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Maxi Guide by ACastellanos

Version: 12.0 | Updated: 09/30/2003

Soul Calibur 2 (Arcade Ver.D and Console Versions)
     Maxi FAQ Version 12.0
           Copyright 2002-2003 
                Alberto "Bertico84" Castellanos
Table of Contents
II.Useless Facts
IV.Basic Movelist
V.Explanation of the Pure Soul Loops
VI.Explanation of True PSL3 and Instant PSL4
   1.Closing In
   2.Basic Pokes
   3.Wake Up Attacks
   4.Basic Strings Using the PSLs
   5.Stance Shifting Wake Ups
   6.Useless Moves
   7.Guaranteed Strings
   8.Free 6A+Bs
   9.Recognizing the Stances
   10. Console Additions
VIII.Technical Skills
This is a FAQ for Maxi. I have been playing Maxi since the days of SC1 and since
there were no FAQs for him on SC2 I decided to make it myself! Maxi is an 
incredibly deep and incredibly unique character for a fighting game. Maxi has 
the largest variety of moves in comparison to anyone else in SC2. Most people 
regard him as a mashers best friend, but an experienced Maxi will always be better
then a masher Maxi. To truly learn Maxi will take a long time for anyone who is 
serious about learning him. In this FAQ, I will attempt to give you Maxi's basic 
commands and some simple strings to help you get on your way. A lot of the 
information displayed here is a compiling of information from different sites and 
put on here for easy access to who ever wants it. All links will be given in the 
final section. Please, do not reproduce this with out asking me first. Took me 
a hell of a long time to compile all this. Thanks.
II.Useless Facts:
Age: 28
Weight: 126lbs.
Birthdate: May 1
Height: 5'8"
Birthplace: Ryukyu Kingdom
Blood Type: O
Weapon: Nunchaku
Weapon Name: Soryuju
Fighting Style: Shisshen Karihadi

Japanese Voice Actor: Kanna Nobutoshi
American Voice Actor: Doug Boyd

**Story Taken from www.soulcalibur.com**

Maxi, the pirate from Ryukyu (present-day Okinawa, Japan), led a crew
of trustworthy men and lived carefree on the high seas. Having 
traveled throughout the seas of Asia, Maxi looked to the west for new 
lands to explore and sailed a southerly route towards Europe. While 
docked at a harbor in India, he encountered Kilik, a young man 
searching for Soul Edge.

Unfortunately, this proved to be a star-crossed encounter.
The hidden evil resident within Kilik attracted unwanted attention
 from a horde of monsters. The ensuing battle took the lives of Maxi's
 crew, who were helpless against these nightmarish foes. Kilik and 
Maxi were the only survivors of the bloody carnage.

After the massacre, Maxi traveled with Kilik and swore to seek revenge 
for his fallen comrades. Maxi was certain that Astaroth, the leader of
the monsters, would appear before Kilik once again.

Xianghua later joined their journey, and the three of them headed 
towards Europe. The travels through unfamiliar lands strengthened the 
friendships between Maxi and his new companions.

Eventually, the group made their way into Nightmare's stronghold. 
Nightmare, who possessed Soul Edge, commanded his horde to attack the 
intruders. Maxi recognized them as the same monsters that murdered his
crew; he knew that his sworn enemy was nearby. Almost as if to 
acknowledge Maxi's presence, a hulking silhouette emerged from the 

Maxi forced his companions to go on while he stayed behind to 
confront Astaroth. He used every ounce of his strength and avenged 
his fallen crew by destroying the golem, but at a price- Maxi suffered 
grave injuries during the battle. 

Immediately after Astaroth's defeat, the outraged god of war commanded
the earth to swallow up the weakened pirate. Unconscious, Maxi fell 
into a river that flowed deep underground and was carried away quietly
by its icy currents.

Above ground, the only trace of Maxi left behind was his nunchaku.
When Maxi awoke, he found himself resting on a riverbank. His mind 
was lucid, but he could not feel his extremities. He soon realized 
that he had suffered debilitating injuries that prevented him from 
moving freely.

Fortunately, a person from a nearby village rescued Maxi, and took him
 to the village. With his vast knowledge, strong sense of duty, and 
likeable personality, it did not take long for Maxi to be accepted by 
the villagers. After some time, his strength began to return, but his 
arms and legs would not heal- it seemed unlikely that he would be able 
to return to his carefree, nomadic lifestyle.

Nevertheless, Maxi was satisfied with his new life. He had exacted his 
revenge against the one responsible for his crew's death. Although he 
was curious about Kilik and Xianghua's fortunes, as long as the peace 
continued, he believed that they had vanquished the root of the evil. 
"I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life here in this village," 
thought Maxi.

