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Mini-FAQ by THsu

Updated: 12/04/1998

Subject: Gauntlet Legends Mini-FAQ
From: ting@shore.net (T.Hsu)
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 07:44:50 GMT
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade

The Gauntlet Legends Mini-FAQ

0.  Revision History
1.  Characters
2.  Button Combinations
3.  Items
4.  Realms, Rune Stones, and Treasure Rooms

0.  Revision History

19981203 Created by T. Hsu (ting@shore.net), a level 99 Jackel, as a rough
draft with several missing pieces. Posted to rec.games.video.arcade to
generate feedback.

1.  Characters
                Warrior     Archer      Valkarie    Wizard
Strength        500         300?        350?        300?
Speed           300         500         350?        350?
Armor           300         200?        350?        150?
Magic           200         300?        250?        500
Alternate Form  Minator     Lioness     Falconess   Jackel
L2 Turbo        ?           ?           ?           Rock Shower
L3 Turbo        ?           BFG         ?           Demon Skull
Level 10                    Scout
Level 25
Level 50                    Ranger
Level 75                                            Arch Mage
Level 99        Legend      Legend      Legend      Legend

Character attributes can be increased 5 points for every 800 gold, and
will automatically increase a random 5-10 points for every level the
character gains in experience.

The alternate form is can be selected during the character selecting
stage by holding down the Turbo button and then pressing Fight. However,
this only works if the basic character is level 10 or higher. There is no
difference whatsoever between the basic character and his or her alternate
form. It just looks cooler to play that alternate form, that’s it.

2.  Button Combinations

A melee or distance attack, depending upon how far away a monster
is. Additionally, walking into monsters will also cause your character
to attack the monster.

Allows your character to run and/or push their way through other
player or other monsters. Useful when trying to push your way through
to the generator, or to push your way out when you are surrounded by
monsters. There is a Turbo meter, and every use of the Turbo button
reduces this meter. Not using Turbo slowly increases this meter.

Only works when you have a potion. Kills all monsters in a radius around
the player. The Magic attribute controls how large the radius is and
how much damage the generators sustain. The monster Death may or may not
be killed by using Magic. If Death is chasing you, he is destroyed. If
Death is not chasing you, Magic does not harm him. If Death (or poisoned
food) is inside of a chest or barrel, then using Magic will convert the
Death into fruit.

A turbo attack. The type of attack varies depending upon the turbo
meter. A level 1 turbo meter is green, and is only a slightly stronger
distance attack. A level 2 turbo meter is yellow, and is radius attack
for everyone except the Archer. The Warrior and Valkarie will swing
their weapons in a circle, the Archer will do a smaller BFG that has
limited range, and, best of all, the Wizard will cause a rock shower. A
level 3 turbo meter is red, and it is a directed attack. However, all
characters have time at either the beginning of the attack or at the end
of the attack to kill monsters around them. For instance, the Wizard has
enough time to do a 180 before releasing his Demon Skull, and the Archer
has a little time before and after her BFG fires to kill off monsters
with the startup/follow-up animation.

Throws a potion, which is just like using a potion except that the center
of blast starts away from the player. Very useful when attempting to clear
out rooms from a safe location. Also very useful when attacking bosses,
since getting close enough to use magic normal tends to be suicidal.

Creates a magical field around the player that follows the player as
he moves around. The field kills any monsters that touch it except for
death, and also protects the player from missile attacks, including boss
type distance attacks. The duration of the magical field and the size
of the field depend upon the player’s Magic attribute.

3.  Items

Gold – Mostly used to buy strength, speed, armor, and magic.
Potion* – Necessary to have before you can use the Magic button. Can
also be shot for lesser effect.
Fruit – 50 health
Meat – 100 health
Keys* – Opens doors and chests. Save keys for chests, so try to open as
few doors as possible.
Barrels – Contain pseudo-random items. I.e., it may always contain food,
but the food may be poisoned.
Gold trimmed chests – Contain static items. I.e., the items will be the
same from game to game.
Silver trimmed chests – Super chests that contain random items.
X-ray glasses – Let’s you see inside of chests and barrels. Very useful
when examining super chests.
Egg – Turn you into Pogo, a fire breathing chicken. Turbo attacks will
now generate flame breaths. Additionally, while the player is a chicken,
magic is unusable. A major problem when Death is around.
Halo – Allows you to drain Death of up to 100 health, instead of Death
draining you.
Fire breath – A powerful attack that can only be used 4 times and affects
a 90 degree arc.
Lightning breath – Same as fire only white instead of red.
Acid breath – Same as fire only green instead of red.
Fire attack – A more powerful distance attack.
Lightning attack – Same as fire only ball lightning instead of fireballs.
Acid attack – Same as fire only green clouds instead of fireballs.
3 way shot
5 way shot
Limited invulnerability*
Boots of speed
Reflective shot* – Shot bounces off walls and floors. Amazing damage
when combined with 3/5-way shot.
Super shot* – A player with this fires his/her missile weapons blindingly
fast. Very useful.
Reflective shield* – Shots reflect off the shield.
Firewall shield – Creates a wall of fire in front of the player that
will kill monsters and generators.
Thunder hammer – Creates an earthquake killing everything. You can only
use it three times.
Phoenix familiar* – A gold familiar (pet that flies above your shoulder)
that fires fireballs.

* can be purchased.

4.  Realms

Rune stone meter – If it is your second (or more) time through a board,
and no one in the party has the Rune stone for the stage, then a hot/cold
meter will appear on the screen.

