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FAQ by Ranma0005

Updated: 12/21/1998

Author: csc79137@tree.egr.uh.edu

Date:   December 14, 1998
Revised:December 21, 1998

        New stuff added to this FAQ.

        A. Added a little more to the level descriptions
        B. Talk a little more about strategies

        Now here's what I have to say about Gauntlet Legends.......WHY DOES IT 
COST SO MUCH TO PLAY?!  I always hated the ticking life meter, but I know
it's as much a part of the game as anything else.

        So here's what I gotta say about it. If you haven't read 
anything about the game, it's basically played like the old Gauntlet 
arcade games. If you haven't played the old Gauntlet games, then you not 
only missed out, but you also missed out on the basics of the game. 

I.      Intro
II.     Level descriptions
III.    Items
IV.     Turbo Attacks
V.      Strategies
VI.     Special Levels

I.      Intro

        There are 4 classes of characters to start, Warrior(Close Combat),
Valkarie(Female Warrior with decent magic), Archer(Fast, Distance 
attacker), Wizard(Powerful magic). There are also 4 hidden classes. They 
are obtained when your saved character reaches Level 10. Warrior can 
access the Minotaur, Wizard the Jackal, Archer the Tigress, Valkyrie the 
Raveness. To choose the hidden character, you press the turbo button before 
choosing your character.  Note: If you have a lv 10 Wizard, then you can only 
access the Jackal. You cannot access any other of the secret character 
counterparts until you reach lv 10 with it's corresponding class.  

        You can either fight hand to hand with the monsters or from a
distance(every character shoots projectiles from their weapons). You 
must collect keys to open chests and gates that can't be destroyed. 
Potions are used to cast magic effects, you can also shoot the magic 
potions to cast a smaller magic effect. Pressing Attack + Magic will 
throw a magic bottle of a long distance magic effect.  Pressing Turbo +
Magic will produce a Magic Shield around your character.  Distance of
throwing magic is dependant on your strength, damage inflicted by magic
depends on your magic, as is the size of your magic shield.

        One big difference is that this game is 3-D, the angle is still over
head view, but now it includes a panning angle depending on where the party
is moving.  You also have an extra button, the turbo button. It can be used
for running faster, ie. running past traps or escaping mobs. It can also be
used for your Turbo Attack(Press Turbo + Attack at the same time to activate) 
Your turbo bar(little green and yellow bar) is located near the top of 
your character box. There are 3 lvls to your turbo attacks.  Lvl 1 is a 
stronger close range attack, lvl 2 is an attack that will clear enemies 
surrounding you, and lvl 3 is a long rage attack. Characters are saved by 
the machine, if you level and die, the machine will save your character and 
his/her level. Gold is also saved on each character.  Don't bother buying
keys and potions if you think you might die, the keys are left behind, and
the potions are purged if you don't continue.

        You might be better off playing either with one or two players,
otherwise go ahead and pump in two credits per player to start. The 
early going is rough. If you play with all four players, beware of 
traps. It is very easy to push each other into traps. The monsters in 
the game are produced by monster generators. You must destroy the 
generator in order to stop the flow of monsters. The object of every 
stage is to find the rune stones, and the exit. There are 4 worlds to 
explore, the Mountain Kingdom, the Forest, the Castle Stronghold, and 
the Pyramid. Each realm has 3 runes hidden within them. Plus each has 
a boss. Defeat the boss in order to advance to another realm. You can 
choose which order realms you want to explore.

II.     Level Descriptions

A. Mountain Realm

        The Mountain Realm is the easiest of the 4 realms, it's boss is the
Dragon.  The treasure room is found in the Caves(4th level I think).  Behind
the breakable wall with the rock monster and the chest with Death.  You
will find that this realm gives you the most food.  You should be able to
survive very well here.  Gold is decent, but not the best.  Watch out for
rock monsters, beginners have a hard time with them.  Watch out for bombers
and archers because you need to take as little damage as possible.

