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    Jill by Artemis

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    Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
    Jill Valentine
    Version 1.0
    By: Steven, Alias, Artemis (please call me Artemis)
    Legal Stuff
    All right I made this so don't go saying that you made it mmmkay!?
    All characters belong to their respected games and therefore the 
    companies that make those games.
    No part of this document may be posted ANYWHERE! Without my permission  
    ( I will most likely give it to ya just ask for cryin out loud!!! )
    =-----Table Of contents-----------------------------------------------=
    I.	 Character Information
    II.	Legends
    III.	Universal Moves
    IV.	Character Specifics.
        A.Rating's on Punches and Kicks
        B.Her Throws (Throw actually she only has one!)
        C.Silly Stuff
    V.	Special moves
    VI.	Jill's Hyper combo's
    VII.	Combo's
    VIII.	General Strategy for Jill
    IX.	Partners for Jill
    X.	History and credits
    I.	Character Information
    (I'm not really a Resident Evil fan so I may get some of this 
    information wrong don't flame me ok!?)
    Jill is a member of S.T.A.R.S Which is a special tactical team that 
    does "dirty work" for the people who can't do it themselves. Jill is a 
    woman who's gone through a lot of stuff, Having zombies try to kill 
    her, having fellow team mates eaten before her own eyes, and even 
    manages to escape death a number of times. 
     As you can imagine she's no softie and in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and will 
    wipe you out in 13 seconds flat. ( My personal record with Jill. Only 
    hit me once, and killed a very good person in 13 seconds. As you can 
    imagine he was PISSED! ) Ok so maybe not 13 seconds but she's the type 
    of person where everyone groans when someone picks her. I personally 
    don't find her cheap ( I guess some people can be with her helper 
    moves, but I don't use her that way. ) but a lot of people do. I'm 
    gonna tell you how I play with her which I think is rather effective.
    II. Legend
    I use my buttons differently than everybody else so I'll explain them 
    Jp - Jab punch
    Mp - Strong Punch
    Hp - Fierce Punch
    Lk - Short Kick
    Mk – Forward Kick
    Hk – Roundhouse Kick
    A1 – Assist 1
    A2 – Assist 2
    T – Toward the opponent
    B – Away from the opponent
    D – Down/Crouching
    U – Up/ Jump
    Dt – Down Forward
    Db - Down Back
    Ut – Up forward
    Ub – Up back
    Sj- Super Jump
    XX- Cancel into a move. Example; While Jill is doing her Standing 
    Strong attack before she is done you can do a special or super move 
    I'll use it the following way. Example; S. Lp, S. Mp, Elbow dash, XX 
    Hyper Elbow dash
    + - Pressing that button in conjunction with another button or 
    direction.  Example; Storm's Lighting Attack is Hp + Lk
    , - Going from one direction to another in one fluid motion.  Example; 
    a Fireball is D, Dt, T,
    III. Universal moves 
    I'm not going to go over Minor thing's such as jumping and super 
    jumping but I think I'll go ahead and do a few of them.
    Dash- Press Toward twice in quick succession, This is very important to 
    anyone's game, unfortunately  Tron's dash is not very good....
    Roll- Do a Clockwise rotation of the joystick and press any button.
    Rolling is EXTREMLY important to anyone's game. Unless you're playing a 
    complete idiot they will always try to do something to you while you're 
    lying on the ground. Learn how to do it.. It's important..
    Assist- Press the Button To the right of the Hp and Hk.. Pressing the 
    bottom one will call out the person on the bottom of your fighting 
    list.  Pressing the top one will call the person right under your 
    active fighter.
    Push Block- Press both punch button's while you are blocking attacks.  
    I don't use this to much unless I'm being bombarded by someone in the 
    Snapback- D, Dt, T, and the assist button of choice.  This is a very 
    under rated move.. If connected it will switch out the active person 
    with the inactive person you chose with the assist button.. I only use 
    this when I know that it is definitely going to hit or when they 
    stupidly change out right in front of you. Just pop that person right 
    back out to get rid of all that red they had without any healing!! 
    Don't use it to often otherwise the person will probably kick you 
    arse,( Literally cause it can get frustrating ).
    Hyper Counter- D, Dt, T and the assist button of choice.  This is a 
    great move ( although I never use it ) When you are blocking input the 
    command and then the person you chose with the assist button will 
    switch out with your active person. Doing there assist attack in the 
    Delayed Hyper Combos ( DHC )- This is probably the coolest of the new 
    features. When you are doing a Hyper combo during that hyper combo you 
    then input the next person's hyper and watch the pretty colors Fly! 
