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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 06/08/03

Another fun game in the Bemani series

Precussion Freaks is anther game by Konami for the Bemani series. This time, instead of dancing or pressing buttons, you are in charge of a drum set. Originality factors run high, as one has to see for themselves what the game is like. You can even play while wearing green hair and singing aloud, but no recommended in crowded areas where people might recognize you.

Gameplay: 10
Smilar to Beatmania or Guitar Freaks, you hit the correct control at the right timing. A wide multitude of songs allow differnt "modes" of play, from frantic drum bashing to the loud death metal songs to the slow rhytmic songs, Co-ordination is the essential thing, as you won;t want to hit the wrong button and look like an idiot.

Sound/Video: 9
The sound in the Bemani series is perhaps the best in the business, as the whole game is based around music. Precussion Freaks is no exception with each note and hit of the drum true to the real thing. Tunes are offered from a very wide range, from metal to soft Rock or jazz. Grpahic wise, not much is offered, with random picture at the side to accompany the music.

Control: 10
The most unique feature about the game is the controller. With two drum sticks you actually have to hit the corect drum pad (true to real configration, complete with bass pedal at the bottom) be sure not to hit too hard or prepare to pay for damages!

Replay value: 10
Like others in the Bemani series, this game offers tremendous replay value, with a large multitude of tracks to choose from and to master. A truly great game to play and worth the cost.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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