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Talim Guide by JinLaW

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/20/2003

Soul Calibur II
Liquid Talim FAQ
Version 1.0
by JinLaW

=-=-=Copyright of JinLaW=-=-=
This FAQ is intended to help Talim players to understand how to use her. 
It's a smaller form of the Talim Strats forum of soulcalibur.com I did 
some weeks ago. I, personally, am not an excellent Talim player, like 
Seven or Shauno, but this FAQ is just the strategies Seven, Shauno, 
Nuts, and all the members of the forum. BTW, you can put this FAQ 
anywhere you want to, but give credits to me(JinLaW) and the Talim 
Strats forums at soulcalibur.com. Let's get started.

=-=-=The Conventions=-=-=

A- Horizontal Attack
B- Vertical Attacks
K- Kick
G- Guard

=-=-=Movement Conventions=-=-=
7 8 9      u/b u u/f    up-back   up     up-forward
4 5 6   =   b  N  f    = back     neutral  forward
1 2 3      d/b d d/f    down-back down   down-forward

=-=-=Special Conventions=-=-=
+ - Moves must be done together
, - Moves must be done right after the other
_ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangable)
* - return joystick to the neutral position
[] - Hold down the selected button(s) for possible delay or change up
> - possible delay between moves
~ - buttons pressed immediately after the other
() - Parenthesis indicates optional moves in a string
: - Requires Precise timing
FC - Do move during full crouched position
WS - While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch)
WJ - while jumping (pressing ub_u_uf and G)
WL - while landing (coming down from a jump)
RN - While running
BK - Back facing the opponent

                         =-=-=Notes Conventions=-=-=
GI - Guard Impact
GB - Guard Break
GP - Guard Push (blocked hit pushes opponent back, but remains in block)
CH - Counter Hit
SC - During Soul Charge
JF - Just Frame (only a small window in animation to perform move)
! - Unblockable
[] - goes into or ends in the stance indicated between the brackets
/ - seperates comments
# - followed by a number means comment reference in NOTES
() - Parenthesis indicates optional moves in a string
{} - Curved brackets indicate buttons needed to break a throw


I. Talim Strenghts and weaknesses by Seven
II. Movelist by rev
III. Move Analysis by Seven, Shauno and Ai-Uchi
IV. Multi-throw timing and Set-ups by Seven and Shauno
V. Guard Impact Game(GI) by Seven
VI. Moving forward by Seven
VII. Ring Out Game by Seven
VIII. Soul Charge Unblockables(SCUBs) by Shauno
IX. Custom Strings by Shauno


I. Talim Strenghts and Weaknesses|

On the most fundamental level, everyone should realize Talim's speed is 
one of her biggest advantages. It allows for quick interrupts, continued 
offense in smart offensive fashion, etc. 
Another advantage is Talim's evasive qualities. By far the most evasive 
character in the game. But most people don't realize that the biggest 
portion of her evasiveness does not come from backturn evade or canned 
strings with evade options. Many of Talim's moves are tech crouch, in 
fact, a lot of the most important moves are. This is something all Talim 
players most be aware of, because most of the moves used to stop Talim 
from evading are high. 
A strength that most Talim players do not realize, however, is simply 
the sheer amount of knockdown moves she uses. Knockdown puts the 
opponent at the mercy of Talim's wakeups, another of Talim's strengths. 
So many knockdowns take a huge mental hit on the opponent, and 
frustration is a major part of beating the opponent. 
Another strength that is not so obvious. All of Talim's lows, except for 
backturn 2A, are safe. No risk lows is a definite plus. 
A strength that often is forgotten is Talim's cancels. A+BG and B+KG 
mostly. Even though Talim lacks string cancels to a certain extent(you 
could consider AST options string cancels if you wanted to) , they are 
almost always flashy enough to get a reaction. 
On the subject of Talim's weaknesses, everyone knows how little damage 
she deals is a major factor. Another weakness is the way the weight 
system works in calibur 2. The lightest character in the game is going 
to be the easiest to space. Since most characters are going to not want 
to ever be in Talim's ideal range, it makes it so you'll need to get 
back into that range frequently. 