Four years passed, then a rumor reached the village. "When the enormous 
man with a gigantic axe comes through... Nothing remains in his wake!"
Maxi had a horrible feeling that it was him. The more information he 
gathered, the more convinced he became that it was indeed Astaroth. 
"That freak is still alive. How can I be here, living peacefully, when 
I haven't avenged my crew?" Unfortunately, his limbs still refused to 
As if he were reading Maxi's mind, an elderly village medicine man paid 
him a visit. "If you wish to gain something of value, then you must 
part with something of equal value," counseled the elder.

Maxi implored the elder and convinced him to treat his injuries with 
his secret arts. The elder had found a peculiar rare metal fragment 
recently and used that precious item for the mysterious treatment.

Several days later, Maxi left the village with the promise to return 
one day.

In exchange for the restoration of his limbs to seek revenge, Maxi 
lost something just as precious as the slain comrades he swore to 
avenge- the memories of Kilik and Xianghua. 

7  8  9       7=Up, Back     8=Up          9=Up, Forward
4  5  6       4=Back         5=Neutral     6=Forward
1  2  3       1=Up, Down     2=Down        3=Down, Forward


l =Attack hits low
m=Attack hits mid
h =Attack hits high
L =Attack hits low and grounded opponents
M=Attack hits mid and grounded opponents
H=Attack hits high and grounded opponents
Sm=Attack hits special mid, which can be guarded high or low.
UB=Unblockable attack

1st=On First Hit
2nd=On Second hit
3rd=On Third Hit
lvl-1=Level 1 Soul Charge
GC=Guard Crush
DOS=Double Over Stun
CS=Crumple Stun
BN=Bounce Stun
SPS=Spin Stun
JF=Just Frame Attack
SCUB=Soul Charge Unblockable
CH=Counter Hit
FC=Fully Crouched
FrC=Forced crouch
8WR=8 way run
TC=Tech Crouch
WS=While standing up
WL=While landing from jump
BT=Back turned
(  )=Optional input
[  ]=Hold button
 ~ =Immediatley after
 + =At the same time
 * =Optional delayed input

RO=Right Outer
      -String based stance. Not very strong but moves Maxi forward and sometimes
       sidesteps verticals. Good for keeping the pressure. Can be stopped early
       for extra mix-ups
LO=Left Outer
     -Same as RO but quicker. After a short delay LO become RC. 
LI =Left Inner
     -Most attacks from this stance evade. After a short delay LI becomes BL.
BL=Behind Lower
     -Used to retreat while attacking.
RC=Right Cross
     -Most of your power strikes are from this stance. But they are also slower.

IV.Basic Movelist:
A              h
A,A            h, h             Right Cross      Natural Combo
A,A,B          h, h, m x 4                       CS on 3rd hit
A,A,K          h, h, L
A,A,K,K        h, h, L, m
1A             l
2A             Sm
2aB            m                Left Inner       CS, TC
3A             m                                 DOS on CH
4A             h                Behind Lower
4A,B           h, h
4A,bB          h, h             Left Outer
4A,B[4]        h, h, m x 4      Left Inner       G-Cancellable
4A,bA,A*B      h, m, m, m
4A,bA,A*[B]    h, m, m, m                        FrC on 2nd hit,DOS on 3rd hit
4A,2_8K        h                Right Outer
44A            l
6A             h                Right Outer
66A            m, M
66agA          h
66ag9B         m                Left Outer
236A           L x 4            Behind Lower
aK             h, m             Left Inner
aK4            m                                 BN, FrC
A+B            m, M
A+B[2]         m                Right Cross
4A+B           m, M
4[A+B]         m, M                              Guard Crush
6A+B           h                Behind Lower     G to Cancel Stance Shift, TC
A+K            -                Left Inner
4A+K           -                Left Inner 
6A+K           -                Left Inner       TC
2A+K           -                RO>BL
3A+K           L, h

B              m                Right Outer      G-Cancellable
B2             M                Right Outer      FrC,SCUB
1B             m                                 TC
2B             m
3B             m
4B             m                Left Outer
4B*B           m, M             Right Cross
4B*B,K         m, M, m                           3rd hit G-Cancellable
44B            M                Right Cross      TC
6B             h
6bB            h                Left Outer
6B[4]          m x 5            Left Inner       G-Cancellable
6bA,A*B        m, m, m                           1st FrC,2nd DOS on CH
6bA,A*[B]      m, m, m                           1st FrC,2nd DOS on CH, 3rd GC
66B            m                Left Outer       lvl-1 GC, SCUB, G Cancel Shift
236B           m, m, m          Left Inner       G-Cancel Stance Shift
B+K,BBB:A      m x 9            Right Outer      JF
2B+K,B         L, L
3B+K           L
3B+K,B         L                Right Outer
4B+K           UB-M                              G-Cancellable
66B+K          M

