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FAQ by EPrzydzial

Gauntlet Legends

This is the ultimate help source for Gauntlet Legends in Arcades. This 
source has codes, weird stuff, boss strategies, and much more! So get 
ready to find out how to get all rune stones and whoop Skorne! 

How to find all Rune Stones
1st=Peak: After climbing a few hills, you will see two caves and one 
with a statue in it. Destroy the statue to get the rune stone.
2nd=Cliff: Go past the first exit and follow the trail. You know you are 
on the right track if you fight a Golem, follow that path until you see 
two bridges and cross them and go north to the rock wall after you get 
there. Hit the rock wall near the north end exit until it breaks to get 
the rune stone.
3rd= Cavern: Instead of going into the 2nd exit near the TWO GOLEMS! Kill 
the enemies until you get to the wall farthest from the 2nd exit, hit 
the wall to get the final rune stone in the stage.
1st= Dungeon: Having trouble getting the caged rune stone? SIMPLE! Just 
go down the stairs and to the south were you fight a Golem. After the 
Golem is killed you will see a switch, hit the switch to lower the cage 
down. Go back to the cage and get the rune stone.
2nd= Armory: Find another switch and hit it to release a Golem. Kill the 
Golem and then break the wall under the stairs where he was to find 
another switch and after you hit it you get the rune stone.
3rd= Treasury: When you are in the room with the throne go down the 
stairs into the court. You will eventually find Death next to a box. 
Blow death away with some magic and break the box he was next to get 
the final rune stone in this stage.
1st= Roots: After the elevator, go northwest until you find a Golem, 
kill the Golem to find a tree stump. Destroy the stump to find the rune 
2nd= Tree (NEED AT LEAST 2 PEOPLE TO DO THIS!): When you reach the 
bridge you need two players to use and cross it. You will soon find a 
tree with a circular cut in it, activate the switch. Then walk to the 
green leaf and then go onto the branch to the east. If you activated 
the switch, you should find the rune stone.
3rd=Branches: When you get to the two archers that attack you (On the 
rising logs), just kill them and then knock down the wall their backs 
were facing to find the stages final rune stone.
1st= Ruins: Go to the stairs that send you into the water (After the 1st 
exit). Go west and then south till you reach a locked door. Open the 
door and run onto the little ledge and a platform should rise up with 
the rune stone on it.
2nd= Temple: Go to the big sandy area of the Temple, you will see four 
blue switches. Step on the switches and go to the middle of the sandy 
area to find Death and a rune stone next to him.
3rd=Pyramid: After fighting the first group of enemies, head for the 
slanted path with sand on the bottom of it. Then open the two locked 
doors and step on the switch and go back down to the catwalk and walk 
around. After the catwalk ends, go down the slanted path and walk south 
where you will find another switch and some enemies. Hit the switch and 
go back to the north and to the area where the wall used to be before 
you pressed the switch and walk down the left side. When you reach the 
room with death in the center you are on the right path. Keep going 
until you see some spikes. The rune stone should be a little back from 
the spikes. 
Skorne and defeat him, you will go to another realm of Skorne. After 
you beat him you will be treated with a special ending (I will not 
spoil it for you).

Codes and Secrets
 To play as Pojo the Chicken type in your name as EGG and password as 
When you are at level 99 and get a growth power-up, you will stay big 
forever which is good because you can never get knocked down by any 
enemy except some boss attacks.
When your character has 999 on all parts (Strength, Magic, Speed, 
Agility) your head will grow big like in a big head code for NBA Jam.

Weird Stuff
When you beat the game once w/o going to the 2nd Skorne, you will find 
it is much harder than before. The enemy generators have spread more 
throughout the level and more monsters come out of them even quicker!
If you find a rune stone you automatically get 500 gold!
If you face the 1st Skorn and use a level 99 character to weaken him and 
then use a lower level character to defeat him (L.1-75 only) The game 
should be considerably easier than before. Such as less enemies and 
less generators!

How to Beat the Bosses
Dragon= Boss of Mountain: The Dragons attacks are, Fireball, Fire 
Breath, Leg Stomp, and Wing Slash. This boss is 2nd easiest to defeat. 
To beat this guy, just stand behind the stones and wait for him to 
destroy all of them. Then, grab the power-ups the stones had in them 
and fire away. Your L.3 turbo attack can stun him for a few seconds, 
giving you a great opportunity to grab the power-ups near his feat. 
Only take about five shots at him before you run from his attacks or it 
will take you a while to beat him. After you defeat the Dragon you will 
get his key.