II. Movelist|

(front) A+G            	 	{A}
        B+G 			{B}
	236+B+G			{B}
	236+B+G,46+A+B		{B}
  	  214+B+K		JF			
(left)  A+G_B+G			{A_B}
(right) A+G_B+G			{A_B}
(back)  A+G_B+G			{Astroth & Voldo can escape}	

A,A				#1
A,A,B,(8_2)			[SP]
A,A,B,K				#2
3+A				#3
B,A				#1
B,B,(8_2)			[SP]
B,B,K,6				[FF]
B,B,4+K				[BT]
1+B(8_2) 			[SP]
1+B,6				[FF]
1+B,4				[BT]
6+B,A,(8_2)		 	[SP]
6+B,A,6				[FF]
6+B,A,4				[BT]
4+B,(8_2)			[SP]
4+B,6				[FF]
214+B	 			#1 / !
A+B			 	#1 / #3 / GB
6+A+B	 			#1
2+A+B,(8_2)			[SP]
2+A+B,6				[FF]
2+A+B,4				[BT]
4+A+B			 	#3
B+K			 	#1 / GB
(9_7)+B+K			half-spin #3
BK A,A			  	
BK A,A,(8_2)			[SP]
BK A,A,6			[FF]
BK A,A,4			[BT]
BK d2A			 		
BK B,B			 
BK K			 	
BK 6+K				#3
BK A+K	 			GI to stun
BK B+K	 			GI
BK FC+K			 
WJ+A.(8_2)			[SP]
WJ+A,6				[FF]
WJ+A,4				[BT]
WJ+B,K				#2

FRONT FLIP - [FF]:					
6+B+K				Front Flip
  K			 	#4
  4+K			 	#3

  B				GB

8-WAY RUN:					
6+K				Slide
6+B+K				[FF]
(7_8_9_1_2_3)+B+K		Full Spin			
  (8_2)+B+K			Can run up wall
  B+G				(throw)
(8_2)+A,(8_2)			[SP]
(8_2)+B,6			[FF]
(7_1)+B,(8_2) 			[SP]
(7_1)+B,6			[FF]

[SP]: halfspin up or down
[FF]: if attacked, will do front flip
[BT]: if attacked, will do back twist
#1: G to cancel
#2: k at end of string against wall will add extra hit
#3: leaves you in BK
#4: if connects, performs another front flip

III. Move Analysis|
The entire movelist isn't going to be analyzed, just the most important 

She gets around the opponent like nothing else. Instead of 8_2 B+K~8_2 
its better if you SS first before doing the BT command for a potent 
double SS. Doing it the first way pulls you out to BT. Any movement from 
BT makes her face forward.

 This move incorporates every Talim strength in a single move. Hits mid, 
always knocks down, tracks like 360 degrees in its spin animation, goes 
under high attacks, and because of the input (9~9_3~3) you can get an 
advancing sidestep out of it. It's range is decievingly long, but not 
long enough to do it from too great a distance. It is the perfect 
solution to AAs that interrupt your spin transitions. The most common 
use is Talim's AA8_2. Now if you do this command to sidestep spin left 
or right after the AAs were blocked, the opponent can AA you before you 
can continue the pressure, but if you instead input AA8_2~A she enters 
her SS with the anti-high Seisutivo, totally owning the opponent's 
attack. It also comes out in moves like 2A+B and 1B and BT AA(!). Just 
follow with an 8_2~A if the opponent attacks. 

Probably Talim's best low. It moves her forward quite a bit, is safe of 
course, and most importantly, gives Talim advantage on hit. 2 frames of 
advantage is HUGE for the quickest character in the game. The way most 
people react to lows is to try and counter the next thing that's done. 
However, Talim's WS B will beat EVERY characters every option except 
step. And most characters do not have an option to beat 6BB either, 
after a 1A hit. This makes for one of Talim's few large damage setups. 
If they start turtling up after 1A, just multithrow(236G+B, 46A+B, 
214B+K), and let the mindgames begin.