K              h                                 G-Cancellable
1K             L                                 TC
2K             l
2K,B           l, m             Right Outer
2K,K           l, L                              Knockdown CH on 2nd
3K             m
4K             h
44K            h
6K             h 
66K            h
66K,B          h, m             Right Outer
66K,K          h, L                              Knockdown CH on 2
236K           m x 4                             G-Cancellable, CS
kB             M                                 FrC
kB,A           M, l                              FrC on 1st hit
kB,[A]         M, l                              FrC on 1st hit, CO
kB,K           M, m                              BN on 2nd, FrC on 1st&2nd
kB,[K]         M, m                              BN on 2nd,FrC on 1st&2nd,CO

FC A           SM
FC 3A          L                Right Outer
FC 3A,A        L, L             Right Outer
FC 3A,A,A      L, L, L          Right Outer
FC 1A          l
FC 1A,B        l, M             Left Outer
FC B           M
FC K           L
FC A+B         m                Left Inner       CS, TC
WS A           m
WS B           m                Left Inner
WS K           m
WS K,K         m, h
WS A+B         m                Left Inner       CS, TC

BT A           h
BT B           m
BT K           h
BT FC A        l
BT FC B        m
BT FC K        L

Jump A         h
Jump B         m
Jump K         m

WL A           l                Right Cross
WL B           L                Right Outer
WL K           m                                 BN
Right Outer Stance:
Neutral        Returns to Regular Stance w/ no input
RO A           h                Behind Lower
RO A, K        h, m
RO B           m                Right Cross
RO B, B        m, M             Right Cross
RO B, B, K     m, M, m                           G-Cancellable on 3rd
RO K           M                                 FrC
RO K, A        M, l                              FrC on 1
RO K, [A]      M, l                              FrC on 1, CO 
RO K, K        M, m                              BN on 2nd, FrC on 1st&2nd
RO K, [K]      M, m                              BN on 2nd,FrC on 1st&2nd,CO

Behind Lower Stance:
Neutral        Returns to Regular Stance w/ no input
BL A           h
BL B           m                Left Outer
BL [B]         m                Left Outer       CO, GC
BL K           l
BL K, K        l, h

Right Cross Stance:
Neutral         Returns to Regular Stance w/ no input
RC A            m, M                             G-Cancellable, FrC
RC agA          h
RC ag9B         m               Left Outer
RC B            m x 4                            CS
RC bA+K         -               Left Inner       CO
RC b2A+K        -               RO>BL            CO
RC K            L
RC K, K         L, m

Left Outer Stance:
Neutral          Shifts into Right Cross w/ no input
LO A             l                               TC
LO A, K          l, m
LO B             M                Right Cross
LO B, K          M, m                            2nd G-Cancellable
LO K             L

Left Inner Stance:
Neutral          Shifts into Behind Lower w/ no input
LI A             h                               TC
LI aA            h                Right Cross    TC
LI B             m                Behind Lower   lvl-1 GC, BN
LI [B]           m                Behind Lower   CONSOLE ONLY, GC
LI B, G          -                Right Outer
LI K             m                               CS on CH
LI K*K           m, h                            1st CS on CH
Pure Soul Loops:
Explanation of these is after the movelist

PSL1: [6]                series             -
PSL2: [4]                series             -
PSL3: [A+K]              series             -
PSL4: [A+K][9_8_7_3_2_1] series             -
8-way Run Attacks:
6A                m, M                           G-Cancellable, FrC
6B                m               Left Outer     lvl-1 GC,SCUB,G-Cancel Shift
6K                L
6A+B              h               Behind Lower   G-Cancel Shift
3_6_9B+K          M
Any Direction A+K L x 5           Behind Lower
3_9A              h
3_9B              M               Behind Lower   lvl-1 GC
3_9B, G           -               Right Cross
3_9K              m                              Knockdown on CH
2_3_8_9A+B        m, M
8A                m                              SPS
2_8B              h               Left Outer
2_8B[4]           m x 5           Left Inner
2_8bA, A*B        m, m, m
2_8bA, A*[B]      m, m, m
8K                L
1_2_7_8B+K        m x 4
2A                m               Left Inner     SPS
2K                L
2K, K             L, m
1_4_7A            l
1_7B              m x 4                          CS
1_4_7K            h
1_4_7A+B          m, M
1_4_7[A+B]        m, M                           GC
4B                M               Right Cross
4B+K              UB-M                           G-Cancellable
Wall Attacks:
WJ A              l               Right Cross
WJ B              L               Right Outer
WJ K, B           h, m            Right Outer
WJ K, K           h, L                           2nd Knockdown on CH

V.Explaination of the Pure Soul Loops:
Pure Soul Loops are meant to hold a shift through Maxi's stances while it cycles
through a few of them at the same time. Some PSLs will shift while in movement. 
All PSLs can be held for an indefinite amount of time. PSLs are some of the 
greatest mental tools in the game and can be used for wake up games, drawing
GI whiffs, sidestepping, confusion and range mix ups, just to name a few. Use
them wisely.