 1. Mighty Dragon

        Basic strategy on the boss is hit and run. Watch for his head to
move, if it moves toward your direction, run. He shoots 2 types of fireballs,
an arcing fireball that has a wide range when it hits, and a direct hit 
fireball that does a lot of damage if it hits. If he's close to dying he 
starts throwing more than one direct fireball per shoot. There are rocks 
to hide behind, but they can be destroyed. You wanna try to stay on 
either sides and practice hitting and running. Buy Gold invulnerability, 
three way shot, and rapid fire if you can.  If you're high leveled enough,
you can save the Super Shot from the level before(Kill everything in the
level before taking the Super Shot, then exit.), then buy 3-way shot, rapid 
fire, and reflective shield.  The Super Shot will stun(gives you time to get 
the food next to the Dragon.)  The reflective shield bounces the regular
fireballs, but not the area affect fireballs.  If you manage to avoid the
traps and take as little damage as possible, you should on average have,
1200hp for solo, 1000hp for 2 player, 850hp for 3 players, and 700hp for 4
players.  This is the realm you should start from no matter what.

B. Castle Stronghold

        The Castle Stronghold is the next stage you should go to for
beginners.  Lots of money and exp to be earned here. The treasure room is
found on the first level behind the door of the second rock monster.  Watch
out for the archers, bombers, and ZAPPERS!(100 hp damage if they run into you)

 2. Fearsome Chimera

The boss is the Mighty Chimera.  The 3 headed beast shoots fireballs from
each head.  Actually the number of fireballs is based on the number of
characters currently playing. Buy the same things as the Dragon if you can.
Hit and run basically also.  Advanced players: buy 3-way, rapid fire, and
reflective shield(2 if you can afford it), run all the way to the top right
corner next to the pole.  Wail away on the Chimera, sooner or later you should
kill the Eagle Head, continue to hit and run if necessary, but you only get
one shot before you need to start moving.

C. Forest Realm

        The Forest Realm is the harder of the 2 "medium" difficulty based
realms. The mobs are just harder to kill for some reason. The big difference 
he first 2 realms from the last 2 realms is the amount of food available. The
treasure room is found in the first room.  You have to run around a little
bit, but it's worth it, quite a bit of gold in the room.  There is a rock
monster behind a gate.  Defeat him and then press the trap next to the vine.
If your by yourself, you have to activate the trap, avoid the vine, and then
try to lure the mobs on the other side onto the bridge.  Watch for plenty of
rock monsters, acid barrels, and hidden perched archers and bombers.  Lots of
swinging traps.

 3. Wicked Spider Queen        

The boss is the Evil Spider Queen.  Oh my lord is she ever fast!!!! Don't bother
buying gold invulnerability for her cause it'll run out fast due to her
lengthy intro.  Run around the screen, hitting her along the way.  Have PLENTY
of potions to save your butt in case she happens to catch you.  Only way I've
seen of being able to solo her is to find the hiding spot towards the bottom
right corner.  If you find the right place, the view is close up view, and
all of her attacks miss you.  If you miss the place, don't bother wasting
life trying to find it.  Start running around the area and turn around to
shoot once.  Don't spend too much time for your shot, her acid blast does
full damage even if it nicks you with the fumes.  I suggest 3-way, rapid fire,
firewall shield, and gold invul(Buy 2 if you can).  Else go for 3-way,
reflective shield, rapid fire, and 9 potions.  1st choice involves beating
the hell out of her before it runs out, then hit and run.  2nd choice involves
an easier time with hit and run.

D. Great Pyramid

        The Great Pyramid is the hardest of the 4 realms. The mobs are hard,
there aren't as many keys as chests, and even less food. The treasure room
is found in the 3rd stage?  The one right before the Genie.  You have to run
up the stairs, to the right, around to the left, and go up the ramp to the
trap.  Go back down and back around to the now open room.  The treasure room
is the biggest in the game.  LOTS OF MONEY IN HERE!!!  Take a specific route
and don't stray!  The rooms DO NOT connect!  Try to go for the rooms, more
gold and silver coins in them.  There is also a potion, boots, and sometimes
food(based on number of players).  Watch for zappers, and weird plasma
shooting mobs(50 hp damage).  Use lots of magic.  There are alot of traps in
the levels as well.  
 4. Evil Genie

        The boss is the Genie.  Only chance to defeat him alive is to run
to one of the four steps leading to the bottom.  Walk to the middle of the
step and fire away.  You will still be hit along the way by minor hurricanes,
but that sure beats getting nailed by the Genie's lazer(which does insane
amounts of damage).  Buy reflective shield(2 if possible), 9 potions(trust me,
you MUST buy 9 potions), 3-way and rapid fire.  Use the potions to stun the
Genie, then wail away while he is stunned.

