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Taki Guide by The Demon Hiei

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/13/2004

       TT         A   A     K  K        II
       TT        A     A    K K         II
       TT       AAAAAAAAA   K K         II
       TT       A       A   K  K        II
       TT       A       A   K   K       II
       TT       A       A   K    K      II
       TT       A       A   K     K  IIIIIIII

Soul Caliber II(PS2)
Author:Justin Taft (e-mail taftgftlkjtfam@msn.com)

Ok this is my very 1st FAQ ever so I would really like it if some of you
readers out there would help me with it.

1.Legal stuff
This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is stricly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.(Unless you have my permission to do so!)

So in other words DONT STEAL MY WORK!

Revision history

Just started this thing added BIO, move list, and common errors
Added FAQ section, history of Taki, and credits
Fixed some errors in the 8way run moves and possession moves
Fixed all(I hope) of the errors in Taki's attack list and added why you want
to use her section
Made it clearer on what stuff means in the move list
After numerous e-mails asking me to add certain things i finally got around to
I put one last thing in..

2. Table of contents

1.Legal info and revision history
2.Table of cont.
3.BIO and Why you want to use Taki
4.History of Taki
5.Move list
6.Invaluble moves
7.OK, I've got the basics down, so how do I win?
8.Air Juggels
9.Common errors with Taki
10.FAQ section

3.BIO and why you want to use Taki

Birthplace:Fu-Ma No Sato, Japan
Birth date:unknown
Blood type:A
Weapon:ninja swords
Weapon name Rekki-Maru&Mekki-Maru
Family:Master Toki. Immediate family all taken by sickness

Why you want to use her

Taki is the fastest character in the game. Her attacks are faster then all the
other characters plus she does a pretty good amount of damage. Taki will take
some time to master(im not even done yet)But, if you are good with her she can
pull out alot of combos very fast. I know this is not much but I hope this
will make you use her as your character.

4.History of Taki

 Taki began her journey when her fascination grew in Soul Edge, the evil sword
that resonated in the presance of her beloved sword Rekki maru.As a Fu-Ma
Ninja, her specialty was the extermination of demons.She possessed exceptional
fighting skills and excelled at forging weapons, which made her a valuble
asset to the Fu-Ma clan.In fact it was she who battled and defeated the dread
pirate Cervantes, who was possessed by Soul Edge.

 After returning from her long journey, Taki attempted to fuse a fragment of
Soul Edge into the demonic blade, Mekki-Maru.Much to her surprise, the
Mekki-Maru began to surge with even more evil energy, making it difficult for
even her to handle the sword.

 Taki saw that the leader of the Fu-Ma clan, master Toki, became obssessed
with Mekki-Maru.She deemed that it would be dangerous to hand the sword over
to him, and left the clan.Thus Taki became a reagade ninja.

 Toki however, would not give up so easily.He sent clan members after her in
order to retrive the powerful blade.

 Pursued by clan members, Taki decided to destroy the Mekki-maru by pitting it
against Soul Edge.She hoped that the two powerful weapons would obliterare
each other.Unfourtunatly, by the time she found Soul Edge, its wielder
Nightmare had already been defeated by a group of warriors.

 How would she destroy Mekki-Maru with out Soul Edge? Taki tried to devise
another plan, but her secret desire to master the sword grew stronger by the
day.The decision was made.She grasped the fundamental skills needed to handle
the Mekki-Maru duringher journey; she just needed to build her mental strength
enough to overcome the evil influinces of the sword.

 Around the time she mastered the ability to use the sword for short periods
of time, several Fu-Ma ninjas appered before her.Unlike previous encounters,
these ninjas did not attack on sight.Instead, they attempted to capture her.
Unfourtunatly for the ninjas, they were no match for Taki; they all fell
before her Mekki-Maru. "...I know they were sent by master Toki...but why
would they travel so far to these lands to seek me?"

 Searching through the strewn remains of the, Taki came across a metal
fragment.Although weak, the aura eminating from th metal was unmistakably that
of Soul Edge,The sword was not destroyed, it still existed in pieces.