(  )=Signifies Repetition

PSL 1=[6] while in any stance. Stance shifts while moving forward.
LI > LO> (BL > RC > RO)
From LI: LO > (BL > RC > RO)
From LO: (BL > RC > RO)
From RC: (RO > BL > RC)
From RO: (BL > RC > RO)
From BL: (RC > RO > BL)

PSL 2=[4] while in any stance. Stance shifts while retreating.
LO >  LI > (RC > BL > RO)
From LI: (RC > BL > RO)
From LO: LI > (RC > BL > RO)
From RC: (BL > RO > RC)
From RO: (RC > BL > RO)
From BL: (RO > RC > BL)

PSL 3=[A+K] while in any stance. Stance shifts while stationary.
RC > LI > BL > (LO > RO)
From LI:  BL > (LO > RO)
From LO: (RO > LO)
From RC:  LI > BL > (LO > RO)
From RO: (LO > RO)
From BL: (LO > RO)

PSL 4=[A+K][9_8_7_3_2_1] while in any stance. Stance shifts while sidestepping
in any of the indicated directions.
RC_BL_LI_RO > (RO > LO) < LO
From LI: (RO > LO)
From LO: (LO > RO)
From RC: (RO > LO)
From RO: (RO > LO)
From BL: (RO > LO)

NOTE: When manually shifting into LI, LI:(LO > RO). But moves that end in LI
      won't since its a two-part stance (i.e. LI*BL).
VI.Explanation of True PSL3 and Instant PSL4
Some of you may have heard of this or maybe not. Either way, this techinique is
an interesting little glitch in the game that can be used to your advantage.
Basically, this is what you can do with it:

    - 1.) A straight shift into RO from any attack ending in LO_RC_BL
    - 2.) A straight shift into LO from any attack ending in RO

Now, by straight shift, I mean it does directly into the stance, so you'd end
up with something like B->LO instead of B->RO.

    How is it done?
Similar to PSL4, only you dont hold it for the full shift before you return the
stick to neutral. 

    -[A+K]85_25. The "5" input means you allow the stick to go back into neutral.

So further, it would be:

    -B->RO [A+K]85_25-> LO

The only catch is, if you input your attack within 1-7 frames you get tPSL3,
which is an unstable stance shift from LO and RO and vice versa. From 10-27 
you get iPSL4, which is basically a fast version of PSL4.

SC1 Maxi was a great pressure character. He could keep attacks laid on thick 
and the opponent guessing. Maxi is quicker then he was before in SC2, only now,
hes lost a few things that helped him keep his pressure game up. Maxi now needs
to be played a little more carefully and a little more differently. 

   1.Closing In
   This is the first thing you need to learn when playing Maxi. His range is short
   in comparison to other people so you need to know how to get close up.
      This is one of your basic Close-in strings. Keeps you moving forward and
      sidesteps to Maxi's right after the first A.
      While follow ups from this attack are slow to come up now, its still of
      use. It has pretty good range and a follow up B attack can be delayed.
      A wonderful new attack and completely. Completely safe if sidestepped.
      It can be G-Cancelled.
      Good rush in but its linearity make it a liability if Sidestepped. Use it
     -kB, K_A
      Good attack and a Bound Stun if you choose to follow up with K. K can
      also be delayed. kB, A is good if your opponent isnt expecting a low
      strike. It also puts you in FrC.
     -8WR 8_2A
      Dishes out a Spin Stun but has slow startup so use it when circling
      your opponent or when they dont expect it. 8WR 2A ends in LI.
     -8WR 9_3K
      Fast and interrupts well. Knocks down the opponent on CH.
      Quick and can jump over low attacks. The LI stance dosent give much
      much on wake up. Can be punished it blocked.
      Gives you good a good block stun advantage but you can kinda see it coming.
      Fairly fast. Jumps over lows and pushes away if blocked. Plus, if you follow with K,
      it adds a nice mix up.
     -8Wr 9_3B->BL
      Catches backdashers really well. Launches the opponent very high on CH. Can be
      cancelled into a very fast RC shift.
      Good cause it also TCs. Useful to draw out GI whiffs as well.

   2.Basic Pokes
     -A or WS A
      Self explainitory.
      Two quick horizontal attacks and a good advantage off a block. Ends in RC
      and sometimes the advantage will be great enough to make your RC attack
      so it can't be interrupted.
      THE poke for Maxi.Very good to interrupt strings with or after a blocked 
      attack, such as 66A. Hits S.Mid.
      Simple. Good range. Has about 20 options to use afterward which can fit
      to match most options your opponent may have to retaliate. Very abusable.
      Hits vertical then horizontal. Follow up quickly with K and you'll knock
      the opponent down. Use the stance shift to escape if blocked.
      Very quick and TCs for nearly a full second! Cancel the stance shift or add
      a BL K,K follow up could catch people in wake up.
      Nice low poke. You can tack this one on at the end of a string, as with 2A
      to poke any followup.