E. The Desecrated Temple

        Collect all four keys and you open up a new Realm.  The new Realm has
2 areas(you don't get to choose where you go first).  After the final key is
collected you will get to visit the last shop until the final boss.  Buy 9
potions, but try to conserve them for the Underworld IF you already collected
all 12 rune stones.  Buy a thunder hammer to help clear out the First Level.
First level is the Desecrated Temple.  Basically, there are alot of monsters,
chests, no keys, and no food.  Run through this area as fast and careful 
as you can, the chests are all pretty much gold only. 

F. The Alter of Scorne

        The next level is the Alter of Scorne.  He does a whole crap load of
damage.  He shoots Acid, Lightning, and Fire magic almost exactly like 
you do, plus he shoots a lazer blast that does alot of damage. You can 
try to make it to the two bottom corners you'll avoid the blasts. But he 
also has an earthquake.  He smashes his fist into the ground and spouts 
lightning through the ground.  Try to start running in anticipation, 
because it hurts REAL bad.  I'm talking about somewhere between 50-150 hp 
damage.  After defeating him, you get your choice of 4 pieces of armor. 
The mask gives Fire Breath, the arm guard give Fire Breath, the other 2 give
acid and lightning amulets I think.

        If you haven't gotten all of the runes, then you will be led back
to the 4 original realms where you must find the runes, if you have no clue 
where they are don't worry, when you revisit an area you already travelled
and defeated the boss a hot and cold meter will help direct you towards the
missing runes.

        If you defeat the first Scorne and have all 12 runes, you will
advance to the Underworld.  This is the very last Realm.  You must fight your
way through a ton of monsters to fight the 2nd Scorne. 

G. The Underworld

        Buy 9 potions if you can, try to keep enough for at least 3-way, rapid
fire.  There are a lot of monsters, a WHOLE LOT of monsters, be prepared.
The area also a lot of traps to activate bridges. You have to be a
combination of patient in order to find the correct way to the exit, and
savage enough to clear the monsters before they get you.  If you saved those
potions, they come in handy here.  Launch them at the fireballing mobs as
soon as possible.  There are 3 stone monsters that pop out and attack you
right before the exit.  They are the three parts of the Chimera.

H. The Throne of Scorne

        After you pass the Underworld, you go to the Throne of Scorne. The 2nd
Scorne is almost exactly like the 1st Scorne except, he hits alot harder, and
the ground doesn't break away. Stay in the back and you should be okay. Wail
away on him, and try to watch out for the big ray he shoots down(200 HP
DAMAGE!!!!!!).  Buy pretty much the same stuff, granted the effects wear down
alot faster than normal, but that's to be expected.  Buy 3-way, rapid fire,
2 or more gold invul(if you can afford it), 9 potions(don't think they stun
though, mainly for damage).  Just wail away until it runs gold invul runs out.
Then chunk the potions, then hit and run.  Wait for Scorne to curse and
point(he lifts one arm under the other{looks like he's givin' ya da bird},
then points down at you), about 2 or 3 fireballs later he'll rain down with
the big 200 hp drain!!!  After defeating the Evil Scorne, you are
congratulated with nothing but gold coins.

        The ending pretty much bites though. The overseer says congrats go
take a well deserved vacation. Next you see a postcard with Red Warrior
holding up Green Archer on his hand, Yellow Wirazd lounging, and Blue Valkyrie
sunbathing topless.  Then you start over without the keys.  If you make it to
the Underworld you lose your 4 keys regardless of what happens. You simply
start over obtaining the keys, your character will still be saved so don't
worry about being set back to level 1.  If you don't defeat the 1st Scorne,
you keep all 4 keys.  Unfortunately, every time you log on you will be
transported to the Church until you make it to the Underworld.

        Basically the most challenging aspects of the game are,
lvl'ing(top being a Lvl 99 Legend), and beating all 4 realms, then Scorne(1st
one), and then beat the game by killing the 2nd Scorne.  I have a Lvl 99
Wizard myself, if you want to gauge your progress, it took me about 62
credits to reach Lvl 99.  I still want to defeat the enitre game(All 4
kingdoms, and both Scornes) on one credit.  That would be great, but the
ultimate would be to beat the game on one credit, with a Lvl 1 to start!!!