 Taki then realized why the ninjas had tried to capture her.Master Toki was
trying to gather information about Soul Edge in order to find all the
fragments.Undoubtedly, pieces of the sword, just like the one she held in her
hand, were already in Master Toki's possession.

 Knowing the effects that Soul Edge had on those who had weilded it, Taki knew
that she could not let it get into the hands of master Toki.

 Even without the sword, the head of the Fu-Ma clan already powerful.She was
afraid of what would happen if Toki acqured the evil blade and recived its
madness.He could transform into a monster with unfathomable strengh.

 Taki headed for Japan.She could not allow this impending disaster to occur in
her homeland.

 On the way back to Japan, she sensed the presence of the evil sword. the
metal she possessed began to resonate ever so slightly with the aura of evil

 After she hastily sealed the fragment, she thought about what she should do
next.Should she go after the fragments that her former master had or exorcise
the evil sword itself?

 Either way, time was running out.

5. Move list

This is for the PS2 version of the game so A=square B=triangle K=circle and
G=X 2=down 6=forward 8=up 4=back 3=is diagonal lower right 1=diagonal lower
left 9=diagonal upper right and 7=diagonal upper left. ALSO!! 6 Is assuming
that the player is facing right and 4 is assuming that the player is facing
right. Also I will be referring to possession as PO from now on.


Ripper: A

Shadow Ripper: A,A

Shadow Ripper: A,A,B

Silent Shadow: A,A,6,B

Darkness Illusion: A,B

Darkness Illusion: A,B,B

Darkness Illusion: A,B,1,B

Shadow Rush: A,B,K

Shadow Cannon: A,B,4,B+K

Ninja-Mekki Maru: A,B,4,B+K,A

Ninja Cannon-Mekki Maru to PO: A,B,4,B+K,A,2,1,4

Shadow Shrine: A,6

Silent Shadow: 6,A,A,6,B

Stabbing Shadow: 6,A,A,B

Shadow Run: A,A,B

Shadow Run: 6,6,A,A

Shadow Run: 6,6,A,1 (PO)

Shadow Run: 6,6,A,A,1 (PO)

Shadow Rush: 6,6,A,B,B

Shadow Split: 3,A

Earth Scroll: 2,A

Earth Scroll: 2,A,K

Reaping Hook: 1,A

Wind Scroll: 4,A

Bamboo Cutter: 4,4,A

Strike: B

Shadow Scroll: B,A

Shadow Scroll: B,A,1 (PO)

Shadow Scroll: B,A,A

Shadow Banishment: B,A,K

Shadow Sanishment: B,A,K (K must be held)

Heavy Shadow: B,A,6,K

Shadow Banishment to stalker: B,A,2 or 6 or 8,A,B

Strike: B,1 (PO)

Strike: B,B (2nd hit can be delayed)

Lightning Strike: B,B,1,B (PO)

Lightning Strike: B,B,B

Blood Scroll: B,K

Blood Scroll: B,K (K must be held)

Blood Scroll: B,K,A,2,1,4

Blood Scroll: B,K,A,2,1,4 (K must be held)

Dark Destroyer: B,6

Silence: 6,B

Assassin's Strike: 6,6,B

Assassin's Feather: 3,B

Dark Slice: 2,B

Dark Slicer: 2,B,A

Dark Slicer: 2,B,A,2,1,4

Free Shadow: 1,B

Demon Fangs: 4,B

Seal: 4,4,B

Seal Hold: 4,4,B(hold B)

Seal of the fire dragon: 4,1,2,3,6,B

Pure Thunder seal: B,2 (during soul charge)

Pure Thunder Seal: B,2(hold 2)(during soul charge)

Thunder Seal Huntress: B,2,A(during soul charge)

Thunder Seal Huntress: B,2,A(during soul charge)(hold 2)

Kick: K

Haste: K,K

Haste: K,K,1 (PO0

Haste: K,K,K

Water haste: K,K,2,K

Divine Punishment~mekki maru: 6,K

Divine Punishment~mekki maru: 6,K,A

Divine Punishment~mekki maru: 6,K,A,2,1,4 (PO)