   3.Wake Up Attacks
    What is a wake up attack? Its a mid or low attack used just as someone is
    getting up. If the opponent guards wrong then they'll get smacked with the
    attack. Here are some good wake up attacks.
      Excellent tool since it will strike the opponent on the ground and high. 
      If your near an edge it'll ring them out. Good also against those who continually
      block Highs and Mids.
      Rushes in at the same time and can launch, setting up a juggle. If you
      guess wrong and the opponent dosent try to stand then you'll be left 
      wide open.
      Quick and will put them into Crumple Stun. Goes into LI so you can have
      at them afterward.
      Very fast. Will strike even if they dont try to stand up.
      Hits even if they dont stand. Another one I'd only use to as wake up
      tool, as its pretty much useless as anything else.
     -FC 3A,A,A->RO
      If you happen to land in FrC while your opponent is on the ground, this
      can be useful.
      If you get the first hit and the opp tries to roll out of the way, the 
      second hit will track.

   4.Basic Strings Using the PSLs
    These are just some bare-bones basic strings using the PSLs to shift your 
    stances. Once again, be careful and use these with caution as they will 
    leave you open for attack. Its important to know when, and when not to use 
     -6A,A->RO PSL 1 BL B->LO
      Shifts from RO to BL. You can use another option off BL.
     -4A+K->LI PSL 2 RC
      Used to step out of range. You can use RC A to fly back in for a nasty
     -4B->LO PSL 3 RO
      4B is an excellent attack by itself, and linking into RO gives you tons
      of great follow ups.
     -A+B[2]->RC PSL 4 RO
      A+B[2] is widely regarded as a useless attack with its slow recovery. 
      PSL 4 allows you to sidestep any attacks that may come afterward.

   5.Stance Shift Wake Ups 
   Maxi's Soul Loops are some of the best physical and mental tools in the entire
   game. By conditioning an opponent to expect something that he hasn't been able
   to interrupt or get around will almost always give you ample time to set up a
   stance shift based attack. 
     -A,A->RC K,K, 8WR 3_9bG->RC K,K, 6A+B->BL PSL 1->RC A
      Alright, this one is a little complicated. Lets break it down. The first 
      part A,A->RC K,K knocks down the opponent, 8WR 3_9bG->RC K,K is for the wake 
      up, and 6A+B BL PSL 1->RC A combos and shifts for a mix up wake up.
     -236B->LI B->BL PSL1 RC A_RC K,K
      If 236B connects, one choice is you can follow up with LI B just in case they
      decide to stand, then BL PSL1 into RC and use either RC K,K or RC A to hit them
      while down.
   6.Useless Moves
   Avoid these moves as much as possible unless your playing the computer or a brain
   dead opponent.
      The attack is way to slow and completely linear. The stance shift is also too
      slow. Not even useful as a SCUB. 
     -66K,B->RO; 2K,B->RO
      Both these have the same B follow up. Its extremely slow so dont use it unless
      you've trained your opponent to expect 66K,K instead. Otherwise, its gonna be
      blocked or GIed.
      Stance shift is too slow and the attack can be seen from a mile away.
     -4A->B[4]->LI; 4A->B[4]G->LI; 6B[4]->LI; 6B[4]G->LI
      These moves all basically do the same thing. They create a defensive copter
      in front of Maxi. Or at least they used to. Now, the copter can be run 
      through, leaving Maxi completely helpless and vulnerable to throws.
      This one only has some select few situations when it should be used, such as
      when an opponent is rolling away from you or post GI. But if its blocked, it
      can leave you at a severe frame disadvantage.

   7.Guaranteed Strings
   Most of these are pretty self-explanitory so they dont require too much dissection.
     -CH 3A->236B
     -CH 3A->B+K,BBB:A
     -CH 3B->2aB
     -CH 3B->6A+B->BL K
     -RO K,K->66A->FC 2B
     -RC A_66A->FC 2B
     -aK4->66A->FC 2B
     -WL K->BAK
     -WL K->2aB
     -WL K->66A->FC 2B
     -2K,B->RO A->BL A
     -66K,B->RO A->BL A
     -6A+B->BL K
     -CH LI K->66A
     -CH LI K->A+B
     -CH LI K->6A+B->BL K
     -CH LI K->236bG->3B
     -CH 8WR 8A->A,A->RC
     -66B->LO B
     -8WR 8_2 K,K_RC K,K->66B+K
     -CH 236bG->3B

   8.Free 6A+Bs
   6A+B has got to be Maxi's best new move. And its fast enough to grab guaranteed 
   damage off some blocked attacks and strings. This is basically a list of each
   character and which strings you can get free 6A+Bs off of.Now its not complete now,
   Im slowly finding these on my own since the frame data has yet to be released. But if
   you think you may have one, then please E-mail me with what you've got and I'll see if
   it works.