III.    Items

Items encountered in the game:


Meat(Chicken leg, Steak) = 100 hp
Fruit(Banana, Apple, Pineapple) = 50 hp
Poison(Apple with Crossbones) = -50hp (Chicken is poison for Pojo)


Thunder Hammer = 3 shots that hits full screen affect
Super Shot = Time limit weapon that clears out all in it's path.
Phoenix Familiar = A giant golden phoenix hangs on your shoulder 
 shooting fireballs everytime you attack from afar.


Fire Amulet= Fire element given to your weapon
Lightning Amulet= Lightning element given
Acid Amulet= Acid element given


Fire Wall Shield: Running straight ahead without attacking will project a
 wall of fire that kills all in it's path.
Lightning Shield: Same as fire shield except with lightning.
Reflective Shield: Will bounce projectiles away from you if you do not 


Boots of speed: Gives time limit rapid fire and speed of 900+
Reflective Shot: Causes you faraway attack to bounce off walls.
Pojo Egg: Always a hit at parties, fun for all. Let those greedy little 
 speedy Archers steal this from ya.  (Careful, Pojo cannot eat Chicken Legs,
 they are poison, I'M NOT KIDDING!  100 HP POISON!!!)
Growth Potion: Turns you into a giant.
Shrinking Potion: Turn all enemies into runts. 
Invulnerability: You are glowing silver and cannot be hurt plus STOPS 
Gold Invulnerability: Same as Regular invulnerability except you are 
Gold: Needed to buy enhancements.
Potions: Needed to cast magic.
Angel Wings: Allows user to float over ground traps, except fire spouts.

Stat Builders:

Speed: Adds to speed 5 per
Strength: Adds to stength 5 per
Magic: Adds to magic 5 per
Armor: Adds to armor 5 per

IV.     Turbo Attacks

Lvl 2: Rock Shower
Lvl 3: Demon Skull(Can be aimed)

Lvl 2: Multi-Bladed Arc
Lvl 3: Sky Lance

Lvl 2: Fire Arc
Lvl 3: Plasma Trail

Lvl 2: Double Bow
Lvl 3: BFG(Can be aimed)

V.      Strategies

For beginners I suggest going through the quest of Mountain, Castle, Forest,
then Desert; or switching Desert with Forest(Spider Queen NOT fun!).  For
more advanced, go Mountain, Desert(Yes, desert), Castle, and Forest.

For solo playing:

Archers:  Buy potions, run away from hand-to-hand, fire away from a distance,
          build up your BFG(Double Bow sucks big time) to clear out mobs.
          You need to avoid hand-to-hand as much as possible simply because
          Archers cannot fight well in close quarters.  Very fast from far

Warriors: Rush in and kill.  Rush in fast, don't let the mobs even get a
          chance to think.  Buy potions only to get rid of archers and
          bombers.  Plamsa Trail in order to get rid of heavy mobs to save hp.
          Fire Arc is effective if your surrounded.  Magic sucks. even maxed.

Valkyrie: Most balanced character there is.  Decent magic skills, not as good
          as the Archer, but much better than the Warrior.  Almost the same
          strategy as the Warrior.  Rush in, high armor class so she takes
          less damage then the others.  Fight hand-to-hand most of the time,
          but try to stay away to avoid too much arrow and bomb damage.  Turbo
          attacks are very good keep away and mob killing.

Mage:     Buy lots of potions, nothing but potions.  Your magic is tops, and
          will remain tops.  Use potions frequently.  Try to keep as many in
          your inventory as possible.  Hand-to-hand is as worthless as the
          Archer.  Demon Skull is a very good aiming turbo.  Rock Shower is
          IMHO the best Lvl 2 Turbo Attack.  Stay far away and wail on them.
          If your magic skill gets higher, then your far away attacks will be
          stronger than the other classes.  

VI.     Special Levels

Level 10        Gain access to secret character.
                Wizard/Jackal, Valkyrie/Falconess, Warrior/Minotaur,

Level 25        Gain personal Familiar.
                Wizard->Dragon Familiar, Valkyrie->Eagle Familiar, Warrior->
                Dragonfly Familiar(???), Archer->Butterfly Familiar

Level 50        Gain a stronger weapon, do more damage.

Level 75        Gain a stronger Familiar, does more damage.

Level 99        Become a Legend!  Not sure if anything really happens though.

Well hope this helps a little bit. =)

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