    Example; Have Ryu Do his Shinku Hadoken Then (have Akuma the next 
    person to come out) input Akumas Shinku Gou Hado.
    Team Hyper Combo's
    By pressing both assist buttons you can do a super involving everyone 
    in your team. The super they do is dependent on the assist you chose 
    when you start the battle.
    XI.	Character Specifics
    Power – Jill Is very powerful, you'll find her aerial raves doing jaw 
    dropping amounts of damage. 
    Rating- 8.0
    Vitality- When you think of someone fast and powerful like Jill you 
    think that she's gonna take damage as bad as Strider and Akuma, right? 
    WRONG! Let me tell you she's not by any margin a War machine ( In case 
    you didn't know he's near the top of the Vitality scale ) but she is 
    definitely not a Strider! 
    Rating- 6.5
    Speed- Probably Jill best category, All of her moves come out lightning 
    fast ( except her jumping Hk and Grenade launcher ) and her dash is 
    fairly effective, definitely no Cammy, though.
    Offense- The way I play hey I think she should always be offensive, but 
    some people like to play keep-away with her. This rating is pending on 
    how you play her
    Rating- 8.5 ( way I use her. )
    Rating- 4.0 ( way I've seen people use her. )
    Defense- The way I use her is kinda bad cause when she's up close she 
    can take a beating because of her lack of anti-air move, and reliable 
    Rating- 5.0 ( way I use her. )
    Rating- 9.0 ( way I've seen people use her. )
    Standing Lp
    A quick jab with her hand. A good poke and has fairly good range and 
    little lag, but in my opinion Lk is better.
    Jumping Lp
    A jab aimed downward at an 45' angle. This move is my jump in of choice 
    and has a lot of range for a jab. Use often and to start her 
    devastating combo's 
    Ducking Lp
    The same as her standing but downward a little bit ( the person doesn't 
    have to block low, go figure >_<) use her Crouching Lk so you can 
    punish a person who's not blocking low.
    Rating- 6.5
    Just to let you know in order to get a medium attack you have to press 
    the jab button twice ( the first one has to connect with the person or 
    they have to at least block it ) to get it to come out
    Standing Mp
    A punch with her other arm, use in conjunction with Lp to start combo's 
    and such.
    Jumping Mp
    A more straight version of her jumping Lp but with more power.  Use in 
    Aerial Raves and jump ins.
    Rating- 7.5
    Crouching Mp
    A Little uppercut to the person's mid-section.  Has almost the same 
    range as her Lp and they don't have to block low! So why don't you just 
    do Mk?
    Standing Hp
    For it's looks it doesn't seem to go that far, but actually it goes 
    farther than you think. Use for poking to wake up the person you're 
    playing. That's about it your average Hp plus that little extra! ^.~
    Jumping Hp
    Hmmm this is hard to explain, but I'll try! She gets parallel with the 
    floor and then swings her whole hand down to clunk them in the head.  
    Used to start combo's and such.
    Crouching Hp
    This is an important move! It's her launcher, and any good person in 
    Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 knows how to do air Combo's! she crouches down and 
    swings her hand high up in the air (upper cut fashion). She kinda 
    inches forward when she does this so if they woulda been slightly out 
    of reach with your 2 hit chain combo into her launcher. She'll still 
    hit because she moves forward slightly! This is her only anti-air and 
    it's not a very good one! But you work with what you have!
    Standing Lk
    She swings her leg around her body really fast smacking the person.  
    Has same start-up as her Jp but has more range. So why not just use 
    Jumping Lk
    She extends her leg forward popping the person in the head. Great range 
    and is good for air-to-air confrontations.
    Crouching Lk
    She kicks with her leg down on the floor. Can be used to OTG as well. 
    Equal range as her Lp but they have to block low for this one. Use this 
    instead of Lp
    Standing Mk
    The same as her Lk except with the other leg, and has more range even 
    though it's the same kick.  If you are close enough you can Cancel her 
    kick out into her Rocket Launcher super.
    Jumping Mk
    The same as her Lk but is with the other leg and has more reach. Used 
    to fill in air combo's and such
    Crouching Mk
    The usual, The same kick with more reach and lag. Use to start air 
    combo's, and to combo into her sweep. Blah Blah Blah Blah.
    Standing Hk
    Jill swings around and kicks the opponent square in the chest. Has 
    really good range, has lag, if they jump over it your as good as 
    Jumping Hk
    Jill rears back then kicks her leg straight to whack the person. I 
    noticed that this attack is almost the same as Cammy's Jumping Hk ( I 
    love Cammy! I use her a lot! ) except it comes out A LOT slower!