   Free post block = 6A+B is free after that string or attack is blocked.

   3KA  ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   1KA  ---l,h Interrupt after first hit
   6[B+K] ---m Free post block
   214Ax5 ---mx5 Free post AG block if spin towards or stationary
   4KK ---m,m Free post AG block
   8WR 9_3 AB  ---Free post AG block
   AB  ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   ABB ---h,h,m Interrupt after first hit
   AK  ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   ABK ---h,h,l Interrupt after first hit
   bAAA ---h,h,h Interrupt after first or second hit
   8WR 2AA ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   2b8BAAA_K  ---Sm,m,m,m Free post block
   236 85_25 AB  ---m,m Free post block
   236 85_25 BAA ---m,m,m Free post block
   236 85_25 BAK ---m,m,m Free post block
   236 85_25 KK  ---m,m Free post block
   236A ---m Free post block
   236AB ---m,m Free post block
   8_9 KK ---m,m Free post block
   kB ---m Free post block
   2BB ---S.Mid,m Free post block
   B+KB ---m,m Free post block

   AA ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   4BK ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   A+B,A  ---m,m,l Free WS K post block
   BBB ---m,m,m Free post block
   A+B,B  ---m,m,m,m Free post block
   7_8 A+B ---m Free post block
   1A+K ---l RCC Free post block

   AA  ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   WS A+B,A/SE AA ---h,m,h Interrupt after the second hit
   8WR 2_8 A   ---m Free post block

   8WR 2_8 B   ---m Free post block
   8WR 3_9 AA  ---m,m Free post block
   WS B   ---m Free post block
   3BB ---m,m Free post block
   6AAA ---h,h,h Interrupt after either the first or second hit
   BA ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   TR B ---m Free post block
   TR K ---m Free post block

   236B->LI  ---m Free post block
   6A+B->BL  ---h Free post block
   3A+K    ---l,h Free WS A+B post block
   A+B2 ---m Free post block
   8WR Right A->LI ---m Free post block
   FC 3AAA->RO ---l,l,l Free post block
   FC 1A,B->LO ---l,m Free post block
   B2->RO ---m Free post block
   66B->LO ---m Free post block
   B+KBBB:A->RO ---mx9 Free post block
   8WR 8_2 B->LO ---h Free post block
   WS B->LI ---m Free post block
   RO B,B->RC ---m,m Free post block
   RC ag8B->LO ---m Free post block
   LO B->RC ---m Free post block
   BL A ---h Free post block close range
   BL K ---l Free post block
   BL KK ---l,h Interrupt after first hit
   LI KK ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   66KB->RO ---h,m Interrupt after first hit
   BA->BL   ---m,h Interrupt after first hit

   WS AA     ---m,h Interrupt after fist hit
   8WR 1_7 B,A  ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   66AA    ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   66BBB  ---m,m,m Free post block
   6AA --- h,h Interrupt after first hit
   A+K ---m Free post block from close range
   6AA ---h,m Free post block or interruptable after first hit
   A6 --- Free post block
   44BB ---m,m Free post block
   4B+K ---m Free post block
   bA ---m Free post block
   8wr 3_9 BB ---m,m Free post block
   2KB ---l,m Free post block
   MST AAA ---h,h,h Interrupt after second hit
   MST B ---m Free post block
   MST AB ---h,m Free post block
   HMD    ---Interrupt while entering stance

   AA ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   AA*B_[B]  ---h,h,m Interrupt after first or second hit
   A+K,A_[A]/8WR 8_2 KA_[A]  ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   4[A]  ---h Free post block
   3[B]  ---m Free post block
   NSS [A+B]   ---m Free post block
   A+B  ---m,m,m Free post block
   WS AA ---m,m Free post block
   2A+B --m Free post block
   8WR 9 A ---m Free post block
   8WR 2 AA ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   6B ---m Free post block from close range
   6BB ---m,m Free post block
   44BB ---m,Sm Free post block
   bgBB ---m,m Free post block
   66K ---m Free post block
   NBS KK ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   NBSR AA ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   NSS AA ---l,h Interrupt after first hit
   NSSL bA ---h Free post block
   AA     ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   AB     ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   66AAB  ---h,h,m Interrupt after first hit
   FC 3AAB ---h,h,l Interrupt after first hit
   8WR 1_7 BAB ---m,h,m Ineterrupt after first hit
   8WR 3_9 AA   ---h,h Interrupt after first hit