Valley Realm

Stage 1

Stage 2 – Rune stone located behind an stone wall that looks like a
building in a clearing with a southern descending exit and northern
ascending exit.

Stage 3 – Rune stone located a destructable wall disguised as part the
cliff next to 2 wood and rope bridges. It is next to the upper bridge
on its right side.

Stage 4 – Rune stone located south, past the exit behind a destructable
wall. The underground game room (straight from the old Gauntlet game)
is in an area behind a destructable wall containing a golem.

Boss Stage – The Red dragon can be killed by faster characters without any
special items and with very little wasted health by just using the attack
and run method to kill it. Stay far enough away from the dragon so that
the dragon throws balls of fire at you, but not so far that you will run
into a wall if you ran to avoid the fireball. When playing with multiple
players, try to stay near, but not too near the other players. Too far
away, and you may get stuck while trying to retreat from a fireball. Too
close and you may run into the other players during your retreat. Best
option is to leave one fireball explosion’s distance on one side of you
and two fireball explosion distances on the other. Shoot at the dragon,
and right before the dragon spews out a fireball, run towards your more
open side.

Castle Realm

Stage 1 – Game room (space station 1) is located on the upper guard
walks next to the tower containing the second golem.

Stage 2 – Rune stone is hanging up in a chamber. Lower the chamber by
going down and to the right, over wooden planks, and to an area with
a golem. The gray button to lower the stone is near the golem, and
you should see the stone lower to ground if you stand on the button
long enough.

Stage 3 – Rune stone located behind a destructable wall/door behind a
golem. The golem is released by a gray button the floor that lowers the
surrounding walls and is near the player’s starting location.

Stage 4 – Rune stone located at the top of an alter surrounded by steps,
monsters, and gold. Destroy the alter and the Rune stone will appear.

Boss – The Chimera is killed just like the red dragon, and just as easily.

Forest Realm

Stage 1 – The game room (the psychedelic stun chamber) is on a path
requiring a key before you get to the first exit portal.

Stage 2 – The Rune stone is located behind a huge half tree trunk right
before the first wood and vine elevator.

Stage 3 – The Rune stone is located on a thin tree branch that leads to
a small platform.

Stage 4 – Rune stone is behind a wall.

Boss – The Spider queen is the toughest boss in the game since you
cannot run and gun her. Your best bet is to spend some gold before this
board this board and tag team the boss. One or two players should buy
invulnerability and growth while the other players should buy super shot
and phoenix familiar. The invulnerable players should stand and fight
the Spider queen directly while the others should flank her and fire
away. Use level 3 turbo attacks whenever possible, and throw potions at
her every now and then.

Desert Realm

Stage 1 – The Rune stone is located in the center of a wide open space
that has four blue pressure plates on the corners. The blue pressure
plates will turn dark blue when you step on them and the Rune stone
appears when all four are pressed.

Stage 2 – This is the most difficult to find Rune stone. It requires
setting off 2 different floor buttons located before the first golem
and before you start walking on a long wooden bridge that encircles
the stage. The entrance to the Rune stone area is near the first exit
portal, and the Rune stone itself is hidden in this area behind a
destructable wall.

Stage 3 – The game room (an office space complete with cubicles and
computers) is reached by opening a door via a gray button. The gray
button is located up a ramp leading to a long ledge and a dead end with
the gray button. The game room wall should be seen opening as you run
over the button.

Stage 4 – Rune stone is behind a wall.

Boss – The Genie is beaten in a manner similar to the red dragon. The
important thing to remember is to stand on the top of the stairs so you
can go down them when he does his beam move. As long as you are at the
top of the stairs, the genie will not sword swipe you. This allows you
to time his attacks and run diagonally down the stairs to avoid them,
but don’t forget to climb back up those stairs after only one or two
missile attacks, since the genie will sword swipe anyone down there.

First Scorne Realm

Stage 1 – You get to this after killing all four bosses. There are tons
of treasure chests on this level, but no keys, so stock up on keys before
entering it. The treasure chests only contain money, even the super chests
(they just contain more money than normal, so try to keep a few spare
keys around for them), and the only exceptions are the chests behind
the two Deaths, which contain halos.

Boss – Scorne is taken out via the shoot and run, but you should buy stuff
like super shot and phoenix familiar to help you out. Beating Scorne gives
you no gold, but 4 powerful magic items. Two are breath weapons and two
are distance weapons. All last quite a long time, and you’ll need them.

Second Scorne Realm

Stage 1 – You get to this after banishing Scorne and if you have found
all 12 Rune stones. The basic strategy here is to finish off the monsters
before tripping any gray buttons on the floor. Additionally, if you are on
a thin long ledge, being pelted by fireballs by monsters at long distance,
run! At a distance, separated by impassable terrain, the monsters will
always have the advantage, so just run from those situations. When you
are closer to monsters, you have more options available to you, like
breath weapons, turbo attacks, and potions. And speaking of potions, you
should definitely stock up on potions before entering this board. At the
end of the board, there are three sphinxes, however, if you play it right
(that is, slowly), you can fight them one at a time.

Boss – Scorne again, only he’s faster and you probably won’t have enough
cash to buy great magical items. Beating Scorne this time gives you a
vacation, the end credits, and then starts you back at realm selection
stage, so you can once again obtain all four keys and go after Scorne. It
also earns you a skull and crossbones next to your name on the high score
table. Beating Scorne multiple times will also be reflected on the high
score table.

T.Hsu // ting@shore.net // Consultant, Software Development

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