B strings 
BB is probably Talim's most important interrupt. 11 frame mid is 
absolutely great. The variety that comes off of these strings is 
important as well. BB is something that can sometimes allow Talim to 
continue her offense if used smart. For example, BB8, cancel the 
backturn, BBK. If the opponent isn't paying attention, the BBK is likely 
to hit on counter, due to opponent trying to punish another backturn. 
BB8_2 is not used for it's evasive properties, but rather to continue 
offense. BB8_2 into actual backturn moves is only useful very sparingly. 
BBK6, BB4K, and BB4K4 are again only useful sparingly. Another tidbit 
with BBK is that most people respond to the forced crouch block with a 
WS move. Most WS moves are fairly linear, allowing you to easily move to 
one side and hit with a 8WR 3_9A or some such. The BA variation is 
another move that is probably better used sparingly. Against a stepping 
opponent, you may want the qualities of the B, but also want the A just 
in case they step the B. BA is totally situational. Lastly, BBA is 
largely useless now, especially due to the speed decrease from ver A to 
ver D. I use it maybe once every 30 or so games now, however, when I do 
use it, it always hits, because the opponent never sees it. Keep this in 

A strings 
AA is Talim's second most important interrupt. Since it can be broken 
and is high, it's somewhat more limited, but due to it's speed, it's 
going to be very useful against a spaz opponent. AAB is not useful AT 
ALL. However, AAdelayB is useful once in a while. But if overused, it's 
going to result in you taking some heavy damage. On block, AAB is at 
terrible disadvantage. AA8_2 is important to lead into AST1, but I'll 
discuss that more when I get to AST1. AB is another situational string. 
Against ducking opponents, sometimes you may want the qualities of A, 
but also want to punish if they duck.

Great for cutting off 8WR and step. Sometimes you may want to cut it off 
and just do the 66A by itself, on hit or block. Hit will lead to more 
offense options, block, sometimes you're better off only doing the 66A. 
This move is mostly important because of the high damage(comparitively) 
of the natural combo, and the knockdown properties. I've never known an 
opponent not to try teching this move, and there's a wakeup mixup pretty 
much guarunteed off the tech.

This move is of huge importance due to the backturn cancel. After using 
it a couple times, opponents will remember to turtle up to it, leaving 
them open to backturn and backturn cancls. That, and after a few times 
of cancelling it, likely they'll start trying to hit you out of it late. 
Let the move finish, and it's HUGE damage. The guard crush properties of 
this move is pretty limited. I.E. they don't have to re-gi anything at 
all unless you are pushing them into a wall. 
Another important cancel. And this one has a slightly different 
application than A+B, but also has some of the same applications. The 
guard crush properties will of course be better if you're pushing 
someone into a wall, but even if you aren't, they have to re-gi 66B. 66B 
is easy to see coming after the guard crush, but if you use it very 
sparingly, it will hit whenever you need it to. The cancel of this move 
moves you quite a ways forward, so think about applications where you 
need to be in close for a strong mixup after you cancel this move. 
Multithrows, lows, strong fast mids (3B6B), etc.

236G+B, 46A+B, 214B+K (multithrow)
See part IV for analysis.