Hurricane Punishment: 6,6,K

Destruction: 3,K

Rapid Destruction to Wind Roll: 3,K,B+K

Rapid Destruction to Wind Roll-Side: 3,K,1 or 2 or 3 or 7 or 8 or 9, B+K

Rapid Destruction: 3,K,K

Rapid Destruction to wind roll: 3,K,K,B+K

Rapid Destruction: 3,K,K,K

Punishing Strike: 2,K

Punishing Strike: 2,K,K

Punishing Strike: 3,K

Water Kick: 4,K

Water Kick Swipe: 4,K,A (PO)

Water Kick: 4,K,K

Mat: 4,4,K

Hop Back: 7,K (During soul charge)

Hidden Haze: 7,K,B (During soul charge)

Cartwheel: A+K

Hurricane Punishment: 4 or 6,A+K

Fog Blanket: 2,A+K

Ninja Cannon: 4,B+K

Ninja Cannon~Mekki Maru: 4,B+K,A

Ninja Nannon~Mekki Maru: 4,B+K,A,2,1,4 (PO)

NOTE!! Moves that say (FC) mean Taki has to be fully crouched.

Shadow Split: A (FC)

Free Shadow: B (FC)

Sealing Punishment: K (FC)

Sweep: A+K (FC)

Divine Cannon Combo: A+K,K (FC) (crumple stun on counter hit)

Poison Dart: 1,A+B (FC)

Shadow Claw: A (while rising)

Shadow Claw: A,A (while rising)

Shadow Claw: A,A,2,1,4 (PO) (while rising)

Shadow Claw: A,A,A (while rising)

Darkness Banishment: B (while rising)

Darkness Banishment: B,B (while rising)

Darkness Banishment to Stalker: B,2 or 6 or 8,A+B
(while rising)

Divine Cannon: K (while rising)(crumple stun on counter hit)

Reverse Shadow: A (back turned)

Shadow Mekki Maru: B (back turned)

Shadow Mekki Maru: B,A (back turned)

Shadow Mekki Maru: B,A,2,1,4 (back turned)(PO)

Punishing Wind: K (back turned)

Punishing Wind to windroll: K,6 (back turned)

Heavy Burden: B+K (back turned)

Reverse Shadow Split: 2,A (back turned)

Darkness Shatter: 2,B (back turned)

Darkness Shatter: 2,B,2,1,4 (back turned)(PO)

Reverse Seal Punishment: 2,K (back turned)

Fog Blanket: 2,A+K (back turned)(PO)

Falling Scroll: 7 or 8 or 9,A

Windfall: 4 or 8 or 9,B

Haste Alternate: 7 or 8 or 9,K,K,1

Haste Alternate: 7 or 8 or 9,K,K,K

Diving Scroll: A (while landing)

Darkness Banishment: B (while landing)

Darkness Banishment: B,B (while landing)

Darkness Banishment: to stalker: B,2 or 6 or 8,A+B
(while landing)

Rapid Destruction: K (while landing)

Rapid Destruction: K,B+K (while landing)

Rapid Destruction: K,1 or 2 or 3 or 7 or 8 or 9,6,B+K

Rapid Destruction: K,K (while landing)

Rapid Destruction: to windroll: K,K,B+K (while landing)

Rapid Destruction: K,K,K (while landing)

Storm Could scroll: A+K (during step)

Storm Cloud scroll: A+K,A (during step)


Strangulation Blade: G+A (Near front side of opponent)

Departure in Fire: G+B (Near front side of opponent)

Cellar Drop: G+A (Near left side of opponent)

Cellar Drop: G+B (Near left side of opponent)

Jute Burial: G+A (Near right side of opponent)

Jute Burial: G+B (Near right side of opponent)

Dropping the Bottle: G+A (Near back side of opponent)

Dropping the Bottle: G+B (Near back side of opponent)

Crossing the Cliff: 6,6,G+B (Near front side of opponent)

Bow Breaker: G+A (During possessing)

Bow Breaker: G+B (During possession)

8way run note: For all except the last move for the 8way run moves I dont know
if you have to hold a cetain button for so many frames. Someone help me clear
this up please. :) Also all of these moves are during the 8way run so I wont be
putting stuff like shadow run......(during 8way run) now I'll get on with the
moves. :)(oh I forgot, for all of these moves hold down the first directional