    Crouching- Hk
    Jill's sweep.  Jill slides about ¼ the way across the screen tripping 
    the person. This sweep makes it really easy to OTG after they are hit. 
    You have many possibilities, I'll explain them in the combo's section.  
    One of the best sweeps in the game.
    =---Throws/command moves----------------------------------------------=
    Combat Knife Slash- Close to the person F + Hp
    Jill pulls out her combat knife and slashes them right across the chest 
    area.  Does really good damage and is just plain fun to watch! Actually 
    has good priority on the ground and WONDERFUL priority in the air, but 
    you can't OTG after this throw which you can, on a lot of other 
    people's throws!
    =-------Silly Stuff---------------------------------------------------=
    I don't own the game so I can't tell you the colors right off the top 
    of my head!  I'll do that on a later update!
    Opening animation1- She's standing there throwing a key up in the air.       
    After she does this a few times she throws it behind her and says 
    Opening animation2- Same as number1 but with a Ink ribbon ( I think )
    Winning animation1- She takes off her hat, Revealing her golden brown 
    hair, and says "I'm a member of S.T.A.R.S.!"
    Winning animation2- She buts something on the ground, and it fires a 
    rocket. ( or something like that ) then she jumps up and down saying 
    "C,MON C,MON C,MON" over & over & over!
    Time over animation loss- she puts her hand on her head in the, I'm so 
    stupid! Type of way.
    Time over animation win- she does her winning animation2 or 1
    V.  Special moves
    Elbow Dash- D, Dt, T + any punch
    Jill rears back for a little bit then charges forward, while super 
    heated air surrounds her shoulder.
    This move is by far Jill's greatest special move ( In my opinion. Some 
    people Love her helpers, I don't ) the punch button determines the 
    start-up. Jp comes out fast and has almost no lag, While Hp comes out 
    slower and has no lag as well, stick to the Lp unless you're charging 
    it up.
    Speaking of charging it up. If you do her Hp dash, you might notice a 
    little crosshair in front of Jill before she dashes.  If you hold Hp, 
    you can charge up her dash for more hits. I think one game second tacks 
    on 1 hit when you let go of it. I don't use this move unless I know for 
    sure that I am gonna win, because when she is like this she can't 
    initiate her launcher, or any hyper move without losing your charge 
    time first. Also if you do her regular Lp dash while she's charging 
    she'll do it but you lose all your charge time just for your normal 
    dash! It has decent OTG properties and you can cancel it into her 
    rocket launcher if you have at least 8+ hits on it.
    Lp Rating-8.5
    Hp Rating (without charging) –5.5
    Hp rating (with charging- 8.0
    Grenade Launcher- T, D, Dt, + any punch
    Jill pulls out her trusty Grenade launcher and fires it at the person. 
    The punch button determines at which angle she fires it. The Lp version 
    makes it arc towards the person fairly low to the ground, while the Hp 
    version it shot upward at a sharp angle. You can hold the button to 
    make the grenade go farther.
    I have absolutely no use for this in my games, It comes out incredibly 
    slow and they can see it a mile away. I strongly suggest that you don't 
    use this move unless for flashiness and you know that you will be safe 
    Lp rating-4.0
    Hp rating-2.5
    Gun Counter T, Dt, D, Db, B + Any punch
    Jill puts her hand behind her--as if she were getting ready to backslap 
    someone—and begins to glow. If a person hits them with a normal move 
    while she is like this Jill will attempt to push them away from her. If 
    that connects you have a chance to shoot the person for up to 10 times!
    Sounds cool right!? Well it certainly looks cool but the damage this 
    thing does is horrible! And the thing is, is that it is so friction 
    hard to get to connect with! The only reason I use this move is to 
    prompt a person to hit me. Then I do her rocket launcher super, most 
    people don't know that she can cancel that and will eat it!
    Zombie call- D, Db, B, + any  kick
    Jill looks behind her and she gasps in horror, then a zombie appears on 
    the screen and heads toward the opponent. The kick button determines 
    the type of zombie she calls! Lp summons a normal zombie that travels 
    across the screen very slowly, But if it hits ( it's unblockable ) the 
    monster begins to munch on the person. Holding them still for a free 
    combo. Hk summons a Flamming zombie that is harder to get rid of and if 
    it hits them ( Unblockable as well ) it knocks them away and does a 
    decent chunk of damage. 
    This is a turtler's dream! Wow the way I've seen people use these 
    helpers ( not just the zombie's but her dog and crow as well ). You 
    can't do anything about it! I don't like playing like that and I'm pure 
    offense. The only time I use it is when the always roll away from my 
    sweep, then I give them a piece of their own medicine! They roll right 
    into the zombie letting me get a free combo! YAHOO!