Another tech crouch move. But also very quick, and Talim's best 
launcher. Less reliable to counter highs though, the window is much 
smaller. 44B is the best guarunteed damage after the launcher, and 
leaves you in a decent position for wakeups. 8WR8_2B is a decent 
finisher also, because of the options off the move, like AS forward, 
they're going to need to block an air sault wakeup. 
I believe I tested this as 12 frames. That makes it probably the fastest 
WS move in the game. On counter, fall back stun, which leads to good 
wakeups. Run in wakeups, air sault wakeups, guard crush cancel wakeups, 
are all useful. The point is to take advantage of the situation after 
this move. 
Better range, more damage, knockdown, and ringout properties as compared 
to WS B. This move is better in situations to punish certain lows which 
you know you'll get no counterhit on WS B, or when you need the ringout 
6B+K(air sault) 
If you're training your opponent correctly, you'll never get hit out of 
airsault. A pretty bold statement I'm sure, but it's just a question of 
knowing when to perform the jump. Although I don't airsault as much 
these days, it's still an important way to move yourself in and an 
important mixup when you land. Sometimes it's best just to do the jump, 
and attack once you get in. There are plenty of applications with this 
AST1 A is just another way of doing Talim's best move(8WR9_3A). AST1 G+A 
and G+B is a STRONG throw that leaves Talim at HUGE advantage 
afterwards. 8 frames, and she's a character with a 10 frame A. 
Admittedly, these throws are completely unsafe. But with these throws, 
it's all about the risk, because it WILL lead to more damage after the 
throw. Guard crushes, guard crush cancels, coin toss games, etc are all 
good afterwards. The important thing to remember is the opponent is not 
likely to start ducking this throw for a long time, because they only 
notice the minimal 15 damage the throw itself does. Which, by the way, 
takes on both successful throw attempt and broken throw attempt. 
Some backturn moves are naturally more important than others, but all 
need to be used. Backturn 2A is probably the most used backturn move, 
but it must be moderated, because it is after all, Talim's only unsafe 
low. But on hit, it's knockdown. Such a dillemma. Backturn BB is a great 
knockdown. Backturn K is good ringout material, Backturn 2K is a great 
low. In fact, BT 2K is probably more useful than BT 2A.  

One of Talim's longest range moves, and quick. Admittedly, I don't use 
this near as much as I should. It's a good long range interrupt, and 
also good for punishing things normally out of Talim's range. Something 
to play around with. 
Quick low, safe, knockdown on counter. Again, another safe Talim low can 
come through. Most people are going to either spaz or step afterwards, 
know your opponent. But it's something that will let you keep your 
offense going if it hits. BB if they spaz. 
Although this move is a little slower, it's range, very decent tracking, 
high damage, and terrific break attribute make it a move worth using. 
This is the move I use to beat A's I know are coming. This is important 
because as mentioned above, lots of A's are going to be used to stop 
Talim's evasion. You anticipate correctly, you get the counter damage 
for 60 or some(I forget) plus wakeups. Not too shabby. And oh yeah, it's 
a SCUB on level 3 soul charge. Talim's only useful SCUB. 
4BB and variations 
4B is in every way a plain run of the mill move, and also is very 
unique. 4BB itself is good for the counterhit, guaranteeing the second 
hit and ringout if in the right position. 4B8_2 is the quickest way to 
AST2 from a string. BB is 2 hits, 4B is one. 4B6_8_2 can have many 
applications as a fake, etc etc. It's important to use. 
4A strings 
This I mostly use on wakeups. The first hit can whiff, so it looks like 
opponent can get up with an attack... but the second hits come out fast 
enough to hit them for counter as they're getting up. If they hesitate 
enough, 4A[K] is really good damage. 4A strings by themselves of course 
can be useful, if limited. I do not know frames, but 4A[K] is definitely 
solid block stun, enough to continue your offense. 
A solid move with applications that most people never think of. The K 
can whiff, and the A portion will counter. Important on wakeups and all 
sorts of other times. The K portion is tech jump, and if they get used 
to seeing the full string, cut it off to just the K, then multithrow. It 
works well. Mess around with this move. Another thing to note is that 
the K pushes the opponent quite a bit to Talim's left and off axis... I 
have yet to experiment too much with this, but I'm guessing that almost 
anything the opponent can throw out will miss if Talim evades right. 
Another very solid move. I always do the full string, if 3B hits then 
you can stop delaying the 6B part in time to make it guaranteed. After 
that, a 1K or 2B is guaranteed, I think, but I always opt for wakeup 
games. Sometimes I airsault over the opponent and use backturn wakeups. 
The important thing is, this move slams the opponent down in a strange 
way, and wakeups are all that much more potent than usual. Other things 
to note about this move is it is hard to see the second portion 
accurately for the opponent. Vary the timing, occasionally do the full 
guard crush, etc. The first few times you will need to train opponent to 
it by hitting them with the fast version. 
Why 2K works is hard to describe. It's so slow, that it's almost too 
obvious. Test this move out after cancels(B+KG, KG, 6A+BG are the best) 
and you might be surprised. However, it's probably best never to do the 
A portion. After 2K hit, FCB is almost guarunteed, since it is very hard 
to tech. And again, this low is totally safe, as long as you don't use 
the A. 
In my opinion, the best way of setting up autododge. But also in itself 
a very quick mid, and sometimes good to use for the knockdown 
properties. Look at the autododge section for more. 
The FC3B is tech crouch for all of it's portion. Very important. Plus 
the second part can be delayed like mad. Only bad thing is it's 
completely linear. 
This move is an important way to move inside for Talim. Tracks fairly 
well, tech jump I believe, fairly quick, and good air sault and AST1 
options. The way this move is, it's probably the most confusing way to 
set up AST1 and air sault options after a move, and works really well 
for Talim. 
This move can provide perfect retaliation to EVERY character, the thing 
is to know your spacing. Find certain situations it is useful in, and 
remember that the backturn after it can be cancelled. This move is also 
fairly good at breaking. 
44A and string 
A very interesting string. 44A by itself is PERFECT range for air sault 
wakeups on hit, ring out, etc. I have real fun finding ways to whiff the 
first 2 hits of the move though, and get the rest of the string to hit 
(the last AA236B part). Good to set up after certain knockdowns, but 
unfortunately it is kind of slow, so that needs to be remembered.  
This move is sort of magical. It tracks really well, and sometimes 
leaves you in backturn, sometimes not. Good setup for the backturn auto-
parries on block, if you're left in backturn, it's just necessary to 
know how your opponent will react. 
Don't forget this move when you need to jump over lows. On hit leaves 
you in backturn.