8way run

Shadow Run: 6,A

Shadow Run: 6,A,1

Shadow Run: 6,A,A

Shadow Run: 6,A,A,1 (PO)

Shadow Rush: 6,A,B

Shadow Rush: 6,A,B,B

Misery: 3 or 9,A

Misery: 3 or 9,A,1 (PO)

Burning Misery(1): 3 or 9,A,B

Burning Misery(2): 3 or 9,A,B,B

Burning Misery(3): 3 or 9,A,B,B,B

Dark Chaos: 2 or 8,A

Dark Chaos: 2 or 8,A,A

Dark Chaos to windroll: 2 or 8,A,A,2 or 8,B+K

Dark Chaos: 2 or 8,A,A,A

Deep Chaos: 2 or 8,A+K

Waeving Blades: 1 or 7,A

Bamboo Cutter: 4,A

Assassin's Strike: 3 or 6 or 9,B

Illusion Scroll: 2 or 8,B

Scroll of Darkness: 2or 8, B, A

Assassin's Secret: 1 or 7, B

Assassin's Secret: 1 or 7,B,K

Assassin's Secret: 1 or 7,B,K,2,1,4 (PO)

Seal: 4,B

Seal hold: 4,B (hold 4 and B)

Sliding: 6,K

Heavy Burden: 3 or 9, K

Heavy Burden: 3 or 9, K, 2,1,4 (PO)

Storm Cloud: 2 or 8, A (crumple stun on hit)

Storm Cloud Scroll: 2 or 8, K, A

Storm Cloud Scroll to Windroll: 2 or 8, K, B+K

Storm Cloud Scroll to Windroll: 2 or 8, K, 1 or 2 or 8,3 or 7 or 8 or 9,B+K

Mat: 4,K,K

Water Kick: 1 or 7, K,K

Possession: A+K


Stalker: A+B

Side Stalker: 2 or 8, A+B

Stalker Blade: A

Stalker Thunder: B

Stalker Omen: K

Stalker Omen: K,A


Possession: 2, 1, 4

NOTE!! These next moves are all during possession.

Possession rush: 6

Possession rush: 8 or 2

Possession rush cancel: 6, 4

Storm Scroll: A

Storm Scroll: 2 or 8, A

Mekki Maru wind: 4, A

Mekki Maru wind: 4, A, 2, 1,4(PO)

Dream Scroll: B

Dragon Wheel: K

Awakening Rush: 8,K

Awakening Rush: 8, K, 2, 1, 4 (PO)

Awakening Rush: 8, K, A

Vacuum Drop Kick: 2, K

Exorcism: A+B

Fan dance: A+K

Possession Wall Dash: 2, 2 or 8, 8(near wall)(hold the second 8 or
the second 2 whatever you picked to do the move)

Shadow Shrine: A (during wall dash)

Assassin's Strike: B (during wall dash)

Hurricane Punishment: K (during wall dash)


Windroll: B+K

Windroll Possession: B+K, 2, 1, 4

Note these next ones without names are all during windroll!!!


A, 2, 1, 4

4, A











A+B or 2, A+B or 8, A+B

Windroll Slide: 3 or 9 or 2 or 8 or 1 or 7, B+K

Windroll Slide Possession: 3 or 9 or 2 or 8,1 or 7, A+K, 2,1,4

Note these next ones without names are all during windroll slide!!!





A+B or 2, A+B or 8, A+B

Thats all for Taki's moves right now im sure I missed something so feel free
to e-mail me them (e-mail address at top)and if you find you can't do a move
or my combo for it is wrong please tell me so I can correct it. :)

6.  Invaluble Moves

If you skipped down here, shame on you.  You should get to know your
character before you use her.  For the rest of you, I'm proud.  You took the
time to learn everything Taki has to offer.

B,A,(A) -  If B,A is just inputted, it is one of the fastest moves taki has.
Two quick slashes which are a natural combo on a counter-hit.  If the third
hit in inputted, Taki will recover crouching, but the recovery time of this
move is great.  ONLY throw this out when you know you can catch your opponent
with a WR+K, or WR+A,A,A (CH), or else you'll be toast.