   8WR 8_2 B  ---m Free post block
   3B   ---m Free post block
   6AA6B ---h,h,m Free post block
   ABB ---h,m,m Free post block from close range
   66ABB ---h,m,m Free post block
   1A ---l Free A+B post block
   8WR 8_2 AAA ---h,h,l,l Free post block
   8WR 8_2 AK ---h,m,h Interrupt after second hit
   8WR 7_1 A ---l,h Free post block
   BAA ---m,h,l Free A+B post block
   B6 ---m Free post block
   4B ---m Free post block
   8WR 8_2 B ---m,m Free post block
   66K ---Sm,Sm Free post block
   9KKK ---h,l,h Interrupt after second hit
   BKA  ---m,h,h Interrupt after first or second hit
   BA[K] ---m,h,h Interrupt after first or second hit
   B[K]  ---m,h Interrupt after first or second hit
   66AA  ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   PO K ---m Free post block
   PO 8KA ---m,m Free post block
   KKK   ---h,h,h Interrupt after first or second hit
   8WR 9_3ABBB ---h,m,m,m Free post RG block

   6AA ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   BA ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   4B+K ---m,m,m,m Free post block
   8WR 7_1 B ---m Free post block
   2KA ---l,h Interrupt after first hit
   BT AA ---h,h Interrupt after first hit

   4AA  ---h,h Interrupt after first hit
   1BKK ---m,m,h Interrupt after second hit
   66A ---m Free post block
   66A+B ---m,m Free post block
   66A+K ---m Free post block
   6BB ---m,m Free post block
   MC-FT B ---m,l Free post block
   LF-FT A ---m Free post block
   CR B+K ---Free A+B post block
   WS B+K ---m Free WS/FC A+B post block
   2A+B ---l Free WS/FC A+B post block
   BS A+B ---l Free WS/FC A+B post block

   3AK  ---l,h RCC and interrupt after first hit
   44[A] ---m,h Interrupt after second hit
   66A+B ---m Free post block from close range
   3A+B ---m Free post block from close range
   4BBB ---m,m,m Interrupt after second hit
   1kAA ---m,m,m Free post RG block

   6B+K,BB     ---m,h,h Interrupt after first or second hit
   8WR 1_7 B,A ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   WS K ---m Free post block (Arcade only)

   8WR 2_8 AB ---h,h,m Interrupt after first hit with 1B
   8WR 1_7 A  ---Free Post block
   A+B    ---m,m Free Post block
   2BB    ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   AAKK   ---h,h,h,m Interrupt after second hit
   BK     ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   1KA    ---l,h RCC and interrupt after first hit
   1KAB   ---l,h,m RCC and interrupt after first hit
   1KKB   ---l,l,m Interrupt after second hit
   6AA    ---h,l Interrupt after first hit
   6KKA   ---h,m,h Interrupt after second hit
   6KKAA  ---h,m,h,l Interrupt after second hit
   6KKK   ---m,m,h Interrupt after second hit
   66A+B  ---Free post block
   6BA    ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   FC BB  ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   WS AB  ---h,m Interrupt after first hit
   CR 2KK ---l,h RCC and interrupt after first hit
   CR 2KA ---l,h RCC and interrupt after first hit
   CR 66B ---m Free post block
   CR 66K ---m Free post block
   LW KKK ---l,h,h Interrupt after first or second hit


   6AAA ---h,h,l Interrupt after first hit
   66A ---h Slow enough that you can see it coming.
   8WR 8_2 AB ---l,m Free post block

   214A ---h,h Interrupt after first or second hit
   4AB ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   4[A]->BMR ---h Free post block
   ABK ---h,m,h Interrupt after second hit
   7_8_9 A ---m Free post block
   7_8_9 [A] ---m,h,h Free post block
   8WR 8_2 A ---h Free post block
   1KK ---l,h Interrupt after first hit
   8WR 8_2 K ---h Free post block
   8B ---m Free post block
   66KB ---m Free post block
   66K 8_2A ---h Free post block
   66K 8_2B ---m Free post block

   kB ---m Free post block
   8_9KK ---m,m,m Free post block
   4AAA ---h,l,m Free post block
   2B b8BAK ---Sm,m,m,m Free post block
   B+K b8BAK ---m,m,m,m Free post block
   236b8BAK ---m,m,m Free post block
   1AA ---l,m Free post block
   2BB ---Sm,m Free post block
   8_9 KAB ---m,l,m Free post block
   BK ---m,h Interrupt after first hit
   8WR 7_1 AA --- l,m Interrupt after first hit
   66B+K,AB ---m,h,m Interrupt after first hit

   Seung Mina
   3A+KK ---m,m Free post block
   9B+K ---m,m Free post block
   1KK ---l,m Free post block
   A+B AB ---m,m,h,m Interrupt after second hit
   A+B AG ---m,m,h Interrupt after second hit
   66KKK ---m,m,h Interrupt after second hit