    Lp rating- 7.5
    Hp rating- 7.0
    Dog(gie)- D, Dt, T, + Lk
    Jill looks behind her and gasps in utter terror, and one of those 
    Zombie Doberman dog's lunges at Jill ( she jumps over it ) and it then 
    see's the other person and dives at them tackling the person.
    This move is kinda worthless in my P.O.V, But it is after all her only 
    projectile. The only time I use it is when I know someone is sweep 
    happy ( Jin or perhaps another Jill ), if you time it right she jumps 
    over the sweep and the dog gets the person!
    Crow- D, Dt, T, + Hk
    Jill again looks behind her in pure fright, ( poor girl she goes 
    through so much ) while a evil crow swoops to attack Jill ( she ducks 
    under it ) then fly's away at a upward angle.
    This is much worse than her dog special because they have to be blind 
    to not see that! Ok let me cut it some slack, It's actually pretty 
    good, because the person will dash in to punish you for calling a 
    helper only to realize the stupidly dashed into a crow!
    VI.	Jill's hyper combos
    Hyper Elbow dash- D, Dt, T, + Lp & Hp
    Jill rears back for a second While shouting out "YOU'RE FINISHED!" and 
    then a huge field of superheated air surrounds her shoulder ( whole 
    body actually ) as she makes a wild dash towards her Enemy, If it 
    connects they are hit by this overwhelming heat and knocked down hard!
    This is Jill's most reliable hyper and can be tacked onto almost 
    anything, Use it often as you will be using it a lot!
    Rating- 9.0
    Rocket launcher- D, Dt, T, + Lk & Hp
    Jill Shout's "YOU'RE FINISHED!" and then whips out her Rocket Launcher 
    and comfortably holds it on her shoulder. Blasting a whole bunch of 
    rockets at the poor helpless person. After Blasting the person with a 
    bunch of rockets The Recoil Overwhelms Jill as she falls back tired.
    The first hit acts like Hyper Megaman, If you hit them you ensure the 
    next hits. It can be comboed into a couple of things, don't throw this 
    out at random because any Good player will super jump over it and give 
    you a nice big Super!
    Tyrant- D, Db, B, + Lk & Hk
    Jill crouches down towards the ground and says "WHAT'S THAT!?" as a big 
    column of light erupts from the ground. If it connects ( most of the 
    time it won't ) Her arch nemesis, Nemesis ( Sorry couldn't resist! ) 
    pops out of the hole the light makes and Repeatedly slashes the 
    helpless victim to death.
    This does massive damage and is cool looking too! Only problem is that 
    it's VERY hard to get it to actually hit someone. Jill can't so it by 
    herself ( to get it to combo that is ) by herself, the only way I know 
    how to do it is to cancel it from Chun-Li's Shinretsu Kyako. ( I think 
    that's what it is called )Into this super. after this you can set up 
    some nasty OTG combo's if you have the cat-like reflexes.
    VII.	Combo's
    All right I'm only listing the combo's that I use, They are effective 
    and reliable. I'm not listing the basic jump-in's and stuff you can add 
    those at your leisure. If you think that one of you're combo's are 
    really good feel free to e-mail me at artemis25 @excite.com, but only 
    if it is truly good. Ok?
    Basic Ground combo's ( No super's )
    S.Lp, S.Mp, Lp Elbow dash
    - Your basic ground combo fairly effective
    C.Lk, C.Mk, C.Hk, Lp Elbow dash.
    -	I use this one a lot. It's very easy and it keeps you relatively 
    safe from attacks.
    C.Lk, C.Mk, C.Hk, C.Lk (OTG) Lp Elbow dash
    -	I use this one more than the first one if they roll you don't dash 
    if you don't hit the person with the OTG.
    Really good Ground Combo's ( With Supers )
    S.Lp, S.Mp, Hyper Elbow Dash
    -	Easy and damaging but I suggest you do the other ones involving the 
    Hyper Elbow Dash Super
    S.Lk, S.Mk, Rocket Launcher
    -	Just to let you know you have to be REALLY close to the person in 
    order to get the Rocket launcher to hit!
    C.Lk, C.Mk, C.Hk, C.Lk (OTG) XX into Hyper Elbow dash
    -	the last few hits of the Hyper Elbow dash kinda miss but it still 
    does very nice damage!
    C.Lk, C.Mk, C.Hk, C.Lk (OTG) Lp Elbow dash XX Into Hyper Elbow Dash
    -	This will get people going! It look rather impressive! Use it a lot!