IV. Multi-throw timing and set-ups|
236G+B, 46A+B, 214B+K

The escape is only 6 frames. 70 damage and 16 frame impact. The timing 
for the multipart is like this: 236G+B, immediately after the throw 
impacts(basically right away) press 46A+B. As soon as you have done 
that, mash in 214B+K. If you can get the timing down every time without 
mashing it, good for you, but it doesn't matter, because Talim's multi 
cannot be broken after the initial throw. Here's another thing I've 
noticed about the multi. After the arm break(46A+B), the camera will 
switch sides. So doing the multi will feel like this sequence instead: 
236B+G, 46A+B, 236B+K.

It's good to do the multi after the following:
-BT B+K, 66A
Takes about 60% of your opponents life gauge without the okizeme!!!!
-BT 2K, 88_22K
Being hit twice tends to make people defend.
-BBA, 2A
Like above, being hit 4 times really freezes them often. A bit risky, 
though, remember what was said in the movelist analysis part(III) about 
the speed decrease of the A in the string BBA from version A to D?? Do 
it only if the A of BBA connects to be safe with frame advantage.
if it connects fairly close, it recovers very fast for an attempt.
If they start to block the ~8_2 AST1 A, come from the SS spin with a 
buffered multi-throw instead.

Some other things:
I(Shauno) threw the opponent with a 236 G+B (with out the full multi-
part command). He ended up in Play Dead position (PLD is a Tekken term 
for face up, head towards) so I did a 2B to hit him as he tried to rise. 
This forced him to rise in BT position (FC at that I think). Even though 
he then pressed guard (so he said), I was able to hit him in the back 
again with 6A+B. It'll be kinda nice if we can get some consistency with 
Opponent PLD, 2B, 6A+B  

V. Guard Impact Game |
Post GI game
Talim's post GI game is actually fairly strong. 1A+B is the best option 
if your opponent doesn't re-GI quickly. Good guaranteed damage. 66A will 
hit people who GI with 4G for good damage. People who GI high will eat 
1A or 2K, both of which are somewhat delayed, especially 2K, so they are 
useful by themselves as delayed options. 1K or 44K is the fast low 
option. Throw in guard crushes(B+K and A+B) and their cancels, you've 
got a barrel full of damage and fun. 6A+B is also good post GI.

VI. Moving Forward|
One thing Talim players occasionally lack is patience, I know I(Seven 
talking) lack it sometimes. Talim's ways of moving in are not strong or 
obvious, and sometimes it takes a lot of patience and experimentation. 
Some of the various ways to move in I've found are... 