   9.Recognizing the Stances
   Now, I added this part for all newbies. But please, remember, Maxi shifts into
   his stances pretty quickly so recognizing the stances by sight may not be the
   best way to go about learning them. It really is better to just learn what
   moves shift into what stances. But, because it was requested, here you have

     -Right Outer
      Maxi holds his nunchakus behind his right arm, his right hand holding it
      over his right shoulder and his left hand in front holding it under his
      right armpit. Its on the right side of his right shoulder.
     -Right Cross
      Maxi holds the nunchaku with both behind his back with his left hand over
      his right shoulder and his right hand under his left armpit. The nunchaku
      is across the back of his body from top-left to right-bottom.
     -Behind Lower
      Maxi holds the chucks behind his back with one hand at each end on the
     -Left Outer
      Same as Right Outer only on left side.
     -Left Inner
      Maxi holds one end of the nunchaku under his left armpit and the other
      end on his left hand.

   10.Console Additions
   Since Maxi hasnt been changed too much from his Version D form, this section
   should give you a basic rundown of what his console additions are.

     -LI [B] Guard Crush
      Maxi will stay in TC for the entire time you hold it down. The downside is
      that it extremely easy to step.

     -BL [B] Guard Crush
      This is pointless. Opponents can see it coming from a mile away and can step
      it with no problem.

     -RC bA+K_2A+K Cancels
      A nice addition. RC B is pretty easy to see coming, and this cancel telegraphs
      it fairly well before it cancels into a sidewinder. Gives you good options from
      LI, RO, or BL depending on where you cancel and how long you wait for him to shift.

     -kB,[A]_[K] or RO K,[A]_[K]
      Second hits are now delayable and the attacks are now NC on regular hit. The charge
      is basically usefu to bait blocking opponents. If the opponent continues to block,
      then both will push out enough to keep you free of any retaliation.

   And thats it. Unless something is to be discovered in the future, Maxi seems to have
   been shafted with respect to console additions. Shame on you Namco.

VIII.Technical Skills
These are some good-to-know technical skills.
     -Recovering Crouch Cancel (RCC)
      This is used on attacks that put you into a FC or Forced Crouch state.
      Tapping either 6 or 4 just as one of these attacks will allow you to 
      cancel the crouch and do a quick step in the inputted direction. With
      practice, you can input an attack immediatley after the RCC. This 
      technique can be used on any character, not just Maxi.
     -Soul Charged attacks
      Initiated by pressing or holding A+B+K. The longer you hold, the 
      stronger your attacks will become. There are three levels of charge.
      At the highest level, certain attacks become Soul Charge Unblockables
      (SCUBS). These can also be used by any character.
     -Frame Data
      Data for the amount of frames it takes for an attack to strike, and more
      importantly, how many frames it takes to recover. Example:
      1B is i14, hs0, bs-11
      i14=Attack impacts at 14 frames
      hs0=Hit Stun is 0
      bs-11=Block stun is -11
      The move counts as a hit starting a frame 14. If its clean (non-CH), the
      frame advantage is 0. That means neither player has an advantage. Block 
      stun -11 means that Maxi's opponent will gain 11 frames of advantage. 
      That means if both players enter a command at the first possible frame, 
      Maxi's move will come out 11 frames later. Its bad to have a negative, 
      good to have a positive.

     -8WR Buffering
      Easier to do than RCC. Basically its when you input the command for an 
      8WR attack while one attack is still going on. i.e. A ~ 8WR 9_3 K While
      the A attack is still impacting enter the input for the 8WR attack and
      the transition will be immediate. The best method for this is to tap the
      direction once then hold it second time. Or you could mash in the

      Basically, whiffing an attack to catch someone in CH. 

     -1 Frame Shift
      Pressing two buttons within 1 frame of each other to make it so they are
      pressed at the same time. i.e. A+B = A 1FS B

     -Just Frame
      An attack that needs specific inputs at certain frame windows to execute.

     -Advancing and Retreating Guard
      While holding down the G button, hold either 6 for Advancing guard (AG) or
      4 for Retreating guard (RG). These are useful cause they can either increase
      or decrease the amount of pushback that an attack does. It dosent change the 
      amount of disadvantage you recieve, but it can help you in some instances.

Thanks to the people who Ive borrowed info from and those Ive fought to piece 
this thing together:
-Keldon Creep <---HUGE props lol :-)
-My brother <---Helped compile the list of 6A+B freebies
-Hajime Owari
-Killer Tofu
-Coffee Gum
-Lord Spazz
-Don "Gamera" Chan
-All the regulars at the Maxi board at Soul Calibur.com

If there is some Strat Im missing or something I have wrong, please e-mail me at:
You will recieve full credit.

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