Chimera= Boss of the Castle: Snake Head shoots Acid, Lion Head shoots 
Fire, and the Eagle Head shoots Electricity. This guy is the 1st easiest 
in the game. One word for this guy. SIMPLE!!! All you have to do is 
make him blow up the pillars so you can nab the power-ups then all 
people should attack the same head to make him die quicker. After you 
beat on head the other two go crazy and shoot like there is no 
tomorrow! Just run and shoot at this point to send Chimera back to 3 
Headed Land! You get the Chimera's key when you win.

Genie= Boss of the Desert: Another simple character. His attacks are 
Eye Beam, Eye Fireball, Tornado, and Sword Slash. He is the 3rd easiest 
to beat. To whoop him just buy a reflect shield or two and fire away at 
the moron to win! You get the Genie's key if you win.

Spider Queen= Boss of the Forest: This is the 3rd hardest boss on the 
game. Her attacks are Acid Fireball, Whip, and Spider Web that really 
slows you down. This is the hardest boss of the four REALMS. To beat 
her you just need to fire from a distance and chuck in a lot of 
quarters or an alternative is to buy five gold invulnerability's and 
about 7 reflect shields and you should be able to beat her w/o putting 
one single quarter in.

Skorne 1= Boss of the Altar of Skorne: This might be the first edition 
of Skorne but he sucks! He only has Fireball and Shockwave attacks! To 
beat him just dodge his attacks and fire away with your highest level 
character! I like to play with my Jackal L.8 to insult and remind him 
how pathetic he is! After you beat him you must either go back and 
collect all 12 ruin stones or if you have them all, go to Skorne 2!

Skorne 2= Boss of the Throne of Skorne: HOLY! This is about as tough as 
facing a few hundred Golems at once! NOT!!! This guy is the same except 
for a Chest and Head Beam attacks. But you can fall off the edge this 
time and die no matter what. Just buy a few Gold Invulnerability's and 
you are set to kill Skorne 2! After you beat him you will be treated 
with a special ending you will have to see for yourself.

To Get a persons secret character, hold turbo on a L.10 or higher 
Wizard- Turbo attacks= L.2 is Rock Shower, L.3 is Demon Skull.
Secret Character is Jackal.  
Best trait is MAGIC
L.10- MAGE= Better weapon gained
L.25- SUMMONER= Green Dragon Familiar gained
L.50- CONURER= Even better weapon gained
L.75- SORCERER= Red Dragon Familiar gained
L.99- LEGEND= Unlimited Growth

Archer- Turbo attacks= L.2 is Double Bow, L.3 is BFG
Secret character is Tigress
Best trait is SPEED
L.10- SCOUT= Better weapon gained
L.25- VETERAN= White Butterfly Familiar gained
L.50- RANGER= Even Better Weapon gained
L.75- ELDER= Yellow Butterfly Familiar gained
L.99- LEGEND= Unlimited Growth

Valkyrie- Turbo attacks= L.2 is Multi Blade Arc, L.3 is Sky Lance
Secret character is Falconess 
Best trait is ARMOR
L.10- GUARDIEN= Better weapon gained
L.25- DEFENDER= Falcon Familiar gained
L.50- CHAMPION= Even better weapon gained
L.75- CAPTAIN= Eagle Familiar Gained
L.99- LEGEND= Unlimited Growth

Warrior- Turbo attacks= L.2 is Fire Arc, L.3 is Plasma Trail
Secret character is Minotar
Best trait is STRENGTH
L.10- HERO= Better weapon gained
L.25- VETERAN= Green Dragonfly Familiar gained 
L.50- CHAMPION= Even Better weapon gained
L.75- MASTER= Red Dragonfly Familiar gained
L.99- LEGEND= Unlimited Growth

There are many items found in the game. Here is a list of all 37 of 
Winged Shoes 
X-ray Glasses
Enemy Shrinker
3-way Shot
Limited Growth
Thunder Hammer
Rapid Fire
Phoenix Familiar
Reflective Shield
Firewall Shield
Electric Shield
Silver Invulnerability
Gold Invulnerability
5-way Shot
Anti-Death Power
Limited Flying
Limited Invisibility
Poison Food
Fire Amulet
Lightening Amulet
Light Amulet
Acid Amulet
Fire Breath
Lightening Breath
Light Breath
Acid Breath

There you have it. Strategies to defeat all bosses, get all rune 
stones, the character statistics, weird stuff, codes, and the item 
list. I hope this Guide helps you. 

This Guide was Created by- Evan Przydzial (Prizdale)

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