A,B,4+B+K (~G)-  One of the best ways Taki can fake someone out.  I put the
(~G) in there, only because this move is guard cancellable, and quite
effective when it is done.  Taki takes a horizontal, then a vertical slash
and then rears back, making a ball of energy, and smacks the ground while
screaming "Evil.. be gone!"  This hit is LOW! Many people tend to think that
this move is unblockable, and won't guard it.  If it does connect, however,
it's air juggle time.  Your opponnet will be hurled into the air helplessly,
leaving him or her wide open for punishment.  This move also recovers
crouching.  While Taki has her energy ball held, this move can be guard
cancelled, or it may also be attacked out of (see 4+B+K attacks in her normal
attacks section of the movelist.)  My personal preference on what to do will
be discussed later in the tactics section.

8WR+K,A - Don't we all just love guaranteed moves?  When this kick connects
cleanly with the opponent, s/he is stunned while falling.  Taki then comes
out of the flip, and pounces back at her opponent with a slash.  Use this
often when you get in 8WR fights... It's got great range, priority, and does
a lot of damage when it connects.

8WR+A,A,A -  The 3rd hit of this move is often never guarded.  Taki takes two
swings with her dagger, and then crouches.  Most people let go of their guards
here.  She then swings forward again, knocking her opponent down.  Again,
another "surprise" tactic employed by Taki.

4+B+K -  As discussed in the above tactics, this launcher must be used when
playing Taki.  This move has range not only forward, but it has about a 180
degree span around her.  You DO NOT have to be facing your opponent directly
for this launcher to connect.  Again, how to get this move working well and
to your advantage will be discussed in a bit.

4+B- If you happen to get into a parry fight, this is the move for you. Taki
delays a stab towards her opponent.  If it connects on a CH, it becomes a
crumple stun on the opponent.  Follow this up with either a 4+B+K, or a 2+K.

66+K-  Taki does a chun-li-like helicopter kick on the ground.  Since she is
upside down, only a rising mid, or low attack will connect to stop her.  This
move also works in ending a juggle, because she can hit someone with her legs
from all 360 degrees.  Also use this if your opponent rolls to the side when
s/he gets up.  It will track toward the opponent slightly, and the last part
of the kick will generally hit, causing your opponent to immediately guard
when getting up.

B+K, 4+A, A+B-  Taki will go into her WRS, and slice low at the shins.  Now
the magic begins.  Most people will get a "Deer in the Headlights" feeling
when all of a sudden Taki just stands there in PO.  Use that time wisely,
throw out an unblockable.  The nice thing about this one is that Taki half
crouches, which leaves her open to only mid and low attacks.

     This tip submitted by Scott Soltero
players can "recover crouch cancel"
(RCC) by pressing forward and block or back and block after doing a move that
 recovers in a crouching stance. Also, when playing as taki, If a player is
attempting to stay in close to an opponent that is keeping thier distance,
pressing forward while blocking will keep the taki (or any character for that
matter) in closer to thier opponent. Likewise, pressing back while blocking
 will knock your character back further.  Depending on the match up, this is
 crucial to keeping a good distance (whether that be close or far) from an
 experienced opponent.


7. OK, I've got the basics down, so how do I win?

Taki will take time to master, please keep this in mind.  When I play, I try
to focus on confusion, more than anything.  Remember, Taki can go airborn,
roll, and just plain dance circles around anyone.  Use this to your
advantage at ALL TIMES.  When I play, I try and keep these general focuses in

1: Always be moving, and if you're not, make sure you're close on your

If Taki's sitting around, she's a dead duck.  She has little reach, and needs
to be moving at all times.  As I said before, 8WR+K, A is an incredible move,
especially when trying to cover ground.  Her hopping swipe goes towards the
opponent.  The only time I endorse few movements is when fighting in close.
Taki's running moves were not made for close-quarters-combat.  In this
situation, stick to poking (I'll discuss that next), and quick launchers (such
as 4+B+K).

2: Poke, poke, poke.