 Against Astaroth and some of the other players than can push Talim out 
really well, sometimes this is what you'll have to resort to. Good thing 
Talim's post GI game is fairly strong. 
Too bad it's a crap move. Terrible recovery on block, high, linear. The 
only thing it has going for it is break. 
It's hard to move in with this anyways. Your time has to be good, and 
the move isn't all that long ranged. But it's important that she has it, 
because a lot of times the simplest way to get in is to run forward, and 
you'll usually end up doing a 66 move. 
When you're at range to use it, and you know it's going to hit, you can 
use it, and then move in for the wakeups. 
This low moves you forward. Gives advantage on hit. Nuff said. 
Same thing with 66A. But it does track really well. 
An obvioius way to move in, I suppose... but not so obvious is to just 
use the jump to move in. Usually you will get some hesitation out of 
your opponent when used properly.  
Ok, this really isn't a move used to move in... it is however, very 
powerful when you're just outside of Talim's ideal close range. When 
this move hits, wakeups ensue. Fun times for all. 
B+K and A+B cancels 
Moving in with this is not obvious at all, but it is VERY useful and 
very important. Most people only think about the guard crush and damage 
properties when they see these moves. It's very deceptive to use it as a 
way to move inside, and unless your opponent knows you're going to 
cancel, they should be turtling up. These guard crushes are NOT slow if 
used properly. Just remember to use them when the opponent has eaten 
enough A's and will not be thinking about moving to the side.

VII. Ring Out Game | 

Talim's RO game is basically composed of 33A or WSA. Don't forget most 
of her throws ring out.

VIII. Soul Charge Unblockables(SCUBs) |
Most of you know that if you attack while soul charging, you'll keep the 
charge as long as your attacks don't hit or are blocked. What you may 
not know is that GI'ing while charging up doesn't cause the SC to 
dissapate. In fact I(Shauno) was able to get at least 10+ SCUBs today in 
matches by using this technique. 
- After knocking down the opponent, immediately press A+B+K. You can't 
8WR until you're at least lvl 2. 
- Once you can, dash in towards the opponent and simply GI their attack 
if they throw one out. By this time you should be at lvl 3... SCUB time! 
After the GI mix up these lvl 3 unblockables:  
236+B (juggle starter!) 
6A+B (a bit slower, drops them in front of you for okizeme) 
A+B (slow animation...rolls them away) 
B+K (slow animation...rolls them away) 
The varying animation speeds allow you to get around re-GI attempts. 
Remember, you can also charge 236[B] just enough to avoid a re-GI as 
well and you'll still have an unblockable. 
This technique has an interesting effect on the opponent's defense. 
Eventually he'll choose not to attack for fear of the SCUB options. 
That's when you can go for the 6B+K B GC discussed earlier, along with 
dashing multi throw, or a simple SCUB like 6A+B. 8WR'ing with B+K dodges 
help to keep the opponent guessing when/if the attack will come. 
Summary... supercharge often! If they turtle, dash in and SCUB_throw 
them. If they try to interrupt this strat, GI first then SCUB them 

VIII. Custom Strings |
-1A, FC 2K, WS+K, K, 6K
- BT 2K, 2A, FC 3BB - This one is pretty much uninterruptable it seems, 
with the 3BB avoiding any high attacks. 
- BT 2K, 88_22 K, multithrow_1A+B - If the cartwheel kick hits, do the 
mixup (1A+B is uninterruptable). If not, GI or dodge because of the good 
- BT 2K, 88_22A~8_2 AST1A_(multithrow_1A+B). 88_22A is an under rated 
move with a lot of speed and anti 8WR attributes. If it is blocked, go 
into ~8_2 AST1 A for protection. If it hits, the opponent is standing so 
use the frame advantage (if it gives you any) for a multi or 1A+B mixup.  

Special thanks to:
Seven, Shauno, Nuts, Ai-Uchi, rev(for the movelist), and the whole Talim 
forum community of soulcalibur.com.

THE    END!!! 


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