind Stance, it's VERY punishable if 
caught quickly. Also, when it comes to seeing the MC in action, this 
is frequently Voldo's most-mangled stance. IMO, it's main purpose 
should be to bait opponents into doing something that leaves them 
open to either a mid-low mixup via the 2_8~AAA or BBB or mix Wurm 
Strings, blitzing them with the low-hitting 66, or punisihing someone 
who begins rushing in with the MC K, which is lightning-fast for it's 
reach. While trying to get the opponent to do something rash, using 
the MC's 2 or 8- it'll dodge a LOT of things, consindering that it 
brings Voldo really low to the ground and moves more then fast enough 
to avoid most B's. As for other MC attacks, the A is for people 
by your head, the B for people by your feet, and the B+K launch into 
combo for people who whiff an inital punishment attempt, although the 
range of it is very pitiful if some part of the enemy's body isn't 

7. Voldo Combos

salshen789 gives two Combos:
"right at the start of the match, I CHARGE at the enemy and use Gate 
Prier (66BA + K) and while they're on the ground, I go into mantis 
crawl head first (3C-Down) and when they get up I just hit A to do the 
little flip punch out of mantis crawl. Another combo I use is to go 
into Mantis Crawl headfirst (3C-down again) and use Superwyrm (the B 
version) (2 (8) BBB) and then RIGHT afterwards, I go into Blind Dive 
(which I THINK is 3BA)."

Legato49 gives a Combo:
"I'm not accurate on names, so bear with me. I like doing 3 A+B, which 
is like a leap, immideatly followed by s Freak Roll and the explosion 
that he does. If you can corner your opponent in the corner with that, 
it's sweet."

zigmover21 said I could list the Voldo combos from his FAQ here:
"BS Blind Stance
MCHT Mantis Crawl Head Towards (3A+K or BS 2A+B)
MCFT Mantis Crawl Feet Towards (2_1A+K)
CR Calistro Rush (236 or 8WR B+K)

-BS 6B
-BS 6A (Best overall follow up.)

-BS 2A+K, MCHT 66, MC B

-CR A+B (Best overall follow up. May be easier to buffer 8WR B+K to go into CR.)

-CR A+B (Best overall follow up. May be easier to buffer 8WR B+K to go into CR.)


-CR B,B (May be easier to buffer 8WR B+K to go into CR.)
-3A+K, MCHT 66, MC B

BS 66[A]
-CR B,B (May be easier to buffer 8WR B+K to go into CR.)

8WR 2_8B
-2B4 (Opponent is left standing. Ends in BS.)

-CR A+B (Best overall follow up. May be easier to buffer 8WR B+K to go into CR.)

CH 8WR 3_9A

-Opponent lands, MCFT 66, MCFT K


CyrusShadowBlade gives a combo:
"Very wacky combo- 1K, hold down and then do [B+K](hold into mantis 
crawl) then run over them (66)"

farfetchd: gives some combos:
"I tend to use Katar Gore~Blind Stance, Reverse Evil Bow, Mantis Crawl, 
Mantis Fire Dance, and Asylum Breakout as one of my combos. 
It works pretty well. If you don't already have it and you like it, 
then put that in there.

I also use Katar Gore~Blind Stance, Reverse Evil Bow, and Broken Wheel,
too. Or instead of Broken Wheel, Lunatic Wheel.

4[B], K, 6B.
66A, 1[B], G+K. Don't forget to get off the 1[B] while your opponent is
on the ground.
1B, WR [B], 2A/2K/8A/8K. Any one of those four will do. Don't roll over
completely with 2 or 8 though.
1B, WR [B], A+B, 3[A+B]. The A+B is for retreat which gives you time 
to charge 3[A+B] as much as possible."

Wyzt gives a Combo:
"66K, BS down ab+, 2A+B (MCHF), then do the run over thing
It works all of the time."

If you want to submit a Combo or Strategy, contact me at 

8. Spcial Thanks

To www.guardimpact.com and www.soulcalibur.com for Voldo information.
To Namco for making the Soul Calibur series and the great Voldo.
To salshen789, Legato49, zigmover21, CyrusShadowBlade, farfetchd, and 
Wyzt for providing Combos.
To http://www.felixmcli.org/sc2 for it's pictures.
To You, the Reader, for taking your time to read this and chosing this 
guide for your Voldo needs!

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   T    HHHHH   EEEEEEE       EEEEEEE  N  N N   D   D
   T    H   H   E             E        N   NN   D  D
   T    H   H   EEEEEEE       EEEEEEE  N    N   DDD


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