    C.Lk, C.Mk, C.Hk, C.Lk (OTG), Rocket Launcher
    -	The timing is kinda iffy on the Rocket launcher but if you do it a 
    lot (like me) You get used to it!
     Aerial Raves ( With & without supers )
    ( I'm just doing what you do in the air, I'm assuming that you did a 
    Jump in and a few hit's on the ground first )
    Lp, Lk, Mp, Mk, Hp/Hk
    -	Your basic air combo and is kinda useless it Jill case you should at 
    least end it with a Elbow dash in my opinion.
    Lp, Lk, Mp, Mk,(pause) Throw
    -	This is really stylish, It can be hard to connect but it's fun and 
    damaging to
    Lp, Lk, Mp, Mk, Lp Elbow dash
    -	Get used to this air combo cause it will be your friend when you are 
    out of levels or you want a break from the following combo
    Lp, Lk, Mp, Mk, Hyper Elbow Dash
    -	Ha Ha Ha. The person you're playing will really get used to this! 
    Make sure you get a break from this combo every once in a while 
    other wise you'll end up looking like a one trick pony!
    Lp, Lk, Mp, Mk, Lp Elbow dash ( After first hit ) XX Hyper Elbow dash
    -	The timing after the Lp Elbow dash can be tricky but it is doable! 
    After you master the combo without the Lp Elbow dash, start working 
    on this one. In no time this combo will become a cinch!
    (In Corner) 
    Lp, Lk, Mp, Mk, Lp Elbow dash, XX Hyper Elbow dash
    -	When you're in the corner you can wait until both of the hit's off 
    of the Lp Elbow dash are done hitting before you cancel it into the 
    Hyper Elbow dash. It does wonderful damage and use it whenever the 
    opportunity arrives!
    OTG combos
    C.Lk, C.Mk, C.Hk, C.Lk (OTG), C.Hp, sj, J.Lp, J.Lk, J.Mp, J.Mk. Ac 
    Finisher ( Hp/Hk, Lp Elbow dash/Hyper Elbow dash, or the Lp Elbow dash 
    ( After first hit ) XX Hyper Elbow dash combo. )
    -	This is her nicest OTG combo that can be done regularly. If you 
    really wanna look professional try the next combo
    Tyrant Hyper, Dash-In, C.Lk (OTG) C.Hp, sj, J.Lp, J.Lk, J.Mp, J.Mk. Ac 
    Finisher ( Hp/Hk, Lp Elbow dash/Hyper Elbow dash, or the Lp Elbow dash 
    ( After first hit ) XX Hyper Elbow dash combo. )
    -	One word describes this combo, Wow! The dash-in C.Lk can be tricky 
    but if you dash as soon as Jill regains her ability to move it can 
    be done. I've only done this twice, and might I add it's a nice 
    crowd pleaser.
    VIII.	Strategy for Jill
    -Jill Is one of the biggest OTG'ers in the game( Cammy being on Top! )! 
    Take advantage of that, a lot of the damage you deal will be done on 
    from OTG combo's!
    -Don't abuse you're helper specials ( Unless of course they roll after 
    your sweep them......He He He. They're screwed! ) because they will 
    learn to get around them ( Not in the above case though..... HEH )
    -Be careful Jill doesn't have any reliable anti-air or projectile. This 
    is a really bad thing, but Jill somehow doesn't really need one, At 
    -Learn to like her Air combo's, but don't depend on them. You'll get 
    predictable that way, She plays just as well on the ground! That's why 
    she is one of the better characters in the game!
    IX.	Good partners for Jill.
    Iron Man- His Uni.-beam will make up for Jill's lack of Projectile. I 
    particularity hate Iron Man and don't use him, but he's good for people 
    who enjoy massive ship damage through Beams.
    Psylocke- With these two babes together no one can stop them! Her Anti-
    Air assist is one of the best assist In the game, mainly cause it adds 
    to Jill's nasty OTG game! Not to mention her big nasty triple-jump air 
    Cammy- Speed queen all the way! She is by far the fastest person in the 
    game, and will compliment Jill quite well due to the fact they are both 
    fast! Just beware that she has crappy assists and bad lag on her 
    Tron Bonne- This is my Woman! I love Tron, I don't know about you but I 
    think she is one of the best characters in the game! Her Alpha and 
    Gamma assists are nasty, and hers supers can combo easy into Jill's. 
    Not to mention her Lunch Rush super is one of the funniest things in 
    the game!
    Jin- He's pretty good actually with his Ant-air assist, It covers both 
    aspects of a anti-air and a projectile! He's powerful too!
    X.	History and Credits
    V1.0 Everything is new.
    Copyright Artemis2000
    Thanks to Capcom for making them game, and adding Jill to it!

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