When you have to get in close, always think speed over power.  Taki's got so
many useful moves.  My personal favorite is her launcher fake (4+B+K ~ G),
which will get the opponent to usually duck.  This ducking leaves them
vulnerable to a 6+K, or any overhead attack (2+A_B, 4+B will also work).  Fear
tactics are incredibally useful.  Always make your opponent react to what you
do, and never let them take charge.  Remember, a running Taki is a good Taki,
only on the offensive.

3: Keep away players can be beaten.

They gave her airborn moves for a reason.  Use your stalker stance and wind
rolls to move around Nightmare or Ivy players that are playing keep-away.
There's always a way around or above something.  My personal favorite, for
fighting off Nightmare players that need room is to either play close fighting
(poke, poke, poke), or to take to the air.  A+B,B, or A+B,A,K are very useful.
If the moves tend to be stationary, use A+B,B, but if they're sidestepping or
moving, try and use STK, A, K.  This move will come from overhead, though you
may sacrifice a little jump distance overall, the range that this move covers
from side to side is worth the distance.

4: If all else fails, what to do?

Ok, so he's stopped my air attacks, I can get in close for a millisecond, and
he's blocking and parrying all my poking.  What do I do?

Take your time! Relax and think! Whenever I get into this situation, it's
usually from my opponent just going on a blitzkrieg offensive.  I'll generally
go to moves in which I have priority coming out of, such as 2+A (recovers
crouching), into a (wr)K.  Because the frames needed to guard the 2+A are so
many, I will in most every case, connect with the kick, causing a crumple
stun (as 99% of the time, they'll be attacking, so I'll get a counter-hit).
Follow this up with a 2+K, and then when they go to stand back up, see if you
can't take the offensive again.  This is more about breaking the rythm of an
all-out attack.  When you can do that, and go back on the offensive, you
control your opponent, and control is, indeed, a good thing.


8. Air Juggles

Taki's got launchers, so make good use of them!

From 4+B+K:

B,[K], 6, B, B, B

Her most damaging combo.  If you use the A, B into the launcher, you opponent
will end up with half a lifebar.  Make sure though that you tap forward, not
only to square her to the opponent, but to stay tight onto him/her as well.

B, [K], B, 6,6+K

Easier version of the previous.  Won't do as much damage, but it's pretty
much idiot-proof.

PO, A, 2+K

This just looks plain cool.  Your opponent's up in the air, and lil' ole'
Taki goes into posession, and then jumps up to meet the opponent.  Follow
it up with a low kick while they're on the ground.

From 8WR+B:

B, K, 6,6+B

The only difference in the timing with these combos from her 8WR launcher
is that the B,K isn't held.  Your opponent is not hit high enough into
the air for Taki's [K] to work properly.  The stab isn't guaranteed
if your opponent begins to move around in the air from an un-square hit.

B, K, K, 4+B+K

If the second kick whiffs, you've got another launching opportunity coming
to you.  If the kick connects, then some ground damage occurs.  Either way
you keep the offensive ^_^.

9.Common errors people make with Taki

1.Taki can out speed everyone!

She may be the fastest chacter in the game but everyones got tracking moves,
so be cautious when moving around.

2.Im winning alot using this stratigy maybe I should stick with it.

DONT!!! Patersome players will become very predicible and will be beaten
easily over time. Change your patterns every few rounds even if it's just a
little bit ex. high to low attacks or visa-vera.

10.FAQ section:please e-mail me your questions and ill do my best to answer

Q: Can Taki do her big blue dome move she does in the beggining?

A: As much to our dismay, the answer is no.

11.Credits and thank you's

First off i would like to thank gameFAQs.com for letting me put this in there

Namco for making such a great game.

Soulcaliber.com for all these wonderful moves, and the history of Taki.

You the reader:I hope you know why i thank you.

Me myself and I:No need to explain that.

I would also like to give credit to JBurke I used some of his ideas as a
starting point for somethings in the FAQ.

I give credit to Scott Soltero for the "Recover Crouch Cancle" tip

And last but not least, the one, the only...Taki!! with out you every one of
you readers out there would be looking into a big white screen of nothingness.

                                       Copyright 2003-2004  Justin Taft

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